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My Maxie and me around the time of my divorce in 2006. I was both broken and hopeful. It became obvious after my divorce that my experiences in life were choices made from unhealthy perspective. Although I left my marriage with a massive amount of debt, no assets and a son to raise, I saw a bright future for myself. I dug in hard. I worked hard. I stayed on track with financial planning and showing up for my son fully present, despite my personal pain. I did every type of therapy I could find that resonated with me. He's my Angel. He kept me focused and alive...there were many times it felt like it would be easier if I just gave up. I'm so grateful for the people who supported us and cheered us on. Those years inspired me to do what I do today...encourage others and help them find their Light and way back to Wholeness. It takes courage to face wounds that often start in childhood. Give yourself credit if you've chosen to face those wounds. You're braver than you feel. ❤ #lifecoach #spiritualcoach #empath #truth #highesttruth #awakening #consciousness #consciousrelationship #soul #soulonfire #divinefeminine #source #emotionalwound #emotionalhealing #recovery
. . 💝 9 ultimate truths I’ve learned in 2018. 💝 . 🌟1) #dontblame There is no such things as good or bad luck. Everything happens because of a quantique attraction. . 🌟2) #beresponsible From things to living beings, everything is vibrating as well as our thoughts. We are attracting the people, conditions, and circumstances in our lives with the way we think. . 🌟3) #dontjudge The Cosmos doesn’t care about our moral judgment, social status, intellectual logic, or cultural identity. It only cares about how we feel. . 🌟4) #dontplaysmall We've chosen our existence for the purpose of evolving by raising the frequency of our inner space and contributing to the expansion of the Universe. . 🌟5) #youaremorethanenough Our body and beliefs are the physical child of our biological parents but our consciousness is a fractal child of the infinite Cosmos. . 🌟6) #dontcomplain Every frustration, pain or hurt is not a punishment or a fate but the intelligence within who is asking us to raise our state of being. . 🌟7) #donttrustthemind Most of our beliefs are the expression of past emotional wounds and the voice of our ego. It may seem logic, moral or even brilliant but it is nonetheless a twisted perception of a mind that is serving survival needs not a genius potential. . 🌟8) #questioneverything Logic and modern sciences demonstrate what we can sense and measure in the 3 dimensional outer world. Imagination, intuition and ancient sacred sciences reveal what we can feel and experience in the higher dimensions of our inner world. . 🌟9) #beblissful Every time we cognise these truths, whether consciously or not, full light is back in our existence. We experience the flow of joy, vitality, success and peace. . . . . . .
Rose quartz symbolize love and beauty. It appears that this stone has a strong effect on the wearer, such as calming emotions and anxieties. This mineral also stimulates the imagination and the intellect, opening the heart to inner peace, self-love and self-esteem. It can also help to heal an emotional wound and to overcome old traumas. • • • #necklace #pendent #charm #rosequartz #cristal #mineral #stone #love #beauty #innerpeace #selflove #selfesteem #cristaltherapy #calmingeffect #healingprocess #emotionalwound #emotionaltrauma
A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor #allanapratt #intimacyexpert #dating #relationships #marriage #divorce #advice #personalgrowth #infidelity #relationshipproblems #emotionalwound Don't forget to catch new Q&A videos each week on my YouTube channel - allanapratt.com/watch
An #EnlargedThyroid , What Could That Mean & For Me Specifically?: A #Sky Of Thought (a long read) Part 1 __ A recent diagnosis, though likely brewing in me for some time, in response to an #emotionalwound in this life, relative to my very first model of men, that had its roots in an emptiness #abandonment had left. A wound unaddressed, a match for more of the same, that slowly started to affect the alignment of specific systems/chakras that would correlate with that issue. There's a pattern in the #women on Ma's side for this particular signature, 5, that we've traced including myself & her. Looking at the #family dynamics in my own upbringing, as well as in both parents, would only add to my awareness of how that influenced my journey. __ #Hyperthyroidism , the symptoms I'm experiencing, happen to be more common in women & women who would opt into my colour skin or #culture , & the same is found in that of the Asian culture. Therefore #ethnicity factors into it, as already outlined it would appear does sex, at least I had concluded that much from the absence of it in my family amongst the men. So I ask myself, what experiences would the women in those two cultures/ethnicities share in common, that would give rise (for one) to a thyroid out of alignment. __ My mind immediately looks to the possibilities of why this disharmony of the #thyroid governed by the throat chakra, naturally connected to the sacral (thanks Vivi for the powerful reminder 🙏), is more common in women & women of a certain ethnicity. What could that mean & how could that relate to me, were the questions that came to a mind that longs to understand things, born from a longing to be understood. __ Firstly, a quick glance at the #throatchakra , the bridge that sits between the heart & mind, our centre of communication, ability to speak out, the seeking & sharing of truth, where we express & present ourselves to the world, of what is pure & true for us, very susceptible to not speaking or acting on that truth & not having that acknowledged or validated, not feeling heard, doing things because you feel you have to & not because you want to, so the story of "shoulds" ...(CIC)
