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Added more Christmas decor with the kids today. I know baby Jesus isn’t born yet but the boys like seeing it 💕. Nativity set up and our faux chimney with stocking too. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 🎄❤️.
Glad to be here again, my loved residency #lacalifornia 😎😎😎 // la noche es asi, quiero que me beses hasta amanecer!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 #notnuffnoise #djlife #doitforthem #desgarriate #sunday
♥️• When you think about giving up! Remember who may be watching 👀 ———————————————————————— #ChildrenFitness #DoItForThem #Family #MyLoves ———————————————————————— My baby cousin inspired me today. He truly wanted to be apart of fitness for kids. He asked me to photograph him and place him upon my page. I loves him so much 😘
“insert a random kevin gates song quote” Shot by @atrailofvisuals #fashionnovamen #MySonKicksWhenHeHearGates #Murdaugh
Do you dread working and eating healthy because it seems like such a chore, BUT you feel like you HAVE to because... well you have weight or inches you want to lose?! . Truth be told, this used to be my story. I know most of you are rolling your eyes because I’ve been little all my life, so in terms of *needing* to lose weight, that hasn’t been my story. BUT, I tell ya, with some semblance of hesitated honesty, that WAS my story insofar as part of what drove me to workout was the fear of gaining weight (particularly in my gut) and the push to fit societal norms of “good looking”. In other words, for a long time by fitness journey was driven by vanity! It’s true! . And this weekend as I reflected back on the past year and a half of my fitness journey and the ways it has changed, I was struck by what, for me, has been the biggest change of them all (and the change I hope and pray will be one to impact my growing fam for years to come)! . Yeah, I’m stronger than I was a year ago. Yeah, looking back at pictures of past pregnancies, my muscles are more defined and my belly less popped out at the half-way mark. Yeah, I can see the physical progress, the changes that have happened because I workout more often since I can do it any time, anywhere and I eat much better than I ever have. BUT, what really struck me actually struck me as I was talking to my OB about what I do now and why I do it! . As I began explaining my mission to help women know and love themselves as the PowerHouses they are as women, wives, moms, etc, it hit me in a really deep way just how much my resolve to show my children what it means to love and care for yourself has taken over a lot of the vanity as my reason for doing what I do! And that, as a mom, is what I call a massive win! Watching them learn that working out and eating healthy is a gift, that caring for ourselves is a responsibility and not a chore so as to measure up to some societal standard, THAT has been the greatest way this journey has impacted my life, and I am hopeful to see that continue through the generations of our family! . So cheers to a new week, a new hope, a new way of life!! If you’d like to join me along the way, hit m
Skating at Red Arrow Park. Getting these kids ready to go on the ice involved lots of whining but once they were there...couldn't get them off! I think little man has a future in skating...#lovethem #doitforthem #lifewithkids #iceskating #winterwonderland #therewerefalls #noonegottoohurt #rosiecheeked #lifeinthemidwest
I realize it’s been almost two months since my last progress pic. And that’s because in all honesty I’ve had to put my physical health on the back burner in order to focus on my mental health for awhile. But I’m still here trying to better myself for my boys one way or another.💕 It’s ok to not be ok sometimes. 🙌🏼 #softpost #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #endthestigma #anxietydisorder #anxiety #loveyourself #selflovejourney #progresspic #fitnessjourney #setback #fitmom #momswhoworkout #momlife #doitforthem
Next year is going to be so successful and all ME and MY kids #doitforthem #yearoffaith #yearoffamily #lotstolookforwardto #newyorkwithkids #cantwait 💖💙💙
