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Feeling down and a little hopeless? Feeling like you can’t take one more hit or you’ll fall down and just stay there? Please know that you are not alone. There are many people who love you and believe in you and maintain that you WILL NOT BE DEFEATED, despite defeats you may face in life. Look at Maya Angelou—she endured so many trials, yet came out the other end an empowered, loved, influential, powerhouse of a poet, writer, and influential figure. You CAN make it through this tough time. I believe it. Reach out to your friends and family and let them remind you of it. Sending love your way. ❤️❤️❤️ #drmariannemiller #mayaangelou #mayaangelouquotes #blackhistorymonth #positivequotes #hanginthere #blackhistory #notdefeated . . . Need an eating disorder therapist in San Diego? Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation and I will walk with you in your recovery. . . . #mindfulness #emotionaleating #bingeeating #spirituality #sandiego #recovery #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorder #bingeeatingrecovery #depression #mentalhealth #therapyworks #selflove #selfcompassion #selfacceptance #therapist #psychotherapist #recoverywarrior #recoveryispossible #eatingdisordertreatment #resilience
I was able to dodge the GS Cookie dealers, now this magically appears 🙄🙄🙄 #somebodyhelpmeplease #helpmeplease #womandown #recoveringfoodaddict #emotionaleating #chocolate #butterfinger #icanteven
Today! Breakfast: shredded wheat, desiccated coconut, seed mix, raisins with cashew milk! Lunch: chicken risotto pot and for the rest of the day it mostly snacking on biscuits, a ago bacon sandwich then for dinner I had tuna pasta with salad. I ended up snacking as I was anxious after going to the dentist so food was my comfort but I still drank a lot of water so that’s something😅 #healthyeating #weightlossmotivation #weightlossjourney #ontrack #onedayatatime #bodsquad #jordansbodsquad #marifitness #diet #emotionaleating
I'm pumped to share that I am opening a limited number of 1 on 1 sessions to help you focused on understanding your emotional relationship with food! I am offering ONLY 2 sessions at $29.00+gst as a limited time offer to get started on your path to conscious nutrition. Have a specific nutrition question? Have allergies and trying to figure them out? Struggling to understand why you look for the answer in the cupboards? Struggling to find the connection on how your emotions and food are entwined? BRING YOUR BEST QUESTIONS!! Get customized support. Get clarity. Get a plan to move forward with the emotional aspect of food. Get real-time accountability and support! This is a rare opportunity to get 1 on 1 support at a fraction of the regular consulting fee and I wanted to offer the spaces to my loving and loyal group supporters <3 Book your session here! https://aninfiniteheart.practicebetter.io/#/5920332367c6b90638d56031/bookings Lead with love, S #nutritionist #emotionaleating #compulsiveeating #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingpsychology #socialworker #foodforthought #consciousnutrition #nutritionmatters #psychologyofeating #yyc #limitedtimeoffer
✨ mid February came outta nowhere and seems to have me boozy, bready and eating them #sweettreats (so sneaky!). For all of you who had awesome January food goals- how has February been treating you? Yo yo-ing? Binging? Anti-rules? Finding some healthy sustainable balance? I don’t want a life of white knuckling food protocols 😰 - what a horrible way to feel about food! I want to love what I eat and love eating food that make my body feel great. My mornings are almost always savory breakfasts, eggs and greens or savory steel cut oatmeal... but I also like a nice smoothie too! I love adding spinach, avocados and coconut cream and Greek yogurt to add extra fats and cut the sweetness. This way it’s way more satiating. 🍓🥑🍒🥥 Cavities (thanks pregnancy for draining my calcium reserves!), bloating, fatigue and poor sleep are my main sugar/gluten/alcohol woes SO here’s my protocol: - stay prepared w healthy food in house. - meal plan every three or so days— this is a loose plan which usually changes so I just keep it simple - diligence while grocery shopping and purchasing healthy snacks for kids...sorry goldfish & saltines - pack food when on the go - intensional breaks from protocol with 24hours notice so its intensional and with joy no guilt - notice how I feel when I eat something “off plan”... no drama, just keep moving forward without judgement Limit drinking to one drink in a sitting, on weekends - this is usually the limit before I feel it the next day. No flour No added sugar. No snacking (basically 4 or 6 hour fasting, im still considering longer intermittent fasting ;)
Emotional Need #3 : COMPANIONSHIP . . After making man and seeing all of His creation was good, God observed the first “not good” thing in history—Adam’s aloneness. “It is not good for man to be alone,” He said (Gen 2:18). And so God created woman to be his partner. Since the very first human was formed from dust, we people were designed for companionship. Even in paradise, before any evil and any pain existed in the world, man required relationship. It’s in our DNA. . . It may not be surprising to you that companionship is a requirement for our emotional and physical heath (see the many studies on the physical, psychological, and quality-of-life consequences of low social connectedness). . . What may surprise you is the common response to social anxiety and acute isolation: food. We may eat when we’re lonely. We may eat when we feel misunderstood. We may eat when we feel superficially known. We may eat when when we feel we don’t belong. . . Ali Shapiro aptly summarizes this phenomenon: “Weight and body [and emotional eating] challenges are as much about belonging as they are about food.” . . So it takes some measured introspection and self-compassion to notice our eating-as-coping habit is *really* about loneliness. If that’s you, let’s set aside the endless cycle of isolation➡️overeating➡️shame➡️repeat. While there isn’t any easy three-step solution to finding belonging, here are a few suggestions to help you take a step toward finding the intimacy you crave without using food to get it. - Notice the ways you have contributed to your own isolation. This isn’t to create more shame, but to see you have the power right now to change your reality for good. Despite what our victim mentality might tell us, loneliness is not something that happens to us; we inadvertantly choose it. . ...continued in comments below...
