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eloise, we are so anxious for your arrival. I cannot wait for the moment you are placed on my chest, and I get to hold you in my arms. I’m ready for the biggest role in my life... to be your mother. 🖤
39 weeks pregnant = If I can't wear leggings, I'm not going!
Ayden’s meal. 13 months old. Nov 17.2018 . 📷 Breakfast: 🍴Dragon Fruit 🍴Carrot Potato Kale Pancake (egg, rice flour) 🍴Beet and Ricotta Cheese . 📷 Lunch: 🍴Spinach Soy Bean Paste Soup (anchovy stock, white mushroom, onion, tofu) 🍴Mixed Bean Steamed Rice 🍴Kale Egg Roll Up 🍴Nappa Cabbage & Onion (blanched & seasoned in perilla powder) . 📷 Dinner: 🍴Somyun Noodles (with leftover Soybean Soup) 🍴Pan Fried Broccoli & Shrimps 🍴Garlic Scape (braised with Medjool Dates) 🍴Tomato Meatloaf . 🆕: Soybean Paste Garlic Scape Somyun . Yesterday’s meal B: Ate the fruits in flash, gave him refill of same amount. Ate the pancakes super quick when I wasn’t watching. I was looking everywhere thinking he dropped them. He did drop a piece which is in the after meal pic. I fed him the cheese and the beet. He wouldn’t eat them himself 🤷🏻‍♀️ Perhaps he doesn’t want to get his hands bloody red. . L: Loved the tofu in the soup. Finished the soup and half the rice and bit of the rest. . D: Was a hit. I’ve never seen him focus so much. He absolutely loved the noodles, had a refill of about same amount if not more. Finished all offered plus more of broccoli shrimp and garlic scape refills!! Time to gain some weight. . . #주은유아식 . 📷 아침: 🍴용과 🍴당근감자케일 전 🍴비트와 리코타치즈 . 📷 점심: 🍴시금치 양송이 두부 된장국 (멸치양파육수) 🍴믹스콩밥 🍴배추양파 들깨무침 🍴케일 계란말이 . 📷 저녁: 🍴된장국수 (소면) 🍴브로콜리새우 볶음 🍴마늘종 조림 (매드줄 대추야자) 🍴토마토 미트로프 . 어제 식단 B: 용과부터 흡입하고 잠깐 못본사이 팬케이크 2개를 먹었다. 흘린줄 알고 한참 찾았다. 용과 리필. 비트와치즈는 내가 먹여줘야 먹는다. 왜지? 빨간물이 싫은가. L: 된장국에 두부를 쏙쏙. 버섯도 잘 씹었다. 두부더주고, 된장국이랑 밥 반정도 먹고 나머진 조금씩만. D: 점심을 적게먹어 배고팠나 소면을 허겁지겁. 골고루 직접 다 드신날. 주은이가 순싹을 할줄이야. 이런날도 있구나 신기해서 정지모드로 시청하고있었음. 계속 잘 먹었으면 좋겠다. ❤️ . . #blw #babyledweaning #blwideas #13months #momlife #babyboy #firsttimemom #아이주도이유식 #유아식 #아기일상 #아기식단 #육아스타그램 #아들바보 #아들맘 #엄마스타그램 #엄마껌딱지 #아기일기 #초보엄마 #13개월아들 #육아소통
9 months goes by faster than you may think. Feels like yesterday we took a positive pregnancy test and here we are 6 days away from our due date. Its a strange waiting game as we near her arrival. I have moments where I’m so eager and impatient — other moments...I’m perfectly content with everything just as it is. Life moves fast... So fast that while cleaning out the car I accidentally threw away a stack of mail/papers which included our latest ultrasound photos. Oops... 😅🤦🏼‍♀️) I’m killing the mom game already. #39weekspregnant #maternityphotoshoot
One of my favorite shoots I’ve done yet. Isn’t she glowing 😍 I’m so happy for you beautiful momma 🤰🏻❤️ Hair, makeup and photos done by me! @summerholm - - - #maternityphotography #pregnancy #firsttimemom #glowingmomma #pnwphotographer #portraitphotography #maternityfashion #mothertobe
Baby boy is gonna be 3 weeks tomorrow 👶🏻💙 keep growing little man, you have so much to explore😊 #babyboy #scorpio #firsttimemom #unconditionallove #firstborn #babyBlueeyes
