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Charpter 1 ...................................... You wake up to your alarm ringing it's 7:00 you don't have school today so you get up and go shower and get ready (swipe) and then you put your makeup (swipe 2)and do you hair(swipe 3) you go down stairs and make a bowl of cereal and then open TikTok and like win new tiktoks then your best friend amanda called you ........on the phone.......(amanda =A) A:hey y/n Y/n:hi A:I was wondering if you wanna go shopping Y/n:yea sure A:ok so at 10 minutes I'll be there Y/n:ok see ya A:see ya ........................................ Then you grab your phone and put it in your bag(swipe 4)then you hear your door bell you open the door and it's amanda you hug each other then go shopping first thing u went to Starbucks you order you favorite thing then you go to the table and talk with Amanda then you hear the Starbucks door opened you look to see who was that it was ... Hope you like this should I do more? #winwolf #fanfic #winwolffanfic
You know that I’m unhappy. You know that I’m depressed. You know that I’m suicidal. but you still act like everything is fine :’ - - I’m so fucking tired of guys, I’m starting to get over my crush or w.e. bc he’s completely over me and now I’m moving on but there’s this guy that likes me but he dated my friend but only for a short amount of time. The thing is people said that he beats on his gfs and that scares the fuck outta me. I wish he would lay a hand on me his ass would get fucking beat. :’ - - #depressed #depression #sadedits #sadquotes #criminalminds #sadquotes #sadedits #fanfic #criminalminds #sadvideos #depressed #depressedquotes #depressedquote #depressedteen #depressedthoughts #fat #skinny #helpme #suicidal #suicidalquote #explorepage #depression #depressionquotes #depressionsucks #cutter #depressedboy #depressedgirls #saveme #depressedteenager #selfharm #selfharmquote
is it bad that i know exactly where this is taken at Disneyland lol😂 anyway sorry for being inactive, I’ve been really busy today but good night my loves💛
¡Nuevas portadas! ¿Te gusta lo que ves? No dudes en hacer tu pedido ^^ #wattpad #portadasbonitas #portadas #fanfic #fanfiction
🍭 Chapter 5 out. 💜 #wattpad #fanfic
-marcie , si patch hablara cada vez que nora se mete en problemas #hushhushmovie #hushhushlibro #cliche #fanfic #escritores #lectores ❤❤❤😂😂😂😂😂👍
Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: I #Ship It #CrossStitch PDF Pattern #crafts #diy #fandom #fanfic #movie #tv #characters #romance #love #couple #popculture https://etsy.me/2xqru9F
So I was supposed to write a story for English (as a creative writing task) but I ended up writing a mini fanfiction (with some bonus drawings)! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DISCLAIMER! The story contains yaoi! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #ereri #riren #erendrawing #levidrawing #erenjaeger #leviackerman #ackerman #story #fanfic #fanfiction #yaoi #attackontitan #aot #shingekinokyojin #snk
Part 12 *FIRST DAY OF THE JOB* I wake up to my alarm set for 7:45. I get in the shower and dry my hair. I get dressed in a black pencil skirt, a flowy light blue shirt, and some white wedges. Then I twist my hair and use a clip to put it up. I look in the mirror. I look like a assistant. I do my makeup: concealer, mascara, eyeshadow, eyebrows, and pink lipstick. I pack my bag which consists of my computer, phone, note pad, and a makeup bag. I open the door. Tom is dressed in a plaid shirt and some nice pants. Luke has on jeans and a t shirt. I look over and see Emma come out of Toms room with a tight bun in and a ballet outfit. I hold in my laughs in as best as I can. “Is this too much?” I ask Tom. “No, wow you look great.” Tom says. “Thanks.” I blush. Emma comes over and wraps her arm around Toms shoulder and kisses him. I look away. Tom pulls back, “alright let’s go get some brunch.” He says. “I need to be there on time, so I have to take my own car. Bye Tommy I love you so so much.” Emma hangs on him. “Bye Emma.” Tom says and walks away. Emma looks flustered and hurries out the door. We all take Toms convertible. I sit in the back. We arrive at a nice French place. There are a lot of cameras today. I smile and walk in behind Tom. We eat, pay and head to the studio. I brace myself and we walk in. || this isn’t that interesting of a part but here ya go! 💕
This shit is hard to find using the title so here’s the link : https://archiveofourown.org/works/540915/chapters/961503 Anyways, this fic is a canon divergence, and one of the best I’ve read so far. Basically, before Gabriel dies after getting stabbed by Luci in season 5 (I think?), he goes back in time and makes Castiel the angel of Dean Winchester. So basically, from the moment Mary dies, Castiel befriends Dean • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #destielficrecs #destielficrec #destiel #supernatural #twistandshout #fanfic #destielfanfic #deanwinchester #castiel #fanfiction #spn #spnfanfic #supernaturalfanfic #ficrec #samwinchester #jensenackles #mishacollins #jaredpadalecki #destielfanfiction #destielfanfics #gabriel #richardspeightjr #sabriel •PS: credits to artist for the drawing in background.