Did you get your flu shot this year? It's not too late! If you get it at Target, you get a $5 gift card (must go by 12/31), and if you get it at CVS, you get a coupon on your 737384 foot long receipt! If you're looking for something MORE convenient, you can get it at any grocery store that has a pharmacy. No appointment needed at any of these places. Could it BE any easier? It's also free under almost every insurance, so it won't cost a thing! I don't get it for me. (I usually have a pretty good immune system.) I get it so I don't UNKNOWINGLY pass on germs that never effect me onto the elderly, babies, and pregnant women. And you can't get the flu from the shot. If you get sick, it's because the shot doesn't reach full immunity for 2 weeks (so you came in contact with or already had germs). Yes, your arm is sore for a couple days, so plan accordingly. I usually go after I lifted weights in the morning, and then I'm fine by the next weight lifting day! I sleep on my left side, so I started getting it in my right arm, even though I'm right-handed, and this works way better for me! 💉😷🤰 . . . #soapbox #flushot #vaccinate #healthylifestyle #healthylooksdifferentoneverybody #fluseason #balance #moderation #winterweather #targetdollarspot #cvsdeals #doitforthem #doitforyou #community #giveback #restday #cardioday
My most favourite buddy in the whole world 😍 • 🐷 - @towerhillstables • • • • #florence #towerhillstablesanimalsanctuary #rescuedfarmanimals #pigsofig
My Why. My purpose. My Drive. My passion. When people tell me that what I’m doing is silly and that a bottle of shampoo can’t change a life, I ask them if they have met the cute lil blonde beauty that means the world to me. My daughter, the one who was being teased about her hair, who came home crying because she wanted long beautiful hair like her friends and was struggling with many health issues. We wanted to know the answer as to why her hair was slowly thinning and the doctors couldn’t tell us why. Eventually we found out Jade had alopecia. We wanted to know why she couldn’t wear extensions without them being seen because her hair was too thin. We wanted to know why her hair was thinning more and more everyday. Well, insert this amazing hair care line and her being an exclusive Monat user for almost 2 1/2 years and she’s got her smile back, her confidence back and her scalp is restored. Healthy scalp = healthy hair. I’m thankful everyday for this hair care line and knowing that I’m putting naturally-based products on my family that are safe and free from toxins ❤️I would love to help you on your hair journey. #alopeciaawareness #wendylynn #monathelps #monathelpsregrowth #alopeciakids #throughhimandforhim #naturallybasedhaircare #veganhaircare #alopeciasupportandlove #baldingsolution #thinninghairsolution #letsdothistogether #nomorestruggling #hairstylistshairloss #monatbeforeandafter #marketpartnerforlife #passionwithpurpose #driventosucceed #mindsetiseverything #alopeciabeauty #myreasonwhy #entrepreneurlife #workfromhomemom #doitforthem #haircarethatmatters #healinghaircare #healthyhairjourney #healthyhairrevolution #makeadifference #inspireliftandserve
Life. Love. Babes. Children. Elephants. . . . . There is so much we can learn from elephants. Everything, from how they mate- females will often run and the males chase them. Like a game of cat and mouse to see how much he wants her. The females live together in a herd. Females will help protect other females babies so the mum can have a moment to eat enough to replenish her body. (That's some sisterhood right there). The females work together as a family. They work as a community. If only we could all be like that. Elephants are incredibly intelligent and emotional animals. Mourning losses and showing respect and support for one another. If only us humans could get it so right. . . . . #love #myeverything #mywholeworld #lifelessons #learning #elephants #conservation #protectthosewhocantprotectthemselves #children #ourfuture #thenextgeneration #savetheplanet #doitforthem #saveitforthem #learnfromthem #listen #youmightlearnsomething
Are you “filling your own cup”? Or relying on others to do it for you?
All my hard work on my multiple jobs is all for them and these smiles. #mirandaixchel #doitforthem #daddieslittlegirl #thesparkleinmyeyes
He may need a little help today, but with his drive plus consistency in training he’ll achieve a pull up in no time.