REAL STRENGTH is admitting our “flaws”, not masking them. That takes COURAGE. . . . This is not easy for me, but here it goes. As a dancer during college, I had an eating disorder. I went from not eating, to purging, to using laxatives. The behavior stemmed from wounds that were beyond surface struggles. If we‘re honest with ourselves, we all have something that cuts deep. In most cases, more than one thing. Don’t be afraid of those things. They make you, you! Freedom comes in expressing them to people we trust. Talk about it! We live in a broken world, with broken situations & broken people... & you know what, it’s okay! There’s a crack in everything, that’s how The Light gets in. . . . Call to action: share one deep wound with a trusted friend today💙 If you really wanna be brave, comment underneath with a struggle you’ve experienced. I dare you! Free yourself! Humble yourself! Love yourself!🙏🏻 . . . With care, SS . . . #flawed #flaws #flawsandall #flawsome #strengthquotes #strength #maskoff #mask #light #eatingdissorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #comparison #comparisonfree #wounds #emotionalwound #freedom #trust #nofear #share #bebrave #dare #daredevil #wellnesscoach #wellness #well #staystrong #stacystrong #yourgoalmymission #💙
HAPPY FULL MOON! This fiery Aries Moon is bringing our emotions to the surface and they are burning hot! This moon is all about standing in the fire of purification. That fire is the pain of our emotions--the hurt in our hearts. This is some of our oldest pain. This is the pain from whatever emotional wounds we collected in our childhood. Have you been thinking a lot about your childhood? Your parents? How you are similar to your parents and how you are different from them? Maybe you aren't sure because you didn't have a relationship with one of them or both of them. Maybe one of them passed away when you were young. Maybe your parent was deeply wounded themselves and left a deep wound with you in perpetuation of a family cycle. This moon is shining a very bright light on the shadow parts of ourselves that are connected to those who brought us into this world. Some of us may be experiencing pain that we feel has to do with our significant other or a friend we have. Some of us may be more aware that the pain is directly connected to an emotional need we had that was not met by our parents when we were children. Some of us are just realizing that the pains in relationships that we are experiencing now are a mirror for the emotional needs we had as children that were not met. Instead of looking outside of yourself to blame the other person in this situation, consider looking inward at your painful emotions. They are trying to tell you something. They are a compass leading you to your inner child wound. Anger lets you know that you have a need that is not being met. Ask yourself, what do I need right now? Considering being vulnerable to ask for it directly rather than create an indirect and possibly manipulative way of getting it. Sadness indicates that somewhere inside you believe that you are not worthy of this need being met. Consider asking yourself, "when did I first get the message that I am not worthy of this need being met?" Allowing ourselves to see these wounds clearly is painful in and of itself. **continued in comments** . . Art by Laura Hollick
About six years ago, I went through some of the most heart breaking events of my life. The pain and grief I felt was beyond anything I had ever felt before and intuitively I knew that nothing outside of me was really going to help. ✨So I turned within.✨ (Deeper within than I had previously ever been.) I started to meditate every day...for much longer than I had previously been doing on my random, sporadic efforts. I consciously connected deep within the heart of the Earth Mother, as well as right up into the centre of Father Sun. I established a strong link to the divine feminine and the divine masculine within. ✨I started to feel the Light creep in through the cracks of my broken heart. Followed by the most beautiful divine Love that had been within me all along...I just hadn’t been able to tap into it when I was looking for it outside of myself. As painful as those wounds were at the time, I now realise they were some of my greatest gifts...as I have lived with immense love and joy within me, ever since then. I haven’t missed a single day of meditation since then either. When the pain of searching outside of ourselves gets too much...turn within...that’s where you’ll find what you’re looking for. 🙏🏻
This September in Lagos State University, we're going to tackle abusive relationship. Get ready, join us! #tacklingabuse #healingofthesoul #emotionalwound #abusiverelationship
🌱Your inability to forgive yourself can lead to feelings of shame and that you are undeserving of good things. This can lead you to minimise your value and self-worth. When you struggle to value yourself you unconsciously invite in relationship experiences that reflect and match how you see yourself at this very core level. Today unblock the flow of love in and out of your life by opening your heart to God and access love, kindness, and forgiveness toward yourself.
