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Äpplen i mormor & morfars gamla lökkorg, nostalgi!🍂
I’m too busy working on my own grass To notice if yours is greener __________________________________
One of dad’s favorite spaces around his gardens, is a secret resting spot behind his shop. In summer it offers shade and a quiet place to sit. A couple of weathered chairs offer seating and they just happen to be placed directly in front of the area he grows his giant pumpkins. 🌱 One of dad’s favorite pastimes is to grow giant pumpkins. He has been growing them for years—lots of trial and error involved in growing such a large specimen! He takes great enjoyment out of watching them transform from a small seed to an immense size. 🎃 The day I took this photo in August, dad and I had a great chat sitting in the shade discussing his pumpkins and other nature related topics. Dad is growing two giants this year and he told me he keeps the leaves from each plant separate. Training and cutting them so they don’t tangle up with each other. 🌱 In the photo with the growing pumpkin, dad has it sitting on a piece of styrofoam for protection. One of the tricks he learned along the way. I will share recent pics soon of his pumpkins. You will notice a big difference! 🤗 Do you like to grow pumpkins in your garden? 🍃🎃 #smallpauses #greenhouselife #stevesgreenhouse   #instagardeners   #inspiredbynature  #makelight   #botanicalpickmeup   #littlestoriesofmylife   #simpleandstill   #alittlebeautyeveryday   #makeeverydaymagic   #theartofslowliving #happyplace   #garden_feature   #gardening #curated_nature   #gardeningadventures #gardening101   #gardenhappiness #giantpumpkins #gardeninginspiration   #thehappygardeninglife   #greenthumbs   #freshvegtables  #transplants
Även en bedagad Strutbräken kan bli höstlik med lite material från naturen!🍂
Kokardblomster🌿tycker den lyser upp fint i höstrabatten!
Acorns: big Burr Oak acorns vs the much smaller Red Oak acorns. Burr Oak, Savannah Oak, Mossy-Cup Oak, Blue Oak, Prarie Oak (Quercus macrocarpa). How I love this Oak tree! Burr oak is a large, deciduous tree with a very wide, open crown. The Burr Oak can exceed 100 ft. in height and width. Leaves are up to 9 inches long! The fabulous acorns are VERY large, up to 1 1/2 inches with much of the acorn inside the cap, which is rather scaly. The acorns are the largest of all native oaks. The common name of the tree is a reference to the acorn's cap, which vaguely resembles the spiny burr of a chestnut. Our Burr Oaks have numerous tiny branches and developing acorns falling to the ground as the squirrels are very enthusiastically scampering through the trees' canopies! (Note: this year’s acorns seem much smaller and fewer in number that previous years! The Texas drought, no doubt.) . . . . . . #acorns #burroak #redoak #blueandwhite #gardenlife #livingwithvintage #garden_feature #houseandgarden #countryliving #livingwithvintage #vintageblueandwhite #transferwarechina #toomanydishes #greygardener
And what do you think of these garden decoration? I found this sculpture in Building supplies store. . . #statuette #gardendecor #gardendecoration #gardeninspiration #mygarden #sculpture #statue #buddhastatue #gartendeko #picsart #garden_feature #art #head
Hösten är egentligen väldigt fin, det är bara de mörka kvällarna jag inte gillar. 🍂
Skyndade hem från jobb idag. Plantera i nya rabatten stod på schemat. Solhatten Cherry Fluff och det limefärgade Hakonegräset fick hedersplatsen! 🌱
Trevlig Helg!🌿
🐟 🐠 [ #fischfreitag ] 🐠 🐟 . Nach einer nervigen vergrippten Woche, die ich gefühlt fast nur im Bett und mit Wolldecke auf dem Sofa sowie mit Salbeitee, inhalieren und ähnlich netten Dingen wie Nasenspray, Kopfschmerztabletten & Co. verbracht habe, war ich heute nun endlich mal ein wenig spazieren und habe es soo genossen...und dabei in einem Vorgarten eine netto Deko entdeckt und auf der Weide ein paar Kühe, die irgendwie aber nicht in die Kamera lächeln wollten...🤣🤣 . Habt ein schönes und vor allem gesundes Wochenende! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ . 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁 . . . . . #delmenhorst #spaziergang #gartendeko #gartengestaltung #gartenideen #gartenglück #gartenliebe #gartendesign #heimat #niedersachsen #mylowersaxony #natur #naturfotografie #naturephotography #hey_ihadtosnapthat #ig_discoveries #instadaily #ig_daily #igdaily #gardendesign #garden_feature #gardeningfun
