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Get your throats ready for Saturday! • Our style is to do damage. Win, lose, or draw, doesn’t matter. We DO make sure our opponents know they’ve been in a fight. • If you don’t have your tickets yet, check with kru or one of the coaches. See you tonight fighters! #lotusthaiboxing #disciplemma #ltb #fightersgym
You want to prove something? Do it in the ring • Sparring should be in a controlled environment and in a progressive way. As you get more experienced, you will be able to increase the intensity. It doesn’t matter who “wins” or “loses” in sparring, what matters is that you get to practice what you are taught and have absolutely no ego when doing it. • See you tonight fighters! #lotusthaiboxing #disciplemma #ltb #fightersgym
🔵MAÑANA no te pierdas el Torneo Nacional🏆 🔜Uno de nuestros competidores nos va a representar y están en venta bonos para colaborar con los gastos de competencia y traslados. 1 X 20$ 3 X 50$ Hay 5 premios en juego!!!👏 Se sortea el Sábado 15! 😃 🥊Y mañana 2 de Diciembre vas a poder verlo por streaming en el canal de Deportv de YouTube y a partir de las 18hs por la tele. 📺 #SeParteDeLaHistoria 🥋 #TaekwondoITF 👊 #FAIT#FederacionITFdeArgentina 🇦🇷 #TorneoNacional #TAEKWONDOenDEPORTV #BahiaBlanca #FightersGym
If you are looking to train Muay Thai while in Phuket, make sure you go to @phukettopteam ! It’s a great atmosphere with knowledgeable and friendly trainers! If you wanna compete or just workout, this is the place to go! #muaythai #fightersgym #muaythaifitness #phukettopteam #puremuaythai #muaythaistrong #muaythaiproud 💪👊🥊🇹🇭🇺🇸🙏
FRIDAY NIGHT ROUNDS with my guy @jayopettis. CHECK OUT MY LAST STORY CRAAAZZZYYY! #FightersGym @churchstreetboxinggym
That feeling... and that attitude 😅😝when your're done with todays workout 💥 Grateful! ———————————————————————-
Timing, reaction, and balance. These are key elements when approaching your training. • Ask yourself, am I over doing something? Am I going too fast without focusing on form? Like we always say fighters, you can never be good enough at the basics and you have to learn to walk before you run. • See you tonight! #lotusthaiboxing #disciplemma #ltb #fightersgym
36. There are 36 days left of 2018. And with every year, we add a new chapter to our lives. Maybe 2018 was set up for you to do big things in 2019. Maybe this year brought hardship so that you may enjoy success next year. But all this maybe, will only happen if you apply to it. If you go out and do something different. Challenge yourself. Make goals and beat them one step at a time. If you’re waiting for 2019 or to be “in shape” to start training, then you’ll always be waiting for that. That’s just asking to prolong things. Don’t wait, try now. We all have to start somewhere, why not start now? Don’t wait for you to be in shape to try our gym. You get “in shape” by being at our gym. We will start you slow and work at your own pace. Some days may be hard and some days may be easy, but every day at the gym is better than no days at the gym. See yall on the mats this week fighters! Kids at 5:30pm, beginners at 6:30pm, intermediated at 7:30pm. Announcements: -3 weeks out until Fight day (Dec 15th) for Valhalla Fight Series -December 3rd will be the first day our beginner’s class will move to 7:30pm -And our Intermediate class will move to 6:30pm Tuesday & Thursdays -If you order your sweats/zipup hoodies, please be sure to pick them up at the gym. They’re here! -lastly, Christ House in Alexandria is looking for help with toiletries. Chris House works with individuals who are experiencing homelessness in the Alexandria area. If you could please bring toiletries supplies, such as, soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razor blades, shaving cream, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, and lotion, we would greatly appreciate it. All items should be travel size. We will have a box at the gym collecting the supplies up until the 21st of December. -Thanks Nak Muays and have a great Monday! . #lotusthaiboxing #muaythai #kickboxing #martialarts #thaiboxing #fitness #training #traditionalmuaythai #nakmuay #artof8limbs #annandaleva #dmv #fighters #teamlotus #ltb #kidsmuaythai #bullyproof #kidsmartialarts #fightersgym #boxing #disciplemma