Be the sunshine ☀️
Who doesn’t want instant gratification? Dang, I know I do. Though it doesn’t usually happen that way, especially when it comes to weight loss. We start a new diet and 2 weeks later stand on the scale and find we only dropped 2 lbs. we usually get frustrated and beat ourselves up. We’ve eaten foods we don’t like, counted calories and macros, deprived ourselves and exercised like crazy for 2 weeks and ONLY lost 2 lbs! WHAT? All that for only 2lbs. Then we’e miserable and want to give up. ✨✨✨✨✨ Enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going. It took time to put on the weight and it will take time for it to come off. ✨✨✨✨ What if I can show you a way to let the extra weight go without diets of deprivation, would you be interested? ✨✨✨ What if we could uncover what’s been stopping you or slowing you down or keeping you from getting what you want, would you be interested? ✨✨✨✨ If you answered yes to either of these I invite you to schedule a Total Body Transformation Breakthrough session. Find the link in my bio to schedule your call💕
Sometimes I eat when I’m not hungry. Sometimes I eat my feelings. Sometimes I have other ways to cope with uncomfortable emotions in order to work through them. 👇🏼 But here is what I don’t do: I don’t beat myself up when I eat emotionally, because this guilt and shame is exactly what kept me in the cycle of restricting food, eating past fullness, binge eating and feeling awful about myself. 🙈 This past week felt extremely out-of-control busy for me and all I wanted to do was order pizza, sit and eat to stop feeling so overwhelmed. So I did 🤷🏻‍♀️ Instead of spending all my time and energy focusing on “not eating pizza”, I allowed myself to eat and enjoy it without feeling guilty. As a result, there was no “might as well eat 2 pizzas and 2 pints of ice cream, because starting tomorrow I will get back to my diet”. I ate until I was satisfied, enjoyed it and then moved on. ☺️ I look at the desire to eat and numb out as a reminder that there’s something going on in my life that needs my attention. Nothing more, nothing less. 👯‍♀️ Yes, we do need to deal with what’s actually going on in our lives, but if we’re constantly consumed with food, feeling guilty for eating and trying to shrink ourselves, there’s little room in our brain to actually develop other productive coping mechanisms that we can choose from at any given moment. ❤️ I look at emotional eating as one tool in my coping mechanism toolbox that sometimes comes in handy. I realize that eating food is not a crime I commit. It’s something I know is there, but I have other ways to cope, too. 🙌🏻 Do you have any questions for my next post on emotional eating? I’m thinking of doing a 3-part series on this topic 🤗 . . . ____________________________________________ #emotionaleating #bingeeating #foodfreedom #intuitiveeating #recoveryisworthit #bingeeatingrecovery #selfcare #selflove #nomorediets #nourishnotpunish
It happens to the best of us -- we say one little treat, then we end up devouring a sleeve of cookies and instantly regretting it. If we could turn back time, we'd take back many-a-decisions... but things aren't that simple. Here are a few of my tried-and-true ways to bounce back after that slice of cake wins the temptation game: 1. Get up and get moving! Those calories have been consumed, but don’t let that ruin your day. Go for a run this afternoon, take a long walk around the block, or turn on YouTube and find a good workout video. You'll feel great afterward, and may even forget about that slice of cake altogether. 2. Drink some water. It can help keep you more alert to fight that sugar crash and also help flush out some of that extra sugar. Coincidentally, next time you feel a sugar craving come on, try this trick before you reach for the sugar. You'll be amazed how a tall glass of water can take a craving away. 3. Avoid carbs but eat a higher protein snack after, because that sugar won’t fill you up. Avoiding carbs will help you not spike your blood sugar even more, and by having a higher protein snack, you can ensure you will feel full longer. My favorite indulgence is @pipsoriginal donuts! What's that one food you struggle with saying no to?
➡️Lo studio si occupa di tutte le problematiche psicologiche dell' adolescente e dell'adulto. ↪www.psicologoalimentare.it 📞392.4131042 - psicoalimentare@gmail.com a Roma ed in tutta Italia, via Skype/Facetime🌍 . 🌱 Un aiuto professionale per problematiche emotive, psicologiche, relazionali . 💫 Psicoterapia dei disturbi d'ansia, dell'umore, del comportamento alimentare . 👀 Terapia EMDR . 🆘 Sostegno psicologico per ragazzi dagli 11 anni in su . 🎂Coaching per la gestione del peso corporeo . 🆘 #dimagrire #dieta #emdr #dimagrireconlapsicologia #cibosano #corpo #cambiare #motivational #perderepeso #motivazione #coraggio #dimagriremangiando #stress #felicità #dimagrirecongusto #emotionaleating #obiettivo #coraggio #forza #speranza #selflove #ansia #happiness #follow4follow #bodyacceptance #loveyourself #counseling #coaching #amazing
May your coffee be strong & your Monday be bright. 💫 #nevermissamonday
I get SO many questions about how to raise confident eaters. I totally validate your concern! It can certainly feel overwhelming and difficult to know where to start, especially if you feel like your kids are showing signs of negative body image or disordered eating. Either way, I encourage you to be proactive! . The best thing you can do for them is to work on your own stuff. Leading by example will do more for them than anything else. If you feel like you could have a healthier relationship with food and your body, seek help and then watch the ripple effect 🖤 . Also, some things to think about: • Avoid labeling foods as "good" and "bad" or "healthy" and "unhealthy". • Feel free to discuss "nutritious foods" in a broad and flexible sense and encourage them to take a balanced approach to food. •Avoid discussing your body or other people's bodies. • Give compliments to your kids that have nothing to do with how they look. • Avoid body checking or overemphasizing yours or their appearance. • Take an "all foods can fit" mentality and encourage them to practice self-moderation based on what their body is communicating to them. Ask them questions that allow them to explore the feedback they are getting. . FYI - Stephanie @nutrition.redefined and I are planning a live workshop this summer on raising confident eaters. Super excited to provide a much needed resource on this topic! Stay tuned for more details 🤗 @eatconfident.co
Take Family Day to Pause. Be present. Inhale Love. Exhale Gratitude. ✨ . . .
