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I'm sorry for not posting yesterday. It is another video today because this was ready for posting next week. - - Made by J - #barryallen #killerfrost #ciscoramon #vibe #iriswest #theflash #teamflash #earth1 #earth2
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Getting back to comics. It has been a very difficult journey with some ups and downs thanks to my lack of confidence, but it's what I love to do at the end of the day. Everytime that I sit down to start a new project or study the hours pass by without I even noticing it. I'm back to trying to break into the industry for real now, more focused, calm and mature. 🤘 #comics #dccomics #dc #theflash #justiceleague #earth2 #painting #jorgejimenez #batman #superman #wonderwoman #chiaroscuro #comicscoloring #comicsartist #stanlee #marvel #captainmarvel #art #artist #colors
Oooohhhh that new trailer for the next ep of arrow dropped and I LOVE that Laurel's back in her Siren Suit!!!!!!! Why must there be a 2 week break?????? 📸 @cospixbyart #dc #dccw #dccomics #cw #theflash #arrow #blacksiren #dinahlaurellance #laurellance #dinahlance #earth2 #welcometoearth2 #doppleganger #katiecassidy #greenarrow #blonde #blackcanary #fishnets #starcity #starlingcity #laurel #DA #districtattorney #vigilante
Great recommendation from our staff. Looking for a new series to start? Look no further. G Willow Wilson has written a really beautifully paced story full of thought and spiritualism. Christian Ward captures the writing with a great vibrant color palette and fresh take on sci-fi art. Check it out
Need to get slayed? Trouble with ending all your wordys with "y"s? We've got the cure: Four Buffy comics for just a dollar! Angel and Spike sprinkled in there too. Come dig through the box!
A new poster I made of my babies! (Definitely worth 4 and a half hours)🌎 💜🖤 #Earth2 #myocs #originalcharacter And of course it is going on my wall 🥰☺️
Had a blast on last night’s Sketch Stream. Thanks to all who joined in the fun. If you haven’t pledged to my Kickstarter, click on the link in my bio and check it out. #dccomics #superman #batman #wonderwoman #goldenage #earth2 #sketch_dailydose #fabercastell #zebrazensations
#march_coverartchallenge19 day 25: Angry Mob Got tired of going through books, but this is a cool cover... Earth 2 and an angry mob of #parademons #earth2 #superman #wonderwoman #batman #dccomics #comicbooks #igcomicfamily #igcomicbookcommunity
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Ultra-Humanite (Unknown) Hailing from Earth-2, Ultra-Humanite started off his criminal career still in his old, weak human body and became one of Superman's most frequent enemies. The scientific experiment that led him to having advanced intelligence and low-level mental powers soon caused his body to burn out, and to fix this, he learnt to transfer his mind into other bodies. The first of this was in Dolores Winters, a renowned actress, who most people would never suspect of being a criminal mastermind. As Winters, Ultra-Humanite fought the All Star Squadron and as the years went by, he kept moving from body to body. With human bodies proving unsuitable for long-term effectiveness, Ultra-Humanite stole and evolved an albino gorilla, making that his new body. Soon after this, he would learn of Earth-0 and ally himself with the Secret Society Of Super-Villains to try and destroy both the Justice League and Justice Society. Post-Crisis, he kept at his devilish schemes to take over the world and eventually transferred to Johnny Thunder's body. The young lad had control of a genie, whom Ultra-Humanite forced to help him take over the world until once again being defeated by the Justice Society and shot in the head by the Crimson Avenger. However, he is very difficult to kill and could perhaps spring up again someday soon. POWERS: Ultra-Humanite is a genius and low-level psionic, allowing him the powers of telepathy and telekinesis. He has many deadly weapons and in his gorilla body, his physical properties are all enhanced beyond that of any human. WEAKNESSES: His host bodies tend to burn out due to the mental energies that flow through him. In addition to this, his arrogance and selfishness know no bounds. #dccomics #dc #justiceleague #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse #youngjustice
Icicle Jr. (Cameron Mahkent) Though born of the New Earth, Cameron's father Joar was born of Earth-2, and due to his father's years of exposure to cryogenic energy, Joar was born a metahuman. As a young adult, Cameron followed in his father's footsteps and became "Icicle Jr.", even joining the Injustice Society. Cameron would continue to act as an enemy of the Justice Society and other heroes for years, falling in love with Artemis Crock and even having a daughter with her named Isabelle Rose. POWERS: As a cold-based metahuman, Icicle can freeze anything he chooses and can lower temperatures around him, making his enemies sluggish and weak. WEAKNESSES: Same as that of any mortal and despite his formidable power, he lacks any real focus to be effective. #dccomics #dc #justiceleague #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse #youngjustice #artemiscrock #connerkent #icicle
Mark your calendars for Friday, folks! The taleneted Lilah Sturges is in house for an evening signing.
