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This is your Monday dose of good news, brought to you by COCONUTS! Did you know that, aside from being delicious, coconuts are one of the healthiest sources of fat out there? They have an extremely high amount of dietary fiber and can help you feel fuller throughout the day! Coconuts also have a high amount of mangagnese, which helps us metabolize fat & protein! Try Genius as a pre-workout snack & let us know your results! We love hearing how you incorporate our original coconut smoothies into your routine. 💪🌴 || #geniusjuice
Stay tuned for a very special GIVEAWAY next week with our friends at @BrightBarCo ! We're reallyyyy excited about this one 🙌🤓🌴 || #geniusjuice
In need of a mid-week/afternoon pick-me-up? We FEEL YOU! Grab a Genius on the go & enjoy all the delicious energy-boosting benefits of coconut while you’re getting stuff done. It’s always a good time to channel your inner Genius. 🤓 || #geniusjuice
Today both of our kids were sick. 😢 ... So I switched gears away from work and instead focused on the #snuggles . I also took a second to dive into @iloveinspired most recent issue and learned all about our #local #roadschooling #families ! Everyone should read it! Go pick up a copy! ... Seriously #dreaming about how we can add more adventure into our life! Also head on over to my bio and get some genius juice! Love this stuff! ... #sponsored #sickkids #motherof2 #babymom #toddlermom #magazine #wishgarden #geniusjuice #futureplans #familybucketlist #joyfulmamas #iowamom #momswhoblog
Back on that Monday coconut grind after our big debut at this weekend’s 3rd Annual Vegan Taco Party in the DTLA Arts District! We had so much fun serving up our whole coconut smoothies & sampling ALL the tacos! 🌮😍🌴 || #geniusjuice
Sneak peek! We’ve got an exciting GIVEAWAY planned for the end of the month with our friends at @BrightBarCo ! Stay tuned for all the details- you don’t wanna miss out on this one! 🤓🌴 || #geniusjuice
Happy Thursday, everyone! Here’s a question for you geniuses! 🤓 What’s your favorite thing about our original whole coconut smoothies? Give us the 411 below - We wanna know! || #geniusjuice
In the mood for a Genius coconut smoothie, but can’t find it in your area? One word: @Amazon ! We’re always shipping & re-stocking as fast as possible, so be sure and sign up for our email alerts so you never miss a chance to get Genius Juice delivered straight to your door! (link in bio) || #geniusjuice
#GeniusTipOfTheWeek : Add a little coconut to your daily routine & feel your body reap the benefits! Coconuts improve the body’s ability to absorb calcium & magnesium, meaning strong & healthy bones and teeth! 😁 || #geniusjuice
What makes Genius Juice so “genius”? The answer is in the coconuts! By using whole coconut in every bottle, we’ve created a rich & creamy smoothie that’s filled with good fats from coconut meat, as well as protein and fiber that’s missing from plain coconut water. This means you’ve got a healthy on-the-go snack, packed with energy-boosting nutrients for wherever the day takes you! || #geniusjuice
@sarinakfit1219 enjoying her #GeniusJuice while in Columbia... have you tried it yet? Mental Jewels + Sparkling water= Genius Juice... Link in the bio!!
Yes, I brought my Mental Jewels to this beautiful country, COLOMBIA! It’s always a #GeniusJuice kinda Day❤️ #StayFocused #MentalHealth #AmbrosiaCollective #MikeRashid #MentalJewels Click the link in my bio for more details! Outfit from @fashionnova
@Genius_Juice X @MushFoods mashup for a kickass giveaway 🌴 || #sociallyyou + #geniusjuice
Relationship status: In a committed relationship with coconuts 😜🌴 || #geniusjuice
The best part of waking up, is a fresh dose of coconut! We use nothing but the best organic coconuts to create a delicious, creamy smoothie you can enjoy any time of the day! It’s tasty, healthy, and packed with vitamins & nutrients your body needs to feel its absolute best. 😍🥥 Find us on @Amazon ! (Link in bio) || #geniusjuice
Yummy 🥥 goodness in every bottle! Did you know you could get Genius delivered straight to your door without ever leaving your house? That’s right! We’re on @amazon ! Tap the link in our bio to schedule a delivery! || #geniusjuice
Pre-kick off to the start of Labor Day weekend with a little bit of Summer & A LOT a bit of Genius! We’ll meet ya at the beach. 🌴🌊 || #geniusjuice
