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🇹🇿 I couldn’t have picked a better place to be than where we are right now, Meserani Snake Park in Arusha, it’s what we all needed. . . When I was tour leading a decade ago I used to love stopping here as it felt like coming home and getting looking after like one of the family, it’s truly like I’ve just slotted back into the same old crew routine with Ma looking after us, feeding us and keeping us inline. For Charlie if anybody was going to figure out his problem then BJ & Deon were the men for the job, and they did. Charlie had a hole in the fuel piping and also his tank was full of bits of rust and plastic! So there was air leaking into the fuel system and potentially bits of plastics blocking the fuel once the tank started to empty, which explains the inconsistency of Charlie’s issues. . . For their hospitality and trouble they wouldn’t accept anything and so I’ve donated towards their very important clinic here, The Meserani Snake Park Clinic, which provides free and vital healthcare to over 1000 patients a month. The clinic all too often treats snakebite victims with expensive anti venom that comes up from South Africa, this is funded by their campsite. I have also donated towards Morri 2 Africa as it’s a cause very close to their hearts as well. . . Thank you so much and lots of love Ma, BJ, Deon and the team at Meserani Snake Park, absolute legends and the definition of kind souls ❤️ . . . DONATE by following link through website in bio. All donations go directly to the Cancer Society’s Research Centre.
The other day, our friend said that we had ‘non-jobs’. Thankfully, she’s forgiven as she’s a brilliant lady and I’ll be the first to admit, running a travel blog is not the sort of job that keeps me awake on a Sunday night or achieves something noble, like saving lives. But it did make me think what, if any, difference or use we have as travel bloggers. There are lots of different answers and conversations to be had about that, but I think ultimately, if we in any way inspire someone to visit a place where they go on to have a brilliant time, make memories & spend time in the real world with their friends and family, then that’s more than enough for me! And to all the messages we get from those overcoming fears, phobias or anxiety to travel - hearing about your adventures has been the cherry on top of this blog, non-job life! In fact, keep ‘em coming. We have big plans & dreams to take this further - creating a community that uses travel to help others who are going through a bad or tricky time: travelling in spite of challenges, not because of them. A tiny weeny movement of sorts. So please, stay tuned 💕
Paris ✨
🇰🇪 Towed for the last time, for sure, I can feel it 😜 . . . Welcome to poor Shane who thought he was coming to town for a quick feed and ended up pushing! Thanks team.
This funky little #africanrestaurant is a MUST in #NOLA . Its a tiny cafe that serves #westafrican fare from #egusi soup to #yassapoulet . I tried their vegetarian #Baham and it was a delight! If you are vegetarian (or not) and looking for something different - I highly reccommend this place as much of #Neworleans culture traces its root to #westafrica as well as the #french . . . #foodie #foodandtravel #foodtourist #foodporn #travelandfoodblogger #traveldame #travelnomad #traveldiaries #sulztravels2nola #visitnola #visitneworleans #travelgram #tlpicks #cntraveler #bbctravel #guardiantravel #fodorsonthego #instatravel #instafoodie
Everywhere we were greeted by village kids shouting namaste with 🙏 we were like rock stars, for a moment
Oh nyc. #newyorkcity
Oooh I’m not sure much can beat that amazing morning at @bristolballoon last month! 🎈 . But I had such a lush time away this weekend, such a gorgeous wedding, so nice to get all dressed up & to have a night away. I want to do it again tomorrow! 💃🏻 . Hope you are having a good week so far? I know it’s only Tuesday but it’s nearly Sunday already 📺🙌🏼 . . . . . . #bristolsballoons #bristolballoonfiesta #igersbristol #bestofbristol #exploremore #visitengland #visitbritain #dscolor #candyminimal #postcardplaces #abmlifeiscolorful #dslooking #iamatraveler #mytinyatlas #acolorstory #wonderful_places #passionpassport #verytandc #flashesofdelight #suitcasetravels #visitbristol #beautifuldestinations #lovegreatbritain #bbcbristol #bbcbritain #bristollife #bristolbloggers #topukphoto #guardiantravel #hellobristol
Whole families came out to greet us as we passed. Not very many tourists pass by so we were as much entertainment for them as they were for us. Practicing our basic Hindi vocabulary was fun.