In the middle of the night I wonder, why is it me that you cry for? And then you peak up at my tear stained face with unconditional love coming through those sparkling eyes. Because mama, you are my everything. #babyboy #boymom #firsttimemom #unconditionallove #itsaboything #fischerprice
Today we celebrated Ian’s 11th Birthday with an “Ultimate Fantasy Football Team” Party. 🏈 Up to this point I’ve had 27 LARGE birthday parties for my kids! (But whose counting? Lol.) 😳 I admit— I have a strong tendency to go overboard in many things I do. You can call me an aspiring Pinterest Mom— but let’s face it- I’m sure I’m not the only mom of the 21st century that feels the insane pressure to have an amazing internet worthy party for her kids! 🤪 Up until the past few years, I’ve enjoyed going a bit overboard for my kid’s parties! Throughout the past few years however, I admit it has been a struggle for me to plan ANY type of party, let alone a Pinterest party! Ha! 🎉 For Ian’s 11th birthday party, I really wanted to “try” to simplify! Ian has been wanting an ice cream cake from @dairyqueen for years, but I always said no- in lieu of the fancy gourmet cake I wanted to get. Guess what kind of cake he got finally?!! When I went to @dollartree yesterday to pick up some balloons, they were out of helium. Ian said he didn’t care if I had any balloons at his party...so I listened (for once.) 🎈 I made sure our guests were well fed! (I am so glad I had help in this area from our family and friends in addition to the pizzas I ordered...) and for three hours, everyone just talked and socialized, all while the kids played in the gym we rented. When my DSLR camera battery was dead, I had to use my MIL’s camera for pictures- and because of this I took less pictures than I have ever taken at a party. 📸 When we got home from the party this evening, Ian told me it was the BEST PARTY EVER and the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. I repeat- BEST EVER. ❤️ Food, Cake, Family, & Friends = Birthday Party Success. Yes, I admit the other details are nice and do make my heart swoon... but they really don’t make or break your child’s idea of an amazing birthday! Just thought you all might want to know that! 🏆 . . . . . #motherhood #baby #birthday #momlife #babyboy #son #parenthood #mom #momblogger #pinterestfail #birthdayfun #firsttimemom #parenting #motherhoodrising #mamaprimeriza #motherhoodunplugged #happyfamily #dad #carpediem #football #fantasyfootball #nfl #kidsbirthday
Being a single mama can be hard! Evva is fighting an ear infection and just needs all the snuggles. I was trying to put away laundry and she just kept crawling on my lap, so I stopped what I was doing and we just played and danced. The hard part is I don't have a partner who can help me pick up the slack (not that all partners do that anyways). But the laundry will be there tomorrow (even though I got it put away this evening) but Evva will only be like this today, tomorrow she will be one day older. So hold your babies when they need you and don't feel guilty for one second if you can't get to your to do list!! If you haven't checked out my latest blog post "An Open Thank You to the Parents of Single Moms", I'd love if you would stop by and drop a comment!! Link is in my bio!!