Con la Panza llena y el corazón más que contento ganamos la primer pelea Contra la Balanza. Ahora a la espera que llegue el día y dejar que los puños hablen por si solos. Como siempre gracias a @fighterspromotionsargentina y a todo el equipo @fighters.gym por darnos la oportunidad de estar presentes en eventos de tal magnitud como @invictusdeluxe. #kick #kickboxing #invictus #fightersgym #k1 #kickboxingk1 #vamosportodo
Good morning fighters! Don’t forget about your road work. With the temperatures starting to drop, make sure you are wearing the appropriate gear when you run outside. • If you wish to use a treadmill and don’t have an additional gym membership, contact your teammates or coaches for alternatives....there is always a way. • #lotusthaiboxing #disciplemma #ltb #noexcuses #fightersgym
Don’t forget - Sunday 25th November is our next Interclub 👊🏻🏆 Wanna be like these two brave warriors and step in the ring??🥊 Coaches get names to @arnoldoborotov , and supporters get your ticket online for £5 discount on the door price (link in bio to our shop) 📸 @amandafordycephoto 👌🏻
Hard sparring tonight with these fighters. I can’t wait to see the rest of our advance team next week. I CAN’T WAIT! #teamlotus #lotusthaiboxing #disciplemma #muaythai #thaiboxing #annandaleva #fightclub #fightersgym #hardsparringnight
Piloboxing ir Strong treniruotės skirtos merginoms. Sportuojam antradieniais, ketvirtadieniais 17.30 ir 18.30, o penktadieniais abi grupės sportuoja 18.00. Daugiau informacijos: +37063333370 arba info@fightersgym.lt #piloboxing #fightersgym #fitness #strong #merginoms
I will never forgot the very first time I punched a heavy punching bag and it wouldn't move. I was so determined to see it swing from side to side as I gave it my all with every jab and straight I unleashed. I came such a long way but still have a long way to go. 🙏🏼 . . #martialarts #martialartist #practise #combos #traininginprogress #punching #signedmodel #straights #capetown #Southafrica #southafricanmodel #naturalhair #modeling #fitness #fitness #fighter #fightersgym #femalemartialartist #fit #fitnessmotivation #boxing #maxed #boxinggloves
#teepthursday Reminders: -Ltb license plate -Vintage Team Lotus Shirt -Tickets for the Fights this Saturday -We are Closed this Saturday to attend the fights. -But will have Open mat on Friday. At a new time. 6:30-8:30 -Women’s only class will be back on schedule in 2019. -Schedule changes for beginners and Intermediates starting December 3rd. -Normal class schedule for Veterans Day. . . . #lotusthaiboxing #muaythai #kickboxing #martialarts #thaiboxing #fitness #training #traditionalmuaythai #nakmuay #artof8limbs #annandaleva #dmv #fighters #teamlotus #ltb #kidsmuaythai #bullyproof #kidsmartialarts #fightersgym #boxing #disciplemma
Happy Tuesday Nak Muays! What you see in the first picture is our very first fundamentals class last year. The following pic is from our beginners and intermediates classes yesterday. • We always tell you that you will not necessarily have to fight when you join our team, but you will learn how to fight and be pushed to your limits. In pushing past your limits, is where real growth happens. • We are already excited for the new year and can’t wait to share the new schedules we will have available. • #lotusthaiboxing #fightersgym #disciplemma #annandaleva
Toe2Toe Boxing & MMA in Canley Coventry - Anyone welcome here anytime...! . Coventry’s friendly fighting gym, we go hard then we go home...We NEVER give in...! . Info: 08448708267 . Web: Toe2ToeGym.co.uk . Burnsall Road, CV56BU . . . . #friendygym #ukgym #coventrygym #fightinggym #fightersgym #getfitgym #loseweightgym #coventrycity #boxinggym #fitness #academy @satpadolski @satinder_singh_sandhu @billy_singh01 @toe2toe_markoh @thehitmanhowell @simmo.neil @coreyjunior_mma @coventrydynamite @coventriansrfc @zoesplacebabyhospice @coventryrugbyofficial @coventry_businesses_events @coventrycityfcofficial
🤜🤛 Epic fight between teammates @zitamhsz & @luk_at_is from our last Interclub, in East Ham. Make space in the diary, next Interclub coming up!!... **Sunday 25th November** Who’s ready?? 👊👊👊 Full details to follow in the next post... Catch more photos of the last show from the talented @amandafordycephoto on our Facebook page.