☆Capítulo 60☆ ☆Marlon Narrando☆ •Tenho medo da Amanda tentar algo contra a vida dela.. ela tá traumatizada, e a dor da perda do bebê dela, tá acabando com ela. Quando ela sair do hospital, vou levar ela pra morar comigo, vou cuidar dela, vou fazer tudo o que posso pra ajudar ela• ~chamo o médico e volto com ele pro quarto que Amanda tava~ Médico ~coloca os aparelhos que ela tinha tirado, e dá um calmante para ela~ Amanda ~olhando eles~ Médico: ela deve dormir, é normal.. ~sai~ Marlon ~pego na mão de Amanda~: tô aqui com você.. Amanda ~olhando ele~: foi tudo minha culpa.. Marlon: não foi não, minha pequena. Você não tem culpa do que aquele doente fez. Amanda: tenho sim.. eu deveria ter saído de lá, faz tempo... Marlon: ele é doente, e você não tem culpa se ele é assim. Amanda ~aperta a mão de Marlon~: eu poderia ainda tá com o meu bebê.. Mas, eu continuei junto com aquele monstro.. Marlon: vamos parar de pensar nele um pouquinho? ~suspiro e faço carinho no rosto dela~ Amanda: eu só queria ter a esperança de pegar o meu bebê nos braços.. só isso Marlon.. Marlon: vamo imaginar como ele era? ~sorrio de leve~ Amanda: não.. ~suspira~ Marlon: por que não? Seu bebê era pra ser uma criança saudável, e por uma ação do pai dele, o impediu de nascer. Amanda: o bebê ainda não tava chutando.. na última vez que fui no pré natal, a médica tinha falado que ele poderia começar a chutar esse mês. Mas, não foi possível.. ~com os olhos cheio de lágrimas~ Marlon ~escuto ela, deixo algumas lágrimas caírem e abraço Amanda~ . ●Uma semana se passou, Amanda recebendo os cuidados dos médicos, enfermeiros, e dos amigos, Marlon, Rodrigo e a noiva dele, Letícia. Depois do que aconteceu naquele dia, Biel não apareceu mais em casa, e também não tentou nenhum contato com Amanda. No hospital mesmo, Amanda fez o boletim de ocorrência contra Biel, e relatou tudo o que sofreu, no tempo que morou com ele. A polícia começou com as buscas pelo foragido, e prestou total apoio a Amanda.●. □■□■□■□■□■ Continua nos comentários
to it’s been two weeks since school started. nothing much except kenzie having like 15 crushes over the past 14 days but that’s always normal. kenzie and jayden aren’t on good terms again. don’t know why. on friday me lauren and kenzie had a sleepover at my house. it was still morning and lauren and kenzie were making breakfast. lauren was making eggs and kenzie was making pancakes k- uh guys? l- yea? k-i kinda burned the pancakes she went to the sink and got the batter out of the pan l- omfg you didn’t wait long enough to flip them kenzie! k- sorry! it’s like 20 minuets later and we start to smell something burn a- uh what’s that smell? kenzie starts running to the sink trying to get the pancake out of the pan. this time she burned two but it fused into one big one l- kenzie! wtf! we told you to wait longer to flip them! k- well i didn’t listen! a- uh.. guys l- what? a- the pancake is..kinda engraved in the pan... k- oops.. l- kenzie! k- anyways, i give up on trying to make pancakes she said that as she sat on the couch and turned spongebob on the tv l- really? k- yep! a- ok i’ll try making them then so i’ve actually never made anything on a stove before. i made them without burning down my house. that’s a surprise. after that we ate breakfast and they went home • • • • • • tbc. comment for more! ~tags~ #hannie #fanfic #jenzie #annieleblanc #johnnyorlando #connerfinnerty #hayleyleblanc #kenzieziegler #haydensummerall
Весь концерт я просто думала о том, что бы меня не заметили. Конечно же, благодаря Ди и ее целеустремленности, мы стояли в самом начале, а точнее в нескольких метрах от парней. Это сделало ситуацию еще хуже. Фанатки кричали все время, от чего у меня жутко заболела голова. Я даже их песни не смогла нормально послушать, так как крики фанатов заглушали все. Вот концерт подошёл к концу, и я уже обраловалась что смогу наконец уйти, но не тут то было! На середину сцены вышел парень с которым я столкнулась, и начал свою речь: . - Привет WadWave! Спасибо что пришли! Сейчас я хочу сказать что мы проводим конкурс. Подарок вам кстати, очень понравится. И так, сначала мне нужны 15 девушек. Кто хочет? - В этот момент девушки закричали еще сильнее, и начали поднимать руки. Ну а я просто спряталась за Ди и ждала когда этот кошмар кончится. 