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Saber conduzir e não controlar.❤️🎈🔮🍾🌈✨🌺🦋🙏🏻 #goodthoughts #goodvibes #goodvibes #blessed 🙏 #positivevibes
What do you think about this?
In life you always have to make a decision. And that is to choose to smile not to frown, to love and not to hate, to trust and not to doubt, to create not to destroy. And remember whenever you decide to live a positive life, that’s when your life becomes beautiful. #thoughtsoftheday #goodthoughts #positivevibes #beautiful #life #thoughts #inspo #choices #livelife #foodforthought #dailyquotes #inspirationalquotes #goodquotes
When the ladder is not an option. ✨🌺
chasing waterfalls
Grateful for all the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, and the memories that stay till the end.💛🌊📸🌴
#divorce OMG: Pic Of Baby Crawling Across Busy Street Sparks Social Media Outrage Guardians Claim It Was An Accident One New Jersey home is up for question after a baby living there made their way outside to a busy street. According to the Asbury Park Press , a 10-month-old boy managed to leave his hous ..
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#scandal Rumor Has It: Nick Cannon & Kanye West Squashed Their Kim K. Beef Nick Cannon & Kanye West Have Reportedly Come To An Understanding Ever since he pulled himself up out of the sunken place, Kanye West has had a lot to get off of his chest. Some things just weren’t sitting right with his spirit, a ..
Love the reflection! Reposting @heartmaher :⠀ ...⠀ "Are you becoming your own enemy? ❣️💔⠀ ...⠀ If you think someone recognizes your flaws, maybe it’s you who can’t stand your own skin. ⠀ If you think no one believes in you, maybe it’s you who don’t have faith in your own ability. ⠀ If you think someone brings you down, maybe it’s you who refuses to step up.⠀ If you think no one really loves you, maybe it’s you who determines not to trust. 🤔⠀ ...⠀ What you think others see in you might be what you see in yourself. You are a reflection of your own thoughts. 💬⠀ ...⠀ Don’t be your own enemy. 🚫⠀ ...⠀ Still unsure what I see in me. 🧐⠀ Am I my own enemy? ⠀ What do you see in yourself? ⠀ Are you your own enemy? 😈⠀ ...⠀ Happy Tuesday everyone. Feel free to leave a comment and share your thought with me on this. 📝⠀ ...⠀ Seeing double 👀🤓 just like @geeoice_yoga 🤗⠀ Day 1 of #YogaforTNelephants 🐘 is seated meditative posture. 🧘🏻‍♀️⠀ Wearing @flexilexi_fitness 👖👖👖⠀ 📷 and idea by @eyagoda ♥️ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #lotuspose #boundlotus #writtenbyheartmaher #flexilexi #yogaphotography #goodthoughts #loveyourselfanswer #selfworthquotes #practicewhatyoupreach #leadbyexample #youareyourownenemy #youareyourowngod #tbtuesdays #practicalmagic #beagoodhuman #flexiblegirls #yogagirls "
Nessun esperimento è mai completamente fallito: può sempre servire da esempio negativo. (Arthur Bloch, Legge della futilità) #goodthoughts #goodvibes #provafinoachenonvinci #maiarrendersi #instalife #mammeitaliane #pensieridellasera #buonanotteaisognatori #instamamme #mammaug
Тяжело думать о чистых чувствах , когда вокруг столько грязи.💫 It is hard to think with a good heart while dirty things around💫 #goodthoughts #bitchquotes photography by @tori_1309
I just don’t understand why there’s so much unnecessary hate towards different people.. I think hate is stupid.. I think people hating on culture differences is stupid too.. and people hating colors.. I’ve had a motto all my life since I was young “To each their own” and I still believe that today.. I believe no matter who you are what culture you are what spirituality you believe (I’m open minded) I don’t knock down other religions or people who are not like everyone else.. I believe no matter where you live you should have equal respect ✊🏽 and equal rights you are all individuals everyone is different there’s always something good in someone #thinkpositive #equalrightsforall #equality #musicproducer #hateisstupid #whyhate #ifyouhatemeyouhateyourself #iosmusician #everyoneisbeautiful #difference #lifesyles #peopleoftheworld #thinking #postitivethoughts #selfesteemquotes #selfesteem #followme #dmmeifyouneedtotalk #instaquotes #romancatholic #ibelieveinyou #goodthoughts #hopeyouhaveagreatday #lifeisbeautiful #loveyourself #bekindtooneanother #musicproducersbelike #musicproducerlife #iosmusicproduction #culturalappreciation
