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TRUE REVIEWS TUES (not a sponsored post) @nvgtn Cropped Crew Neck: Both this shirt and this brand are absolutely amazing. Sometimes my gym is chilly (especially in the winter) and I need something to keep my arms toasty. The material (blend of cotton and spandex) is soft, a little bit thicker, but also very light. But the BEST part of this brand is their customer service. You can bet your booty that I will have every future launch on my calendar. The one drawback (and this could be a plus for some) is that this shirt is not made for long-armed women like me. The sleeves on both the small and the medium are slightly too short, but I still love the shirt, and it has become a staple for my winter morning gym-wear! Rating: 🍑🍑🍑🍑 (out of five) • • • #fitnessreviews #nvgtn #fitnessapparel #eatsleepgymrepeat #actuarylife #actuarialscience #fitactuary #fitnerd #mathematician #financeindustry #typeA #statistics #mathgeek #consultant #fitandtatted #bodyandbrains #brainsandbrawn @ashleigh_jordan
**NEW REVIEWS UP** We have been busy trying some new classes 🤸‍♂️🏋️‍♀️ 👟💪🏻 check out the site (👆🏻) for reviews on @exhalespa @305fitness @syncstudiobklyn @soulcycle (soulactivate) & @flywheelsports (flyfit) #registrationrequired #hustlebeforetheholidays
“It’s all good!!!!” #fitnessreviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Colorful waterproof fitness activity tracker Link : 15% off on moreFit Solo Fitness Tracker Original Price:USD$25.99 Code Price : USD$3.89 Code : UZ3WXCUV Link :https://www.amazon.com/moreFit-Waterproof-Exercise-Pedometers-Wristband/dp/B07JQ5WB8N #amazondeals #giveaway #amazongiveaway #us #usgift #giveawayusa #fitnessreviews #smartwatches #deals #tracker #activitytracker #fitbit #amazondeals #amazonreview #test #tester #amazontester #amazonbd #fitnesstracker #smartwatch #pedometer
Today I'm talking about something that has been a big game changer for me and something I wish I had known about so much sooner. I mentioned on our story a few weeks ago that I got some CBD oil in the mail and I got so many positive reactions/messages from you guys talking about how much you loved it. I also got so many questions...🌱 - Now, I've got your answers. CBD oil is Non-THC medicinal marijuana that can be taken as a supplement. 🚬It does NOT get you high what-so-ever. It does however have a ton of beneficial effects. Living with GBS, it has helped so much with pain management and has helped to clear my acne. (something I never, ever expected) I wrote in a lot more detail all about CBD, where you can find it, and all the potential effects. Check it out in the bio! - ❤ FW
Primera semana de acostumbrarme a correr nuevamente y agarrar mi paso. 😁feliz porque me acordé de ese sentimiento de libertad y de poder en el cuerpo 👏🏼 #entrenamientomaraton #maratonparis #roadtoparis #espiafit #fitnessreviews #runner #maraton
Raise your hand if you're IN IT for a kickass week 🖐🏽🖐🏿🖐🏼 Loving the energy and vibes from this shot during #sweatconrallysd
SoulCycle - SoulActivate: a 45 min high-intensity cardio spin class in a dark, red-lit room ❤️ expect more muscle-sculpting arm work using heavier weights 🏋️‍♀️ 💪🏻 and a few timed interval sections where you push yourself to your limits with high resistance 😃 💦 this class will take your soul-game to the next level ✅ 🚴🏻‍♀️ full review on our site (link in bio 👆🏻) #registrationrequired @soulcycle
Sundays are for the cozy vibes ✨⠀ ⠀ 📸: @omandthecity
Fashion waterproof fitness tracker support swimming/head rate tracking / brightness adjustment. Fully free for US , 💌Email me. 👉 https://www.amazon.com/maoreFit-Activity-Waterproof-Swimming-Pedometer/dp/B07K317HH8 #usgift #amazonus #amazonusa #amazondeals #amazonreview #fitnessreviews #fitnesstracker #smartwatch #smartwatches #review #watchreview #fitbitreview #amazon #giveaways #giveawayusa #fitreviews #fitness
Thanks so much @karla_badillo92 & @zwafai for your lovely words!! And welcome to the family💕 We’re so happy to hear you love them as much as we do💕 We can’t wait to help you smash your goals🍑🔥 #peachybooty #bootybootybooty #womenwholift #glutebuilding #womenwholiftheavy #bootybuilding #workout #fitnessreviews #reviews #community #fitnesscommunity #igcommunity #hipcircles #bootybands #resistancebands
