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Really sad about this, but here’s a negative review for you. @bombshellsportswear I purchased these $70 leggings a month ago. March 11th to be exact. Tonight I wore them for the second time and noticed a string hanging from the mesh that runs along the side of the leggings. As I looked further into where it was coming from, I noticed this huge snag the runs from side to side. I immediately emailed @bombshellsportswear customer service since they are literally brand new. I haven’t even washed them yet, because the first time I only wore them for upper body and didn’t sweat in them. So I know that I wasn’t the cause of the tear. They emailed me back saying that their manufacturer guarantee is only 14 DAYS. For $70 leggings!!! I know that it was my choice to purchase leggings that cost that much, but I have heard great things about them. Plus I spend 6 days a week in the gym, and gym clothes are the only thing that I ever buy for myself. I ALSO already own a pair of their sock leggings that cost $86. I haven’t had any issues whatsoever with those. Anyways, I’m very dissatisfied that they won’t even let me exchange these, seeing that it’s past the “14 days” mark. I definitely will not be purchasing anything else from this website. I’ll stick with @gymshark , @adidas and @nike because I know the quality is there. #bombshellsportswear #bombshellleggings #bombshellbabe #leggings #review #gymaddict #hasgtags #dontwasteyourmoney #bombshellreview #sosad #proseamlessleggings #gymwear #gymreviews #bombshellleggingsreview
No matter if you hit the gym super hard today, or not. Ate exactly as planned, or not. Felt on top of the world at work, or not. The sun will rise tomorrow and you get another chance! . I snuck away to Nashville a few weeks ago and enjoyed exploring, trying restaurants (sweet potatoe pancakes + breakfast brät anyone?? 🤤), and got my butt handed to me at a killer gym @shedgroupfitness 💣 That weekend was time to let the days unfold and show me what we were going to do, not the other way around. . The second video is something we did at SHED that I wanted to share. If you don’t have #battleropes , use a resistance band like video 3. . || Shoulder circuit ||. 15 thrusters (two dumbbells) 20 lunges (same weight) 25 weighted jump jax holding dumbbell horizontally one either side 30 sit ups 35 seconds (ea. side) on plank battle rope or band pull *videos 4 ROUNDS 👏🏼 great ready to burn 👏🏼
I want to be real for a minute. I am so proud of BHM people for stepping out to fill gaps in our City, to make it everything it is today and everything it will grow to be. #whynotus #bhm . . @chriswade17 filled a wide gap with @nexusfitnessbhm ! A dual-sided gym with CrossFit and HIIT that *challenged* my conditioning. 👇🏼👇🏼 Not gonna lie, I wanted to stop and “tie my shoe” a time or two. More than once I thought, “okay, only :30 sprint, you can do it.” Yes it was tough, but the alternative is an easy workout and last time I checked, that yielded 0 results! . CHECK THEM OUT💯
Check out the @pso_rite IG Page to see our very own NXTLVL Trainer @shannonlynnfitness review the PSO-Rite Self Massaging Tool! If you want to purchase one for yourself, contact us and we'll make sure you get in touch with the RITE people!😜 @pso_rite @shannonlynnfitness @icrewscustomcreationsmedia @iicrews @nxtlvlsportandfitness @nxtlvlproshop #psoriteitsright #nxtlvltrainers #icrewscustimcreationsmedia #videoreviews #gymreviews #crossfit #fitness #fitnessreviews
