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Atomica (Rhonda Pineda) Hailing from Earth-3, Rhonda Pineda is the viciously sadistic girlfriend of Jonathan Allen, being a notorious child killer. Shortly after saving Jonathan from Leonard Snart and Mick Rory, they were hunted down by the Central City Police and cornered on the roof of STAR Labs. Their lives would be changed after getting struck with lightning and Rhonda fell into a device used for size-changing experiments. With the deadly ability to shrink and elude enemies, Atomica served as Johnny Quick's partner in crime, gleefully joining the Crime Syndicate. Though she would be stranded on Earth-0 before the Crime Syndicate could arrive due to the Anti-Monitor ravaging the universe. Atomica learned of the Justice League and got into their good graces by defusing an Atlantean bomb during an attack by the Ocean Master and played both them and Amanda Waller's JLA strike force against each other. This would all pay off when she, the Alfred Pennyworth of Earth-3 and Grid used Pandora's Box to open a portal to Earth-3, bringing the Crime Syndicate to Earth-0. Now with her team, Atomica proved to be a particularly wicked and personal killer, but ineffective against the airtight armour of Black Manta. After being wounded and stuck with a damaged size altering belt, Atomica would be stepped on by Lex Luthor as payback for bringing the Crime Syndicate to his world, killing her. POWERS: Atomica can shrink her body to the subatomic level, even managing to enter technology such as video games. She is also a skilled hacker, managing to bring the Grid to life and is a skilled manipulator. WEAKNESSES: Atomica needs her size altering belt to return to normal size or she will be stuck at a tiny size, capable of getting crushed by Luthor's boots. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #dcmultiverse #justiceleague #crisisoninfiniteearths #foreverevil #crimesyndicate
The Grid The Grid was first created when Cyborg realised that he could use his telecommunication powers to watch nearly every superhuman on Earth and created a secondary system to passively store and organise data on metahumans. Unbeknownst to Cyborg, the system grew, developing into a neural network that retained certain flaws from hackers and viruses Cyborg encountered. It was then given full sentience by Atomica uploading the Crime Syndicate's files into Cyborg, creating an "artificial evil" and was finally able to reveal itself when Atomica brought the Crime Syndicate to Earth-0. Grid then took control of Cyborg's mechanical parts and left Victor a wounded mess on the floor as he joined the Crime Syndicate. Grid acted as the data hub of the Crime Syndicate, serving them in the hopes that he could feel the one thing he lacked: emotion. He would eventually be stopped by a new and improved Cyborg, who shut down his body. Yet unbeknownst to Cyborg, Grid once again entered his systems at the last second and was reactivated by Superwoman when the Anti-Monitor appeared on Earth-0. Grid would finally meet his end when he joined Owlman in trying to learn the secrets of the universe, only to be struck down by Dr Manhattan. POWERS: Grid's body is made of Cyborg's prosthetics and as such, his physical capacity is above that of most humans. He is also capable of limited shape-shifting by manipulating his mechanical parts. Grid can also access Cyborg's weapon systems and control any technology that isn't protected against him specifically. WEAKNESSES: Grid needs a body or else he is nothing more than a sentient computer virus. His obsession to feel emotions can serve as a restriction at times, stopping in missions to test if he will feel anything. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #dcmultiverse #justiceleague #crisisoninfiniteearths #foreverevil #crimesyndicate
Deathstorm (Martin Stein) Hailing from Earth-3, Professor Martin Stein was one of the foremost minds in the field of theoretical biology, though he used highly amoral and ghastly means of researching the nature of death. Stein would often lure unsuspecting homeless people to his lab and use them as test subjects in his frequent tests to create life from death. Enemies of the Crime Syndicate employed him to try and stop them, but he only used their resources to further his work and even experimented on himself with the corpse of Ronnie Raymond. Now fused with Ronnie, Stein became the freakishly undead nuclear monstrosity known as Deathstorm, joining the Crime Syndicate, often being used by Ultraman in an effort to create Kryptonite and frequently