🌱Turn your attention inward for a moment and notice what you feel. Do you feel a sense of joy, fullness, or love on the inside? Or do you feel empty, hollow, flat, or numb? When you are not tuning in and attending to what you need on the inner level to feel vibrant, cared for, and loved. You will turn your attention outward and fixate on people, things, and activities to give you the love you are not giving yourself. Ask yourself WHERE are you looking for love? 💔 It is true many of us in our growing up years received no adequate role modelling for how to love ourselves. Many of our parents, primary caregivers, and those responsible for us were themselves often disconnected from love. Unable to love themselves wholly so couldn’t give to us what we also needed. As a result it’s likely the little child that you were might have had to learn ways to get love from others as a way to feel safe and worthy. Often this meant taking on a persona that wasn’t you and losing touch with your core essence. You would have learned to define your worth externally through the eyes of judgment and criticism and likely sought approval from others to feel whole, lovable and connected. Now as an adult without doing the inner work to reverse these deep and ingrown patterns, and to heal the conditioning of your past. You strengthen your control and protective strategies as you try earnestly to avoid being rejected or to avoid being swallowed up in your intimate relationships. These learned strategies that are no longer helpful are the cause of much pain as you employ them to win the love, and acceptance of others. 🔍Without consciously making the choice to heal you perpetuate the false stories of your inadequacy, your lack of ‘enoughness’, and your unlovable nature. You become driven by fear in your relationships instead of guided by unconditional love. This becomes the foundation for many relationship issues. In your trying to get love in all the wrong places you don’t fully realise that it’s your own lack of love toward yourself that leaves you open and vulnerable to the narcissist. It’s your own lack of self-loving that opens you(more in comments👇🏾👇🏾)
💎 There are no shortcuts in Earth school. The sooner you face your shadow, wounds, traumas, and addictions, the faster you will climb out of the darkness into unicorn land (5d state of being). No more procrastinating, set yourself free. @truthgem #truthgem ▶️ born April 1st, 2018 ° ° ° ° ° ° #alchemy #alchemist #ascension #mystic #alien #truth #addiction #hellonearth #illusion #truth #faceyourfears #bruja #synchronicity #transformation #trusttheprocess #lightworker #shadow #trauma  #universe #divinetiming  #emotionalwound #procrastination #consciousness #5d #thirdeye #indigo #starseed #seeker #matrix
Are you kidding me? It’s unbelievable hard sometimes to love the emotional wound and to talk direct to it. Mine is a stubborn little rebellious shit that wants to be angry and fight for its right ... but let’s just be honest; that ain’t gonna work for us no more ... love peace and understanding from within and out requires dealing with it 🖤
THE PAIN BODY 😫 So obviously this is a much greater subject then I can discuss in a one minute video but it's important to learn that the things that trigger you are in your best interest. When you're triggered by something take that as a sign that there's something you need to take a look at within yourself, and that thing is usually unresolved pain. When we leave pain unresolved it will continue to surface in our life taking many forms calling out to us to pay attention and integrate aspects of our self that we've abandoned due to the pain it caused us. Triggers are the universe's way of signaling you that you need to heal, don't ignore them!
We only react to people based on resonance, once you are no longer operating from a level of fear, pain, etc. you will no longer react when someone else confronts you from that place. Do the inner work and find resolve for your own pain and and someone elses pain won't affect you anymore. We are constantly being triggered by the outside world as a means of having our pain come to the surface to be RECOGNIZED, INTEGRATED & HEALED. But the unconsciouss human doesn't realize this, it goes into a state of vitcimhood thinking the world or universe is out to get then when all that is happening is that you are being given the opportunity to integrate passed wounds so you can become whole again. Learn to see everything you experience as meant to be and meant to serve you in the highest way possible, your past wounds left you fragmented and will continue to surface in your life through different experiences and different people until you heal them and reintegrate that part of yourself that was damaged during the initial trauma. . #repost @mayarahealingarts
The Mind Map a road map to your negative core beliefs. Live stream every Thursday on youtube, 8 pm PST.
