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eu tiro foto com roupa, porém não gosto 🤣 #gaytattoo #gayman #instagay #vscocam #wednesday #yellowshirt
💚🍀Lace Front Melissa Verde musgo lisa 💚🍀disponível ⬇️⬇️ . Lace de orelha a orelha, elástico ajustável, 3 pentes internos para melhor fixação, repartição livre, fibra futura Premium que suporta temperatura de até 180 graus, por R$ 349,90. Aproveite para parcelar suas compras através do @pagseguro ou @paypal , dois sistemas de pagamentos mais seguros do Brasil. . ➡️ Todos nossos produtos são a pronta entrega com envio imediato, previsão de recebimento de 3 a 10 dias úteis. Acesse o site e confira outros modelos disponíveis ⤵️⤵️ . WWW.PERUCASMARTINEZ.COM.BR
Happy Wednesday all! For most of th day I actually thought it was Thursday.
All right stop Collaborate and listen Ice is back with my brand new invention Something grabs a hold of me tightly Then I flow that a harpoon daily and nightly 🎶🎶 • • • #iceicebaby #vanillaice #gelato #gelatobar #gaystagram #instagay #instagood #gay #gayboy #gayguy #gaymen #selfie #instahomo #gaylife #insta #gayman #instagay #balilife #friends #love
Another day.. . . #vienna #wien #austria
Good Morning and Happy Wednesday 😉 - aka… Hump Day! 😁 You have made it halfway through the week - so put it in neutral and coast into the weekend! • Busy day of training planned so got to run but wish you all the best! Literally have to run... 🏃🏻‍♂️ I was volentold to participate in a 2 mile relay race tomorrow morning so wish our team luck…🤞🏻it’s the first one I’ve done…😏🏃🏻‍♂️ and I’m in it to win it!🏆 • Have a wonderful day everyone - we are officially halfway there! 🕺🏼 • Living my best life and making memories! @philslifeadventures
Couple goals 😍😁💜 Follow Me: @gayboy_famous If love GAY
i think i need a forest fire • • • • • #gay #gayboy #gaydude #gayman #instagay #gaysnap #gayfitness #exhibitionist #gayexhibitionist
Was feeling antsy on vacation so decided to get in a quick body weight workout on the rooftop of our @airbnb in Mexico City! It’s either the city’s elevation ⛰or too many tacos 🌮, but I was gasping for air at the end of each round. 😅 Here’s the workout if you ever catch yourself without a gym: 5 rounds of the below, with 60 seconds of rest after each round: 20 lunges 20 squats 20 push-ups 50 sit-ups 10 burpees 10 squat jumps
Bisogna sempre chiamare le cose con il loro nome. La paura del nome non fa che aumentare la paura della cosa stessa
Always remember us this way ••• Ph. @mipiaceilbasiliconellin.salata
Everything, even thoughts about me🌳🌳 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I' falling, in all the good times. I find myself longing for change.And in the bad times I fear myself. #gay #instagay #gayhot #gayman #gaymen #gaypride #gaycute #gayboy #gayfollow #gaylove #gaypic #gaybeard #followers #likes #likeforfollow #gayguy #gayboy
💘🏍💯Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
✈ Un día iré de [Norte-Sur] & veré el atardecer en París. Tomaré el té en Italia & navegare en cubos de hielo por el Antártida. Disfrutaré la puesta del sol en África & montare un elefante. Cambiaré por Central Park & comer hot dog en alguna calle de Times Square. Tomare la postal más hermosa de Anfterdan de ahí volare a Escocia aún no tengo la menor idea de por que... [ESPERA]
“An open heart is an open mind” 💛🧠🕴🏼
Tá escrito no kit gay: "Às quartas usamos rosa".
A terra é o fundo do poço do universo
Algumas pessoas dizem que a vida é curta, que a qualquer momento você pode ser atropelado por um ônibus e por isso você tem que aproveitar cada segundo. Que nada, a vida é bem longa, é bem provável que você não seja atropelado por um ônibus e com certeza vai passar o resto da vida respondendo por suas escolhas.
"Não vou deixar eles acabarem comigo. Eu sei que existe um lugar para nós, pois somos gloriosos."
I was captured and taken away to the home of the Roman Empire in Italy after a raiding party seized control of my village. On arrival in I was sold in a slave auction to a small Ludus where I was taught to fight so that I could become a gladiator. The conditions were squalid and although I tried I was unable to learn how to fight well. I became increasingly scared that I would be killed due to my lack of skill in the arena. I survived several fights through sheer luck, but only just. As weeks turned into months it was noticed that what I lacked in fighting skills I made up for by boosting the other gladiators morale and in planning strategies for the gladiators to win fights. I took to this role of strategist easily. The gladiators in the ludus I was part of didn't lose a fight for nearly two years. News of our success spread and I was eventually sold at a very high price to The Ludus Magnus, the largest gladatorial school in the Roman Empire. I became friends with the owner of the Ludus Magnus, Gus Kenworthyus. Gus and his husband Agron were famous thought the Empire for throwing the best banquets as well as for having the largest Ludus. After several months working with Gus, Agron and the Gladiators it was announced that there was to be a tournament to celebrate one of the rare visits of Alexander The Great to Rome. The tournament was brutal and many lives were sacrificed but The Magnus Ludus lost only one fight. Alexander was extremely impressed with us. At the closing ceremony Alexander announced that he was going to pay for every winning gladiator's freedom. Gus, Agron, The Gladiators and I ended up with enough money to start a new life of freedom where we would never have work or fight ever again. @guskenworthy @thedanfeuerriegel @jaicourtney @manubennett #dream #dreaming #guskenworthy #danfeuerriegel #pride #gay #instagay #gayman #gayboy #gayguy
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