Know that you will forever be my baby ❤️
I am blown away that this precious girl is 10 MONTHS old now 😭 I just know these last few weeks are going to fly right by with the holidays. I really need to start planning her birthday party 😬😳😫 Our beautiful little nugget: + has four teeth now + is still tiny but mighty in her 3-6 month clothes lol + is really starting to recognize & loveeee music and dancing + is standing and walking along furniture + loves to climb & play in the dogs’ water bowl 🤦🏼‍♀️ + cries when you take away something she wants...yeah I’m not ready for all that + has unsuccessfully 🙌🏻 tried to eat concrete on multiple occasions + keeps us on our toes & brings so much light into our lives We love you forever & always, Ada Bee. . . . #10monthsold
It’s Sunday November 18th. Meaning that tomorrow will be Monday November 20th meaning that as of tomorrow my Peanut only has one week to go before he’s a whole 2 years old (😭x100) and I honestly don’t even know how that’s possible. . . Just yesterday my eyes were literally blood shot from lack of sleep, my heart was pounding all day long from the overwhelming feeling of love that I’ve never known I could feel, my soul was in awe of the little miracle baby that was all mine & my head was warming up unbeknownst to me to fight a year long battle with postpartum depression I was completely oblivious to. . . This particular night (he was one day old here) I remember crying. Crying hard all by myself as I held him late at night in a quiet maternity ward. Crying out of joy and fear and worry and bliss and all the millions of emotions a Mama feels for the first time. He was mine. I had him. He had me. We were one. 2 years later, nothing’s changed. One week countdown starts now 💙 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #InstaBaby #FirstTimeMom #Mothers #Toddler #InstaFamily #SAHM #BlueEyes #MamaBear #ToddlerLife #ToddlerBoy #ToddlerMom #BirthdayCountdown #BabyMilestones #KidsGrowSoFast #TimeLikesToFly #MamaFeelings #AMothersFeelings #MemoriesOfBaby
So happy to have him home ❤😍 first day of the rest of my life. My heart is full ❤😘 #mamasboy #firsttimemom
I Made A Promise To Always Make Sure You Straight Princess Jaliyah😍🤞🏾💜 She Got So Much More Stuff Coming Tomorrow 😍❤️ @enyia_ #nursery #firsttimemom #38weekspregnant #explore
We came, we saw, we beignet’ed. 😋☕️ #neworleans
And just like that we’re all grown up and ones getting married and the other is having a baby. Childhood memories will always be magic and wild and purely hilarious because of you sissy. This little human you’re growing is in for a lifetime of amazing adventures with you as their momma, no doubt.
Seriously, my baby girl will crawl away or whine when I try to put her pants on. I never thought that putting her pants on would be such a time consuming thing. 😆 👖 #motherhoodquotes #motherhood #parenthood #firsttimemom #mamalife #mamaandbaby #true #firstbaby #loveispatient #mybabygirl #thisislove #funnyquotes #myangel
Going out with my little one is sometimes hard, especially when bringing the essentials (baby bag & stroller) - and yes, I separate his things from my personal things. I get so paranoid when I mix my personal things with his bottles filled with water, snacks, milk powder, etc. / That's why I have small bags with me whenever we do go out, that's where I stash my things & away from his. It's easier for me because I have control over my wallet, phone, etc., that I have in my own bag & if my little one gets hungry or in need of some entertainment, I just get it from his bag - the stroller helps in carrying the baby bag. / I know that you might think I'm just stressing myself out with 2 bags, a stroller, & a toddler - but trust me when I say that this makes my life easier based on my experience when I have to run around the mall chasing a toddler & leaving his stroller (with baby bag) just to keep up! It helps my anxiety to lessen too when I know that all our valuables are with me rather than stuck in the baby bag. / Am I an anxiety-paranoia driven momma? What's your trick when going out with a little one/s? • • • • • #MommaTheGreat #mommablog #momrant #mommy #firsttimemom #momproblems
Bates kept me so busy this weekend that I realized I took very few photos! We did so much of what this photo shows: NOTHING. . Except for a few errands and an antique shop! And a ChicknfilA run that will go down in the epic meltdown history books. . He’s still recovering and replacing his illness with SASS. Something tells me we’ll be home for a bit because the public just isn’t yet ready. 🤣🙏🏻 . I thought about somehow cropping out the random background stuff in the photo: the pouch he begged for or the bright yellow, energy boost juice that helps me get going in the morning - but I figured - eh, that’s real life! And the Bible right there is the most REAL and CONSTANT help of it all! . What’s neat is I sat right here and welcomed three new working moms into our final health challenge of 2018. We’re very cozy in this group together - a bunch of sisters who want to focus on health, but save the majority of every day for family and work ... oh, AND we want the Thanksgiving pie too! 