#throwbackthursday today we are looking back at our RHS Tatton Park Show garden designed by @lillygomm in 2017. The decked area at the end of the reflective pool provides the perfect spot to sit and relax looking back down the lush planting in the garden towards the RHS Portico Greenhouse that is the central feature. #mygabrielash
The aluminium portal frames in our RHS greenhouses provide strength and rigidity, plus we think they look nice too…. hope you agree? Victorians used cedar for their greenhouses because of the excellent thermal properties and weather resistance. We have combined the traditional victorian design elements but improved on them using the benefits of aluminium on the roof cappings and ridge ventilation system, we use an aluminium cill to act as a damp proof and finally increase the strength with the portal frames. Together this beautiful traditional design enhanced by the modern technology of aluminium creates a stunning greenhouse for your garden. #mygabrielash
বাগানের ফুল তার সুন্দর রং আর সুবাস কে সুরভিত করে তোলে...সেই সুবাস তার চারিদিকে গন্ধ ছড়ায়!!🌺😊 . . . #beauty_of_nature_yat #mobile_click_ #photography_love #bengal_feature_ #garden_feature #hibiscus_flower_ #indiaclicks_Vouge #picconcept_ ❤💝
Syrenhortensian Limelight står för blomningen i väntan på Höstsilveraxet!🌱
This is an image of the RHS Wisley greenhouse that sits pride of place in the edibles garden at RHS Wisley in Surrey. Following a great few days at the RHS Wisley Flower Show over the last week we would like to thank everyone who came along to see us. We hope you enjoyed the show and gardens as much as we did. If you have never been to the RHS Gardens at Wisley, then we highly recommend that you do. The gardens are simply stunning #mygabrielash
Höstkänslan letar sig sakta men säkert in i trädgården nu!🍂
And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.” Genesis 1:20 . In the beginning God created everything from nothing. He created day and night. Oceans and land. Plants and animals. Man and woman. He created everything with a purpose. Plants to yield seeds to grow more plants and food. Man and woman to care for the plants, collect the seeds and sow in the right seasons. . For the longest time I always said “I can’t grow anything. I don’t have a green thumb.” Until I looked at scripture and saw that God created us to grow. . The past six months have been an exciting adventure into the world of gardening. Being able to provide fresh food for my family, neighbors and church has been such a blessing. This little experiment has turned into a passion and I’m so excited for the next season. . I’m really thankful for the Instagram gardening community. I’ve met some really great gardeners in my area who are now friends. They share their tips and tricks to make raised bed gardening less stressful and bountiful. . All this to say, you can have a garden. You do have a “green thumb”. With the right soil and set up you can have a bountiful harvest. If you’d like help to get started I’d love to help you. I’ll share what I’ve learned that works and some that doesn’t. . It’s a worthwhile adventure with great reward!❤️ . If you’ve made it this far, Hi! I’m Mandie. I live in Northern California, Sacramento area, zone 9b. I’ve been married for almost 14 years and we have 5 kiddos. I love my church community and loving on my neighbors. My life pretty much revolves around food. Wether I’m cooking for myself, my family or my neighbors you can always find me in the kitchen. One of my dreams would be to start a small catering business for small intimate parties with fruits and veggies from my garden. I love Jesus and His word. It gives life to every aspect of our lives. . Thanks for being here. Switching gears from Whole30 back to a garden focus. I’m so excited to share fall/winter with you. ❤️ . #inthebeginning #jesuslovesyou #loverofmysoul #godprovides