🥔🥦WHO’S UP FOR A POTATO BROCCOLI BOWL🥔🥦? Good evening loves, I hope you’re doing well. Simple meals have always been and will always be my favorite way to eat! There is something really satisfying and yet calming about eating simple whole foods and I feel so much better after eating that way compared to eating something fancy with lots of different ingredients and crazy preparation methods. So here it is my delicious 3 ingredient dinner bowl: baked potatoes (oil - free), steamed broccoli and mashed avocado. Everyone can make this!! And believe me - it was divine 😍🤩!!!! Wish you a wonderful evening xx @consciously_charly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #wfpb #wholefoodplantbased #bewusstsein #plantbasednutrition #vegansofgermany #veganprotein #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #eattherainbow #nourishyourbody #eatmoreplants #plantstrong #plantprotein #veganweightloss #holistichealing #holisticnutrition #vegantravel #fitnessrezepte #zuckerfrei #vegandeutschland #whatveganseat #wholefoodplantbaseddiet #wfpbdiet #consciouseating #mindfuleating #emotionaleating #intuitiveeating #intuitivessen #veganabnehmen
This past week on my podcast, I talked about whether or not its necessary to give up sugar and flour if you want to stop binge eating. Many people say it is, but there are also some of us who say it's not. There are definitely pros and cons either way, and that's why it's important for you to know what they are before deciding if you're going to do it. . With anything in life, there is nothing you have to do, only what you choose to do and want to do. We challenge this idea by saying we have to eat or we have to go to work and the truth is that you don't. No one is forcing you. You choose to do these things and you want to do these things so you won't die and so you can make money. . So if someone is telling you that you have to give up sugar and flour, I encourage you to check out my podcast episode on this topic so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it's the right path for you to take. Everyone is different and is at a different point in their progress so know where you are and what your struggles are before making a decision. Most importantly, know that the decision is yours to make based on what you want to do and what you choose to do. That is what gives you empowerment and choice rather than making you feel obligated and resentful which leads to rebellion.
Olha aí!!! Já está na mão os dois #applewatch dos melhores resultados durante os 21 dias de escolhas saudáveis! Um vai para as mulheres e outro para os homens que mais emagrecerem e ganharem músculo durante o período. A celebração de entrega será dia 7 de março... onde estaremos celebrando juntos a conquista de todos! Na verdade o melhor prêmio é este, estar em conexão com gente que avança e também melhorar os hábitos nutricionais e de estilo de vida! . Look at this!!! On my hands the prizes! #applewatch for two of the best results during the 21 days of healthy choices! One goes to the women and another to the men who lose more fat and gain lean muscle during the period. The delivery celebration will be on March 7 ... where we will be celebrating together the conquest of all! In fact the best prize is being in connection with people who advance and also improve the nutritional and lifestyle habits! . #emagrecer #premios #saude #vcfit21dias #transformaçãocorporal #fomeemocional #emotionaleating #perderpeso #fit #healthcoach ##nutrition #challenge #mentecorpo #corpoemente
Week 6: Day 1 . Swipe right to see a few moves from today’s workout and my progress photos from today vs Day 1 😲 . I can’t BELIEVE this is the final week of my Transform YOU: 6 weeks to FIT program! I am already looking forward to round 2 and yo girl cannot waittt. I’ll be adding strength training to Round 2 so be on the lookout for gym workouts from me! Swipe right to see how my body totally changed these past 5 weeks from ONLY 20 minutes a day at home. Round 2 can be done with no weights, home weights, or strength training at the gym! We have a hybrid calendar that adds weight lifting. I’ll be adding in a few gym days so if you’re looking for a way to spice up your gym workouts or get over that plateau my Transform You Program is perfect to help you shred and burn Major calories as your cardio. No more treadmill or stationary bike. Add this and watch your body really change! . I have a special gift for those who join #TeamFitASF PLUS I’ll be giving some of you a change to do one of my 20 min workouts for FREE!! Stay tuned! . Who will be joining me for Round 2? Drop a 💪 emoji for more info! . Which clip are you going to try 1, 2 , or 3?
