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Heading out to sea after a hard day at work. #beautiful #sea #a7iii #norway #bodo #ilovemyjob #enroutemag #boat
Pulling in for a fresh seafood smorgasbord #cangeo #travel #lighthouse #bodo #norway #a7iii #ilovemyjob #enroutemag #beautiful #sea
Around this time 8 years ago I was hanging around LA and Santa Monica for a few days before flying to Thailand. I had taken a bus from Lethbridge, Alberta to Seattle, and then taken the train to LA, stopping to see friends along the way. There have been many adventures. I started out as the blogger behind SpunkyGirl Monologues, then changed the name of the site to Savoir Faire Abroad in 2012. I’m now the founder and editor of @urbanguidesca and excited to explore (and share) my home country. I’ve had many adventures over the years and since my travel blogs are no longer operating I thought it would be fun to share some of the stories and photos on here. I admit, it’s a little selfish, but hopefully you won’t mind! If we’ve connected in the travel sphere over the years but not here, please let me know below. I’d love to connect with you here. ---------------------------------------------------------- • • • • • • #passionpassport #beautifuldestinations #wearetravelgirls #dametraveler #globelletravels #wonderful_places #bbctravel #enroutemag #travelwriter #sheisnotlost #wonderfulglobe #bestintravel #liveauthentic #livefolk #exploretocreate #createcommune #bevisuallyinspired #santamonica #architecturephotography #cali #californian #canadianblogger
This time last year, I was on my first scouting trip to Cuba to pursue what was at the time merely a vision that had been tugging at my heart and dreams for some time. My travel plans had already fallen through once as Hurricane Irma barrelled through the coast of the country and rest of the Caribbean, my photographer who was to join had bailed (understandably so) out of fear of travelling during hurricane season, and media reporting on what was really happening on the ground in Cuba post-hurricane almost non-existent. I decided to re-book a couple of days later and go anyways despite all of the signs pointing to don't go. My gut told me otherwise. It inevitably ended up being a life-changing experience that showed me the immense resilience, warmth, and unwavering spirit of the Cuban people that I quickly fell in love with. This country and its people have had such an impact on my life and person over the past year and a half of becoming more and more immersed in the local creative culture. This trip last September led to launching @comunatravel 2 months later surrounded by amazing people I adore to fundraise for hurricane recovery efforts and what would become the most fulfilling and creative passion project that I am unabashedly proud of and passionate about. Looking back on this past year, it almost feels surreal that this is now my life and career, and I have to constantly take moments to reflect on how incredibly lucky I am to be doing this! There have been the highest of highs and the lowest of lows that come with starting and bootstrapping a bussiness from nothing but an idea. If I've learned one lesson though, it's that life happens when we step outside of our comfort zones and go forth into the unknown. By staying open and letting things happen spontaneously as they should we will always find ourselves being thankful for these life-changing and transformative moments. Only beauty lives on the other side of fear. // photo from the #comunatravel archives - September 2017. #ComunaInCuba
This beauty. Shot for @rei in NYC last fall. 🍁
Venice is famous for it’s masks. It’s citizens don them for their annual Carnival, but the mask-wearing tradition itself is actually centuries old. The Bauta (mask covering the full face) and the Columbina (covering the area around the eyes only) are the two most popular types, although the specific design, texture and coloration can vary greatly depending on the maker/seller.
