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Have you ever had someone say something bad about you? Maybe a close friend or even a family member? It stings a little more when it’s someone you know and love, huh? It leaves a lasting impression that no matter how hard you try to forget it, you never will. Same thing applies to when YOU talk bad about YOURSELF. And this is definitely something I’ve learned throughout life. We are definitely our own worst critics. We hate our hair, our skin, our stomach, our legs, our smile.. whatever it is... we are so hard on ourselves. After I had Kayleigh and had gained close to 80 pounds I was so upset with myself. I literally hated everything about myself, and I made sure I reminded myself that every single day. I hated how much weight I let myself gain. And I hated I felt I couldn’t do anything about it. At one point I remember convincing myself that this was just the “new me”. 235 pounds. Unhealthy. Unhappy with myself. And just willing to hide in the background so I wouldn’t be noticed because I felt I couldn’t do anything about it. That was my new reality. I was seriously so mean to MYSELF and even to this day, I can remember conversations I had to myself about my physical appearance. If I could go back in time, that would be one of the first things I stopped. But when you are that unhappy, you don’t really think about that stuff. You just think about what you hate, what you wish you could do about it, and realize it’s “out of your reach” and accept defeat. Please 👏🏻 don’t 👏🏻 accept 👏🏻 defeat. There was once a time I told myself I would never love myself. I would never truly feel beautiful, or sexy because I was a mom and couldn’t lose the weight. And I feel like it’s such a shame as a woman to go through life not honestly FEELING your self worth! Not FEELING like a beautiful woman. No matter what shape or size you are. It’s a SHAME to not love yourself for YOU. It definitely took me time to retrain my mind and get myself there. But you guys, being happy with YOU. LOVING you. Embrace the POWER of being a bomb-ass female! 💁🏻‍♀️ That’s something I wish for every woman ❤️ The journey to self-love and even self-discovery is truly amazing 🙌🏻 #DiscoverYou
Growing up I struggled with extreme anxiety - so much so that I experienced a lot of difficulty in school despite being an honour roll student. Test writing was nearly impossible at my lowest points. A teacher in grade 12 was so frustrated with me and lacked the knowledge to support me saying "Rachel, you'll never make it in university" claiming it was a lack of effort on my end to be successful. Visibly upset, I moved on from that moment, realizing who was truly on my side. • • • I received the support, resources, and assistance I needed to conquer my anxiety and it is now such a minor part of who I am. I hope that teacher now sees how far I've come and realizes just how capable I truly am - because I now believe it for myself. • • • We are all working through things. Some bigger hurdles than others. Surround yourself with a great support system and strategies to help lead you to success. You are capable and worthy of every opportunity you wish to achieve and experience. Everything you need is already inside of you to make it happen 💕
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Polish Open 🇵🇱💥🥋 ________________________________________________________#PolishOpen #WarsawCup #G1 #Taekwondo #TaekwondoFamily #WeAreNTC #BritishTaekwondo #DiscoverYou #EmpireTaekwondo #GBTaekwondo
Honestly, I know I am happy to be older, simply because I am becoming better at being me. It takes courage, but I know I can't make a difference or be happy without learning what makes me tick, who I am, and what my role on this globe is. . Do you think you are here yet? Can you say you are happy to being growing up and are bravely choosing to be you? . If not, please look into doing Life Mapping! I can promise, it will change your world as you discover who you are and move forward to live that out. Get the free Life Mapping Workbook by clicking on the link in profile and going to the menu for "how I help" or just go to http://averageadvocate.com . . . #beyou #eecummings #eecummingsquote #courage #bravery #coaching #lifemapping #lifeplanning #vision #discoveryou #growold
We are STOKED to partner w/ @kyparksproject to promote Kentuckians getting outside to explore our amazing state parks! • Check out our #502leaderseries podcast w/ Molly Caldwell & learn all the ways you can ENGAGE! Link in comments... • Find cool Kentucky Parks swag on our story today or pop-in to our HQ @yesworking on Baxter to grab a sweet parks poster! We have them in stock!