Are you struggling to lose fat, build muscle & be the most confident badass babe you were born to be? ⁣ ⁣ ✨ Do you feel like you lack the enthusiasm & motivation to put in the work long enough to see results? ⁣ ⁣ BABE, I FUCKING FEEL YOU! 👏 (I used to be that girl too) ⁣ ⁣ 📲 That’s why I decided to run a Free Masterclass on 2/28 at 7pm EST: How To Lose Fat & Build Muscle (Easily) Counting Macros and Become Your Most Confident Badass Self. ⁣ ⁣ 💋 Register through the link in the bio 👆⁣ ⁣ ✨ You’ll learn:⁣ ✅ What macros are and how to (easily) count them. ⁣ ⁣ ✅ Most common mistakes people make when counting macros & how to avoid them.⁣ ⁣ ✅ My 3 Step Strategy to become more confident and feel like a badass. ⁣ ⁣ Don’t let this be another thing that you don’t take action on. It’s gonna be fucking fire and you’ll have the chance to win some prizes. 🔥⁣
¿Nuestras emociones influyen en lo que comemos ? Comer por emociones es cuando usamos la comida para hacernos sentir mejor emocionalmente, para satisfacer nuestras necesidades emocionales; cuando nos sentimos tristes, felices, hormonales, enojados, estresados. ¿Cómo saber si comer por emociones ? 1. ¿Comes más cuando te sientes estresado? 2. ¿Comes aunque no tengas hambre o cuando ya estás satisfecho? 3. ¿Comes para hacerte sentir mejor (cuando estás triste, de malas, aburrido, ansioso, etc)? 4. ¿Te recompensas con comida? 5. ¿Sientes que la comida es tu amigo? ¿Que hacer si Comes por emociones ? Practicar mindful eating Les platicaré en la siguiente acerca de ese término #nutrition #emotionaleating #emociones #nutricion #salud #health #healthylife #lifestyle #healthy #vivesaludable #nutriologayazminbeltran Info graphic by @thefashionfitnessfoodie
Have you listens yet? Recording my first GUEST episode today. It’s going to be soooooo amazingly. Cannot wait to share Amy’s wisdom with you. #overwhelmedmoms #breathe #slowdown #slowdownchallenge #reellifefreedom #nourish #nourishyourbody #emotionaleating #bingeeating
You can love yourself . You can love yourself even when you don't . You can eat everything you want . You can eat whenever you want . And you can have it for a lifetime . Feels crazy right? Or even impossible! But.... . . The moment you create a restriction and or a resistance in your life based ON FEAR this is the moment you gain weight and create an obsession about it....AND you want it even more... . . You can free yourself from everything. . . You can nourrish and love yourself WITH NO RESTRICTION. . . Namaste and happy week 💕 . . . . . #foodmavie #selflovediet #loveyourself #holistichealthcoach #nutrition #selflove #wellness #selfcare #happy #emotionaleating #nodiet #lifestyle #youareperfect #mtl #montreal #mindbody #amourdesoi #nourriture #recipesforlove #fuckthediet
We consume much more than food everyday. We plug into media, conversations, stimuli, and the environment we choose. ❤ @marcdavid_ipe @emilyjoyrosen @eatingpsychology @mindbody_nutrition @eatingpsychologypractitioners
Emotional eating is one of the biggest challenges we face right now. Watch today’s video to see how I decided to tackle it. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you like my videos. My channel name is APARNA’S HOMETV. #weightlossjourney #emotions #emotionaleating #health #loveblogging #indianblogger #americanblogger #atlantablogger #mommyblogger #momlife #indianfoodbloggers #picoftheday #instagood #indianyoutuber #youtuber #desi #desiblogger #hyderabadi #telugublogger #linkinbio #aparnashometv
‼️Dieting is INFORMATION OVERLOAD‼️⠀ ⠀ This is one of my all time favorite metaphors I learned from a client...⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ After working together just 1 or 2 sessions, she said that it felt like I had taken her out of a crowded room at a party and led her into a quiet room by herself. She could finally think clearly and hear what her body was saying⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Dieting is soo confusing!⠀ At any given time, you have a thousand conflicting messages coming at you from all directions...⠀ 👉🏼 Carbs are bad but you need carbs for energy⠀ 👉🏼 Fruit is bad but it’s also healthy⠀ 👉🏼 Meat is bad unless you’re on keto⠀ 👉🏼 Isn’t intermittent fasting just a socially acceptable way to skip meals? But you’re right, it can’t be disordered because it’s got a fancy name! 🙄⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The point is that dieting comes in all shapes and forms, mostly disguised as “health”. It leaves otherwise intuitive people feeling like they can’t trust their bodies and can’t even figure out how to eat correctly⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Not only is your mind crowded with food rules and numbers, but it’s also crowded with guilt and shame when you don’t follow all these food rules perfectly.⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Here’s the thing about food rules though...⠀ ✨ Anything that is “proven” to help you lose weight is not backed by science. There is currently NOTHING that has been proven to be effective for long-term weight loss⠀ ✨ The more food rules you subscribe to, the harder it will be to listen to your body. You’ll always have to choose between what your body wants and what your diet says⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you want to learn more, I’d invite you to check out my free webinar in the link in my bio! In the webinar, I’m exposing the truth about emotional eating, “food addiction” and dieting. #linkinbio
When kids are being evacuated/dismissed early and there is a heavy police presence at school...with a knotted stomach my old habits resurface and I want to chew away my feelings. 🤢 . Instead of emptying the box of Wheat Thins , I sliced up some watermelon radishes... Crunchy, a little sweeter, pretty, and I took some time to breathe. . Grateful my girl is home safely, that I was working from home and was able to give her extra hugs! ❤️ . . ___________________ #schoolsafety #emotionaleating #lunchtime #lovemygirls #gratefulheart #keepourkidssafe