BEEN A MINUTE. I’ve been stockpiling all the workouts, waiting for a picture to pair them with and, well, I finally just put the self timer on and took a dang picture. #reallife #wareagle 😆 🤓 . • c h e s t & b a c k • two big muscle groups and opposing push/pull work. I am sore from this bad boy! 🔖 it and let me know if you give it a try! 1. bench press 5x10 a. Pull up 5x10 2. Cable fly 4x15 a. Lat pull down 4x15,12,10,10 3. DB bench (slow tempo) 5x8-10 a. DB single leg glute bridge 5x12/leg b. Incline spider push ups 5x5/side . 4. Cable row 5x10 a. Chest press 5x10 (one arm extended in static hold, not locked out, while the other reps) b. Oblique crunch 5x20/side 5. DB Incline chest press 5x8 a. EZ bar bent over wide row 5x8 . Circuit finisher: 4 rounds 10 1 Push up + 2 mtn. climbers = 1 rep 15 thrusters (wall balls is an option) 20 super mans
Riding into the week like yeah... we’ve got this! Try a new fitness class this week! #dance #cardio #trx #weightlifting #zumba #crossfit #barre #pilates #reformer #silks #circus #poledancing #yoga #kundalini #spin -There are so many ways to have fun while you’re getting fit! Need tips or recommendations?! Leave a comment. Tag me in your new workouts!! #fitlife #outdoors #outdoorworkouts #gymreviews #lasvegas #vegas #henderson #summerlin #healthylifestyle #activelife #love #happy #partnerworkout
🖤 We just love reading reviews from our members! 🖤⠀ ⠀ "I’m that person that struggled taking that first step back into a gym after a long bout of inactivity. Joining BMFT has been the absolute best experience that I could’ve hoped for. I’m going on my 4th month as a member of the “FitFam.” I’m far from “Fit” but part of the “Fam” and have made great strides and am down almost 30# and over 10% body fat thanks to the daily inspiration I get from the trainers and other members and a whole lot of sweat. The trainers have modifications for every exercise that works with any fitness level. That’s where I started and have gradually gotten a little better. The other members are so welcoming and helpful that it has made the whole experience so great. Kate and Steve, the owners, are incredible as trainers, motivators, teachers and now friends. Sebastian works so hard to make sure we are using proper technique, using the proper weight and pushing for that extra rep in his pleasant way of guiding us. Dom is always smiling and keeps things light while giving us a good push as well. I can’t say enough about the change Beyond Measure has made in my life. My body hasn’t felt this good and my energy level hasn’t been this high in years. I would give 100 stars if I could. Thank you all!"
Home of Liverpool Gyms.. 💪🏻LiverpoolGym.com #liverpool #liverpoolcity #liverpoolgym #fitnessuk #ukfitness #gymreviews
Training legs is my favorite thing to do in the gym. Training arms... meh, not so much. Necessary evils, amiright? Today I’m training both arms and legs because it’s like bribing your kid with dessert (legs) if they eat all their vegetables (arms) 🥦 —> 🍩. Give this combo a try! Buy in - 20 mins steady state cardio (incline walk) 1.leg extension 5x10 reg. pace / 5 slow pace 1a. Preacher curl 5x 20,15,10,15,20 (less reps, more weight. More reps, less weight) 2. S/L squats (smith machine) 4x10-12 2a. DB curl dropset 4x10,10 2b. Plyometric deadlift 4x20/leg 3. Squat, curl, press 4x15 4. Step-ups 4x10/leg 4a. Isometric lunge hold :30, pulse :30 4x 4b. Tricep kick back 4x15 5. Walking lunges 3x12/leg 6. Leg press (narrow stance) 3x15 heavy 6a. Dips 3x20 Cash out - 15 minute intervals :15 climb(or run) / :45 jog
Always on a look out for a better fitness center but don’t want to go through a series of free trials to find the perfect one? We gotcha back with #FitReview powered by Gympik. Stay tuned for more! 📺 🤙🏻 . . . . . . #gympik #gymreview #gymreviews #findgyms #FitnessDiscovery #gympikdiscovery #findyogacenters #findzumbaclass #nearestgymplease #gymnearyou #ExerciseWithGympik #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fitlife #workoutmotivation #fitnesscenterreview #fitnessconnected #workout #fitness #Discover #Train #transform
Find your voice, then fill the s i l e n c e ✨ . 📷: @kristophernoah “Your Best Fit” in @abouttownmag is on shelves now!
