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Old acquaintances. A peculiar couple that doesn't get to see eachother too often, or for too long. She can be overly expressive, he has some problems with physical contact, but they manage by now. You'll get to know them some day in my comic I hope. #FourLeafComic #ocs #myart
I talked a little about Carla the other day on the #maratondeescriturauy with @clcordoba and @erialisima , an I just want to spoil you all, because I love this character, but I'll be strong and keep it to myself haha. #FourLeafComic #oc #myart
Glowy eyes Lina, while I wait for the bank to open. #FourLeafComic #mangaart #webcomic #oc
Protect her! #FourLeafComic I hope you get to know this gal soon. And someone buy me more copics, they're such stress relievers.
Reworking some old panels :D Long time no see, Instagram. The app was eating my battery life, but it seems I've fixed it? -u- So I'm back. #FourLeafComic
✨ comments are appreciated! ✨ • some art of Lina from the webcomic, Four Leaf! I wanted to tinker with some neon/pink and biG EYES, but also Four Leaf has become one of my favorite webcomics on WEBTOON.. :0 • Lina seemed very fitting for this occasion. • If you have WEBTOON, I definitely recommend checking out Four Leaf! It’s a really good webcomic and the art style is just.. so cute nsjdjsjsjsj • I might draw more fan art of the rest of the Four Leaf characters, but Lina’s my favorite so it may have been just a one time thing,, (-w-“) • Four Leaf © @luzcolumaga#art #doodle #sketch #drawing #fanart #digital #digitalart #fourleafcomic #webcomic #webtoon
On the left, one of the first #FourLeafComic pages I made as part of my pitch to Hiveworks less than two years ago. On the right, page 2 remade when I was supposed to be drawing page 139.
Comic-ing at midnight #webcomics #FourLeafComic
I've been reading a comic called "four leaf" by @luzcolumaga , I've been enjoying so far. 😊 By the way I still have little information on the "gloom" stuff I drew her drinking, so I may have just accidentally murdered Lina. 😳(or gave her a heart attack) #Lina #fourleaf #fourleafcomic #gloom #witch #colorpencil