Icicle Sr. (Joar Mahkent) Hailing from Earth-2, Joar Mahkent was a noted European physicist who arrived in America with a new discovery - a ray gun that could freeze moisture solid, stunning the spectators as he froze Gotham Harbour solid. Curious about this phenomenon, Alan Scott travelled to see this, only to be shocked when he came across the dead body of Joar himself, apparently murdered by a racketeer named Lanky Leeds. When a criminal calling himself the Icicle appeared upon the same ship, Alan assumed that it was Leeds who stole Joar's invention. However, he soon discovered that it was always Joar, who murdered Leeds and placed the thug in his clothes - frozen beyond recognition. Icicle and Green Lantern would clash for many years, especially with Icicle joining the Injustice Society. He met his death during the Crisis On Infinite Earths, where he was unfortunate to try and invade the lab of the rogue Guardian Of The Universe known as Krona. Though put on ice, his legacy lives on in his son, Icicle Jr. SKILLS: Joar's armour protects him from most forms of blunt trauma and keeps his body temperature regulated. He is a skilled thief, fighter and physicist whose Ice Ray can freeze people solid and create glaciers from the moisture in the air. WEAKNESSES: Same as that of any mortal, should his armour be significantly damaged. #dccomics #dc #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse #youngjustice
Shiv (Cindy Burman) Born after the Crisis On Infinite Earths, Cindy is a rare case of a child born to the New Earth with parents of Earth-2, her father being the WW2 criminal known as Dragon King. Wanting the best for his daughter, Dragon King sent Cindy to the best schools in the world and she wanted to make him proud, becoming the blade-wielding supervillain known as Shiv. Her life would change when she discovered Stargirl and STRIPE were living in Nebraska. She wanted to become their archenemy much like how the Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy were her father's rivals on Earth-2. This childish desire of hers soon turned serious as her father died in her battle with the two heroes, prompting her to swear a blood oath against Stargirl. SKILLS: Shiv is a brilliant martial artist, augmented by cybernetic enhancements that have allowed her to project blades from her body. She has incredible strength and agility, along with a staff that can become a mechanical flamethrowing anaconda. WEAKNESSES: She can tire in battle and her cybernetic enhancements can be sabotaged via remote hacking. She tends to lose her temper quickly when things aren't going her way. #dccomics #dc #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse
Dragon King (Unknown) Hailing from Earth-2, the Dragon King was once a brilliant scientist living in Imperial Japan. He joined the Black Dragon Society during WWII and created the specialised nerve gas known as "K887". As an Axis officer, one of his greatest breakthroughs was combining the power of the Holy Grail with that of the Spear Of Destiny, protecting various Nazi and Axis forces from the Justice Society Of America and All Star Squadron as the power of those artifacts would ward off any superhuman forces. After Pearl Harbour, the Dragon King and All Star Squadron became hated rivals and would often face off in battle. After the war, he continued to threaten world peace and even killed Firebrand, a member of the All Star Squadron. Post-Crisis, Dragon King was able to survive to the modern day as a citizen of Blue Valley, Nebraska in the USA. His daughter, Cindy Burman became the supervillain Shiv after watching him till the end of his days, when he died in one last battle against STRIPE and Stargirl. SKILLS: Dragon King is a talented fighter, occultist and scientist, being responsible for many weapons of mass destruction. He often carries various knives and guns with various trick gadgets in them on his person. WEAKNESSES: Same as that of any mortal. #dccomics #dc #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse
What do you think about this picture ? 👍 or 👎 ? ------------------------------------------------ Follow - @earthourgift 🌍 ------------------------------------------------ ©Credits go to the photographer. 📷 @bokehm0n ------------------------------------------------ #earthbound #earthcolors #earthtones #earthpic #earthoffical #earthLover #earthangel #earthenware #Earthlove #earthmagic #earthart #earthtravelpix #earthboundshots #earthfromspace #earthdayeveryday #earthwarrior #earthpictures #earthquakerdevices #earthworks #earthwindandfire #earthmedicine #EarthMagazine #earthvibe #earthinspiredhome #earth2 #earthgirladventures #earthbalance #earthhour
Brainwave II (Henry King Jr.) Hailing from Earth-2, Henry was the son of the villainous Brainwave and heroic "Gimmick Girl" (Merry Pemberton), remaining largely hidden in his childhood. Finally getting to venture the world as a young adult, he tried his hand at crime fighting to make up for some of his father's evil acts by joining Infinity Inc. After his father's death, he dropped the "Jr" from his name and simply went as "Henry King" and "Brainwave". As a member of Infinity Inc., he fell in love with Alan Scott's daughter Jade, only for their relationship to end badly shortly before the Crisis On Infinite Earths. Post-Crisis, Infinity Inc. disbanded and Henry suffered a mental breakdown due to unresolved issues about his father. This led him to joining The Legion Of Doom for a while and becoming a terrorist, eventually becoming allies with Black Adam. Soon, it would be revealed that the devious Mr. Mind (a parasitic brain worm from Venus) was causing Henry's mental issues and Henry was soon placed in his mother's custody to heal. POWERS: Brainwave is an incredibly powerful telepath, allowing him to project illusions and control minds. He can also use his telekinesis to project force blasts, force shields and levitate objects. WEAKNESSES: Same as that of any mortal, including his fractured psyche. #dccomics #dc #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse
Brainwave (Henry King Sr.) Not much is known of Brainwave's past life, not even how he gained his psionic powers or oversized head. What is known is that he felt shunned by humanity and used his power to turn against humanity, driving him into conflict with the Justice Society Of America. Making himself appear to be handsome with his mental powers, he married Merry Pemberton (adoptive sister of the Star-Spangled Kid) and the two had a child named "Henry King Jr." who would follow in his father's footsteps after King Sr. sacrificed his life to save his boy from the Ultra-Humanite. POWERS: Brainwave had great psionic powers which included: hyper intelligence, telepathy, telekinetic force blasts and the ability to project illusions that could almost "interact" with those that saw them due to being so realistic. He is also a brilliant psychiatrist and scientist. WEAKNESSES: While his mind is unparalleled on Earth-2, one good shot to his body is all that is needed to stop him. #dccomics #dc #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse
The Wizard (William Zard) Hailing from Earth-2, William was a professional criminal from an early age and he trained under a Lama in Tibet to learn the ways of magic. As a mystic, Zard became a supervillain and often got into battles with the Justice Society Of America. Wizard soon joined the Injustice Society and even crossed over to Earth-0 at times, fighting the Justice League as a member of Darkseid's Secret Society Of Super-Villains. He later battled Infinity Inc. as the leader of the Injustice Unlimited and to this day, he acts as an enemy of various heroes. POWERS: Wizard has mystical powers, further enhanced by the Energy Prism, Power Glove and Cloak Of Invisibility. Through his Tibetan practices, Wizard can hypnotise people, cast illusions and project his soul from his body. His wand can cast any spell he needs in battle and his aging process has been reduced thanks to drinking from the Fountain Of Youth. WEAKNESSES: Same as that of any mortal despite his youthful appearance. #dccomics #dc #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse
Johnny Sorrow (Unknown) A former silent film actor forced into retirement by sound films, Johnny had to turn to a life of crime. In 1944, he battled the Justice Society after he stole a teleportation device, which was blasted by the Sandman's sidekick - Sandy The Golden Boy. This caused Johnny to be torn apart and transported to a plane of existence known as the "Subtle Realms" and over 6 months, he was restored by an ancient demon known as the "King Of Tears". Johnny returned to the New Earth after the Crisis On Infinite Earths and found out that if he removed his mask, terrible things would happen, as he killed his wife with his appearance. Blaming the Justice Society Of America for his misfortune, Johnny took the name "Johnny Sorrow" and formed a vendetta against the heroes. Forming his own "Injustice Society", Sorrow was the archenemy to the Justice Society for years until he finally met his end, being once again trapped in the Subtle Realms. POWERS: Johnny Sorrow has a mystically horrific face that can cause death upon those unfortunate enough to see it. He can become intangible, teleport, levitate objects and even manipulate energy. He is also a good leader, roping many villains into his Injustice Society. WEAKNESSES: Even he can't resist the horror of his own visage and if he were to see his own face. #dccomics #dc #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse
Earth 2 society Annual page, with Juan Albarran & Rex Lokus #earth2 #earth2society #batman #armor #dickgrayson #dc #dccomics #dcentertainment #wb #warnerbros #comics #splashpage
Tigress (Artemis Crock) Being the daughter of Sportsmaster (Lawrence Crock) and Huntress (Paula Brooks-Crock), Artemis was born after the Crisis On Infinite Earths and is of the "New Earth" despite her parents being of Earth-2. She was trained from an early age to be a ruthless fighter and was recruited by The Wizard to become part of the new Injustice Society after the Justice Society made a comeback in the modern day. There, she met most of her friends as the children of the JSA's archfoes. Later, after a few more encounters with the Justice Society Of America and Infinity Inc., Artemis once again found a pack as part of Johnny Sorrow's Injustice Society and it was there that she fell in love with a teammate named Icicle Jr. Following her mother's footsteps in every way, Artemis and Icicle soon had a baby daughter named Isabelle Rose. SKILLS: Artemis is at her peak strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability. She carries multiple trick arrows in her crossbow and has even learned to use firearms in recent years. WEAKNESSES: Same as that of any mortal. #dccomics #dc #justiceleague #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse #youngjustice #artemiscrock
The Huntress I of Earth-2 (Paula Brooks-Crock) As a young adult, Paula was a devoted fan of Paul Kirk, a crime fighter known as "The Manhunter". Wanting to be like him, Paula trained herself to be a deadly fighter in the hopes of becoming his partner. She made her debut during a charity baseball game between the All Star Squadron and Young All Stars, only to then stow away on one of their missions in the Caribbean. Although Paul Kirk didn't accept her as a partner, she was invited to become part of the Young All Stars. During a battle with the Nazi team "Axis America", Paula was apparently murdered but came back with a new personality that led her to become the villainous Huntress (no relation to Helena Wayne). As the Huntress, she became Wildcat's archenemy and joined the Injustice Society, where she met her husband-to-be, Sportsmaster. Now, her legacy lives on within her daughter, Artemis! SKILLS: Paula is an advanced hand to hand fighter, gymnast and acrobat. Her archery skills are quite lethal with various trick arrows in her crossbow. WEAKNESSES: Same as that of any mortal. #dccomics #dc #justiceleague #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse #youngjustice #artemiscrock