Don't give up on yourself! - - If you are dealing with the pain of failure OR - - You've made bad decisions that are still impacting you today.... OR - - You've been going through HELL... - - I want to give you a word of encouragement today... - - Do NOT give up on yourself! - - As long as you have air in your lungs and blood flowing from your heart... - - YOU CAN TURN IT AROUND!!! - - Get up TODAY and go out and perform one action, no matter how big, that moves you closer to achieving your dreams! - - - - - - - #nevergiveuponyourself #positivevibes #positivemind #positiveminds #positivemindset #positivemood #positivelife #positiveenergy #positiveattitude #positivevibesonly #positivelifestyle #positiveliving #positiveselftalk #onlygoodvibes #thinkpositive #positiveaffirmations #abundancemindset #selfgrowth #personalgrowth #growthmindset #goodthoughts #thinkhappythoughts #staypositive #selftalk #motivation #inspiration #depression #anxiety #secondchance
💯❤️💟👑 You are joy, looking for a way to express.  It's not just that your purpose is joy, it is that you are joy. You are love and joy and freedom and clarity expressing. Energy-frolicking and eager.  That's who you are. -Esther and Jerry Hicks #positivevibes #positivemind #positiveminds #positivemindset #positivemood #positivelife #positiveenergy #positiveattitude #positivevibesonly #positivelifestyle #positiveliving #positiveselftalk #onlygoodvibes #thinkpositive #positiveaffirmations #abundancemindset #selfgrowth #personalgrowth #growthmindset #goodthoughts #thinkhappythoughts #staypositive #selftalk #ipreview
Finding the pearls when the world is your oyster 🐚 _ What does this mean to you? For me, it’s about digging deep; asking yourself what it is you REALLY want out of life. Not what your friend wants out of hers. Not what your parents want. Not what your colleagues want. What YOU want. _ This isn’t an easy one to answer right away, and it has taken me a lot of soul-searching to do this for myself. So my dear, give yourself some quiet time to sit down with pen and paper... _ Ask yourself - What makes me happy? What am I good at? Money vs. passion? Who are my role models? Do I want a family? What kind of people would I like to interact with daily? What would I like people to say about me? _ When you’ve answered these questions, close your eyes and visualise your perfect life based on those answers. I’m talking every single nitty-gritty detail - from the home you’re living in to how you’re spending your weekends - visualise it all and write it all down. Then keep that picture at the forefront of your mind as you move through life. That, to me, is finding YOUR pearls in this world we call our oyster 🧡 _ Need help visualising? Drop me an email. I got you girl! 💌 _ Love, Laura Olivia xo ____________________________________ #createthelifeyoulove #livewithpurpose #taketheleap #opportunityawaits #womenwithambition #theinstagramlab #personalgrowthjourney #ineverexpire #makeithappen #stayinspired #lovewhatyoudo #mindfulwomen #selfcareisntselfish #goodthoughts #thinkaboutit #livingintentionally
ALL the awesomeness 🙌🏻 • #createawesomeness #feltboardquotes #dreamit #doit
This has been a concept I have always struggled to grasp. I always find myself picking myself apart because of my acne and other things I can’t really control. I try to make light of it through jokes. But at the end of the day, it’s very hard to accept. But your body hears the mean things you say to it and over time it will truly start to show on the outside. Try to love yourself and know that no matter what it is you’re dealing with, or what insecurities you have, know you aren’t alone! And if ANYONE tries to judge you, fuck em’.
