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I love the fitness scene in Brisbane. There's a definite community vibe, and lots on offer. Reformer Pilates was recently on the menu, and it didn't disappoint! Read my review via link in bio. A big shout out to @fabulouspilates who run free intro community classes on Sat morning's - thanks for having me! #pilates #reformerpilates #sweatsession #itwillburn #sogoodforyou #healthylifestyle #fitforlife #fitness #community #supportyourlocal #fabulouspilatesandyoga #brisbaneanyday #fitnessreviews #fitnessblogger
It’s been two weeks since our #registrationrequired x #shadowbox meetup and we’re still feeling the endorphins. We luv u guys. KIT here & on our site (in bio 👆🏻) for review and meetup updates 👯‍♀️ Next up: Come dance w 1/2 of RR at @atyourbeatstudio_ny FitBEAT class in Brooklyn next Saturday, 10/27 at 10:15am. Let’s dance like everyone’s watching😏
When I told my brother I was planning to try a vibration exercise class, he was shocked. I'm highly skeptical of gimmicks, and the promise of a 20 minute workout to burn hundreds of calories seems fishy to me. . However, a friend of mine is hooked, and since I strive to be open-minded, I gave it a shot. I tried out the Vibe Fitness Class @purevibefitness , which is a HIIT style workout, rated at 80% intensity (classes range from 40% to 90% intensity rating). It was surprisingly challenging, even at the intermediate machine setting that I chose. I had to push myself on most moves, and even broke a sweat. I left feeling good but wishing that the workout was longer than 20 minutes. . The Scene - A full class of about a dozen women, 20s-40s, mostly moderate fitness. - No music (at least not for this class) - Professional 'vibe' 😉 . This Class May Be For You If: - Your priority is to get your workout in as quickly as possible. Great for those that either can't or won't dedicate the hour needed for most fitness classes. - Improving balance is a priority - the equipment definitely highlighted this aspect for me. - You like a smaller, quieter, low-key studio with a less intimidating clientele. . Final reflections: The vibration base definitely adds an extra challenge, such that you get more out of the 20 minutes than you would without it. That said, I would be just as happy doing an hour of regular HIIT class. I may need to get myself some more tracking gadgets to figure out how much 'bang for your buck' you get from the vibration. . This workout is also relevant to my research on bone mineral density. There are hints that vibration can help boost gains, but it's too early for me to declare confidence in this. More to come on this topic! . Thank you @lauraleyshonphotography for snapping some pics (not the real deal with iPhone but better than my attempts!) . . . #fueledbyscience #fitness #fitnessreviews #groupclasses #vancouver #sweatysleuth #sweatseeker #sweatlove #vancity #vancouverfitness #trysomethingnew #purevibe
I always get asked where my hat is from or if my leggings are gymshark ooops no lol! Both are from @thicksetthreads they recently dropped a new line go check them out! Code : shirley15 for 15% off at checkout #staythickmyfriends . . . . . . . . . #fitness #fitnessjourney #gymattire #workoutclothes #goodqualityaffordableprice #newfitnessgoals #workforit #postworkout #preworkout #workout #fitnessreviews #discountcodes #brandrep #fitnessbrand #fitnessbrands #fitnessrep #fitnessinfluencer #influencer #blogger #momlife
Half of Registration Required is heading to Paris soon! We are excited for the 🥐 🍷 🧀 🇫🇷 Have you been? Any fitness/class recommendations? Let us know! #registrationrequired #parisfitness
Box + Flow: a 55 min sweat fest 💦 A cardio heavy boxing class with yoga planted at the end 🧘🏻‍♀️The class starts with HIIT warmup ➡️ shadowboxing ➡️ punching on the bag ➡️ yoga. Add this to your routine when you need a dose of heart pumping cardio 💖 you’ll be drenched leaving class + centered. Check out our full review on the site (👆🏻) #boxandflow #flowthruthefight #registrationrequired
Running towards the weekend...We THERE YET?!✖️🍍
Highlight 1/7 our article in @timeoutlondon ... Do you believe in starting slow or throwing yourself in the deep end??? Well when you have big ambitions, throwing yourself in can be the way to go! This article was a review from @new_motion_fitness 1st ever class & my 1st ever Box n Bass class with @jasonbaptiste on the decks!!! I had never done a class with a live DJ, I had never worked with the incredible lighting (thanks @mrgermz ), the space, the booking systems, the...... who knows what could wrong!!! But it went so right... 👍👍👍 Since then Box n Bass has gone from strength to strength. The thing that always surprises me is how at the end of a track, participants shout & scream like they are at an actual rave/festival... I try & combine this level of excitement with a genuinely tough & technical workout. 👇 6 days away from New Motion's 100th class. If you haven't been, this will be a great one to attend.... Use code FREETRIAL & click link in bio to book, for what will surely be a sell out! #newmotionfitness #boxnbass #timeout #londonboxing . . . . 📸 @ablake.ig #timeout #timeoutlondon #boxinglife #boxingfun #boxnbass #boxfit #boxfitness #londonclubs #fitnessbloggers #fitnessreviews #fitfamuk #londonfit #thingstodoinlondon #journalist #journalism #londonstartup #fitnessclasses #fitnessstudio