Sportsmaster (Lawrence "Crusher" Crock) Hailing from Earth-2, Lawrence was a very competitive sportsman who scoffed at the idea of "fair play" and fully subscribed to the "in it to win it" philosophy. This came back to bite him when he publically injured an opponent, getting him banned from playing professional sports. To get himself "back in the game", Crusher turned to a life of crime and led a gang to rob a polo match. After that plan failed, Crusher upped his game and became the costumed criminal known as The Sportsmaster!!! With limited success against Alan Scott, Sportsmaster soon joined the Injustice Society and wound up in a relationship with Paula Brooks (a costumed villainess known as the Huntress), having a daughter with her named "Artemis". Following this, Sportsmaster kept on going as a C-List villain, especially after the Crisis On Infinite Earths led to him being overshadowed by more ruthless and powerful villains. He soon met his demise at the hands of the Human Flame during the Final Crisis of Darkseid's greatest invasion of Earth. SKILLS: Sportsmaster is a talented athlete, advanced fighter and weapons expert - often making use of sports themed gadgets such as lacrosse snare nets, electrified fishing rod, powered baseball bat, exploding baseballs and spear tipped javelins. WEAKNESSES: Same as that of any mortal. #dccomics #dc #justiceleague #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse #youngjustice #artemiscrock
Per Degaton From Earth-2, a scientist named "Per Degaton" was obsessed with the concept of time travel since joining a group of scientists dedicated to manipulating time known as The Time Trust. These scientists wanted to go to the future to find a means of winning the Second World War. The Justice Society Of America were sent to the future to get a formula that could render explosives inert. Nazis attempted to stop the heroes but were foiled and Degaton, in a fit of jealousy that he couldn't journey through time, sabotaged the formula before leaving the Time Trust. Later in 1942, Degaton joined the scientist group "Project M" and met a robot from the 23rd Century called "Mekanique", who asked him to help her destroy the All Star Squadron. The two became a deadly time-travelling force and even a couple until losing the chance at his own time machine drove Degaton to bury Mekanique in anger. After this, Degaton became a para-military leader and member of the Injustice Society until being sent to jail. 30 years later, he would be found by his old ally Brainwave and be gifted with a more youthful form until he was killed by Mekanique for his treachery and foolishly misusing time travel. Since the Crisis On Infinite Earths, Degaton was reborn as a wraith-like entity who could occasionally enter the physical plane. He still proves himself to be an incredibly lethal enemy of the Justice Society and plans to keep attacking them until the end of time. POWERS: Degaton has the power to see into the future after years of being exposed to chronal energy and remembers the Pre-Crisis Multiverse. Degaton is a brutal fighter, genius tactician and can turn intangible as a wraith. WEAKNESSES: Degaton is vulnerable to beings with time-distorting powers. #dccomics #dc #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse
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Mr Terrific (Michael Holt) At a young age, Michael showed great intelligence as he studied advanced science, space and time at the age of 6. He could easily pick up and retain complex skills that other people spent their lives perfecting. Michael went on to achieve spectacular things as a young adult, possessing 14 Ph.D's, amassing a multi-million dollar fortune and firm called Holt Holdings along with being a Gold-medal winning Olympic decathlete. After the death of his mentally disabled older brother and the accidental death of his wife and unborn child, Michael was ready to commit suicide. However, he was stopped by the Spectre, who told him of Terry Sloane and Michael was inspired. Becoming "Mr Terrific", Michael joined the Justice Society Of America after they made a comeback and soon became their chairman. He also joined the UN Intelligence Agency known as "Checkmate", becoming the White King of the organisation, following the malfunction of Batman's spy satellite Brother Eye causing an "OMAC Virus" to spread - causing people to become mindless cyborgs. Since this, Holt has been part of the Justice League and after the Dark Knights invaded our universe, he is currently trapped in there with Metamorpho, Plastic Man and Phantom Girl. SKILLS: Mr Terrific is the 3rd smartest man in the world, possessing an eidetic memory and is at peak strength, agility and durability. He is excellent at business management, chemistry, law, engineering, political sciences and is a terrific leader. WEAKNESSES: Same as that of any mortal, plus, his pride in his work can rub his teammates the wrong way at times. #dccomics #dc #justiceleague #dcrebirth #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse #mrterrific #arrowverse #arrow #cw
