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Is the bar really this low? For Trump AND for The View?? Swipe up on Stories to see new cohost Abby Huntsman's defense of President Unindicted Co-Conspirator.
Like, what even happened here? Is there a law for being affiliated with Mike Godwin of Godwin’s Law? I suspect that a hole in the internet is now going to swallow me and I’ll exist forever in a thread where people almost eventually call someone Hitler but never get there. #godwinslaw #lawfareblog #mindblown
Tree 126. Parking ticket for the devil. #godwinslaw #toomanynazis #editing #book #writing
Godwin's Tea Party #GodwinsLaw https://t.co/BqJURpl2cr
There’s a concept in debate known as Godwin’s law where the longer a discussion of any given topic is, it eventually devolves into a reference to Hitler when the person has lost the debate. It was named after the guy who figured this out. * * I have a term I’m coining and introducing to you today called Evelyn’s law (commemorating everyone’s favorite Jimmy Moore antagonist) with any debate on the subject of #keto and nutritional #health . As soon as the debate has been lost, my name will be inevitably evoked. Like clockwork. * * I am sharing three examples of this from Twitter that happened just yesterday. It’s so eerie how similar Evelyn’s law is to Godwin’s law. I never cease to be amazed by the persistence of the obsession of those who dislike me. At least we have a term for it now. #evelynslaw #godwinslaw #jimmymoore
Here is @MechanicDestroyerofJooce. Remind him that Nico still loves him and was taught that bullying folks with manifesting was how you survive in life and heal from the training. Remind him that there are better ways and that his fear of me makes him the FIRST target for being killed when Quiploth gets here. I'll be reasonable... After I smack you once with an empty hand to give you the sense of humanity and life that you desperately seem to need. Not a threat. Not a promise. Is consequence of falling in love with you. Shouldn't have picked me as a student if you didn't want that. Oh well. Lrn2🍔, lrn2🧡.
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