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Love him or hate him, Steve Jobs was an interesting character and often imparted wise words to live by: “Remembering you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There’s no reason not to follow your heart.” . . . . #liveauthetic #goexplore #quotestoliveby #hardwork #sundayquotes #fulfillment #beautifuldestinations #forgeyourownpath #outdooradventures #mountains #hikemore #travelalberta #getoutside #hiking #mountains #albertaviews #imagesofcanada #mountainscape #liveyouradventure #hiking 👣#explorealberta #explorecanada #thewayfindercompany
We make goals for ourselves all the time. But, our goals are often what we think we should do rather than what we want to do. If our goals aren’t what we actually want, striving for them is pointless. We must choose the goals that deep down inside we know what want to achieve. The glory belongs to the man in the arena fighting for what he wants. The smile of a life well lived belongs to the elderly man who fought for his true goals. If you are lost, find your intent. Are you doing something you think you should do rather than what you want to do? . . . . . . . #goals #intent #motivation #motivate #atx #austin #austintexas #texas #austinentrepreneur #austinveterans #do #domore #work #workharder #focus #meditate #findyourpurpose #ikigai #helpyourself #entrepreneur #veteranentrepreneur #grind #hustle #getafterit #value #direction #podcast #podcastrecommendation #fulfillment #kindness
LET YOUR DIFFERENCES SHINE We are all UNIQUE in our own way. None of us are the same. We have different way of doing thing. We think differently. We have different view. We have different value that we carry very close to our heart. Embrace the difference. Reduce criticize. Strike for understanding. Be open to other. Always seek for mutual understanding rather than confrontation. Normally we have the tendency to hang out with the people who are similar to us. It could be in term of the common interest that we share together, common food that we like, common topic that we talk about, common issue that will trigger our attention. Behind all these – common value that we hold which is the main contributor that pull us all together. Couple of reasons that support these behaviour would be: we are seeking acknowledgement from the others, we are seeking for approval from the others, we are seeking agreement from the others or deep inside our heart we felt appreciated when other people understand us. Do you feel the same? Maybe Yes? Maybe No? Do you come across a point whereby you felt lost? You not sure who you are? You not sure what you want? You feeling confuse about the decision you make. This might happen if you try too hard to BLEND INTO A SPECIFIC GROUP. Maybe we should sit down quietly, enjoy the moment of being alone. Think about what is the reason for us to BLEND IN? Did we lose our self in that process? Do we lose our uniqueness while we BLEND IN? Never ever let yourself to be like the exact person who lives around you. You need to be consciously understand your own unique character. KEEP IT WITH YOU… And at the same time, do not condemn others uniqueness because most of the time we do not understand what shape those uniqueness. Everyone have they own way of doing thing. Although we do not understand the reason/motive behind, that doesn’t mean that they are wrong. Let’s embrace differences. Life = Live uniquely, be you #life #beyou #personaldevelopment #success #potd #l4l #instagood #leadership #motivation #awesome #wonderful #fulfillment #strengh
Here is the thing: YOU ARE the creator of your reality. - What you experience in life is based on learned ways to deal with stuff. Your emotional states, financial situations, relationships, everything. Remember, learned ways. - By changing you, you can change anything or everything around you. The fastest way to change you, is to change the things that influence you: books you read, people you take advice from, events you attend. - ”If you watch soap operas your whole life, don’t be surprised when your life becomes one” - #thoughtoftheday #youchoose #change #inspirechangeinlife #entrepreneur #business #growth #dream #struggle #victory #directsales #contribution #fulfillment #suitup #smile #dontbesoserious #changeyou
You ever notice how peaceful the sound of rain is? For the duration of this clip take a few deep breaths and release everything that’s been stressing you lately 🙏🏽 #helpselfsundays Tag someone who needs to hear this.
We live in a world where everyone (including ourselves) are constantly judging everything. ⭐️ We think about how strangers, friends, and parents will judge us for our choice. We are always trying to do the “right” thing. ⭐️ Use the next 24 hours as an opportunity to do whatever you want (within reason). Do things without thinking. Do things just because you want to. Watch how it feels to live life without judging.
