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Fighting being discouraged this morning by the scale. Hate that damn thing and trying not to pin all my progress on it. Run in and done, now it’s booty day. Booty band dips always make me feel like those those booty muscles are screaming for change! #bootyband #glutes #hatethescale #changeisnteasy
I’m a day behind, so I have two to list here. 1. Goal for September = training 3-5 days a week #5ktraining 2. WHAT I NEED TO STOP = the scale is my enemy, I need to stop obsessively weighing myself daily. Once a week is fine. #weightlosschallenge #hatethescale #septemberwlchallenge @splattard thanks for the challenge idea! ❤️ it.
🌼So, I went to the doctor and they had to weigh me...😑 I was SHOCKED and not in a good way. I weigh more than I ever have, yet I feel leaner than I ever have. This is why I #hatethescale , it's such a #mindfuck ! 😡 This sort of thing usually throws me off and makes me just want to give up, but I'm not going to do that this time, this time in just going to suck it up and do more cardio. 😂😑 #ihatecardio . . . 👊 . . . #weightlossjourney #weightloss #hardwork #dontstop #supplements #water #drinkmorewater #energy #redhair #docare #progressnotperfection #fitbit   #motivation   #springtime #love #follow #cute #workout   #boomerang #tattoos #girlswithtattoos #arms #instalove
I could share a cute caption but truly this photo was taken 5 minutes after I almost ate shit riding the @bird around Ocean Beach 🦅 Have you ridden those scooter yet? . While my weekend was busy filled with activities with friends visiting from Boston and New Jersey, I was still able to do a couple short runs at the beach and a quick workout on the sand. I could've found an excuse for not working out but instead, I did a 15 min workout both days I was at the beach and that was enough for me. . Do you normally create excuses or do you create solutions? Tell me one excuse you have used to not workout👇🏼 I’ll go first, a couple years ago I canceled a workout because I didn't have a hair tie 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 . Thanks for the photo @gqkidd_27
Lets start off by saying I have only owned 1 pair of khaki colored pants. Ever. And they were a size 16. And I think I wore them once cause I didn’t like them or feel comfortable in them. I didn’t like how the thin material seemed to accentuate all the things I was self conscious about. I’m much more of a black pants kind of girl. I don’t get dressed up very often in things other than jeans but I like to once in awhile. Today I put on “real clothes” as I was told, but I can’t say I was happy about where I had to go. Haha. I’ve never worn these pants and the waist was actually a little too big. THAT was a confidence boost. Just what I needed today. I’ve only varied my scale number a few pounds in the last few mths but the inches and shape of things are different. Point is.... taking that step, making that choice, being consistent in my weightloss journey, definitely has rewards. I’m can’t say it’s easy. Cause it’s not. I struggle everyday. But today? My MOST self conscious area, wore a size 5/6, khaki slacks. I have a box of pants/jeans that WILL fit me. So. 16 to a 6. I’ll take it. If you have those pants or certain clothes you want to fit into, what are you doing to make that goal be a reality?? A new supportive, accountability and motivation group is starting Monday. You ready to take that step?? Link in bio. Mission Unstoppable#transformation
Exercise = Self Care 💯 if you’re running on that treadmill and punishing yourself from eating dessert last night. STOP! Ahhh stop stop stop! I know weight loss is hard but you know what’s harder? Having to workout on empty fuel. It’s a waste of time and will cause more harm than do good to your body. I know what you’re thinking... less you eat, more you sweat, quicker the weight will go 🤯 Unfortunately things don’t always work that way. Or does it? Tell me your experience with working out... do you enjoy?👇🏼 I’ll go first. I love random body weight workouts like the one from my simple simple video above. Truly that’s how I stay in shape. Now your turn 😘 Happy Wednesday 👊🏼
My feelings on the scale today 😖😡🤢🤮 #hate #hate #hate #hate #hatethescale
After analyzing a new client’s diet recently, we discovered her “healthy smoothie” was sabotaging her weight loss and she had clue. Client M. thought it was an amazing way to sneak in more fruits & veggies into her diet, but what she didn’t know it’s that her smoothie was packed with 550 calories and still wasn’t promoting satiety. She would feel hungry right after and then feel like a failure because she couldn’t stick to her diet. . . I seriously do not care which diet or who you working with to achieve your goals, but feeling like a failure is absolutely not ok. It’s not you, it’s the silly diet. If your coach makes your feel guilty or your new diet leaves your hungry, it’s time to find a new Nutritionist 😘