Sometimes those memories that come through on Facebook can be painful or make us laugh. Today my memories were a gentle nudge of “Hey 👋 You! Remember this girl?” At this time I was trying so hard to convince everyone I was happy with my life when in reality I was just “posing” for yet another selfie 🤳 ... Looking at this compare today I see what not only the year difference has done, but also the change inside my mind and the new self love 💕 I have for myself. Have I got everything figured out? No! It’s called a journey. Have I made changes in my life? Yes most definitely! I am proud of the changes I have made. Some days are harder than others, especially when food is involved and is topped off with a stress situation. These past few months have been rough! Not sure 🤔 if I have handled it all correctly, but I am trying. A month ago I gained around 5 lbs and it’s taken me a month to take it off. I have to remember that first off, my surgery wasn’t a miracle pill 💊, it is a tool to help me with my weightless journey. Secondly, it’s ok to enjoy life, but do it responsibly. It’s too easy to slide back into those bad habits that helped put the weight on. So balance is extremely necessary! JustYo💜 #VSGLife #BariatricBabe #WomenOver50 #WeightlossJourney #MealPrep #FindingBalance #SmileMore #FoundMyself #ImBeautiful #FiguredItOut #EmotionalEating #LifeLongLearning #HealthyChoices
Umm... I literally work out for 2 hours total a week 🙊 Yep, that's what 20 minutes a day adds up to! If you would have told me that putting in 20 minutes a day and still having my wine 🍷 would get me down almost 5 lbs. I woulda called bs 😜... but that's the truth! Now it's your turn gf! 👊 I'm starting round two a week from today and I'm looking for 5 ladies that wanna do it with me! You'll get each workout I do plus bonus weight workouts 💪 The meal plan I follow and personal support from me to help you stick with it for 6 weeks!! Drop an emoji in the comments 👇 and I'll get you the info! And because I love to save, the first 5 people to jump in will be saving $20!! 🙌🙌😘 . . . #fitish #faithfullycourageous #coloradofit #fitdogmom #selfloveadvocate #daughteroftheking #fitnessinspo #greatdanemom #eatingdisorderecovery #denverfitness #denverfit #selflovewarrior #goalseeker #weightwatchersfreestyle #weightlossprogress #winenot #furmomma #myjourneytofit #fitfurmom #cheesecakelover #emotionaleating #transformationjourney #faithfullyfit
Order the journal that is changing the lives of many. For an autographed copy, click link. bit.ly/emotionaleatingjournal Paperback/Kindle also available on Amazon. #EmotionalEatingJournal #healing #freedom #avoiceofhealing #wellnesslifestyleenthusiast #recovery #emotionaleating #mentallyfitandfree #innerhealing
Been away having some much needed family time out by the sea. These little beauties were my favourite at Bournemouth Oceanarium. So relaxing. Back to walking tomorrow and low carb #mychoices #eatingforlife #onedayatatime #emotionaleating #bingeeatingdisorder #lchf #myjourney #ketouk #ketofam #ketosis #lowcarb #intermittentfasting #weightlossgoals #weightlossjourney #oceanarium #jellyfish
There are days this journey is not easy. Some days I wake up and truly don't want to workout. Or days like today where there is no school and I shut off my alarms for a little bit. But I have to dig deep and tell myself just give yourself 10 minutes and if you still can't get into it then at least you tried but my workouts are 20 minutes so I'm halfway done so I need to just suck it up and finish the workout!!! 👊🏼💪🏼😆 It can be the simple step to walk and push play or taking the step to stop drinking a pop a day or have one cookie instead of the whole bag of cookies 🍪🙈. Just give yourself some tough love and take that first step! Each little step compounds into a much greater blessing for you!! Whether it be inches loss, mental clarity, less headaches, more confidence, a smile when you see yourself in the mirror, or a better mindset!!! You are worth it so take that first step!! I have the tools to help you succeed and will take your hand in this journey!!! Don't feel you ever have to do this alone!! 😊😘👊🏼
What’s in your cookie jar? 🍪 . . Healthy options lead to healthy choices🌱💕 . One of the biggest struggles I hear from clients is how to take control of their nutrition; specifically emotional eating & mindless snacking🤦🏼‍♀️ My response is always the same; What’s in your cookie jar? Are you planning & prepping? Are you tracking or are you just winging it? . Like anything in life gaining control of your nutrition requires preparation, mindfulness & a little sacrifice🤷‍♀️ Becoming more mindful has been a game changer in helping me break my emotional eating cycle👉🏻 My focus is not so much on what sounds good but rather how the food on my plate is going to make me feel☺️ Is it going to nourish my body and leave me feeling energized or am I going to feel sluggish, bloated & full of regret🤢 . And the biggest question I’ve started asking myself 👉🏻 Is what’s on my plate in alignment with my goals and the life I’m trying to create?! Now don’t get my wrong I still love my martinis 🍸 and refuse to live a nacho free life🤪 But it’s all about balance, being mindful, stocking your kitchen with healthier options & a little accountability never hurt anybody🌱💕 . Next challenge group starts March 4th - Let’s stock your kitchen, change your mindset & transform your body together💕💪🏻 . Drop a comment below or DM me for details👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
This past Saturday , I spoke to brave, intelligent and smart women about body image. Most of us hear the words “body image” and immediately groan and think “ugh” . . The purpose of my talk with them was to talk about how to change our lens on body image. What if we looked at our body as an instrument? As a means of achieving our dreams and goals? What if we looked at our body as the vessel in which we live , create and exist? . . What if we stopped looking at our body as an object that is supposed to be aesthetically pleasing? . . We can decide to change how we see them. We can see them for their purpose and functionality. Our bodies allow us to live. They are our vehicles, but we are the driver . .