A special shout out of appreciation goes to @grainnehartley ! Thank you so much for your guidance and friendship! 🙂 . . Regrann from @divine.enlightment - Follow @divine.enlightment 💓 . . . #spiritualjourney #deepthoughts #devotional #peace #awakeningsoul #positivevibes #peaceofmind #energy #happysoul #inertbliss #goodthoughts #universe #peaceonearth #loveandlife - #regrann
#iamwater #shapeless #formless #preceptions #notbitter #attitude #benice my attitude is a reflection of those thoughts locked away in that head of yours. #goodthoughts
Día 6 🎬 Eclesiastés 10:13 (NTV) Los necios basan sus pensamientos en suposiciones insensatas, por lo tanto, llegan a conclusiones locas y malvadas; Una “suposición insensata” es aquel mal pensamiento que aparece de forma irracional en contra de una persona o situación. Por ejemplo: - vemos a alguien e inmediatamente nuestra mente piensa “seguro que le caigo mal”. Se trata de una suposición insensata pues no conocemos a esa persona, es más, nunca hemos tenido ningún trato con ella. El problema no sería tan grave si eso se quedara allí pero sucede que ese pensamiento se acaba convirtiendo es una “conclusión loca y malvada” y acabamos tratando mal a esa persona por una suposición insensata e irracional que no es real. Finalmente acabaremos cayéndole mal a esa persona, no porque somos adivinos, sino porque la hemos tratado mal en base a un pensamiento. - Nos da un pequeño dolor en el pecho e inmediatamente nuestra mente piensa “me está dando un infarto, voy a morir”. Pero no somos médicos, entonces acudimos a google para buscar los síntomas y te auto-diagnosticas cáncer de corazón con metástasis, y ya solo con el susto de ver tu falso diagnóstico te acaba dando un infarto real. Practicamos demasiado la adivinación y nos montamos películas muy peligrosas en nuestra mente, esto acaba dañando nuestro corazón, a otras personas y convirtiéndose en pecados como el odio, la envidia, la codicia, los celos… Porque del corazón salen los malos deseos… Mateo 15:19 La Biblia nos dice que esta es la característica de una persona necia, alguien que siempre está desconfiando y haciendo especulaciones es un necio. Por eso necesitamos aprender de Dios y pensar bien. Hay que entrenar nuestra mente para que sea una bien pensada. Jeremías 29:11 Porque yo sé los pensamientos que tengo acerca de vosotros, dice Jehová, pensamientos de paz, y no de mal, para daros el fin que esperáis. #goodthoughts #buenospensamientos
Double tap if you could use a mood boost! ⚡️ ⠀⠀ Full moon infused Raise Your Vibe roller balls are shipping out this week! DM me to grab yours now! Only $6 + shipping. 🌹 ⠀⠀ Made with love, infused with the autumn equinox + full moon light + reiki energy. 🍁🌕✨ ⠀⠀ Perfect to carry in your bag to quickly roll on + uplift your mood. 🌈 ⠀⠀ . . . . . #essentialoil #rollerball #upliftyourmood #positivevibes #positivemind #positivemindset #positivemood #positivelife #positiveattitude #positiveenergy #positivevibesonly #positivelifestyle #positiveliving #onlygoodvibes #positiveaffirmations #goodthoughts #thinkhappythoughts #staypositive #spiritualbadass #empowerwomen #spiritualentrepreneur #manifestationbabe #inspiredwomen #abundancemindset #higherself #findingyourfearless #selfempowerment
TOTALLY UNRELATED TO + MORE IMPORTANT THAN THIS SQUIRREL BANDIT BRANDING THAT I LOVE—marketing team WON with this label. (Are you a fan of good branding, or couldn’t care less?) ⠀ Do you ever wish you could get everything you want out of life? You absolutely can, you just can’t get it all at once. ⠀ Choosing what NOT to do is often just as important as choosing what to do. Here’s the catch—you have to be able to own the outcomes from what you’ve chosen not to do. ⠀ You can eventually HAVE it all at the same time, but as an accumulation after spending time to focus on individual parts along the way. It’s all about timing + being ready for opportunities when they’re presented to you + choosing what NOT to do because it may be a distraction to your short-term + long-term goals. Do you feel confident that you’re making the right choices on what to do vs not to do? ⠀ (Sometimes, you have to choose what not to do so that you can support your mental health + those around you ➡️ where I’ve been the past few days.) ⠀ BUT. ⠀ A return from a few days off almost always seems to bring with it something exciting… ⠀ We’re going to launch a beta program leading up to the “official” grand opening of our public programs! ⭐️✨⭐️(Kind of like a soft opening in the restaurant business!) Even more exciting news…this is happening ASAP + YOU are the first to know about it! It’s a limited + exclusive opportunity for a handful of people to be intimately guided through the group version of our 1-on-1 lifestyle development + style therapy programs. These programs are designed to empower you + teach you the tools + skills you need in order to feel your best, look your best, and be your best—inside and out. ⠀ Is this something you’d find useful? What do you struggle with when you’re trying to experience all of life’s bests all at once? ⠀ Bonus—we’re doing a giveaway for a scholarship position! Tag a friend who’d love to experience some adjustments in their style and/or lifestyle—each tagged friend gets you an entry in the giveaway. (You can donate that scholarship to a friend if you’d like!) ⠀ Check back throughout this week’s posts for more info on the programs + specific launch info!