#mondaysmessage Mirror over the scale!!! For those who know me ...know that I hate the #scale 🙋🙋 Who else ? I hate it because it can be way to controlling for some. I have learned that is really doesn't matter what that scale says IF you are taking the steps #DAILY to live a healthy life. Trust me...we ALL fall off the wagon at times!!! The scale can not tell you if you are #happy , #energized , #strong , or dropping some inches! What matters is how you #FEEL ! If you aren't treating your body right then you will be tired, uncomfortable, unfocused, and the scale doesn't have to tell you that...you just know! And if that is the case....#makeachange ! Let the mirror and your clothes be your guide to check your progress. And maybe occasionally get the scale...maybe.🤪 #feelingamazing #hatethescale #onedayatatime
One thing we share in my accountability group is non scale victories? I had a hard time , especially being postpartum not focusing on the scale and focusing on how I’ve felt . So here are some of my non scale victories .... what’s yours???? *I’ve gone from an 8/10 pants to a 4/6( depending on brand) * i have energy to keep up with my wild boys * I fit into clothes I haven’t worn in years * my mother in law told me I was evaporating ( haha, so funny ) * I want to be in pictures with my children #nonscalevictories #nsv #hatethescale #postpartumfitness #focusonthegood #workingout #fitmom #boymom
This week while talking to a stranger he said, “Wow, it must be nice and super easy to just do what you love” . . Those word coming out of this person’s mouth, made me furious! Why? Because my work journey has been anything but easy, and how dare him tell me that what I did was “easy” I had just met him 3 min ago. . . I laughed and asked him if he was happy at his work, which he replied, “nah, hate my job but I don’t have time to change now!” (he’s under 25yr old) . . That’s when I realized the problem here was with him and not myself. I shouldn’t be furious nor offended with his comment because before I got to where I am today, I remember having to work 50hrs/ week while going to college at night, there was a time where I had to handle a full-time job so I could pay my mortgage while doing my nutrition internship (240hrs unpaid) . . So instead of attacking him, I simply said, “This girl’s life right here has been anything but easy, I had multiple doors closed on my face but instead of complaining, I break a window and create new opportunities.” . . It’s not too late. We all have 24hrs in our day. You aren’t behind nor are you ahead. We all have a variety of dreams and goals but guess what? Pointing & Judging others will get you absolutely NOWHERE. Swift your thinking energy. You’re CAPABLE to do whatever YOU WANT! . . . Photo by @jesusmportraits
Wenn etwas in dir stärker ist als dein Wille und deine positive Einstellung ... Ich habe mich gut um mich gekümmert, gegessen, es genossen, keinen Sport gemacht, mich mit schönen Dingen und lieben Menschen umgeben, meinem Körper Ruhe gegeben aber den Endgegner habe ich dennoch nicht besiegt #diewaagemeinfeind . When something inside you is stronger than your willpower and your positivity ... #anorexia #recovery #edrecovery #edrecoveryishard #bw #bwphotography #emotional #emotionalphotography #sw #schwarzweissfotografie #thenakedtruth #pure #pureme #fighter #keepfighting #kämpferin #essstörungrecovery #hatethescale #thescalesucks #fuerweniger0815
Non-traditional EXERCISE is POSSIBLE and doesn’t always need to involve weights nor running 🏋🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ Does it? 🤔 . . Clearly I’m not wearing workout clothes (even though I live in them)😆 Truly, there’re PLENTY of ways to exercise and get some movements into your daily routine. . . People first answers to eating healthy or exercising it’s always, “I have NO TIME!” Unfortunately you’ll have to find time to take care of yourself when you become ill. Why not start taking care of yourself now so you can continue to live a nourished and healthy life 💞 . . This photo was taken in New Orleans, this day, instead of thinking, “damn I didn’t workout today” I thought, “what a great day to spend walking with friends while exploring the city” Truly all comes down to finding things you enjoy doing- not because you have to but bc you like to 💙 . . What’s your favorite non-traditional exercise? I’ll share some👇🏼 •Walk at the beach looking for shells •Blasting music and dancing while your food is cooking •Jumping on a trampoline •Rollerblading on the board walk •Playing chase with dogs Everyone here is over 18 right? Well guys, sex is also an amazing exercise. Whatever you chose, have FUN this SUMMER ☀️
🍉Which one is your favorite?🍍 . . A few of my clients and many of you 🤨 don’t drink much water which is crucial for your overall health & wellbeing, so let’s find different ways to stay hydrated. . . 🥦🥒Eating more raw fruits and veggies can help with hydration plus it also contain essential vitamins, minerals and fiber that optimise our overall health. . . 📌We have something on our amazing brain 🧠 called hypothalamus which controls our body temperature, thirst and hunger however it can be bit silly when it comes to hydration because, it can often confuse thirst with hunger 🙀 yup, drop the snack and pick up a glass of water first. . . ☀️🌊Summer is here, let’s incorporate a few foods high in water into our daily diet. 