begged by Power Ring to free him of the Ring Of Volthoom. Deathstorm would meet his true demise after Superwoman strangled him to death with her Lasso of Submission. POWERS: Deathstorm is a brilliant scientist, deeply intimate with biology and chemistry in particular. Similarly to Firestorm, he can transmute matter, fly and toss nuclear flames with the added ability of transmuting organic materials. Deathstorm can also absorb biological energy from people, draining their life force for his own regeneration. WEAKNESSES: Deathstorm is unable to transmute items into alien materials as seen in his inability to create Kryptonite, much to Ultraman's disgust. Deathstorm is also vulnerable to mind control as seen in Superwoman's domination of him with her Lasso of Submission. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #dcmultiverse #justiceleague #crisisoninfiniteearths #foreverevil #crimesyndicate
Johnny Quick (Jonathan Allen) Hailing from Earth-3, Jonathan Allen was a high profile criminal on the run from the Central City Police along with his equally sadistic girlfriend, Rhonda Pineda. Shortly after killing Leonard Snart and Mick Rory with Rhonda's aid, Jonathan was cornered on the roof of STAR Labs along with Rhonda by the police. A bolt of lightning struck them both, causing them to fall into the laboratory below. Landing amid the chemicals, Jonathan gained a connection to the Speed Force and became a supervillain known as Johnny Quick along with Rhonda, who became Atomica. Johnny lived as a free spirit until Ultraman took over the world and he joined the Crime Syndicate to ensure his safety and he happily took the lead in murdering dissenters of the Crime Syndicate. On Earth-0, he would lose his right leg to Captain Cold shortly before being killed and having his powers absorbed by Alexander Luthor Sr. POWERS: Due to his connection to the Speed Force, Johnny can do everything the Flash can. He can run at near lightspeed, manipulate his own bioelectricity and subtly warp physics with the Speed Force. WEAKNESSES: Johnny is arrogant and only liked by Atomica. He is also vulnerable to negative temperatures, as seen by Captain Cold's gun freezing his leg long enough for Cold to kick it off. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #dcmultiverse #justiceleague #crisisoninfiniteearths #foreverevil #crimesyndicate
Power Ring (Harold Jordan) Hailing from Earth-3, Harold Jordan was always a weak willed simp of a man, with no drive or ambition. Harold was a lowly janitor at Ferris Air, often spying on Carol Ferris until he was caught by her violent father, Carl Ferris. The sheer terror in Jordan's heart was enough to summon the mystical Ring Of Volthoom, bringing him to the crash site of Abin Sur, who begged Jordan to take the Ring of Volthoom. Jordan was bonded to the ring after Abin Sur's death, often being tortured and bullied into following the Ring Of Volthoom's orders, the two of them bonding as Power Ring. Power Ring joined the Crime Syndicate, often paired with Johnny Quick and Deathstorm, who both detested his cowardice. Deathstorm in particular disliked his begging to be freed from the ring as it was slowly destroying his body, with Deathstorm having a sick fascination with his mutations. On Earth-0, Power Ring would meet his untimely demise at the hands of Sinestro, finally happy, grateful for death after his miserable life. Though Jordan died, the Ring of Volthoom went on to possess Jessica Cruz, summon the Anti-Monitor to Earth-0 and even play a part in the Darkseid War. POWERS: Power Ring has the same abilities of Green Lantern, namely energy constructs, energy projection, force shield projection, life support and language translation. The Power Ring of Volthoom is also able to possess others and is a threatening presence. WEAKNESSES: Jordan is at times so cowardly that he can barely function and often has bad luck. The Ring Of Volthoom is unable to access most of its abilities on its own. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #dcmultiverse #justiceleague #crisisoninfiniteearths #foreverevil #crimesyndicate