Does anyone else have 734 holiday parties to go to this weekend/week?! Don’t forget to sleep 💤 & get some exercise inspiration on the site 🏃🏼‍♀️#registrationrequired
Professional IP68 Waterproof support Swimming fitness tracker. Also support heart rate tracking, 14 modes Sport tracking. Only for bring u healthy life. Need Us review , Fully free. PM me! #fitnessamazon #fitnessusa #amazondeals #amazonfinds #usreviewer #usreview #amazon #amazonreview #amazonreviews #fitbit #fitbitreview #fitnesstracker #fitnessreviews
How does the saying go? "Saturdays are for Soul"? That is the case in our book, and @kathleenkulikowski brings the🔥🚲⠀ ⠀ 📸: @kathleenkulikowski
The cold weather has us trapped inside... SOOOO we are cooking it up today, I made one of my quickest breakfast/brunch meals. Chia pudding and topped it with anything and everything I had in my fridge. This is so simple, takes less than 5 min and best of all is super filling, tasty, and healthy. ❤ I wrote out the recipe for you guys and a bigger explanation of what all I dumped in the bowl to add to it. The full recipe is up in the bio, so click it, and go make it so you don't have to worry about breakfast for tomorrow ✅ You're welcome for this one. 💗FW
Resistance bands have become the bane of my freaking existence. The latex ones roll down, which hurts, and also distracts from your workout. I saw @whitneyysimmons suggest these and it was like a glimmer of hope. They are under $30 on Amazon (I think a great investment) and I will be bringing them to barre class with me too. Link in bio.
🌟MEETUP ALERT🌟 All our Chicago babes & bros - come sweat with us at F45 in Lincoln Park on Monday, Dec. 24 at 830am. We 💖 @f45_training_lincolnparknorth and we want to share the love. There’s no better way to begin the official holiday week #registrationrequired
@questnutrition Strawberry Cheesecake protein bar. ☆ ☆ Whey Protein is like ice cream. It comes in about 5 standard flavors, at least chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. This bar tastes like someone had strawberry protein powder, thought it was yummy, and wanted to make a yummy protein bar our of it somehow. The good news is: they were successful. The bad news is: they marketed it as Strawberry Cheesecake. There is nothing remotely cheesecake about this snack. Yes, it's very good, with a light, strawberry flavor and chunks suspended in a graham-cracker-esque base, and way way sweet. But no, no cheesecake, just some strawberry. The Protein flavor was not overwhelming, but this is one of the few Quest bars that a light glaze layer or icing could be rather beneficial. It's also best microwaved- this is non-negotiable. Microwave it. It's definitely a Yeah! ☆ ☆ Taste: 6.5/10 Texture: 8/10 Packaging: 7/10 Satisfaction: 9/10 Sweetness: 8 ☆
Enjoying some lunch at one of our favorite healthy restaurants in Dallas @eatflowerchild super #basic but it’s so good we can’t even help it! ❤️😍 so good for the rainy days when you want “comfort” food but gotta stay on track 💪🏼🥬
ommmmmmmmm-my god, @yogasix left us totally blissed out. Click the link in our bio to read our review on this gem 🤗💖 #SweatConciergeSD ⠀ ⠀ 📸: @yogasix
P.volve P.sculpt: a 55 min low impact low intensity toning class💆🏻‍♀️ P.volve mostly markets its streaming platform, but they have a studio on Bowery too. You’ll use resistance bands, ankle weights, & other P.volve branded equipment. Think small & focused movements done a few times through 📏If you’re recovering from an injury or can’t do high impact exercises, this may be the class for you. But for us, it wasn’t enough & we’ll pass on this class moving forward🤷🏼‍♀️ Buttttt, the instructors were super welcoming & warm. See for yourself 👀. Read our full review on the site (link in bio 👆🏻) #registrationrequired
We’re in the thick of holiday season like day old eggnog 🤷🏼‍♀️ Keep those colds away & stressors at bay with some good ole’ fashioned exercise 👟👟We’re staying sane by checking out and reviewing a few new studios this week ➡️ @exhalespa @305fitness @syncstudiobklyn @soulcycle (soulactivate) & @flywheelsports (flyfit), #registrationrequired is coming for you 🏃🏻‍♀️ KIT for our full reviews on our site (👆🏻).