14 девушек уже на сцене. Я уже обрадовалась что меня не попросят выйти на сцену, но как всегда удача отвернулась от меня. Дело в том, что я поймала на себе взгляд Рахата. Он был явно удивлен и на его лице красовалась хитрая улыбка. Рахат направился к парню с которым я столкнулась, и что то шепнул ему на ухо. Тот одобрительно кивнул и тоже посмотрел на меня. Вот тут мне действительно хотелось сквозь землю провалиться. - И последней участницей будешь ты! - парень указал на меня. Класс, просто идеально. Кто самый неудачливый человек? Конечно же Я! . - Ди, выйди ты, - шепнула я подруге. . - Тебя же позвали! Выходи! . - Пожалуйста, выйди вместо меня! . - Алина, не переживай. Они тебя не съедят. Так что, выходи и выиграй этот конкурс. А подарок потом отдашь мне. . - Хорошо, - очень медленно и аккуратно я вышла на сцену. И тут парень продолжил: . - Все участницы есть! А теперь правила: я буду задавать каждой из вас вопросы, который связаны с участниками группы. Те двое кто ответит правильно больше всех, будут победительницами. Готовы? Ну капеец. Я же ничего о них не знаю! Не видать мне победы, а Ди подарка. Я посмотрела на Ди злым взглядом, а она показала руками знак "окей". И это значит одно - она мне будет помогать. • • • #ameli_cooper #wattpad #book #madmen #fanfic #moora #rem #khay #aron #tim #madwave #qpop
Stos son los mandatos del señor 😌 Cc a quien corresponda 🌟 • ⇢Síguenos para no perderte de nuestras publicaciones🦄 Libros, datos curiosos, noticias, y más🌐 • #fandom #libros #bookstagram #bookworm #edits #frases #lectores #instabook #harrypotter #fama #cazadoresdesombras #losjuegosdelhambre #fantasía #fanfic #novela #memes #lgbt #feminismo #freedom • xVino🍷
Cc a quien corresponda 🌟 • ⇢Síguenos para no perderte de nuestras publicaciones🦄 Libros, datos curiosos, noticias, y más🌐 • #fandom #libros #bookstagram #bookworm #edits #frases #lectores #instabook #harrypotter #fama #cazadoresdesombras #losjuegosdelhambre #fantasía #fanfic #novela #memes #lgbt #feminismo #freedom • xVino🍷
Thanks. 💫💫💫
So @harrystyles , how does it feel knowing that millions of people would lay their life down for you
💍 AS MULHERES DA MINHA VIDA | ÚLTIMO CAPÍTULO #WebTV Leia aqui: https://bit.ly/2zzURtK Vanessa impede o casamento de Neide e Kelly, e as três tentam convencer Otávio de não se jogar da ponte. 💍 #autor #escritor #webnovela #novela #webserie #serie #fanfic #fanfics #escrever #amoescrever #autor #escritor #roteiro #roteiros #autordesconhecido #literário #livro #livros #livrosemaislivros #livroseleitura #novela #novelas #serie #series #poesia #cronicas #ler #lendo #historias
mr. handsome
this photo deserves more attention
Eu sou a única viciada em fanfic? // #fanfic #bts #fanficbts #suga #fanficsuga #yoongi #bangtan #boys #bangtanboys
Omg they are all so cute happy chukseok 💞
Chapter 16 Kims pov: I wake up becuase people are jumping on my bed, I look up and see Jack and Zach Kim:ughhh I'm tried Jack:nope can't be today's my day with you Kim:whys Zach here then Zach:Cuz you love me Kim:yea sure now get out I need to get changed They walk out and I get ready (swipe) Then walk down staris and see pancakes Daniel:want some I smile Corbyn:I got you Corbyn serves me up two pancakes and puts maple syrup on them Kim:thank you I start eating, once I'm finshed me and Jack leave Jack:so we are going to..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WHERE IS THEY GOING ------------------------------------------- Tags: @seaveydaniel @imzachherron @jackaverymusic @corbynbesson @jonahmarais @whydontwemusic #whydontwe #wdw #corbyn #Jack #Daniel #Jonah #Zach #wdwfanfic #whydontwefanfic #wdwimages #boys #fanfic #wdwtour #talk #Corbynbesson #Danielseavey #jackavery #zachherron #talk #jonahmarais #lit #awesome #whydontwefafiction #limelight #fanfic #hooked #trustfundbaby
