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@saintfuryfit in action on the last Interclub at East Ham.🥇 Head to our Facebook page to see all the wicked pics from 📸@amandafordycephoto 👌 @saintfuryfit Chi teaches our daytime class every Thursday-11am, Muay Thai + Strength & Conditioning. Come get #fightingfit 💪💪💪💪💪
Now that we have confirmed fights for both November and December, it’s time to turn things up....just a bit 😈 • With that being said, if you have a confirmed fight, we are here to make sure you are more than ready to get in the ring. We have a system that has taken us to be biggest stages in the US, trust the process. Never stop learning, be humble, train around your injuries, if you feel too comfortable, seek the uncomfortable...that’s the only way to grow. • See you tonight fighters! #lotusthaiboxing #ltb #disciplemma #muaythai #fightersgym #dontbescaredhomie
You Ready? Let's build that MMA/5.0 Fighter Physique today! Join us @ Combat Club! ➡️➡️➡️New Heavy Bag Concept ⬅️⬅️⬅️ #combatclub #50fighter #heavybag #new #newconcepts #invest #fighterphysique #heavybag #bagwork #fightteam #fighterslife #fighter #topteam #jsk50 #fightersgym #allround #MMA #mixedmartialfighters #martialarts #jsk50kortrijk #allroundgym #karate
⌛Una semana para el 8° Torneo de Tres Arroyos! 😃 Aquí un recuerdo de una edición anterior 🥋 #TaekwondoITF 👊 #FAIT#FederacionITFdeArgentina 🇦🇷 #BahiaBlanca #FightersGym
Dagen før NM i MuayThai braker løs her i Kristiansund er min bror Shahid Rasool @fighters_gym og jeg ute å spiser en bedre middag på Tyrkisk restaurant sammen med @the_gunner_muay_thaiseng som er 51 år i dag 🎉 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Gratulerer  med dagen gode venn 😊. . . . #mittology #mittwork #mittologypadwork #mayweathermittwork #mittologyfamily #padwork #boxing #boxingfitness #boxingfans #boxingskills #timingiseverything #boxinggym #boxerforlife #mma #muaythai #ufc #sanda #hitanddontgethit #coaching #drillsbecomeskills #goodwork #norway #floydmayweather #fightersgym #kristiansund
The whole crew rocking their Bloodline tees 🙌🖤 Listen out for details of our next Interclub in December, we’ll be announcing the date soon 🗓 Awesome pics from the last Interclub going up on our Facebook page now, courtesy of @amandafordycephoto 🙏
Nuestro próximo desafío! 😃 Quedan pocos días y estamos preparándonos para dar lo mejor! 💪 #TaekwondoITF 👊 #FAIT#FederacionITFdeArgentina 🇦🇷 #FightersGym 🥊 #BahiaBlanca
Never let anyone hold you back from reaching your goal. You set your own limits, once you reach them, surpass them, and set new goals 😈 • See you tonight nak muays! #lotusthaiboxing #disciplemma #ltb #fightersgym
Friends and Family of Lotus Thai Boxing (LTB) . We have a little homework for you. Whenever you have time or whenever you’re sitting down at a computer, can you do us a favor and type something quick for us? Maybe on a Saturday or Sunday morning where you’re looking out towards the sun with a nice hot cup of coffee 😊☕️. But we would like for you to write something up and post it on our google review. Here’s what we want to know. . - What was your first experience with Lotus Thai Boxing? How did you contact us? Did you call or send us an email? Who’d you speak to and how’d the conversation go? - How’d you feel before attending your very first class? Were you nervous, scared, anxious, or just didn’t know what to expect? And then how was your first class? - Was it what you expected? What did you like about it? What stood out the most to you that got you to say, hey what the hell, I’ll continue with this? And lastly, how do you feel now? . The point of this task is that you may never know who you may encourage or inspire. It could be someone simply who has never had the courage to try something new. Or maybe a young girl/boy who has never been the active or social type and could use your inspiration. Or maybe someone who’s in need of a passion or hobbies to get them through rough times. Notice how none of our concerns isn’t about the actual physical contact part itself. At Lotus Thai Boxing, we are more than just a fight gym. We are an actual community, a school, a gym, a team, a family. When signing up, you obtain more than just the combative side of it, but you are obtaining a family. Thank you Nak Muays and we can’t wait to read your experience!