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To all you women out there doubting what your body is capable is.. STOP! You my girl, are capable of transforming in such INCREDIBLE ways 🙏🔥 in all seasons of your life.. but what’s stopping you from changing? You really want to know? . It’s... YOU! You are exactly where you are because of the choices YOU have made up until this moment. We ALWAYS have a choice. Want to know the awesome thing about that tho? That gives you the power the CHANGE ✨ Starting right NOW! . The moment you turn your SHOULDS into MUSTS is the moment your life will change. The moment you raise YOUR OWN standards is the moment your life will meet your visions. The moment you turn your thoughts into actions and you start chasing your fears, instead of letting them stop you. THAT is when you’ll lose the weight.. you’ll gain that confidence in yourself.. hell, you could even beat 10 years of infertility.. you’ll become who you’re MEANT TO BE 🙏💜🌈💕 . Your mind is so powerful babe. YOU are SO powerful ✨ but it’s up to you to push past that feeling of doubt, hesitation, and fear.. to make it fucking happen 💁‍♀️🌱🌷 . To prove it to your damn self 🙏 If you know how to do this, what are you waiting for? Go do it and stop cutting yourself short 🙌 But if you don’t, you babes know that my girls and I got you! Just send me a message 💌 and let me show you how I’ve been able to transform my life.. will you have to invest in yourself? Yep. But if that’s stopping you, that’s another limiting belief you need to push past because YOU and your potential is worth so much more than any amount of money. AREN’T YOU? 😜❤️ I think so 💜 Happy #transformationtuesday#discoveryou #beyou #loveyou #powerfulwomenruntheworld
Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. #AwardUSA #MyAwardUSA #DiscoverYou
Confession: I am not where I want to be personally or professionally. & the number one reason I'm not... is me. 😳🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ •• Now trust me, I'm hella grateful for where I am... being able to own my time, paying off debt, being present for Teags/Spiderkid, traveling, working with people to change their mindsets and in turn change their lives... 🙏💯 •• But, where I am right now... I've been here for too long. I've allowed my subconscious to turn what was supposed to be a quick tank refill and peebreak into a long rest stop on my roadtrip through life. I relished in goals that were just supposed to be quick pitstops... for a bit too long, if you will... You feel me? •• I started making excuses. I began to allow unimportant and non-urgent things to fill my day. I stopped being so intentional with my time. •• While these unproductive little things seem like they should be OK for a minute, they ultimately creep into your life and become your routine and paralyze your growth. •• Now, I'm not saying I'm sucking at life - I was still hitting leaderboards, watching my peeps rank advance like maniacs - i was even asked last week to train a group of a couple thousand peeps... not too shabby, you think, right? Well, I know myself, and the truth is... I am playing small right now. Flat out. •• Ever feel like that? •• We are not supposed to be "fine" or "ok", we are supposed to feel alive, fulfilled & intentional with our lives... And after about a month of these "fine" feelings and loitering at this rest stop I created, I'm freakin' over it. So, as hard as it is, I'm calling myself out publicly... not just so I do something about it, but so if you feel like this, you know you're not alone... but also, that you, and ONLY you, can change it. •• We are not trees, friends... if we aren't happy, we can get up and move. We just have to force ourselves to talk the first step. So..... here I go! Are you coming with me?? -------------------------- #discoverYOU #buildingbossladies #beyondtheboardroom #thesearemyconfessions #realtalk #soberwarrior #getuncomfortable #5secondrule #dreambig #believeinmore #unstuckyourself #lifebydesign #makeshifthappen
🦋 We all have magic in us, a talent or skill. It could be something small that could brighten someone’s day or even change a life forever. Dig deep and share it with world.
