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Last day of Maternal Fetal Medicine with my wonderful preceptor! Every day, I learned so much- not only about high risk pregnancy and genetics, but about life, about people, cultures, careers, success, ethics and humanity. I got to see OB from all angles from the clinic, to amnios, to labor and delivery, the OR, and high risk management. As a student, I love to learn and improve myself. I’m forever grateful for great physicians who teach passionately and love what they do because it ignites my fire and keeps me going! #thankful #flushing #MFM #futureOB #RUSM #achieveyourdreams #ACOG #DrHeartofGold
Praise our dear lady for listening to my prayers 🙏 Passed all my nursing courses from Nursing School now to achieve greatness by preparing for my boards to finalize this great journey that may be only the beginning for more great things in my life! Thank You my dear Virgin Mary for coming in clutch in giving my heart peace when i needed it, 💛Thankful for my Family for keeping me sane💜, Thank you to my Mom for helping me through this chapter of my life (MVP)💕, and Thank you to my handsome Matthew for loving me and keeping me grounded when things got tough and hard for me! I love you 😘❤️ Now lets finish this and lets tackle the NCLEX-RN! 👊🏽👍🏽🤞🏽 #mommaifinished #finishednursingschool #yay #kaplan #futureRN #futureOB #futureNICU #futurePICU #leggo #nclexrn
How funny is my little guy mimicking my Obstetrician from appointment we went to this morning.......they really are little sponges!! 💙 Measures 12 Santa’s he adds, wait and see. 😂 #emmett #sponges #takingitallin #futureob #measuringfundalheight @drlionelsteinberg
Spent my Friday placing a needle into the lower back to extract cerebrospinal fluid aka brain juice 🧠 🥤 lol. What’s your Friday looking like ?
A real TRIPLE THREAT Intelligent Talented Beautiful Her name is Trinity for a reason. (she’s kind and humble too 😘) #futureob /gyn #futuresportsmedicinedoc @babydolltrin
#FlashbackFriday to San Francisco and their cool cable cars. I can’t believe these things are still up and running! A reminder for me and you to get up and running, no matter how “antiquated” we feel. I mean this literally and figuratively. It’s my first Friday of the month and my day off and I’ve been slacking so here’s some inspo! Also, I met the nicest people in my apartment elevator last night. It was quite strange as the people in my building aren’t so welcoming and willing to wait to hold the elevator door without some attitude 😂🙄. Anyway, turns out they’re from San Francisco and are currently just here for the weekend. Welp so much for finding friendly neighbors 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️. Side note: There are some nice people in my building, but I can literally count them one one hand 😩. It shouldn’t be like that but egh that’s life. Enough of this ramble, back to studying for 3 exams in one day. As always, time management is key!! 😬
I’ve jumped ship! Half way through my OB-GYN rotation and I’ve fallen in love with this field!😍I always thought I would have a knack for women’s health, but there is so much more medicine, surgery and overall variety than I ever thought! I’ve delivered SO many babies in the last 3 weeks and still every time, I get the warm and fuzzies when I hear that first cry. I’ve seen beautiful deliveries and extremely sad ones..but regardless, nothing on this earth seems more gratifying than bringing a new life into the world. SO, here it goes..Ariana Goldstein #futureOB #stillasurgeon #obgyn #girlpower #futuremd #rusm
#futureregisterednurse Nurse #FutureOb /Gyn Make Your Goals Turn Into Reality🏩❤️💉🚼
OMG, today is Javion's first full day of First grade. We are all excited and pray for his well being, and learning eperiences this year. We are very proud parents and can't wait to see how he grows!!! @richboy_mrdorsey #proudDorseymom #mumofboyz #1stgradebound #4dorseys #futureob
Urology Rotation I didn’t think I’d love urology as much as I did to be honest. The urologist was so fun to get along with and went out of his way to really drill and teach me how to read CT scans and ultrasounds. I think I’m pretty good at reading CT scans now 😄. Urology is a really nice blend of clinic, surgical and procedural medicine which is exactly what I plan to do as a doctor. While shadowing the urologist I was able to observe prostate biopsies as well as a cystoscopy which is basically endoscopy for the bladder. I also observed the doctor counsel patients on options for erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be quite common and there’s a host of conditions that can lead to it. The first line of therapy is usually a medication most people have heard of called Viagra, but in other cases there are other medications that can be injected to dilate the vessels of the penis and help with erectile dysfunction. Lastly, another kind of last resort option is actually a penile implant which is pictured in the next picture if you swipe to the right. Urologist also perform a lot of surgeries that have to do with the kidney and the urinary system and they also manage with cancers of the bladder in the prostate. Many times cancers and tumors of the kidney can be found incidentally when a patient is having imaging done for some other reason and from there they usually are referred to urology. In cases where the cancer penetrates through the deep layers of the bladder, urologists will perform a cystectomy to remove the entire bladder and reconstruct a new one. Urologists can actually re-create a new bladder using the end of your intestines which is a called a neobladder. Surgery is such an art form like how cool is that! Urology is actually a specialty that is kind of less explored because a lot of people don’t really know much about what the training and practice exactly entails. There’s actually about 200 residency spots for urology around the US which is very limited and extremely competitive but that shouldn’t mean anything if you really want it! You never know it just might be one of my specialty choices 🤔🤫😶. #urinemythoughts