I want you to know a few things today: ⠀ ⠀ ✨No matter how stuck you feel there’s always a way out ⠀ ⠀ ✨Just because your current reality looks the way it does, doesn’t mean that you can’t create a new one ⠀ ⠀ ✨There’s a power inside of you that’s bigger than ANY obstacle…the human spirit. ⠀ ⠀ That part of you is timeless. Resilient. Strong. Worth it. ⠀ ⠀ Don’t believe me yet? Stop what you’re doing and do this: ⠀ ⠀ Write 5 things down you can acknowledge yourself for. ⠀ ⠀ Look at how far you’ve come instead of how far you have to go. ⠀ ⠀ Look at all your wins instead of all your breakdowns. ⠀ ⠀ You’ll begin to see the silver living. ⠀ ⠀ Focus on that, the magic in your life, all that you’re grateful for and all that you TRULY are and watch EVERYTHING shift! ⠀ ⠀ Make it an incredible week!⠀ ⠀ 💖Brittany ⠀ ⠀ #BeatingBingeEating #BingeEating #StopBingeEating #BingeEatingDisorder #BingeEatingHelp #BingeEatingCoach #HealthCoach #EmotionalEating #EatingDisorder #EatingDisorderHelp #BEDA #HealthyNotSkinny #EatToLive #Diet #WeightLoss #AntiDiet #FatToFit #FatToFitJourney #FoodFreedom #FoodFreedomForever #BodyLove #BodyImage #BodyPositive #RealRecovery #SelfCare #SelfLove #IntuitiveEating #MindfulEating
No matter what or how much you ate over the weekend, your body still needs an adequate amount of food and calories for today. . I used to start off every week feeling like I needed to make up for however I indulged over the weekend. I toyed with everything from Intermittent Fasting (which has very little non biased scientific evidence that even backs it's claims) to doing #keto egg fasts (eating nothing but eggs for days 😂) to trying to just drink protein shakes. I would maybe lose some water weight, but it only kept me in the binge and restrict cycle that dieting tends to lead people into. Not only that, but these extreme and restrictive behaviors puts more stress on the body by causing your cortisol to spike and sends signals to your brain that there’s a famine coming. . I've learned that the best way to recover from a binge or a weekend of boozey brunches and drinks 🙋🏻‍♀️ is to just...not doing anything. Eat the same as I would any other day and know that my body was designed to be able to handle and process food. It know what it's doing and it's going to be ok. My only job is to just feed it an adequate amount of calories so it can function at it's best and trust the process. 💜
🍩YOU CAN EAT FOODS YOU LIKE AND LOOK AMAZING Restrict👉🏻Binge👉🏻Repeat. It’s exhausting right? 😭 I know girl. If anyone knows I know. I have experienced every type of disordered eating. It was so exhausting 😫and taxing on my mind body and SOUL💕Until now! Do you restrict yourself to only certain foods all week, and then give yourself a day to eat whatever you want? Which leads you to gorge yourself until you were sick, or you actually did get sick. Or you eat really “good” for weeks then “fall off” for a night out, and then you can’t stop eating “bad” all week. “Ohhhhh I’ll get back on track Monday” Trust me 💕🙌🏼babe. I get it! Then the guilt came.... the shame... the feelings of discust project. You dont have the compassion for yourself, So you feel grossed out looking in the mirror and disappointed. Babe! There is a way better ✨sustainable and balanced ✨relationship ✨you can Aquire with 💃food & YOU! Restriction and deprivation breeds 😣guilt Which eventually leads to overeating 🤢or binging. Guess what?! You don’t have to live this way 😍🙌🏼anymore. An ✨intuitive and holistic lifestyle✨approach would Allow you to Eat foods you like Honor your hunger Breed compassion Be in tune with your body Intuitively feed your needs Have a balanced wellness routine Rock confidence Be in tune with you intuition Drop the stress So, how do you eat intuitively? 1. Reject diet culture✨ - don’t conform to this worlds latest diet trend that is not sustainable and with lack of knowledge can damage your body 2. Start using your hunger fullness meter✨- get in tune with your body. Keep a journal 📓 track your feelings of hunger and fullness. 3. Ask yourself what you really WANT to eat✨-As your body learns to trust that it has access to any and all foods, cravings and overeating decrease 4. Practice mindful eating✨- Become conscious of WHAT you are eating, WHY you are eating and HOW you are eating. AAAAAAGH, there is just so much more I want to tell you😍 Just know You don’t have to suffer through this cycle anymore babygirl..There’s peace on the other side of frustration you have. So muccch joy and peaceee💕
You know you have 60-90k thoughts a day and 90% of those thoughts are on repeat! BUTTTT... just bc we think something doesn’t mean it’s true. Challenge your thoughts.
👀 LOOK WHAT'S COMING.... 👀 Weight isn’t the problem, habitual thinking is. . Nuuaria Weight Loss is the world’s best weight loss program proven to create a reduction in body weight and an increase in overall health and life satisfaction through a change in habitual thinking and feeling. . Nuuaria weight loss is specifically designed for people who know what to do and just aren’t doing it. They’ve been on 998 diets, they’re perfectionists, all-or-nothing thinkers who try and control what they can’t control. They are ridden with stress, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm and sometimes even depression, anger, and sadness. They are obsessive and overthinkers. Often with past trauma, they could even be stress, binge or emotional eaters. . Combined with time-tested weight loss processes, the evidenced-based Nuuaria Method®, and Nuuaria’s signature four-foundation system, Nuuaria Weight Loss has been proven to produce the following results: . ☑️Weight loss ☑️Eliminate medications ☑️Eliminate habitual stress, anxiety and depression ☑️Give you back control of your life ☑️Increase peace and calm ☑️Eliminate habitual anger and sadness ☑️Increase happiness . ☑️Increase sense of connection with self and others ☑️Stop habitual negative thinking ☑️Reduce the body’s constant stress response ☑️Reduce the body’s excess inflammation ☑️Reduce high blood pressure ☑️Increase the quality of sleep ☑️Increase fruit and vegetable consumption ☑️Decrease sugar consumption ☑️End overeating ☑️Reduce high blood sugar ☑️Eliminate diabetes The ultimate cause of disease is stress. The four foundation system of the Nuuaria Weight Loss program is specifically designed to eliminate the build up of stress in the four major areas: 1. Behavior change: the body is self healing and self correcting 2. Thought habit change: belief shifts biology 3. Emotional habit change: nothing outside of you will heal you 4. Life purpose: the human soul on fire is the most powerful force in the world Nuuaria Weight Loss, coming March 1, 2019
Many of us have heard the Hippocratic quote to “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” A large part of the medicine in food goes beyond its nutritional breakdown to the deep primal, healing and nourishing pleasure it can give us when we break free from diet culture and allow ourselves to be our own nutrition guru. Reclaim sovereignty over what, how much and when you eat. Reclaim sovereignty over your pleasure. So, what does it mean and how does it look to let food be thy medicine and thy pleasure? https://charlottegillbanks.wixsite.com/website/blog/let-food-be-thy-medicine-and-thy-pleasure #healing #pleasure #nourishment #foodasmedicine #intuitiveeating #emotionaleating #rejectdietculture #honouryourhunger #honouryourbody #Hippocrates
Talk about #emotionaleating yesterday. 😷🤢 I feel worse now. I have a terribly bad habit of eating til I feel like I’m gonna vomit. Did that yesterday and now I’m paying for it. #heartburn #upsettummy