Find your voice, fill the s i l e n c e ✨. 📷: @kristophernoah “Your Best Fit” in @abouttownmag is on shelves now!
125 degrees never felt so good! #earntheburn 🔥☄️💥 See the full video by clicking the link in my bio. Read my review by picking up a copy of @abouttownmag ! 🎥: @kristophernoah
Who's the person you text between sets? 💘 Bring them to train in our brand new club this evening. Now that's a perfect Valentine's date! - - - #ValentinesDay #SnapFitness #GreenwichFitness #Fitness #FitnessGoals #FitFam #GetFit #HealthAndFitness #PersonalTraining #SpecialOffer #SnapNation #FitnessManagement #LeisureManagement #PT #SnapNation #GymReviews
The kit is in and we're ready to go! 🤩 Join us in our brand new club this week (6am-10pm) for our introduction week. Use the state of the art equipment, meet the team, collect your access card, and bring friends and family to try the club for free! Find out more about our gym on our website - follow the link in our bio. - - - #SnapFitness #GreenwichFitness #Fitness #FitnessGoals #FitFam #GetFit #FitnessRoles #HealthAndFitness #PersonalTraining #SpecialOffer #SnapNation #FitnessManagement #LeisureManagement #PT #SnapNation #GymReviews
Oh, did we mention? Snap Fitness Greenwich will be kitted out with the best equipment in the business - that includes GHDs in the changing rooms. Sign up online today to save money on your membership to our brand new, world-class gym - the link is in our bio! - - - #SnapFitness #GreenwichFitness #Fitness #FitnessGoals #FitFam #GHD #GoodHairDay #GetFit #FitnessRoles #HealthAndFitness #PersonalTraining #SpecialOffer #SnapNation #FitnessManagement #PT #SnapNation #GymReviews
🚲 ⭐️🚲⭐️🚲⭐️ Review time!! I’ve been a little lazy with my reviews lately, but I’m so excited for this one! @flywheelsports turned this spin-hating human into a cycle lover! (At least indoors 😂). So far I’ve visited 3 of the 🔟 studios in NYC, and I have yet to be disappointed. 💥💥💥 Overview: My competitive soul absolutely adores these spin classes. My eyes lit up when I found out there was an option to have your name (or code name 😉) listed on the Torque Board during class, showing how you stack up against the rest of your classmates. But don’t be put off by this if you’re not into that! Your name/bike only appears on the board if you want it to. Otherwise, you can just enjoy a really fun spin class competition-free. Either way you will get a great workout! 💥💥💥 Coaches: The coaches have all been upbeat and motivating. They focus on proper form which I love. Their music is awesome, which is the most important part of a spin class, right? 💥💥💥 Gym experience: Most importantly, all the staff I’ve interacted with are super nice and helpful. The gyms are clean. Some are definitely more crowded than others (midtown east was the most crowded). The bathrooms are nice, as well as the showers. Lockers are in common areas. (Note: there are no big fancy locker rooms. The upper east side location has their showers on the floor below.) 💥💥💥 Workout: spin is spin, but the fact that they make it a competition can push you further than you thought you could go. It’s that extra boost you need on days you’re just not feelin it. Its definitely your cardio day. You’re not going to get much strength training here, unless you try one of their floor classes. (That’s right, it’s not just spin here!) Overall review: 4.5 ⭐️s . . #spin #cycle #workout #nyc #gymcriticnyc #reviews #gymreviews #fitness #fitnessstudio #flywheel #fitspo #ues #midtowneast #flatiron #bike #ride #fullbodyworkout #gym #gymmotivation
Most important part of any central London gym? @moveyourframe #lff #gymreview #gymreviews #londongym #londongymreviews
Thank you for these reviews, ladies!! We so appreciate you. If you love our gym, please SHARE by leaving reviews on Facebook, Google, or Yelp, and inviting your friends to follow us here on Instagram! #weloveourmembers #gymreviews #anytimefitness #5stargym #betterinbrentwood #ilovebrentwood #brentwoodca