All the praises goes to God!! Our baby girl did it...THERE ARE NO WORDS THAT CAN EXPRESS HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW #PHS #2K18 #FSU #TOP5 % #GRADUATEQUAPLEASE #FUTUREOB Xavier Bolden Xaviera Bolden Sharon Major-Hughes Bogotti Wright Dominique Gadson
Thinking...just roughly 1,460 days til graduation!!! Third and LAST degree. #BA #MSPH #MD #PublicHealthisBae #MCH #futureOB
Beauty and brains 😍 my baby !!!#20 #looking16 #babyface #loveher #futureob /gyn#drsims #slay #unt
It's #finals week! My last finals of my #freshman year! I can't believe I'll be a #sophomore next year 😄 I'm one year closer to my #dream 💭 good luck to everyone on your finals you can get through it!!! #marquetteuniversity #chemistry #finalsweek #premed #futureOB #motivation #studying
Yalllllllll ☺️ I made the Dean's List w/ a GPA of 3.73 ! This not the end it's just the beginning of me becoming a doctor #FutureMedicalAssistant #FutureOB /GYN
The most bountiful birthday wishes to this superstar of a best friend, sister, daughter, granddaughter, BOSS Urologist and just simply amazing human. 30 was pretty fantastic for you, but with the culmination of residency and the beginning of fellowship, I know that 31 is going to be pretty spectacular too and there is no one more deserving. You inspire me daily. Wishing you another amazing year of living out your dreams with the ones you love. Happy Birthday Siobhán! Love you!!! #birthday #bestfriend #sisterhood #friendship #doctor #sister #birthdaywishes #womeninsurgery #urologist #futureOB #physician #womeninmedicine #tribe #harttribe #grateful #gwalumni #inspiration #motivation
Had an early check up with a Future OB #hudsonherd #startemyoung #futureisbright #futureOB
Her persuasion can build a nation. #FutureOB 🤰🏻🤰🏼🤰🏽🤰🏾🤰🏿 Happy Birthday to Seven Strong’s Beyoncé! 💃🏾 We gotchu always fam! #SinglePoSiya 🙊 Swipe left for ze best photo!
Omg I cant believe I forgot to post about my Obgyn month! Pictured here is me at my first vaginal delivery, waiting for my sterile gloves... ill reserve my IG feed from the blood and fluids for the sake of my non med friends. This month was amazing to say the least, as it is what drew me to #medicine in the first place. I had an awesome preceptor whos mantra I so closely relate to. I'm all about #reproductivehealth education and I love getting to know moms throughout their pregnancy. My first day I saw my first C-section and I had to fight back the tears--it wasnt even my own kid and im crying, dammit. It's such a beautiful process and I cant wait till I myself am and #OBGYN to help women with gynecological needs and to help families grow (or not). 💗 . . . . . #medschool #thirdyear #clerkship #healthcare #TUN #futureOB #goals #hardwork
Giving honor to Christ for allowing our young beautiful,smart, and talented daughter the grace to pass the SAT. Words can’t express our love and gratitude for u. Just know that thru the grace of God you can go anywhere and be anything you chose. We love u to the 🌙 and back love. Keep up the good work my sweet-thing!! #FUTUREOB #HERBIGGESTFANS #PROUDPARENTS #REMAINHUMBLE @__youngggggg @_wassaname_
Giving honor to Christ for allowing our young beautiful,smart, and talented daughter the grace to pass the SAT. Words can’t express our love and gratitude for u. Just know that thru the grace of God you can go anywhere and be anything you chose. We love u to the 🌙 and back love. Keep up the good work my sweet-thing!! #FUTUREOB #HERBIGGESTFANS #PROUDPARENTS #REMAINHUMBLE @__youngggggg @_wassaname_
Cannot pass by a light show orgasming vagina, without reiterating IT CAN FEEL 🌷🐱🍭 #clit4us #futureOB
Someone's been paying attention at Mommy's Checkups!😍🤣❤️🤰🏻👩🏼‍⚕️👶🏼 #FutureOB #DrDawson #DopTones #WereGonnaNeedAnUltrasound #LittleGenius #FutureBigBrother #DawsonThomas #MyBoy 💙 #HesWatching @jamesdaber22
GM...Up this morning giving honor to Christ for allowing me this borrow time with these beautiful souls whom I love dearly. Missing 2 tho😘😍 #futureOB #model #NFL #myheartbeats #myheadaches @__youngggggg @tiny.bre @xavieragallery__
Ruger is ready to go on my interview with me #mainecooncat #interviewtrail #medschool #4thyearbestyear #futureob /gyn
In honor of finishing STEP 2 CK and finally starting my residency application, I post my residency application picture. 🤗 I am applying for Ob/Gyn residency programs all over the US and have no idea where I could end up. So excited to start interview season!!!!! Please send good vibes my way and possibly let me sleep on your couch if I am in your city 🙏🏼😉🎉 #ERAS #residencyapplicationphoto #futureOB /GYN
..you make vintage so fetch 💋
Classof2017 #futureOB
This girl makes me laugh!!! #futureob #chocolatebanana #socute
