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It’s been said that the Yankees would be willing to trade 3B Miguel Andújar in the right deal. Would you trade Miguel Andújar if it means the Yankees get Noah Syndergaard from the Mets?(Ken Rosenthal) - If the Yankees do include Andújar in a trade, there will be a good chance they go all in for Manny Machado this offseason considering there would be an even bigger hole on the left side of the infield. - What are your thoughts, would you trade Andújar if we got an ace in return?
Brian Cashman has stated that the Yankees are not going after Bryce Harper this off-season. - Hopefully Cashman has something up his sleeve. - Thoughts?
Looking at the big picture, Dellin Betances had a very dominant season. Early in the season he proved he had his dominant stuff again which foreshadowed a great season. He was one of the Yankees’ most reliable relievers in 2018. - Betances’ walk rate went down significantly compared to last year. In 2017, his BB/9 was 6.6 while it stood at 3.5 in 2018. His strikeout rate was similar to last season, it was .4 points higher in 2018(15.5). That is a great SO/9 ratio. - He proved the whole 2018 season that he could be trusted in a big spot, and he got his chance. Betances wasn’t used in any big situations in 2017 because he wasn’t trusted at all. He piled up a 5.59 ERA in September of 2017, confirming he wouldn’t be used in a big spot during the postseason. Betances showed up this season with a different attitude, as someone who can be relied upon in pressure situations. - One of Betances’ biggest moments this year was his heroic performance in the Wild Card Game. After Luis Severino tossed four shutout innings and getting into a two-on, no-out jam in the fifth, Dellin Betances saves the day. He retired the next three batters and tossed a 1-2-3 sixth frame to shift the momentum back to the New York side. - Dellin Betances continues to prove that when he’s on point, he’s absolutely unhittable. Betances will be a big piece of the Yankees’ bullpen for years to come.
One year ago today, the New York Yankees traded for 2017 NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton.
Happ gets an A on the year. Acquired in July from the Blue Jays, J.A. Happ was amazing for the Yankees. He added some much needed stability to the rotation. He went 7-0 on the season with the Yankees, in which his first five straight starts were games he earned the win. - The veteran left-hander was a great pickup for the Yankees. He posted a solid 2.69 ERA in 11 starts. Happ was a valuable piece to this team late in the season, despite his struggles in his one postseason start. - Happ’s Yankee debut was one to remember. On July 26, the veteran tossed six strong innings of one run ball, while he scattered three hits in a 6-3 Yankee win over the Royals. - Overall, J.A. Happ was fantastic with the Yankees in 2018. Hopefully he’ll resign with the Yankees this upcoming year after losing out on Corbin and Eovaldi.
In his short stint with the Yankees, Lance Lynn was shaky for the most part. His numbers weren’t too good following the season, but he did give the Yankees some pitching depth. Lynn also had the ability to come out of the bullpen as well as starting a game. - Lynn began his time in pinstripes in the bullpen, but worked his way to the rotation quickly when he took the struggling Sonny Gray’s spot. Lynn allowed 25 earned runs in 54.1 innings pitched. - It’s also been said that Lance Lynn changed his pitching style when he came to New York. Two years since Tommy John Surgery, his 94 mph fastball showed up again while his strikeout rate increased(10.1 K/9). Along with his increased strikeout rate, his walk rate decreased(2.3 BB/9). - Lynn’s debut was a dominant one. After Sonny Gray got rocked by the Orioles in the third inning on August 1, Lance Lynn comes in and shuts it down. Lynn tossed 4.1 shutout innings, scattering five hits, walking none, and striking out five. - All in all, the acquisition of Lance Lynn played a solid impact on the team as they made a playoff push. He was there to take Sonny Gray’s spot in the rotation when he clearly didn’t have it anymore. Lynn is currently a free agent, and now that the Yankees lost out on Corbin, Lynn could possibly be an option for the Yankees?