How many of us say this on a monday? Usually after giving ourselves a bit of a break over the weekend and then berating ourselves for it come sunday night. It's okay to go on and off the rails because that's life. The trick is to get back on where you got off rather than thinking you have to start all over again . . . . . . #selfcare #intuition #backontrack #wellness #emotionaleating #intuitiveeating
LONG-WINDED BOOK REVIEW. While Rachel Hollis has a fun writing style and motivating calls to action to go out and conquer the world, if I’m being honest, I totally cringed through a couple chapters where she talks about dieting & weight loss. I admire her for having the courage and vulnerability to share so many personal stories, and I'm sure her intent is only good; however, I want to shed some light on a couple of her points that are steeped in diet culture, and quite frankly, are wrong. After talking about how she can’t count the number of diets she has tried, she says she finally learned, “If you constantly break promises to yourself, you’re not making promises at all.” Her point: If you don’t stick to your diet, your workout plan, your weight loss goals, the things you promise yourself you will do, then you’re not a person of integrity. Um…hold up. If those promises to ourselves are promises of how we can be more kind, caring, and respectful to our bodies, then I’m totally on board for keeping those. Sadly, this isn’t usually the case.  How often are those promises unrealistic, unattainable, and perhaps even harmful? Ahem…New Year’s…I’m looking at you. In her chapter where she discusses her emotional/binge eating past and desire to lose weight, she makes a special note to warn readers, “This is where I should tell you that I am worthy and loved as I am.” To which I said “AMEN!” But then she has to ruin a really good thing by filling the chapter with unintended fat-shaming and telling the reader that once she figured out weight loss, it became the simplest thing in the world. That it’s simply calories in vs calories out. “You will lose weight. The end.” And that was when I died a slow death. I totally get that this is not her specialty.  She was simply telling HER story. However, as her book continues to gain steam (3 million copies!) propelling her more and more into the spotlight, I just want to make sure we put on our #ispydietculture glasses and shed a little light on how some of her motivational mantras may be a bit more harmful than helpful. Some definitely look like a diet-culture-wolf in self-help-sheep clothing. Have you read it? Thoughts?
We are in our final week & I HAVE NOT MISSED A WORKOUT🙌🏻. Doubled up to get caught up=staying true to my commitment to myself! Do it for YOU & no one else😘
그렇지 주말이 지나니까 저탄수는 개뿔 수업끝나자마자 당땡겨서 집에서 싸온 삶은달걀과 치즈 등등은 잊은채 쿠키흡입... 주말내내 인슐린에 대해 공부하면 뭐하니 . I have no willpower and have never been. I’ve long been so jealous of that skinny girls posting their pretty photos on their instagram and at the same time I hated myself for feeling that jealousy. I should know that how hard they try to keep their physique and I should try hard too. But I can’t and that discrepancy disgusts me. #간헐적단식 #식단기록 #식이장애 #식이장애극복 #폭식증 #폭식증극복 #유학생다이어터 #대학생다이어터 #미국일상 #미국생활 #유학스타그램 #미국유학 #유학일기 #미국유학생 #유학생활 #영어일기 #유학생공스타 . #bingeeating #emotionaleating #edstruggles #edrecovery #mindfuleating #bingeeatingrecovery #edfighter #edsoldier #nomorediets #nodiet #foodfreedom #intuitiveeating #IF
I would like to share the thoughts around exercising. I got thinking about the word exercise and I comprehended it. To exercise is not just going to a gym and doing cardio or lifting weights or participating in a group class. It is about the movement that you do in a day! So many people get caught up in the thought of exercising being a bad thing or a hard practice. In reality any type of movement is a form of exercise. So, if you think about cleaning as an example, this is an excellent way to exercise and most of the time people are doing some form of cleaning. Not to say, that everyone enjoys it but if you change your perception and look at it as a form of movement that your body needs. There are many different types of movements for example; gardening, walking, playing with your children, nature walking, playing sports, store shopping, carrying children, stair hopping, chopping wood, rollerblading, biking, jumping on a trampoline, yoga, dance, cartwheels, jogging, swimming, rock climbing, horseback riding, surfing, tennis, golf and the list goes on! Overall, you can make exercise enjoyed. I would like to connect with you and discover, how to take your goals and desires to the next level. To start with a Complimentary Session. There is only one choice and that is for you to make! Contact me through private message. With Much Gratitude Susy Vanderlaan Ahava Lifestyle Coach Certified Health/Life Coach #noschemeishplots #focusonyourself #thisisyourtime #enjoythejourney #chathamkent #changeforthebetter #changefromwithin #jointheride #laughter   #weightloss #freedom #weightlosshelp #weightlossforgood #moreenergy #timeefficient #mealprep #takeachance #personal #achieve #potiental #succeed #setgoals #goforward #droptheweight #bingeeating #emotionaleating #turnitaround #yourchoice #overcome #exercise
My secret tip to having delicious shredded chicken every time! 🐓 Super easy...fast & you can’t mess it up! 😂 That’s important to me since I’m not a fan of cooking! 👍🏻
My father's illness and death gave me the push I needed to really move forward in my eating disorder recovery. Read about this in the article "Death Gave Me a Push" on my blog. (link to my website in profile) #intuitiveeating #health #healthateverysize #haes #mindfuleating #mindfulness #selfcare #eatingdisorder #mentalhealth #emotionaleating #death #recovery #anorexia #bulimia #orthorexia
Have you ever had the experience of being told about something or noticing a topic or being interested in something a little but not taking any steps toward it? And then one day you’re totally ready, and information that you heard many times before somehow feels so powerful and relevant now? • I love noticing that.✨ I love reminding myself that timing is everything. Sometimes we’re just not ready to take something in, even when we know we ‘should’. • That’s what I want to remind you of with food. The clients who come to me and decide to work together are simply READY. They’ve arrived at that point, maybe even after many years. Everything inside them suddenly says yes. • So don’t beat yourself up for going in circles with the same issue again and again. Trust the timing of your life and believe that when you’re ready, you’ll find what you need to make the changes you’ve always wanted to. ❤️ . . . #ditchthediet #binge #bingeeating #bingefree #overeating #emotionaleating #healthateverysize #HAES #halifax #halifaxns #lifecoaching #lifecoach #healthyeating #weightloss #lowcarb #foodaddict #sugaraddict #cantstopeating #paleo #weightwatchers #slimmingworld #stresseating #selfcare #selflove #healthandwellness #bingeeatingcoach #foodfreedom #intuitiveeating
A number on a clothing tag does NOT determine your worth. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Who knows how hard it is to find a pair of jeans that actually fit!? 🙋‍♀️⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ..then add the stress & pressure of trying to fit into the smallest size. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Kill me now. 🙄⁣ ⁣ ⁣ I wanted to take a moment to show you why clothing sizes are nothing to lose sleep over. ⁣ ⁣ ⠀⁣ All 3 of these jeans 👖 are a different size. Clearly, I'm not.⁣ ⁣ ⠀⁣ Could you imagine the pain and stress I would be in if I continued to allow a number on a clothing tag determine my worth?⁣ ⁣ ⠀⁣ Can you see now that the number doesn’t really matter?⁣ ⁣ ⠀⁣ I just swap sizes until I find a pair that I like & that FEEL good.⁣ ⁣ ⠀⁣ So the next time you're shopping, remember that sizes are meaningless.⁣ ⁣ ⠀⁣ Size does NOT determine your VALUE!