Walking toward the bridge the couple saw three women chatting and taking photos. They walked this route every day with their young child. This bridge was put up years ago and links their community to the buzzing dock area. They paused as one of the women took a photo of the bridge. They we’re in a hurry, wanting to have some cake and coffee at their favourite cafe. ‘Keep going. I can wait until you’ve got to the end’, said the photographer. Laughing the couple responded. ‘You can take photos of us. No problems!’... #littlestoriesofmylife
My favourite street, Rue Merlane ❤️🌿
🇰🇪 🇹🇿 We love a border crossing, why just spend a couple of hours on the border when you can spend the night and get the full experience 😜 I’ve gotta say Kenya does borders right, as you know we got caught for a night on the way in and then on the way out, it was a blast though! . . Thanks to Omar our fixer who got us out of a bit of a pickle with the paperwork and who hosted us for the evening at the local restaurant. . . In the morning the team from Foyle’s in Nairobi had to give up their Sunday morning to come and bring/fit the mini distributor and save the day, thank you! . . Then we crossed the border and hit the road to Arusha and had another little issue.....watch this space......😳 . . . . DONATE by following link through website in bio. All donations go directly to the Cancer Society’s Research Centre.
Have you been to Hampton Court Palace? I love a red brick building and as soon as I see one it pulls at my heart strings! Whilst it costs to enter the palace there are beautiful grounds and a kitchen garden full of food free to explore. Located right next to the Thames you can wander the river too. There’s also a boat from Richmond or Kingston for you to cruise along on! Where are you off to next??? #exploretheuk
• Che sia Venezia, che sia Parigi o qualsiasi altra città, la prima cosa che faccio prima di partire è mettere nel beauty i prodotti adatti alla mia pelle, e grazie a @febelaboratoriocosmetico riesco ad andare in vacanza portando con me tutto ciò che mi occorre per prendermi cura del mio corpo anche a km di distanza da casa . oggi vi parlo del gel doccia all’avena, equiseto e meliloto, ottimo per chi come me soffre di pelle secca. Se non conoscete ancora questo brand vi consiglio di dare un’occhiata sono tutti prodotti certificati c-green e prodotti nella Maremma Toscana. Inoltre vi lascio un codice sconto del 15% (welcomefebe). Voi che prodotti portate in viaggio? • . . . . . . #sicily #whatitalyis #ig_italy #allwhatsbeautiful #italy_vacations #beauty #dayroutine #bevisuallyinspired #love #beautifuldestinations #summerstateofmind #italiainunoscatto #mare #estate #summer2k18 #icapturemobile #follow #amazing #cute #guardiantravel #tasteintravel #visulgang #welltraveled #huffpostitagram
After our walk we had a chat with this farmer. Well, actually our local guide had the chat. We just sat there not understanding a word. After about 10 minutes we get a couple sentences summary. Maybe it was local gossip.
Tate Liverpool
Tate Liverpool
The perfect restaurant for modern contemporary Portuguese cuisine.
Memmo Alfama, thank you for a wonderful stay. Until our next trip @goss.a
A room with a view
Castle appreciation post.
inadvertent horizontality
Children get free meals at school. Lunch was being prepared while in the other room we heard the pupils reciting their lessons
Happy Sunday! ☀️ 🍁🍂 Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. It’s starting to feel really autumnal here in England. Last weekend when I got popped back to my favourite spot in the UK - Bibury - the cottages already looked so different from when I visited in the summer. The pink roses were gone and the winter pansies had arrived, and everything smelt like damp leaf litter (weirdly, one of my favourite smells). After a funny old summer and a few weeks of facing up to anxiety again, I’m quite relieved that summer is now winding up and autumn is here. After a few weeks of ‘self care’ (I can’t think of a better or less over used term!) I’m feeling back to myself again and in a way, the start of a new season is helping with that. Time to put a full-stop at the end of summer and start afresh with crunching leaves, frosty mornings and blue skies! Don’t be worried about having wobbly time and hitting pause for a bit - take a breath for a few weeks and you’ll be back before you know it, a new season ready and waiting for you ❤️❤️
