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Kissing 💋 in the park
This is what coaching looks like: reclined in a chair with my phone, snuggled up to a couple of my favorites: even if one of them is making a creepy face (cough cough, @ztpennin ) 😍 it’s seriously catered to fit the “every day person.” There are no requirements to buy a house full of inventory, no special equipment or space needed, and it’s literally a WiFi business. I know you could probably snap a picture similar to this pretty close to this time. What if instead of scrolling social media in the evening, you did something different with your phone? What if this could work for you? Reach out to me and I’ll tell you how incredibly convenient and realistic this amazing and rewarding opportunity is! . . . . Sent via @planoly #planoly #workfromhome #snuggles #dogmom #hubby #wifey #creeper #creep #wifi #furmom #happyplanner #allthesnuggles #coughcough #couch #youcandothis #letsworktogether
Rest day bike ride with Logan while Lauren is at Tae Kwon Do!
This Friday night come party with us!! A portion of beer sales will go to SDH! Besides beer, movies, food trucks and more - there will also be some AMAZING dogs for you to meet that are all looking for homes - have you wanted to meet Matilda? the Distemper surviver from Mexico? or the South Korean Meat farm pups - we will have 2-4 of them there for you to meet. 6:30-9:30 at Blockbuster off Revere - this Friday night, the 21st. Kids are welcome!
Dinner 🍴 was delicious 😋. My plate is filled with veggies. I have a salad drizzled with balsamic glaze and olive oil 🥗 (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, goat cheese, and guacamole), steamed asparagus, and a beefless burger. . . Making healthier choices and eating clean has been life changing. I am hitting my weight loss goals and most importantly my stomach is much happier. We don’t realize the impact food has on our bodies. I couldn’t be happier with the change I’ve made. . . #positivevibes #transformation #fitnessjourney #chickswholift #furmom #cleaneating #veggiesmost #fitnessdivanat 👑💪 #fitnessknockouts
NON SCALE VICTORY! 🤗 I used to be super flexible in high school, I was a dancer and even dabbled in a little cheering. But over the last couple years I lost most of my flexibility and my stomach rolls didn’t allow me to hold yoga poses like I could before as I gained weight. But from stretching before and after every workout and yoga at night, I’m about ready. Can I get a SHS WE ARE THE BEST??
Lifes good when you're a pup #furmom #subie 🐕
God sent angels down to Earth in the form of Dogs 🐶 with notes saying don't judge, JUST LOVE ❤️. They ate the notes but they keep trying to deliver the message. -Unknown • Four years ago today, my angel came to rescue me! My heart grew & I learned what unconditional love was on this day 4 years ago. ❤️🐶❤️ Thank you @rockcityrescue #furmom #dogmom #furbaby
Idk prob deleting later lol
Rainy fall days are for snuggling on the couch under a blanket. 🍂 - So glad I could take a work break for a little cuddling this afternoon. 🐶💕 - Having the work freedom through coaching to do that is priceless!
He’s Sad cuz Mexico has never one a world cup 😂😂 #furmom #shenanigans #livelife #lovemypup
I’ve literally done nothing all day except pet her and cry and wait for 530 pm. And I don’t know if it’s a really good thing that I’m on the 3day detox or a really bad thing but either way at least I’m not eating my feelings. We played in the grass with her and took lots of pictures and videos and gave her peanut butter and popcorn her two favorite foods. My heart is super busted up but I also feel peace, four times today she was walking and her legs buckled or she couldn’t stand up at all and that has never happened before. Clearly she is struggling. Or maybe it’s just that I’m paying such close attention too. She was being a little bit of a snob and didn’t want to cuddle or take pics although I have been forcing her to (smile dammit!) We were on the deck today and she was looking down the stairs and sniffing at the air and normally I would be wary that she’d sneak away out of the yard without me noticing but I found myself wishing she’d just run away and I could imagine she went to live on a farm somewhere. I want to say a big thank you to my friends family and team who have been sending me such sweet messages and prayers, for not making me feel like she was just “some dog” and allowing me to be quiet and sad and bearing with all the dog pics (these probably won’t be the last of them!) This first pic was our last walk as a family today (for any neighbors that saw me bawling down the street or taking pics at the fountain!) The second pic shows the first time I saw my Sadie girl and the very last. A special big thanks to my big strong husband who had to do the hardest job of all and take her all the way home. We decided this is what she would have chosen as he really was her favorite (#mansbestfriend 🙄)She was such a good dog. I’m sure everyone says that but man oh man she was the #worldsbestdog So grateful she was all mine for 13.5years! #furmom #petloss #crossingtherainbowbridge #sadday