What do you look for in a gym? Here's just a snapshot of some of the 5-Star reviews posted about the Snap Fitness gyms across the UK. As a member of Snap Fitness Greenwich, you'll have access to all the Snap Fitness clubs worldwide! Sign up online today to save money on your membership - follow the link in our bio. - - - #SnapFitness #GreenwichFitness #Fitness #FitnessGoals #FitFam #GetFit #FitnessRoles #HealthAndFitness #PersonalTraining #SpecialOffer #SnapNation #FitnessManagement #LeisureManagement #PT #SnapNation #GymReviews
Love stumbling across positive TRG reviews we didn't see at the time! We've made so many changes since that great review and more coming! #loveyourgym #TeamTRG #patourselvesontheback #payasyougym #24hourfitness #gymreviews #kingstonborough #chessington
MEMBERS REVIEWS.... . This is what one of our members had to say after the first 30 days with us 🙌 . ‘You’re all so kind and supportive’ . We let our members do the talking 😁 . #membersresults #clientsresults #buildingconfidence #alwaysimprove #dailyimprovements #membersreviews #clientreviews #gymreviews #personaltrainingn #personaltrainer #newcastle #newcastleupontyne #weighttraining #strongwomen #confidentwomen #strongmen #stronglads #confidentmen
The next six week challenge will be our last! No more next time, no more procrastination! Seize the opportunity to make the change today! We love our clients so it’s nice to see the love reciprocated! The body has an amazing potential to grow it just needs the right environment! Iron for Zion is the right environment for you! #personaltrainer #realpeoplerealresults #motivation #finishwhatyoustart #ironforziongym #ratings #reviews #gymreviews #5stars #love
The Gut Wrenching Truth! Video Review. Watch Mental Meathead's Dave Hall review (and produce some damn cool exercises) with the #StrongerthanU #GutWrench
a project of love kicks off today with @abouttownmag & I am so excited to HELP YOU find a gym/workout that you enjoy - because when you enjoy something, you do it; and when you do it, you feel good and see results. I will do WHATEVER. IT. TAKES. to help you find that! How? Check my stories 🎞 🎥 . I hope you know you’re strong enough and it’s not a lost cause. Those goals in your heart? They can still happen. 🖤 xo . 📷: @kristophernoah
Quality 👍 that's how you deal with those that intimidate others in the gym 👉 decided to put up a review https://www.thefoxdude.com/reviews/xercise4less-review/ #xercise4less #gymreviews #stopintimidation #keeplifting
We love to help you reach your goals and be the best you! So happy to be a part of your best self!
Enjoying some lunch at one of our favorite healthy restaurants in Dallas @eatflowerchild super #basic but it’s so good we can’t even help it! ❤️😍 so good for the rainy days when you want “comfort” food but gotta stay on track 💪🏼🥬
👍 COMMON QUESTIONS ANSWERED........ . 🙋🏼‍♀️ AM I FIT ENOUGH TO JOIN? . We kinda hate getting this question because it means for some reason or another we are putting people off joining us for that reason. . And that’s stopping people from getting incredible results. . We would honestly never ever stop anyone from joining us because they weren’t ‘fit enough’ . Everyone of our sessions is tailored to each individual in that session. . We have members who have never stepped foot in a gym before. . We have members that were previously scared to enter a gym . We have members who have unfortunately had bad experiences with other gyms or personal trainers. . But we don’t like blowing our own trumpet so we will just leave you with a comments we haven’t from quite a few members now..... . “Being part of Clear Fitness has changed my life” 🙌 . #commongymquestions #clearfitness #newcastle #newcastleupontyne #newcastlegyms #newcastlept #membersresults #clientsresults #buildingconfidence #alwaysimprove #dailyimprovements #membersreviews #clientreviews #gymreviews #personaltrainingn #personaltrainer #newcastle #newcastleupontyne #weighttraining #strongwomen #confidentwomen #strongmen #stronglads #confidentmen