Mr Terrific of Earth-2 (Terry Sloane) Terry was a famous child genius who graduated college by age 12 and became an award-winning amateur athlete. Later, he entered the business field and became very rich, but also unfulfilled with life, even planning to commit suicide. When finally ready to go through with it, Terry saw a young woman named Wanda Wilson jump from a bridge. Terry saved her and learnt that her younger brother had fallen in with a bad crowd, leading Terry to set the boy right as "Mr Terrific", teaching him the values of "Fair Play". Finding a new drive in life, Terry continued on as Mr Terrific and fought various crimes, occasionally with Wanda's help. After getting a ransom note from Roulette, who kidnapped his brother, Mr Terrific would join forces with the Justice Society Of America (who were dealing with an old enemy, Per Degaton, at the time). Mr Terrific proved a valuable ally to the JSA and even to his "successor" from the Main Earth, following the Crisis On Infinite Earths making the Multiverse converge into one singular "New Earth". Happy that African Americans would achieve equality and his archenemy (Spirit King) was killed by the Spectre, Terry retired as a hero, becoming an English Literature teacher. However, this would sadly come to an end when the Spirit King strangled him to death, an unremarkable end for a remarkable hero. SKILLS: Mr Terrific is terrific at everything he does, having a natural aptitude for anything. He is a genius scientist, engineer, businessman, chemist, polymath, multilingualist, hypnotist and fighter. He is a great athlete, acrobat, swimmer and motorist. He is even talented at artistry and master of disguise. WEAKNESSES: What's the fun in winning everything all the time? #dccomics #dc #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse #legendsoftomorrow #mrterrific
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Im still aliveeee!!! Sad news tho, due to life changing my priorities, I might, probably, maybe not be able to attend any of the cons this year... BUT Ill still do shoots whenever im able! But unfortunately wont be that active... i would like to thank each and everyone of you for the support thus far and I apologise for the lack of new content ✌✌✌ Have a siren photo from OzCC melbs last year 📸 @cospixbyart #dc #dccw #dccomics #cw #theflash #arrow #blacksiren #dinahlaurellance #laurellance #dinahlance #earth2 #welcometoearth2 #doppleganger #katiecassidy #greenarrow #blonde #blackcanary #fishnets #starcity #starlingcity #laurel #DA #districtattorney #vigilante
Hourman II (Rick Tyler) From Earth-2, Rick is the son of Rex Tyler, the first Hourman, and though Rex was a good hero, he wasn't a good father. Rick rarely saw his father and grew up looking for his father's approval, only to be further pushed into education by his father, leading to an inferiority complex. In the Crisis On Infinite Earths, Rick knew he had to step into his father's footsteps and became the second Hourman, despite his father's opposition. Post-Crisis, Rick would join the "sequel club" of the Justice Society Of America called "Infinity Inc." ,made primarily of the children/sidekicks of the JSA. He soon was kidnapped by the Injustice Society and in his escape, seemingly murdered the Wizard, the guilt of which would hang over his head. Having a hard time forgiving himself, Rick gave up the Hourman identity until later, when he had to go back to protecting the innocent. Unfortunately, Rick's years of using Miraclo caused him to contract leukaemia. This, along with the death of his girlfriend Beth Chapel, caused him to retire again. During this, an android from the future called "Hourman" arrived in the present day and Rick grew close to him, even being gifted new powers by this strange android and being cured of his cancer. Now back in action, Rick went back to aiding the Justice Society, but now has the chance to focus on his own son Johnny Tyler. POWERS: Like his father, Rick used Miraclo to enhance his strength, stamina, agility and durability to superhuman levels along with increased lung capacity and focused vision. He has fairly decent fighting skills and the limited ability to glimpse into the future. WEAKNESSES: He too suffers Miraclo addiction and the effects of the drug wear off in 1 hour. #dccomics #dc #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse
Hourman I (Rex Tyler) Hailing from Earth-2 and being raised in upstate New York, Rex Tyler was always a gifted scientist, excelling in biology and chemistry. Working his way through college, Rex became a vitamins researcher at Bannerman Chemical and a series of accidents/discoveries led to him creating the miraculous vitamin he dubbed "Miraclo". After tests on lab mice, he consumed Miraclo and became greatly powerful, only for his strength to fade after 1 hour. Feeling that Miraclo was meant to be a tool for good, Rex kept it a secret and used his abilities to help those who couldn't help themselves as "Hourman". Nearly a year later, Hourman became noted for helping the common man out and joined the Justice Society Of America to keep their heads from reaching too high into the clouds with pride. Unfortunately, as the years went by, Miraclo finally became toxic and addictive. As such, Dr Fate had to purge his system and Rex promised to stay clean. After this, Rex devoted himself to biochemical advancements and purchased Bannerman Chemical, renaming it "Tyler Chemical Company", with many branch labs across the USA. Rex then met a woman named Wendi Harris and even though there was a 20+ year difference between them, the two married and had a baby boy named Richard. Rex and Rick never had the best relationship, especially as Rick was more interested in sports than education. Following the Crisis On Infinite Earths, Rex had to watch his son take on the Hourman identity and now lives in retirement with his wife, hoping their son doesn't give into addiction the way he did. POWERS: Miraclo grants Rex incredible strength, durability, stamina and agility along with increased lung capacity - allowing Rex to hold his breath for long times. He has a tear gas ring, is a good motorist and a genius biochemist. WEAKNESSES: Hourman can only have Miraclo once a day for 24 hours, making it crucial for him to know when to use it. He has also suffered addiction symptoms due to overuse of Miraclo. #dccomics #dc #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse
The Sandman (Wesley Dodds) Hailing from Earth-2, Wesley was born Jewish-Catholic to a wealthy family. When still a child, his mother died while his father fought in the First World War. After this, he accompanied his father through the Orient and after college, he had to manage his family estate after his father died. By the time the Second World War came around, he became a US Navy pilot. Some time in 1938, Dream Of The Endless (the personified entity of sleep, dreams and stories) was banished to Earth and as part of his penance, he gave Wesley some of his powers. These powers would torment Wesley as he had to see dreams of criminal activities. Dodds knew he couldn't let such criminal acts go unpunished and thus, used his Oriental training and a costume to become "The Sandman", putting his enemies to sleep. Later on, Wesley met a beautiful socialite Dian Belmont, who soon discovered he was the Sandman. She stayed with him over the years and even aided him in his crime fighting career. This would be especially helpful when he joined The Justice Society Of America, allowing him to keep up with his more powerful allies. Soon after this, Dodds took on Dian's nephew as his sidekick; Sandy Hawkins became "Sandy The Golden Boy" until an accident transformed the boy into a sand monster. This was due to Dodds' own experimental weapon, causing him to give up the role of Sandman for years until he was cured with the help of the Justice League, post-Crisis. In their twilight years, he and Dian ventured to Asia, where the two finally were granted eternal rest. SKILLS: Wesley has prophetic dreams of the future thanks to the entity known as Dream and is in top physical form. He is a talented chemist, making use of gasses that often made his enemies fall asleep or even suffer night terrors. He makes use of a wirepoon gun to stun enemies and scale buildings, and his wealth has granted him many resources, especially vehicles. WEAKNESSES: Same as that of any mortal and his life clearly got to him at times. #dccomics #dc #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse #kingdomcome #sandman
Shazam (Billy Batson) Billy's parents, CC and Marilyn Batson, were archaeologists who were murdered by their treacherous assistant Theo Adam whilst on a dig at the tomb of King Ramses II. Theo Adam, unbeknownst to many, was the reincarnation of Black Adam and kidnapped Billy's sister, Mary, causing her to go missing for years. The wizard Jebediah Of Canaan (who has called himself "Shazam" at times) was aware of all these events and knew Billy was pure of heart, despite having a poor life after being left without a family. Billy soon was led onto a mystical subway train by the Wizard and blessed with the power of "SHAZAM" to oppose the evil that Black Adam would pose to the world. As Shazam, Billy grew into a powerful adult form stopped Black Adam and Dr Sivana, going after Mary next. Eventually, he found Mary and soon would form a family with other friends, especially Freddy Freeman. Soon, Mary and Freddy would be blessed with the power of "SHAZAM". After all of this, Shazam joined the Justice Society Of America when they became part of the "New Earth" (he wasn't from Earth-2) and has learnt from them to become a better hero, even forming a respectful rivalry between himself and Black Adam. As the years go by, Shazam has learnt to become one of the world's mightiest heroes, with a heart as pure as the magical lightning that courses through him. POWERS: By calling out the word "SHAZAM", Billy can become a grown up version of himself with the powers of 6 different legends, granting him divine powers. He has the Wisdom of Solomon, Strength of Hercules, Stamina of Atlas, Power of Zeus, Invulnerability of Achilles and Speed of Mercury. The Rock Of Eternity's power grant him further mystic powers: almighty physical properties, teleportation, healing force, electricity manipulation. WEAKNESSES: Billy, though having the body of an adult and Wisdom of Solomon, lacks maturity at times. He can also be tricked into reverting to normal mid-battle by yelling out "SHAZAM", though this particular weakness has recently lowered in effectiveness. #dccomics #dc #justiceleague #dcrebirth #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse #youngjustice #shazam #billybatson
My Supergirl fig got a lot of attention, so I figured I’d show off her Earth-2 counterpart Power Girl, too! ❤️💙💛 - - - - - - - - - #supergirl #powergirl #karadanvers #karazorel #karenstarr #dc #dccomics #dcmultiverse #earth2 #supergirlcw #marvellegends #justiceleague #justicesociety #customfigures #customfigure #customactionfigures #customactionfigure #customsupergirl #custompowergirl
Crisis of Infinite Tarot For today’s card you have selected Psycho-Pirate of Earth-2. This villain represents emotion, as demonstrated by his emotion controlling powers and the masks of comedy and tragedy on his costume. But he also represents chaos since he is unpredictable and veers wildly between emotions. This chaotic Nd prolonged use if his power slowly drove him mad. This card may signal a time of emotional upheaval in your life. Perhaps you are going through a difficult time or a big change in your life. These things may cause you to experience many emotions at once, making life feel chaotic as you become unmoored from your known reality. But, as all things do, this period in your life will pass, along with all of those emotions. What matters is whether you fight those emotions and let them control you, or accept them and let them pass through you as you accept the chaos around you. #crisisoninfiniteearths #psychopirate #dccomics #earth2 #tarot #crisisofinfinitetarot #superhero #supervillain