Highlight 1/7 our article in @timeoutlondon ... Do you believe in starting slow or throwing yourself in the deep end??? Well when you have big ambitions, throwing yourself in can be the way to go! This article from was a review from @new_motion_fitness 1st ever class & @henry_new_motion 1st ever Box n Bass class with @jasonbaptiste on the decks!!! We had never done a class with a live DJ, we had never worked with the incredible lighting (thanks @mrgermz ), the space, the booking systems, the...... who knows what could wrong!!! But it went so right... 👍👍👍 Since then Box n Bass has gone from strength to strength. The thing that always surprises us is how at the end of a track, participants shout & scream like they are at an actual rave/festival... We aim to combine this level of excitement with a genuinely tough workout. You also finish having improved your technique with the assistance of the 2 coaches on hand. 👇 6 days away from New Motion's 100th class. If you haven't been, this will be a great one to attend.... Use code FREETRIAL & click link in bio to book, for what will surely be a sell out! #newmotionfitness #boxnbass #timeout #londonboxing . . . . 📸 @ablake.ig #timeout #timeoutlondon #boxinglife #boxingfun #boxnbass #boxfit #boxfitness #londonclubs #fitnessbloggers #fitnessreviews #fitfamuk #londonfit #thingstodoinlondon #journalist #journalism #londonstartup #fitnessclasses #fitnessstudio
Just doing it. Check out our new full reviews posted on the site (link in bio👆🏻) for @flywheelsports (Chicago), @bodybysimone & @switchplaygroundnyc 👩🏼‍💻Heading to some new studios this week ➡️ @hithouse , @solidcore (NYC), & @poeyoga 🎧 Stay tuned #registrationrequired #classpass
Mentally telling myself to hang in there, Friday will be here before you know it 😑😑😑😞
@questnutrition Smores Protein Bar After liking other Quest Products and hearing some good reviews about this flavor, I decided to give it a go despite not being a big smores fan. Fortunately, that didn't matter, because this bar was nothing like smores! Not sure what was supposed to be the marshmallow, because the bar itself was bland and just tasted like 'sweet.' The graham cracker chunks were okay in flavor but enormous and filled my mouth with a weird powdery taste. The chocolate chips were nothing to rave about. I didn't hate it, and I've had worse protein bars, but I'm not a champion of this one by any means. A solid Nah! Taste: 4/10 Texture: 4/10 Packaging: 7/10 Satiety: NA Sweetness: 8 (too much) #quest #questbar #questbars #questprotein #proteinbar #proteinbars #proteinbarreview #barreview #fitnessreview #fitnessreviews #smoresbar #snack #snackreview #snackreviews #snacking #snacks #snackfood #snacktime #food #foodrating #ratefood #foodreview #foodreviews #review #snackreviewer
Corepower HPF: A 60 min low-intensity yoga class set in a 98-100 degree room 🔥 This class moves through set yoga moves/postures 🧘‍♀️ ending with a short core workout and stretch. No cardio during class - it’s Namaste all the way ✌🏻The heat and slower pace will detox your 🧠 and body - throw it in when you need a good stretch and break from the intense classes 🙌🏻 Check out the the full review on our website (👆🏻) #registrationrequired @corepoweryoga
Willing the weekend to *stretch* on forever... #registrationrequired #⏳⏳⏳
I was craving a good burn today, and boy, did I get it. I hit up a bootcamp-style class at @yyoga , called YFit. As with most fitness classes, the instructor makes the class, and Travis @pivottraining is first-class. You'll walk away with a new appreciation for the term 'dirty dozen'. . The Scene - A packed room of youngish to middle age fit folks, including several hard-core fitness junkies (and instructors). - More men than usual but still mostly women. - High-energy music with bounce and bass. . This Class Might Be For You If: - You're seeking a high-intensity mix of of strength and sweat, packed into 45 minutes. - You like a challenge. Bicep curls while planking? Way too many burpees than you would normally do... You get the idea. - You like a good burn. In many cases, I was burning after just a few reps but we had to keep at it for much longer. Travis is big on one-side-at-a-time which really lights things up. - You are down with jumping. We kept heart rate up with bouncy moves between slower moves. - You like a 'strong, silent type' instructor. Travis will demonstrate a ridiculous move, then calmly wait until you realize that he's serious about expecting you to follow suit. He is sparing with his encouragement which makes you (me) work that much harder! . Final note: - I was disappointed to learn that Travis is only teaching this class for one more week! He's going to be focusing exclusively on personal training, though will be offering private group bootcamps. Find him @pivottraining . . . . #fueledbyscience #fitness #fitnessreviews #groupclasses #vancouver #sweatysleuth #sweatseeker #sweatlove #vancity #vancouverfitness #bootcamp