1 patient encounter stands between student doctor Bukky Ajagbe and gala weekend 👩🏾‍⚕️ #FutureOB #LMUDCOMDoesMardiGras . -Sarah Day, president, OMS Class of 2020
✨FLUORIDE > As long as it's within moderation✨ so when your hygienist asks, you should deff consider it ! #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
I had so much fun taking digital Radiographs on Dexter/Bae ✨ I love radiology soo much, bitewings are my fav #Radiologist #sonographers I might join you all lol 💁#Babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
Cheers to good grades! But we still have another test so ✨#babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
What type of toothpaste do you use? I use arm & hammer! 💁🏽 Toothpaste has abrasives in them which is used to assist cleaning your teeth. Although abrasives are helpful it is best to use the toothpaste with lower abrasives as it can harm your enamel! ✨If you need to know where your toothpaste lies on the abrasive scale, ask your hygienist or you can pull it up online✨ #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
💁Have you ordered your crewneck yet?! Spent the day prepping for shipment, so they will be out to you babes soon! ✨Each package is wrapped different with a personal message, hope you guys love your snuggly new sweater✨ #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
#BabeoftheDay @iv_que Oncology CCRN 👨🏽‍⚕️ ✨#whatababe #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
Lol goodmorning babes ✨ i admit im not a fun person to watch medical shows with for this exact reason! #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand #humor
Rainy/Study Sunday ✨ On the bright side classes are cancelled! #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
#babeoutofscrubs @paging.dr.dre OBGYN resident 👩🏽‍⚕️✨ #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
Crewnecks on sale✨ link in bio babes 💁 #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
✨✉️Babe Mail✉️✨ @andra.miu "I'm studying general medicine,i m in my third year now.i want to become a dermatologist and i chose to become a doctor because i love people ! ❤"💁🏻#BabeAlert #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
#BabeoftheDay @likasigua Respiratory Medicine Physician👩🏻‍⚕️✨ #bnsbotd #thebabesbrand #babesinscrubs
What are you using this morning????? Toothbrushes & Flossing✨ -Floss before you brush -have 2 toothbrushes at a time -ask your hygienist which floss is best for you -SOFT bristles only Manual toothbrushes are good too!! Dont let anyone make you feel like your oral care is less than because they have a power brush! 😁 #babesinscrubs #theBABESbrand
Don't be that patient! Lol #nursehumor #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
Our first #babeoutofscrubs 💁🏼we love and live in our scrubs but sometimes we like regular clothes! ✨ @milkachesmark #whatababe #babesinscrubs #theBABESbrand
✨Agenda: i just recently decided to double major in human capital performances! So i Definitely have to step it up this semester, i love my agenda but i hardly use it. My "new year resolution" is to give myself early due dates. I AM A PROCRASTINATOR. Which has came back and bit me time & time again! This year will be better✨💁🏽
✉️✨Babe Mail✨✉️ @tiana.shantae "Despite how tough & rough it gets I will always be grateful that I am able to be there for others during their darkest hours, as well as their immense joys; Not for the sake of getting through the day with satisfaction, or the glory of a title but for the ability to touch another person’s life in the most extraordinary of circumstances.” 💁🏽 #soinspiring #BabesinScrubs #theBABESbrand #submissions
Dito ako nadali kahapon eh yan tuloy Nakatulog ako! #Project2017 #TMC #FuturePedia #FutureOB #FutureSurgeon
✨Received the cutest message from my baby sister, she was so excited to show me her missing tooth! ✨👧🏽 #messagetothetoothfairy #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
✨Caught this babe being studious yesterday in Clinic! Mastering using our explorers ✨ @kholl5 #whatababe #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
So make sure its a good one! Happy Friday babes✨💁 #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
Pretty positive im going to LOVE radiology this semester!!! My bite blocks from #Dexis #platinumkit #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
✨✉️Babe Mail ✉️✨ @_thinkb "Currently still in my undergrad majoring in biomedical engineering and on the premed track ❤️ going to become a future cardiothoracic surgeon; in scrubs I was shadowing cardiologists at Kent Hospital in Rhode Island👩🏽‍⚕️" you go babe!! DMS are always open for submissions babes💁 #thebabesbrand #babesinscrubs
✨2K, 2TEEETH✨ Thank you for all your support!!! #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand #2kfollowers
It's so difficult this day and time to raise a child, a teenager, a daughter... But with persistent prayer and proper guidance, everything always falls into place!! So proud of my baby girl for killing the PSAT.. This is just the beginning..The next step will be a piece of cake!! #proudmommy #futureOb /GYN #destinedforgreatness #beautyandbrains #smartie #doctor #MD #college
Teeth Stains ✨ I know how much we love our coffee or tea around this time but lets make sure we take care of those teeth!! -Swish water after(brush after if you can) -floss -and see your hygienist regularly 😉💁 #babesinscrubs #thebabesbrand
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