🥧 . Helping people get started when I’m struggling is what fuels me to get back on the wagon every time life throws a curve ball like #rsv . . It would be easy to quit and say maybe I’ll start in 2019. But I’ve found in the past that the longer I wait, the harder it gets. SO - to all of the ladies I’ve worked with this year and those in my fit crew: THANK YOU. I wouldn’t be here without you. . Lastly: if YOU read this and feel the gut voice nudging you to put in place small changes now to set you up for the body you want - inside and out - through the holidays, let me know! I wasn’t expecting to open up more spots in the group, but sometimes plans change! Bates just wants to read about “MOUSE” and cookies! And we definitely save room for those too! #holidayhustle #treatsontreats #swearimwearingpants
Studies show that the radiation is worse than a microwave, and it’s right by your babies’ 👼 head! 🧠 Get rid of it or at least use an EMF shield🛡.No one knows this! Help me spread the word! . Protecting you and your family from harmful EMFs from your cell phone, 📱laptops, 💻baby monitors and more. We love our electronics but need to be safe and healthy. You need shields 🛡on all your devices! Special holiday pricing. Head on over to: http://Energize.aegeashare.com/tour-emf . #newmom #newmomlife #newmommy #newparent #newparents #newgrandmas #firsttimemom #firsttimemoms #firsttimemommy #momlove #momlovesyou #forbaby #forbabyboy #forbabygirl #pregnant_world @pregnantchicken
#truestory 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
We were so twinning 👌🏻👯‍♂️today with our adorable shirts #mamalove #babylove from @alittlebundle , when i first got this set it was still big on him so this is the first day he was wearing it and I love it on him! It’s so soft and cute. We had so much. This kid is my whole universe. Everyday I wonder if I’m doing a good job as a mom and my conclusion I guess is always the same: I’m doing the best I can, figuring it out as I go, but there’s one thing I never doubt and that’s my love for him. I love him so much it hurts.... 💕💕💕 #iuisuccess #miraclebaby #firsttimemom #mamablog #babyblog #boymom #bekind #tiredmom #coffeeismyfriend #onedayatatime #babiesofinstagram #motherhood #parenthood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodinspired #christmastree #brandrepsearch #dogmom #perfectlyimperfect #laughteristhebestmedicine #sundayfunday #alittlebundle #supportsmallshops #smallshop #welovesmallshops #b1withmoms
Freddie bear if your this happy now imagine how happy you’ll be the first time you have Ben and Jerry’s 🍨 (dairy free obvs) 🤙🏼
Well it’s official. She can tolerate whole milk bottles. My breastmilk stash is nearly gone so it was time to introduce another source of nutrition. That means we are turning a corner with breastfeeding. As much as I’m ready to have my boobs back and get some sleep 🙃 this hurts my mommy heart a bit. Bittersweet. As we are still nursing and I’ll continue to pump at work a little longer, I will cherish every bit of our time together. She may give up day nursing easily but night time might be a different story 🤪 . hey, we made it over a year! Gotta 👏🏼 for making our goal. What a journey it has been! . @kiinde continues to be part of our daily life. Simple. Easy. Convenient. No brainer 🙌🏼 . . . #murphyisabel #breastfeeding #breastfedbaby #boobiemonster #kiindetwist #kiinde #toddlerlife #motherhood #momlife #momlifeisthebestlife #firsttimemom #staylittle #youllalwaysbemybaby
If you time it just right, you can shoot a hog while the baby naps, then your dad and husband will clean it when the baby wakes up because #breastfeedingperks ___ I may be 32 years old, but spotlighting hogs (and coons) with my dad will always be some of my favorite hunting 👸🏼 can’t wait to show this boy the ropes! ___ (Someday soon I’ll share a picture on here ☺️)
My liver started to fail at the end of my pregnancy. It’s called colestasis of pregnancy. I was scared because of course i read all the risks and stats. The day I found out, I received a phone call from my OBGYN saying I was “HIGHLY” recommended to get a csection ASAP. I wanted an unmedicated birth. I couldn’t hardly wrap my mind around the thought of delivering my baby via csection much less doing it early at 39weeks. They gave me the option of being induced but said because of my baby’s projected size, i would likely harm her by trying to deliver here vaginally. Their fear tactics worked. I had no one in my life that i could turn to for guidance. I had no one that told me my actual options. I was 100% making this choice based on the fear that had been instilled in me. So many emotions flooded me that day. In just a matter of hours I’d be face to face with my sweet angel. How could you feel sadness and grief in the back of your mind at that time? It’s possible... and later I’d feel the guilt. • • • • • • • #birthtrauma #cesareantrauma #birthgrieving #solidarity #birthplangrief #vbac #vaginalbirth #birthstory #birthwithoutfear #ppd #ppa #firsttimemom #mamawarrior #naturalbirth #unmedicatedbirth