3 out of 3 tonight 🏆🏆🏆 Great weekend for #bloodlinegym Congratulations to @pandzitsutomek @marialam2828 #andthenew MTGP British Champion @phil_bloodline_casper all winning at the Scala tonight, and to Molly who smashed it last night up in Leicester. Thanks to all the team and supporters who came along to cheer on their fighters. 🖤⭐️👊🏻 Pics courtesy of @tc_mbe 🙏🏻
We are the Experts for MMA in Luzern. Our expertises are Coaching, Refereeing, Event Management and Fighters Preparation. We are known internationally and have good relationships with many gyms throughout the Globe. #citymartialarts #cma #luzern #mma #boxing #striking #bjj #grappling #muaythai #kickboxing #k1 #standupfighting #boxtraining #mixedmartialarts #fighting #fightgame #fightersgym
Big boys working hard 💪🏻 any heavyweights want some rounds give us a shout 📲 Massive fights coming up, to be announced soon! 👊🏻
5 years of you being my personal trainer and the best boyfriend that I could ever ask for! ❤️ I LOVE YOU @whitetiger_shinobi 💓 . . #fitness #martialarts #martialartist #practise #combos #traininginprogress #kickboxing #capetown #capetownmodels #fitnessmodel #dragonpower #squats #burpees #fighter #fightersgym #femalemartialartist
My arms and abs are still weak but it took me such a long time to gain enough strength to do a proper push up and it's all thanks to Sifu @quentinchong. Your teachings will always play a significant role in my Martial arts and fitness journey and it will always be appreciated! 🙏🏼 . . #martialarts #martialartist #practise #pushups #capetown #model #fitness #signedmodel #fighter #fightersgym #femalemartialartist #dragonpower
We are back at it this week with coach Stephen! Don’t forget to set your alarms on Sunday at 8.20am to watch coach Stephen fight on the big stage at Max Muay Thai in Thailand. • #lotusthaiboxing #ltb #disciplemma #fightersgym #muaythai #nakmuay
El día de hoy 8/10 nos recibió en su oficina el Director de Deportes de la Municipalidad de Bahía Blanca, Bernardo Stortoni. Charlamos acerca de nuestra disciplina, nuestra participación deportiva en los torneos del Circuito Nacional, y nuestras aspiraciones. Muchas gracias por recibirnos y por el apoyo! 😃 @municipiobahia #TaekwondoITF 👊 #FAIT#FederacionITFdeArgentina 🇦🇷 #BahiaBlanca #Deportes #FightersGym
Good day Nak Muays, so as some of you may have heard, we will be adjusting some of our classes soon to accommodate to our newest members joining. Just last night, we had over 20 people in our beginner’s class and then 20 people in our intermediate’s class. Every year we come to the same issue as to where our students start to grow in numbers and we are left with the same space. Great issue to have but we need to make room for our newcomers. . So, starting on January 2nd, 2019, we are officially moving our Intermediate’s class from Monday/Wednesday (7:30pm-8:30pm), to Tuesday/Thursday from 6:30pm-7:30pm. We will then have our “Free-Trial/Fundamentals” class, where people can try their free week trial at LTB on Monday and Wednesday from 6:30pm-7:30pm, following our Beginners class from 7:30-8:30pm. Our beginner’s class will run at a much faster pace than our Free-Trial/Fundamentals class. . So for our current intermediate members, please try your best to adjust to our new schedule starting in 2019. We will try to roll out the changes maybe sometime after November so we can slowly work our the new days. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to Kru Carlos and we will do our best to fit your schedule. Thank you Nak Muays and please stay tuned for our newest KIDS PROGRAM announcement this coming weekend! We are offering two different types of programs for our kid’s class while school is in session. Thanks guys and see y’all later!