RUMOR: Yankees are willing to give up Gary Sanchez in a deal for JT Realmuto😳 Who would win this deal?🤔⚾️🔥 #yankees #marlins #mlb #elgary #realmuto
Sonny Gray gets a solid F on the season. It’s been confirmed that Gray cannot pitch in New York and needs to be traded, as Cashman stated earlier this month. He had a spot in the rotation for most of the season, but eventually lost his job when the Yankees had a better option in Lance Lynn. Gray actually didn’t pitch too bad in the bullpen. He went 2-0 with a 2.60 ERA in seven relief appearances. - Gray’s season was filled with nonstop inconsistently. He would have a solid start here and there, but couldn’t build off of anything positive. His ERA at home this season was nearly seven(6.98) in 15 games, 11 of those starts. Not to mention batters hit a whopping .318 off him at Yankee Stadium. - His stats were better on the road, but not nearly enough to keep a spot in the rotation. He pitched to a 3.17 ERA in 15 games, 12 starts, as he went 7-5 away from Yankee Stadium. - You would think when you are ahead in the count that your ERA would be good, since you have the advantage over the batter. That wasn’t the case with Gray. When the right-hander was ahead in the count, his ERA was 4.43, which isn’t very common in a pitcher. Clearly his strikeout pitch wasn’t there this season with the Yankees. - Gray’s best moment in pinstripes was when he smirked walking off the mound after he got lit up by the Orioles on August 1 at Yankee Stadium. After getting absolutely rocked by the worst team in baseball and giving up five runs in the second inning, Gray walks off the mound in the third inning; dealing with the thundering boos throughout the stadium. While he is feeling the disappointment in many fans, he decides to smile as he makes his way to the dugout(pictured above). - Overall, Sonny Gray’s season was very shaky and inconsistent. It has been certain that Gray will not be continue to pitch with the Yankees this upcoming season. His location was off, and his secondary pitches just weren’t there on a consistent weekly basis. Hopefully he will resume to the pitcher he was with Oakland next season when he’s out of NY.
The Yankees have shown interest in veteran RHP Joakim Soria. The 34-year old has played eleven years in the big leagues, and has been successful. He has a career 2.88 ERA through those eleven seasons. Soria’s 2018 stats(CHW & MIL): 3-4, 3.12 ERA, 60.2 IP, 75 K. - What do you say, would right-handed reliever Joakim Soria be a good fit for the Yanks? #JoakimSoria
The Gary for Realmuto swap is one of the dumber conversations going. I’m so glad Cashman came out and said it wasn’t happening. Here are all of our thoughts on it from today’s episode (2 parts here) #elgary #realmuto #yankees
¡¡Happy 26th Kraken Birthday!! ¡¡Gary!! 🙌🎂🎈🎉. #Yankees #YankeesBaseball#YankeesBeisbol#GarySanchez #UnleashTheKraken 🐙 #ElGary #HappyBirthday 🎉🎈🎂 #NewYorkYankees #FelizCumpleaños 🎂🎉🎈 #Baseball#Bendiciones 🙌
Happy birthday @elgarysanchez The Kracken!!! Looking forward to a huge season!!!!#kracken #yankees #elgary
Happy Birthday to the Kraken🐙⚾️🔥 #sanchez #kraken #elgary #yankees #mlb
What can the Yankees expect from Gary Sanchez in 2019? . . . . . . #elgary #robinsoncano #garysanchez #bronxnation #longisland #yankeesnation #pinstripepride #yankeesnation #yankee #yankees
Happy 26th Birthday to Gary Sánchez!!🎉🦑 - Here’s a little throwback to his walkoff, three-run homer on April 26th against the Twins to cap off a series sweep!
One year ago today, Aaron Boone was announced the 35th manager of the New York Yankees.
#GarySanchez OR #JTRealmuto ?! 👀 Have You guys giving up on #ElGary ?
Masahiro Tanaka gets a B+ on the 2018 season. He had a big year for the Yankees. Masa was one of our most reliable starters in the second half. Tanaka pitched to a 2.85 ERA in that second half, oppose to his 4.54 ERA in the first half. Tanaka had a much better year this season than he did last season. For example in 2017, Tanaka gave up 35 homers; as in 2018, he gave up 25, which is ten less than what he gave up in his shaky 2017 season. He is showing improvement, let’s hope he continues to improve. - Tanaka pitched much better on the road this year than at home. He went 5-5 with a 4.09 ERA at home, while his record was 7-1 with a 3.47 ERA on the road. He still struggles a bit with the homers, but he got that number down a significant amount this season. - One of Tanaka’s biggest moments this season was his eight inning shutout at Safeco Field. The gem took place on September 7, where he scattered three hits through eight shutout innings. Masa punched out a season-high ten batters in the performance and walked none. - Overall, Masahiro Tanaka had a solid season for the Yanks and has shown improvement from 2017. There are two years left to go on his contract, so let’s hope he continues to pitch well for the Yankees.
