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x~ edgy ~x 📸 monsieur @jakpenny
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Messy hair, good weather, the happiest smile, and the best company☀️😁🥰
Casual, but still about my business.
#LydiasLuxe got #poshmarkambassador status!!!! 🎊🎆🌟 we are so excited, the most about being a #stylist to you guys. 🎊🎊 #poshmarkstyle #resellercommunity #Poshmark #bbloggers #fbloggers #ootdfashion #onlineshopping
Action shot 📷: @marianneolaleye ___ Actual current reality: ✔️ I came back home today soo... obligatory pounded yam food coma 🤰🏾 ✔️ Got my hair did soo... struggling to even move my eyebrows 🥴 ✔️ Tried to be cute & wear Fenty beauty highlighter tonight but it just looks like I’ve got glitter all over my face 😅 (if ya’ll know about Trophy Wife... ✨) ✔️ My train has just stopped moving in the middle of nowhere, so that’s good 🤷🏾‍♀️ ___ #fbloggers #styleblogger [wearing gifted items]
📍 Newcastle
Feels like summer ☀️🌴
Goth princess realness 👸🏻🖤
Ghost Piece Fishtail Parka - Beige Online @ www.volls.de -> Link in Bio
Lovely evening last night celebrating @lauramoore20 birthday! 🎉 and tonight we’re playing bingo 😂👵🏻 happy birthday lovely 😘 #birthday #saturday #bingo
Loadsa fun 🖤
R&R time
~ God wants you to thrive in waters you do not understand. ~ I quickly wrote this down from a message I heard recently and it applies so much today. Although we know tomorrow is coming and his promise and miracle are fulfilled, at that time after He died... no one had a clue what was happening. Luke 23:48 says they went home in deep sorrow and in Luke 24:21 when talking to Jesus after he resurrected, they unknowingly say to him: “We had hoped he was the Messiah who had come to rescue Israel.“ ‭‭___ In that time after his death, and before his resurrection, there was sorrow and broken hopes for many. What they didn’t know was that Jesus was coming and in the case of Luke 24, he was already there!! I’m forever blessed by the miracle that is coming and Resurrection Sunday, but today it reminds me that you can be in a deep place of sorrow and hope lost — and around the corner is a promise and redemption from God! Both you and I can still thrive in a season of unknowing and disappointment because we can remember God keeps his promises, and his word proved true with Christ’s resurrection. By this, I know that in the unknown, God has promised us future hope, to give us strength, set us free, and give us abundantly more than we could ask for.
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This was my exact reaction when I looked down at the scale today and realized I have gained extra 1.5kg. This was after eating 2 plates of sweet jollof rice, 2 servings of small chops, about 3 cup cakes, medium cup-size ice cream and a glass of wine 🍷. But you know #fitfam for life 😭🤣. Food is my hindrance to this fitfam life, what’s yours?
Man muss ins dunkle um Sterne zu sehen ⭐️
We're really spoilt this Bank Holiday with this sunshine ☀️ so of course I had to wear our 18ct plated Sunlight Necklace 😍 Available in 3 colours and matching earrings online now www.farfetchedaccessories.ie/exclusive-jewellery
I don’t have this waist in reality 😂🙈Postarea aceasta nu e despre silueta mea (talie de viespe asa cum pare in poza 😂). E doar despre serile de sambata in familie dupa o cina in oras. Voi ce planuri v-ati facut pentru azi? #ootn #saturdaystyle
KILLER OUTFIT from @lovestyle40 🖤 Champagne Please 🥂🍾 Literrally the perfect Easter Weekend Tee! ⠀ ⠀ #styleinspo #outfitideas #love
Did you know 95% of our latest collection is made out of organic cotton, including our brand new Chara Long Sleeve T, which is completely organic 💚 We are so excited for Fashion Revolution Week next week and are super looking forward to taking part in some of the incredible events in Brighton, including the consumer workshop by @sistersocietyuk and @sewfabulousbrighton on Wednesday 💫 Be sure to get your tickets before hand if you want to attend 🌿
Once a grumpy bitch, always a grumpy bitch 🥰
Groupie love 💕
Whats the tea ?
It’s a whole bodega party up in this bitch 💕🍻
🌊🌊🌊 @ufo361 👾
My Uber driver was living for my look 🥰
Bonjour mes petites biches chéries 😍je vous souhaite plein de courage pour cette nouvelle semaine qui débute ☺️moi il me reste deux jours pour avoir enfin un petit repos😆j’espère que mon look d’aujourd’hui vous plaît c’est que du vieux a part mes petites baskets compensées de chez Zara 😆😘 #lifestyle #styleblogger #styleblog #fashionblogger #fashionblog #blogger #bloggerlife #bloggerstyle #bloggerfashion #fashion #style #petitefashion #makeup #beautybloggers #discoverunder5k #discoverunder10k #ootd #ootfashion #outfitoftheday #wiw #wiwt #whatiwore #fashionpost #ukblogger #bloggersuk #fbloggers #streetstyle #asseenonme
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