Being #pregnant doesn’t mean you have to forsake fashion for 9 months! If you’re looking for some great maternity style inspo check out @anja_mari ’s feed. We’re loving it! #MothersSpecialBlend
My tiny little hipster 😍
READ👉🏽 the beauty of Instagram is the ability to tell a perfect story through images—it’s also the curse of IG. • Because let’s be honest...no ones life is as perfect as their feed. So in honor of transparency, today #ontheblog I decided to tell the story of “How I almost lost my relationship at 8 months pregnant & the 5 lessons I learned from it”. • Y’all, this pregnancy thing is hard, this relationship thing is hard, this life thing is hard...and more ppl should be honest about it. IN THE COMMENTS BELOW let me know one thing that has been difficult this year that you have been working to overcome. My thing is fear. BLOG LINK IN BIO • #Browngirlbloggers #blackbloggers #blackgirlswhoblog #blackmomsblog #melaninpoppin #dcblogger #respectmyhair #melanin #blackfamily #expecting #mamatobe #4chair #pregnantandperfect #blackloveisbeautiful #blackloveexists #parentstobe #blacklove #blacklovedoc #bunintheoven #thebump #blackmoms #firsttimemom #mommyblogger #pregnantandperfect #ltkbump #maternityshoot #inspodaily #inspiredpregnancy #naturalhairloves
Mother’s Special Blend is great for toning and hydrating your baby’s skin too. Massage into your little one’s skin after a warm bath for a special treat! #MothersSpecialBlend
I never thought I’d be grateful for a mischievous grin, but after the stomach bug hit our house last night, I’ll take it! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Today could’ve easily overwhelmed me into shutting down. That’s my gut response to overwhelm, to a long list of to do’s, to the enemy breaking his way into our home via our health. Shut. Down. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ When Burke laid down to nap, I did too. Curled up in bed for about 30 minutes because my mind just needed a second. My body craved movement, but I was so tired from the previous night’s events. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I know deep down, that a workout always lifts my spirits. It gives me time to physically overcome my stressors & find a clearer state of mind. So, I worked out. It was only 15 minutes, but it changed my entire day. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Suddenly, my perspective was more positive. I found pride for the things I checked off my list and grace for the things I didn’t. And now I can go to bed at peace with the day. Something I haven’t done in weeks. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ And to think a 15 minute workout was all it took to get the ball rolling. 🙌🏻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #mamaofone #christianmama #selflesslove #fearfullyandwonderfullymade #selflove #babyboy #boymom #boymama #boymomlife #toddlerlife #toddlerfun #toddlermom #toddlermama #toddlerboy #motherhood #mommyhood #mamasboy #firsttimemom #authenticity #inspiremyinstagram #fitcommunity #fitmama #realmom #realmomlife
How is it that I always end up with glaze all over my hands when I’m done glazing some pieces?🤣You would think that it would stay on the paintbrush 🖌 but no. Lol😜
Bringing back full hearts and minds after a weekend at the National Youth Workers Convention. . I have to admit, my attitude going into this conference wasn't great. It's very much my typical MO to begin to covet my time when I sense a big change coming up. I tend to limit my time and schedule so that I can be as "prepared" as possible. To have plans and back up plans. With the holiday season coming up, the eventual nursery and our registry being a complete disaster, I'm starting to feel the "weight" of how much needs to be done. This weight is not just practical things like a place for it to sleep but having "safeguards" for my relationships, my health, my work, my spiritual life, etc. . And yes, I am fully aware that I can prepare all I want and I still won't be prepared. . I know there is a massive shift about to come and this weekend, it was clear that focusing on my fears and obsessing about "getting ready for the baby" robs me of the joy of an answered prayer. . I also find it interesting that I felt the same way when we started the foster care liscensing process. At that time, I thought pregnancy would be easier. I thought I'd have a better idea of what to expect because it was the "typical way" to start a family. But here I am with the exact same questions and feeling overwhelmed with setting up safeguards so that I "succed" at mom life. . And yes, I'm totally aware at how distorted this is. I'm working on it... 🤦‍♀️ . And even though I often feel 2 seconds away from panicking...at the same time I am so unbelievably excited to meet baby B! I cannot wait to see who he or she will become. I am already fully aware that I can in no way prepare or imagine the kind of love I will have for him or her, and I cannot wait to experience it. . I am beyond grateful that @sbeckett44 was excited to go to this youth ministry conference and pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone. . I can't believe how much we learned and I look forward to sharing it with as many people as I can! Stay tuned :) . . #type3 #enneagram #pregnancydiary #19weekspregnant #mybeautifulmess #firsttimemom #parenthood #graceupongrace #answeredprayers #youthministry #ttcstory #views