#RegistrationRequired Real Deal: Since #WorldMentalHealthDay was this week, let's talk mental health & fitness 🧠 Does anyone else find exercise just as, or more important, for mental health vs. physical health? We do 🙋🏼‍♀️Whether we're stressed from the pressures of life, anxious about the state of our world, or struggling w panic attacks, exercise seems to always shift our perspectives for the better and clearer ☀️ Does exercise lift your mental state too? Tell us how. We’re in this together 💞
Pilates ProWorks TRX Pro: 50 min TRX suspension class with some ☔️ of cardio. This class only uses your bodyweight 💪🏻 and gravity 👩🏻‍🚀 to create resistance - every exercise uses the TRX straps in some way and will focus on core, arms, and legs 🔥🔥 giving you a total body workout and 💦 check out the full review on our site (👆🏻) #registrationrequired @pilatesproworks
This is what makes being a #certifiedpersonaltrainer worth it, when a client appreciates what I do. When I can get someone to do more than they thought they were capable of. When I teach them how to do something that will improve their life. But most of all, when they know they got something out of it. When they can say they feel better. Healthier. This is why I do this. #25at52 #fitness #fitnessreviews #personaltrainerreviews #24hourfitness #health #healthylife #workout #lifting #exercise #gyms #gymlife #personaltraining #Denver #personaltrainingdenver #colorado #coloradopersonaltrainer #fitlife #livehealthy #purpose #goals #personaltrainers #NASMCPT #nasmcertifiedpersonaltrainer #nasm
Don’t listen to what WE have to say about our @ddpyoga classes. RESULTS and REVIEWS tell the story so much better! . Find out what all the fuss is about ... all you need is a mat, a towel and some water. If it’s your first visit, you don’t even need your wallet because your first class is FREE! . #DDPY #DDPYoga #DDPYworks #reviews #fitnessreviews #BeUnstoppable #Iam1stPhorm #OwnYourLife #fitness #fitfam #groupfitness #pasadenatx #pasadenatexas #DeerParkTX
Happy Wednesday! 🤸🏼‍♀️Jumping into the rest of the work week the only way we know how 😉 Let us know what classes you have booked the rest of the week ✅ We have @f45_training and @switchplaygroundnyc on the books!🔥💯#registrationrequired #bookyourclasses
Row House [Body]: Row, row, row your boat 🚣‍♀️ 45 mins on and off the erg (yes, that’s a word). Sprint & power rowing intervals + weighted arm & leg exercises off the erg 🏋🏻‍♀️ There’s def a learning curve for the proper row form 📝 And what you get out of the workout is dependent on mastering the technique 🛶 Read our full review on the site (link in bio) @rowhousechelsea #registrationrequired
Knocked out our first Registration Required meetup 🥊 Thanks to these boxers for the sweat & support 🌟 Stay tuned for what’s to come #jabcrosshook #registrationrequired
We are thankful that our clients like what Express Fitness Studio offers. We work hard so they can get the fitness results they are looking for. We appreciate all of our clients. #sweat #thanks #appreciate #fitnessreviews #goals #hardwork #expressfitnessstudio #daytonohio #riversideohio #huberheightsohio
Did you book your bag @sbx_boxing Dumbo for 10/6 @10 am? 👍🏻 All you have to do is (1) sign up for a bag at shadowbox (2) tell them you’re with #registrationrequired when you check in so we can cover your glove rentals 😃(3) find us and say hi (we will be wearing the white hats) (4) 🥊, 💦, 😀, and get a chance to win a goodie bag - see you there!! #registrationrequiredmeetup
ModelFit Sculpt: 🌟newsflash🌟you don’t need to be a model to workout here (phew). Sculpt is a 45 min low intensity class incorporating micro mvmts & a plethora of equipment (e.g. hand weights, steps, medicine balls, ankle weights) to hit those hard to reach muscles 🙋🏻‍♀️ Think lots of repetitions & focused movements ✔️Check out our full review on the site (link in bio👆🏻) #registrationrequired @modelfit
Some spin classes feel like a rave on a bike. Today's wildcard workout at @methodcycling was NOT that kind of spin class. It was more of an intense road bike training session, with Ironwoman @sharla_yvr cracking the whip. . @sharla_yvr is one of those women that you want to hate for being so beautiful, fit and strong, but can't because she is so darn nice. Plus, she works her butt off, and expects the same of you. . The Scene - Clean, beautiful studio with a view of the great shops on a West 4th Ave(including @lululemon !). - Mostly stay-at-home moms and a few retirees at this hour (9:30am class). - Real biking spandex on just about everyone! I think this speaks partly to the non-cushy seats and partly to the fact that @methodcycling caters to real bikers. - Fun mix of top-40 and hip-hop, including faves from the last few decades. Reasonable volume 👍 . This Class Could Be For You If: - You want to get a serious cardio workout and burn a lot of calories in one very full hour. - You like to push yourself and embrace the mind game that this entails. This is not one of those classes where you don't realize you got a workout until it's over. - You like to know exactly where you are in your workout and what's ahead (workout is displayed on sign above instructor!). - You are a real road biker seeking an indoor option for our long rainy season. I benefit from a lot of little technical pointers. . . . #fueledbyscience #fitness #fitnessreviews #groupclasses #vancouver #sweatysleuth #sweatseeker #sweatlove #sweat #spin #indoorcycling #vancity #vancouverfitness