LET’S TALK: reviews ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It’s just one of those mornings. Slept too late, missed the subway by a millisecond (even after the conductor looked directly at you), and on top of it all, you didn’t have time to pick up some rocket fuel. We all have those days. But the difference is, most of us don’t have to worry about being rated and reviewed during them. Life goes on and we do better the next day. And on that next day, when we come back and kill it, rarely does anyone tell us what kweens we are. The point is: positive or negative, a constant stream of feedback is a unique aspect of fitpro life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Which brings us to a topic we’ve always been curious about: trainer reviews. While definitely helpful to hear what’s working and what’s not, we have a feeling it’s hard not to take a 1-star review personally despite it being solely based on the plushness of towels. We want to hear from you – do you appreciate the constant feedback you get from reviews or find it (and it’s anonymous nature) frustrating or unfair? • • #classreviews #fitnessreviews #fitprolife #fitnesslife #trainerlife #ratemyburn
We all know the music makes the workout. Check out our December playlist for a refresh (link in bio).⠀ ⠀ 📸: @bpuresports
¿Quién dijo que hacer ejercicio es aburrido? En @jazzerciseinterlomas tu pulso aumentará al ritmo de la mejor música. En la clase podrás perderte en la música y disfrutar mientras quemas calorías 💃🏽¿ya conoces este método de dance fitness? . 🔸calorías quemadas: alrededor de 250 por clase 🔹ubicación: hay muchas, la mejor forma de conocerlas es a través de las redes sociales 🕵🏼‍♀️ rating: 10 Una clase que además te da coordinación, ritmo, flexibilidad y diversión ¿Tú ya lo conoces? Déjame tus comentarios . . #espiafit #fitlife #fitnessgirl #sersana #fitgirl #habitosaludables #jazzercise #jazzercize #dancefitness #cdmx #ejercicioencasa #ejercicios #fitnessreviews
San Diego...We're comin' in hot😛 ⠀ Cali babes, while we've partied together before, we're officially rolling out our San Diego site TOOOOODAY! #SweatConciergeSD ⠀ ⠀ Click the link in our bio to get the deets on our faves @renegadefitcamp , @sparkcycle and @yogasix
Switch Playground: A 60 min fast paced full body circuit class set in a spacious studio ✨ With multiple trainers per class, they guide you around the grown up playground 🤸🏻‍♀️ A short yoga sesh starts the class & then you’ll move around 20-40 stations for 2 mins at each while using loads of different equipment 🏋🏼‍♀️ Switch never fails to impress - it’s a #registrationrequired favorite. Check out our full review on the site (link 👆🏻)
@one1brands Happy Birthday flavor Protein bar ☆ It's a protein bar party and we celebrate with Protein bar cake! Typically I hate birthday cake flavor, so I had my reservations about this flavor. But it wasn't bad! This tasted like white cake, almost slightly lemony. And of course it was exceptionally sweet. Texture was wonderfully soft. Also a recommendation: this bar is better whrn not microwaved. It wasn't amazing, but it didn't disappoint me either, so this gets a Yeah! ☆ Taste: 7/10 Texture: 8/10 Packaging: 8/10 Satisfaction: 8/10 Sweetness: 7 ☆
Our weekend is going to be filled with Christmas shopping, new classes, and maybe some cookies 🍪 😉! Trying out @pure_barre this weekend ✅ what does your weekend look like? #holidayhustle #registrationrequired