In order to heal you have to work through emotional wounds! It may be scary but your emotional freedom is worth it! #healing #hope #peaceofmind #change #loveyourself #epiphany #epiphanywithmiyume #faith #overcome #determination #depression #anxiety #mood #hurt #wound #emotionalwound #blessed #resilience #inspire #focus #mentalhealth
5 Steps To Heal An Emotional Wound #EmotionalWound , #Healing , #Psychology To read more visit https://themindsjournal.com/5-steps-heal-emotional-wound/
SARA is an empowering blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils designed to help soothe deep emotional wounds. DivineAromatic.WendysBling.com
Autoinflingida III De la ferida emocional a l'estrip afectiu. #collage #body #blackandwhite #flowers #acrylic #emotionalwound #tfg #lastproject #selfinflicted #numberone #hand
Autoinflingida II De la ferida emocional a l'estrip afectiu. #collage #body #blackandwhite #flowers #acrylic #emotionalwound #tfg #lastproject #selfinflicted #numberone #hand
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted.-- Isaiah 61:1 #OurDailyBread #NewStartForAbrokenHeart #godsgiftofbeauty #regretandbrokenpromises #emotionalwound Extending far beyond help for an emotional wound, Isaiah words speak of a changed heart and a renewed spirit that come by receiving God's gift of "beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. All of us have experienced regret and broken promises in our lives. Whatever has happened, the Lord invited us to find healing, hope, and new life in Him. He is is the promise-keeping God who has said He will make all things new. #foodforthought God can transform tragedies into triumphs. #beblessedandbeablessing 💕💕💕💕💕💕 Have a blessed Sunday!
Autoinflingida I De la ferida emocional a l'estrip afectiu. #collage #body #blackandwhite #flowers #acrylic #emotionalwound #tfg #lastproject #selfinflicted #numberone #hand
Try out these awesome printed bandaid quotes and brighten your wounded areas by putting our quoted patches on them. #banaids #medical #emotions #expressyouself #graphicdesign #graphicbandaids #colorful #coolartwoks #quotedbands #healwithfeel #painless #emotionalwound #ouch #instagood #instagram #instaclick #instakids #instaart
Try out these awesome printed bandaid quotes and brighten your wounded areas by putting our quoted patches on them. #banaids #medical #emotions #expressyouself #graphicdesign #graphicbandaids #colorful #coolartwoks #quotedbands #healwithfeel #painless #emotionalwound #ouch #instagood #instagram #instaclick #instaquote
Being chronically ill can take its toll on your emotional health. These are, just two, oils that I use to support my wide array of emotions. To learn more, follow the link in my bio to contact me or set up a free 15 min phone consult at www.meetme.so/kelli #chronicallyfabulous #chronicdisease #sad #emotionalwound #forgive #feeling #spoons ##heresaspoon #extraspoon #extraspoonsplease #healthyfromtheinsideout #purplezebra #purplebutterfly #zebra #zipperhead
She healing up just fine. She being a tad bit emo about it though. 😜💉💊 #emo #emotionalwound #rodiecapote
Who needs a nursing degree 💉 Definitely not an #EmotionalWound but the only bandaid I could find #DishesGoneWrong #SoMuchBlood #SensitiveJock
Blemme på tåa fortjener plaster #emotionalwound #bandaid
A clean bleed! #blud #emotionalwound
Big truck perks 😴
My little cousin is hurt. And funny. #emotionalwound
Botar bakfylla och brustna hjärtan med återställare, friterad mat och fotboll med @klumpelina #emotionalwound
Watching #DoctorWho with my #EmotionalWound bandaid. Awe. So cute. #urbanoutfitters #mac #laptop #macbook #apple
I don't always cut my leg with a gas-powered pruner. But when I do.... it looks kinda like a smily face!! :D #emotionalwound #dangersoflandscaping #leg #jeanssavedmylife
Bestfriendsneedbandaids #EmotionalWound @damselandrea