🥄 SENSORY BIN HACK 🥄 Guys, one day my rice and bean bins got mixed together (bc kids 🤷‍♀️ need I say more) and it's been driving me crazy! I tried every type of strainer and sifter to separate them. I couldn't find anything! Enter my amazing husband! He walked over for one second and he was like try this. Where has he been for the past month that this has been eatting away at me?!?! 🤪 Problem solved! Thought I'd share incase anyone is having this crisis 🤣🤣🤣 Has this happened to anyone else?!
Our little sicky is finally asleep...whatever we had Friday seems to have returned tonight 😭 We have made it 14 months before having to deal with this and my mama heart hurts 😫 Also not sure how I’m going to get any sleep tonight staring at this monitor making sure she’s not getting sick in her sleep... going to be one tired mama tomorrow so a snuggle day on the couch will be just what we need! 💕
My 15 month old uses a cell phone. !!!! WHAATT !!!! Some of you are screeching "I thought she was against kids and technology?" ;) Don't worry. I still am against it BUT when you're whole family lives across the country we are grateful for the technology to let us video-call our family! #FaceTime #zoom #skype * * But besides these special calls and listening to music no we don't let our baby have an ipad or watch tv. (NOT shaming anyone who does that!!) #dontBeNegative but that is just the way we choose to raise our kid. We both grew up playing outside and playing with toys and with other kids so that's how our kid is going to grow up. I didn't have an ipad in the car I was forced to look out the window and play silly backseat games with my sisters (anyone else have to duck their heads when going under bridges so they didn't get "powder" all over them and then if you forgot to duck you had to shake shake shake to get all the "powder" off until the next bridge??) #TrueStory #myChildhood ~ It's not depriving him either. He actually sits fine in the carseat and we've driven across the country multiple times without ANY technology devices in his face. ~ We don't forbid all tv but we just don't turn ours on and now after 15 months if it is on around him he doesn't even really care to watch lol. * * ** crunchyMom #mamaBear #pumpingmomma #breastmilk #postpartum #breastfeedingmom #clothDiaperAddict #workingMomma #healthybabies #newmom #firstTimeMom #StayAtHomeMom #chocoholic #koalaLover #yogaPants #dryShampoo #boyMom #toddlermom #fitfamily #blondeMoments #workingMom #CharismaticCoachCassie
Peace out to playing small ✌🏽 In case we haven’t met...I’m just a regular girl who decided to dream big and go after it! A little under two years ago, I partnered with a luxury hair care line. It changed my life in so many ways and has truly provided me with so many wonderful things. 😍 Things I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined! ⬇️ I was able to leave my full-time job. I was able to hire a midwife when I was pregnant and I paid her $5k bill in cash. I was able to pay off all of my hospital bills after the baby (ambulance, epidural, hospital fees). I have paid off over $10k in debt. I paid off my Toyota Yaris. I earned a paid-for Cadillac. I have cash set aside for the first time ever. I make a full-time income that allows me to be at home with my precious daughter. ➡️ But this post isn’t about me. It’s about YOU! 👋🏽 Every single one of these things is within your reach. Extra money, paid-for car, opportunity to change your entire life. Yes! It’s literally waiting for you. It’s waiting for you to stop playing small, to stop worrying about the what if’s, and to stop worrying about what someone else might say. All it takes is you to say yes. If you have dreams or goals or things you want to achieve or have, you can totally accomplish it all. Whether it’s paying off debt, having extra spending money, being able to leave your job, travel more, have more family time, or be a part of a community...This. Is. It. I believe in living your life on your terms and I believe that you can have whatever it is that your heart desires. We were not put on this earth to play small or to settle. Take the chances. Go after the things you want. Live your life to its fullest potential. If you are looking to make a change, for real, let’s talk ❤️#momlife #momonamission #dreambigger
I have grown to appreciate and love baths. It is my time to soak, relax and to end the weekend on a great note. . . Plus it has helped so much during my pregnancy and our tub is pretty amazing 🖤🙌🏻🤰🏼🛁 What is your favorite thing to treat yourself with??