You think the Yankees gonna give up a player like Sanchez, even on a bad year with a shoulder injury he still put up decent numbers. Yankees will not be stupid to trade Sanchez to the Marlins for JT Realmuto, you got 4 more years of control with Sanchez who is young. If you're already giving up on Sanchez you need to shut up and look at the status. Sanchez is the better catcher yeah passed balls is a problem, but JT doesn't have the arm or the bat that Gary Sanchez brings especially playoff time #GarySanchez #ElGary #kraken 🦑⚾️ #Yankees #NYY
Happy 49th birthday to the greatest closer of all-time, Mariano Rivera. - Will Mo be the first unanimous Hall of Fame inductee?
Corbin came to visit NY today, and the Yanks are trying to win him over👀
There were high expectations for Luis Severino coming off a dominant season last year, and placing third in the Cy Young voting. During the first half he lived up to expectations, but not so much during his second half. Sevy’s first half was a continuation of his strong 2017 campaign, as he posted a 2.31 ERA and a record of 14-2 prior to the All-Star Break. Severino’s second half consisted of a 5-6 record and a 5.57 ERA. His post All-Star Break ERA skewed his final numbers and took him out of the Cy Young race. - It was depicted that Severino was tipping his pitches after the All-Star break, which led to his poor stretch. Either way, he didn’t look like the same pitcher at all. - Severino allowed 33 runs in 128.1 innings prior to the All-Star break, and 39 runs in 63 innings after the All-Star break. You read that right, Severino allowed six more runs after the break... in half the amount of innings than the first half. - One of Severino’s best moments this season was his complete game shutout on May 2 against the Astros in Houston. In a 4-0 Yankee win, Sevy dominated over nine innings. He lit up the radar gun with triple digits at the tail end of the game, as what he’s usually known to do. Sevy scattered five hits and walked one in the game, while striking out 10 within 110 pitches. - Although his second half wasn’t as strong as his first half, Luis Severino still finished up with solid totals on the season. He concluded the year with a record of 19-8 and an ERA of 3.39. Just imagine what his final numbers would be if he kept up his pace following the mid-summer classic.
The Yankees are among teams that have shown interest in closer Edwin Díaz. - In 2018, Díaz posted a 1.96 ERA and struck out 124 batters in 73.1 innings pitched, with a league-leading 57 saves. The 24-year old made his first All-Star game appearance in 2018 and isn’t a free agent until 2023. - Would Díaz be a good fit for the Yankees considering David Robertson and Zach Britton are free agents?
Acquired in late August, Andrew McCutchen had a positive impact on the Yankees. He made his Yankee debut on September 1st, and played a total of 25 games in the month. Soon after he was picked up, McCutchen took Brett Gardner’s spot in left field, and the leadoff spot. It ended up helping out the team in the long run, as Aaron Hicks got hurt during the postseason. So both Gardner and McCutchen had jobs during the playoffs. - Although Cutch didn’t seem too productive in his stint with the Yanks, his on-base percentage was very high, standing at .421. He drew walks at an incredible pace, which is perfect as a leadoff man. He walked 22 times in 25 games, and if you ask me, that’s pretty good. Starting off an inning with a walk is huge, especially when you’ve got a guy like Aaron Judge behind you. - One of McCutchen’s highlights with the Yankees was his stumble on the outfield turf at Tropicana Field. The best part was his instagram story that night about his fall. - Overall, Andrew McCutchen played a big role during his time with the Yanks and helped them on their quest to October. Cutch is currently a free agent, and there is a chance the Yanks resign him. But if not, it was nice to have McCutchen in pinstripes, even if it was for only a couple of months.