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Love it! On the fence? Pass it on... Whichever you choose, the choice is yours. #beyou . . . . . #welikewhatwelike #loveit #onthefence #passiton #sprayhere #sniffhere #takenotes #reflectback #discoverolfactif #discoveryou
// Da una parte la faccia di chi sta provando nuove esperienze... dall'altra un uomo a cavallo 🐎🤓 . . #cheteridi #scuderia #discoveryou #horselife #molise #equestrian #horseshow #horse #wanderlust #nature #cute #happytimes #happyplace #horses #italy #me #relax #instalike #photography #instagram #happy #discovery
#Repost @kreazona.id • • • Yuk moms sahabat Lokal101 segera daftarkan buah hati untuk ikutan kidz camp. . Kepemimpinan dan mental yang kuat tidak dilahirkan begitu saja. Anak-anak perlu ditempa, dilatih, dan dipersiapkan untuk SURVIVE dan SUCCESS di masa depannya. . Selama 4 tahun berturut-turut KREAZONA dan INDAYA Leadership Company secara konsisten memenuhi misi untuk Memberdayakan Indonesia, melalui camp untuk anak-anak usia 8-12 tahun. . Kidz Camp DARE TO LEAD 18-21 Desember 2018 @Griya Persada Kaliurang YOGYAKARTA . Di camp ini anak-anak akan belajar tentang: . 1. Self Leadership: Kemandirian, Kedisiplinan dan Tanggung Jawab. . 2. Collaboration: Komunikasi, Kepercayaan Diri, Kepedulian, dan Kerjasama Tim. - Semua akan dibawakan secara menyenangkan, kekinian, dan penuh tantangan. . Peserta dibatasi hanya 40 anak, segera amankan tempat untuk buah hati Anda. . Kontak: Aquinta - 081 141 999 75 Gema - 081 128 899 75 . . Lihat ide kegiatan lainnya di aplikasi Lokal101 atau kunjungi lokal101.com . . #lokal101 #kreazona #DiscoverYou #Kreazonacamp #kidzcamp #indonesia #leadership #campion #tolead
Helo Purwokerto, mau membuat apa di Weekend ini? Kalau belum tahu mau ngapain, Kreazona bakal hadir di Purwokerto dan kali ini Kreazona bareng @alvin_adhi bakal berkolaborasi untuk membuat buku polos jadi lebih dekoratif, lucu, dan unik dengan cat akrilik. - Jadi perpaduan yang kece nih antara lukisan akrilik dengan book binding, dimana kamu bakal bisa ciptain lukisan dan mendekorasi buku jadi lebih keren. - Hanya siapkan buku yang siap di binding, cat akrilik, dan kuas lukis. Bahannya simple banget dan mudah didapat loh. Selanjutnya untuk cara membuatnya, kalian bisa cari tahu di sini yach, “Acrylic Painting & Book Binding” Minggu, 30 September 2018 (10.00-13.00) @PURWOKERTO - Tertarik? Silahkan comment, DM or WA : 081 141 999 75 081 128 899 75 - Hidupkan Zona Kreatifmu! - #kreazona #DiscoverYou #acrylic #painting #and #book #binding #happy #purwokerto #jawatengah #paint #rainbow
Hampir setiap hari kita mendengar ada anak yang di ejek, dikucilkan, dan mengalami kekerasan fisik oleh temannya, bahkan hingga mogok sekolah atau depresi, inilah yang disebut Bullying.Masalah bullying seperti ini semakin parah dan semakin mendesak untuk ditangani oleh semua orang. - Pertanyaannya MENGAPA anak-anak (dan bahkan orang dewasa!) Mem-bully? Apa sebenarnya penyebab bullying, dan yang terpenting bagaimana cara mengatasinya? - Untuk itu nantikan seminar WHY CHILDREN BULLY yang selanjutnya bersama Hanlie Muliani yang akan membahas penyebab bullying dan bagaimana cara mengatasi Bullying yang marak terjadi saat ini. - Info? Silahkan comment, DM, or WA 081 141 999 75 081 128 899 75 - Hidupkan Zona Kreatifmu! - - #kreazona #DiscoverYou #kreazonaindonesia #why #children #bullying #save #the #world #with #love #like4like
I’ve been MIA for a few days. The reason: I took some time for me! I attended a vision board workshop this weekend. I spent a whole day unplugged from technology and tapping into my inner self. It was beautiful and magical! 💫 It was inspiring and grounding! 🙏 It was just what I needed! This type of "work" is something I am going to take the time to do more often. ❤
Punched by graffiti like no big thing 😜. I LOVE the amount of graffiti that Barcelona has to offer. A city lined with art 💕
There is one morning each week where I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn so I try to move slower, sit on my balcony, and let the hustle of the city unfold in front of me. • • • Side note: this yogurt parfait with @enjoyyoso topped with the BEST granola from @impactkitchen and @manitobaharvest hemp seeds is making my Monday morning that much better😁
At MU, with quality education and smooth lifestyle for the students, we also look out for the health and well-being of our teaching staff. For them, we had a health check-up drive and a physiotherapy camp and it goes without saying that our staff members really appreciate these gestures. After all, the healthier the mentor, the better the mentee. #EmployeeHealthDrive #MarwadiUniversity #DiscoverYou #TheMUFamily #WeTakeCare #WeBelieveInWellBeing #100OnHealth