This is Melissa she is a coach on my team, a mom of two girls, had two c sections and struggled with her weight ever since. Her transformation inspired me to go all in. She lost 25 lbs in 2 months! I am so pumped for our January group. Who wants a head start to beat the holiday overeating?Whose down to do this with me? Send me a message or drop an emoji ⬇️ #noovereatingforme #holidayrush2018 #noneedtogoout #postpartumkids ##startgoalsnow #toddlerboymom #6montholdgirl #doitforthem
Newsflash: you're going to have to fight for what you want 🙌 It's moving weekend #2 for us. I'm tired AF from this insane work week/month and getting used to all the new apartment noises (read: neighbors upstairs doing GOD KNOWS WHAT LOUDLY at 11p every.single.night... I'm pretty sure they're having a stomping contest 🤦🤷) I REALLY needed to get started on my day and tackle as much as I could this weekend. But, making this workout happen was a total non-negotiable. I know me. I'm a real crazy bitch if I'm not taking care of my body. And I don't want any of that. It feels bad. It makes the people around me feel bad. I can afford to take out 30 minutes out of my morning for this reason. And fight for what I want. (Or in this case, what I don't want) ❤️ #herestosanity
This is one of the many reasons I'm vegan, these faces. There lives are not mine, their lives enhance mine. The love you get from animals is unassuming, long lived and not attached with strings. #goatlove #imhappytheyrehappy #vegan #nomeat #nocruelty #nocrueltyfood #veganchef #nofactoryfarming #animallivesmatter #doitforthem
Long days. Longer nights. Hard work strives through us all. It’s your decision to let it make you or break you. #nevergiveup #workhard #doitforthem
I show up everyday for moments like THIS. My kids are watching... . 😍 They said “man this is a hard workout” multiple times lmao 😂... . 😍 They cheered me on (you can hear “go mommy” around the minute mark)... . 😍 They did some parts WITH me... . Kids can’t see what you do at the gym: they have no idea how hard you work, what it even means- but working at home truly sets the tone. . They know I struggle, but get it done anyway. They know I hurt sometimes, but keep pressing until I can’t. They know that this is a piece of my daily routine, and they expect me to do it almost every single day. . My girls have a great example of what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle, and they know that it’s even more special because it’s a choice that mommy made to stay in their lives just one extra day, month, or year. . Our children need us. . The childhood obesity crisis is gut-wrenching. The life expectancy of our children and future generations is DROPPING. Why? We have the tools to build a brighter future. . Let’s build it together. Let’s show up for our babies. Let’s lead them. . Who’s with me and ready to show up for their kids in a whole new way next year?!
I work hard so may cat can have a better life! I mean, he already gets to lay in the sun and lounge around the house all day. But he deserves more. So do I. . . #catsofibstagram #furchildren #mrnathan #mainecoonsofinstagram #instagood #instapic #mycatisbetterthanyours #lovemycat #felinefriday #leapingbunnycertified #veganproducts #noanimaltesting #savethefuzzies #doitforthem #mylimelife
• ADVENTURE • . I want them to see just as much awe and adventure in climbing on the big boot and walking through the Christmas lights as they do traveling the world. . But we’ll still travel the world 🌎 . #biggoals #dreambigger #doitforthem @llbean #beanboot . . . . . . #13weekspregnant #pregnantwithnumber3 #momof2boys #mainemom #mainer #hotmessmomma #workingmomlife #lifeofanernurse #ernurselife #maineliving #workingmomoftwo #prekmom #toddlermomlife ##momswhocooksometimes #healthypregnancyjourney #infertilityjourney #rainbowbaby #momoftwoboys #realmommoment
LINK IN BIO!! . I’m super excited to be interviewed by @masorcery on my blocks around being INTERVIEWED 😂 . Tune in tomorrow 11am AEST 5pm PST 💕
Our good friend and supporter @raider_2g is doing a 24hr challenge on Dec 30-31 to raise funds for Veterans PTSD/suicide prevention. The more money raised, the more he is going to workout. Here are the ways you can support him and our vets: 1. Go to the link in our bio to donate, if you donate in behalf of @vetwod you’ll be entered two win 1 of 3 patches! 2. Do one, some or all the workouts with him. I am working out and suffering with him 🇺🇸❤️ (@seb_felipe ) 3. Help us spread the word about this cause! Share, tag, repost, etc 4. Do steps 1-3!!! 