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On Saturday’s, we chill. #arriveinkenya #arrivekenya #haveyouarrived
Back at @arriveinkenya and proud as can be of our older kids that are all off to well-accredited boarding high schools! Already missing them, but am so happy to see how determined and motivated they are to kick some a$$ this year! @arriveinkenya #arriveinkenya #arrivekenya #haveyouarrived
Wishing our older kids a safari njema (safe journey) to secondary school! All 8 of them are off to designated, well-accredited boarding high schools to further their educations. Pictured here is Denis Kegode, one of our first kids to set off to school. He has come a long way since he first came to @arriveinkenya 2 years ago. Kegode came to Arrive as a total orphan, half from the Nandi tribe and half from the Luhya tribe. You can always count on Kegode being in the lead on any run as he excels exceptionally in athletics. We are so proud of him, along with his 7 Arrive brothers and sisters (Registone, Thomas, Tracy, Emmanuel, Abisalome, Ong’ai, James) who are off to school! #arriveinkenya #haveyouarrived #kenya #education
Noella and Ida back to school and feeling better than ever. #arrivekenya #haveyouarrived #backtoschool
Have you taken the first step? 📷 by Jamie Street @jamie452 via @Unsplash
Where are you now? 📷 by Bundo Kim @bundo via @Unsplash
Are you where you're supposed to be? 📷 by Michal Bielejewski @mbielejewski via @Unsplash
“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” - Buddha. The first day in the new year is an exquisite time to visit temples in Thailand. It is when the people come to dress Buddha and make gifts to the monks. In the last photo they are dressing Buddha in gold leaf. Thousands upon thousands together applying gold to different Buddha statues. What are you dressing in gold leaf to prepare for the new year? What are you focused on? #haveyouarrived #yourticketfortravelawaits
Sometimes you have to choose the path least followed...#haveyouarrived #arrivekenya #nomorestreetkids #optoutside
The holidays call for celebration! Pictured here is founder, Brian, rolling out dough to make some fresh chapati for the kids holiday feast! #haveyouarrived #arrivekenya #nomorestreetkids #hiindiomaisha #thisisthelife #celebrate
Tis’ the season to be jolly. #haveyouarrived #arrivekenya #arriveinkenya
Happy Holidays from our family to yours! #haveyouarrived #arrivekenya #arriveinkenya #happyholidays
Spreading the holiday cheer one kicheko (smile) at a time. #haveyouarrived #arrivekenya #smile #kenya #happyholidays
Gatherings in the developed world are almost always focused around a screen, in Kenya we choose different ways to entertain ourselves. #haveyouarrived #arrivekenya #arriveinkenya #kenya #africa
Whether you call it soccer or futbol, winning is in our blood. Our team, the Young Lions, show as much teamwork on the field as off. #haveyouarrived #teamwork #soccer #futbol
Talk about impressive! Denis learned how to play a song on the ukulele in just a day simply from watching a volunteer play 🎶 🙌 #haveyouarrived #hiindiomaisha
Check out the incredible work of @kristawelchphoto (link in her bio) of her stay with us! #RepostPlus @kristawelchphoto - - - - - - Some of my favorite photos from last week’s Kenya trip are now on my blog. The experience can not be summarized in words, so I hope photos help! Link in profile. . . . #haveyouarrived #kenya #streetkids #nonprofit #organization #npo #givingback #nonprofitstorytelling #photography #africa #volunteer
Some of my favorite photos from last week’s Kenya trip are now on my blog. The experience can not be summarized in words, so I hope photos help! Link in profile. . . . #haveyouarrived #kenya #streetkids #nonprofit #organization #npo #givingback #nonprofitstorytelling #photography #africa #volunteer
“On safari, we saw a lot of lions, giraffes, elephants, ostriches and cheetahs. My favorite part was when I saw the lions. The lions made me happy because they played, ran and did everything together.” - Denis Kegode. Asante sana (Thank you) @kristawelch , @joepajamas and @wynwiley for taking us on an amazing day out in the Maasai Mara 🦁🦒🦓🐆🐘#haveyouarrived #arriveinkenya #safari
“Dear future self,...” Today volunteer, Kaitlin, from Denver, CO sat with the girls and talked to them about their goals and dreams. #haveyouarrived #arriveinkenya #hiindiomaisha
How can I explain to you the magic that was my time with the kids, volunteers, and staff at @arriveinkenya last week? It’s going to take a minute to recover from major jet lag (hello 24 hours straight of travel!) but I look forward to telling more of this story next week! Thanks to all of my clients for supporting my email radio silence while I volunteered and traveled through Kenya last week. You are the ones who support my business throughout the year so that I can take a little time to give back. Grateful for you! . . #haveyouarrived #kenya #arrivekenya #seattlephotographer #volunteer #nonprofit #giveback #childrenshome #nonprofitstorytelling