Uncover your true mental potential with this Gem by @the_ambrosia_collective Mental Jewels! Better known as #GeniusJuice ! Mental Jewels is an all Herbal supplement that helps you reach the peak of your Cognitive capabilities. I’ve learned not only to take care of my physical Health but Mental health as well❤️ Click the link in my bio to learn more and get your Mental Health stimulated💫 #MentalJewels #AmbrosiaCollective #Focus #MentalHealth #Health
I always strive to expand my knowledge base for my own training as well as my clients. When it’s time to buckle down and really focus Mental Jewels by @the_ambrosia_collective does the job. Thanks @mikerashid this stuff is great, I’m gonna try your #geniusjuice cocktail next. #focus #musclenerd #smartissexy #worksmartandhard #stayhumble #stayhungry #neversatisfied
Did you know you can even add Genius Juice to your morning coffee for an instant mini island vacation at your desk or daily commute? Aside from tasting like summer and being straight up delish, coconuts also help energize your mind & body for a more productive day! Combine with coffee and you’ve got the perfect pair for that morning pick-me-up. 🏖🌴|| #geniusjuice
I got a new drink... #GeniusJuice #MentalJewels Click The link in my bio @the_ambrosia_collective
one of our favorite ways to enjoy @genius_juice coconut smoothie and local, sweet, juicy and aromatic @tomaterofarm strawberries, and we did not have to crack a coconut to make it. tasted great blended together. every bottle of Genius has a certified organic young Thai whole coconut: coconut water and coconut meat. that’s it. . . . Tomatero Farm in Watsonville has been certified organic since it’s first year of operation in 2004 and the fertile soil and weather on their farm is perfect to grow their produce. love the Tomatero produce stand at the Alemany Farmers’ Market and their vast array of produce. . . . blended 10 oz. of Genius and 1 cup of strawberries. refrigerated the smoothie for 2 hours and served cold in a chilled glass. refreshing and tasty lunch pronto. . . #geniusjuice #coconut #coconutsmoothie #smoothie #wholecoconut #certifiedorganic #tomaterofarm #strawberry #berries #berry #coastalberries #organic #farmersmarket #sfeats #petitejoys #veganfoodshare #tastybev #fitfam #veganathlete #eeeeeats #alemanyfarmersmarket #sfs #everydaymadewell #yesplease #summerinthecity #glutenfree
What’s your favorite way to enjoy Genius (besides drinking it, of course 😜). We mixed our original smoothie into these yummy coconut oatmeal & fruit bowls and it was AHMAZING! Instead of milk or water, try substituting Genius in your oatmeal or cereal. Report back & let us know what you think! 🥥🥄|| #geniusjuice
Capturing the perfect pour over granola with our newest every-day favorite, @genius_juice 🌴 || #sociallyyou + #geniusjuice
organic @genius_juice coconut smoothie and @drinkethans new organic coffee MCT shot gave our day a little extra zest. fresh and tasty snack pronto. helped fuel our #hustle and flow today. Genius Juice coconut smoothie is a great base for any smoothie and features coconut meat and water. that’s it. two ingredients. Ethan’s MCT coffee shot is best sipped chilled and contains 20mg of caffeine from cold brew coffee and tastes like melted coffee ice cream. a touch of sweetness from organic coconut nectar and 8 grams of MCTs from organic coconut oil. vegan and gluten-free. delicious combo blended together. . . . #geniusjuice #coconutsmoothie #koshercertified #coconut #wholecoconut #drinkethans #MCTOIL #organiccoconutoil #certifiedorganic #certifiedorganicingredients #coldbrewcoffee #glutenfree #vegan #nongmoproject #everydaymadewell #eeeeeats #sfs #veganfoodshare #workflo #raisethevibration #petitejoys #tastybev #fitfam #veganathlete
Whole coconut in every bottle? We’ll cheers to that! 🥥😜 || #geniusjuice
We may be a teeny bit biased, but coconuts have got it all! These yummy fruits improve your digestive health while making it easy for your body to absorb nutrients, vitamins, and minerals! Coconuts are also rich in medium-chain fatty acids that help boost your metabolic rate! Hitting your fitness goals has never been this delicious. 🥥🌴 || #geniusjuice
We love using letter-boards to make the message pop when styling up something pretty for our favorite brands! 🌴 ps: happy Saturday, babes || #sociallyyou + @Genius_Juice
Did you know that eating coconuts, in addition to topical use of coconut oil, helps to keep your hair and skin healthy and youthful while also preventing wrinkles & sagging skin? That’s just pure genius, if you ask us!🧖🏼‍♀️🌴🥥 || #geniusjuice