Superwoman (Lois Lane) Hailing from Earth-3, Superwoman is an Amazon from Damnation Island with not much known about her past. Taking on the name Lois Lane, Superwoman often kept a watch on Ultraman, simulating events to get his attention and seduce him, beggining a dysfunctional relationship with him. As a member of the Crime Syndicate, Superwoman was the most untrustworthy and mysterious, even cheating on Ultraman with Owlman and Alexander Luthor Sr. Superwoman would join the Crime Syndicate in their invasion of Earth-0, manipulating Ultraman and Owlman by mentioning her pregnancy, also keeping the two men suspicious of each other. This ruse would come to an end when Lex Luthor's Injustice League invaded the Crime Syndicate's Citadel and freed Alexander Luthor Sr, who was revealed to be the true father of her child. She then allied herself with Alexander Luthor Sr in a fight against the villains from both Earth-3 and Earth-0. However, they were both defeated and Superwoman would take joy in the fact that her baby kicked, signalling great doom. Superwoman would meet her end after giving birth when Grail - daughter of Darkseid - burnt her alive with her Omega Beams, shortly after giving birth to her baby. POWERS: Superwoman has the same physical power as Wonder Woman, with divine strength, speed, reflexes and durability. Superwoman wields a Lasso of Submission that brings others under her control and can fire heat vision from her eyes. WEAKNESSES: Superwoman's manipulative and deceitful nature can catch up with her. She's also highly arrogant. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #dcmultiverse #justiceleague #crisisoninfiniteearths #foreverevil #crimesyndicate
Owlman (Thomas Wayne Jr.) Hailing from Earth-3, Thomas Wayne Jr is the elder brother of Bruce Wayne, having a decent relationship with the youngest Wayne. Due to the belief that his abusive parents were poorly managing their wealth, Thomas Jr attempted to kill them in an alleyway after a movie. However, Bruce tried to dissuade Thomas Jr, only to get shot for his weakness. The Wayne parents were shot dead by Alfred Pennyworth and Thomas Jr had it all, yet Bruce's death saddened him. Over the years, Thomas Jr began to slowly assert his power over crime in Gotham by training his body to perfection and assuming the fearsome guise of Owlman. Owlman threatened, blackmailed and payed off all the major players in Gotham, adding illicit wealth and power to his already legitimate gains. While at a circus, Thomas Jr met Richard Grayson, and the boy reminded him of Bruce in addition to his excellent acrobatic skills. He then had Richard's parents killed and trained him to become Talon, his partner in crime. Talon would soon learn his parents were murdered by Owlman and struck out on his own to kill the Jokester, only for the Jokester to kill Talon. Owlman would then join the Crime Syndicate, acting as a sneaky and untrustworthy member. Owlman would join them in their invasion of Earth-0, meeting his end when he tried to discover the universe's secrets, being destroyed by Dr Manhattan. SKILLS: Owlman is every bit as physically skilled and fit as Batman, having similar owl themed gadgets to Batman. Owlman also enhances his intelligence via his helmet and his armour subtly increases his physical power. Owlman is also a deadly and intimidating enemy, willing to murder and use firearms. WEAKNESSES: Owlman's helmet can damage his mind if the intelligence enhancer is left on too long and he tends to be too untrustworthy or creepy to be honestly liked. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #dcmultiverse #justiceleague #crisisoninfiniteearths #foreverevil #crimesyndicate
Ultraman (Kal-Il) Hailing from Earth-3, baby Kal-Il was sent from his dying planet Krypton by his hateful parents Jor-Il and Lara as a form of vengeance against the mysterious being that destroyed the planet. While being rocketed to Earth, Kal-Il was indoctrinated by recordings of his father that weakness was not to be tolerated and it is his right to conquer. Crashing in the home of Johnny and Martha Kent, Kal-Il violently forced the pair to be his parents before killing them at age 7. Over the following years, Kal-Il took on the name Ultraman and conquered the Earth, forming the Crime Syndicate in the process. The Crime Syndicate would reign over Earth-3 as an effective, if dysfunctional, force before the arrival of the same mysterious being that destroyed Krypton left their world in ruins. Ultraman and his allies eventually invaded Earth-0 and briefly took over the planet, leaving the Justice League trapped in the unstable Firestorm matrix. However, he would be stopped by the combined forces of Lex Luthor's Injustice League and the Earth-3 version of Lex Luthor. Ultraman would be imprisoned, constantly kept weak and miserable until the arrival of the mysterious destroyer of Earth-3, better known as the Anti-Monitor. Reckless and violent, Ultraman would attack the Anti-Monitor before being totally obliterated by the Anti-Monitor's antimatter attack. POWERS: Ultraman has all of Superman's powers, fuelled by Kryptonite. Ultraman has incredible physical powers, rivalling that of gods and he is able to fly at tremendous speeds. Ultraman has heat vision, micro vision, X-Ray vision and frost breath. WEAKNESSES: Ultraman's violent, arrogant and unpleasant nature leave him with no friends and the Crime Syndicate often plot against him. He is also weakened by sunlight and needs Kryptonie to maintain his great power levels. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #dcmultiverse #justiceleague #crisisoninfiniteearths #foreverevil #crimesyndicate #crimesyndicateofamerica