👩🏻‍⚕️Dear T., Someone mentioned Wimbledon today, & you’re the first and only thing on my mind. I recalled all of our memories; all the games we played; all the convos we had while looking through your photos before your accident. I remember the times when you were having your bad days, and how I dragged you out of bed when you were exhausted from seeing the 10000th person coming in that day treating a different part of your body ; how you hated me because I just couldn’t wait to see you progress... I also remember the times when you smiled and held my hand so tight when I walked into your room because you told your parents that you enjoyed my sessions. I look back very so often and I missed you. I still read related news that you told me that you were interested in; listen to that song that you loved; & i still cry whenever I think about how frustrated you were as life changed for you... Thank you for being sucha huge part of my journey. Thank you for giving me the privilege to treat you. Thank you for teaching me so much in life, so much that I brought with me out of our clinic room. Just because our sessions ended, just because youre officially off my caseload; didn’t mean I have ever stopped caring for you. You were once my patient, I will carry You with me forever. 🎾|| You don’t name feelings; You name them after those who have given them to you. Wimbledon is nothing but You. 🧠 #missioninmyblood #neurology
The beautiful Henrietta Street 💕 There’s a new post on my blog about Dublin’s newest museum @14henriettastreet located on this street full of history. Link is in my bio if you want to have a looksee 👓
Although Ghent is known for its row of guildhalls beside the Leie river harbor, I loved the architecture of the houses off of Vrijdagmarkt. #offthebeatenpath #travelphotography #travel #europe #wanderlust #getoutthere #exploreourearth #travelanddestinations #belgium #visitghent #instagood #architecture #enroutemag #adventure #explore #villages #gingerguide
Join us on an atelier hop through Munich and Vienna alongside Canada’s craftiest curator. Click on the link in our bio to read all about it. . Joignez-vous à nous pour une tournée d’ateliers entre Munich et Vienne, avec le plus artisanal des galeristes canadiens. Cliquez sur le lien dans notre bio pour en savoir plus. Photo @CelineClanet #enroutemag #workshop #munich #vienna #travel #instatravel #travelling #traveller #travelgram #instatravel #exploremore #wanderlust #artisan #artist #austria #germany #igersaustria #igersgermany
It's hard to pick a single neighbourhood to explore in Montreal, which is why our article on the best neighbourhoods in Montreal has seven! If you haven't already, take a peek at our Montreal guide above (which will update from time to time!). Do you have a favourite Montreal neighbourhood, restaurant or boutique? Tell us in the comments below! #enroutemag #montrealmoments #igersmontreal #igerscanada #quebecoriginal #montreallife #explorecanada #canadianblogger #somontreal #montrealjetaime #architecture #architecturelovers #livemontreal #mtlshot #mileend #thismtl
Just kickin' it #gopro
Soaking in the beauty of the Bahia Palace in Marrakech ✨✨
Quiver Trees in the Rocky Desert at Dawn, Keetmanshoop, Namibia #ansharphoto #namibia #keetmanshoop #africa May 2017, single image, additional exposures for highlights, focal length 24mm, aperture f/11, shutter speed 3 seconds, ISO 64, tripod Like all travel photographers, I’ve always been captivated by the world. It’s a wonder, this orb we call home, and I never tire of its mysteries. The man-made structures are frequently beautiful and capable of leaving me slack-jawed with amazement; I defy anyone to spend some time wandering through the Hagia Sofia or Westminster Abbey and not feel humbled by those structures and the human spirit that went into strike of a hammer or chisel. But it’s the natural world that continually intrigues and beguiles me. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to far-flung destinations around the world, and I don’t think the world’s natural beauty will ever lose its hold over me. So I was thrilled for the opportunity to visit Namibia — a first for me. Like anyone with a case of wanderlust and a passport constantly in need of new stamps, I had seen enough photographs of Namibia to know the country is unlike any other place in the world, its landscape one that defies words. My first day in Namibia did not disappoint. I traveled with a group of photographers to the Quiver Forest, a place for which the photographs had not prepared me. The Quiver Forest is actually privately-owned land — the Guriganus Farm — and the “trees” which make up this otherworldly forest are not actually trees at all, but plants. It’s a minor distinction because once inside this alien landscape, details such as that simply don’t matter. Their fibrous trunks are easy to hollow out and were once widely used as quivers for arrows, but again, that’s a detail that doesn’t really matter.