Would this be a good move for the Yankees?
Gary Sanchez's 2019 season projections. Gary had a VERY rough 2018 season after having multiple injuries, and his passed ball problems kept looming over his head. After coming back from each injury, Gary could never seem to find his stride, until the Postseason. We saw a glimpse of what the real Gary Sanchez was in the ALDS against the Red Sox and he did a very good job overall in the Postseason. I predict Gary to come back to normal next year since this was just an off year. #ReleaseTheKraken #ElGary 🦑🦑🦑 Follow @chasefor28_ for daily Yankees projections, news, rumors, and other chatter throughout baseball! ⚾
Will this be the heart of the Yankees’ lineup in 2019?🤔
Brett Gardner gets a B- on the season. He didn’t have a great year at the plate, only putting up a .236 average along with a poor on-base percentage. His OBP was his lowest since his first MLB season in 2008. On the other hand, Gardy’s glove hasn’t shown any decline. He was nominated a Gold Glove finalist in left field and made some spectacular catches throughout the course of the season. - One of Gardy’s best moments this season was on May 29th against the Astros. Gardner went 4-5 that game with two homers, one a leadoff shot. His second was a two-run shot that tied the game up in the ninth inning to keep the Yankees’ hopes alive. Gleyber Torres went on to walk it off the next frame. - Towards the end of the season, Gardner didn’t get much playing time after the acquisition of Andrew McCutchen when the rosters expanded in early September. He was on the bench to start the postseason. But after Aaron Hicks got hurt, Gardy was given eight postseason at-bats and went hit-less. May was his best month of the year, slashing .313/.404/.513 with a .917 OPS in 21 games. - Although Brett Gardner didn’t have the best year at the plate, his defense was on point and he contributed to the Yankees’ 100-win season in a positive way.
Happy 24th Birthday to Tyler Wade!!!🎉🙌🏻 - Here’s a video of his first career homer from this past summer!🔥
One year ago today, they might as well have just given Ohtani Rookie of the Year.
Happy 30th Birthday to Austin Romine!!🎉🦃 #Ro 🚣🏻‍♂️
Aaron Hicks had a season for his personal record book, crushing a career high of 27 homers, and driving in a career high 79 runs. It was also Hicks’ on-base percentage that was quite astonishing, sitting at .366. He’s always getting on base and giving the guys behind him an opportunity to change the game. Hicks even received a 10th place vote for MVP. - The 29-year old got the job done in the box, and in the outfield. Hicks was a big part of the Yankees’ lineup and was very productive. He displays a powerful arm along with great range out in centerfield, having the ability to gun out runners at the plate from deep center. - One of Aaron Hicks’ biggest moments this season was his three homer game against the Red Sox on July 1st at Yankee Stadium. His three bombs led the Yanks to a 11-1 victory over their rivals. Another nice moment of Hicks’ was an inside-the-park homer back in April at Comerica Park against Detroit. Hicks actually hit two inside-the-park homers in 2018, his second coming on May 19th against the Royals at Kauffman Stadium. Hicks was the first Yankee to hit two inside-the-park homers in a season since Mickey Mantle did in 1958. - Overall, Aaron Hicks had a great 2018 season on both sides of the ball and has proved himself as one of the best CF’s in the league. Once he’s able to maintain a better batting average throughout a season, he will draw more eyes; even though the stat doesn’t mean much anymore.