Watermelon: 92% water by weight Spinach: 96% water by weight Pineapple: 87% water by weight Orange: 87% water by weight
Tomatoes: 93% water by weight
Celery: 95% water by weight
Broccoli: 91% water by weight Apple: 84% water by weight Cucumber: 96% water by weight
Bell pepper: 92% water be weight
🌴Are you living you best life?⛰ 💭 . . . Our health matters and we shouldn’t wait until our body is sick to seek help and perhaps improve ourselves. If you want to look good and feel good, do it now and stop putting yourself in last, stop waiting for next week or next month. . . . Life is hard enough and unfortunately when we are busy and on the go, we forget to listen to our bodies and do what’s best for us— that’s where I come in 💕 I got your back and of course I won’t say it will be easy, however, having a nutritionist by your side the whole time, providing knowledge and supporting you throughout your journey will absolutely be easier 👬👭 . . Let’s ditch the fad diets and stop wasting money on quick fixes and fake promises and instead invest in your health. By working with me, you will feel confident about yourself and the food on your plate. I’ll create a customized plan to reach your health goals while keeping your busy schedule in mind and providing weekly check-ins to keep you accountable. My counseling services are open to individuals, couples and families in-person or virtual. Feel free to message me or check out my website(link in bio) for more info 😘
💸Creams, lotions, laser treatments, massages... I seriously remember spending money on those things in hope that my cellulites would improve. . . Over the weekend the hubby couldn’t keep his eyes off the booty and I’m actually glad he took this photo. I always tell my clients to take photos of themselves, even if it makes them uncomfortable, WHY? 1. The scale doesn’t tell everything 2. Helps you stay accountable 3. Celebrate small victories and improvements that we normally don’t see by simply looking at the mirror. . . You know that saying? We are what we eat! Took me years to realize that but I’m so glad I did and I hope you realize that too. You know what will help improve your Cellulite? Your Tiredness? Your late night Cravings? YOUR DAILY NUTRITION! . . Let’s ditch the fad diets and stop wasting money on quick fixes and fake promises and instead invest in your health. By working with me, you will feel confident about yourself and the food on your plate. I’ll create a customized plan to reach your health goals while keeping your busy schedule in mind and providing weekly check-ins to keep you accountable. My counseling services are open to individuals, couples and families in-person or virtual. Feel free to message me or check out my website(in bio) for more info 😘
I know, I know, I know... but I'm gonna eat the corn soup that my daddy gave me for dinner and I don't care how many calories it has!!!... 😛😛😛 #hedicho #DieT #hungry #hatethescale #odiolabáscula #quierococacola #needacocacola
I have a love hate relationship with the scale ..... I always have had a basic scale that tells you how fat you are (sorry that was my mean girl talking 🙊) ... the scale would tell you much you weigh..... but I always hated this because it doesn’t know what is muscle or fat so I could shed inches but that scale wouldn’t budge and it really messed with my psyche So a little while ago I decided to splurge and get the Fitbit Aria 2 scale because it actually does your body fat percentage and since I love my Fitbit I wanted the scale to sync with my Fitbit app! So I have been killing my workouts and running.... eating is getting better but to my dismay I stepped on the scale this morning to see the same number is Monday morning .... my immediate reaction was anger and aggravation but later today I looked at my app to compare the weigh ins and too my surprise my body fat percentage was down 1.3% 🙊😁 So yea the number on the scale didn’t change because I’m converting my fat into muscle and I am grateful my scale can tell me that because it reaffirmed my confidence to keep striving forward to keep even more ass!! Do you have a love hate relationship with the scale? #eatwelltrainhard #beachbody #beachbodycoach #fitnesswithfitzy #fitzygetsfit #fitatc #fitfam #fitwife #fitlife #fitbit #fitbitaria2 #fitbitscale #hatethescale #bodyfatpercentage #convertfattomuscle #makingchanges #gettingthere #slowlybutsurely #muscleisbetterthanfat #selfconfidence #boostconfidence #burningfat #buildmuscle
If you love to weigh yourself this post isn't for you 😜 ☀️Blog link in bio 👆🏽 … SCALE WARNING: This machinery is to be operated carefully and cautiously. It is not intended to provide feedback for the worth of your existence. Should you decide to operate this device, do so under the supervision of a trusted friend or clinician who can provide rational thought and a reminder of how wonderful you really are.