Tag someone who Love/Hate or just good at cut his opponents or just get cuts 😅🔪💉 From one of my fights in Thailand. Good technique to use against opponents who catches your front kicks, 1. lift your front leg as you will do a front kick 2. as soon they open up theyr guard to catch/counter punch, step in with that front leg instead of throwing the front kick and follow up by a elbow/up-elbow🔪💉 @muaythaiauthority @muaythaigalaxy @muaythai_world @muaythaigram @siamfightnews @siamboxing
We are going back to Connecticut for lion fight 47! Coach Max and Ahria are fighting this Saturday in one of the biggest promotions in the US. • Both fighters are more than ready to put on a show, if you can make it, please come show support! Contact kru Carlos or any of the coaches for ticket information. • #muaythai #lionfight47 #nakmuay #lotusthaiboxing #disciplemma #fightersgym
It’s FIGHT WEEK for Coach Max and Ahria! . #Repost @dvngfvm ・・・ •I have been doing a lot of self-reflecting this past year. In life, your situation will keep repeating itself until you learn your lesson…. •I got too comfortable with my life. I thought I had it made but it became stagnant and meaningless. At times I would feel alone and depressed. Like life itself was weighing me down. The choices I made weren’t the best ones. I became unhealthy and over-weight. I would look at old photos and see the man I use to be. How did I get to this point in my life, what was I doing wrong? I felt as if I hit rock bottom with nobody to turn to… I was reading and came across two quotes that hit home for me; “People change for two reasons: either they learn enough that they want to, or they've been hurt enough that they have to." “Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.” •Last December, I made myself a promise. That promise was to get healthy again and to do whatever it takes to get there. I needed to change. I realized that I wasn’t putting enough effort. I had to stop relying on other people to push me and motivate me. People won’t always be there for you… I needed to be my own hero, my own motivation. At the end of the day, you only have yourself. •Ever since I left the Marine Corps, I’ve never found the comradery I once had with my brothers until I came back home to @LotusThaiBoxing. I couldn’t have done it without y’all! Muay Thai really saved my life. 🙏🏼 •My kru has always told me to inspire others. I really didn’t know what it meant until today writing this post. I hope that my journey inspires everyone. Life’s too short. Go out there and go get what you want. Go get what you deserve! If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. •Shoutouts to: My ⛽️ man @whatamenace for always gassing me up and setting me ablaze! You’ve been there since day 1 and I appreciate ya! My kru @WhiteLotusLopez for your guidance and mentorship! 🙏🏼 My teammates at LTB for the extra push I need to make me move. 🙏🏼 ***Disclaimer: This is just a progress post. This isn’t my final form and I am nowhere near done. Starting weight: 237lbs Current weight: 191lbs
Functional Training 🏋️‍♀️ designed for Everyday people, Fighters and Competitors. Get Fit now. #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #fitness #strength #strengthandconditioning #conditioning #weightloss #luzern #fitnessluzern #getfitnow #fightersgym #fitnessgym #boxingtraining #boxing
#NewBlood Interclub done and dusted! Massive thanks to all the teams who came to support the show today, congrats to all your fighters 💪👊 And a huge thank you to all the #BloodlineCrew who gave up their Sunday to help make the show a success 🖤💛🖤 #TEAM Btw there was more than just Candy dance happening in the ring today, photos of all the fight action💥 will be posted on our SM channels soon
Q lindo los viernes de guanteo 👊🏽👊🏽 #fightersgym #piña #guanteo
Packed house tonight. Great job Nak muays. Quick announcement. There will be no early bird class tomorrow. Sorry guys. We’ll see advance tomorrow evening. And then open mat for Friday. Remember tomorrow is the last day for you to grab your tickets for this weekends fight. Please be sure to make it out to the fights to show support to our guys. Thanks guys and we’ll see ya tomorrow night advance. Oss!