In life, we can choose to journey on the same boring flat lands, or we can create our own mountain and work our way to the top. • The former will require you to substitute with stimulants such as drugs, gambling, shopping and junk-foods—among a long list of other things. The latter will give you direction, purpose, drive, and will deliver fulfilling rewards. • Which of these two paths sounds more worthwhile to you? ———————————————————————— #mountain #thecheif #createyourownreality #goals #purpose #direction #addiction #fulfillment #enjoythejourney ————————————————————————
If you let them dream, if you do not pour your dreams broken on them, if you teach them to cultivate their passions with serenity, seriousness and determination, they will have two possibilities: to fulfill their dream, or to go along a special road that It will make humanly special and balanced. ❤ #if #you #dream #broken #cultivate #passions #serenity #determination #fulfillment #special #baby #babystar #littleboy #tennisplayers #tennis 🎾 @wilsontennis @serenawilliams @alexisohanian @asdtennisroyalteam @tennistv
Are you grateful for what you have already? BUT still feeling that something is missing? That your not living into your full potential? Did you answer YES to all the above? Consider sending me an email or PM if want to learn more on how to get CLARITY around this feeling. 💕✨👁 #clarity #higerself #fulfillment
Every human being is hypnotized to some extent, either by the ideas he has uncritically accept from others, or ideas he has repeated to himself or convinced himself to be true . In my view of reality I live in a world of abundance, unlimited potential, infinite possibility, consciousness, growth, vintage, a mix of the 90's with the 1920's (a huge difference lol), having fun creating and learning, and knowing anything I set my mind into will instantly or soon be manifested . What do you accept to be true?
Accomplish anything in life starts out with the belief that you are capable of achieving it. Next you must believe that the information to accomplish your goal is out there. Then you must study the information necessary to accomplish your goal. Finally, and most importantly, you must put your goals into action. We live in a time where information is abundant, the internet can be used at your disposal. You can learn anything you want. What is stopping you from achieving your goals? (Believe → Learn → Act) Picture created by @love_and_wisdom_
First day of Autumn has arrived, and I just checked, I’m still ready to slay another season of life - so life, bring on your challenges and distractions, but I’m just going to dance back at you a lot harder. Thank you New York City for representing a vision of the future I dream of on the daily. And thank you all for following my journey in New York (and life, in general). We all deserve an abundance of love, success, adventure, and fulfillment in our lives, so don’t settle if you’re being offered any less. The world is waiting for you to seize it. Keep on believing in Love. xoxo, MT
I LOVE sunflowers!!
When we were little “#life is #suffering ” didn’t mean anything to us. We had no idea who were #Buddha and #Gandhi …. Everything we needed was given to us, through the “suffering” of our parents. But as we grow up, getting to really meet life, we figure out that not everything is rainbows and sunshine. We stumble across each and every kind of problems, but that’s not the hardest part. The hardest part is to learn that problems and suffering are part of life. And not every part, but the most important part. I often compare that to running a #marathon . If you want to see the #happiness on the finish line, you must #suffer 26.2 miles. Nothing can describe the #accomplishment and #fulfillment you feel once you reach the finish line, but you must be able to suffer throughout the race. We will stumble across many (oh-so-many) #mistakes and wrong #decisions . #Life itself has a way to bring us down. Even bad weather can affect our mood. But as they say “with age comes #wisdom ”, these rules are getting clearer as we put more and more candles on our cake. If you ask me, #8 holds enormous power! #ancientsanskrit
Day 175 of the MC180. 5 days to go. Consider narrowing down what is important for you in life. Narrow it down again. Live into that and bring it to fruition. We can’t do it all and yet we can have all of what we can do.