It’s been reported that the Yankees are showing interest in both Manny Machado and Bryce Harper. Any other previous reports that said otherwise are no longer true. (Via. Max Wildstein, Jon Heyman) - What are your thoughts? I’m personally all in for signing the both of them. As a matter of fact, it’s what I’m predicting will happen this offseason!🙏🏼
Despite missing some significant time, Aaron Judge had another great season for the Yankees, earning himself an A on the season. He made his second straight All-Star game appearance and put up solid numbers in 2018, including 27 bombs and an on-base percentage of .392. - Judge’s season was an interesting one. He was doing great until late July, where he unfortunately sustained a fracture in his wrist after being hit by a pitch thrown by Jakob Junis of the Kansas City Royals. The injury forced Judge to miss 60 games, which is a good portion of the season to be watching from the dugout. - The team wasn’t the same without Judge. Shane Robinson was the primary right fielder in his absence, and it didn’t help out the offense or the defense. It was much more difficult to produce runs without Judge in that lineup. Not to mention Gary Sanchez was also injured at the same time. Giancarlo Stanton picked up the slack for a good portion of the time, but then fell back into a skid of his own, while battling an injury of his own. To sum it up, Judge’s absence payed a big toll on this team, and his absence shows how much he means to this club. - When he finally came back in mid-September, the Yanks were very relieved. Judge made a big splash making his way into the Yankees’ lineup again. He had a great postseason, too. The 26-year old connected with three homers in five games this October. - Overall, Aaron Judge continues to prove himself as one of the best in the league. From his power numbers, to his on-base percentage, to his defense, to his great attitude; Judge plays a huge role on this team, on and off the field.
Unfortunately, the bat still hasn’t come around yet at the big league level for Tyler Wade. He displays plus defense in the field and has the ability to play several different positions. That versatility was shown by playing six different positions in 2018– 2nd base, shortstop, 3rd base, and all three outfield positions. Wade played a majority of his games at second base, where he sure knows how to flash the leather. - One of Tyler’s biggest moments this season took place on July 11th when he connected with his first big league homer. It was a solo shot in the sixth inning at Camden Yards against the Orioles. The guys initially gave him the silent treatment in the dugout, then they all came over and mobbed him. It was definitely a great moment for Tyler and his family. - Although Tyler Wade hasn’t contributed yet at the plate, he uses his solid defense and speed to help contribute to this team. He’s made some pretty spectacular plays on the diamond throughout his career. - Remember that Wade is only 23(almost 24) years old, and it’s too early to give up on him. It’s just a matter of time until begins to rake with the Yankees. There’s a reason why the Yanks haven’t given up on Wade. Trust the front office and their decisions!
BREAKING: The Yankees have acquired LHP James Paxton from the Mariners in exchange for LHP Justus Sheffield, RHP Erik Swanson, and OF Dom Thompson-Williams. Paxton’s numbers in 2017 & 2018: 2017: 24 G, 12-5, 2.98 ERA 2018: 28 G, 11-6, 3.76 ERA Welcome to the Yankees, Big Maple🇨🇦🔥
Ronald Torreyes gets a B on the year. He had an interesting season, bouncing from Single-A Tampa, to Triple-A Scranton, and to the Yankees. The 26-year old got sent down and up multiple times, while he did have some personal issues at home with his wife that he needed to miss time time for. As a result, he didn’t play much for the Yankees. - Anyway, in the time Torreyes played up in the big leagues, he had a positive impact on the team as usual. In 41 games this season, Toe batted .280 this year collecting 28 hits in 100 at-bats. Eight of those went for extra bases. He only walked twice in 102 plate appearances. It’s great to see a guy like Torreyes always putting the ball in play and looking to change the game with one swing. - It’s always great to have a man like Ronald Torreyes on the team. And it’s not just on the field he contributes, but in the clubhouse also! Hopefully he gets more playing time next year!!
One year ago today, Giancarlo Stanton was named MVP of the National League.
BREAKING: It’s been confirmed that the Yankees and Reds are discussing Sonny Gray. 2B Scooter Gennett possibly involved in a potential deal. Although there are eleven other teams still involved. (Via. Max Wildstein on Twitter) Thoughts??
Neil Walker’s season didn’t begin the way he wanted, but concluded it on a high note. The nine year veteran was signed by the Yankees in March, which occurred during Spring Training. He was limited to eighteen at-bats in seven preseason games. Walker’s first couple of months at the plate were pretty horrific, as his average was well below .200 most of that time. He picked it up eventually and became an important piece of the Yankees’ success. - The 33-year old batted .219 in 2018 with 11 homers and 46 RBI’s. He ended up getting lots of playing time, as he played 113 games in total. He came up big in the clutch, and helped spark some excitement for the club. - Walker put together some big hits for the Yankees, one including a walkoff homer on August 28th against the White Sox. Another highlight was a clutch three-run bomb against the Red Sox in the 7th inning to fuel a victory, which occurred on the 18th of September. - Neil Walker’s versatility was an important part of this team, as he has the ability to play first, second, and third. Not to mention Walker also played right field occasionally during the time Aaron Judge was hurt and Shane Robinson was released. - Overall, Neil Walker played a significant role in this team’s success once he settled into the pinstripes, on both side of the ball.