When you and your fur baby both had dental appointments on the same day to get your teeth cleaned. • Unfortunately I had more treatments today because of BAD past dental work! Boo. I couldn’t smile for 3 hours today after being numb! 🙊 Weirdest feeling ever! • And... random fact about me... I’m scared of the dentist but love to get my teeth cleaned. lol • I’m not sure which one of us was happier to be home today after our appointments! 🙈 • Did you know your mouth health can cause gut health, heart issues and over all health problems if you don’t take care of your teeth. #truth #getYourTeethCleaned #boxerMom #gutHealth #healthTips #teethcleaningtime #pearlywhites #furMom #sparkleyteeth #lifecoachingtips #wellnesscoach
Recipe of the day! Honey Roasted Carrots and Beets Ingredients: 3 cups beets, raw, peeled, and cut into 1 inch cubes 3 cups carrots, raw, peeled, and cut into 1.5 inch pieces 4 tsp olive oil 2 Tbsp raw honey 2 tsp fresh rosemary, finely chopped 1/2 tsp sea salt 1/2 tsp ground pepper Instructions: 1. Preheat oven to 375 F 2. Combine beets, carrots, oil, honey, rosemary, salt, and pepper in a casserole dish and mix well 3. Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 35 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes, until tender-crisp 4. Remove foil and mix well 5. Bake, uncovered, for 3 to 5 minutes or until tender 6. Enjoy!
I still shock myself in just how far I’ve came in my journey>>> I will never say it’s an easy journey but it’s so WORTH IT!! .. Once you get over the fear and self doubt of failing at something new... that’s when the progress starts to happen!! .. I learned to FALL in love with myself again and love all my flaws that I have instead of wishing them away.. I fill my cup up daily with personal development to keep me sane 😝 and fill my life with adventure ⛰ .. Sometimes it takes getting a little uncomfortable to find your true self and to find peace with where you are in life 💕✌🏼 . . . . . #runnergirls #mountainlife #furmom #tennesseegirls #wareagle #breakthelimits #coffeeislife #muttlover #hikergirl #girlswhorun #girlswhoworkout #fitfam #fearlessnrugged #healthyisthenewskinny #empoweringwomen #womenrunners #dogparents #jesusgirl #toneitup #whatthefit #murfreesboroloves #freshstart #trustingod #murfreesboro #mtsu #prayerwarriors #runningjourney #goodgirls #singlelifestyle #collegelifestyle
We had kind of a big day. Lots of change ahead. Change make us feel a lot of things. We are both feeling sort of - Tired. Happy. Content. Overall? Good. We agreed to leftovers for dinner. Can I tell you a secret? Leftovers are my favorite. #conversationswithmydog
Not the most colorful plate, but definitely so yummy 😋 - Today was my “cheat day” & I cheated with pasta 🍝 loaded up on the carbs so that I can crush my workout tomorrow 🔥 - Loving that this program gives me the flexibility in my meals to have a little “extra” every week 🌿
After enjoying a day out the last thing I wanted to do was workout. But I knew if I wanted to continue to see results I had to push the excuses to the side. . . Today’s workout was chest and back in my second round of an amazing workout program. . . If you’re looking for a program where you can workout at home for just 35-40 mins and 4 times a week. This program can fit any busy lifestyle. . . If you’re ready to make a commitment to yourself and your health let’s connect today!!! . . Comment below or message me!!! #furmom #positivevibes #transformation #fitnessjourney #chickswholift #liift4 #fitnessknockouts #fitnessdivanat 👑💪
How handsome is this boy? #furbaby #furmom #animals #pets #doglover #petowner
Meet gorgeous Rowyn. Follow this charmer and half-sibling Rune on @RunexRowyn. 💙 What's the color of your dog's eyes? 👀 #dog #dogsofinstagram #puppy #puppylove #doglover #ilovemydog #furmom #furdad #dogworld #crazydoglady #crazydogmom #cutedog #pitbull #pitbulls #pitbullsofinstagram #pitties #pittiesofinstagram
MAGGIE CAT APPRECIATION DAY // this sweet little fluff ball picked me 3 years ago today, within 20 minutes of me setting foot into @mckameycenter. I’m so glad she did. Happy Adoptaversary, you spoiled princess kitty 🖤👑🐱
Part of her mystery Is how she is calm in the storm, & anxious in the quiet ; . . . these last six month have taught me more about myself than any other journey I have ever been on in my life; I truly believe that the storm you are feeling currently around your life is preparing you for moments you never thought possible, after breaking $100K last week, And today being named in the top 5 promoters on my team for last month, My heart is SO FULL 😭💛 I couldn’t be more proud of my people, And the mountains were moving 🏔 this is only the beginning; . . . If you’ve been watching, jump scared, Momentum requires movement We have it ••
Many of you don’t know his story, just that he was a rescue. Dexter was found locked inside of a crate on the side of a busy road along with his sister. They were just tiny little things, flea infested & scabbed up. Cody sent me a picture message of him asking if I wanted a puppy & of course I said YES! This dood has become one of the snuggliest, playful & personality filled pups I’ve ever met. He still works through some separation anxiety, but Tegan has been a big help & great big brother to him. We seriously don’t deserve dogs 🖤 #DexterTheRescuePup
I can’t even with this little ginger snap😸💚
Hump day amiright?!