I will try to remember this as I’m weighing in at Weight Watchers today... #hatethescale #justaboxonthebathroomfloor #healthyisthenewskinny
Do the scale has not budged the past few weeks and I started feeling pretty defeated. Then I decided to find a pic of me last year to see if I saw any changes. My body language taking the photo says leaps and bounds to me. I find myself walking taller... not slouched anymore... feeling way more confidant. And that alone means the world to me. #hatethescale #keto #ketostrong #lovemycurves
Ok guys! I LOST 15.8 pounds in the last month. I am not a scale person. I actually hate getting on it. But my BFF told me I had to start using it as another tool besides inches, photos and how my clothes fit. We decide I wouldn’t look. I would do it once a month and she would tell me every time I lost 10 pounds. I am in shock! I can’t believe. I am doing something right! It’s working! • • • • #screwthescale #weightlost #loosingweight #weightlossjourney #anothertool #ididit #doingsomethingright #inshock #onceamonth #sheddingpounds #ificandoitsocanyou #hatethescale #doitanyway #makingprogress #fightingthegoodfight
Out running errands in the city. Doctor appointment went great. Was released and just keeping a watch on everything. Had to step on the scale 🙄 (the only time I do now) and I am down 3 lbs. Might not seem like alot, but I have gained alot of muscle mass over the last couple weeks. . . Had a healthier lunch and limited myself on the Bread intake. But, still working on water intake, so got me water for the drive back. I am on #5 for the day 👏 this is on my goal list. . . Will be making my fav spot for homemade ice cream 😋
It’s a love-hate relationship with this thing. And no, I wasn’t up this week. I was actually down 4lbs from last week. I was shocked though to see the scale down this week. I’ve felt like I’ve gained this week, felt bloated, bigger. So I was pleasantly surprised. That makes a total of 21lbs I just can’t tell it yet exactly!! I’m glad to see the numbers going down but I’m ready to feel the difference!
I seriously don’t know why I let myself rely on the scale SO MUCH. I’m human, is my only response. For Y E A R S I’ve let the scale define me, who I am, my worth. Ugh. It S U C K S ! I’m so close to being in the 170’s I can taste it. But this morning it teetered up again. So frustrated. At the scale, at myself, at my progress. Almost 6 months in and you think it’d get easier to deal with the ups and downs- maybe for some. I’ll get there. I’ve gotta learn to give myself some grace...and time. All good things come to those who wait and hustle their butts off🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 • • • • • #keto #ketolife #ketolifestyle #lchf #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #lowcarblifestyle #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weight #slowloser #inches #pounds #hatethescale #ihateyouiloveyou #weighin #notamotivationalpost #justkeepswimming #persistence #illgetthere #chinup #chinupbuttercup
When you visit your parents for a week and eat whatever you want. Ugh, I’m going to have to really bust my butt this week. Damn rice and beans! Hey @techr9ne I’m getting close to 235 you ready? Lol • • • • • #parents #damnriceandbeans #riceandbeans #arrozcongandules #weightgain #nevergiveup #hatethescale #weight #gymtime #backonthegrind #timetogrind #grind #couldntresist #couldntsayno #backathome
The fit chick showed up today. She said her thighs were a little tender from her workout. So we did some foam rolling to warm up. #fusefpnj #njfit #nj #Lawrenceville #Princeton #Hamilton #newjersey #lawrencenj #fitfam #fattofit #fitness #instadaily #o2barmy #beyondtheweak #obesetobeast #fitbit #hiit #hiittraining #goals #hatethescale #instafit @perform_better
This fit chick took yesterday off. She made excuses about not having time... cluck, cluck, cluck is all I heard. But she is back ready to go. Intervals on bike to get her brain right. Her thighs were fried. #fusefpnj #njfit #nj #Lawrenceville #Princeton #Hamilton #newjersey #lawrencenj #fitfam #fattofit #fitness #instadaily #o2barmy #beyondtheweak #obesetobeast #fitbit #hiit #hiittraining #goals #hatethescale #instafit
Anyone have this love-hate relationship with the scale? Don't define your self worth with a silly number. I know this can make or break someone's day each morning. Try weighing once a week. If you're driven to weigh yourself daily, take an average for the week. Everything from water retention to the humidity in the weather can make your weight fluctuate.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ . #fitmomsofnj #fitmoms #hatethescale #lovethescale #waterweight #muscleweight
You don’t have to fight the weight battle alone! Thrive is a simple 3 steps done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach that seriously helps with appetite control. Check out http://tinaklee.le-vel.com. #weightlossstruggle #naturalweightloss #tiredofbeingfat