Cyclone (Maxine Hunkel) The granddaughter of Ma Hunkel, Maxine was a youthful girl with a sense of wonder, admiring the Justice Society's adventures. As a young girl, she was kidnapped by the mad scientist T.O. Morrow and he injected her with Red Tornado nanobytes that wouldn't activate till years later. Despite her cheeriness, Maxine proved highly intelligent and got into Harvard University, enjoying the musical theatre most of all. Unfortunately, her chattiness and need to show off tend to leave her shunned and suffering from depression. Months later, Maxine discovered she had developed wind-based powers and when the Justice Society was recruiting new heroes, she was one of the first to jump aboard. Now as the heroine "Cyclone", Maxine finds herself amongst friends and seems to be soaring towards greatness. POWERS: Maxine can manipulate the wind, allowing her to create cyclones, force bursts, shields and a means of flight. She is also highly intelligent and her talkative nature can drive most of her enemies to fits of irritation. WEAKNESSES: Maxine seems to have inherited her grandmother's clumsiness and can wind up with rotten luck. #dccomics #dc #justicesociety #earth2 #dcuniverse #multiverse #youngjustice #redtornado
Great Saturday so far, hope y'all are having a super day!! I just came back from meeting #Hellboy and #BPRD creator @artofmm - Mike Mignola - after being a life long fan. He was so cool and he offered me a cookie 😅 It was awesome meeting him and getting my stuff signed. Shout out to @_moguel for coming and helping get my stuff signed. Real nigga hours all day. We even got a BPRD artifact to take home and some hellboycake 😁😁😁 Who is excited for the new movie adaptation coming out?! #Mikemignola #hellboyday #hellboyandthebprd #horrorfan #comicbooks #horrorcomics #demon #abesapien #earth2 #red #hellboymovie #frogs #cake #birthday #25thanniversary #25thbirthday #bday #celebration #darkhorse #saturday #picoftheday #comicbooklover #nerd #autograph
Red Tornado (John Smith/Ulthoon) From the planet Rann, the wind elemental that would become Red Tornado was named Ulthoon. Ulthoon faced off against the champion of Rann named Adam Strange, only to be defeated with the help of the Justice League - prompting Ulthoon to ponder the nature of good and evil. Ulthoon decided that good was superior and became "The Tornado Champion" , but the evil inside of him wanted a say and became "The Tornado Tyrant" - both at odds with each other. Tornado Champion decided that the Justice League were enough for the main Earth after they stopped Tornado Tyrant and ventured to Earth-2, where he learnt of the mad scientist creating an android called "Red Tornado". The urge to control the android was too much and the Tornado Champion possessed Red Tornado. During the possession, the android's circuits shorted, erasing the Tornado Champion's mind, causing Red Tornado to be born as a new force. Believing himself to be a friend of the Justice Society, he joined them and would even help The Justice League. Soon, Red Tornado decided to take on a "human identity" as "John Smith" and married a woman named Kathy Sutton. After the Crisis On Infinite Earths, Tornado became a member of the Justice League and mentor to Young Justice, even having an adopted daughter named Traya. Over the years, Red Tornado has proven to be a hero born of science and magic, but having the true soul he always desired. Now, he's settled down with his wife and daughter and for that, he couldn't be happier. POWERS: Red Tornado can create powerful wind forces like that of his namesake. He can use them as force blasts, distractions, methods of flight, shields and he can even spin fast enough to escape human vision. Red Tornado is incredibly intelligent and doesn't need to do most things that humans do thanks to his android body. With upgrades from Cyborg, he can recreate any broken part of his body and become a "human" of sorts. WEAKNESSES: Red Tornado needs air to create his winds and there is a failsafe in his neck that will shut him down. He is also vulnerable to reprogramming, especially from his "creator" T. O. Morrow.
Hawkgirl II (Kendra Saunders) Originating from the "New Earth" from the Crisis On Infinite Earths, Kendra was a young lady who committed suicide and when her soul began to leave her body, the soul of her great aunt Shiera entered her body. Her grandfather, Cyril Saunders, recognised there was a change in "Kendra" and encouraged her to accept her destiny as the new Hawkgirl! Since Shiera's soul lingered in Kendra's body, she believed herself to be Kendra and even used the original Hawkgirl equipment to try and find Hector Hall (the son of Carter and Shiera Hall). During this search, she came across the Justice Society and joined them. Having all of Kendra's memories and very little of Shiera's, Hawkgirl did not get along well with her "husband" Hawkman, who insisted that they belonged together. However, the two soon became better acquainted and soon knew the full truth of her origins thanks to the angel Zauriel! After helping in the war of Thanagar and a rival planet known as Rann, Kendra returned to Earth and joined the Justice League. Later, Shiera's soul would finally be at rest and leave Kendra's body, hoping that Kendra would be spared the curse of being killed by Hath-Set. Kendra and Carter soon reunited during the "Blackest Night" and she became one of the first zombie Black Lanterns when she was stabbed in the back by a spear. However, after the "Brightest Day" brought her back fully to life, she revealed that she had some of Shiera's soul left in her, due to some of Shiera's features appearing on her face. After the Rebirth of the Multiverse, Kendra has been seen joining the Blackhawks to prevent the invasion of the Dark Multiverse. However, after that, circumstances have forced her to once again soar as Hawkgirl!!! SKILLS: Hawkgirl can be reborn due to the Nth Metal curse from Shiera passing onto her and she is a talented fighter and investigator. She has been bonded with some Nth Metal, granting her razor sharp wings, enhanced physical abilities and regeneration. She can call upon the knowledge of her "past lives" and has high military connections due to her time with the Blackhawks. WEAKNESSES: Like Shiera, she can suffer flashbacks.