Good luck to all our fighters competing on MTMA’s Interclub this Sunday 👊🥇💪 Come and support the team 👏, venue’s only up the road in Tottenham, kids fights from 11am, adults from 1pm.
Happy Halloween Nak Muays 🎃🎃🎃! Alright guys, as discussed in class, here are our official Team Lotus sweatpants and zip up hoodies! We will start collecting money as of today for your order. The last day to submit your payment will be November 16th. That’s next next Friday! This will allow you to pay your bills, your parents bills, or your kids bills. Whoever it is... We’ll give everyone another 2 weeks to submit their payment! Hoodies and Sweats are $40 each! Unlike our newest vintage T-Shirt order, we will NOT be ordering extras for inventory. Which means, if you do not provide us your payment by Nov 16th for the sweats/hoodies, we will not have any for you to purchase. . For our Sterling location (@disciplemma ) and Winchester location (@ltb_winchester ), please provide your payments and sizes to Leah or Coach Kenny. They will be collecting your orders for you. . As for our Vintage LTB T-shirts, you have up until this Friday night for you to reserve your shirt at a discounted rate for $20. If you miss that then don’t worry, we will be selling those at the gym for $25 each. . Thanks for the listening to our announcements guys and remember, today we will not be having regular classes. Instead we will have Open Mat from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Have a good one y’all and train hard!
we are that small gym in Pueblo with some amazing athletes just trying to make some better lives for some fighters.... #BeHumble #FightersGym #OPS
#winning 💪 Hard work+team work pays off 🥇 Pics from @iamnadscott ‘s last fight on @roarcombatleague Thanks to @tc_mbe for the snaps 📸👌
🥋 8° Torneo de Tres Arroyos 🏆 El día de ayer, 28/10, participamos con un gran desempeño de cada representante de Bahía, todos mostraron dar un paso más hacia adelante, superándose poco a poco. Demostraron muy buen nivel y sobretodo potencial para seguir creciendo. Felicitaciones a todos!👏 Vamos por más!!! 💪 Podios: - Ortiz Franco II DAN 🥈 Formas 🥉Lucha - De los Santos Fabricio I DAN 🥈Lucha #TaekwondoITF 👊 #FAIT#FederacionITFdeArgentina 🇦🇷 #BahiaBlanca #FightersGym 🥊
Thank you so much to all our fighters who helped out for our quarterly neighborhood cleanup day. Today was a productive day. We not only made our community better by cleaning it, but we were able to get a few people thanking us as they were driving by. Thank you guys and don’t worry, we will be doing this on a quarterly basis. Get on the next one! . Great costumes and awesome vibes everyone! We hope you all have an amazing Halloween weekend and again, thanks fighters for all you do. We love y’all! Oss.