Despite not making the Opening Day roster, Miguel Andújar put up some unbelievable numbers in his rookie year. Unfortunately he only received five of the 30 first place votes for Rookie of the Year, coming in second behind Shohei Ohtani. - Andújar’s initial season was one for the record books. The third basemen broke the record for the most doubles by a rookie in franchise history, surpassing Joe DiMaggio with 46 two-baggers. Andújar batted an eye-catching .297 this year, floating around the .300 mark for most of the season. Andújar belted 27 homers in 149 games, and he came up big in the clutch. - His bat was as consistent as anyone else’s in this club. Andújar helped carry this team and overcome some tough times throughout the course of the season. With Judge out a significant amount of time, along with the inconsistency of players like Stanton and Bird, Andújar truly helped this lineup simply produce runs. - The only reason why Miggy didn’t earn an A+ was because of the shaky defense he displayed in 2018. He made 15 errors at the hot corner, which adds up to a fielding percentage of .948 in 2018. - Overall, Miguel Andújar’s rookie campaign was one to remember. His bat made a lot of noise, as his glove needs some more work. With the Yankees or not next year, Miggy is set to have one heck of a career.
One year ago yesterday, Aaron Judge was named 2017 AL Rookie of the Year unanimously.
The Yankees acquired Adeiny Hechavarria on September 1st to add some infield depth to the 40-man roster. He was primarily used as a defensive replacement for Didi Gregorius, also Miguel Andújar, late in games. Hech did his job with the glove as he always does, making some spectacular plays at both short and third for the Yankees. His bat wasn’t great in his 36 at-bats with the Yanks, but he wasn’t expected to do much on that side of the ball. He did hit two homers, his first as a Yankee coming on September 4th in a big spot in Oakland. - Hechavarria’s ability to play defense came up big beyond September, too. He made an unbelievable catch at third base during the Wild Card Game, climbing the ladder to do so. And in a Wild Card game, any play like that is always considered big, even when you’re up by six runs. - Overall, Adeiny Hechavarria was a great player to have come off the bench if needed, and sure knew how to flash the leather on the left side of the diamond.
Miguel Andújar is OUR Rookie of the Year. Congratulations on a historical season. He was robbed.
Would a reunion with lefty reliever Andrew Miller be ideal in 2019 for the Yankees? - He didn’t have a great year last year as he battled some injuries. But, overall he’s a solid weapon to have in the bullpen. - What do you say, should the Yanks look into signing Miller this offseason?
Despite a couple of injuries here and there, Didi Gregorius’ season was a solid and productive one. Gregorius stroked 27 homers in 2018, breaking his own record for the most homers by a Yankee shortstop in a single season. - In the home opener in 2018, Didi Gregorius made history. He hit a pair of homers and collected eight RBI’s, which was the most RBI’s in a single game by a shortstop in franchise history. The shortstop slugged his way to Player of the Month of April, as he belted 10 homers and drove in 30 runs, while batting .330 over that span. He even earned himself a curtain call on the road In Anaheim, nearly 2,800 miles away from Yankee Stadium. His month of May was awful, where an unpleasant 4-70 stretch began. Didi picked it up in June and July, and stayed at a fairly steady pace the remainder of the season despite some injuries. - On top of his solid offensive season, Didi’s defensive abilities are as smooth as any shortstop in the league. Overall, Didi Gregorius had a strong season and was a huge part of the club’s success in 2018.
“The lure of [New York] City would be really cool, I like pitching at Yankee Stadium.” ~ Free Agent Dallas Keuchel. It sure sounds like Keuchel wants to wear the pinstripes👀 Thoughts?
Three years ago today, the Yankees acquired OF Aaron Hicks from the Minnesota Twins in exchange for C John Ryan Murphy. If you ask me, this deal has worked out pretty well for the Yanks😏
Should the Yankees go for the left-hander?