I love being able to work my business from anywhere 😍 Cozied up on the couch watching my favorite show and working during commercials is my kind of way to work 🎉 And that little voice telling you that you can’t do this too..... It’s a LIAR You can ❤️ You have an opportunity of a lifetime at your fingertips. You have the opportunity to CHANGE your future. CHANGE your relationship with money. CHANGE all of the things you say “no” to now. I want you to do something for me right now. Close your eyes & imagine your life when your dreams come to fruition. What’s it look like? What do you feel like? What’s your family like? Where are you living? What are you doing? Now open your eyes. You CAN do it. It IS available. Stop listening to that voice. Stop sabotaging yourself. Grab your dreams and say yes to the opportunity. Your future self will thank you Reach out and I can show you every step of the way ❤️ . . . . . . . . #hairbiz #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #business #businesswoman #workingmom #momlife #girlmom #firsttimemom #bossbabe #bossbabes #goals #hair #hairlife #products #productsthatwork #vegan #veganproducts #glutenfree #leapingbunny #leapingbunnycertified #money #work #madeformore #blessed #financialfreedom #money #mlm #network
Total impulse buy, but aren't teas impulse buys 90% of the time? 😂 But, that being said, it's delicious and far from regrettable. Just what I needed to get into the holiday spirit 🎅🏻🎄❄️⛄️❤️
My favorite types of Sunday’s are those I get to relax and prep for the week ahead, especially if I get to spend it with family. :: Do you guys have a Sunday ritual? I would love to know below! :: 📷 @emsavs_ :: http://liketk.it/2yknS #liketkit @liketoknow.it #sundayritual
Honored every time we get to be a part of another mom’s breastfeeding journey! Thank you @boomitsaprile #Repost @boomitsaprile ・・・ Today we had a very serious talk and Martin took it very well. I on the other hand am having a rush of emotions, today will be my last day pumping to provide. After 9 months of being exclusively breast fed, one month of half formula half breast milk this breast feeding journey has come to an end. Knowing that I am no longer the one physically creating food for my baby is emotional yet, there is also a feeling of freedom. Martin honestly doesn’t seam to mind either way and I know that fed is fed. I never thought that I would be this emotional about this. 🤱🏼 . . . . #breastfeeding #breastpumping #pumpingmom #breastfeedingmom #workingmom #momlife #motherhood #9monthsold #newmom #firsttimemom #milestones #newbaby #baby #babysfirstyear #weaningbaby
This is your Sunday evening reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you! #fundaysunday . . . . .