Good morning Nak Muay!!! Looks like the rain will stop before noon today so we can do our neighborhood clean up day. AFTER our costume open mat from 10am-12pm. Pizza and Salad will be served around noonish 🍕🥗👻🎃🤡 . Not everyone is required to dress up but everyone is required to clean up. Out of all the cars that’ll be passing us and looking over, if we can inspire just at least one person, then that’s getting the message across. Remember it may be a little cold so bring a coat or your LTB hoodie. Thanks Nak Muays and have a great Saturday! 😊🌎🚮♻️🗑
🥋 Full Preparación para el 8° Torneo de Tres Arroyos! 🏆 Este domingo 28 de Octubre! #TaekwondoITF 👊 #FAIT#FederacionITFdeArgentina 🇦🇷 #BahiaBlanca #FightersGym
@saintfuryfit in action on the last Interclub at East Ham.🥇 Head to our Facebook page to see all the wicked pics from 📸@amandafordycephoto 👌 @saintfuryfit Chi teaches our daytime class every Thursday-11am, Muay Thai + Strength & Conditioning. Come get #fightingfit 💪💪💪💪💪
Now that we have confirmed fights for both November and December, it’s time to turn things up....just a bit 😈 • With that being said, if you have a confirmed fight, we are here to make sure you are more than ready to get in the ring. We have a system that has taken us to be biggest stages in the US, trust the process. Never stop learning, be humble, train around your injuries, if you feel too comfortable, seek the uncomfortable...that’s the only way to grow. • See you tonight fighters! #lotusthaiboxing #ltb #disciplemma #muaythai #fightersgym #dontbescaredhomie
You Ready? Let's build that MMA/5.0 Fighter Physique today! Join us @ Combat Club! ➡️➡️➡️New Heavy Bag Concept ⬅️⬅️⬅️ #combatclub #50fighter #heavybag #new #newconcepts #invest #fighterphysique #heavybag #bagwork #fightteam #fighterslife #fighter #topteam #jsk50 #fightersgym #allround #MMA #mixedmartialfighters #martialarts #jsk50kortrijk #allroundgym #karate
⌛Una semana para el 8° Torneo de Tres Arroyos! 😃 Aquí un recuerdo de una edición anterior 🥋 #TaekwondoITF 👊 #FAIT#FederacionITFdeArgentina 🇦🇷 #BahiaBlanca #FightersGym
Dagen før NM i MuayThai braker løs her i Kristiansund er min bror Shahid Rasool @fighters_gym og jeg ute å spiser en bedre middag på Tyrkisk restaurant sammen med @the_gunner_muay_thaiseng som er 51 år i dag 🎉 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Gratulerer  med dagen gode venn 😊. . . . #mittology #mittwork #mittologypadwork #mayweathermittwork #mittologyfamily #padwork #boxing #boxingfitness #boxingfans #boxingskills #timingiseverything #boxinggym #boxerforlife #mma #muaythai #ufc #sanda #hitanddontgethit #coaching #drillsbecomeskills #goodwork #norway #floydmayweather #fightersgym #kristiansund
The whole crew rocking their Bloodline tees 🙌🖤 Listen out for details of our next Interclub in December, we’ll be announcing the date soon 🗓 Awesome pics from the last Interclub going up on our Facebook page now, courtesy of @amandafordycephoto 🙏
Nuestro próximo desafío! 😃 Quedan pocos días y estamos preparándonos para dar lo mejor! 💪 #TaekwondoITF 👊 #FAIT#FederacionITFdeArgentina 🇦🇷 #FightersGym 🥊 #BahiaBlanca
Never let anyone hold you back from reaching your goal. You set your own limits, once you reach them, surpass them, and set new goals 😈 • See you tonight nak muays! #lotusthaiboxing #disciplemma #ltb #fightersgym
Friends and Family of Lotus Thai Boxing (LTB) . We have a little homework for you. Whenever you have time or whenever you’re sitting down at a computer, can you do us a favor and type something quick for us? Maybe on a Saturday or Sunday morning where you’re looking out towards the sun with a nice hot cup of coffee 😊☕️. But we would like for you to write something up and post it on our google review. Here’s what we want to know. . - What was your first experience with Lotus Thai Boxing? How did you contact us? Did you call or send us an email? Who’d you speak to and how’d the conversation go? - How’d you feel before attending your very first class? Were you nervous, scared, anxious, or just didn’t know what to expect? And then how was your first class? - Was it what you expected? What did you like about it? What stood out the most to you that got you to say, hey what the hell, I’ll continue with this? And lastly, how do you feel now? . The point of this task is that you may never know who you may encourage or inspire. It could be someone simply who has never had the courage to try something new. Or maybe a young girl/boy who has never been the active or social type and could use your inspiration. Or maybe someone who’s in need of a passion or hobbies to get them through rough times. Notice how none of our concerns isn’t about the actual physical contact part itself. At Lotus Thai Boxing, we are more than just a fight gym. We are an actual community, a school, a gym, a team, a family. When signing up, you obtain more than just the combative side of it, but you are obtaining a family. Thank you Nak Muays and we can’t wait to read your experience!