Being called up to the big leagues in mid-April, Gleyber Torres shocked the world. He went on a power surge his first month up here, which no one expected since he was never considered a power guy. Gleyber had several huge hits for the Yankees, which helped them on their quest to October. He quickly made a name for himself and ended up a Rookie of the Year finalist after a solid rookie campaign. - Torres became the youngest Yankee since Mickey Mantle to hit a walk-off homer, which occurred on May 6th. Torres also helped the Yankees in their journey to the club HR record. Torres hit the record breaking dinger, number 265 for the team in 2018 at Fenway Park at the end of September. Not only did he hit the homer to break the record, but he contributed by belting 24 homers this season. - His defense was solid at second base, and shows versatility in the infield. He’s done a great job subbing in at short for Didi Gregorius when an injury came down. Gleyber also earned a trip to his first All Star game at the age of 21. Overall, it was a big year for Gleyber Torres and he could potentially be contributing to this young Yankees team for years to come.
SS Manny Machado “would pick the Yankees above any team to join, if the money is there.” If it hasn’t already been made clear before, Machado wants to wear the pinstripes. - Will Manny be a Yankee in 2019?
Greg Bird had some big hits for the Yankees, but not enough to earn a better grade. It was the first time he’s played a majority of a season, and it wasn’t a season any of us would have expected. It was a let down season, and it was frustrating to see him struggle like that. Gotta admit that it was pretty cool watching him put down a couple of push bunts down the third base line, which sometimes set up a big inning and made an impact. He unfortunately lost his starting job later in the season to mid-season pickup Luke Voit, who went on a tear the last month of the season. Bird batted a poor .199 in 82 games with an OPS in the 600’s. Bird has to learn how to hit the opposite way more and utilize the left side of the diamond. Bird will most likely have the opportunity to take the first base job in Spring Training. It’s been a tough career so far for Greg, but I believe he will break out eventually. He’s too talented not to bounce back.
Happy 29th Birthday to Giancarlo Stanton!🔥🎉
My Bold Prediction for 2019: So, this may sound unbelievable at first, but I have a good feeling that this is going to be reality. - The Yankees just brought back Brett Gardner and C.C. Sabathia for a combined $15.5 million, even though they aren’t going to have much of a role on this team playing wise. But, what if you found out the primary reason they signed them is to help show Manny Machado and Bryce Harper the Yankee way? - That’s right, the Yankees are going to sign both Manny Machado and Bryce Harper in free agency this offseason. You may ask how they will pay for this? The Yankees are going to trade Giancarlo Stanton to the Los Angeles Dodgers, and eat up some of his contract. - To sum it up, The Yankees will trade Stanton to LA and sign Manny Machado and Bryce Harper in free agency. - REMEMBER, you heard it here first.
#gozanding bien cabron con #laranfla #elgary #barbaroja #elguille #elbuenben #eltrombon el #anacrúsax en la plancha del zócalo con la Ram y su Klezmer
It’s official! LHP C.C. Sabathia is coming back to the Yankees on a 1 year, $8 million deal for 2019! (Pending physical) - Welcome back big man!🎉
Gracias a nuestro amigo y compañero Vochero @pantera_vw por este detallazo 😍 . . . . . . 😍 #vocheros #vw #venezuela #fusca #marca #elgarycooper #pantera #elgary #teamgarycooper76 #año76 #vocho #garydemivida
Coming via mid-season trade, Luke Voit exceeded expectations. He was originally supposed to be another guy down in the system, but he worked his way up quickly and made a name for himself. With Greg Bird struggling and Voit getting hot, the Yankees went with Voit as the primary first basemen for the remainder of the season. - Luke came out of nowhere, taking Bird’s starting job and raking in his 39 games as a Yankee. During that span, he belted 14 homers and drove in 33 runs. Voit also hit for an OPS of 1.000, which is something you can’t ignore. His defense is also a bit shaky with that bigger frame of his, which is one of the few reasons he didn’t get an A+. - Although his season to grade was a small sample size, Luke Voit showed potential not many saw coming. He also has the heart and fire this team needed in the second half. His energy is contagious. Overall, Luke Voit was a huge piece of the Yankees’ second half success and his future is bright.
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