Wrapping a beautiful week here in Kenya shooting some storytelling content for @arriveinkenya ! 💛 . #kenya #africa #haveyouarrived #nonprofit #givingback #arrivekenya
Story time: About a year ago I did a kundalini yoga class in Seattle, which focuses on movement as well as deep breathing exercises. At one point, in an effort to clear our minds (I’m assuming) the instructor asked participants to close our eyes and picture a horizon; to focus on it, and be open to whatever comes to us. Immediately, my mind’s eye saw a vast landscape which I quickly identified as Africa. This surprised me; Africa hadn’t been on my mind much at all during that time. Scanning the red/orange sunset horizon of my mind’s eye from right to left, a figure of a boy popped into the frame. It was a vivid, unexpected visualization, and though it initially left me a little dazzled I forgot about it shortly after. A few months later, @arriveinkenya got in touch about wanting help with some photos to tell the story of their nonprofit. This week, I got to take in the sunset with the most beautiful kids on top of a hill overlooking rural Kenya, and the red/orange horizon glowed in the distance. . . . #kenya #mytinyatlas #africa #travelphotography #haveyouarrived
It’s mind blowing to think that many of the lovely kiddos we’ve met here at one point or another were living in the slums, not going to school, and generally facing the world on their own. I’m grateful to nonprofits on the ground here in Kenya that are working hand in hand with Kenyans to invest in local youth and make a difference. . The former street kids I’ve met here at @arriveinkenya are now healthy, vibrant, and getting their education. They’re a delight! So inspired by the work this organization has done to help vulnerable youth and the home base it’s created for them. Grateful for the chance to help tell their story. #haveyouarrived #kenya #africa 🇰🇪
Jambo Kenya! I am in awe. Here for next few days to make some photos for an amazing nonprofit, @arriveinkenya , which works to better the lives of street kids in the slums. They’re an amazing organization and I can’t wait to tell you more about them! #haveyouarrived . #nonprofit #npo #africa #kenya #earth #givingback #arrivekenya
Becoming who I was - a documentary that took eight years to film and complete. The film captures the unwavering faith and unconditional love of a monastic teacher to a young Rinpoche as they went on a two months epic journey to Tibet on foot! Have you arrived at “Becoming who you are?” #heartwarming #humbling #honourable #connectingwithyourself #becomingwhoiwas #searchingforidentity #journeyhome #haveyouarrived #buddhistfilmfestival #singapore #instafilm
Harvesting maize is a great chance to work together as a team and develop valuable life skills! #haveyouarrived #sustainableliving #community
A family of 9 lives in this manyatta in rural Maasailand near Ewuaso Kedong. The 9 year old daughter looks after the rest of the children while their mother walks for miles to collect wood to burn and sell as charcoal for a small amount of money. Visit the link in our bio to see how we are helping this and 15 other families rise out of the deepest reaches of poverty. #femaleempowerment #entrepreneurship #communitydevelopment #ruralempowerment #maasaimamas #haveyouarrived
Catch us outside #haveyouarrived
Flowers don't start looking like this. They are seeds under dirt being fueled with stability and water. The Care Taker ... Gardener pours hardwork into the growth process. #growth #planting #watering #protecting #developing #blossoming #summerishere #question #haveyouarrived
Coming soon to a city near you! Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks. You can email us at info@arrivekenya.org to find out more or to get involved #haveyouarrived
This past weekend our friend Wilson visited us at @arriveinkenya . He is a Maasai warrior (lived in the woods for 2 years, killed a lion with a spear when he was 15 years old, etc). Before he came to Uriri he searched, cut, collected, and brought roots and bark from 12 specific different types of trees from his home in Maasailand. With this combination (after chopping up some of the bark and letting it dry) the Maasai make a traditional drink called “miti ni dawa” which literally means “trees are medicine.” The Maasai claim this drink cures everything from high blood pressure to skin rashes, diabetes to ringworm, common cold to malaria, blood infections to stomach bugs. Each of the 12 different trees has a different purpose. The other day we made “miti ni dawa” in Uriri. It is actually pretty good, even without honey (which some Maasai add, then let the drink ferment so that it becomes alcoholic as well as medicine) . . . #kenya #arriveinkenya #haveyouarrived #maasai
We work to help our community help itself. You can’t know the community if you don’t listen to it 🗣 no matter where you’re from, get to know your neighbors - and come and meet ours! #haveyouarrived #volunteer
