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Day 7 Today is last personal dedicated post. There are many more individuals who played a great role in supporting me. However the time is short... So this post is for 2 ladies of my life. Being pastor is not a calling of one person of family, but it is calling of whole family. Thou salary is paid to one person but it takes efforts of family to make the work meaningful and purposeful. One person shines but it takes mind and time of family to make every effort a successful one. One person who worked all time behind the curtain is one and only "the padkinbai" Mrs. Sheeba S Deodhar aka "the padkinbai" Of i could do the little that i have done while serving in this church is only because there was this lady who stood by my side. Strengthening me, supporting me and my best critic.To come back from duty at 7:30 pm not to be at someone's house @ 8 pm. Is the courage that Sheeba could show while supporting in my work. {i could have never done that} Off course salomi had to sacrifice lot of her plans and time she could have spend with us. She has been a brave girl. A great support. The reason i am out of focus and they are,is because as a pastor one always gets all the attention all the time but they are the real reason of all thing that i could do. #family #forbetterorforworst #forhim #wepleasehim #theendisnear #newstart #memories #ministry #music #bondoflove #peoplethatmakediffrence #mystrength #salomi #cbcdattawadi #greathingswecando #godouraim #church
Day 6 The most important thing being a pastor is to see people in return taking care of you. Being a responsible person for so many things, making sure that everything fall in its place and handling problems and discouragement. Someone coming to you and taking out time to talk to you and most importantly pray for you and with you. These are the real reason a pastor can continue to focus on fulfilling his responsibilities. They are the rechargers. One such recharger, was Rev. David Raiborde, not many know that when ever possible he use to visit me in my office. Sit with me, talk to me, inquire about my family and me... And pray for me. He was the one who wished me over the phone call on birthday and anniversary. Church needs many more like him are real strength of the church. #athought #peoplethatmakediffrence #cbcdattawadi #greathingswecando #godouraim #wepleasehim #theendisnear #newstart #memories #ministry #music #bondoflove #prayer #beingpastor #withhim
Day 5 As a pastor one has to think about various aspects regarding church. It is not just about sunday worship or some prayer meeting. It is much more, it involves makeing sure that all the equipments are in good condition, thinking about new additions to be made also pastor needs to be creative enough to think about decoration for Christmas. But not all the knowledge for all things one person can have. That's were you need executors. Meet my executors, Mr. Sachin Thorat and Mr. Vipul Nashikkar. These were the two people who were best in church when it came to any technical advices. I have seen a very twisted iron bar made straight and usable by Mr. Sachin... I have seen a man size manger for Christmas being made by Mr. Vipul. They were the ones who filled me with the right technical perspective. ... And yes by the way Mr. Sachin is also Sachin Tendulkar of the church... He was available always even when it came to music... I could always depend on him. #athought #peoplethatmakediffrence #cbcdattawadi #greathingswecando #godouraim #wepleasehim #theendisnear #newstart #memories #ministry #music #bondoflove
Pastors have lots of works on their list... Every service or event needs lot of preparations. Many Times being tied to all the work on the list can cause the distractions from the main focus of preaching. But can be very relaxing when you know that it will be done by someone. That someone i would like to call my henchmen. Meet Mr. Akshay Sayam, my henchmen... The young man who is hard working, committed{yes to the work and... 😎} and handsome{i really love this pic of his}. His willingness to do work and to finish it was always great. He has developed himself rapidly in last few years. Become on of the most dependable worship leader. He plays guitar too... God has blessed him... Say a word of prayer for him today... That God will strengthen him and help to fulfill God's plan in his life. @akshay_sayam #cbcdattawadi #greathingswecando #godouraim #wepleasehim #theendisnear #newstart #memories #ministry #music #bondoflove #peoplethatmakediffrence #mystrength #greatcapture
Day 3 Being a pastor it is important to have musical knowledge and experience, as worship is an integral part of church services. Me being not good with music it was always difficult for me. I really do not know how many of us know about, Beverly shea who played a major role of supporting through while working Dr. Billy Graham. (now neither I am Dr. Billy Graham nor this person Beverly shea) but they made a great pals working for God. Meet my Beverly shea, Mr. Shalom Thorat a young man who believes in giving his body enough rest. A talented instrument player and a singer. He was my great support specially when it was about music. We spent so much time together that he knew what song i would need and how i would need. Say a word of prayer for his future... He always says"करते ना दादा" #athought #peoplethatmakediffrence #cbcdattawadi #greathingswecando #godouraim #wepleasehim #theendisnear #newstart #memories #ministry #music #bondoflove . @shalom_thedrummerboy