Even though a fight can seem chaotic at times from the outside, we must learn to remain focused and with the eyes on the target. • The Wai Kru is not only to pay respect to your kru and school, but also an opportunity to absorb it all in and go into the fight with a clear mind. • Don’t forget to get your tickets for this weekend’s fights, we have @heisepa , @kwaku_chin , @sabai_sabai_jessie , and @the_devils_mortician fighting on the card 😈 • #lotusthaiboxing #disciplemma #ltb #fightersgym #muaythai
Quick look at Fighters Training at BBC tonight. Fighters Training at BBC is for anyone wanting to challenge themselves and reach their potential. #fighter #boxing #boxingdrills #boxingmotivation #boxingtraining #boxinggym #fightersgym #fitness #albury #alburywodonga #lavington #alburygym #alburybusiness #thisistheborder #getoffthecouch #borderboxingclub #bbc #veteranownedbusiness
Happy Monday and Gooddddd afternoon and welcome ladies and gentlemen to today’s afternoon announcements. But before that, here’s a fun fact that could get you started for the week. Did you know that even if you maintain a steady weight, scientist have found that Monday is the day of the week where you weigh the most out of all your other days. So get that butt ready to hit the gym tonight because we will be balancing out all those pizza and beers yall had over the weekend =). Time to GET RIPPED! . And now for our announcements! Please make sure you grab your tickets at the gym for our fighters fighting this Saturday out in Manassas Virginia. We need all the support we can get to encourage and cheer on our beautiful fighters. We have Pamela Heise, Kwaku Chin, and Jessie Campbell that are set to face their on opponents on a 3 round action pack Muay Thai / Kickboxing event. Don’t forget to wear your TEAM LOTUS shirt and Black pants! We repeat, BLACK PANTS… . And we will also be making another trip down to Hartford Connecticut next Saturday to support Coach Max and Ahria Sorbi. Who will be fighting for Lion Fight 47 in the undercard bouts. I know we are asking a lot from you guys but our fighters will truly appreciate those who are able to make it out to their fights. Just like always, it would mean the world to them! . Last but not least, our final announcement!!! COACH STEPHEN is finally set to make his Thailand Debut on October 14th. So let’s make sure we set our alarms for Sunday morning to stream his fight hopefully through Facebook. Thank you guys for reading our announcements and see you all on the mats this week.
Just like a four leaf clover, our gym is not easy to find. We don’t have a store front so you can watch us from the outside. We’re not even in an area where you can see us from the road. You literally have to try and find us. We have closed doors, one window, and walls around us. . But don’t we want more people? Don’t we want more students? Numbers have never been our concern, our concerns, are the qualities in our students. We want students who want to make a difference, who want to change their life, who want to be a part of a family. No one is forced to be at our gym, you’re here because you want to. If you want to be a part of this team, you need to work hard. Our free week trial is there for you not because we want your membership, but because we want you to make sure we are exactly what you’re looking for. You don’t have to be strong or fast or in great shape to join us, you just have to try. “Waiting to start martial arts until you’re in better shape is like child waiting to start school until they’re smart enough.” And the more you do it, the stronger you get. Training will never get easy, it only gets harder, but that’s because you get stronger. Come get it nak muays! Don’t forget to bring your running shoes! Today looks like a BEAUITFUL DAY to be outside =).
You fight the way you train, which is why it is important to push ourselves and do those extra 10 kicks, that extra pad round, that extra mile.... • Today is day number 2 of hell week for our fighters stepping into the ring next Saturday, let’s continue to push them 😈. • #lotusthaiboxing #disciplemma #ltb #nakmuay #fightersgym
Anžij Januško - "senosios mokyklos" atstovas kurio kaip kovotojo karjera prasidėjo dar 1993m. Jis sportavo Lietuvoje, Rusijoje ir Airijoje. Jo sąskaitoje virš 100kovų. 🕘Kikbokso (K1) ir muyathai treniruotės pas Anžij Januško vyksta antradieniais, ketvirtadieniais ir penktadieniais 19.30. Prisijunk prie šios grupės, pirmas užsiėmimas nemokamas. Studentams ir moksleiviams mėnesio abonementas tik 20eur, o suaugusiems 30eur. Daugiau informacijos: +37063333370 arba info@fightersgym.lt Keletas Anžij Januško pasiekimų: Muaythai kandidatas į sporto meistrus (Rusija); Daugkartinis muaythai ir kikbokso prof. turnyrų nugalėtojas ir dalyvis (Lietuvoje, Lenkijoje, Rusijoje); Daugkartinis bokso prof. kovų nugalėtojas ir dalyvis; Lietuvos kikbokso čempionatų prizininkas; Atviro Lietuvos muaythai čempionato nugalėtojas; Lietuvos muaythai čempionato nugalėtojas tarp jaunių; Lietuvos muaythai čempionato nugalėtojas, suaugusiųjų kategorijoje; Lietuvos muaythai taurės nugalėtojas; Atviro Rusijos muaythai čempionato prizininkas; Centrinės Europos muaythai turnyro prizininkas (Svetlogorsko m., Rusija); Daugkartinis K1 turnyrų, skirtų p. Sidorovičiui atminti, čempionas (Kaliningrado apskritis, Rusija); Turnyro TSUNAMI (pagal K1 taisykles) prizininkas (Kaliningrado apskritis, Rusija); Kaliningrado apskrities kovinės savigynos čempionas; Kaliningrado apskrities muaythai čempionas; Latvijos Kikbokso atviro čempionato prizininkas; #fightersgym #kikboksas #k1 #muaythai #boksas