Kemah Kesatria Muda merupakan suatu program pembentukan karakter remaja untuk mempersiapkan diri terjun ke dunia nyata. Dimana INDAYA dan Kreazona menanamkan pentingnya mempunyai jiwa PEMIMPIN dan GOAL yang nyata sehingga dapat dijadikan suatu pegangan untuk mengambil langkah penting dalam menuju sukses. - Program ini mengkondisikan remaja untuk bisa mengeluarkan potensi yang terbaik dalam diri mereka yang belum mereka sadari, agar lebih maksimal dalam mencapai sebuah tujuan - Selain hal penting diatas, kami juga mengajarkan nilai-nilai Penting seperti: - 1. Integritas 2. Komitmen 3. Tanggung Jawab 4. Keberanian 5. Kedisiplinan 6. Kerendahan Hati 7. Kepedulian & Kegigihan - Nilai-nilai ini akan dibawakan secara mudah dan menyenangkan sehingga suasana yang diciptakan akan menambah semangat belajar. - "Kemah Kesatria Muda : AWAKEN THE LEADER IN YOU" 18 - 22 Desember 2018 @Griya Persada Kaliurang YOGYAKARTA - Info? Silahkan comment, DM or WA 081 141 999 75 081 128 899 75 - Hidupkan Zona Kreatifmu! - - #kreazonaindonesia #Kreazonacamp #kreazona #camp #leadership #awaken #kkm #discipline #DiscoverYou #likeforlikes
🌴 T R O P I C A L 🌴
Dragon Oracle Card from yesterday’s group healing session Breakthrough .... to know something at a deeper level, first we must let go of what we think we know. Beliefs can be self limiting and to break free of them, our reality needs to change. This can be frightening and demands we let go of the past and step into the unknown. We have the opportunity to make a breakthrough and in doing so, rewrite our destiny. The inevitability of change can make us feel like we have no control. Unexpected events, catastrophes instability and setbacks challenge us. We have very little control over external happenings but virtually full control over our inner self - and it is the inner self that shapes our experiences. Before something new is created, something old must be destroyed. If you feel like you are in a prison, unable to effect change in your life, the path to freedom lies in the understanding that your prison walls are of your own making. It is only by dismantling your beliefs, judgements and values that you will find who you really are. The choices you make now dictate wether you step forward through difficulties or get lost in the midst of them. #imperialdragonoraclecards #baggotandpracownik #breakthrough #letgo #breakfree #selflimiting #stepintotheunknown #rewriteyourdestiny #change ##tocreatethenewdestroytheold #yourprisionwallsareyourown #dismantletherestrictions #discoveryou #raispace #balance #kinesiology #grouphealing #soperfectrightnow #love
"Kejujuran adalah cara tercepat untuk mencegah kesalahan menjadi kegagalan" ~James Altucher~ . . #kreazona #kreazonaindonesia #DiscoverYou #honestyquotes #honest #quotes #jamesaltucher
Unwrap the BEST you! A unique gathering of women. . . In March, my amazing mother @tracystroderd hosted the #UnwraptheBESTyou symposium. (If I haven't mentioned it yet, my Mom is pure light and I am so proud of her and all she does for our community). . . Women from all backgrounds, generations and locations gathered to laugh, cry, network, be inspired and join our fierce #tribe . This event literally changed lives and continues to do so in our bimonthly meetups 🙏💗 . . Unwrap the BEST you 2019 tickets are on sale now, and ladies, I urge you... actually, I dare you... take the leap. Dive into self care and self love. Join our #highvietribe of #inspiring , #incredible women the first weekend of April 2019 to unwrap, unwind and become your BEST self! . . If you have any questions please DM me! . . Unwrapthebestyou.com . . #taylorlblake #bebarebebravebebold #unwrapthebestyou #everythingbrevard #💜self #strongwomen #fierce #bold #beautiful #selfcare #selfcareisntselfish #weekendretreat #womensevent #brevard #beyourbestself #discoveryou #tribe
Quote of the day. ✎ Let your little ones know how strong they are and always will be.
happy days ahead 🌱
Loving yourself isn't conceit, it's love. Love means acceptance, kindness, encouragement, and care. Conceit is none of those things. You'll help to heal and inspire others just by being yourself. You'll help them discover that it's possible for them, too. It's a beautiful gift! #myweightlossjourney #loveyourself #takecareoyou #discoveryou #love #countingdownto50
Yes, the water is THIS blue on the northern tip of Zanzibar 😍 Missing the sun and surf and travel life a little extra today. But hopefully it's not too long until I'm in paradise again... Happy Sunday, everyone!