When you need that extra boost of energy or a snack to get you through the day, lean on Genius. We got you! 😜🌴🥥 >>link to shop in bio<< || #geniusjuice
Sneak Peek! We’ve got a special giveaway coming up next week. Stay tuned for ALL the yummy details || #geniusjuice
Embroidered hats and varsity sweatshirts for @genius_juice 🙌🏼 love this look! 😍 Thank you for your order! Want to add some Varsity sweat shirts and hats to your line?? We can screen print or embroider them for you! Hit us up thetealpress@gmail.com | 714-732-4505 . . . #varsity #team #screenprintinggirl #screenprinting #embroidery #customtees #customapparel #orangecounty #oc #california #geniusjuice #heathyfood #coconut #juice #healthydrink #customhats
@Genius_Juice Smoothies: Giving *coconut oil* a run for it’s money as the fixer of everything 🌴🥥|| #sociallyyou + #geniusjuice
Nothing beats a day at the beach, with a Genius in hand 🤗🥥 || #geniusjuice
Our Original Coconut Smoothie over granola = pure GENIUS! 🌴🥥🥄 What’s your favorite thing to pair with Genius Juice? Comment below & we might feature it! || #geniusjuice
Monday: Nothing a little coconut can’t fix 😜🌴✨ || #geniusjuice
Another delightful morning of course with women’s out-reach FB group #🌼BUILDATRIBE! #inniswoodmetrogardens always a lovely Rendezvous with flora and fauna... enjoy the rest of your Saturday ladies see you again here on the 18th!👌👏💜✌️ Brought to by: #my2sense .biz @wishgardenherbs @columbusobgyn #LauraHouser ,MD - - - - - #femalegathering #ladieslovinglife #mothernaturerocks #walkandtalk #femalehealthandwell -being #getoutandmovearound #sacredfemalegathering #Appreciatingnature #appreciatingeachother #breatheinnaturesbliss #herbalsupplements #liquidbliss #Geniusjuice #naturehealsus #allowyourhealthandwealth
Long week? Long pour! 😜🌴 Yayyyy, you made it to Friday! Treat yourself to a deliciously creamy Genius Juice smoothie, fit to pair with whatever adventures this weekend has in store for you! Currently $1 OFF at Wholefoods! || #geniusjuice
We’ve been so *wonderfully* busy getting your @Amazon orders delivered and preparing for our next re-stock! Thank you again for all of your support, we couldn’t have done it without you. We’ll be back on @Amazon by August 8th! In the meantime, Genius Juice is $1 off right now at @wholefoods , so get on it 😜🥥🌴✨ || #geniusjuice
GIVEAWAY Time 🙌 We’ve partnered up with our friends at @genius_juice 🥥 to bring you a fun GIVEAWAY as a thank you for all of your support during our launches on #Amazon last week! We’ll be gifting one lucky winner a variety box of OHi Superfood bars 🍫 and a whole case of Genius Juice to enjoy 😍 #goingcoconuts 🥥🤸🏽‍♀️ . Entering is easy! All you have to do follow the 2 steps below for a chance to win! 🌴1. FOLLOW @ohifoodco and @genius_juice . 🌴 2. LIKE this photo and tag some friends (one tag per line - each tag is an entry 🤗) . Giveaway Closes 7/31/2018 at Midnight PST. Winner will be selected within 24 hrs from closing! Good luck and mahalo for all of your support! . DISCLAIMER: Must be located in the US to enter. This promotional loop giveaway is in NO way sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated by Instagram, Inc. By entering you are confirming that you are at least 18+ years of age, fully release Instagram of any and all responsibility and are adhering to Instagram’s Terms of Use. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - #OHifoodco #livingOHi #geniusjuice #coconutlove #amazonlaunch #plantbasedliving #ohisuperfoodbar #glutenfreelife #veganfoodie #superfoods #plantbasedliving #nourishmentforthesoul #elevated #spreadthelove #plantbased #glutenfree #onthego #snacktime #grainfree #soyfree #vegan #travelOHi #nongmo #alohaspirit #cleaneating #findyouradventure #feedme #dairyfree
Weekend provisions 😍🌴🥥✨ || #geniusjuice #happyfriday
***Edit: Sold out AGAIN! Thank you for all the support! We’ll be re-stocking with an update very soon*** BACK IN STOCK! We may have sold out within just two hours of our launch on @Amazon yesterday, but we’re back! Thank you for all of your support! We couldn’t have done it without you. Tap the link in our bio to get Genius Juice delivered right to your door! 🥥🌴 || #geniusjuice
Today’s the BIG DAY! We are officially available on @Amazon and we couldn’t be more excited!!! You can now get chilled Genius Juice smoothies delivered right to your door! Tap the link in our bio for ALL the details 🚛🌴🥥 || #geniusjuice