We’ve been doing & learning 🧠 Check out our new full reviews on the site (link in bio👆🏻) for @rowhouseofficial (body), @thebarrecode (burn), @brrrn (HIT), & @corepoweryoga (hot power fusion) 👩🏼‍💻👩🏻‍💻 🌟🌟P.S. #RegistrationRequired Meet Up: Book your bag at Shadowbox Dumbo for this Sat. 10/6 @10am ! Mention Registration Required- your glove rentals will be covered and you’ll be entered into a goodie bag giveaway 🍬🍬🍬Stay after & say hi 👋🏻
Tomorrow’s the day... WE WILL BE GOING LIVE tomorrow at 1pm to give you the SCOOP on who’s been SCOPED!! @dickeysbarbecuepit @redeffectfitness @detroitcookiecompany @chilimustardonions @newordercoffee @eatatnara LIVE LINK IN BIO #youvebeenscoped #reviews #detroit #ferndale #westbloomfield #foodreview #fitnessreviews #cookies #hibachi #bbq #vegan #coffee
This is everything! Thank you @katharine_lazenby for your beautiful words about yesterday's Floor and Restore Masterclass @therefinerye9 . You are such an inspiration - strong in body and in spirit it is an absolute joy to teach you. Having you in class pushes me to be my best, so thank you too. Deb's and I decided we were going to do another one in December and we'll finish with some 🥂🍾 to celebrate the silly season. Watch this space. 💋 #barre #barreclass #floorbarre #strengthtraining #wellness #mindbody #fitnessreviews #london #discobarre #inspiration #motivation
The Bar Method: A 60 min low-intensity muscle toning class at the ballet barre 👯‍♀️ Expect small movements and lots of reps 🤩 Each class has an arm, leg, core, and 🍑 section, leaving you sore in all those hard to reach spots the next day🔥 Get ready to squeeze, hold, shake, and sweat 💦 in an oh so good way. Check out the the full review on our website (👆🏻) #registrationrequired @thebarmethod
Ok I know how much of a torture tool this looks like, but I tried the new Reform class at @purebarredenver this morning and it was brutal! I do Lagree fitness so this class incorporates some of the Lagree moves that you do in reformer pilates classes. You do moves like plank to pike, bear etc with the disc gliders. Upper tubes for arms & hamstrings, bottom tubes for glutes and abs. Compared to Lagree, it has a bit more abs moves which I like, and there are stretch break in between 🙏🏼 But obviously no heavy pushing stuffs and less obliques. There you go! My quick review for this class, I love it and plan it do it again tomorrow! Ultimate death? Do it like I did, I went to @flywheelsports after this 😂😂
☕️HAPPY NATIONAL COFFEE DAY ☕️ We 💙coffee. For our fellow caffeinators out there, do you drink coffee pre- or post- workout? We chug it after. #registrationrequired
*(Warning! Long post 😉 Soooo I really wanted to do a video of some sort for this review, but there’s a few things that aren’t allowing me to do so at this time. I figured the next best thing before time gets away would be to do a written review on these amazing new pieces that just came out a few weeks ago. Here we go ✍️)* ** Left to right -P’tula Alainah II Allure leggings . -colors it comes in are Belize blue, seafoam, burnt orange, & shark skin . -length comes in 3/4 and 7/8 (what I’m wearing is 7/8. I am 5ft and they fit me like full length 🙃) . Squat proof?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 YES! I wear under armour pur stretch hipsters (personally most comfy to wear) Nothing fancy. Nude or black. Only one with some sheerness is the burnt orange when wearing black underwear underneath. (Understandable) . Sweat proof? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ For the most part! IF any sweat is present it dries fast! Nothing major and I SWEAT 💦 at the gym. . -Durability ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 I use these for cardio and weightlifting and don’t seem to have any issues. Only thing for me is when movements require me to get on my knees I show marks from the dirty floor (specially on the lighter colors), but it comes right out with a little shout and a good wash. . . ** Left to right -P’tula Saryia “Live it up bra” -color it comes in are Belize blue, seafoam, burnt orange, & shark skin . Sizing I would say is true to size. I wear a small. (I am a 32-34B) . Support? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Holds my little girls in well 😉 . Breathable? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 It holds onto sweat longer than I would like for it to and shows sweat (not a problem if you wear shirts over your bras like me😛) . Any questions, comments, or concerns? Hit me up and I will do my best to answer. 😉)* . #ptulafamily #ptula #ptulaactive #wanttoinspireothers #bethebestmeicanbe #workingonmyselfformyself #journeytoahealthyfitbody #fitnessjourney #journeytoahealthierme #militaryspouse #fitnessmotivator #gymwear #littleandfit #fitgirl #fitgirls #fitnessmotivation #fitnessreviews #ptulareview #makingachange
Looking for a new protein bar? Need advice? Want to read reviews? Come check out the great reviews on all types of protein bar on Write Up! #proteinbar #writeup #advice #reviews #writeupreviews #feedback #research #business ##readreviews #reviewingplatform #reviewing #findabar #protein #fitness #fitnessreviews #fridayfitness
What classes do you have booked for the weekend? 🤸🏼‍♀️ We have @flywheelsports and @sbx_boxing on the books 💯💧Tell us where you’re working out! Maybe we’ll see you there 👍🏻#registrationrequired