@buffbake @buffbakecolombia Chocolate Donut Protein Cookie ☆ A clarification: this is a cookie. A donut is a very different pastry, and is not a cookie flavor. Saying this is donut flavored is like saying your yogurt is strawberry milk flavored, or your cake is blueberry muffin flavored. Seems fishy to me. This whole cookie seemed pretty fishy, from the lame "frosting and sprinkles" to its awkward macros. I split it in half and it was fairly flexible but required more force than I expected. But I gave it a chance. Verdict? Delicious! The flavor was excellent. Very sweet, yes, but not sickly so nor overpowering. The chocolate flavor was so-so but it also wasn't a double chocolate cookie, so I can't expect too much. Otherwise, I found it to be delightful, though awkward. Texture-wise, it was unusually dry, but the flavor makes up. Big Yeah, this was pretty dang good! ☆ Taste: 9/10 Texture : 7.5/10 Packaging: 8/10 Satisfaction: 10/10 Sweetness : 7 ☆ What do you think of protein cookies? Do they rustle your wheat? Do they heat your lizard? Do they drain your toothbrush? I don't know, you're going to have to tell me! ☆
@one1brands Chocolate chip cookie dough ☆ Ah, the nicely packaged rival to Quest! This one was also sheathed in a film of milk chocolate icing. Let's begin with flavor: kind of vanilla, kind of bland. Maybe some salt would perk it up? However, it was wayyy sweet. It tasted like inexpensive milk chocolate, not cookie dough. Its texture redeems it- very soft, not tacky like a Quest, but also didn't fare well in the microwave. I think it's a good, tasty bar if you want something sweet, and pretty solid macros too, so let there be Yeah. ☆ Taste: 7/10 Texture: 8/10 Packaging : 10/10 Satisfaction: 8/10 Sweetness: 8 (yipes) ☆ What's your favorite cookie dough flavored product? Tell me below, so I can find it! Eat it! And... oh no... Review it!
What workout is best for you? This can be a really hard question to answer. The good news is it can be done. Caroline and I really believe that finding the best workout for YOU comes down to asking yourself just 2 questions. 1. What type of Exercise do I enjoy? 2. What are my fitness/health goals? When you realize what kind of movement/ exercise you find most enjoyable and combine that with the goals you want to achieve you can have a better understanding of what to look for in a class or fitness regimen. We are here to give you guys as much information as possible about tons of different studios and health trends so that after answering those 2 simple questions you can find the right solution for you. For example: (adrienne here) What I love in a workout: I grew up dancing. For me the exercise I enjoy the most includes rhythmic movements and stretches. My fitness goal: stay lean and tone my body, I am not looking to add a lot of muscle or or lose any weight. I workout to feel good and tone up. So it makes complete sense why I love workouts like Barre, yoga, and spin class the most. Your goal might be training for a marathon, losing weight, gaining weight, improving your cardio or just your overall health. Whatever it may be the ultimate key to reaching your goals is finding an effective workout that combines your goals, with being enjoyable for you. If you are not having fun than you won’t be motivated to get up for that early morning class and will inevitably give up your routine. Snap out of that cycle! We are here to help give you a better understanding of tons of different workouts so you can quickly find what works the very best for you.