🙌🏼 It’s always better to suffer with company for a great cause! And every dollar, like, tag, share matters!! - Let’s rally and support this for a great cause! Let us know if you have any questions. #vetwod #doitforthem #neveralone ・・・ I will be participating in the 24/24 Freedom Challenge at Unyoked CrossFit on December 30 and 31. I am seeking the support of charitable donations to benefit Mission 22, a national organization that is working to fight against veteran suicide and PTSD. Every donation made will help make a difference; below is a breakdown of how your donations will apply to this event. For every $100 dollars I am able to raise, I will do one workout. So that means if I raise $1,000, I will do ten workouts. If I raise $2400, I’m in it for the long haul and I will compete all 24 hero workouts in the 24 hours, which is my goal! It has been a long time since I pushed myself through prolonged periods of physical exertion and there is no greater reason to do so than in dedication to our Nation’s heroes and to raise money for Mission 22. Please consider donating to the cause. Every dollar counts! Link in bio! #vetwod #mission22 #suicideprevention #veteransuicideawareness #forthem #ptsd #ptsdawareness #herowod #crossfit #greatergood #biggerthanyourself #believeinsomething #marines #army #navy #airforce #coastguard #neveralone #alwaysbesideyou #comptrain #comptrainmasters #highercalling
Nos vemos esta noche a partir de las 8 pm con la mana @djomarlopez , listos para armar un buen desgarriate!!! #notnuffnoise #djlife #laultimapeda #lamartina #ajijic #doitforthem
It’s all coming together!!! 🙌🏼 🔥 I am beyond stoked for all the hard work put in this year - in all the areas of my life. 💥#Godisgood #dedicationpaysoff #putinthetime #vision #makeithappen !!! Ending this year with such an exciting month!!! And 2019. 🤩 how many people are freaking #stoked about what 2019 will bring?! How many of you have mapped it out??? How many is ready for this next year to be the #bestyearever ? That’s what I had envisioned for this year. 2018. And wow. Lots of goodness - ups and downs have taken place. - my hope of beat year ever had so many amazing lessons!!! #preperation my friends! The #universe is magnificent! God wants to bring to life the visions that is placed inside you! #stepintoYOU and #shine !!! 💥🔥💥 #riseup #doitforyou #doitforthem #inspired #itshappening #watchme #joinme #accountability is HUgE! #beYou #beLove ❤️✌🏽
Fridays are for “momming” 😊
Don’t wait, these will will sell out. Remember those eye masks I featured last week? Yeah 20% off, remember the charcoal mask gift set I featured? Yeah 20% off. Do you have stocking stuffers you still need to buy? Mini lipstick vault to the rescue. You can thank me later. 😜 Shop link in bio or right here 👉🏻 https://www.beautycounter.com/rachellecullum?goto=/products/holiday
Tag an amazing woman who deserves the recognition and ❤ today Happy Friday👑😘💪 #momtrepreneur #momofboth #SuccessWithAmanda
Join my Facebook group to get in on this amazing ✨Flash Sale✨ so many bargains to be had, join my group, simply search “Home Scents By Han” 💚💛💜❤️💙 #scentsycertifiedconsultant #ScentsyUk #ScentsyLife #mumpreneurs #stayathomemum #mumlife #ukmumsquad #ukmum #doitforthem #mumof3 #homescentsbyhan #ScentsyFlashSale
Today was a great reminder of a huge part of my WHY. Our health care system is full people in need of healing mind,body and spirit. Western medicine only treats the body with the time allowed to see each person in need. The more I see the need for the vehicle I’ve been blessed with, the more my heart aches for those suffering. After a very long day in service to others, I headed off to watch my baby girl put down her baller ⛹🏻‍♀️ skills and watched her lead her team to a W for the YHS Badgers. I spent time with my son driving home while stopping off at my favorite place to grab a burger 🍔 and sweet potato fries❤️ As I began our drive home Christmas music playing I all of a sudden became overwhelmed by mom-guilt. Thinking of how tired I feel brought memories flooding back of when my kiddos were babies and the magic of Christmas was still in their hearts, while I was so quick to get things done too exhausted to be present and really enjoy their love of Christmas. My heart is aching to get those moments back to see the joy and wonder of my kids faces when the Christmas 🎄 is up and the house is decorated with their personalized stockings. I wish I had this vehicle to invest in myself to give so much more back to my babies. #investinyourhealth #doitforthem #yourfamilyisworthit 💙 #lifesupsanddowns
Con todo y este frio, a trabajar!! // Tonight #wingsarmyajijic 😎😎😎😎 #notnuffnoise #djlife #doitforthem #desgarriate #thursday
Have you ever gotten two kids to both smile? Because clearly I can’t. 🤷🏼‍♀️Man family photos are hard. Tell me your secrets. Please. 🙏🏼 Until then this is the best we will get. 🤦🏼‍♀️ . . . 📸: @jefflewis
When you get your first check in 3 months. New cloths for the littlest one. #supportsmallbuissness #stayathomemom #cantdoititwithourmysupporters #hewillbeexcitedinthemorning #lovemychildren #doitforthem