✔️✔️✔️ Guess what⁉️. No hip or shoulder pain🚫 Also, 40 mins of cardio core with only 1 modifier!! 💪🤸
Worked on being on the same pace. Took us a minute but it’s coming along. It was nice having the sidewalk to ourselves lol everyone moved to the other side 🤣 #watchoutpitbullsrunning #runningbuddies #runnergirl #latinasontherun #furmom #pitbullmom #loversnotfighters #humpday #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuepit #dontbullymybreed #dogwhisperer #lovethem #ineedafarm #puppiepalace
The verdict is in — and it’s freaking AMAZING! And if you know me, I don’t BS when it comes to tastes. . Add a splash of whole milk, water and ice. . Now I’m just wishing I would have bought more!
"You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things." . Thanks to my coach for the morning inspiration. This describes our mission perfectly. Our team is not a group of women competing against each other or comparing our differences. It's our differences that make us beautiful. We each have our strong points and we put those in the spotlight for each other. . Our team is running an open house to show you what this all means. If you've been wondering what these bootcamps are all about and how they can help, check out the link in the comments!
Im not so sure there is such a thing as perfect timing. I think we just have to decide how we respond to opportunities when they come alone. For me, I got sick of my excuses and just went for it. I jumped all in. After nearly a decade of not exercising regularly, I committed to an 80 day fitness program. I knew I needed to make that change. I knew I could do it. I knew there would be days I didn’t want to do it, and there were but I did it anyway. Why? Because I didn’t want to let my family down. More importantly I didn’t want to let myself down yet again. So, decided for yourself that your time is NOW! Hit the link in my bio or email me: renewcrew.jmelt@gmail.com and I will be there with you. Virtually guiding you with workouts, nutrition, and support. #timeisnow #youdeservebetter #youdeserveit #renewcrew #happilymarried #fiftysomething #gettingfitafter50 #momof2 #momof2girls #momof2youngwomen #furmom #dogmom #rescuemom #introvert #collegeeducated #retiredAFwife #elephants #bees #healthylifestyle #selfcare #foodie #strongertogether #strongereveryday #accountability #noexcuses #arthritis #sprainedback
Glad I don’t have to change out of my work attire for AGT finale attire tonight! • Spent all day working from my cozy bed and now time to pick up dinner and head to Elayna’s for the finale! 🎉 Who do you want to win?!
I read a post by a fellow mental health warrior and she said it so beautiful, I am going to paraphrase. Mental illness is like the sea, some days it is calm. The water is smooth and peaceful, the waves gently roll onto shore in a beautiful rythem. Somedays, it is like a raging storm with waves that crash into the shore with a force so strong it can take the air right out of your lungs. I took this picture a week or two ago when I was having anxiety like I hadn't experienced in months. I considered not sharing this, but I need to. This is just as much me and a part of my story as the smiling face you are all uses to seeing. • I don't want to share this because I am seeking attention or even sympathy. I share this because I know so many who follow me fight the same battle as I and I want you to know you are NOT alone. It's so hard to reach out when the waves are crashing onto our shores, but we MUST. There is someone who will listen and who loves us, holding onto the life vest ready to be there, but they cannot if you don't tell them. You don't have to explain, just let them know the waters are rough and you need a friend. If you don't have someone, reach out to me. I want to be there for you because I know how it feels to be alone in this and having support is what made it possible for me to go from raging seas 24/7 to the occasional seasonal storm. • You got this babe. #tears #crying #breakdown #safehaven #anxietyattack #bluehair #bluehairgirl #bluehairdontcare 💙 #bluehairdontcare #realfitgirl #igsalinaks #salinaks #bosswithtattoos #girlswithtats #kansasyoga #kansas #sahdm #dogmom #furmom #muttmom #muttlover #depression #anxietywarrior #mentalhealth #anxiety #teamnourish #ResilienceNation
A little inspiration in the drive home!