Did you know we did a podcast with @nadiamurdock ?!👍🏻🤸‍♂️ if you missed it, check it out - link in bio 👆🏻 we discuss who #registrationrequired is, our goals, plans and much more! ✅❤️🔥
#TBT Barry’s Bootcamp: a high-intensity strength 💪🏻+ cardio 🏃‍♀️interval class. Barry’s is one of our favorite total body HIIT classes that will leave you 💦 and wanting more. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to #getbarryd check out the full review on our website 👆🏻link in our bio #registrationrequired @barrysbootcamp
It’s that time of year. The one where you panic trying to figure out what to get everyone on your list for Christmas. 🎁🎄 ~ We know that feeling all too well. For me I especially struggle to find gifts for guys. ~ Sooooo to help you (and myself) out I created a little gift guide of 12 gender neutral gifts at 12 different price points so no matter who you’re shopping for or what your budget may be, you can find them something they will love. ❤️ ~ Check it out and let us know what are your go to gifts for family and friends!!! ❤️FW
TRX classes - love them or hate them?🤷🏼‍♀️ we loved the TRX focused class @pilatesproworks ✅ what TRX classes have you tried? Let us know so we can try some more! #registrationrequired
@carolineofe abandoned me for the day 😩 sad I know. But good news is I used my alone time to pick a studio I’ve been dying to try before she drags me to F45 tomorrow.... Today I made sure to get my stretch in while checking out Studio 6 in Preston Hollow. This full body workout incorporates tons of equipment along with the reformer machine throughout 50 min. It had my arms and abs on 🔥. Check out what I loved and what was not so great about Studio six in my full review! Link up in bio now ✨
Is anybody else slightly overwhelmed this week with to do lists? ✅🤷🏻‍♀️ On crazy busy weeks we like to meal prep and make sure our workouts are planned out for the week 👍🏻🤸‍♂️💪🏻🍽 What things help you get through a busy week? Comment below! #registrationrequired
What have I been doing lately you ask? Well, I’ve been recovering from the 5k I ran over Thanksgiving! I decided to vlog the experience! It was so much fun! If you would like to check out the video, the link is in the bio! 🐾 I feel after all these years the wonderful people that follow me, I feel don’t really know me very well, so, I decided to make another YouTube account and start vlogging and creating content from a fitness standpoint, rather then a comedy standpoint. I love making comedy related videos, but fitness has been and will always be such a huge part of my life and no better way to get the world on a healthy lifestyle by recording it for others! I want to give fitness advice, clothing reviews, recording my biking adventures in the summer, weightlifting, and possibly record more 5k runs in the future! Thanks for watching and I can’t wait to share this part of my life with everyone! I’m excited! 🐾 #turkeytrot #turkeytrot2018 #fitnessmotivation #youtubechanel #youtube #vlog #fitnessmotivation #eastbayturkeytrot2018 #weightlifting #reviews #5krun #5krunner #girlswholift #motivationmonday #fitnessreviews
Sneaking in activity, 30mins a day, in any way you can pays big dividends physically and mentally. SUPing helps me calm the farm 🙏. Never tried? Review's on the blog. Link in bio 😎✌ #sup #standuppaddling #vitaminsea #waterbaby #getstarted #getoutside #itssummertime #onepieceswimsuit #lovetheoutdoors #dunsborough #thisiswa #westcoastvibes #chillax #fitnessblogger #fitnessreviews #fitforlife
One of my BEST purchases in 2018 was a good solid ✨foam roller✨ - I invested in one with lots of ridges to help release lactic acid (muscle soreness) pre and post workout and I’m sooo glad I did! 😍 Every night while I watch a TV show or scroll through my phone, I spend about 15 min with this baby. It’s helped not only with my recovery but also my back pain! WIN! WIN! 🎁They make great gifts for the holidays ( or for yourself 😉) - HONESTLY- if you dont foam roll then WYD?! 🤔 Get one for you, your mom, your boyfriend, your dog. Everyone needs one. - Mine is from @lululemon and is still available for $58 but you can pick them up at target for as little as $20! P.S. We’ll be talking other great holiday gifts later this week so stay tuned 😘😘 FW
Flywheel - Method: 45 or 60 min high-intensity spin class with a dose of muscle-sculpting arm work 💪🏻 🚲 each bike is suited with your own real-time performance metrics so you can race against your fellow classmates or self class to class 🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♂️ the competitive type will ❤️ this class 😃 💦 full review on our site (link in bio 👆🏻) #registrationrequired @flywheelsports
@lunabar Chocolate Cupcake ☆ Another chocolatey snackbar! Who's ready for da cocoa? Well, I didn't find this bar to be very chocolatey. It's soy based, but marketed toward women so it can be advertised as "healthy." As far as flavor, it wasn't particularly sweet, which was good, but rather artificial and didn't have much flavor I'm general. Texture-wise, I was surprised to discover how crunchy it is, with crispy pieces making up the majority of the bar. This was unexpected, because I wanted more of a "Cupcake" (or at least chewey Protein brownie) texture than Rice Krispy. This bar is looking like a Nah. ☆ Taste: 5/10 Texture: 4/10 Packaging : 7/10 Satisfaction: 6/10 Sweetness: 6 ☆ What do you think of Luna bars? Are their other flavors any good? I'm considering trying some, so let me know!