WHAT IF this is exactly what you're supposed to be doing and you didn't at least give it a try? Out of the most impressive women in my company... 80% work full time. There are... Moms. Single women. Single moms. Women who hardly wore makeup. Women who had NO time. Women who hated sales. Women who failed in the past. Women who live in tiny towns. Women who were scared as heck to put themselves out there. Women who were/are shy. Women who didn't need this income whatsoever. Women who needed this income to keep their lights on that month. Women who are all ages, all ethnicities, all sizes, shapes and appearances from all over the world!!! Try it for you. Try it for your kids. Try it for your future. Imagine... Limitless abundance, residual income, self esteem, confidence, friendships, travel, and constant positivity all by sharing fantastic and highly in-demand products with a debt-free, massively successful company that's founded on a mission. 💜 #whynotyou #doitforyou #doitforthem #justdoit #doitscared #whatif
Is a new home goals for 2019? If so, you know you need to fix your credit, right? The higher your score, the more bargaining Power you have, the better interest rate you will get and the better your life will be. Don't know where to start? DM for FREE CONSULTATION today! Talk to you then. #Creditonloc #goals #dreamsfor2019 #doitforthem #debtrelief #creditrepairspecialist #seizeyourpower #repairyourcredit
Stoked on the mulch drop off. Can't wait for the gardening to begin in 2019.
It’s Thursday.......THRIVE! All to often I have seen this happen. I work with single moms like this all the time. A single mom sayin the can’t _________ (fill in the blank) because of their child(ren). I’m here to tell you that my children helped me to be a better woman mother, goal getter, dream catcher, etc. I went for what I wanted out of life to make a better life for us. I wanted to be that role model and statistic changer. It wasn’t easy, but it is possible. What about you? . . #singlemoms #singlemom #singlemothers #singlemother #singlemommy #singlemama #thrive #notjustsurviving #doitforthem #doitforyou #yourwhy #children #family
Do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return. Be good to people. Even the shitty ones. Let the assholes be assholes. You'll sleep better. 👍 . #do #doitforthem #doitforyou #smile #tust #quotesaboutlifequotesandsayings #goodquotes 🌻 #dailyquotes #inspiration #dobetter #tryharder #quotesaboutlife #quote #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday #inspire #leadership #teach #justsmile 😊 #restartyourlife #growthmindset #ty #haveago #foryou #wecandoit
ALL ABOARD❗️. . The “🥾 👟” 🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂 Sam is at it again while the kids are in school 😂 #sillyelf #sam #elfontheshelf #shoeshoetrain #havingfun #creatingmemories #doitforthem #xmas #holiday #ohsam 🥰🎄🎅🏼. . I think he has a crush on Harley look at his charming 👀👀 😍😍😍😍😂
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Cut of date for delivery in time for Christmas is TODAY! Please don’t miss out, if you want to treat someone to an amazing gift this year, get them Scentsy 💜💛❤️💙💚 #scentsycertifiedconsultant #scentsyconsultant #ScentsyUk #ScentsyLife #ScentsyChristmasOrdersUk #ScentsyChristmasUk #mumpreneurs #ukmum #ukmumsquad #stayathomemum #mumlife #doitforthem #homescentsbyhan
My sweetest little boy- you have completed our family oh so perfectly! The Lord has blessed us beyond what we deserve, I thank Him every morning for these beautiful children- all safe and healthy! Barrett Michael you are loved bigger than you’ll ever know! #momlife #sweetboy #mommasboy #4thbaby #bestillmyheart #partyof6 #finalpiece #family #doitforthem #lovethemBig
Thankful Thursday.... Wake up knowing that.... Wherever you go... Whatever you do... These little people depend on you and it’s your job to be the best version of you ❤️ they are worth it 😍 . . . #beautifulontheinside #thankful #theselittlehumansareamazing #strongerthanyouthink #believe #nevergiveup #gracielou #lillybug #bigd #cutekids #lovethem #theygetme #doitforthem #maketodaygreat
I was totally not on point yesterday. Disorganized, tired, wanting to legit sit on my couch, snuggle up with Chad & do zilch. Starting a business & being disciplined has ebbs & flows. How honest would I be if I painted a picture for you that what I achieve is easy. Nothing that you build is easy, not a body, not a relationship, not a team, not a career. It’s really easy to be ‘told’ what to do. I get it. It’s why most people don’t work independently or try to build dreams, because it does not come with any inherent promises, & yes, it takes time & PATIENCE. What I can promise you is that I am getting up & checking in with MANY women just like me, ex-drones, who are moving forward despite being parents, despite still working those crazy 9-5 corporate hours, despite having “life” happen. We do it for the legacy we are gonna leave for the next generation of girls who will understand the ebb & flow is what teaches us.