Runnin' because it's half way through the week 🙌🌲 #wearelimitless
When you find an old photo that isn’t blurry, does some okay composition, and captures that perfect color from your memory. 💚 Taken along the Klondike Highway in @travelyukon back in 2006! Anyone else’s old photos mostly make them cringe? 🙈😬
After visiting Corner Brook, we headed to Gros Morne National Park - where I longed to go for a long while but unable to find the time. We sought out #outeastadventures to guide us on the overnight trip to view the #westernbrookpond fjord. Our superb guide @niallhingston took great care of us, made us cheesecake at our campsite and tended to my wife's injured ankle on our way back down. Needless to say it was an experience of a lifetime and I managed to capture the glowing #pissingmarefalls amidst our dinner near the top of the #longrangemountains . My family and I had a wonderful time enjoying the amazing views and kudos to #outeastadventures , @niallhingston and @colinshears for such a memorable experience. #canada #explorecanada #ig_canada #ig_great_shots_canada #ohcanada #igerscanada #snapshotcanada #tourcanada #enjoycanada #enroutemag #newfoundland #explorenl #newfoundlandandlabrador #newfoundlander #grosmorne #grosmornenationalpark #parkscanada #grosmornenp #landscape #landscapelovers #landscapephotomag #lpm
That sunset when the sky was on fire 🔥🔥🌊 Thank you so much for all the support! No BS i really appreciate it 🙏🏽
See you in the dark☕️ All eyes on you, my magician All eyes on us You make everyone disappear, and Cut me into pieces || All eyez got lost in those ocean blue eyes 🦋
Gondolas at sunrise in Piazza San Marco. Looking out across the water you can see the church island of San Giorgio Maggiore in the distance... as well as one of Venice’s famous Vaporettos (water buses) cruising by.
✔️un rêve de plus de réalisé . #sahara #visitmorocco
Seasons change, some people never do
The UNESCO site of Meteora is know for one of the largest collections of Eastern Orthodox monasteries which are located on top of natural pillars. A beautiful area to visit! #monastery #afs #olympicair #greece #landscapearchitecture #discovergreece #greece_travel #greecelover_gr #unlimitedgreece #tlpicks #landscapephotography #travelguide #lonelyplanet #visitgreecegr #enroutemag #snappguides #visitmeteora #unescoworldheritage #karenmassierphotography
Took this shot in Havana, Cuba. Have you been?
Well, it doesn’t look like we’ll make it back to Spray Lakes :( next year though, who wants to go camping and paddle-boarding in the mountains? / / #mustdocanada
Bjarke Ingels’ 'Unzipped' exhibit has arrived in Toronto! I fell in love with this pavilion in London two years ago but it looks pretty good on King West – can we keep it? 😍
Le Jardin
A flock of sandpipers and plovers skins over the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, near sunset.
Este sábado los países del norte reciben oficialmente el otoño 🍂😍 Las estaciones son más marcadas en el hemisferio norte que en el sur. La explicación científica es que como en el sur hay más océano que tierra, el agua regula las temperaturas; baja el frío en invierno y reduce el calor en verano. Desde que empecé a viajar tengo más noción de las estaciones y de cómo está el clima en todas partes en cada época del año. Por eso sé que algún día me iré a hacer un tour de pueblos de Italia en primavera 🌸 me bañaré en el Mediterráneo en verano 🐚 regresaré a París en otoño 🍁 y haré tour de mercados navideños en Alemania durante el invierno❄
🇬🇧 Malpica Fishermen - On my travels, it's amazing how a scene of daily life, seemingly trivial, seems to be a fascinating moment to me. If I get on a boat I don't have time to say hello to the crew before starting to get seasick. I don't really like eating fish. Let alone seafood (ask my grandparents the face I made on Fridays aka "Fish Day"). Actually I don't really swim like a fish. One might as well say that water isn't really my element. And yet this morning, I got up (before the sun) overlooking a wild beach (one of the many perks of sleeping in a car). I worked out (and had a wash) on the same wild beach. And here I am watching #fishermen back on the fishing #port of Malpica. I'm fascinated by the mere fact of seeing them working as a team in a thoroughly enjoyable manner. I have the same at home, but here, it's a fantastic moment. Yet it smells like (fresh) fish and I haven't had breakfast yet. . 🇫🇷 En voyage, c'est fou comme une scène de la vie quotidienne, a priori anodine, me paraît devenir un instant fascinant. Je monte sur un bateau, je n'ai pas le temps de saluer l'équipage que je suis déjà malade. Je n'aime pas vraiment le poisson. Encore moins les fruits de mer (demande à mes grand-parents la tronche que je tirais le vendredi « jour du poisson »). Je nage comme un plomb. Autant dire que l'eau n'est pas mon élément de prédilection. Et pourtant. Ce matin, je me suis réveillé sur une plage sauvage avant le soleil (un des nombreux avantages de dormir dans une voiture). J'ai fait ma séance de sport (et ma toilette) sur cette même plage. Et me voilà en train d'observer les pêcheurs de retour sur le petit port de Malpica. Je suis fasciné par le simple fait de les voir bosser en équipe, dans la joie et la bonne humeur. J'ai les mêmes à la maison, mais ici ça a plus de saveur. Et pourtant, ça sent le poisson (frais, certes) et je n'ai pas encore pris mon petit-déjeuner.