🇰🇪 To the owners, staff and community at Karen Camp in Nairobi, thank you for making us feel like family over the last week and for getting incredibly enthusiastic about Charlie and this drive. . . We hadn’t planned on spending as much time as we did in Nairobi but I’m really glad we got to. The laughs, debates and stories kept us up until the wee hours. . . Plus Timan from Tucan Travel turned up with the keys to my old truck so I got to actually sit in my old seat and Fin got to sit in the only drivers seat he’ll see this trip 😳 . . Val & Brendan you’ve created a very special place, I hope to be back soon. Not like tomorrow soon, if we still have mechanical issues, but soon none the less 🤣
Sweet 😘💕❤️ While everyone else is looking at the camera, @sunghoon1983 ‘s attention is on the unhappy looking baby girl, maybe trying to make her smile 💕❤️💕. #Repost @bluesky_0214 with @get_repost ・・・ 배우님~ 앞을 보세요~@sunghoon1983 모두 수고 많으셨습니다 #Repost @romabike_ryu • • • • • 투어 및 촬영 마치고 다함께 단체사진 #류재선가이드 #가신 #가이드의신 #가이드의시조새 #가이드의살아있는화석 #뭉쳐야뜬다 #방송날짜학수고대 #빼애애앰 #뭉쳐야뜬다시즌2 #sunghoon @stallion__entertainment @sunghoon1983_support #newtalesofthegisaeng #lawofthejungle #koreanactor #fiveenough #noblemylove #mysecretromance #soundofyourheart2 #ipickedupacelebrityonthestreet #guardiantravel #areyouinlove #❤️❤️❤️
I was trying to take a 📷 of the #mural , but my finger had other ideas. Apparently, it was thinking about the 🍺 sign! It's even pointing to it! Sometimes my finger has a mind of its own! #Providence #pvd #traveleidoscope #streetart #streetscenes #beer #igrhodeisland #thecreativecapital #trinityrepertorycompany #budgettravel #guardiantravel #usatodaytravel #gofortheshotanyway
Plaza de Las Cruces. Local architectural details represented in this little corner. Balcony tiles, Ironwork, street lamps, paint effect and flower pots. #sevilla #seville #siviglia #sevilletrip #viveandalucia #greatcitybreaks #barriosantacruz #lequartiersantacruz #jewishquater #plazadelascruces #tiledesign #ironwork #streetlamps #visitsevilla #historicbuildings #womenwhoexplore #guardiantravel #bbctravel
Strolling into the weekend.
ceramic bar, open till 20:00 #greenmakessense 🌱
After a busy week it warms my heart to read about my city, my birthplace in British paper with my morning hot chocolate! #riga #latvia #guardiantravel 💛💛💛
Had lots of fun talking and taking pictures with the village kids. Also got a few seriously beautiful shots like this.
Pupils at a far-away village in deeply rural India
From the orange hues of Bologna to the leafy greens of the Cotswolds! 💚 Whilst Claire spent our birthday in Italy, I headed back to the Cotswolds for a little break. Top tip: we stayed in the *most* incredible @airbnb just a stone’s throw from Soho Farmhouse & the Beckham’s Home. I stood in a field in the rain & stared at the walls of his house, whispering ‘David’. I assume he wasn’t home as he didn’t come out to meet me. Let me know if you’d like the link to the Air b’n’b if you’re interested as it was beautiful - and in the lovely village of Little Tew 🦔🌿🌱🍂🍁 in other news, we have a new #twinperspectives podcast out! All about how we managed to turn recent celebrations into commiserations, thanks to pesky Imposter Syndrome. But don’t worry, we are more cheery by the end and full of helpful advice! You can find the podcast on our blog or via iTunes Podcasts (also on Spotify!) 😘
🇰🇪 A few snaps from the game that we saw whilst on safari. The Masai Mara certainly didn’t disappoint!
University of York
York University Campus
Green hills of Xinaliq ⛰ I’m well and truly not in Azerbaijan anymore, but I wanted to post one last snap from this amazing little country. If anyone has any trips planned here soon, please get in contact as I’ve got plenty of recs! Next stop on the photo journey is Turkey!! 🇦🇿🇹🇷 #ExploreAzerbaijan #Xinaliq #TravellersEdition
York University Library
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
Best chat and cup of tea ever! What are you up to this weekend? Tonight I’m going to the cinema to see Crazy Rich Asians and Saturday having fun with @pimandposset and @heartzeena @handmadefair. Yay!!! #itstheweekend 📷: @strazzanti_co
Samaria Gorge, Crete. A great hike, but not a lot of solitude! #guardiantravel
Siesta hour in Cuitadella when all the streets are quiet to wander. #blendingin 📸@falseconomy
Unbelievably delicious contemporary Portuguese cuisine at Alma in Lisbon run by the super talented @henriquesapessoa . . . . . #modern #contemporaryportuguese #lisboa 🇵🇹
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