Just a friendly reminder heading in to the week: you don’t need to “buckle down” or compensate for what you ate this weekend. Your body knows what to do. . . via @littlearthlings
I’ve been quiet lately for many reasons. After my family was hit with the “big bad flu” around Christmas, my MIL unexpectedly passed away right after the New Year. My world had been rocked. She was the kindest, most loving woman, who was a second mother to me. My heart was hurting and the way I find some comfort is in eating. I’m not going to lie, carbs have been very comforting for me. But my problem is, I cannot control the amount I eat once I start with one bite. It’s an addiction for me. #emotionaleating . On Valentine’s Day I went in to meet with a Vascular doctor to look into my varicose veins, of which I’ve always had with my excessive weight gain from my pregnancies. Last week a new one had formed and is very painful, so I decided now is the time to take care of myself. During my appointment I found out I had gained 10lbs from my emotional eating. Yes, I’m bummed about that, but it’s an easy fix. What really opened my eyes was my health. Heart disease runs strong on both sides of my family. My father had his first heart attack in his early 40’s. Guess who’s 40 now?!?🙋🏻‍♀️ My Doctor wants to get me in for treatment ASAP, and while yes, varicose veins are more of an unsightly, painful issue. Because of my family history and what I’m at risk for with heart disease, it’s actually more of a bigger issue. Clearly Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day to love others, it’s a day to practice self-love.💕 . So, here’s my burning bush, take care of my health, diet in particular. I’m back, and am going strong, ready to stay in the game!!💪🏼 #loveyourself #takecareofyou #eatforyourhealth
I shared in my stories yesterday that I ate a lot of cheese 😬 I bought three small wrapped blocks of cheese thinking I would go through them in about a week 😅 that didn’t happen 🤦‍♀️ 2 of them were eaten (not binged on) in about 3 days... and then the guilt started to set in 🙄 but then I thought, WHY IS THIS BAD?! And I decided it’s not 👏🏼 I HAVE TO LET GO OF MY EXPECTATIONS FOR HOW I THINK I “SHOULD” EAT... and “just eat” 1️⃣ I refuse to judge ✨how much to eat based on what the serving size is. Serving sizes are non-specific and non-helpful and RESTRICTIVE to your food freedom journey. You decide how much food you need to eat. PERIOD 😌 2️⃣ I refuse to judge ✨how often to eat a food based on previous dieting advice I’ve learned. IF I WANT TO EAT 🧀 FOR EVERY MEAL I CAN DO IT IF I WANT TO 👏🏼 (I didn’t eat it at every meal but it was gone so obviously I had it often 😂) 3️⃣ I refuse to judge ✨my eating habits based on someone else’s healthy relationship with food... aka “diet culture”. IF I LIKE SOMETHING I WILL EAT IT UNTIL I DON’T WANT IT ANYMORE. I don’t keep things I like in my house so I can eat them sparingly to enjoy little by little. MY FOOD FREEDOM LOOKS LIKE buying something I really like and eating it until it’s finished over the next few days. I REFUSE TO FEEL GUILT ABOUT THAT. IT’S WHAT MY HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD LOOKS LIKE RIGHT NOW ❤️ stop judging yours if it looks different from someone you look up to or doesn’t meet your own expectations. There is not wrong way to eat 🙌🏼 Stop making rules, stop restricting, and start eating in a way that make YOU feel good. PLEASE STOP SHOULD-ING ALL OVER YOURSELF 😂💩 Free resources — in my bio 🥰 #simplehealthyeats #foodfreedom
The eating disorder wants you to deprive your body in order to achieve the alleged utopia of thinness. The eating disorder tells you that thinness will make you feel more confident, less anxious, and better able to handle the ups and downs of life. The eating disorder tells you that by getting thin you will become more lovable and worthy of acceptance and belonging. The eating disorder tells you that thinness equals happiness. BUT HOW HAPPY CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE WHEN YOU ARE STARVING YOURSELF? Read more in Katy Harvey, RD, CEDRD’s latest article on the blog! #linkinbio
Have you ever felt that even though you’re eating carefully and exercising regularly, but you’re not losing weight?🤔🤔 - It’s called Weight loss Plateau and it’s completely normal - Check out these tips to overcome weight loss plateau and start losing weight! [ link in bio! ] #weightlossplateau #weightloss #loseweight
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