#babyzzjones is seven months old today. What fascinates me most right now is that I've been a mom for seven months today. #firsttimemom #rainbowbaby 🌈 #parenthood #motherhood
Monday less blues looking at e pics! ✌🏻😅😂 Loving pics a lot! There is aplenty of pics on my phone that I’m heavy hearted to clear it off although I just bought a backup! 😅If my phone drop into the 🌊 I might jump down to get it! 🤣✌🏻❤️ #momlife #beachbum #happymom #ilovephotography . . . . . . . . . . . . #justme #momlifeisthebestlife #firsttimemom #clickinmoms #motd #beach #bikinibody #beachlife #postpartum #summer #blessed #bloggerstyle #igmy #classic #lookbook #styleoftheday #wiwt #happymoments #toddlermom #whatiwore #momblogger #vacay #fashionist #fashionista #cruise #blackwhite
Two of my new favorite things, modern calligraphy and craft cocktails. Thanks @lavenderandsea for the class
34 weeks pregnant. Can’t believe we are just 2 weeks apart with my best friend @sidkoxa 😊 Our boys better get along 😄 #34weekspregnant #pregnancydiary #expectingmom #decemberbaby #babyboy #sandiegomoms #firsttimemom
As I’m sitting in my room, looking over and planning the week ahead, I can’t help but be extremely thankful for everything in my life that is going right. ⁣ ⁣ I remember a moment when I was asked to list something that makes me happy. ⁣ ⁣ And I couldn’t think of O N E. ⁣ ⁣ I would burst into tears for no reason and my wish was to be happy and find joy. I say wish, because at the time, I didn’t ever think it would be a goal of mine. ⁣ ⁣ Nothing seemed exciting. Nothing was interesting enough to get out of bed. Nothing made me laugh. I honestly felt there was no point. ⁣ ⁣ I am thankful this week, but every week when I can see what a blessed life I have. When I can feel the love around me. When I can experience joy. ♥️ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣
🎉SURPRISE🎉 We just restocked our swings! You don’t want to miss out on these babies! 📸:@junebugs.and.roses
After dinner dance party anyone? 💃🏽 . . . . . **I do not own rights to the music playing in the background.*** 🙄 #danceparty #myloves #myheart #letitgo #babygirl #mylove #hotdaddy #firsttimemom
Stay at home mom. A title that always sounded nice but I never really saw it as a possibility for our family 🤷‍♀️ - 2 years ago when we found out we were expecting, I started to worry right away about how long of maternity leave I would even be able to take. And I worried about how hard it would be to go back to work after that short maternity leave was up. 7 weeks after I had Jacob, I had to go back to work to make ends meet financially for us. The 7 weeks unpaid that I took really took a toll on our finances and I knew it wasn't feasible for me to stay at home full time 😔 I also knew I wanted to contribute financially to help get us back on track. - Coaching fell into my lap (ok, let's be real, I finally agreed to give it a try after multiple excuses on why it wasn't for me) at just the right time. Working out has always been a hobby for me and I have always had an interest in nutrition. I always have had a passion for helping people in whatever way I can. The added income that comes with is a nice bonus alongside the success stories that keep coming in from my clients. This past week, my coaching income paid for half of my new set of tires that my Jeep desperately needed before Minnesota winter really hits. It hasn't been easy, but a little hard work and perseverance and I can't wait to see where coaching can take me. That dream of being a stay at home mom that used to sit on a shelf of "someday" doesn't seem quite so far out of reach anymore 😊 - If any of this hits home for you and you've been wondering how you can make this coaching opportunity work for you, I would love to chat about how life changing it has been for me already 💜 - - - "Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill."
“I need to do what you are doing. I’m tired of the hamster wheel and I don’t wanna gain more weight. But I’m good drinking my own shake I get from the grocery store and I’ll workout at the gym.” . 6 months later she reaches out because her way didn’t work. She quit again and again. Every Monday she said this was going to be different but by Friday she was throwing it all out the window. #beentheresister She said she wanted to start now and not wait until Jan because she can’t afford to gain more weight over the Holidays. So she joins three weeks ago because previously she was missing quality, community, support and a mindset transformation. Andddddd.......guess what..... my girl is crushing it. . She lost 18lbs in 3 weeks 😳 Yep. Her body needed QUALITY, her mind needed personal development, community and support. Killer combo 💋. She’s hooked and feels so great. I am so blessed just to be part of her journey! . who is she ?? – SHE IS YOU!!!! LESSSSS GOOOOO!!!!
I was disappointed I never got someone to take a picture immediately after Emmett was born. Then I found out pat had ❤️ the best feeling in the world. #emvpblack
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