What workout is best for you? This can be a really hard question to answer. The good news is it can be done. Caroline and I really believe that finding the best workout for YOU comes down to asking yourself just 2 questions. 1. What type of Exercise do I enjoy? 2. What are my fitness/health goals? When you realize what kind of movement/ exercise you find most enjoyable and combine that with the goals you want to achieve you can have a better understanding of what to look for in a class or fitness regimen. We are here to give you guys as much information as possible about tons of different studios and health trends so that after answering those 2 simple questions you can find the right solution for you. For example: (adrienne here) What I love in a workout: I grew up dancing. For me the exercise I enjoy the most includes rhythmic movements and stretches. My fitness goal: stay lean and tone my body, I am not looking to add a lot of muscle or or lose any weight. I workout to feel good and tone up. So it makes complete sense why I love workouts like Barre, yoga, and spin class the most. Your goal might be training for a marathon, losing weight, gaining weight, improving your cardio or just your overall health. Whatever it may be the ultimate key to reaching your goals is finding an effective workout that combines your goals, with being enjoyable for you. If you are not having fun than you won’t be motivated to get up for that early morning class and will inevitably give up your routine. Snap out of that cycle! We are here to help give you a better understanding of tons of different workouts so you can quickly find what works the very best for you.
Squat PB! I finally stopped wearing mittens on my knees! (SBD sleeves arrived!)
It’s that time of year. The one where you panic trying to figure out what to get everyone on your list for Christmas. 🎁🎄 ~ We know that feeling all too well. For me I especially struggle to find gifts for guys. ~ Sooooo to help you (and myself) out I created a little gift guide of 12 gender neutral gifts at 12 different price points so no matter who you’re shopping for or what your budget may be, you can find them something they will love. ❤️ ~ Check it out and let us know what are your go to gifts for family and friends!!! ❤️FW
@carolineofe abandoned me for the day 😩 sad I know. But good news is I used my alone time to pick a studio I’ve been dying to try before she drags me to F45 tomorrow.... Today I made sure to get my stretch in while checking out Studio 6 in Preston Hollow. This full body workout incorporates tons of equipment along with the reformer machine throughout 50 min. It had my arms and abs on 🔥. Check out what I loved and what was not so great about Studio six in my full review! Link up in bio now ✨
One of my BEST purchases in 2018 was a good solid ✨foam roller✨ - I invested in one with lots of ridges to help release lactic acid (muscle soreness) pre and post workout and I’m sooo glad I did! 😍 Every night while I watch a TV show or scroll through my phone, I spend about 15 min with this baby. It’s helped not only with my recovery but also my back pain! WIN! WIN! 🎁They make great gifts for the holidays ( or for yourself 😉) - HONESTLY- if you dont foam roll then WYD?! 🤔 Get one for you, your mom, your boyfriend, your dog. Everyone needs one. - Mine is from @lululemon and is still available for $58 but you can pick them up at target for as little as $20! P.S. We’ll be talking other great holiday gifts later this week so stay tuned 😘😘 FW
It’s long awaited, for those of you that know me IRL, you know I was a full on @soulcycle JUNKIE for the longest time. 🤤 Now I’ve temporarily given up my addiction to try out other places, but I still believe in the MAGIC🔮 that is Soul Cycle. I know I sound pathetic and I don’t even care. This place has my ❤️ the way nothing else but ice cream and pure barre does. I wrote a whole blog explaining why I think soul cycle stands out in the field; but also why the crazy price tag keeps me from going. If you’ve ever thought about trying it or you just want to know the tea on the place they call a cult... check it out! Link in bio 😉 - Have you tried Soul cycle?!