It’s long awaited, for those of you that know me IRL, you know I was a full on @soulcycle JUNKIE for the longest time. 🤤 Now I’ve temporarily given up my addiction to try out other places, but I still believe in the MAGIC🔮 that is Soul Cycle. I know I sound pathetic and I don’t even care. This place has my ❤️ the way nothing else but ice cream and pure barre does. I wrote a whole blog explaining why I think soul cycle stands out in the field; but also why the crazy price tag keeps me from going. If you’ve ever thought about trying it or you just want to know the tea on the place they call a cult... check it out! Link in bio 😉 - Have you tried Soul cycle?!
It’s been two months since our sweaty Registration Required meet up at SBX 🌟Next up: Chicago ❄️ Stay tuned. Meanwhile - have questions about a studio you want to try? Check out our site (👆🏻) to get the facts so you can focus on the work. #registrationrequired
Hey all you keto buffs out there! Opinions and reviews on these keto products and any other out there? I didn't buy either but I did buy a keto friendly protein... . . . #ketosis #keto #ketosupplements #ketolife #ketolifestyle #ketolife #ketodiet #fitness #fitnessreviews
After taking some time off for thanksgiving we got back to working out this week and we’re SOOO sore. So yesterday I (adrienne) decided it was time @carolineofe face her fears and freeze her lil bum off. In an effort to help a sister out, We headed to @cryo1one to try cryotherapy and although Caroline hated me in the moment she woke up feeling so refreshed this morning I think I’ve converted her! If you’ve ever been curious to try cryotherapy and see what all the hype is about check out the link in our bio!
Body By Simone - Full Body: a 50 min dance cardio/toning workout 👯‍♀️Set in a mirror-filled studio, you’ll feel like you’re auditioning for the next Center Stage, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised that you don’t actually need to be a prima ballerina to excel here 🌟The class switches between solid dance cardio bursts with upper body, lower body, & core toning sections mixed in. BBS’ Full Body is a super fun workout that brings the heat too. Read our full review on the site 👆🏻 #registrationrequired @bodybysimone
Working out is good for the body AND the mind in so many ways. 💪🏻 . . . . Enjoying my #gofit #powerloops ! Only issue I seem to have is that I have to use them with shorts only, they slide around too much otherwise.
@lennyandlarrys baked Muscle Brownie ☆ If you've ever had a FiberOne bar, this is its jacked cousin. It's exactly like a FiberOne brownie except chewier and denser. The flavor was good, not too sweet, though haunted by what must be the soy protein. I honestly expected it to be saltier, but it was everso slightly bland in that respect. I think it could use a bit more vanilla flavor, but I'm not sure that long list of ingredients should be added to! For all of the junk it's made of, it has awesome macros. The texture was fantastic, very dense, chocolatey, and soft. Great for snackin! Yeah! ☆ Taste: 8/10 Texture: 8/10 Packaging: 9/10 Satisfaction: 10/10 Sweetness: 7 ☆ Have you tried a brotein brownie? Let me know if you've tried this or something similar in the comments below, and tell me what you thought!