Your smile is fashionable 😊🌼 • • • #GoodThoughts #Happy #Positive #Smile #Fashion
Listen - *her glow never means yours is non existent .... *you need to ask more for what you want ..... *notice when your energy is blocking the good flow .... *remember it’s not what cards you get dealt but how you play them - Happyyyy glitter Wednesday xoxoxo #love #thoughts #vibes #photooftheday #goodthoughts #mindful
How The Internet Should WorkB ⚗️ How The Internet Should WorkB
Prieš kelias dienas @manoknygupasaulis priminė vieną iš mano apsilankymų knygyne "Retro knygos"! Tik užėjus į knygyną išgirdau oldschool muzikytę. Palypėjus laipteliais išvydau pilnas lentynas knygų, lentynas prigrūstas įvairiausių žanrų istorijų. Prigrūstas skausmo, pykčio, nusivylimų, džiaugsmo, aistros, pasidavimo, ašarų, stebuklų, stiprybės ir t.t., ir t.t. Oi, patikėkit, ten tiek daug visko yra! Lankydamasi ten nuolat prarandu laiko nuovoką. Peržiūrinėju visas knygų krūveles (mat, ne visos knygos telpa į lentynas), perbėgu visas lentynas - o gal netyčia rasiu kažką, ko labai seniai ieškojau? Kažką ką būtinai privalau įsigyti? Tai va, kaip ir minėjau, "Retro knygose" galima rasti įvairiausios literatūros - nuo fantastikos iki detektyvų, nuo lietuvių rašytojų literatūros iki kūrinių anglų kalba, nuo negrožinės literatūros iki klasikos. Tad turbūt nieko nenustebinsiu, jog jie ten turi atskirą lentynėlę, skirtą Pasaulinės literatūros bibliotekos knygoms. Pavergia mane ne tik geri kūriniai, bet ir tie minimalistiniai bei labai skoningi viršeliai. Na, matyt, supratote, kad tuomet namo su manimi iškeliavo Stendalio (Henri Beyle), kuris, manoma, turėjo apie šimtą slapyvardžių, kūrinys "Raudona ir juoda". Paties autoriaus jis dar vadinamas "XIX a. kronika" - tokiu būdu Stendalis bandė knygai suteikti šiek tiek daugiau objektyvumo. Be rašymo, Stendalis žavėjosi matematikos mokslu - tad jo kūryboje gausu matematinio tikslumo. Šis romanas ne išimtis. Bandoma tiksliai atvaizduoti to meto realijas, aplinką, visuomenę bei individo ryšį su ja. Neveltui Stendalis laikomas realistinio romano pradininku. Tai kūrinys ne tik apie painią ir tragišką jaunuolio meilę, bet ir apie egoizmą bei veidmainystę. Sounds great, right? 🍂🍁🧡 P.S.Tiesa, trys nuotraukos, kurias matote, nėra knygos dalis - tai atvirukai, susiję su Kuršių Nerija ir Klaipėda. Likau sužavėta senųjų miesto vaizdinių, sunku net patikėti, jog Klaipėda kažkada atrodė šitaip! P.S.S. Visas šis komplektukas man kainavo 6,80 eur. Ne tas žodis kaip pigu. * * * #iletmylightshinebright #zooriknygos #goodthoughts #goodwords #goodbehavior #readingbadass #readingtime #readingisfundamental #readingissexy #booksforever
L U V 💗 U
First working week down 👊 and I'm so tired 😂😅 after 9 months of no work your body definitely gets used to the chill life 💆‍♀️ • Still managed to get my 3 sessions in (written by @the_physique_artist ) as well as a short cardio session. Also made sure both saturday and sunday I hit 15k steps ☀️ Did still enjoy the yummies of pizza and cookies, seeing some friends and playing with the kangaroos! It's been a packed week 💃 • Looking forward to week 2, feeling motivated, prepared and happy 💗 spreading some love today 💗
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