We live in a world that thrives on validation. That plays games with your insecurities and your need for acceptance from others. Yet, ironically no amount of validation or acceptance from others can ever make you feel unconditionally loved. Because unconditional love and acceptance is something only you can give yourself. Innate confidence isn’t necessarily shouted from the rooftops or posted all over instagrams. It’s a gentle yet powerful connection you have within yourself that enables you to let go completely of any attachment to your ego. It’s for you and you alone. Have you ever taken the time to look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate all the amazing things that make you so incredibly unique? All your wonderful features and abilities that you may take for granted? Learning to appreciate yourself takes time and effort due to the conditionings and societies we’ve grown up in. But it’s also at the core of every special experience you could ever bring to yourself, your life and to those important people around you. Give yourself the gift of your own love, acceptance and praise. You need it the most. 💗
I truly believed the greatest joy and fulfillment in life is found in LOVE, PASSION and CONTRIBUTION TO OTHERS GROWTH 🌟 Thank you for having me and Team @educashion in TSA Prefects Motivation Camp 🔥 It's fantastic to coach this bunch of enthusiastic teens, they are hungry for coaching, they participate 100% 💪 Kudos !! #Educashion #entrepreneur #motivation #teens #international #school #camp #workshop #coach #passion #love #growth #contribution #give #joy #happiness #fulfillment #achievement #life #happy #awesome #instagood #great #games #experientiallearning #learn #fun #funlearning #breakthrough #CoachMeylie
Opinions can be very valuable. They have help shape businesses for the better. They can help make a dish of food taste better. 🔹 Even as it relates to social media, opinions can play a valuable part. 🔹 However, when it comes to your GOD given purpose. People opinions don’t matter. It’s important to do what The Most HIGH GOD has call you to do whether people agree or not. . . . . . #ladiesunlock #fulfillingyourpurpose
We hit that wrecking yard to help Dad out with some thangs. Invited the little sis to join in some bonding time. 😍😍 It was fun. I love you family! And I love cars! (Thankfully they love me back. Hahaha) 😍🤗😁 #Cars #MechanicShit #MechanicWork #FunStuff #FamilyTime #FamilyIsEverything #Family #Work #WorkWorkWork #AlwaysLearning #LearningEqualsGrowing #Growth #Fulfillment #LooksLikeThis #Memories #Priceless #GettingDirty #ILikeItDirty
Their weather is beautiful, their culture is fun, and their sancocho tastes so damn delicious! That’s more than enough reasons...🇩🇴 • #dominicanrepublic #beautiful #island #culture #live #life #love #fun #freedom #fulfillment #ysbh #morepassportstamps #funemployed #travel
A View From the Edge is built around moments of Edutainment that allow you to reflect & realize your true potential. #WorldVentures President, Eddie Head, shares how the View has created transformative experiences for every field leader in this company. Register today! --> http://bit.ly/2Pdz2mq #ysbh #fun #freedom #fulfillment #faith #friendship #family
#365DaysOfGratitude Year 2 Day 263 - - Today I am #grateful for a fun weekend with friends. - - This weekend was filled with #bowling #poolparty #goodtimes and #greatfriends - - Even got some good posing in. This is definitely a #CaptionThis photo lol - - Have fun! Best caption gets 5 gold stars. - - That’s me for the day. Now it is your turn. What are you grateful for? - - #CarpeDiem , - Jesse
My ‘focus word’ this morning is gratitude. Dr. John Amodeo, author of Dancing With Fire states that we need to notice the depth and breadth of the everyday moments and kindness extended by others. (We can’t receive what we don’t acknowledge.) We can then relax into, receive and take time to relish it. Before giving an automatic ‘thank you’, really take a moment to sit with it and feel it fully and genuinely. May we all notice and receive these moments today.