@questnutrition Chocolate brownie ☆ The black sheep of the quest bars! Most reviews for this bar are rather unkind, but I think the only problem with this bar is some unfortunate misbranding. It's like the double chocolate bar, but without the chocolate chips- and that is NOT a bad thing! Less like a brownie, and more like a dense, chewey dark chocolate bar. It's simple and it's good. It's very good, actually. Not very flavorful, unfortunately, but also not overly sweet. Okay texture. Really, this not a brownie, and shpuld not be labeled such. However, it is a great Yeah! ☆ Taste: 8/10 Texture: 7.5/10 Packaging: 4/10 Satisfaction: 10/10 Sweetness: 5 👌 ☆ Have you tried this snack? What do you think of calling it a 'brownie' or just a 'healthy chunk of chocolate'? Let me know in the comments!
Is anyone else dragging through this week? Nevertheless, we must go on 🤸🏻‍♂️ New studios on our docket this week: @yogaworks & @cyclexstudio. Stay tuned for our full reviews ✍🏻 Where are you guys sweating? #registrationrequired
Heading Down Under anytime soon? 1/2 of RR just got back from Australia & is seriously in 💖 It’s the land of all day brekkie, serious coffee, local ingredients, pristine beaches, balanced lifestyles, & whimsical fauna 🇦🇺 If you need a surf break, book a spot at one of our favs: @f45_training_southbank , @paramountrecclub , & @artgymhobart 🐨Check out our full reviews on the site (👆🏻) #registrationrequired #rrtravels
BFX Burn: a 50 min cardio intensive class located in Chelsea at the NYSC Lab. You‘ll🔥calories & you’ll sweat. BFX Burn consists of 6 rounds ⏱ Each round is comprised of (i) 90 seconds strength/toning, & (ii) 4 minutes cardio blasts. As you can predict, this class is high impact 💥💥💥 A serious class when you want to test (& increase) your cardio endurance. Check out our full review on the site (link in bio 👆🏻) @bfxstudio @nysclab #registrationrequired
Enjoying this long break with some extra sleep and trying out some new classes (@cyclexstudio )😃🤸‍♂️ what classes do you have booked this holiday weekend? Comment below 👇🏻#registrationrequired
#FBF CorePower Yoga Sculpt: where namaste 🧘🏼‍♂️ meets namaslay 💪🏻 corepower’s yoga sculpt combines yoga and strength-training with a sprinkle ☔️ of cardio in a 93 degree room 🔥 this class works the entire body leaving you refreshed and drenched 💦 check out the full review on our website (link in bio) #registrationrequired @corepoweryoga
@questnutrition peppermint bark Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a wayward #snack for my people on this day of feasting. This Protein bar was two-toned and covered in a veil of frosting. The mint was strong on the first bite, before it tasted bland and like protein. I will note that is plenty sweet, but I definitely preferred the flavors on the pumpkin one. Not much as far as chocolate, or sakt, or anything really. It was... dry. How can something taste dry? For a protein bar, it was actually super delicious, though I prefer Quests unfrosted bars overall. But as a food item, I wouldn't eat it again, so it's a Nah. Taste: 5/10 Texture: 5/10 Packaging: 7/10 Satisfaction : 7/10 Sweetness: 7 #quest #questbar #questbars #questprotein #proteinbar #proteinbars #proteinbarreview #fitnessreview #fitnessreviews #peppermint #minty #protein #questnutrition ##snack #snackreview #snackreviews #snacking #snacks #snackfood #snacktime #food #foodrating #ratefood #foodreview #foodreviews #review #reviewer #reviews
HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🍁🦃🍽 from Fitnesswitnessed ❤️
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🦃🍁🍽 Enjoy family and friends, rest, relax, and eat that piece of pie! 🥧😃#registrationrequired #happyturkeyday 🦃
The holidays are a super fun but if you’ve got some serious health goals it can feel so derailing. This week @carolineofe Is off with her husbands’ family so @stopandsmellthelilyrose and I are breaking down our tips for staying healthy-ish during the holiday season. 1. Enjoy the holiday dishes guilt free but be aware so you don’t over eat. Don’t starve yourself until dinner. Rather eat a hearty breakfast and snacks until dinner so you don’t gorge yourself and feel awful after. 2. Go on a walk post heavy meals and invite a family member you’ve been wanting to catch up with to go with you! It will make you feel good, and might even get you out of helping with the dishes ( just don’t tell mom) 🤫 3. Pack your own healthy snacks! Sometimes where your visiting might not have any health options, and it makes me not feel good when I eat junk for days on end. Enjoy what you want to, but don’t feel pressured to eat everything. Supplement some of your own snacks, so you can feel good while you enjoy family!