205.2lbs now, meh...Oh how I have dreaded weighing myself, but I am not surprised, but I am not mad at myself. I am making healthier decisions mentally, physically and eating better. #weightlossjourney #weightloss #hatethescale #stilllookgood #stillgorgeous #stillsmart #sassy
Little over 2 weeks.. Meal prepping and not a single cheat.. Working out 6 days a week..tons water and getting sleep.. How much does the scale say I lost.. 0! Not 1 oz.. Thankfully I was smart enough to measure.. 1.5 inches off waist, 1 off hips and almost 1 to each thunder thigh.. I hate the scale! But love my measuring tape!
Dreaming 🙇🏼‍♀️or learning 📚?? Learning about how to live a dream! Instead of watching YouTube or sitcoms I am watching short, powerful and educationally enriched videos about nutrition mindset. 🥦🥕🍅 Can I just say wow! 😲 This dietitian is amazing! Her approach is simple and doable. Which is going to make my life easy because I love food! I just hate the yo-yo, temptations and how life just gets in the way of what I eat! I am still in shock that I got such a deal on it! I mean I’d pay more on my health care insurance deductible if I went to see a dietitian on my health plan! America 🇺🇸 watch out! This is the answer to all our healthcare problems! ❤️ @jenlafit and I will be hosting a Nutrition mindset success group starting on May 14. Complete this form or message me if you’d like in! 👉🏼 http://bit.ly/GetstartedwithFaithfullyfitwithJulie #veggies #motivatedmindset #catholicmom #scoutmomsrock #emotionaleatingrecovery #hatethescale #weightlossjourney #obesity #doctors #healthcareprovider #healthinsurance #dreambig #foodandlifestyle #fattofit #recoveringfoodaddict #foodaddiction
The scale is not my friend... can you relate? . . . . . . I’ve always said “it’s not about the number on the scale” but as my belly grows through this pregnancy, it’s hard to heed my own advice. I know I’m healthy, I’m still working out daily, I’m lifting heavier, and I’m gaining muscle as well. Still, the struggle w the number is real. It’s days like today that I’m so grateful and excited about my next group-focused solely on nutrition. To all those who struggle w the numbers, hate the scale, can’t exercise, and need to strengthen their relationship w food-this is the perfect group! Message me for details and have a great Thursday! #hatethescale #thestruggleisreal #preggomommyproblems #fitpreggomama #healthypregnancy #healthymindset #changeyourmindsetchangeyourlife #changeyourmind #newrelationships #happythursdayeveryone
I’m too obsessed with it. It literally gauges my moods and that’s some bullshit. I d gained 2 pounds since last week and have done nothing different than weight train which I know can affect weight, but then in my head I’m like fuck weight training. Meanwhile I’m liking the results I’m seeing so this scale needs to go for a bit. I step on it daily knowing I shouldn’t. I’d like to hide it for a month, but I’ll start at a week and see how it goes. Argh #weightlossjourney #scale #hatethescale #whyamigainingweight
So this is why I get soooooo confused these photos are only 1 day apart, yesterday top and today bottom. Today I had a higher water % and higher muscle % but a lower body fat %. This is a 0.8kg difference, just goes to show that the best way to judge it is with measurements. My weight fluctuates so much I'm constantly battling with the scales!!!!! The 1 thing I know for sure is that life's too short to get upset about things like the scales......instead live to the best of your ability and without regrets, have that piece of cake and enjoy it and do what makes you HAPPY!!!! Whatever shape, size, colour, sex, religeon you are......own it, it's yours!!!! #hatethescale #weightlossjourney #myweightlossjourney #heapthie #happier #livethelifeyoulove #itsallaboutbalance #iammyworstcritic
I wear shorts on Leg Day so I can see my Gains! Felt super powerful this morning, but also deflated because the scale says I’m back to 168lbs. I just can’t seem to drop the weight. Thinking about going on a cardio binge to see if that helps. It’s hard though because I know weightlifting is so food for me too! #legday #confident #fattofit #weightlifting #powerful #cardioqueen #beastmode #fierce #selfie #fitspiration #themgainz #thickthighs #hardworkpaysoff #hatethescale #noexcuses #justdoit
We are our own worst critic! I am guilty of it too. I look in the mirror and can find 10 things negative before I can point out one thing positive. I always tell the ladies on my team the importance of taking photos when they start their journey because the scale can be your worst enemy at times. I felt I wasn’t making the progress I wanted, the scale hasn’t been moving much and I’ve been working my butt off with my workouts and was getting a little frustrated. On the left was day 1 of this program, and the picture on the right is today, day 34, with only a 2.5 pound difference. I wouldn’t stay on track as much as I do if it weren’t for my amazing team of ladies and our accountability groups. I am opening up 5 more spots for the remainder of this month. If you want to join in with us, leave me a comment below!