After taking some time off for thanksgiving we got back to working out this week and we’re SOOO sore. So yesterday I (adrienne) decided it was time @carolineofe face her fears and freeze her lil bum off. In an effort to help a sister out, We headed to @cryo1one to try cryotherapy and although Caroline hated me in the moment she woke up feeling so refreshed this morning I think I’ve converted her! If you’ve ever been curious to try cryotherapy and see what all the hype is about check out the link in our bio!
New blog post 🌈 this week I share my favourite fitness classes 💪🏼 here I am looking a little shiny after a class at @moveyourframe 😅
HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🍁🦃🍽 from Fitnesswitnessed ❤️
The holidays are a super fun but if you’ve got some serious health goals it can feel so derailing. This week @carolineofe Is off with her husbands’ family so @stopandsmellthelilyrose and I are breaking down our tips for staying healthy-ish during the holiday season. 1. Enjoy the holiday dishes guilt free but be aware so you don’t over eat. Don’t starve yourself until dinner. Rather eat a hearty breakfast and snacks until dinner so you don’t gorge yourself and feel awful after. 2. Go on a walk post heavy meals and invite a family member you’ve been wanting to catch up with to go with you! It will make you feel good, and might even get you out of helping with the dishes ( just don’t tell mom) 🤫 3. Pack your own healthy snacks! Sometimes where your visiting might not have any health options, and it makes me not feel good when I eat junk for days on end. Enjoy what you want to, but don’t feel pressured to eat everything. Supplement some of your own snacks, so you can feel good while you enjoy family!
You guys, lets be real, packing sucks, traveling in general is not anything to get excited about. While we love our destinations getting there is always such a pain, and worse, really expensive. We’ve come up with a few tricks over the years that help to make it bearable. What we’ve learned in a nut shell? Pretend your a boy scout and BE PREPARED. It always makes taking it on the road, so much more fun. Link in bio for our top tips on how to prep for travel so the only thing you have to worry about this thanksgiving is grandma asking if you have a boyfriend yet.
Looking to burn a TON of calories before that Turkey 🦃 Day feast? @orangetheory has got you covered! Adrienne and I had a blast, learned a lot about our heart rates, and left pooped(in a good way💩). This technology based workout is so cool, and their science backed workouts will keep you burning calories long after you leave. 🙌🏻💪🏻 They are even offering classes early in the morning on Thanksgiving Day so you can get a last minute burn in before the food comma 😉 go tap that link for the full review and comment below what your favorite version of cardio is⬇️⬇️⬇️
Life over the last month for me (@adriennegrey ) has been a little unusual. My new normal has been all about chillin in my pajamas and staying in. One month ago after going to the hospital I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre an auto immune disease that attacked my nerve system, causing numbness, weakness, and tingling throughout my body. Now in recovery I spend the majority of my time sleeping and trying my best to stay warm to avoid losing feeling in my legs. 😨😴 I wrote a blog post sharing my experience and what life is like now! Link is up in the bio so go check it out if you wanna know the whole story and what has been going on since.
CALLING ALL ADVENTURE TIME MOTHERFUCKERS!! The Iron Beaver blog is going to feature gym reviews, hiking reviews and excursions for health and wellness in 2019. I'm looking for some cool randos that might want to hang with me and help me take some b roll. Check it out, think about it. Maybe get on my crew list... ➡️ SWIPE THROUGH #adventure #gymreviews #Utah #slc
💥 It’s Friday 💥 One thing we love as much as every other girl is our @lululemon. Call us basic, but this stuff has filled up every birthday and Christmas list for YEARS. ❤️ Its over those many years and through many pairs of leggings, that we’ve learned which pieces we can trust to hold off the stink no matter how much we sweat. What performs and what doesn’t. Which pieces hold the test of time despite the fact that we’ve chunked them in the washer (and dryer 🙊 oops) a few too many times. We put together an outfit featuring 3 of our absolute MUST HAVES. For us it’s all about the versatility and durability of pieces. ⬇️ What’s your fav Lululemon staple?! - - Link in bio for our fav 3 lulu items and where to shop them 😘😘😘
This morning we hopped on the bike @theridehouse 🚲 to check out their 45 min rhythmic spin class and we were not disappointed 😍 This place is super cute, has a second studio for TRX class and foam rolling +stretching. The concert like spin studio helped to energize the room while we tapped it back in a Throwback theme ride. @ridewithkarla Lead the group in fabulous style and we were LIVING for it for all 45 min. Full review up on fitnesswitnessed.com now, link in bio!