Out exploring with these two ❤️ .................................................................................... #watchoutpitbullsrunning #runningbuddies #runnergirl #latinasontherun #furmom #pitbullmom #loversnotfighters #humpday #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuepit #dontbullymybreed #dogwhisperer #lovethem #ineedafarm #puppiepalace
Maxx seems to like the new cat tower. He may be too big for the top tho..... #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #cattoys #cattower
This kitty definitely does not like his collar 😹😹😹Ohhh Pickles 🤦🏼‍♀️ #myworld #pickles #furmom #catlady #catofinstagram #instagood #instacat #cat #catlover #collar #catcollar #smh #kittycat #greycat #cutie #cats_of_instagram #lovehim #cat #cats
Saying goodbye to this girl 👋🏼 I fell into a rut after I got back home from vacation & wasn’t able to shake it at the time because I had some much going on. With starting a new job & school, I was overwhelmed and exhausted. But I’m officially ready to put my body/health first again. Cheers to being healthy + confident. Stay tuned babes for updates 💓🦄✨
We spent some time in Hobby Lobby while the vet waited to get a urine sample from Kitten so we found stockings for our personal cats. Do you like to do anything special for your furbabies on holidays? 🎁😹🎄🎄😹🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁 #kimmiskitties #Jetta #Ronny #Kitten #Princess #cats #furbabies #adoptedismyfavoritebreed #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #adoptdontshop #spayandneauter #Christmas #holiday #stockings #decor #decorating #gift #giving #holidaycheer #love #jolly #tistheseason #meow #cat #kitty #ilovecats #catlover #furmom
Day 3 - DONE ✔️ I’m gonna be honest though, I didn’t get my workout done before noon, in fact I didn’t get it done until around 2pm. But I still got it done. I didn’t let myself think “well, I didn’t achieve my goal, I’ll just wait til tomorrow” because, believe it or not, that used to be my mindset.. not all that long ago! 🙊 but I enjoyed some quality time with my grandpa who came to visit and got to use my new yoga mat that came in the mail this afternoon and even though I didn’t do my workout when I wanted to, if I do say so myself, I CRUSHED it!💪🏻 I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much in my life but I earned every drop. I’m already noticing such a difference in stamina, energy and flexibility. Is it crazy that I’m actually excited to workout tomorrow? 🙈
Makenzie is pooped after a busy, fulfilled day of preschool, & Belle is just happy the kid isn’t being a pain in her butt at the moment, lol. . Love this life of mine❤️ . . . . . . . #teamfiercelydetermined #stayathomemom #sahm #stayathomemomlife #sahmlife #furmom #crazycatlady #catstagram #tabbycat #queenb #cats_of_instagram #tabbycatsofinstagram #kittycat #catlover #animallover #momlife #girlmom #motherhoodthroughinstagram
Sometimes you just need a daily reminder that you’re RAD! 😜 . . . #lularoe #lularoeleggings #lularoesupply #lularoestyle #rad #bossbabe #redhead #furmom
Next crew rolls out 10/1! Fall into Fitness! [All fitness levels, workout @ home or @ the gym.] 🍁 Sweet swag when you sign up! You won’t want to miss out! Interested? Keep reading! 🍁 Calling all people, all fitness levels including beginners! We want you and a bestie to join our team, to motivate, and to grow through friendship, health, and fitness! Enroll with a friend and get an awesome tumblr and decal as your welcome 🎁. 🍁 Flying solo?! That’s awesome too! We still want you to join and become our bestie! Your welcome 🎁 will include a sample of the Pumpkin Spiced Latte @shakeology which SOLD OUT in <24 hours! 🍁 Remember, LIIFT4, that awesome program that I am about to finish, goes live for everyone on 10/1! @liift4 🍁 If you are interested, drop a fall themed emoji below, or DM me and I’ll help get you set up!
I just want to be as cool & silly as her when I grow up 😍 ✨I’m still looking for three more ladies who: ❤️ Want to feel fabulous in their leggings this season. . ❤️Learn some quick, healthy recipes for the whole family . ❤️Want to have more energy to keep up with kids, sports, and other activities. . ❤️Or maybe just want to be a part of a positive community of women. 🌟We start Monday!🌟 *and just so you know there is a 30 Day Money Back guarantee if you don’t absolutely love it 😘 . Click the link in my bio to join us!
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