3 out of 3 tonight 🏆🏆🏆 Great weekend for #bloodlinegym Congratulations to @pandzitsutomek @marialam2828 #andthenew MTGP British Champion @phil_bloodline_casper all winning at the Scala tonight, and to Molly who smashed it last night up in Leicester. Thanks to all the team and supporters who came along to cheer on their fighters. 🖤⭐️👊🏻 Pics courtesy of @tc_mbe 🙏🏻
We are the Experts for MMA in Luzern. Our expertises are Coaching, Refereeing, Event Management and Fighters Preparation. We are known internationally and have good relationships with many gyms throughout the Globe. #citymartialarts #cma #luzern #mma #boxing #striking #bjj #grappling #muaythai #kickboxing #k1 #standupfighting #boxtraining #mixedmartialarts #fighting #fightgame #fightersgym
Big boys working hard 💪🏻 any heavyweights want some rounds give us a shout 📲 Massive fights coming up, to be announced soon! 👊🏻
5 years of you being my personal trainer and the best boyfriend that I could ever ask for! ❤️ I LOVE YOU @robinhankey_ 💓 . . #fitness #martialarts #martialartist #practise #combos #traininginprogress #kickboxing #capetown #capetownmodels #fitnessmodel #dragonpower #squats #burpees #fighter #fightersgym #femalemartialartist
My arms and abs are still weak but it took me such a long time to gain enough strength to do a proper push up and it's all thanks to Sifu @quentinchong. Your teachings will always play a significant role in my Martial arts and fitness journey and it will always be appreciated! 🙏🏼 . . #martialarts #martialartist #practise #pushups #capetown #model #fitness #signedmodel #fighter #fightersgym #femalemartialartist #dragonpower
We are back at it this week with coach Stephen! Don’t forget to set your alarms on Sunday at 8.20am to watch coach Stephen fight on the big stage at Max Muay Thai in Thailand. • #lotusthaiboxing #ltb #disciplemma #fightersgym #muaythai #nakmuay
El día de hoy 8/10 nos recibió en su oficina el Director de Deportes de la Municipalidad de Bahía Blanca, Bernardo Stortoni. Charlamos acerca de nuestra disciplina, nuestra participación deportiva en los torneos del Circuito Nacional, y nuestras aspiraciones. Muchas gracias por recibirnos y por el apoyo! 😃 @municipiobahia #TaekwondoITF 👊 #FAIT#FederacionITFdeArgentina 🇦🇷 #BahiaBlanca #Deportes #FightersGym
Good day Nak Muays, so as some of you may have heard, we will be adjusting some of our classes soon to accommodate to our newest members joining. Just last night, we had over 20 people in our beginner’s class and then 20 people in our intermediate’s class. Every year we come to the same issue as to where our students start to grow in numbers and we are left with the same space. Great issue to have but we need to make room for our newcomers. . So, starting on January 2nd, 2019, we are officially moving our Intermediate’s class from Monday/Wednesday (7:30pm-8:30pm), to Tuesday/Thursday from 6:30pm-7:30pm. We will then have our “Free-Trial/Fundamentals” class, where people can try their free week trial at LTB on Monday and Wednesday from 6:30pm-7:30pm, following our Beginners class from 7:30-8:30pm. Our beginner’s class will run at a much faster pace than our Free-Trial/Fundamentals class. . So for our current intermediate members, please try your best to adjust to our new schedule starting in 2019. We will try to roll out the changes maybe sometime after November so we can slowly work our the new days. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to Kru Carlos and we will do our best to fit your schedule. Thank you Nak Muays and please stay tuned for our newest KIDS PROGRAM announcement this coming weekend! We are offering two different types of programs for our kid’s class while school is in session. Thanks guys and see y’all later!