//chapter 27// *zach's pov* All I could think about was y/n at the moment. Me & jonah were in the lunch line when the shooting began. I was watching for y/n. I should've payed more attention to her. Bc the next thing I know me & jonah are running down the hallways helping people into classrooms & to any thing that would hide them from the shooter. I run in the library wanting to check if their was anyone in their, in which I'm sure their is. Jonah follows behind me. As we run down the rows of books I hear yelling. We both come around the corner I then see daniel, tears falling down his face as he punches the stranger who started this mess with a simple bullet. I look to my left to see my beautiful y/n, bent over a body. She looks up at me as tears spread from her eyes down to her flushed cheeks. *y/n's pov* I look over to see Zach & jonah come around the corner. I didn't know what else to do. Zach ran to me as jonah ran to help daniel. He was on the other side of ashley. I don't know what happend next but a look of regret spread on his face. I sat back & watched as he tried to revive my sister. He kept giving mouth to mouth, checking her pulse, anything to save her. Y/n: none of that will work.^ i say quietly. Zach stops. He just sits their looking at her as if she were still with us, we both did. - - im not passionate about this chapter at all. - - #zachherronfanfiction #zachherronfanfic #zachherronimagines #zachherron #jackavery #danielseavey #fanfiction #fanfic #whydontwemusic #wdw #wdwboys #whydontwe #whydontweboys
PREVIOUSLY~ After they were done performing Zach came up to me and asked me... PRESENT~ Y/N POV~ After the boys were done performing Zach came up to me and asked me if my boyfriend was where. Zach~ hey Y/N why isn’t your boyfriend with you Y/N~ well I don’t have a boyfriend Zach~ I’m surprised Y/N~ why are you surprised that I don’t have a boyfriend Zach~ well you are beautiful and I thought a guy would have asked you out already When Zach said you are beautiful you blushed a lot Y/N~ Thanks for calling be beautiful but it’s so not true Zach~ your right your not beautiful you are gorgeous Y/N~ Thank You the said your hot but you said it under your breathe Zach~ What was that ? 😏 Y/N~ oh nothin 😏😏 Zach~ yea sure Then some girl came over to Zach and said hey baby after she said that you just walked off. Zach chased after you when you walked away and he tried to catch up to you. After you stormed if you went to your balcony just so you could be by yourself. Zach finally found you on your balcony he came up to you Zach~ hey what’s wrong ? Y/N~ There is nothing wrong why would you think that ? Zach~ Well you stormed off when that girl came up to me Y/N~ Well I thought she was your gf Zach~ Well she isn’t my girlfriend Y/N~ why did she call you “baby” then ? Zach~ I don’t know maybe she’s drunk Y/N~ yea ok Once Y/N said ok she just walked off Zach’s POV~ Why did Ali say that ? (A/N Ali is Zach’s best friend) does Y/N and Ali know each other or something ? Y/N POV~ I don’t know if I even believe Zach why do I care so much it’s not like we can even date or anything or I won’t even have a chance with him. I found Jack and we started to talk to each other Jack~ Hey Happy Birthday!!!! Y/N~ Thank You, you have been the first person here who has said happy birthday Jack~ I saw you talking to Zach didn’t he say happy birthday ? Y/N~ no actually it’s ok though, are you having fun ? Jack~ yes now that I’m talking to you Y/N~ wow you why don’t we boys really like to flirt don’t you Jack~ what do you me- Just then you... To Be Continued . . . TAGS~ #zachherron #zachherronfanfiction #fanfic #fanfiction #wdwimagines #wdwfanfic #wdwfanfics #wdwfanfiction
MY BABY DADDY IS A BAD BOY Annie is a young 18 girl who really don't live her life like other people do she's more like a oh I can't go to the party I have homework to do what I'm saying is that she more like a nerd. On the other hand meet Hayden, hayden Summerall he opoisite to Annie he more like the badboy say yes to party's have sex with girls and dump them. Y'all I'm starting a new story wow it's been a long time Sorry I started this early and it's the 3rd week of school and I been busy And I know it's Jordan and jordyn in the cover I ship them so hard #hannie #fanfic #hanniefanfic #annieleblanc #haydensummerall