Over short distances, giraffes can run at speeds up to 35mph. Come check out these amazing animals yourself on excursion to the Maasai Mara with us. 🦒 . . . #giraffes #haveyouarrived #arriveinkenya #africa #kenya #safari #maasai #maasaimara #ewuaso
What’s so bad about Mondays? #haveyouarrived
It’s Friday and we can’t hardly wait! #haveyouarrived
Get yourself a squad like ours 🙌🏾 find out how you can get involved at arrivekenya.org #haveyouarrived
Meet the newest member of the Arrive family! Animal lover, Ong’ai, has voluntarily taken on the responsibilities of feeding and caring for our new friend. He has already built a cage and found food for this little guy. . . . #haveyouarrived #arriveinkenya #animallovers #kenya
A little Saturday inspiration from founder, Brian, and the kids at Arrive. 🧘🏿‍♂️ . . . #namaste #stretching #arriveinkenya #haveyouarrived
“Sometimes we just simply need somebody to be there. Not to fix anything, or to do anything in particular, but just to let us feel that we are cared for and supported.” . . . #rafiki #friends #kenya #haveyouarrived
Grab your shopping bags because Thursday is market day in Uriri! . . . #haveyouarrived #kenya #localmarket #kenya #kenyanmarket
Summer is around the corner and we can’t hardly wait for more volunteers to #Arrive . . . . #haveyouarrived #arriveinkenya
Thanks to the high altitude, tropical climate, and nutrient-rich soil, Kenyan black tea is known for its high quality, distinct color and aromatic flavor. Here is a cup of our hot #chai with only water and #majani (loose leaf black tea leaves). . . . #kenya #haveyouarrived #tea #kenyantea
I made this video as a little promo to try to get the kids some running shoes. It’s said that some of the best long distant runners come from Kenya. The reason: kids often run to school, high elevation, clean simple diet and kids often run with no shoes. This gives them the ability to form the perfect running techniques and style. Once the kids have the proper shoes they can really excel at the sport. It blew my mind to watch these kids crush 15-20 mile runs every Saturday like it was nothing. It was so inspirational to see. My goal was to try to get them a sponsorship that gave them access to not only shoes but the running world. If any one has the ability to make that happen please let me know. A little bit goes such a long way. 🙏 grateful for these amazing shots, long runs and inspirational kids.
#Repost @strengthforkenya ・・・ Who else is in for making this the best year yet for @arriveinkenya ? 🇰🇪 . . . #strengthforkenya #haveyouarrived #empower #getkidsoffthestreets #haveyouarrived
‪A classic and common East African dinner plate consisting of #ugali (boiled maize flour), #sukumawiki (kale), and #kachumbari . Kale is such a staple food that “sukumawiki” translates literally to “push the week” meaning eating kale gets you through the week. ‬(swipe to see more Kenyan dishes and visit our Facebook page to learn all about them 🤤) . . . #happymonday #haveyouarrived #food #kenyanfood #kenya
During school break, Arrive funded a Light Uriri soccer team with our kids. This league is made up of boys ages 15 and under. Here they are at a friendly match! They are super dedicated and practice everyday! . . . #soccer #futbol #haveyouarrived #kenya
A manyatta is a traditional Maasai home made of sticks, cow dung and earth. They have minimal impact on the environment and can be built in a day, while houses take between one to two weeks. So far we have two structures up in Ewausu Kedong, Maasiland, Kenya for our Women’s Empowerment Center Project with Maasai Mamas (see link in bio) . . . #haveyouarrived #empowerment #manyatta #maasai #kenya
Volunteer, Raphael, from Germany and Otao with Shaggy’s new puppies 🐾 . . . #haveyouarrived #arriveinkenya #puppiesofig #puppies
Thank you @solebicycles , @strengthforkenya , and @shredhousepro for hosting such a wonderful charity event this past Saturday in Venice, CA. The love and support means the world to us🇰🇪 . . . #haveyouarrived #arriveinkenya #strengthforkenya #kenya #solebicycles #shredhousepro
We LOVE to dance all day everyday, especially on the weekends! . . Join @solebicycles x @strengthforkenya x @shredhousepro and many more dance partners this weekend (Tomorrow!) in Venice, CA to celebrate the weekend and boooogie #forthekids (more info in story) . . . #justdance #haveyouarrived #kenya #dance #party #solebicycles #shredhousepro #strengthforkenya
#Bicycles make long treks to the market and doctor easier, are a fun form of exercise for the kids, and teach them valuable life and mechanic skills. . Come bike this Saturday, April 7, #forthekids in Venice, CA! @solebicycles @strengthforkenya (swipe up in story for more details) 🚲🚲🚲 . . . #worldbicyclerelief #buffalobike #solebicycles #veniceca #haveyouarrived #strengthforkenya #nomorestreetkids