Tag someone who Love/Hate or just good at cut his opponents or just get cuts 😅🔪💉 From one of my fights in Thailand. Good technique to use against opponents who catches your front kicks, 1. lift your front leg as you will do a front kick 2. as soon they open up theyr guard to catch/counter punch, step in with that front leg instead of throwing the front kick and follow up by a elbow/up-elbow🔪💉 @muaythaiauthority @muaythaigalaxy @muaythai_world @muaythaigram @siamfightnews @siamboxing
We are going back to Connecticut for lion fight 47! Coach Max and Ahria are fighting this Saturday in one of the biggest promotions in the US. • Both fighters are more than ready to put on a show, if you can make it, please come show support! Contact kru Carlos or any of the coaches for ticket information. • #muaythai #lionfight47 #nakmuay #lotusthaiboxing #disciplemma #fightersgym
It’s FIGHT WEEK for Coach Max and Ahria! . #Repost @dvngfvm ・・・ •I have been doing a lot of self-reflecting this past year. In life, your situation will keep repeating itself until you learn your lesson…. •I got too comfortable with my life. I thought I had it made but it became stagnant and meaningless. At times I would feel alone and depressed. Like life itself was weighing me down. The choices I made weren’t the best ones. I became unhealthy and over-weight. I would look at old photos and see the man I use to be. How did I get to this point in my life, what was I doing wrong? I felt as if I hit rock bottom with nobody to turn to… I was reading and came across two quotes that hit home for me; “People change for two reasons: either they learn enough that they want to, or they've been hurt enough that they have to." “Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.” •Last December, I made myself a promise. That promise was to get healthy again and to do whatever it takes to get there. I needed to change. I realized that I wasn’t putting enough effort. I had to stop relying on other people to push me and motivate me. People won’t always be there for you… I needed to be my own hero, my own motivation. At the end of the day, you only have yourself. •Ever since I left the Marine Corps, I’ve never found the comradery I once had with my brothers until I came back home to @LotusThaiBoxing. I couldn’t have done it without y’all! Muay Thai really saved my life. 🙏🏼 •My kru has always told me to inspire others. I really didn’t know what it meant until today writing this post. I hope that my journey inspires everyone. Life’s too short. Go out there and go get what you want. Go get what you deserve! If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. •Shoutouts to: My ⛽️ man @whatamenace for always gassing me up and setting me ablaze! You’ve been there since day 1 and I appreciate ya! My kru @WhiteLotusLopez for your guidance and mentorship! 🙏🏼 My teammates at LTB for the extra push I need to make me move. 🙏🏼 ***Disclaimer: This is just a progress post. This isn’t my final form and I am nowhere near done. Starting weight: 237lbs Current weight: 191lbs
Functional Training 🏋️‍♀️ designed for Everyday people, Fighters and Competitors. Get Fit now. #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #fitness #strength #strengthandconditioning #conditioning #weightloss #luzern #fitnessluzern #getfitnow #fightersgym #fitnessgym #boxingtraining #boxing
#NewBlood Interclub done and dusted! Massive thanks to all the teams who came to support the show today, congrats to all your fighters 💪👊 And a huge thank you to all the #BloodlineCrew who gave up their Sunday to help make the show a success 🖤💛🖤 #TEAM Btw there was more than just Candy dance happening in the ring today, photos of all the fight action💥 will be posted on our SM channels soon
Q lindo los viernes de guanteo 👊🏽👊🏽 #fightersgym #piña #guanteo
Packed house tonight. Great job Nak muays. Quick announcement. There will be no early bird class tomorrow. Sorry guys. We’ll see advance tomorrow evening. And then open mat for Friday. Remember tomorrow is the last day for you to grab your tickets for this weekends fight. Please be sure to make it out to the fights to show support to our guys. Thanks guys and we’ll see ya tomorrow night advance. Oss!
Even though a fight can seem chaotic at times from the outside, we must learn to remain focused and with the eyes on the target. • The Wai Kru is not only to pay respect to your kru and school, but also an opportunity to absorb it all in and go into the fight with a clear mind. • Don’t forget to get your tickets for this weekend’s fights, we have @heisepa , @kwaku_chin , @sabai_sabai_jessie , and @the_devils_mortician fighting on the card 😈 • #lotusthaiboxing #disciplemma #ltb #fightersgym #muaythai
Quick look at Fighters Training at BBC tonight. Fighters Training at BBC is for anyone wanting to challenge themselves and reach their potential. #fighter #boxing #boxingdrills #boxingmotivation #boxingtraining #boxinggym #fightersgym #fitness #albury #alburywodonga #lavington #alburygym #alburybusiness #thisistheborder #getoffthecouch #borderboxingclub #bbc #veteranownedbusiness
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