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Red Tool: "I'm really enjoying our time together. This is so much better than all of the stalking I've been doing" Harley: "You wanna KILL me, you wanna DATE me, you wanna COURT me...Holee hem an' haw! You really are a TOOL." #harleyquinn #harleyquinncosplay #harleyquinncomic #rebirthharleyquinn #rebirthharleyquinncosplay #redtool #redtoolcosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplaygirlsofinstagram #cosplayguy #cosplayguysofinstagram #dc #dccosplay #dccomicscosplay #dccomics #dcuniverse #dcuniverserebirth @dccomics @thedcuniverse @amandaconnerart @john_timms
Sooo I’m super duper relieved that Dolphin is alright, but on the other hand, totally didn’t see it coming that Carl aka Master Jailer would die 😢 Its so sad omg, all he wanted was to see his daughter after this mission & he wasn’t even a major criminal, just a small time thief with bad luck I guess ? 😢🤷‍♀️ So here’s a tribute post to him, from when he was initially terrified to him saving Aquaman & totally gushing over it till his death 😢 Next up, I wanna say... is Enchantress really dead & gonna stay dead ?? 😭 I absolutely love Waylon & June tgt, their chemistry was great & they simply complement each other, I miss everything about them omg 😭 & lastly, Harley is aDORABLE !!!💙 Her friendship with the squad is so precious & its endearing she finally manages to put a smile on poor Waylon’s face :’)
Ragman #5 for Sale $3 ($3 SHIPPING) NM Paypal ready! #comicsforsale #comics #dccomics #ragman #dc #dcuniverse #dcuniverserebirth #igcomics
Ladies and gents we would like to welcome you all to the first (and maybe only edition of SYMBOLISM SATURDAY). Kicking off our first instalment is the symbol that has defined comic books for the last three decades, the blood smudged smiley badge that belonged to #TheComedian in #Watchmen , from the legendary #AlanMoore . The tainted smiley became an icon in its own right and we are first introduced to it as the first hint of The Comedian's death. The symbol resonated with fans and became an icon in itself. (Badge No 1) TWENTY YEARS LATER: Director #ZackSnyder adapts Watchmen for the big screen and we are introduced to a live action rendering of the infamous smiley badge. Its as realistic as possible and looked to be 100% faithful to the comics. (Badge No. 2) TWO YEARS AGO: DC Comics legend and all around brilliant writer #GeoffJohns revamps the entire DCU. We get #DCUniverseRebirth , an 80 page special that lays the foundation for the DC Universe going forward. At the center of all the changes in the DCU is a familiar, blood tinted Smiley button. (Badge No. 3) ONE YEAR AGO: #Batman and #TheFlash investigate the origins of this mysterious badge in the 4-part special, #TheButton . The badge has never been more iconic and the threat has never been bigger. (Badge No. 4) TODAY: After the events of the Button, we were introduced to an updated version of the clock that dominated #Watchmen . At the top where the number '12' is supposed to be, the #Superman logo sits ominously. The countdown to #DOOMSDAYCLOCK has begun. (Badge No 5) ONE YEAR FROM NOW: Doomsday Clock has finished its run and HBO has released the Watchmen TV series. Watchmen will go down as the best Comic book franchise of the modern era. NOW: All THREE BADGES (Comic, Movie, Doomsday Clock) are available for sale at Fanboys. Check out the second photo to see what you can buy in store!
To a loyal true loveed friend @lequisha.edits I lokey thought this would b easy but i guess wrong thank you for everything 💗💋 Ib: @lequisha.edits Dt @lequisha.edits @bleachedcafe @harlsgrande #akumarc2
Having jitters for the final issue of Sink Atlantis !! 🙊 But in the meanwhile, here’s another post dedicated to Dolphin 💙🐬 / / - Aquaman (2016) issue 26 & 28
When I read this page in issue 39, I immediately thought of the conversation Aquaman & Dolphin had in issue 29 about what being a Hero means 😢💙 / / - Aquaman (2016) issue 29 & 39
Esta semana un nuevo tomo de la colección DC Rebirth: «Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol.3 - En Busca De La Esperanza» (recopila no.14-21). ¿Podrán Hal, Kyle y Walker regresar la esperanza al universo… o su misión tan sólo fortalecerá una amenaza que espera en las sombras? Qué no se te pase. Ya a la venta a través de DC Comics México. . Búscanos en Facebook como #NoobComics 🖖🤓 . . . #comics #dcrebirth #dcuniverserebirth #dc #dccomics #dccómicsméxico #dccomicsmexico #haljordan #haljordanandthegreenlanterncorps #robertvenditti #ethanvansciver #rafasandoval
#dcuniverserebirth LOS MEJORES TÍTULOS DE LA EDITORIAL #1 EN VENTAS @dccomics DISPONIBLES SOLO EN @yicomicstorebarranquilla tu tienda de cómics en #barranquilla !!!