Because IM HERE FOR THIS 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 AND Im tagging a few of my Sistars. Feel free to elaborate QUEENS...even if I didn't tag you 👑 FELLAS 👈🏽 READ & LOVE COMMENTS BUT PLEASE DONT FLIP THE QUESTION OR REPLY WITH TOO MUCH 👉🏽 This one isnt about YOU! Ill start with my answer...Black men can love me better by being consistent. Some of us are routine based and while spontaneity is fun, switching lanes in terms of doing the same things is a trigger for me...it speaks to instability IN MY OPINION. Sistas...THINK & RESPOND 😘
Brighten up your little one's holidays with these favs, ideal to keep their clothes clean and dry at meal time, a soft, fluffy towel for bath time and a Pet to Dry hand towel to encourage them to wash & dry their hands more often! #Norwex #NorwexKids #RaisingANewGeneration #ChemicalFreeKids #DoItForThem
📸: Please DM for credit or removal. 🇬🇧He had a plastic bottle seal on his snout! He died of starvation...In the United States alone, 1,500 plastic bottles are discarded per SECOND...Please recycle, feel at peace and pick up your trash! ———————————————————————-🇪🇸¡Tenía un sello de botella de plástico en su hocico! Murió de hambre ... Solo en los Estados Unidos, se desechan 1.500 botellas de plástico por SEGUNDO ... ¡Recicle, siéntase en paz y recoja su basura!#theyareinnocent #instanature #dolphin #nature #plastico #plasticocean #recycle #pickupyourtrash #byebyeplastic #saynotoplastic #saynotoplasticbottles #savetheplanet #ecofriendly #doitforthem #doitforyourself #doitforyourkids #reusereducerecycle #greenworld #noplasticplease #rethinkplastic #bethechange #sincontaminación #sincontaminaciónporplásticos #gogreen #basuracero #oceanlife #ecologia #reduceplastic #recycled
We're on Day 5!! I know you have 5 minutes... join in!.. if you have 15 minutes, do it a few times!🎄🏋️‍♀️🎄🏋️‍♂️🎄😁 ...Link is in my profile to join the group so you don't miss any days!💪 Tag a friend to join when you finish! #healthyholidays #healthyhabits #12daysofchristmas #12daysofchristmasworkout #doitforyou #doitforthem #onebodyonelife #healthiswealth #keepmoving #newmom #parenthood #csectionrecovery #chooseyourhard #chooseyou
Let’s talk LOVE Mamas... . We teach our kids to treat themselves and others with kindness and love, but do YOU practice what you preach? . How many times have you talked to them about the importance of eating well - only to eat fishy crackers for lunch yourself? . How many times have you woken up with every intention of getting that workout in - only to skip it to do something for your family? . How many times have you made plans to put yourself first - only to let mom guilt change your mind? . How many times this year alone have you taken yourself, your health, and your sanity off your to do list to take care of EVERYONE else? . Your kids are watching you...they are learning about self-care by your example. . It’s not selfish, it’s VITAL. . Why not start 2019 putting yourself on your list!?! Why not spend this year teaching your kids the importance of taking care of and LOVING themselves by being their example. ❤️ . No idea where to start??? . Drop and emoji below 👇 or send me a DM and let me help with that ❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️ #renewyoulifestyle #fitmom #fitmommel #butfirstsweat #healthyliving #leadbyexample #doitforthem #doitforyou #livealifeyoulovenow #fitnessfreak ❤️❤️ #fitmomof3 ❤️
Do it for YOU- for them. Make sense? As moms we can get so caught up in every little thing... we act like we’re too busy to take care of ourselves because we’re busy taking care of everything & everyone else right? I challenge you to change your thinking because that is SO wrong. In order to become the best we can for them we need to be working on ourselves. There’s no better example than action. Showing them how to fuel their body’s. Don’t use them as an excuse show them they’re your reason. I promise your child would love to be involved in what you do. There is always a way to make it work 🙏🏻. Check out my story to see my cutie boy yoga flow with me 💙.