If you can't decide between strength, cardio, or power yoga, I have a good class for you! . This week's fitness experiment was a "Bootcamp Fusion" class at @oxygenyogaandfitness with @yogi_liv . The Scene Minimalist, dimly lit yoga-style studio Very small class Warmish room (from previous class - most classes at @oxygen are hot). Mix of hip hop and R&B - not too loud . This Class Might Be For You If: - You like a blend of power yoga, cardio, and strength work. - You prefer moderate intensity to ultra high intensity bootcamps. - You seek a well-rounded, full body workout. We did a bit of everything (legs, arms, back, core including obliques) but no one body part was brutalized. - You can handle a bit of HIIT (high intensity interval training) - we kept our heart rate up through most of class through periodic bursts of jumping exercises. - You like to feel your muscles burn - thanks to many reps with lighter weights. - You like a grounded, supportive instructor. You can tell from her style that Liv has a yoga background! . Thank you, @classpass . . . . #fueledbyscience #fitness #fitnessreviews #groupclasses #muscles #core #vancouver #sweatysleuth #sweatseeker #bootcamp #sweatlove
Don’t forget to sign up for the #registrationrequired  meet up at @sbx_boxing  in DUMBO ‪on Saturday, Oct. 6 @ 10AM‬ 🔥We are covering glove rentals and have goodie bags for 3 #registrationrequired attendees 😃 Book your bag TODAY on the Shadowbox website 🥊 See you there! #registrationrequired
Don’t listen to what WE have to say about our @ddpyoga classes. RESULTS and REVIEWS tell the story so much better! . Find out what all the fuss is about ... all you need is a mat, a towel and some water. If it’s your first visit, you don’t even need your wallet because your first class is FREE! . #DDPY #DDPYoga #DDPYworks #reviews #fitnessreviews #BeUnstoppable #Iam1stPhorm #OwnYourLife #fitness #fitfam #groupfitness #pasadenatx #pasadenatexas #DeerParkTX
At Your Beat-FitBEAT: a true experience 👑AYB is a British import, and man, they bring it. FitBEAT is a 45 min dance cardio class that’s more “dance in your living room” than “Joffrey Ballet”👯‍♀️All levels can do the choreography. Results (in no particular order): (i) sweat, (ii) smiles, (iii) flailing limbs, & (iv) a f*cking good time🕺🏼Oh, and AYB studio is a playground for the senses- pink everywhere, loud music, & projections on all of the walls🍬🍬🍬Check out our full review on the site (link in bio👆🏻) @atyourbeatstudio #registrationrequired
Pretty much sums it up. 😹 Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt the same and we’d love to know which class bamboozled you. 🙋🏽‍♂️ . . . #asseenincolumbus #fitnessreviews #fitnessfreaks #614fit #hurtssogood #resultslivehere
Fhitting Room: a true high intensity interval training class in NYC 💥 The Signature FHIX class is 50 mins of solid cardio & strength exercises on repeat and via circuits all while two, yes we said TWO, instructors teach 🤯 Be prepared to try new moves and push yourself to exhaustion🏋🏼‍♀️Read our full review on the site (👆🏻) #registrationrequired #💯💯💯 @fhittingroom
Just about every week I run past this sign. And every time I make a mental note to check them out. 18 months later, it finally happens! And it didn't disappoint. Check out the blog to see why I'm a fan. Link in bio. #f45stafford #f45 #intervaltraining #fitforlife #supportyourlocal #strengthtraining #cardio #brisbaneanyday #womenwholift #fitnessreviews #fitnessblogger
This weekend I decided to try out a new cycling studio located in Midtown, @spincult901. I’ve taken indoor cycling classes in the past, but it has been a while. Whoever came up with the quote “once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget” clearly has never taken a cycling class. Luckily, the instructor provided a run down on how the class and bikes work. She also helped to adjust my bike to ensure it was comfortable for me. Even though the space is small, there’s more than enough room between each bike. So feel free to fully dance it out while on your bike. Be sure to bring water, a towel, and wear comfortable tennis shoes. You do not have to own cycling shoes. The bike allows for you to either strap in the pedals with your tennis shoes or click in with cycling shoes, if you have them. Once the music started going, I became one with the bike! Grooving and cycling at the same time. Afterwards, I was tired and my legs felt like jello, but it was great. Besides cardio, cycling provides many benefits.Throughout the class you adjust your resistance and speed, which helps to build up your glutes, hamstrings and quads. It is also a low impact activity, which makes it a great option for individuals with orthopedic injuries. Because I have certain fitness goals, I wouldn’t choose cycling as my primary choice of exercise. However, it is definitely a great way to add in some fun cardio to your workout routine. For anyone interested, be sure to check out SpinCult! #spincult #spincult901 #fitwife #abs #blackfitness #fitchick #gainz #health #slimthick #blackgirksworkouttoo #bodygoals #blackfitchick #memphis #memphisfitness #nashville #nashvillefitness #fitness #blackgirlmagic #snatched #gym #gymrat #training #workout #fitnurse #fitnessreviews #healthy #groupfitness #fitspo #health #spinclass #cycling