Arrive founder, Brian, putting his University of Colorado at Boulder’s elective astronomy classes to use. “The universe appears magnificent from down below the equator with no light pollution, and the Arrive in Kenya kids enjoy exploring the night sky. But a bunch of them wanted to learn more about ‪angani‬ (‪outerspace‬). For the guys and girls to truly appreciate our spot in the Goldilocks Zone, I taught revolutions and rotations, differing planetary lengths of days and years, seasons and tides, lightyears and luminosity, about our neighbor planets and about distant stars with their own solar systems, and the significance of the liquid water they drink everyday. For my Astronomy 101 class I used: a yellow Spikeball for our sun, a white WIFFLE® Ball for our moon, and a symbolically blue Nalgene for earth. Class was a huge success, both in English and Swahili. ...and you all thought I learned nothing in my four years in Boulder!”-Brian Ash #TBT . . . @cuboulder #astronomy #educate #haveyouarrived #science #gobuffs #space
Brightone and Kingsley went from being absolute strangers to brothers. Today, you can almost always count on these two being together. They certainly don’t let their differing stories get in the way of the true-genuine bond they share. . Brightone (pictured left) was brought to Arrive by his grandma just last year. His mom was too young, busy with school, and poor to take care of him. She would bring Brightone back and forth from her village to Nairobi to try to put herself through school. Brightone was never in school himself, always just following his mom around. She was unable to care for him, so he went to live with his grandma in Uriri. His grandma is also super poor and unable to take care of him. She showed up to Arrive after she had heard about our school and begged us to take him in. We had a meeting with the grandma and Brightone (pictured second from last) and had agreed to take him in. A lot of people say what we do is great but then ask “does Arrive take any preventative measures to prevent future street kids?” Brightone was being taken back and forth to Nairobi, wasn’t in school, and had a mom who couldn’t support him. We agreed that he was definitely high risk of becoming a street kid. So we identified a potential future street kid (Brightone) and then rescued him before he was able to actually get to the streets. . Kingsley (pictured right) was picked up by the police on the streets of Migori, about 20 minutes from Uriri, with an empty bottle of alcohol in his hand. They believe he was about 5 when they found him. The police tried to find his parents but couldn’t, so they brought him here to live. We don’t know much about Kingsley’s past, but what we do know is that he is a pure angel to have around at Arrive. He is not only so stinking cute, but also has a heart of gold. He is also wicked good at imitating a goat (mbuzi) sound (swipe for proof)! . Brighton and Kingsley mean the world to us and are a perfect example of true friends. . . . . #friends #haveyouarrived #strangerstobrothers #restorehope #nomorestreetkids #inspire #truefriends #mbuzi #friendship #rafiki #kenya
No child should go to bed hungry. Brighton and Jackson fuel their day with Ugali (staple cornmeal dish made with maize flour) and stewed kale. At Arrive, we make sure the kids eat 4 healthy meals a day to ensure they get the proper nutrients to help them grow and succeed. . . . . #food #nomorestreetkids #endhunger #nutrition #kenya #ugali #haveyouarrived
A child’s smile is worth more than all the money in the world and it is definitely all smiles here. #TBT Summertime cool downs in our backyard swimming pool 😆☀️ . . . #kenya #swimming #optoutside #africa #fun #allsmiles #summer #smile #haveyouarrived
Those who hike together, stay together. #hiking #haveyouarrived #rafiki #ndiomaisha
Flashback Friday to one of our older boys, Evans’, journey from street boy to young adult. Evans was beaten furiously in Kisii town by police officers that wanted him to go home. Problem was, he had no home to go to....until @arriveinkenya ! Pictured to the left is Evans on the street just before coming home. The center image is him cleaned up and in third grade. Last but not least, pictured to the right is him now, a graduate from a two year polytechnic course in Motor Vehicle Mechanics!! With a certificate in Mechanics and a Driver’s License, Evans has the tools he needs to make for himself a successful and independent life -he’s ready to go, and wants to go! 🙌 . . . #motivate #inspire #getkidsoffthestreets #kenya #love #support #sucessstory #haveyouarrived #transformation #happiness #flashbackfriday #strengthforkenya
We are ready to take on the week. Are you? #haveyouarrived #motivationmonday
Who else is in for making this the best year yet for @arriveinkenya ? 🇰🇪 #strengthforkenya #haveyouarrived #empower #getkidsoffthestreets
Thanks @strengthforkenya and all that participated in the wonderful fundraising event yesterday in Venice, CA! It was a lot of fun! LA people, follow @strengthforkenya to keep up with future fun events coming your way for @arriveinkenya 🇰🇪 #haveyouarrived #yogaforacause #kenya #fundraising #forthekids
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