Never having to wait for equipment means never having to wait to meet your goals! #SnapToIt
Our mission is showing you guys what health and wellness trends are actually worth your time and 🤑. We’ve always believed in knowing where to spend 💸and where to save.💰 So on that topic we are talking all things BEAUTY 💁🏼‍♀️ 💅🏼🧖🏼‍♀️ our favorite #skincare and #selfcare products! The best part is they are all UNDER $20! Everything you need to have a solo Saturday and do it up RIGHT- 😋 All on a budget! Link in the bio or go to fitnesswitnessed.com ❤️ - - What cheap products are we missing out on?! Let us know your favorites⬇️⬇️⬇️
We woke up to below freezing temps and FREAKED. 😨❄️@blackswanyogadallas came in to save the day with a 90 degree hot, Power Yoga class that brought some burn 🔥With some heat back we flowed our way through this quick paced class! Our amazing instructor @addisonprescott got our day started off with some cardi B and we aren’t complaining! Thanks to her constant humor throughout class we had so much fun! 😂 The mood of the beautiful studio lifted our spirits for the busy day ahead! Full review up now so click the link in bio to check it all out! 🎉❤️
Tons of Sbd V: Just trying to get rid of some road/jet lag. Last sets shown ~ #GymReviews Gym review: #GymCypressTexas @gymcypresstexas Pros: • Uspa certified • okay ish hours for a day pass, 10$ • friendly staff • clean equipment • Tons of cardio / other machines Cons: • No deadlift bar, I'm not sure how you can be uspa certified without a tdb, weird flex but okay • No squat racks, beside a some Olympic racks. • No comp benches. • Only a handful of plates, counted less than twenty 45s. • No deadlift jack • Not sure what kind of regular barbells they have, but they were off brand with 0 knurling, felt stiff ish but some slack. • Not really ideal to deadlift here with cracks so close together, so it was very difficult to press off the floor. Overall ~ I wasnt entirely impressed, maybe if you're into body building, crossfit or just regular gym going would I reccomend this facility, especially with it being Uspa certified, disappointed to say the least. I could gripe about a bit more, but, . Tldr: if you're a powerlifter intermediate+ I'd say find another place to train. 3/10 . . @breedelite @thenotoriousemperor @thebiggestdong @papa.arch @dream_destroyah @thebabysilverback #Breedelite #Madness
We’ve got a new review for you guys and this one is special 😍🎉 @adrienne_grey actually TEACHES this class! She’s spilling everything you need to know about @pure_barre the original barre class!!!! A year and a half ago I fell in love with Pure Barre it’s all about little ranges of motion that pack a BIG punch. The combo of building lean toned muscle and flexibility training leaves you with some AWESOME results! It’s musically driven and all about that core (our fav)! We’ve got the full review with everything you need to know about the studio experience, what to wear, and pricing options all on the blog now! Go check it out 👏🏼😍 link in bio!
