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Went back to it and added better blacks and more shadows. What a failure. I wanted this to have a half finished look. #batman #batmanday #dccomics #dceu #dccomicsrebirth #comix #comicbookart #artofvisuals #sketchoftheday #sketchbook #draw #drawing #drawingtable
Good morning ☕☕ Here's my piece for #batmanday Time lapse video coming soon. As well as something about this for #youtube . #batman #darkknight #sketches #sketch #sketchbook #illustrate #illustration #prismacolormarkers #sketchoftheday #artofvisuals #artcast #dccomics #dccomicsrebirth #new52
James Bartholomew Olsen o Jimmy Olsen Se trata de un joven reportero amigo y compañero de Clark Kent y Lois Lane en el Daily Planet. Primera aparición Superman Nº 13 (1941), Jimmy nació en Metrópolis y fue criado por su madre, ya que su padre desapareció en una misión militar. Más tarde descubrió que su padre había estado envuelto en Cadmus. Es un viejo amigo de Lois Lane y Clark Kent, quienes lo animaron a tomar un empleo en el diario Daily Planet. Parece ser un reportero competente, aunque su ambición, orgullo y actitud temeraria frecuentemente frustran sus mejores intentos. Jimmy ha salido con varias mujeres: Catherine Grant, Lucy Lane, Babe Tanaka, Misa y Chloe Silverston. Su reputación como el amigo de Superman comenzó cuando llamó su atención con una señal hipersónica para que lo ayudara a salvar la vida de una amiga. Cuando Superman retornó de su exilio en el espacio, inadvertidamente infectó a Jimmy con un virus que hizo que su cuerpo adquiriera propiedades elásticas. #superman #supermanfans #supermanlover #supermancomics #supermanrebirth #supermannew52 #dcextendeduniverse #dccomics #dccomicsrebirth #dccomicsnew52 @superman._.lover_ @tomwellingsuperman @supermanjaviolivares @superman
Aaaaaand, the number 1 Batman villain iiiiiiiis The Joker!!!!! To absolutely nobody's surprise, the Clown Prince of Crime takes the spot as Batman's top rival, and for good reason! Throughout his existence, he has plagued Batman and Gotham City with nothing less than utter remorselessness and sadistic glee. He loves every dark and horrible thing he does, revelling in the utter misery he brings to others, all while laughing like a demon from the pits of Hell. He also has accomplished many impressive achievements such as murdering Jason Todd, crippling Barbara Gordon, damaging reality with Mr Mxyzptlk's power and even contaminating the Gotham fish with his Joker toxin. With all these schemes ranging from the silly to the sadistic, the Joker has been interpreted and portrayed many ways across the media. Some versions such as the 1966 TV show have him as a goofy crime clown, the 1989 movie paints him as a brutal and violent gangster and the Batman: Arkham games make him a twisted and purely evil psychotic - all valid and true versions of the Joker, which is one of his most endearing traits. Regardless of how you look at it, the Joker's unique design and malleable personality make him one of the most iconic and memorable Villains of all time and definitely make him the top enemy of The Batman! #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #batfamily #batmanmovie #batman
Top 11 Batman Villains Continued. The second villain gets a post of his own: 2. RAS AL GHUL - The Demon's Head is one of the most powerful men alive with centuries of life and a worldwide army of followers at his disposal, with only the Batman being able to truly challenge him. Like Batman, Ras has vast wealth, skill, intelligence, technology and a drive to stop evil. However, Ras focuses on seeing humans as evil, for their damage to the environment and he plans to wipe out most of humanity before dawning a new age of superhumans under his rule. Ras and Batman have a strange mutual understanding and Ras has even helped Batman as long as it proved useful to his end goals, which prove wide enough to even challenge the Justice League as seen in the Tower Of Babel comic. Ras' ruthlessness and twisted devotion to justice are only further highlighted in Batman: Arkham City, where it was revealed that he orchestrated the game's major events as an experiment to wipe Gotham of its filth, playing nearly everyone for a fool with ease. Ras has outclassed every Batman villain as a threat with his sheer influence and connections alone. That added to his brilliance and fighting capabilities means that he will never see the inside of a prison for long, and he ensures as Batman's ultimate rival.... Except for one. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #batfamily #batmanmovie #batman