You’ve heard all about the benefits of coconut oil and how awesome it is for almost anything, right? Well, what about the rest of the coconut? It’s just as, if not MORE, amazing than coconut oil! Coconuts support overall immune system help, improve digestion & absorption of nutrients, reduce your risk of cancer & heart disease, promote weight loss, and keep your hair & skin healthy all while giving you that burst of energy you need to power through your day. How’s that for a benefit-packed daily smoothie? 🥥🌴✨ || #geniusjuice
🔥🔥🔥Fantastic retail execution from Team @genius_juice with the assist from Team @teariot. @wholefoods Venice now features a Coconut Smootie fridge in the grab and go meal area, perfect location to be seen. This branded cooler will help drive new trial and brand fans in an incredibly high traffic location. Product is eye to thigh and incredibly visible. #FTW Kudos from Team #Foundry . Many, many more coolers to come as SoCal becomes GENIUS 🤓🥥🌴 #smartmarketing #brandawareness #genius
Are you pickin’ up what we’re puttin’ down? Whole coconut is the way to go! We’ve perfected the balance between coconut meat & coconut water to create a deliciously creamy smoothie packed full of healthy benefits & natural energy-boosting nutrients! And it tastes amazing too 😉🥥🌴 Try for yourself and tap the link in our bio for our store locator! || #geniusjuice
Our “Original” whole coconut smoothie only contains ONE special ingredient. Can you guess what it is? That’s right- COCONUT! We use whole coconut in every bottle of Genius Juice for a fresh & creamy smoothie straight from the source. 🥥✨ || #geniusjuice
Where you’ll find us all summer long with a Genius Juice in hand 😜🌴 || #geniusjuice
Salty hair, coconut smoothies, hot sun, beachy weekends ☀ || #geniusjuice #happyfriday
The best part about our original whole coconut smoothie? It pairs awesome with just about anything! Pour it over your morning granola for a genius new twist on breakfast! 🥥🥄|| #geniusjuice
Stay cool during this SoCal heat wave with a chilled bottle of Genius Juice! Refreshing & oh so delish, one sip will have you feeling like you’re stretched out on a sandy tropical beach under a palm leaf 🌴✨ **coming soon to @Amazon ** || #geniusjuice
Sandy beaches, ocean breezes, & fresh coconut smoothies = genius 🥥🌴✨ | #geniusjuice
@genius_juice hats fresh off the press! 🌴🌰🌴 looking to add hats to your next order? Let us help you 🤗 email us! thetealpress@gmail.com . . . . #geniusjuice #tealpress #coconut #smoothie #heathydiet #heathydrink #orange #losangeles #oc #customtees #customhats #truckerhats #screenprinting #screenprintinggirl
Long week, long pour 🤗 Our “original” smoothie only contains one ingredient, and that’s coconut (of course)! We’ve perfected the whole coconut meat to coconut water ratio for a creamy & delicious beverage that just happens to be ALL sorts of genius. 🥥 || #geniusjuice
Feeding my coconut addiction while listening to podcasts on the way to San Diego! VJ-ing at @musicboxsd to kick off @cazztek ’s #soundoffiretour with @nickygenesis , @djscottyboy , @iluvxoxo1 and a bunch more of the @buddhamusicgroup fam and live performances! Gonna be 🔥 . . . #musicboxsd #geniusjuice #robreid #afteron #podcast #musicboxsd #cazztek #downtownsd #littleitalysandiego #sdnightlife #gaslampdistrict
Did you know Genius Juice is packed with natural energy-boosting nutrients that are perfect for a pre-workout snack? Try drinking a Genius Juice whole coconut smoothie before your next yoga class to help balance your mind & body so you can master even the most difficult of poses. 🥥🙏🌴 || #geniusjuice
#t 🔙 photoshoot w/the #geniusjuice crew.
Happy 4th from all of us at Genius! We hope your holiday is filled with some red, a little white, and a whole lotta’ coconut! 🇺🇸🎉 || #geniusjuice
Stopped into #CloudVaporsWestminister and grabbed some #JohnWayne by @unclejunksgeniusjuice 6mg, 60ml, 22.99 A bit pricey #Flavor ? A bit on the #dessert /#nutty side, almost adding a tinge of unpleasantness (for me) but if you're into #tobacco but want some lighter notes this is a sure thing Not an #alldayvape for me #vapenation #vapelyfe #vapestagram #review #elqiuid #unclejunks #geniusjuice
A snapshot from our recent #Geniusjuice video shoot. #manhattanbeach #videography #southbay #socal
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