Would you explore Earth 2 @nasa ? COORDINATE ZERO | Short Film FULL SHORT FILM IN BIO Director: @blanco.gaddy Actor: @officialfranklintochinwosu Actress: @shanny_tha_gemini #film #director #actor #filmfestival #coordinatezero #dmv #movie #horror #actionthriller #festival #earth #earth2
#powergirl #1 by @jimmypalmiotti & Justin Gray
Hawkgirl (Chay-Ara/Shiera Sanders) Hailing from Earth-2, Chay-Ara was the lover of Prince Khufu, whom stumbled upon an alien ship from Thanagar. The properties of the Nth Metal power core and the strength of their love caused her and her husband to be reborn throughout the centuries after they were murdered by the hateful priest Hath-Set. In the 20th Century, Chay-Ara was reborn as "Shiera Sanders" and she was kidnapped by Hath-Set's reincarnated self (Dr Anton Hastor), only to be rescued by the reincarnation of Khufu, Hawkman!!! Getting reacquainted, she and Hawkman became lovers and she was eventually gifted with her own Nth Metal devices. Thus, she became the superheroine Hawkgirl!!! Hawkgirl did act as an ally to the Justice Society, but not actually becoming a member like her husband - preferring to be part of the All Star Squadron. Hawkgirl then acted as a heroine for many years, even after the Crisis On Infinite Earths, where many changes happened to her life along with Khufu's. She unfortunately met her demise during the "Zero Hour" event, where Hal Jordan became Parallax and tried to restart the universe as according to his desires. She would recently be reborn during the "Blackest Night" as a zombie Black Lantern version of herself before being fully restored by White Lantern energy. Following this, she learnt more about her roots as she followed Hath-Set to Thanagar and had one last battle to the death with her tormentor, stopping him from killing Carter to end their cycle of resurrection. Now, she has passed the mantle onto her niece, Kendra, and is quite happy with her normal life. SKILLS: The Nth Metal that she was exposed to in ancient Egypt and her bond with Carter have allowed her to reincarnate various times throughout the centuries. She retains skills of her past lives, including expert martial arts skills and knowing how to use weapons, especially her magic disrupting Nth Metal Mace. WEAKNESSES: She is susceptible to flashbacks of her past lives and she (along with her husband) are cursed to be killed by Hath-Set everytimre they reincarnate. #dccomics #dc #justiceleague #dcrebirth #legendsoftomorrow #hawkgirl #hawkman #justicesociety #earth2
Hawkman (Khufu/Carter Hall) Hailing from ancient Egypt of Earth-2, Prince Khufu grew up in the reign of King Ramses II during the 19th dynasty. Years later, as foretold by the immortal Lord Of Order Nabu, an alien ship from Thanagar crashed in Egypt. Khufu, Nabu and Teth-Adam searched the desert, coming across the remains of the ship and with the last words of the space traveller, they found out that this ship was powered by the mysterious element known as Nth Metal. Teth-Adam (having the powers of Shazam, but not the evil inside him just yet) took the ship back to Khufu's planet and Khufu discovered this ship made him incredibly powerful as a ruler - armed with advanced technology. However, the Nth Metal radiation caused both he and his wife, Princess Chay-Ara to reincarnate every few centuries - bonded by love. In addition to this, the evil priest Hath-Set cursed them to be killed by his reincarnated selves everytime they were reincarnated, after he killed them in ancient Egypt. Eventually, the souls of Khufu and Chay-Ara were reborn in the 1940s as archaeologists. Sensing he had a greater purpose in this life, Khufu and Chay-Ara became Hawkman and Hawkgirl, allying themselves with the Justice Society Of America!!! After the Crisis, Hawkman and Hawkgirl wound up living in the modern day and even hailing from Thanagar. They have gone through numerous changes to their lives due to Multiversal changes, but whatever the change, Hawkman remains a bold warrior who will defend the innocent anytime!!! SKILLS: Hawkman's exposure to Nth Metal allow him to reincarnate every few centuries after his death and in doing so, he retains the skills of his past lives. Hawkman is a vicious fighter armed with clawed gloves, Nth Metal wings and various ancient styled weapons. His Nth Metal mace can charge with energy and disrupt magic, and his Claw Of Horus draws power from the Earth's magnetic poles. He is a surprisingly brilliant leader, tactician and historian. WEAKNESSES: He and his wife are cursed to die by the modern day Hath-Set.
Flash Of Earth-2 (Jason "Jay" Garrick) As a lad, Jason Garrick used to read magazines of the character "Whip Wirlwind" (really the hero Max Mercury) and be fascinated with the applications of speed. He then moved onto Midwestern University in Keystone City where he would double-major in chemistry and physics. During his junior year, he conducted an experiment to purify "hard water" in a cyclotron only for the fumes to get to him and knock him unconscious. Fortunately, a friend took him to a hospital and a week later, he awoke from a coma and discovered he had developed super-speed. Training himself to use his powers, Jay became "The Flash"!!! By the time he got to use his powers, the Second World War had broken out and joined the Justice Society Of America, becoming a noble hero! After he reached his twilight years, he married his old college sweetheart Joan and founded "Garrick Laboratories" in Keystone City. Soon after, he'd meet Barry Allen (the main Earth Flash) as the two were running at high speeds that could distort the dimensional barriers of the Multiverse. Soon after, the Crisis On Infinite Earths happened and after that, his Earth was merged with the Main Earth, forming a "New Earth". On this New Earth, he and the Justice Society were established in the 1930s and serve as an example to younger generations, even as an old man in the modern day. He proved an invaluable ally to the Flash Family until Barry Allen caused the "Flashpoint" event. Since then, he has been found in the clutches of the one behind the Rebirth of the universe - Dr Manhattan! Time will tell if this aged hero will be freed from the prison of the Speed Force. POWERS: Jay can harness the power of the Speed Force, running at superhuman speeds roughly twice the speed of sound. He can heal at great speeds, react to events quicker than most, create vortexes and sense when another person using the Speed Force is in trouble. His physical abilities are all enhanced, especially his reflexes and durability - plus, his aging is reduced due to various mystic spells and the Speed Force. WEAKNESSES: Jay is still an old man and needs to rest more often in battles.
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