Finished DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH: BATMAN I AM GOTHAM by Tom King and David Finch. Highly recommended! The writing is spare, stripped down classic Batman storytelling and Finch’s art is bold, dark, detailed but not too stylistic. #batman #dcuniverserebirth #iamgotham #thedarkknight #tomking #davidfinch
“She says she loves you.” If this isn’t the saddest scene eVER in this issue 😭💔 I honestly love Dolphin, she’s so precious!!& a total badass sweetheart, and her relationship with Aquaman is so special it makes me smile :’) even though I have a feeling what might happen to her in the next & final issue of the Sink Atlantis! arc, I’m keeping my fingers cROSSED !! 🤞😢 / / - Suicide Squad (2016) issue 46
The brightest star in Heaven ✨ This issue brought back the relationship of Babs & her brother but to me, it also highlighted the importance of self worth, that despite what others think about yourself, the only person who’s opinion that truly matters is that of yourself 💙 / / - Batgirl (2016) Annual 2
HARLEY QUINN issue 50 is out THIS WEDNESDAY! A giant-sized anniversary ART JAM issue, featuring Tremendous John Timms and a dozen all-star guest-star artists! This one is a biggie: HARLEY QUINN DESTROYS DC CONTINUITY! A cast of thousands, Easter Eggs galore, and on every page you'll say, "they f***ing got away with that?!" Cover by Harley Queen Amanda Conner. Outstanding work, above and beyond, by editors Alex Antone and Andrea Shea, keeping this monumental issue from going right off the rails. No hype, this is comic is absolutely UNLIKE ANY COMIC you've EVER read before! 🖤♦️🖤♦️🖤♦️🖤♦️ #harleyquinn #harleyquinncomic #dccomics #dcuniverserebirth
Até que Titãs é bom, porém esperava mais foco sobre Wally West, sobre ele indo atrás do que aconteceu com ele, mas é só uma história do grupo se reunindo novamente, o ponto mais baixo é a HQ O Contrato de Lázaro, fraco demais... . . #comiccollection #comiccollector #comicbooks #comicbooksociety #comic #dccomics #paninicomics #leitura #quadrinhos #hqs #comics #instahqs #instacomics #coleção #minhaestante #minhasleituras #minhacoleção #dcuniverse #dcuniverserebirth #dcrenascimento #universodcrenascimento #danabnett #titans #instadc #equipesuperamigos
Tbh I miss his old uniform((as Damian would say, its not a costume!!😂)) but he’s new design is really sleek & cool 😎 only that instead of a pair of guns, he’s using a crowbar ? & the note he left on the driver’s wheel + the crowbar is giving me joker vibes omg 😰🤭 but whichever uniform or weapons he’s using, his heart is still the same sarcastic, no bullshit, kind Jason Todd 😂😉 / / Sadded that this is gonna be the last issue as RHATO for prolly a long time before the next issue’s title change 😢 / / - Red Hood & the Outlaws (2016) issue 26
I lOVE THIS ISSUE SM omg !! 💙 Firstly, the art 🤤 just wOW, its bEAUTIFUL & it really brought out the best version of Batman with the details & all !! 🤩 Then can we talk about Alfred’s sarcasm & banter with Bruce HAHAHA 😂 & not to mention, him reminding Bruce that he’s proud of him despite the down time he’s in now 😭💙 & lastly, Bruce’s own sarcasm towards Alfred & Jim ((he obviously got it from Alfred 😂)) plus the pUPPY scene !! The whole situation is just super adorable especially it coming from a superhero like Batman 🙈😍 he’s so precious omg !! & now that he’s trying to accept & adapt to the situation/feelings he’s feeling, he just really seems more candid ((like what Jim said)) & it’s endearing that he’s trying to open up 💙 / / - Detective Comics (2016) issue 988
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