[- WERBUNG -] ❌ Produkt Review ❌ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ich durfte 2x kostenlos den Pre-Workout Booster 🔥🔥🔥 NOVUM von @scibanutrition probieren. (Für kostenlose Proben einfach das Sciba-Team anschreiben 💌) Als erstes möchte ich sagen, dass bevor ich mich dazu entschieden hatte, diesen Booster auszuprobieren, eigentlich die Schnauze voll hattte von jeglichen Boostern. Denn: die meisten Booster schmecken einfach abartig und habe diese nur sehr schwer, ohne würgen runter gekriegt. Doch dann habe ich mich umgehört und ausgetauscht mit anderen Sportlern und bin auf die Jungs von Sciba gestoßen. Ja, ihr lest richtig: die Jungs von Sciba! Der NOVUM Booster wurde akribisch von Studenten 👨🏼‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓 entwickelt und durch zahlreiche Studien belegt! Das Hauptmerkmal des Boosters hierbei ist, dass dieser im Gegensatz zu herkömmlichen Boostern auf z.B. Kreatin oder Beta-Alanin verzichten und nur wirklich nützliche und natürliche Wirkstoffe beinhaltet. Jetzt aber mal zu der Wirkung: Es war wirklich eine deutlich erhöhte sportliche Leistung bzw. Ausdauer zu spüren 🔝🔥 die Konzentration war auch vermehrt zu merken und eine geringere Müdigkeit 💯 .. und nicht zu vergessen, der Geschmack: Unglaublich. Es schmeckt durch die Roten Früchte wirklich lecker! Kein Würgreiz, kein kribbeln und nicht scharf! Preis: Für 39,95€ kriegt man 500g. Oftmals gibt es aber auch Rabattaktionen und kann den Booster um einiges günstiger ergattern. Andere Booster kosten ungefähr genauso viel, haben aber deutlich weniger Inhalt. Den Preis finde ich soweit in Ordnung. Doch wie gesagt, wer aufpasst, kann die 500g auch für weniger bei einer Rabattaktion kriegen 😉 Ich bin wirklich überzeugt von NOVUM und habe mir nach dem die Proben auf waren direkt die 500g bestellt 📦 Danke Jungs, dass ich Euren Booster testen durfte und ich freue mich schon auf die nächste Lieferung von Euch! Ich hoffe, ich konnte Euch einen kleinen Einblick zu dem Booster geben 🤗 #scibanutrition #sciba #novum #booster #preworkoutbooster #workoutbooster #workout #fitness #review #bodybuilding #fitfamdeutschland #fitfamgermany #getstrong #trainhard #gym #gymlife #fitnessreviews #fokus #training
Well, we’re hosting a #registrationrequired meet up! Come join us at @sbx_boxing in DUMBO on Saturday, Oct. 6 @ 10AM 🥊 We will cover all glove rentals and will have goodie bags for 3 sweaty (& lucky) attendees 🍬Book your bag on Thursday, Sept. 27 on the Shadowbox site💧Come on over & sweat with us! #jabcrosshook
Ever since I heard about Lagree fitness from some ridiculously toned friends, I've been eager to give it a try. I finally took the plunge and was introduced to a novel instrument of torture - the Megaformer. . I already know where I will be feeling this tomorrow: my core and my butt - specifically the outer glutes. . The Scene: - A chic, dimly lit studio with 14 fancy looking machines - Typical Kitsilano crowd: 20-40 something women, above-average fitness - An upbeat mix of hip-hop and pop (varies by instructor) . This Class May Be For You If: - You can afford to shell out $$ for your workouts ($30+) - You like to wake up all your neglected little muscles - You like a lot of core work - You like low-impact but high-intensity (and high-burn) workouts - You don't feel like sweat is necessary for a good workout - You like small class sizes . Thank you, @katrinalep for a great workout! I'm keen to try again with some of the other inspiring instructors (@alexmillerfitness and @dailyroutinefitness ). . . . #fueledbyscience #fitness #fitnessreviews #groupclasses #lagreefitness #muscles #core #vancouver #sweatysleuth #sweatseeker
MaZi Dance Zi-Cardio: 50 min cardio dance fitness class 💃 where you follow along to pre-choreographed dances to crank that ❤️ rate up 🔥 Class ends with an arm focused workout for some extra toning 💪🏻 Drop in or shall we say “dance in” and check them out - full review on our website (👆🏻) #registrationrequired @mazidancefitness
I have really been missing one of fave fitness instructors, Michelle @bootybymich so I revisited her Whole Body class today at @ourturf . . Warning, this review is a bit gushy. It’s genuine, though…I owe Michelle a lot of credit for helping me get back to my pre-twins shape. I sweated and burned with her though much of last year, and really felt like she took me under her wing. I’m always impressed with what she pulls out of me, with both of us smiling. . I took her Whole Body class today with fresh eyes, due to my recent fitness detour to focus on strength and heavy weights. Here is a glimpse of my experience: . The Scene: - All women, mostly Lulu attire (hey, it’s Vancouver) - A range of fitness levels - Lots of regulars - Positive vibe . This Class Might Be For You If… - You like an instructor that is warm and supportive rather than ‘drill-sergeant’ style. - You like to focus on core - lots of work there - creative moves, too! - You like high intensity but short cardio intervals. - You don’t mind being close to your classmates (Michelle packs the house!) - You like music that is upbeat but not too aggressive - she throws in a bit of everything: hip-hop / rap / indie / instrumental . PS This photo probably doesn’t do Michelle justice. She is truly inspiring to look at - there is no doubting her strength, her fitness, and her love of what she does. . . . #fueledbyscience #sweat #fitness #fitnessreviews #findyourfitness #fitnessblogger #blogger #workout #coreworkout #core #hiit #vancouverfitness #vancouver #groupclasses