I’m calling these “ab shadows”. I’m trying to be happy about them to offset my anger at the scale. 🤣🤣😬 #rpstrength #abs #fitspo #physique #momswholift #momstrong #hatethescale
When the scale hasn’t moved one pound you need to remind yourself it’s not all about the numbers. Starting to notice a slight change in my face... Or maybe it’s just the lighting 🤷🏼‍♀️ . . #wanttogiveup #cantgiveup #sidebyside #progress #chubs #puffycheeks #middlepart #sidepart #cheekbones ? #staymotivated #hatethescale #trusttheprocess #flexibledieting #beachbody #myjourney #eyebags #woof
My butt lifting up, but the scale wanna act like a butthole. Just have to continue what I'm doing and not be discourage. Happy Friday 😊 #mybutt #lifting #hatethescale #slimmy #changemymealplan #happyfriday #healthyliving #FitnessMotivation #weightlossdiary #weightlossjourney
That was my advise to myself today but I braved it. 😂😂😂I'm so sick of going up and down the same numbers. I lost 70lbs in 2013 in 6 months so easily.... now I've been trying to lose it again for 2 1/2 years. One day I'll post my transformation photos to show others that no matter how long it takes you should never give up. #scale #weighin #hatethescale #nevergiveup #weightlossjourney #weightloss #oneday #stayingpositive
Feeling like my diet is working! Carrots and oranges for snacks instead of chocolate and cookies probably help a lot 😂 P.S., don’t mind the college bathrooms, they had good selfie lighting 😂😂😬 #bodypositive #bodyimage #diet #almostcheatday #losingfat #confidence #blackonblackonblack #favcolor #workout #progress #hatethescale #deceiving #selfie
Tiny little baby changes... but my midsection and butt are shrinking and getting stronger ❤️💪🏼 all this running, adventuring and meal prep is paying off! I love comparing pictures over the scale.... it shows changes and muscles that the scale won’t! To be totally honest the scale pisses me off lol so I rarely touch it... but I do plan dates to meet with the devil scale and sometimes it’s pretty rewarding 😁🤘🏼 - - - #transformation #mansports #manpersonalbest #stayfitstaywild #boymom #runninggirl #barrelracer #hunterswife #shrinking #loveyourself #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #cantstopwontstop #hatethescale #mansportsfueled #unicornofsupplements @mansports @onepercenterlifestyle
If you've ever worked with me....you know I friggin hate the scale! Mostly because that fluctuating number is so inaccurate, but also because I've seen it take people from feeling great about themselves, to completely tearing them down. SOO, if you are on a weight loss journey, check out my video to find out some better ways to measure your progress! (Check out the link in my bio under linktree 😉)
This was me at the doctor's lol. I did lose 4.8lbs woulda been 6 but I was wearing socks and shoes. 😂😂😂 #hatethescale #fatgirlproblems
Drum 🥁 Roll Please...... and the result are I LOST 0.0 LBS!!!🤭🤔 SAY WHAT?!?!? That’s right. My weight has remained the same. I started at 146 Day 1. I lost 3lbs at the end of Phase 1. I just completed Phase 2 on Sunday and my weight is back to 146lbs. How crazy is that? So I have a hate hate relationship with the scale. Ya know that lying little piece of plastic in my bathroom. I have felt SO STRONG 💪🏻 I have more stamina in my workouts, my nutrition has been on point and I have had SO MANY NSV’s. But I stepped on the scale and saw my number and felt like crap 💩 here I have been killing it, feeling great 👍 seeing so many results and that little number brought me down 😨 like all day Sunday was in a funk! I kept looking at these pictures not able to compute HOW what I am seeing in these pics and what I am seeing on the scale are not jiving. By that evening I was still all blah. I ran a bath 🛀 and marinated in my thoughts good and bad. I got out and looked at these pics again and realized IT DOESN’T FREAKING MATTER what the scale says! I am SEEING RESULTS, I am going down in clothe sizes, I am feeling Strong 💪🏻 lifting heavier and feeling mentally SO MUCH STRONGER in this 50 days than I have with any other program I have done. I am Obsessed with my results, I am obsessed with becoming the BEST version of ME I can, I am obsessed with empowering other other people to do the same! #ditchthescale #hatethescale #obssesed #teamac @autumncalabrese #results #thisworks #itworksifyouwork #lbs #beststrong #beyourself #loveyourself #mindset #nsv