Top 11 Batman Villains continued: 3b. BANE - The Man Who Broke The Bat, Bane was raised in the hellish prison Pena Dura, and became stronger, smarter and more inhuman as the years passed. By the time he made his way to Gotham in the Knightfall comic, Bane was a tactical genius and physical powerhouse that tore the city into chaos. Interestingly, the Venom he uses to increase his physical capabilities is a drug and he's been working to overcome his addiction, battling his need for the substance. Further development has shown Bane join the Secret Six and act as a big brother to Scandal Savage, allowing him to act as an anti-hero for a while. Batman also respects Bane for being what he could have been if he chose another path, showing that there's more to him than a big lug. 3a. RED HOOD - "BuTt JAsoN ISA gOoD BoI!!!" Yes, yes, I know.... I'm counting him only when he was acting as a criminal because he really was iconic. In many ways, Jason is Batman's greatest failure. He was recklessly put in danger as Robin, killed by the Joker because Batman couldn't communicate and he acted as one of the most dangerous threats to Gotham in years because he saw Batman as unable to stop Gotham's criminals. All that including the fact that Jason knows all of Batman's secrets and uses that advantage incredibly well made him an impressive villain in the Under The Hood comic. Interestingly, he also acts as the Joker's secondary rival in Under The Hood, beating the clown half to death and stalking him like an angel of vengeance. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #batfamily #batmanmovie #batman
Top 11 Batman Villains continued: 4b. HUSH - Tommy Elliot was the childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, but not by any good means. All his life, Hush was taught by his parents that manipulation and ambition were all that you could get from life. In fact, his parents deliberately set him up to be Bruce's friend just to get close to the Waynes and their money. Elliot was always bright, outsmarting Bruce as a child and even as Batman, with chess being a motif of his. He is also not above targeting Batman's loved ones, including Catwoman and Superman, in very brutal manners. However, he is arrogant and his complexity addiction keeps him from truly stepping up to be better than Bruce, infuriating him. 4a. PROFESSOR HUGO STRANGE - This guy was one of Batman's first supervillains, period. Using an army of "Monster Men", Strange challenged Batman in a way that most thugs couldn't and established the more outlandish elements of Batman's comics. Strange uses his mind to observe others, figuring out that Batman was Bruce Wayne, but believes that Wayne is Batman for the power. This tells you about Hugo, especially as he is envious of the Batman persona while Hush is envious of the Bruce Wayne persona, but lacks the ideals to properly act as the Batman. To see the evil genius that is Hugo Strange, one only needs to play Batman: Arkham City where he plans to cleanse Gotham of its criminals with Protocol 10, doing the one thing Batman could not do. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #batfamily #batmanmovie #batman
Top 11 Batman Villains list continued: 5b. THE PENGUIN - Gotham City's "Gentleman of Crime", The Penguin remains a major criminal in Gotham, running his enterprises with a brilliant and cunning mind that allows him to keep up with Joker, Riddler and Two Face despite his form. Part of his evil nature came from the abuse he suffered from his father and his weak mother. He would often be beaten, emotionally neglected and exposed to inappropriate acts in his home while also being bullied at school. As such, the Penguin has turned into a truly savage and hateful person hiding behind the thin disguise of a gentleman who runs the Iceberg Lounge. Behind the scenes, he's responsible for a lot of smuggling, murder and theft, making him one of the most deadly Gotham criminals that Batman frequently has to watch. Don't forget that he's a charmer who manages to convince both Batman and Joker of all people to leave him be at times, while also carrying a deadly arsenal of trick umbrellas and flock of killer birds. 5a. BLACK MASK - Gotham's top dog, Roman Sionis keeps his criminal enterprise with an iron fist and devious mind. Black Mask is an intimidating figure who has managed to fight Batman, Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing and others by himself with varying degrees of success. He's also made a good amount of enemies, especially of Catwoman and Batman for his sadistic acts against Holly Robinson and Stephanie Brown respectively. He's completely merciless and enjoys turning a situation to his advantage, taking over all the crime in Gotham following the War Games comic. He also leads a cult known as the "True Facers" and is almost always seen with his False Face gang, making it difficult for anyone to touch him, especially in the 1970s comics. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #batfamily #batmanmovie #batman