Whatever lies ahead of you this week, tackle it w/ confidence, & stay humble through your success!💡
Descobri... Gosto de ramen... Fortíssima em mortal kombat!! 💪🏼 #aportuguesa #discoveryou #friendstime
Yeeaaaaayyy!!! Discover You by Coach Rob SOLD OUT untuk tgl 23 ini, tunggu update dari kami u/ event selanjutnya yah Moms 🤗😘 . . Discover You finding the REAL you 🙏 . . #discoveryourself #discoveryousmg #discoveryou #talenta #passion #knowingyourself #eventsemarang #eventsmgid #eventsmg #workshopsemarang #workshop #workshopsmg
Axaykumar Maheshbhai Hinsu of Mechanical Department, MU, won the first prize at the CNC Milling competition, IndiaSkills West 2018. We’re proud of our students who gain accolades outside of campus also and bring glory to this organization. Way to go Axay! #ProudMoments #AchievementsOfMUites #MarwadiUniversity #DiscoverYou
Fun with the Sis @getfitwitnique today. She wanted to show off tonight so show off we did 😂 we gonna feel it in the morning. I’m sure that far pic to the left she was fatiguing her thumb muscles 💪🏽 and don’t ask how I managed a slow mo video 😂 #fitredfrag #progress #threeyearsinthemaking #trusttheprocess #blackgirlslift #ithasbegun #levelup #discoveryou #fitlifestyle #fitandforty #fitmom #momslifttoo #cleaneating #fitnessjourney #allnatural #theDomP
It’s #StreetArtSaturday & GIVEAWAY TIME! • Today we are seriously digging this storage container at the Three Points Project in the parking lot of the Save-A-Lot just off Goss Ave! • Win some #LouisvilleSwag from Yes by: -Liking this post -Following @yeslouisville -Commenting your fave part of the mural
Hey Fam! We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the 10:30 am Sunday service. ALL ARE WELCOME! Friendly reminder - The iDISCOVER CLASS will take place tomorrow after service. Anyone interested in learning more about WHO we are, WHERE we’re going, HOW will we get there, and membership expectations are encouraged to attend. NO PRESSURE TO JOIN; just a great opportunity to learn and ask questions. P.S. Did you miss last Sunday's #sermon , "Everybody Needs Somebody: My Need for Living in Community?" Feel free to check it out on the #DiscoverYOU #podcast ! Available on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. Share it with a loved one. Share it with a friend. #discoverlifgeGA #Norcross #ATL #Atlanta #church #nondenominational
I'm back! After a long hiatus from social media and blogging, I'm back, and hopefully back for good. Last night, I couldn't sleep, which isn't unusual these days. However, it wasn't for the typical reason of depression and general dissatisfaction with my life right now - it was because of a rare gut feeling of excitement, opportunity, and possibility that I haven't felt in waayyyy too long. After getting a job here in Boston working in a research lab that would lead me to the career in science I thought I wanted, combined with deep struggles with depression, I decided I wanted to focus completely on the trajectory of my career and take a break from social media and blogging "on the side." This was also to break the cycle of dependence on instant affirmation through 'likes' I could sometimes fall into by sharing on social media and my site. However, as I've become more and more unsettled with the path my life and career are taking now, I started to rethink travel, my blog, and a potential future in business. My heart has always been in the creativity and strategic know-how of entrepreneurship since an early age, and once I was reminded the other day of how much more rewarding even just one positive comment from a reader that I helped them travel happier, healthier, and smarter is than my current job, I realized that I'm missing this huge part of my soul surrounding adventurous soul-searching travel and building a community around this through my site, Discovering Claire. So - I'm back, and hopefully for good! I've only ever felt this sense of deep intuition basically one other time in my life, leading to a decision I've never regretted for a single day since, so I have to follow this. I'm ready to feel passionate and energetic about what I'm doing again, and I've got to follow that my heart is telling me to return back to Discovering Claire. Thank you to all who are still around to see this great comeback, I can't wait to share this exciting revival with you! ❤