The geese all waiting patiently to go to bed 😴 • Night time at the sanctuary always involves a lot of work. But luckily for us, a few members of the gang like to take themselves to bed, which saves us having to round them up and tuck them in for the night 🌙 • • • • #towerhillstablesanimalsanctuary #geeseofinstagram #rescuedanimals #friendsnotfood
Forever grateful for the lovers, the passionate feelers and beautiful souls that trust in me to create, experiment and document their love in a new light. #alwaysgrowing
Over the past few weeks I have been involved in many conversations that contain the statement, “Starting January, things are changing. I’m going to get my health back on track.” I will be completely open with you, I’ve got to get back on track also. Nothing like huge life changing events to alter things. Grabbing those easy to get foods and comfort foods. Well, starting January, I’m going to get back on track. And I’m so blessed to have the support to do so. I can’t imagine where I might be without it. If you are like me and you plan on beginning a New Year finding a new you, do you have the tools in your toolbox to fight for your health? Health is a journey and those quick fix things really don’t last. Let’s be on this journey together. I’d love to support you. Message me. We can do this together. #healthynewyear #2019ismyyear #healthyfromtheinsideout #letsdothis #fightingformylife #eatingtolive #morefunwithfriends #imworthit #youreworthit #doitforthem
This time of year should be a time of Joy, Reflection and Seeking out ways to make life BETTER for those around us ❤️ Over the last 5 years, I've learned that taking care of ME FIRST, is the best way to be sure my family, especially this handsome little man, is getting ALL they need from me and more! 🙌 Why not get a head start on what I KNOW is already in the back of your head... Getting HEALTHY in the New Year! 🎉 Have you ever wanted to try what changed everything for me but afraid to commit or worried you won't like it? That you just will make excuses to not give it your best effort? 🤔 Sometimes all we need is a little “boost” to get the ball rolling, right?!? AND why not BEFORE that ball drops?? 🤔 December is for holiday parties, gatherings, family events.... It is easy to push your health to the back burner and get in the mindset of picking back up in the New Year when life slows down. Well, life really doesn’t ever slow down… 🙈 By simply adding this clean, superfood, nutrient dense shake daily to your routine, you will be fueling your body so you will feel more ENERGIZED, your mind will be more CLEAR, your CRAVINGS will diminish, and you will BOOST your IMMUNITY along with so much more...who doesn’t need all that this time of year?💚 Oh and it's one less meal to worry about! 🙌 I want to give you a taste of that for 12 days along with accountability, support and FUN in my 12 Days of Christmas Fitmas Success Group 🤗 Does this sound like something for you?? Drop an emoji or DM me for ALL the details 👇 Limited space available!! #fitmas #takecareofyoufirst #loveyoself #holidayjoy #holidaysurvival #holidayworkouts #decemberismyjanuary #12daysofchristmas #giveaways #giftyoself #doitforthem #noexcuses #cleaneats #holidaypartysurvival
I love them SO much 💋💋💋💋 #halloween2018 #mybabies #doitforthem
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