Gran entrenamiento! Firmes en los objetivos! #BahiaBlanca #TaekwondoITF 👊 #FAIT#FederacionITFdeArgentina 🇦🇷 #FightersGym 🥊
Awaiting next training. #bjj #Tatami #fightersgym #whitebeltbjj
Fighters gym užsiėmimų tvarkaraštis. Prisijunk prie mūsų. #kikboksas #k1 #kickboxing #treniruotės #muaythai #piloboxing #strong #fightersgym #vaikųfitnesas
Everyone can be big and muscular but without technique and functionality in martial arts it only slows you down. . . #personaltrainer #fightersgym #kungfu #ipman #wingchun #brucelee #jackiechan #donnieyen #sparring #balance #martialarts #martialartist #warrior #fighter #lifestyle #hardwork #innerpeace #capetown #southafrica
The moment you start getting comfortable is the moment you start losing yourself. You stop being motivated and you tend to leave things aside. Telling yourself that you’ll do it later. But what this is, it’s all mental. It’s not your body telling you to not do it. It’s your mind! Be in control of your mind. Remember why you started in the first place. And if that doesn’t help, know that your health is the number 1 thing you need to focus on. You can never be too busy for your health. Train hard for your spouse, for your family, for your children, for your children’s children’s. Because the last thing we want in this world, is to be left behind because we chose to not do something about. Let’s get it guys! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 . #Repost @jcn_21 ・・・ “I hate to advocate violence or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me.” • Fancy, choreographed pad work never won me a fight or helped me defend myself in the street. Never neglect your fundamentals or undermine the value of the basics. Be tactical, precise and technical. 👊 @whatamenace#lotusthaiboxing #muaythaimotivation #siamboxing #dmvtrainer #championlifestyle #fitnessmotivation #trainhard #fightersgym #yokkao #twinsspecial #fairtex #padworkdrills #mittwork #nakmuay #fitspo #muaythaitraining #fighton #trainhard #strikingsystem #boxing #muaythai #kickboxer #eastcoastmuaythai
**Bank Holiday timetable change** We’re condensing classes on Monday 27th August - just one Muay Thai class at 6pm open to all levels👊 Back to normal on Tuesday. 🥊The following Monday 3rd we’re starting a new daytime class 11am Muay Thai for all levels, 1hr.
Kicking off the weekend #Bloodline style 💥👊💥
Happy Friday Nak Muays!!! You are not defined by someone’s partial view of your life, your strengths, or your history. Their inability to see or appreciate the complete version of you only limits them, not you. Stand strong in your truth and purpose and continue being your baddass, unapologetic self. - Steve Maraboli #LotusThaiBoxing #MuayThai #Boxing #fightersgym
#Fighters - La última velada de kick boxing profesional Ph: @dai_jaime #fightersgym #musica #vivo #acustico
“I hate to advocate violence or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me.” • Fancy, choreographed pad work never won me a fight or helped me defend myself in the street. Never neglect your fundamentals or undermine the value of the basics. Be tactical, precise and technical. 👊 @whatamenace#lotusthaiboxing #muaythaimotivation #siamboxing #dmvtrainer #championlifestyle #fitnessmotivation #trainhard #fightersgym #yokkao #twinsspecial #fairtex #padworkdrills #mittwork #nakmuay #fitspo #muaythaitraining #fighton #trainhard #strikingsystem #boxing #muaythai #kickboxer #eastcoastmuaythai
This is poppy.. she’s 8 and only been training with me 8 weeks in classes.. this is her second one to one session with me @teep_muay_thai_tmt @fitnessworldweymouth this young lady has some immense power in her hands and knees! #teepmuaythai #tmt #fitnessworldweymouth #tmtcobras #thaiboxing #kickboxing #k1 #boxing #power #hooks #lefty #natural #hardhitter #beast #machine #poppythepowehouse #gym #futurechamp #humble #fightersgym #allages #allwelcome #classes #weymouth #dorset #uk #nakmuay
Good afternoon and happy Monday to you all. We hoped you all had a great weekend and are ready for this week’s grind. 3 fighters from our affiliate schools will be fighting at the VA Beach Convention Center on August 25th. If any of y’ all are able to make it down to VA Beach this weekend, we would love to have your support. Also check out some of these cool pics we took last Friday from our kids class who helped us clean up some of the trash around our neighborhood. Even though we’re labeled as a fighter’s gym, we are a martial arts school. Martial arts allow us to not only better ourselves but to those around us. Inspire one person at a time. Thank you guys and have a great week! Kids at 5:30pm, Beginners at 6:30pm, and Intermediates at 7:30pm. Let’s overcome this Monday!