Resultatet av helgens arbete med rabatterna utanför växthuset. Bortre rabatten är som ni ser inte helt färdig. Stenen och orken tog slut!💚
Dahlian Hot chocolate🖤! Idag har vi haft storprojekt i trädgården. Tagit bort all Plymspirea och ersatt med Idegran och Havtorn. Bild på detta kommer när stenen är satt runt rabatterna!🌱
This is an image of our competition winner Anne’s roof vents on her RHS Rosemoor. Anne has now had the pleasure of using the greenhouse for several months through one of the hottest summers for years and she commented “originally I wanted a wooden greenhouse because of the aesthetics”, she had fond memories of her first greenhouse and still loved the look and feel of a cedar greenhouse. “I am however in the fortunate position to have two greenhouses, one aluminium and this beautiful cedar greenhouse. On the hottest days this summer I could quite happily work in the Gabriel Ash Cedar greenhouse in the heat of the day at 12 noon. I often pop in to remove side shoots from tomatoes and water. In the aluminium greenhouses however I had to wait until past 8pm in the evening before I dare enter.” Since seeing the benefits of using a cedar greenhouse first hand in the extreme conditions Anne reflected “ The cedar frame to the greenhouse and the extra height inside all helped to keep the greenhouse cooler in the summer months and I am looking forward to seeing how these thermal properties help to keep the greenhouse warmer through the cooler months of winter.” #mygabrielash
Wowzers, look at this beaut! Crocosmia 'Emily McKenzie' makes a late appearance in our border, and not where we expected to find her 😂 whilst the other Crocosmia are finished or finishing, she is a welcome treat 🐝 . . . #nofilter #gardening #garden #gardener #gardeninglife #gardenlessons #gardenersworld #gardenlove #garden_feature #gardenlife #gardeningtips #inmygarden #thehappygardeninglife #gardensofinstagram #instagarden #urbangardenersrepublic #haven #greenthumb #gardeninspiration
Palettblad & Prydnadspumpor!🌿
Garden in the paddock 🌵
I love looking into dad’s greenhouse from the outside. There is a sense of mystery and anticipation of what lies within. Blooms shrouded by plastic possess an abstract appearance. The view reminds me of a painting. Does it remind you of anything? 🎨 Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! It is a hot one here, feels like summer is being extended. 🤗🌿 #smallpauses #greenhouselife #marigolds   #stevesgreenhouse   #instagardeners   #inspiredbynature  #makelight   #botanicalpickmeup   #littlestoriesofmylife   #simpleandstill  #alittlebeautyeveryday   #makeeverydaymagic   #theartofslowliving  #happyplace   #garden_feature   #gardening #curated_nature   #gardeningadventures #gardening101   #gardenhappiness  #makelight #gardeninginspiration   #thehappygardeninglife   #greenthumbs   #freshvegtables  #springgarden  #transplants
Fick lust att binda en krans idag, så härligt när man kan plocka materialet i trädgården!🌱
Back in 2017 in association with the BBC Gardeners World 50th Year Anniversary celebrations Gabriel Ash partnered with the magazine and the first prize was one of our RHS Rosemoor Greenhouses. The lucky winner was Anne Tucker and on discovering she’d won, Anne said “I am both stunned and delighted to have won this prize. My two aluminium greenhouses were both second hand and are beginning to look untidy. A new greenhouse will be a most welcome resource.” We finally got the chance to visit Anne in her productive garden to take some pictures of her new RHS Rosemoor greenhouse. If you click the link in our bio you can read the full story in our blog. #mygabrielash
Precis när man tror att sommarblommorna har gett upp, börjar de om på nytt!🌱