Number our days! Life can get so busy! But the time we are allotted seems to grow less and less. Keeping an eternal perspective how do you clear time to make room for the purposeful things? #soulsunday . . . #faith #focus #fulfillment
Know what inspires you, and fill many moments each day basking in the enjoyment of or the pursuit of it. Taking action that is inspired is one of the daily practices that feeds fulfillment. Fulfilled people create happier lives, filled with happier relationships. Bring the next level of inspiration to your life today- just because.. #inspiredaction #inspiration #now #present #dynamicrelationships #relationships #relationshipsmatter #relationshiprevolution #drjeanne #love #fulfillment #trustedpeoplecoach #peoplesmentor
Who's driving your life? Now you might naturally answer, "Well of course I am James." But I submit to you that Socialized Mind might have you hypnotized into a BIG FAT LIE. You see, with the power of your thought and feeling, you have at your disposal an unstoppable and infinitely powerful weapon that determines your destiny. But the sad truth is that in many ways (if not most) you are NOT really thinking, you're reacting. You're not really driving your own life, you're being driven. Let me ask you to consider: If you can't control your thoughts and feelings, irrespective of circumstances, are you really thinking or are you being thought? As I've reminded you many times, there's no value whatsoever in lying to yourself. It's time to Take Your Power Back! True Leaders have the ability to think what they choose to think, regardless of appearances or circumstances. Now here's the rub. Psychology tells us that approximately 90% of the things you think, feel and do are driven by your unconscious mind. And one of the biggest thiefs of Life and dreams are unresolved emotional issues. These unconscious and unresolved issues, are totally out of your conscious awareness; and yet they're driving 90% of your Life, Actions, and Results. Not to mention your Happiness and Fulfillment. The greatest, most valuable, and most powerful work you can EVER do is to make the unconscious conscious. In this way, and in this way only, can you heal these issues, integrate them, utilize them, and set yourself FREE. Your move. Tick Tock. Click link in Bio
#been #Meditating this morning on being #kind and not having that #kindness returned. It isn't YOUR #heart and #soul that needs #fixing . You're a gem 💎🎶😊Be #happy . Be #fulfilled . Be #joyful . Good vibes will always be attractive. Beautiful souls will find you, you beautiful soul ... and let that user go 🙃😊✌️🌈💚in the meantime, love yourself always 💚🌈💚🌈✌️😊😇#useyourgifts #motivationalquotes #kindcomments #beauty #relationshipgoals #relationshipquotes #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #positivevibes #wisdom #compassion #heartsoul #forgiveness #quotestoliveby #truelove #fulfillment #loveyourself #takeitfromme
Amazing convergence this AM - esp given the context of why I’m even where I am, today... . . . #hpa2018 #daily #reading #wisdom #power #freedom #purpose #fulfillment #peace #fun #progress #bold #life #boldlife #theboldlife #boldliferx
It’s important to understand and articulate that the grief you experience is good. The sadness you feel has value and the depression you experience has a message. 🙏💙 - Wise words from gurusinghyogi. - @matt_oliphant_thrive
: : : 9 part I : Your True Heart and Its Shells : Like every man or woman, sometimes I want to flow and enjoy feminine energy and sometimes I want to go straight ahead toward a goal in the masculine style with no interruptions. But my sexual essence happens to be masculine, and so I am attracted to you, a lover with a feminine essence. I know what I want sexually from you, dear lover. I want to see your feminine light and feel your invitation to merge with your feminine energy. I want to enter and claim your feminine heart open to God. I want to inhabit your loving surrender and open in love’s bliss with you not simply as friends, but as lovers in the play of passion and ravishment. : Dear Lover @2002 ,2005 David Deida : : : pic I felt tired and then this 🧠👇🏻. Even the heart regenerates. Until very recently, scientists believed that the heart does not regenerate and that once heart cells have died, they are not replaced. But recent research shows that heart tissue contains regions of stem cells that are available to replace damaged or dead cells and that the entire heart regenerates at least three times in the course of a person’s life (Laflamme & Murry, 2011). : Mind to Matter @ 2018 Dawson Church : : Of course I’m implementing. And yes with 💧and 😊. 👋🏻 : : : : 20:04 🖤 : : : : #implementing , #consciusness , #creatingresources , #awareness , #newearth , #fulfillment
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Gran bel giro oggi 😎🌎 Carichi e motivati in gruppo #pedalare #amici #bikepassion
what is it you plan to do with your one #wild and #precious #life ? 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿
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