Standing in front ot Rome's Colisseum is always awe inspiring and the magic never fades. . Le Colisée de Rome est toujours inspirant et la magie de son imposante présence ne disparait jamais. Photo @waynewanders #enroutemag #italy #italia #igersitaly #rome #roma #igersroma #colisseum #italiansdoitbetter #ancientrome #romaantica #travel #instatravel #travelling #traveller #travelgram #instatravel #exploremore #wanderlust
Douro River.
Happily enjoying summer and then one day we wake up and all the leaves seem to have changed colour overnight. 🍂🍂
Did you know that Algonquin park is one of the best places in the world to spot a moose? We spotted this girl after a late afternoon rain, apparently that's a good situation to find one! #moose #canadianwildlife #canadianmoose
When in Mexico City, make time for a visit to @carlafernandezmx. The fashion designer and contemporary label's passionate team works collaboratively with Mexico's indigenous artisan communities to preserve their cultural heritage. By incorporating their textile production techniques into the contemporary label Carla Fernandez successfully reimagines indigenous designs by fusing the traditional with the modern // 📷 @carlafernandezmx #comunatravel #ComunaInMexico #mexicocity #cdmx
The Ponti della Constituzione (or Ponti di Calatrava as it’s more commonly known as) is one of the bridges that spans the Grand Canal. However, unlike the others, it is a relatively recent addition. Designed by Santiago Calatrava, it opened for use in September of 2008 amid protests. Although it’s modern look may seem odd in such an ancient city it was one of my favourite places to take photos around sunset.
The UNESCO site of Meteora is know for one of the largest collections of Eastern Orthodox monasteries which are located on top of natural pillars. A beautiful area to visit! #monastery #afs #olympicair #greece #landscapearchitecture #discovergreece #greece_travel #greecelover_gr #unlimitedgreece #tlpicks #landscapephotography #travelguide #lonelyplanet #visitgreecegr #enroutemag #snappguides #visitmeteora #unescoworldheritage #karenmassierphotography
Not everyone who knows you will appreciate your disasterous beauty; but for those that who do, you won’t need to make the slightest effort to crave for attention || Who can appreciate this chair as much as I do 🌪
Outside world
🗺 Embarking on a new journey!
Tonight’s skies reminded me of that time spent on a lavender farm in central Portugal... #natureversusnature #allthepinks
Well, I’m glad I got to experience Castle Provincial Park, even it was just for a day. Now the snow is coming so views like this will soon be blanketed in a winter wonderland. Has anyone skied Castle before? - #mustdocanada
Did you know that the Icefields Parkway is ranked as one of the most beautiful “drives” in the world? Trust me, if you visit, you’ll see why! - #mustdocanada
🕊Came to NEvERLANDS with the Hope to forget ‘bout Peter pan || He Never.lands; She’s Hopeless ☘️ #peterpansyndrome
Sandpipers at sunset during my beach walk last night. Feeling so very fortunate lately...
How about untouched nature reserves 😍 - Que diriez - vous de réserves naturelles intouchées 😍
Into the Sahara... 🐪🐪🐪
We made it to the Netherlands - surprised to find bikes and canals everywhere!! #withaeroplan #enroutemag #visitholland
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