Hello! It’s been a while since our last post. Things got busy after experiencing a late spring. Once we were able to plant, dad and I entered into marathon gardening. We hope your gardening is going well! However, during my visits with dad, I did take lots of photos, but didn't have time to edit them. So I thought I would share some of those over the next while. I will also share photos from his vegetable garden and giant pumpkins. 🥒 Today’s share is a portrait of a cosmos in dad's greenhouse. We love cosmos! They are such a showy flower and look wonderful in flower gardens adding height and an easy flow. Do you plant cosmos? 🏵 #smallpauses #greenhouselife   #zinnias #stevesgreenhouse #instagardeners #inspiredbynature #makelight   #botanicalpickmeup   #littlestoriesofmylife #simpleandstill #alittlebeautyeveryday   #makeeverydaymagic   #theartofslowliving  #happyplace   #garden_feature   #gardening #curated_nature   #gardeningadventures #gardening101   #gardenhappiness  #makelight #gardeninginspiration   #thehappygardeninglife   #greenthumbs   #freshvegtables  #springgarden  #transplants
We have trouble with bugs all Spring & Summer-Especially ants...But I fell in love with Insect Hotels at the Denver Botanic Gardens...And again in the Gardens at Notre Dame-Paris. We took lots of photos and hope to add a few in our garden-Autumn project. #denverbotanicgardens #insecthotel #bugs #insect #bughouse #garden #gardening #insecthouse #lovenature #gardeningphoto #gardenproject #gardeningproject #landscapegardening #ilovemygarden #dyi #gardenideas #gardeninspiration #garden_feature #formygarden #gardengram #instagarden #backyardgarden #naturelover #naturelovers #bugslife #wildlifegarden #protectnature #creativegardening #saveenvironment #inmygarden #insecthotel #insecthouse
This is another image of one of our Grow and Store greenhouses. This time unlike last Thursday’s post the building is newly installed. The young plants in the foreground are just staring to grow and I am sure that there will be many crops grown in this newly designed Derbyshire garden. #mygabrielash
Liten promenad i trädgården denna söndagkväll!🌱
After the sudden passing of my rabbits last weekend, I've really struggled to be in the garden. It feels too quiet, too calm, and lonely. But then I'll spot something like this, as I dash to the bin or the washing line, and it'll make me stop just for a second. And I'll smile, just a little. Our gardens are healing places, where we connect with the bigger picture; with Mother Nature. My garden brings me solace, grounding and comfort. When times are hard, I'm very grateful for my garden, which shows me the necessity for the circle of life 🐝 . . . #nofilter #garden #gardener #gardeninglife #gardenlessons #gardenersworld #gardenlove #garden_feature #gardeningtips #inmygarden #thehappygardeninglife #gardensofinstagram #instagarden #urbangardenersrepublic #wildlife #haven #homegrown #greenthumb #gardeninspiration #bunniesofinstagram #peace #serenity
My husband surprises me all the time with what he can accomplish. It’s almost done. 😍
These bells 😍. I’m super sad to see them go. Im pretty dang proud of my very first garden. This season was such a good learning experience for me and I’m so thankful for all super helpful people in this community. I’ve already made some sweet friends in our region. I’m looking forward to my first fall/winter garden and transforming our front yard into our little courts community garden. So many exciting things happening here on our little 1/4 acre homestead. ❤️
caught this little guy enjoying our sedums and a morning snack! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #instaplants #supportnjlocal #sedums #prayingmantis #mothernature #photooftheday #closeup #monmouthcounty #oceancounty #nj #garden_feature
Tack för i år augusti!🌱
Så höstlikt idag. Bilden är tagen inifrån denna regniga dag!💦
This bespoke RHS Vinehouse is the hub of this very productive kitchen garden in Yorkshire. We designed and built this greenhouse to sit on a neighbouring wall and against and existing brick built garden store. Its always nice for our design team to work on something new and we think you will agree the finished greenhouse looks stunning. #mygabrielash
Cutting back your clematis the middle of July will produce a beautiful second crop of flowers. #clematis #apartment12garden #garden_feature #gardening_feature
Syrenhortensian Limelight!💚stort like på den!
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