Chapter 6 Dad: whos at that the do- D: Hi sir Dad: oh Daniel i hear you cheated on my daughter! He got closer to him A: dad its fine i can handle this myself, why are you here? D: look im sorry i shouldnt of cheated on you twice. Please take me back A: youre unforgiven! I never wanna see you EVER! Daniel started crying but i just didnt care D: i love you Athena A: no you dont D: w...what A:if you love me you wouldn't have gone stabbing me in the back D: athena pl- A: daniel you broke my heart dont you see that D: i do bu- A: thats like dropping a glass and it breaks. No matter how many times you say SORRY its still broken D: i..i- I slammed the door on him and just sat on the couch Dad: you okay honey? A: yea im gonna go to the beach Dad: at night? A: yup bye dad I grabbed my keys and left. I got to the beach and no one was there. I sat on this rock and just looked at the water. I cried a little til i got hit on the head by a soccer ball and fell A: ow what the heck ??: sorry A: its f..fine I looked up and saw this guy. He reached his hand out for me and i grabbed it ??: im really sorry are you okay I fall to the ground A: i dont think so my ankle hurts badly ??: should i take you to the hospital? A: no its fine ill be fine He sat down next to me ??: I'm Cody *smiles* A: I'm Athena C: so why are you out here by yourself? A: i just need a break *looks down* C:is everything okay? A: no C: is it boy problems? A: uh yea it actually is *sniffs* He put his arm around me C: whatever happened you did nothing wrong I lay my head on his shoulder A: i feel like i did. Like am i not good enough.. - - #whydontwe #fanfic #danielseaveyfanfic #danielseavey
¡Aquí un fanfic de @alikuarso , como me encantan sus fanfic's! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ #Fred #Freddy #Golden #Fnafhs #fhs #Fnafhs2 #fhs2 #fanfic #Edd00Chan #Edd00saster #Alikuarso #follow #like #anime #fnafsfans ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Etiquetados al azar, mucho amor para todos. (?
Storyline: Annie’s a girl who lives with her Mom, Dad and sister, Hayley. She’s entering high school and is also taking a bigger step. She’s going to public school! She’s nervously excited until she makes friends! What happens when her friends aren’t who she thought they were? THIS IS 100% FAKE, NO HATE ON ANYONE. IB: Mean Girls #bratayley #annieleblanc #meangirls #highschool #newgirl #fanfic #haynoellelleonyah
Hard 6 Chapter 6 Y/n and Grayson went to go talk near the bathrooms. I can’t lip read but I saw them kiss, and my heart shattered...again. I was upset but couldn’t show it. I saw y/n coming back with a smile on her face..... sadly I already knew what that meant Y/n:.... ————————————————— Y/n: hey guys...I’m taken Y/n’s POV When I said that the boys congratulated me but Zach looks down and started scrolling through Instagram. I was kinda sad that he didn’t care for me. Anyway I sat down and started eating again. When finished and went to the car Zach’s POV When she said that I looked down at my phone and I was lucky she didn’t notice the tears that fell onto my phone screen. We went home and I went upstairs to play Fortnite. Y/n POV I got a text form Gray saying he’s talking me out tonight. I’m not gonna screw up this time. I went to my room and got ready {swipe} I texted the boys that if it wasn’t too late I’d go to their house after the date. They all answer ok and then said bye. 15 minutes later I look at the time and see he’s late. Just then the doorbell rang. I walk downstairs and saw Grayson just standing there. I thought he was gonna show yo with flowers but no he hasn’t changed at all. We go to the restaurant and eat out food. We had a really good time we laughed talked and got to catch up. Until the end when the started going on his phone a lot. Y/n: Gary?? Gray!! Gray: what!!! What y/n?!? What could possibly be so important you have to interrupt what I’m doing? Y/n: I wanna know what you are doing Gray: it’s not any of your business Y/n: actually it is b/c I’m your girlfriend and I have a right to know what you’re doing Gray: you know what you need for get rid of that attitude Y/n: are you kidding me??? Gray: no I’m not and I’m going to the bathroom now He went to the bathroom and left his phone on the table. I heard a ding and I knew I shouldn’t do it but I couldn’t help myself. I look on his phone and see a text from babygirl🤤❤️. Y/n: what?? I text him from my phone to see what my name is. A text pops up from y/n. Not even and emoji. I quickly put his phone down and keep eating. He come back and sits down Y/n: so who’s babygirl🤤❤️👇🏽👇🏽
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