We’ve been sweating. Check out our new full reviews on the site (link in bio👆🏻) for @brrrn @thebaristudio (armstrong class) @barrecode_chicago & @fhittingroom 👩🏻‍💻 #registrationrequired
Although it still feels like high summer in Toronto, other cities are actually getting into sweater weather...so our third blog post for the FCG blog launch tells us the fall fitness trends going down in YYC, and maybe Canada?! Our guest writer in Calgary interviewed some of the cities best instructors and fellow class goers to sus our what’s going on as the leaves fall. Link in bio✖️🍍
It's never been about just owning a gym for us. But, it has always been about creating a culture that is nested within acceptance, effort, humility and relentless commitment to one another. - So, when we read these reviews from our members, we can't help but to smile. - Thank you to every one of our members who make this possible. • • • #buffalo #letsgobuffalo #buffalony #onebuffalo #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #buffalofitness #716 #716pride #igbuffalo #buffaloig #jadablitz #teamjada #risebflo #buffalotrainers #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #stepoutbuffalo #wnyfitness #buffalofit #fitreviews #fitnessreviews #fitfamily
Brrrn [Slide]: a unique workout set in a 55 degree studio ❄️ Slide is comprised of 45 mins of various leg (think lunges and squats) and core (think mountain climbers and planks) moves with cardio bursts sprinkled in 🌨 All of the exercises are more or less done on a slippery slide board- you’ll have booties on over your sneakers. Our favorite move is the back and forth slide across the board (similar motion to rollerblading⭐️). Wear long sleeves for the start of class, but you’ll warm up fast and the layers will come off ⛄️Check out our full review on the site (👆🏻in bio) @brrrn @classpass #registrationrequired
Customer reviews help you establish credibility, attract new customers and enhance the quality of your products! Get in touch today to find out how Write Up can help you gather reviews from your customers! #customerfeedback #reviews #writeup #credibility #writeupreviews #productreview #newcustomers #fitness #fitnessreviews #gyms #proteinbars #shakes #sunday #sundayvibes #readreviews
I have been searching for a workout to supplement my weight training, which is what led me to @shedfitnessmemphis . It was highly recommended by my friend @dyhancck1981. Today was my second session and y’all...I think my body is in shock. A good kind of shock though lol. Shed Fitness focuses on a different muscle group every day of the week, so you do not have to worry about completing the same exercises every day. The two days that I attended were full body workouts and the workouts on both days were different. The class is divided into multiple circuits and each circuit last 5-8 minutes. They also offer private training sessions. The trainers explain all of the exercises at the beginning of the workout and then goes around throughout the class to offer help if needed. The trainers are very helpful and encouraging. They have a great variety of equipment: rowers, dumbbells, resistance bands, pull-up bars, manual curved treadmills, and much more. Speaking of manual curved treadmills, have y’all ever ran on one of those??!!? WTF?? Who invented that and why?? It is nothing like running on a normal treadmill. Your motion and speed creates the momentum for the treadmills movement. It has several benefits versus a traditional treadmill, but we will save that for another post! Shed Fitness is great for anyone who likes to push themselves and doesn’t enjoy monotonous workouts. 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ The first class is free and they offer a 30 day unlimited trial at a discounted price for new members. Hope to see you there!! #fitwife #abs #blackfitness #fitchick #ebonyfitness #gainz #health #slimthick #blackgirksworkouttoo #bodygoals #blackfitchick #memphis #memphisfitness #nashville #nashvillefitness #fitness #blackgirlmagic #snatched #gym #gymrat #training #workout #motivation #fitnurse #fitnessreviews #shedfitnessmemphis #shedfitness #healthymemphis #groupfitness #fitspo #health
Workout done. Now, we weekend. Where did you guys exercise today? We did @sbx_boxing and @pilatesproworkschicago #registrationrequired
🍑 booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere🍑 We all know the booty is IN. We try to incorporate butt exercises in our workout routine, at least, once a week ➕ studio classes that activate the glutes, like @solidcore @sltnyc @soulcycle & @modelfit to name a few. Check out the rest and full reviews on the site (👆🏻) #bubbasparxxx #gluteusmaximus #registrationrequired