**Next Interclub!** Sunday 30th September at East Ham Working Man’s Club. Open to adults and juniors. Coaches- submit your fighters names to Paul or Arnold 👊🏻
Amazing day today at @weycarnival2018 we gave a full 30 mins demo on the beach showing some pad work, sparring and conditioning. #muaythai #thaiboxing #teepmuaythai #tmt #weymouthcarnival #demo #weymouthbeach #kickboxing #k1 #boxing #allages #fightersgym #weymouth #dorset #beachmuaythai #amazingday #showingourtalents
The Mongkhon (headband) and Pat Jiad (armband) are often worn into the ring before the match begins. They originated back in times when Thailand was in a constant state of war, where young men would tear off pieces of a loved one’s clothing( often their mother’s sarong) and wear it to battle for good luck as well as to ward off harmful spirits. In moderns times the Mongkol (lit meaning Holy Spirit, luck, and protection) is worn as a tribute to the gym that the Muay Thai fighter is fighting out of. The Mongkol is traditionally presented by the trainer to the fighter once he feels that the fighter is ready to represent the gym’s name in the ring. Often after the fighter has finished the wai kru, the trainer will take the Mongkol off of his head and place it on their corner of the ring for luck. They were also used for protection. Whether the fighter is a Buddhist or not, it is common for them to bring the Mongkol to a Buddhist monk who blesses it with good luck prior to stepping into the ring.
Today we had the pleasure of having @tylerhourihan1 and his dad and trainer @peter.hourihan amazing seminar for the junior class! TMT are so thankful!🙏🏼🙏🏼 what an impressive record.. WTKA English Champion WTKA 2x intercontinental WTKA British champion WTKA European champion WTKA unified world champion winner WKO regional champion And 2 times Hall of fame awards.. only 10 years of age.. 🙏🏼🙌🏼 BEAST! #teepmuaythai #tmt #muaythai #thaiboxing #seminar #clinch #knees #catches #kicks #8limbs #juniorclass #weymouth #dorset #ukmuaythai #nakmuay #fightersgym #ironshapensiron #selfdefense #martialartslife #allages @chinrod1 @fitnessworldweymouth
Life doesn’t get better by chance. Only by change. Check out fighter @dvngfvm showing big improvements as he strives to getting back in the ring. It’s Monday y’all. Start the week off right. Get your run in and go train. See everyone on the mats tonight!!! . #Repost @dvngfvm ・・・ Depleted.
Amazing day out today at house of pain for the interclub! All levels and all ages showed an amazing show of Muay Thai, k1 and boxing! We can’t thank them enough for inviting us and marching so many first timers. #teepmuaythai #tmt #thaiboxing #k1 #boxing #team #tmtcobras #futurefighters #interclub #nakmuay #ukthaiboxing #martialarts #classes #fightersgym #mma #myteam #beginners #advanced #team
TGIF!!!! Check out this wicked video from our fighter Earthquake. Fighters cooling down on the bag after an intense night of training and some doing body conditioning. It's Friday, so we have our kids class at 5:30pm, following our womens class at 6:30pm, and then open mat for all levels from 7:30-8:30pm. Even though we have open mat on Saturdays, the extra classes we offer is for everyone to take advantage of. We open the mats so that you may practice whatever it is you'd like to practice. Not everyone has access to a bag or maybe our fighters just like being around our fighters. With all the classes being offered, you basically get to train at LTB 4x a week. The days in between training is for you to go to your gym to lift weights. Work on strength training or maybe go out for a long run and work on your own. Those in between days are for you. Commit to the classes that are mandatory (weekdays) and then come to open mats to refresh over what you went through during the week. And then your off days lift some weights. The last thing we want to do is burn you out and sometimes that can happen. Don't forget that resting is part of training. Rest so that your body can continue to do what it needs to do and always have fun nak muays. Happy Friday and see yall on the mats tonight. Oss . #Repost @kwaafronese ・・・ Work, work, and more hard work. Good sweat today @lotusthaiboxing ft. some of the team in the background. #cooldown #vibin #peaceandloveyo ✌🏾🕉 🙏🏾🇬🇭🕷
Some day when you are tired, sore, sick, demotivated or uninspired it can be hard to get out of bed and train... don’t be that person! NO EXCUSES!