One day sharing @sekolahkarangturi on how to organize a training camp for young people. . #harryxiao #indaya #indonesiaberdaya #kreazona #DiscoverYou #trainingcamp #youngpeople #karangturischool
Jiwa Pemimpin dan Mentalitas Anak dimulai dari sini..👇👇 - Kepemimpinan dan mental yang kuat tidak dilahirkan begitu saja. Anak-anak perlu ditempa, dilatih, dan dipersiapkan untuk SURVIVE dan SUCCESS di masa depannya. - Selama 4 tahun berturut-turut KREAZONA dan INDAYA Leadership Company secara konsisten memenuhi misi untuk Memberdayakan Indonesia, melalui camp untuk anak-anak usia 8-12 tahun : - Kidz Camp DARE TO LEAD 18-21 Desember 2018 @Griya Persada Kaliurang YOGYAKARTA - Di camp ini anak-anak akan belajar tentang : - 1. Self Leadership : Kemandirian, Kedisiplinan dan Tanggung Jawab. - 2. Collaboration : Komunikasi, Kepercayaan Diri, Kepedulian, dan Kerjasama Tim. - Semua akan dibawakan secara menyenangkan, kekinian, dan penuh tantangan. —— Peserta dibatasi hanya 40 anak, segera amankan tempat untuk buah hati Anda.. - Kontak : Aquinta - 081 141 999 75 Gema. - 081 128 899 75 —— Kreazona... Hidupkan Zona Kreatifmu! - - #kreazona #DiscoverYou #Kreazonacamp #kidzcamp #indonesia #leadership #campion #tolead
Every year we have students coming in from all over the world and studying in our organization. These students eventually become a part of the MU family. For the academic year 2018-2019 too, we welcomed the international students to our University with warmth and celebration. Here are some snaps from their Welcome Ceremony: #InternationalStudents #MarwadiUniversity #DiscoverYou
Helo Dear, Selamat dan terimakasih ya buat @antheatofani @sam @nicho @eugenenicholasdarsono dan @darsonoausten yang sudah terpilih menjadi pelanggan istimewa di Kreazona. Semakin terampil, terus berkarya dan semakin inovatif ya.. see you at next class on Kreazona ya.. - Hidupkan Zona Kreatifmu! #Pelanggan #kreazona #DiscoverYou #becreative #succes #happy #goodvibes
Curly Shag + An Undercut || i love new clients who push me 🌱
|REVE REVEAL| This is what we are talking about when we say ‘results driven’! .⚡️Correct your skin in 7 days with RevePeel, complete with pre & post care system. .⚡️Exclusively offered at select medical offices across the nation to ensure remarkable results to patients. .⚡️Contact @themedspa today to see if RevePeel is right for you! #reveyouup . •top to bottom: ✔️day 1 ✔️day 2 ✔️day 3 ✔️day 6 ******************************** RevePeel targets: . 🎯pigmentation 🎯melasma 🎯acne & acne scars 🎯photoaging . 🎶The Heavy #howyoulikemenow #reveresults #revereveal @revepeel_reveskin @tripodistorm ____________ 919.333.4418 call or TEXT US 🎁Complimentary consultations —call today! 💻themedspa.rpsc@gmail.com 📍1112 Dresser Ct. Raleigh, NC 27609 🔍#discoverthemedspa #discoveryou 🌎 www.themedsparaleigh.com • • • #medicalpeel #medicalesthetics #medicalesthetician #skinresurfacing #hyperpigmentation #melasma #melasmatreatment #sundamage #acnetreatment #antiaging #medicalgradeskincare #acnescars #enlightenmask #skinrejuvenation #medspa #themedspa #raleighinfluencers #raleigh #cary #midtownraleigh #downtownraleigh
My sissy working out 🏋🏽‍♀️ I was trying to break them arms 😂 but she beasted it out so proud of her #fitredfrag #progress #threeyearsinthemaking #trusttheprocess #blackgirlslift #ithasbegun #levelup #discoveryou #fitlifestyle #fitandforty #fitmom #momslifttoo #cleaneating #fitnessjourney #allnatural #TheDomP
love me some good ole fashion balayage #chestnuthill #mtairy
creation makes me happy 🌱
not sure what I did in my past lifetimes to deserve my curly clientele , but I am blessed and here for it 🌀#thankyou
It's a Looook #devacut #chestnuthill
everyday is a great day when the universe speaks to me through my clients , it's a happy life #thankyou #devacurl #creationconsultation
When a weak rose gold goes right >> , Aspen your hair just does what it's meant to, thanks for being you 💛 #nofilterneeded
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