In light of transformation Tuesday, I thought I would share a little something with you all... I’m struggling today- I had my husband hide my scale AGAIN this morning. I’m to the point where I weigh myself almost every hour. After I eat, sleep, drink, go to the bathroom, workout, shower, etc. I’ll even weigh myself at 3 am when I’m up with our baby... I’ve become obsessed with the number and It’s becoming a huge problem for me mentally. I look at these pictures side by side and I am sooo proud. Left side>> my baby is four months old and I’m still in maternity pants because that’s all that fits. Right side >> just a couple months later and I’m in SHORTS. But then when I step on the scale, all the pride from my progress slips away. 70% of my brain knows this is obnoxious and knows I am doing an amazing job and that these things don’t happen over night. But then the other 30% chimes in and reminds me that I’m still not in my favorite pair of jeans and That I’m still 30 lbs away from my goal. I felt AMAZING after my workout this morning. Like a total bad ass. But then I wasted an hour of my life searching for that stupid scale because my mind has convinced itself that the number on the scale is what determines my worth. I am super thankful that my husband was so good at hiding the scale lol but I’m also so thankful for my team who is constantly reminding me that I am so much more than that number.. someday I WILL get to the point where I no longer feel the need to weigh myself. I WILL get to the point where a number will not define me or determine my worth... but until then I will continue to seek strength from my team and dive into personal development.. because my health journey is just as much a mental and emotional transformation as it is a physical one. #struggle #transformation #victimofthescale #myfitnessjourney #healthier #happier #goals #mentalgains #progress #worthy #personaldevelopment #watchmegrow #hatethescale #loveyourself
Beautiful Pup Realizes She's Not Just "Going to Daycare" . . . . . #nervous #dontlikethevet #hatethescale #whymom
We have so much in common #hatethescale #weightlossjourney #dog #dogstagram
I’m beyond frustrated with the scale today. I gained three pounds on Wednesday and since then I’ve only lost .8 of a pound. Due to my UC, my fingers and joints have a tendency to swell and I know I’m holding a lot of water weight. BUT my biggest frustration is that I feel slimmer but the scale isn’t reflecting that 😩 Thank goodness I’ve been taking my measurements because the scale doesn’t always reflect how well your doing! . . . #fattofit #myfitnesspal #hatethescale #300pounds #frustrated #fitness #fitnessmotivation #weightlossjourney #weightloss #letsloseweight #plussizefitness #curvygirlfitness #myfitnessdiary #dontgiveup #thescaleknowsnothing #keepgoing #gainedweight #spoonielife #spoonieproblems #dontletitgetyoudown #ulcerativecolitis #chronicillness #ulcerativecolitisproblems #invisibleillness #autoimmunedisease #exercisemotivation #exercise #workoutmotivation
Tell me how you really feel about my scale Akeyla. #basenji #basenjipuppy #hatethescale
I did it! Between my #Shake , #Greens and #KetoCoffee I am officially smaller than I have been in over 3 years!! I HATED the scale-seemed like nothing I did helped. Don't #HateTheScale ! #LoveThis #LoveYourself #SmallerMe #HealthierMe ! #💚MyNaturalSupplements
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