My husband is no doubt thinking ‘what the❗️has my wife been doing today??’. . I’m doing what I love. Trying new fitness classes - and spreading the word. I fancy myself a bit of a mystery sweater - like a mystery shopper but for exercise classes. Or a fittie rather than a foodie? Hmmm... maybe #sweatsleuth or #sweatseeker #sweatfinder #fittie . Today I tried a spin class @ridecycleclub with instructor @bodybykong . The Scene Classic Yaletown crowd. Fit 30 somethings. Mostly women. Mostly lulu leggings and sports bras. . My take I loved the class and got a great sweat. And lost a bit of my hearing. My girlfriend who is not a very experienced spinner is hooked. Quote ‘I feel so great right now’ (after class). She loves to groove. . This class could be for you if you: - love high intensity workouts (very little downtime) - love to sweat - feed off of group momentum (very synchronized) - enjoy loud workout music (house in this case) - like an instructor who is challenging yet playful (some dance solos!) - enjoy low lighting workouts - aren’t intimidated by a roomful of fitties . . Stay tuned for more group class insights from this #sweatysleuth . I’m in fitness exploration mode so figure I might as well share. I ♥️ helping other find their sweaty bliss. . PS I just updated my website with an eat, sweat, love theme. Check it out - link in bio! Any and all feedback welcome. I’m writing for you not for me! . . . #fueledbyscience #spin #ride #spinclass #sweat #fitness #fitnessreviews #findyourfitness #fitnessblogger #blogger #vancouverfitness
With all this gloomy weather we've been having, I think it's time to accept that Summer is officially almost over😩⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But no need to fret, let's high five to all the wonderful times we had and look forward to Fall🍁 Think about those beautiful colors, comfy sweaters, warm lattes and apple cider donuts🍩☕ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Also, less time on the beach means more time in the studios, checking out new classes for you guys! 💪 Let us know what studios you've been dying to see! • • • • #carmenandchristine #fitfam #bostonfit #studioreviews #gymbuddies #gymreviews #groupfitness #classes #virginiabeach #highfive #igfitness #fall #sweaterweather #tbt #partnersincrime #fallthings #psl #foliage #bostonfitfam #fitnessreviews #workout #fitgirls #fitnessbloggers #boston #gettingsweaty
Solidcore: [solidcore] is 50 min of high-intensity, low-impact, slow & controlled movements on their reformer – [sweatlana] 💦 [sweatlana] guarantees you leave  class sweaty, sore, and shaky in an oh so good way ✅ the lights are low and the music is loud 👆🏻check out the full review on our website (link in bio) #registrationrequired @solidcore
We have some pretty exciting news!!!! This weekend we’re launching our Fit-City Guide Blog!!! Woooot 🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍⠀ Yes, yes, you may be thinking "isn't this a blog"? To us, we are reviewers first and foremost. We have a set criteria for which we evaluate boutique fitness studios and we always follow that same formula and look at each studio one by one to help you know where to sweat. We've critics that have become lil' experts in this niche category to know what boutique fitness studios need to thrive and it's always about that; it's rarely about our super personal journeys or what we have for breakfast. Now, we're still probs not going to talk about our breakfast on this blog, but we wanted to create a space for us to still play in the world of boutique fitness but have fun with looking at it from a different angle. It's also a great opportunity for us to work with some incredible guest writers that can bring a certain flare and unique perspective to the table. Stay tuned!! We have 3 posts written by guest writers from each city we currently write reviews; Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary! ✖️🍍
If you've ever attended one of my group exercise classes (piyo or core de force), pls drop me a review/ recommendation. 'Preciate ya! www.facebook.com/GUpFitnessLV p.s. don't forget to like👍🏽, follow👣 and share💞! TIA . . . #gupfitnesslv #onlygodcanjudgeme #groupexercise #piyo #piyoinstructor #PiYoLive #COREDEFORCE #COREDEFORCEinstructor #COREDEFORCELive #fitnessrecommendations #fitnessreviews
🥜over nuts! Almonds and most other nuts are a great pre- or post-workout snack. They are nutritionally dense and offer lots of fiber and protein, making them the perfect superfood snack💥What’s your go to pre- or post-workout snack? 🏋️‍♀️ #registrationrequired #almondloverforlife
Who else caught the boxing bug? Technique is everything, but hardest to master 🧠Whether it’s keeping your shoulders down, stepping w proper footwork & rhythm, or turning your jab into the bag, there’s so much to think about (but that’s why it’s fun, right?) 💁🏻‍♀️What’s your favorite punch? (Ours is a backhand hook) #jabcrosshook #registrationrequired
When you feel like a little taste of winter @brrrn ❄️❄️. #SweatConciergeNYC 📸: @littlebuffblondie
You know that phrase, summer bodies are built in winter? All you need is a humble set of neighbourhood stairs. Head over to the website to see my latest review, link in bio. #stairclimbing #fitforlife #freeworkout #cardio #sundaysession #sunshine #lovetheoutdoors #sunkissed #fitness #fitnessreviews #fitnessblogger
My Saturday morning ritual, #bodypump . What's yours? Read my review via link in bio 💪 #womenwholift #strengthtraining #gymlife #saturdaysweat #fitforlife #fitnessreviews #fitness #fitnessblogger
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