Top 11 Batman Villains list continued: 7. TWO FACE - Two Face is interesting in the sense that he's probably the first example of Batman's hope in people truly being damaged. Originally Gotham's top lawyer and one of the few honest lawmen, Harvey's face was scarred and his mental state further deteriorated, turning him into one of Gotham's most evil and notorious gangsters. He even has a certain rivalry with every Robin except Damian. He beat Dick Grayson senseless in front of Batman (who was restrained) during his first outings, murdered Jason Todd's father and nearly murdered Tim Drake, with Dick having to save him. His mental state is also interesting to look at given that it all depends on the flip of a coin, working towards good with heads but being vicious and evil with tails. His mind has devolved so much so that at one point he even tried to kill himself in the Animated Series as another personality known as The Judge, it seems like Dent can never be at peace. 6. CATWOMAN - Selina is THE woman for Batman. There's so much passion and chemistry between the two, yet they can never truly be together due to their walks of life. Even when Catwoman seems to join Batman on the side of Justice, something always comes up. Her cool, slick attitude is cool and naturally impresses readers/viewers, especially with her fighting, cunning and seductive nature. She's managed to move up from a simple cat burglar to one of the most connected and influential players in Gotham, facing even Villains like the Joker without a second thought. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #batfamily #batmanmovie #batman
Top 11 Batman Villains list continued: 9b. POISON IVY - Ivy is one dangerous woman, perhaps being the most dangerous of Batman's enemies. After all, she controls plants and could very well manipulate trees, the very things people need to breathe and even successfully took over the world by spreading her spores throughout the plants. She also wishes to stop humanity from destroying plant life, which is an admirable goal but ultimately goes about it in her flawed way. Her relationship with Harley is just wonderful, being very caring and supportive of her, frequently protecting her from the Joker's wrath. 9a. MR FREEZE - Perhaps the only Batman villain who has a surefire way to stop Ivy, given the cold kills plants (and yes, I'm aware that them sharing this spot reminds you of... That movie) and similar to her, he despises almost all human life. However, considering that the only person who showed him real love is cryogenically frozen just to stay alive, you can understand his sorrow. The Animated Series helped reinvent him and as such is the one that most people think of when remembering Mr Freeze. 8. RIDDLER - Incredibly smart, with his riddles providing constant challenges for both Batman and the readers to deduce, especially in the Animated Series where viewers could catch on. Oddly enough, he could be considered the main villain of the 1966 show where his frequent appearances and riddles played off of Batman's skills in deducing them. His compulsion to leave riddles in his crimes has actually come to haunt him, making him frequently question his sanity and keeping him from a normal life, much to his despair. He even took some time as a heroic Detective, working with Batman before slipping back to crime. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #batfamily #batmanmovie #batman
Top 11 Batman Villains (There are a good amount of ties) 11b. CLAYFACE - It's enjoyable to see Clayface as a hammy, over the top actor type of villain who enjoys every second of his "performances". There's something strangely endearing about it, especially in media such as Batman: Arkham City. He also happens to be incredibly dangerous, being a powerful shape-shifter and having the ability to melt others with a touch. The name Clayface also has a legacy, with up to 8 people having held the mantle. 11a. HARLEY QUINN - Let's make it clear that Harley is funny, adorable and likeable hence her recent rise in popularity. It's also important to note that she, like Clayface, has made a change in her life and is progressing into somewhat of a heroic character - coming across many of DC's major players and introducing wacky hijinx into their lives. That also being said, it's good that she's finally managed to escape the Joker's abuse and strengthened her relationship with Poison Ivy, becoming more confident and dedicated to being good as the days go by. 10. SCARECROW - Crane's life was one always filled with abuse, from bullies at school to his religious zealot of a grandmother who locked him in a basement filled with crows. Is it any wonder he turned out the way he did, given that all he was allowed to experience through childhood was fear? Crane also carries a sort of supernatural vibe with him, especially with his fear gas and disturbingly slim figure that really does make him look like a demonic scarecrow. So much so that in the Animated Series' last season, his redesign and appearance gave kids nightmares. He also was a teacher, who has a soft spot for bullied children, trained Hush and even has a friendship with Mad Hatter, as seen in Batman The Long Halloween. So it gives him a form of connection with others that is usually unseen, fleshing him out somewhat. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #batfamily #batmanmovie #batman
Top 5 Batman Films: 5. Batman Under The Red Hood - A faithful and terrific adaptation of the Under The Hood comic, cutting out unnecessary pieces of the story. The mystery managed to keep fresh and the characters of this movie really managed to draw you in, making you care about all the players. Adding to that, the designs of each character were all very impressive and the voice work was amazing. 4. Batman 1989 - A brilliant, gothic reimagining of Batman and all his elements. This film helped establish the image of Batman in most people's eyes. To this day people remember the creepy Gotham City, booming soundtrack and intimidating Batman and Joker. This film was recognisably set in the 1980s, which helped push the rustic vibe of the entire experience. 3. The LEGO Batman Movie - Everything in this movie is hilarious and the jokes have such respect for the legacy of Batman. This film had all sorts of nods to every Batman fan and it had enough heart and action to draw in casual viewers. The movie is not boring and the alternate interpretations of Batman, Joker, Robin and others are strangely insightful. Fun times for all. 2. The Dark Knight - A high stakes, high action mix of stories such as Batman The Man Who Laughs and The Long Halloween with its own style. The themes of heroics and villainy, order and chaos and human integrity are enough for one to write an essay on. Heath Ledger as the Joker was a ghastly force to behold, outclassing everyone with such swagger. Even the ending isn't like most hero movies, marking a noble sacrifice Batman makes. 1. Batman The Mask of the Phantasm.... Will get its own post. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #dcmultiverse #batman #batmanday2018 #batmanday #batmanmovie
If you happen to be in Moreno Valley tomorrow stop by at both @players_dugout between 11a.m.to 1p.m. and @zerogravity2013 from 1p.m. to 3p.m. for Batman Day I'll be cosplaying as RedHood and having all my helmets on display so you can check out the amazing work made from @godofprops Professional pictures taken by @californiaskiesphotography @photony__ @diadeverde87 #redhood #jasontodd #redhoodandtheoutlaws #redhoodandtheoutlawsrebirth #redhoodandarsenal #redhoodcosplay #dccomics #dccomicsrebirth #dccomicsantiheros #dcuniverse #dccomicsuniverse #dcnew52 #dccomicsnew52 #batman #batmanandredhood #batmanundertheredhood #batmandeathinthefamily
Elizabeth Tulloch has been cast as Lois Lane for 2018 annual crossover event, Lois Lane will only appear in two out of the three crossover episodes Are you happy with the casting for Lois Lane? AND How hyped are you for Lois Lane to make her Arrowverse debut in the 2018 crossover event? #dc #dcextendeduniverse #flash #dceu #spiderman #dccomics #marvelcomics #marvelcinematicuniverse #marvel #dccomicsnews #dccomicsrebirth #picoftheday #picofthenight #awesome #cool #s #marvel #avengersinfinitywar #cheetah #wonderwoman #shazam #joker #marvel #earth #greenlantern #flash #arsenal #justiceleague #batman #superman
Kingdom Come plantea una humanidad repleta de metahumanos (seres con superpoderes), los cuales utilizan sus habilidades para su beneficio o para aplicar una forma distorsionada de justicia. Esto los enfrenta con los miembros de la Liga de la Justicia, contando la nueva generación y el apoyo de los héroes originales: Superman, la Mujer Maravilla, Batman, Linterna Verde y Flash, entre otros, que regresan después que una explosión nuclear destruyera Kansas (el hogar de Superman) este hecho los devuelve a la palestra en medio de una nueva sociedad de villanos liderada por Lex Luthor y las Organización de las Naciones Unidas en contra de los metahumanos. La historia se desarrolla alrededor de una generación después de todos los sucesos ocurridos en el Universo DC. #superman #supermanmovies #supermancomics #supermanart #supermanlovers #supermanfans #supermanreturns #supermanrebirth #supermannew52 #dccomics #dccomicsart #dccomicsfans #dccomicsfan #dccomicsuniverse #dccomicsmexico #dccomicsrebirth
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