And your winner is...... AAAAAARNOLD OBOROTOV! 👊 Congratulations to our champ @arnoldoborotov winning the heavy weight tournament in #SaintTropez 🇫🇷 on the incredible show @fightnightstropez Thanks to everyone who’s supported Arnold on his journey 🙏 Time for a well deserved drink! 🍾
The only place in the whole world which I leave with my ass wooped and a silly grin on my face! #muaythai #muaythaigym #bloodlinegym #fightersgym
#LETSGOCHAMP @arnoldoborotov is safely in France ready to fight in the 4 man tournament on @fightnightstropez tomorrow night. Weigh in is tonight at 8pm 💪💪💪
How well do you know yourself if you’ve never really tested yourself? You ever heard of the saying from Mike Tyson, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” How many of us avoid situations where we felt uncomfortable. Not just about fighting but anything that we try to avoid in life. Like avoiding confrontations, or avoiding certain situations like presentations or interviews. Things that we don’t feel. . Why miss on an opportunity just because you’re not comfortable with it. The best way to handle that anxiety is to go through it. And not just once. But over and over again. Can you handle the immense pressure? Will you perform exactly as you planned to do? You will never know unless you physically place yourself in that position. . Sometimes training can be tough, sometimes it can seem impossible, and sometimes it can make you want to quit. Just know that you can’t always avoid things like that. Sooner or later you’re gonna have to go through it. Tough times like that will only make you stronger. It’s how you react to adversity that defines you, not the adversity itself. Get through the hard days so that we can see our best days. Learn to work well under pressure, even if it’s someone punching you in the face =). . Happy Hump Day! You are halfway there!
You know those gyms that give you that free trial day or free week and then when you’re done with it, you’re kinda like forced to talk to someone after to discuss about membership fees. And then they try to get you to join while feeling pressured or haven’t had time to think about it? Yeah, well we don’t do that. In fact, what we recommend is for you to go home and think about how your free trial period. Ask yourself; are we the right school for you? Are we convenient for you? Did we push you? Did we challenge you? Are we affordable? These are the questions you want to ask yourself before committing to our school. We at LTB want to ensure that you are making the right decision. Because just like you, we don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Especially yours. Try a free week, see if you like it. If you do, great! If you don’t, all good 😊. Regardless we will always want the best for you and we hope you enjoyed and learned something new from it. Find your purpose and find your passion. And when you do, don’t let go of it. Happy Monday and have a great week everyone! Kids, we’ll see you at 5:30pm, Beginners at 6:30pm, and then intermediates at 7:30pm. Don’t forget, BRING YOUR RUNNING SHOES!!! =)
Happy Wednesday Nak Muays🙏🏼🙏🏼. I the gym during training there is/are moments when your body is telling you that you have exceeded its ability to go further. It cries out for you to give it a break and stop. The pain and fatigue are so great that there seems to be no way forward to keep pushing, to accept another second of the exhaustion that you have created. Accompanying this state sometimes is the sensation that you are about to faint, you are lightheaded, things stop feeling real. It’s very tempting to just say to your self, “this is too hard, and I want to quit”. However, this is the time that your mind or your will has to take over. To reminds you that the reason you are doing what you are doing is because you wanted to be something special. That you wanted to be a champion and the only way to becoming a winner is to go through this pain and seeming misery to get there. It’s here that we find out what lives inside us.
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