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Esta historia introduce el personaje de Andrea Beamount, un viejo amorío de Bruce Wayne con la que inicia un romance al regresar a Gotham City. Simultáneamente a estos hechos, aparece en escena un vigilante que elimina sistemáticamente a los jefes del crimen de la ciudad; quien por su aspecto es confundido con Batman. Prófugo de la justicia, el caballero de la noche debe hallar al asesino, para así limpiar su nombre y poder formalizar su compromiso con Andrea. #batman #batmananimated #batmanmaskofthephantasm #batmancomics #batmanfan #batmanfanart #batmanrebirth #newbatman #batmannew52 #dccomics #dccomicsfanart #dccomicsfan #dccomicsfans #dccomicsrebirth #dccomicsnew52 #joker #brucetimm @hamillhimself
*** BATMANvSUPERMAN *** Te imaginas al gran héroe de Metrópolis y al caballero oscuro de Gotham en una noche de citas en parejas. Con una premisa tan simple Tom King nos trae una historia divertida y diferente que reafirma el gran nivel que ha tomado la serie. Olvidando por una noche los crímenes de sus ciudades, Bruce y Clark junto a sus parejas disfrutan de una salida entre amigos en una feria tradicional donde solo se puede ingresar vestido de superhéroe, ese pequeño detalle traerá hilarantes situaciones donde el lector disfrutará cada página de este comic. Por algo Bruce y Clark no sólo son amigos, son SUPERAMIGOS! . . . #superman #batman #catwoman #loislane #brucewayne #clarkkent #selinakyle #dccomics #comics #tebeo #reseña #comicreader #comicreview #readingtime #instareading #instacomics #instacomicbooks #comicbooks #comicgram #comicstagram #comicsofinstagram #comicoftheday #lovecomics #ECCEdiciones #dcuniverse #dcrebirth #dccomicsrebirth #dcnation #batmanvsuperman #batmanvssuperman
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Dia 14: Reloj Algunos creerán que es hize un dibujo algo simple y en parte es cierto pero este reloj es el que uso Emiko (hermana de Green Arrow). #inktober2018 #inktober #dc #greenarrow #dccomicsrebirth #dcrebirth #emikoqueen
*** SUPERMAN *** Esta ha sido y será mi secuencia favorita de Superman en las viñetas y en el cine. El han rendido homenaje otros héroes infinidad de veces y a pesar de ello no pierde su encanto. . . . #superman #dccomics #comics #clarkkent #loislane #krypton #viñeta #dc #dcuniverse #lastsonofkrypton #comicstrip #comicgram #instacomics #comicbooks #comicbooklovers #comicart #universodc #dccomicsrebirth #dcrebirth #supermanfamily #supermanlover #comicsofinstagram #comicstagram #comicoftheday #manofsteel #ECCEdiciones #comic #instacomicbooks #supermancomics #supermanfans
Batman (Rebirth) issue 36. So precious... God bless Tom King's brilliance! I love the way he develops the characters and stories he puts his hands on and you CAN'T change my mind! 💖 #batman #batmanrebirth #batmancomics #batman36 #dccomicsrebirth #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #rebirth #tomking #superman #catwoman #loislane #comicbook #comics #superheros #inspiration
*** FLASH WAR PRELUDE*** El annual de Flash nos trae un primer vistazo del próximo gran evento en las páginas del velocista escarlata. Esta historia nos muestra la vida actual de Wally West y los avances que ha hecho por recuperar su vida previa al Flashpoint. Por otro lado "Los renegados" una especie de patrulla temporal (vista en la etapa de Johns "Rumbo a Flashpoint") se encuentra rumbo a detener a Iris West acusada del asesinato de Hunter Zolomon más conocido como el Zoom. Este comic trae además el inicio del arco "Tormenta Perfecta" donde incursiona Grodd como villano de la historia en esta etapa de Rebirth. Por cierto ya no tenemos el habitual título de "Renacimiento" en la portada sino un cintillo en la parte superior con el logo de DC cómics que le queda chulísimo. El annual de Flash ha coincidido con la numeración 700 Usa del héroe un motivo más para apuntarte a la historia. Larga vida a los velocistas !!! . . . #flash #dc #dccomics #comics #theflash #barryallen #wallywest #iriswest #hunterzolomon #zoom #dcuniverse #dcrebirth #dccomicsrebirth #dccomicsheroes #flashfamily #flashwar #comicreader #readingtime #instareading #comicreview #lovecomics #comicstagram #comicgram #comicsofinstagram #comicoftheday #ECCEdiciones #theflashcomics #grodd #speedforce #theflash
Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore) Courtney Whitmore was born and raised in sunny California, living a safe, typical life until her divorced mother married Pat Dugan and moved them to Blue Valley, Nebraska. Courtney resented the move and her step father, often rummaging through his stuff, where she would one day find the old equipment of Sylvester Pemberton, whom her step father served as a sidekick to. Seeing this as an opportunity to have fun at his expense, Courtney donned a similar costume to the Star Spangled Kid and wore it to a spirit week dance, which would be attacked by the Dragon King and his thugs. Fortunately, she had help from her step father, who took this as a test drive of the S.T.R.I.P.E armour and they saved the dance as a team. Courtney would take on the name Stargirl as a sign of newfound respect for her step father and the heroic work he has done, learning from him as she gradually rises to success. SKILLS: Courtney's natural acrobatic skills make her an effective kickboxer. Her Cosmic Rod grants her flight, telekinesis and the power to manipulate starlight. Her Cosmic Converter Belt also allows her to fly and has been modified to increase her physical capabilities. WEAKNESSES: Courtney has the baggage of being a teenager and can be too stubborn for her own good at times. Sometimes the pressure of being a hero can also get to her. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #dcmultiverse #justiceleague #justicesociety
S.T.R.I.P.E (Pat Dugan) Pat Dugan's story started when he aided the young Sylvester Pemberton in fighting Nazi Spies during the crux of WW2 on Earth-2. Acting as the sidekick to the Star Spangled Kid, Pat took the name "Stripesy" and served in the Seven Soldiers Of Victory. Lost in time with the rest of the Seven Soldiers Of Victory, Dugan would eventually be rescued by the Justice Society and Justice League. Following this, Dugan would settle down and marry Maggie Shaw, only to have a divorce soon after. Adding to his misery, his patented weapons were stolen by Sylvester's corrupt nephew and he would find out that Sylvester died in battle against Mr Bones. Things would change for the better when he remarried to Barbara Whitmore and met his step daughter Courtney Whitmore. After Courtney took the Cosmic Rod and Cosmic Converter Belt, Dugan would build his own suit of armour to assist her in battle and watch over her as S.T.R.I.P.E. Sometimes venturing out on heroic adventures, Dugan has mostly settled down as a family man and mentor to Courtney. SKILLS: Dugan is a skilled inventor, fighter and has great physical power. His Special Tactics Robotic Integrated Power Enhancer suit is heavily armed, capable of flight and greatly amplifies his strength and durability. WEAKNESSES: Dugan is a bit out of practice in heroics and can put himself in danger to protect his family, with little concern for his own safety. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #dcmultiverse #justiceleague #justicesociety
Skyman (Sylvester Pemberton) Not much is known about the early life of Sylvester Pemberton, except the fact that he served in WW2 alongside his adult sidekick Stripesy on Earth-2 as part of the Seven Soldiers of Victory. During their last mission in 1948, he and the rest of the Seven Soldiers were lost in time due to Per Degaton's activities. They would eventually be rescued from their temporal trap by the Justice League from Earth-0 and the Justice Society native to Earth-2. Changed by this, Sylvester ditched his old identity of the "Star Spangled Kid" and took the Cosmic Converter Belt originally used by Ted Knight, the Starman. Using this belt and more experience, Sylvester took on the name Skyman and served as an inspiration to the younger generation of superheroes. He would tragically meet his end at the hands of Mr Bones, his face burnt. SKILLS: Sylvester is naturally skilled in combat and acrobatics, and his years of fighting have granted him leadership skills and tactical brilliance. He also makes use of the Cosmic Converter Belt, allowing him to fly. WEAKNESSES: Sylvester is as vulnerable as a regular human in a fight. #dc #dccomics #dcrebirth #dcrebirthcomics #dccomicsrebirth #dcmultiverse #justiceleague #justicesociety
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