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As she sat in the quiet meadow; bustling through the mess of flowers she could feel life in her hands, a life she knew was calling her to more; more than she could ever think or imagine. There in that moment she found serenity, a freedom that she had longed for. 🦋🖤 "Finding Freedom" 40x30 Oil on Canvas • • • #instamoment #instaartsy #art_collective #artist_4_feature #adventure #artist_spotlight #artist_features #oiloncanvas #oilpaintings #fantasyart #abstract #figureative #flower
"When once the sun sinks in the west,  And dewdrops pearl the evening's breast;  Almost as pale as moonbeams are,  Or its companionable star,  The evening primrose opes anew  Its delicate blossoms to the dew;  And, hermit-like, shunning the light,  Wastes its fair bloom upon the night,  Who, blindfold to its fond caresses,  Knows not the beauty it possesses;  Thus it blooms on while night is by;  When day looks out with open eye,  Bashed at the gaze it cannot shun,  It faints and withers and is gone." ✨-John Clare🎇🦋 #instadaily #instaartist #instaartsy #art_collective #artist_4_feature #artistsoninstagram #artist_spotlight #love #artistic #instamoment #oiloncanvas #oilpaintings #abstract #figureative #fantasy
30 minute pose
Crazy art vibes from "What are You Into?" Vernissage 🌙 Until September 8th, 2018, @ianstoneart works will be on display at @bbamgallery telling intimate and vulnerablable stories of late night portraits. Don't miss it! 🌙 Timelapse by @ak_lillethun
A new piece with @dashauofficial to tease that I’ll be showing at @photoindependent in LA come Oct 5-7. I’ll have a bunch of new pieces framed and on view. I’ll be able to hook up some ticket deals as well. Keep an eye out. And as always, this image has been scrubbed to appease the FB/IG prudes who worry more about art nipples than hate that causes actual damage. The uncensored image will be on Ello shortly. #dreamawake #fineartphoto #figureative
Can't quite believe the clay stage is finished, I have been all consumed by Bill over the last few months and now handing him over to Liz making the mould @bronzeagesculpture feels very surreal!
Final touches!!!! Bill it's been a pleasure!
hands and ruffs hands and ruffs hands and ruffs! Working out how to do these details has been great fun. All being cast seperately and worked further in the wax.
Drawing, no , it doesn’t hurt#figureative #pencil #musing #blackheathstudio
Sorayutduangjai#อย ่าขวางทางปืน#DON 'T BLOCK MY WAY#Newyork gallery#art contemporary#art #contemporary paintting#figureative painting#chelseagallery #artlove #artinstargram #nobitun #sorayut #
Sideshow #23
✨ The final day of @ak_lillethun and @_elisavita_ ’s IG takeover of @carylannn ’s Rêves Noirs..... ✨ This has been fun, taking pictures, writing short poems, and sporting haute couture art. Check out @ak_lillethun and @_elisavita_ 's personal feeds, and stay tuned for more art! Until next time -Amelie and Elisa
☆Takeover day 8 by @ak_lillethun & @_elisavita_ ☆ • Amelie snapped a photo of Elisa daydreaming as the light filtered through glass birds at the window. Though Elisa would deny it, Amelie is pretty sure she was caught in some @carylannn inspired ballerina fantasies. • DM or contact info@bbamgallery.com
Takeover day 7 by @ak_lillethun & @_elisavita_ ☆ Rêves Noir ☆ • "Sweet Treat" by @carylannn ☆ • Photo by @_elisavita_ /blurb by @ak_lillethun • I've got a sugar rush from Licking candied fingers Cradling sweet treats Crunching into crystallized flowers Plucked from cotton candy hair • DM or contact info@bbamgallery.com . . . . . . #painting #fineart #creatives #sculpture #poetry #artstudio #acrylic #oil
✨Rêves Noirs takeover day six with @ak.lillethun & @_elisavita_@carlyann ’s masked woman, for whom the show was named, looks towards the rest of the gallery with soulful eyes. To her right hangs the painting/sculptural work “Promises Promises.” What we find most striking about @carylann ’s portraits are their gazes. It’s impossible to tell whether you finally have their emotions pinned down, or if you’re just seeing your own reflected back at you in the surface of those dark pools.
'the woman in the orange blouse'... Yes I am enjoying pastelling... 🎨 . .Ready for a new week...! . . . #Pastelart #figureative
Rêves noirs ☆ Takeover day five with @ak_lillethun and @_elisavita_ ☆ • "Ashes to Ashes" by @carylannn • Photos /blurb by @ak_lillethun • She taps the cigarette out on Layers of faces Staring up post morteum Cold dispite the sparks of light Peppering their glassy skin Ashen faces Blush from the heat Of forgotten attention • Dm or contact info@bbamgallery.com
Reves noir ☆ Takeover day IIII with _@_elisavita_ and @ak_lillethun ☆ • "Skulls" by @carylannn • photo by @ak_lillethun • A row of skulls greet visitors entering BBAM. They’re not a very talkative family. However, the one on the right seems to have a fondness for puns. He wished Elisa “Bone appetit” while she ate her sandwich and proceeded to tell Amelie she was all “skin and bones” when she declined an offer to take a bite. Though it is unconfirmed by the artist, this has lead us to believe that he is indeed the patriarch of the family. 💀☠💀☠ • Dm or contact info.bbamgallery.com
50 minute pose
50 minute pose
20 minute pose, Friday morning drawing session
5, five minute pose, Friday morning drawing session
Really getting into the details now, hopefully there will be alot of little touches for the public to discover when they sit with Bill. He is not holding up in this heat tho, covering him in wet towels like a weird spa treatment.
Light plays such an important part in sculpting, I've been moving these lamps around to try make sure Bill will look great at any time of day. We have had some amazing visitors this last week filming and photographing our process - they had much fancier equipment!
Cocktail sticks are so handy! Starting to pull together all the textures we have been experimenting with, can't wait to see how they will be picked up in the bronze.
Takeover day 2 with @_elisavita_ and @ak.lillethun • RÊVES NOIR• @caryllan “Ashes to Ashes” • Photo/blurb by @_elisavita_ : “Show us your hands/ your doors/ paint stained or wiped clean/ You come bearing baskets/ of floating skulls/ These bones are a gift/ these ashes too).” 🌓DM or contact info@bbamgallery.com 🌖
Takeover day I with @_elisavita_ and @ak_lillethun ☆RÊVES NOIR☆ @carrylann "Intervention I&II" • Photo/blurb by @ak_lillethun • Light reflected in their small painted faces Flashes of pink Narrowed vision getting smaller Dreaming in sepia • Dm or contact info@bbamgallery.com
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