MEMBERS REVIEWS.... . This is what one of our members had to say after the first 30 days with us 🙌 . ‘Everything has been amazing, by far the best gym I've been to :-)’ . We let our members do the talking 😁 . #membersresults #clientsresults #buildingconfidence #alwaysimprove #dailyimprovements #membersreviews #clientreviews #gymreviews #personaltrainingn #personaltrainer #newcastle #newcastleupontyne #weighttraining #strongwomen #confidentwomen #strongmen #stronglads #confidentmen
It’s fall y’all! 🍂🍁With the cooler darker weather here, we just want to stay in, watch movies, and eat! 😋😛 In an attempt to get moving, rather than heading straight to cardio we decided to slow things down and hit up @corepoweryoga for a deep stretch that alleviated all of our soreness! We went to a beginner vinyasa flow and by the end felt like whole new girlies! 💁🏼‍♀️Our class and instructor were super warm and inviting and the facilities were A+! 😍Wearing our fav @kora.fitness tops we felt like super hero’s diving into downward dog for this hour long sweat sesh! With a ton of class’s to chose from, CPY offers everything from classic yoga to cardio/burn🔥 classes! If your looking for a yoga studio to call home @corepoweryoga is a place you HAVE to check out! For the full review and more pics of the adorable studio check out our full blog post! Link in bio 😘
3 months of hardly any workouts! Since I moved it’s been so busy plus I signed up for Orange Theory and their opening was delayed a couple months. It feels really great to be back working out. It’s different than what I was use to a F45, but has some aspects that are similar. The one thing that is the same is that it’s a class so you feel more motivated to do the work. If I go to the gym on my own, I don’t push myself. I’m a bit competitive so I like at least trying to keep up with others when they are working out. The differences between the two are F45 has a lot more weights and you can go much heavier if you want. They also have a big variety of exercises in short high intensity intervals that push you to your limit in 45mins. Orange Theory is about 30min of cardio on a treadmill that is done in intervals. Then 30 mins of weights and the rowers. I was definitely apprehensive about the treadmill as I hate straight running like that. But so far i think the way they do the intervals has kept it interesting. Plus I see it as a challenge for myself to learn to run for longer periods. So honestly I miss F45 but I’m willing to try Orange Theory and try learning to do something I’m not good at. But so far I’m loving feeling that after workout high! It’s been too long!!
Flashback to our Aruba trip a few years ago! Missing the warmth as cold weather approaches! Looking forward to heading there is Dec/Jan! Can’t wait to try out @yoga_girl yoga studio 👏🏻🔥 #blogger #fitness #workout #fitnessblogger #fitnessblog #detroitblogger #flexibledieting #supersets #fittravel #travelfitness #fitnessisfun #fittraveler #aruba #yoga #gymreviews #travelfitnessblog #workoutreview #travelgym #girlswholift #fitnesslifestyle #strength #gym #sweat #motivation
Thursday night gym sesh consisted on back, biceps, and of course core! 🍎 Even though it's been a long stressful work week I made sure I stuck to my gym schedule. It's easy to get distracted and make unhealthy choices when we are busy but it's important to stick to your commitments. After all, consistency is key! 🔑 . . . #carmenandchristine #thursdaymotivation #gymworkout #abspirations #liftheavy #consistency #backandbis #gymselfie #weightlifting #gymreviews #athleta #aloyoga #workoutoftheday #commitments #gymtime #sweaty
Marriott Springhill Suites, River North, Chicago Checked out this hotel gym while visiting Chicago this weekend for a wedding. Review coming soon to the blog 👍🏻 #blogger #blog #detroitblogger #fitnessblog #fitnessblogger #flexibledieting #supersets #fittravel #travelfitness #fitnessisfun #fittraveler #travelfitnessblog #gymreviews #travelfitnessblogger #fitnessmotivation #chicago #workout #travel #wedding #gymreview #fit #fitchick
I love weddings. Whose with me? I love seeing people I love find someone who makes them just light up with joy! 🤗 Also i live wedding deserts! What’s your favorite? Mine is donuts! #blogger #wedding #chicago #lovers #saturdsayisforlovers #blog #detroitblogger #fitnessblog #flexibledieting #fitnessblogger #supersets #travelfitness #fittravel #travelgym #gymreviews #motivation #fitnessisfun #fittraveler #travelfitnessblog #travelfitnessblogger
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