We got this...only one more day till 🦃 day! Anybody traveling for the holidays? Check out the site (👆🏻) for Chicago and NYC class ideas 💡 🙌🏻👍🏻 #registrationrequired
You guys, lets be real, packing sucks, traveling in general is not anything to get excited about. While we love our destinations getting there is always such a pain, and worse, really expensive. We’ve come up with a few tricks over the years that help to make it bearable. What we’ve learned in a nut shell? Pretend your a boy scout and BE PREPARED. It always makes taking it on the road, so much more fun. Link in bio for our top tips on how to prep for travel so the only thing you have to worry about this thanksgiving is grandma asking if you have a boyfriend yet.
Pilates ProWorks-Pilates Pro: Low intensity workout on the FitFormer. Lots of slow movements and holds🤸‍♂️You will get a full body workout and leave with a light sweat 💦 Perfect for those less intense days - Check out the full review on our site 👆🏻#registrationrequired @pilatesproworks
Looking to burn a TON of calories before that Turkey 🦃 Day feast? @orangetheory has got you covered! Adrienne and I had a blast, learned a lot about our heart rates, and left pooped(in a good way💩). This technology based workout is so cool, and their science backed workouts will keep you burning calories long after you leave. 🙌🏻💪🏻 They are even offering classes early in the morning on Thanksgiving Day so you can get a last minute burn in before the food comma 😉 go tap that link for the full review and comment below what your favorite version of cardio is⬇️⬇️⬇️
Lunes de probar cosas nuevas. Esta vez nos fuimos a meter a @samadhi.studio A probar la clase de Vinyasa Flow, excelente para profundizar en asanas o posturas y practicar pranayama. 🔸calorías quemadas: alrededor de 270 por clase 🔹ubicación: las lomas, monte everest 🕵🏼‍♀️ rating: 9 El estudio está muy lindo pero pequeño, tiene un baño con regadera y una cocina. La clase de prueba $300 ¿Tú ya lo conoces? Déjame tus comentarios #espiafit #yogatime #asana #flow #vinyasa #yogapractice #mexicocity #yogastudio #fitlife #fitnessgirl #fitnessreviews #fitnesstrends #sersana #fitgirl
Battle ropes...love them or hate them? 🤷🏻‍♀️ they are super hard, but oh so effective 🔥 do you know of any rope training classes? Comment below - we would love to try! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #registrationrequired
Savage supps review @savage_supps disclaimer I do not work or get paid by this company I just like trying different supps. #mom2madbradfitness #fitness #loverofpres #caffieneendurance #bodybuilding #powerlifting #fitnessreviews #supplements
Life over the last month for me (@adriennegrey ) has been a little unusual. My new normal has been all about chillin in my pajamas and staying in. One month ago after going to the hospital I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre an auto immune disease that attacked my nerve system, causing numbness, weakness, and tingling throughout my body. Now in recovery I spend the majority of my time sleeping and trying my best to stay warm to avoid losing feeling in my legs. 😨😴 I wrote a blog post sharing my experience and what life is like now! Link is up in the bio so go check it out if you wanna know the whole story and what has been going on since.
☀️ LADIES!!! I’m seriously loving these super comfy, high-waisted running tights! 🏃‍♀️They are crazy affordable and perfect for that little lower belly curve, if you have one like I do! 😇😋👌🏼👶🏼 To purchase:➡️ http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CF7BYF6 & let me know what you think!! 😝💥🤩 #fitmomsquad #fitmodeling #coloradofitgirl #promogirllife #dm #scoutme #brandcollaboration #promomodeling #blondemodels #greeneyedlady #fitnessreviews #runningbabe #runningchicks #boothbabe #coloradospringsmodel #coloradofitgirl If you are in need of a professional, personable photographer, please check out @yorkphotography4
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