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[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] I know there’s a lot more, but I thought I’d just throw it out there 😊 what’s another portrayal you think is underrated?
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] My Batman Villains fancast! This took a while to make, but I’m glad it’s out now 🙌😁 Who would some of your picks be?
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] NON-SPOILER REVIEW: “General Rule is, everybody’s lying. Period.” I’d have to say this was a pretty good season, definitely better than the second one. This season tended to focus on the differences of a man at both a younger and older age and how he faced challenging conflicts during each timeline, and how they affected him and the people around him. I like that they returned to a more philosophical tone this season, I feel like that was a big flaw with the second one considering there wasn’t much philosophy in the second season. - I think it’s great that they’re going in the same direction they did for the first season, they seem to be learning what really makes the show special. I really enjoyed the characters and the dialogue this season as well, the partner relationship between Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff was really was done, they definitely casted the right actors. - I’d say the only thing that I can point out was the fact that the season finale was somewhat underwhelming and could’ve been a bit more captivating. But overall, I definitely enjoyed this season and I think they’re going in the right direction, can’t wait to see the next season! 8.7/10 What did you think about this season?
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] Most of the News from this week! In your opinion, what was the best news we got this week? My Jaw almost dropped from that Irishman Teaser 😅 so I’d have to say that was the best news in my opinion!
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] What do you think? I struggled a little bit with the synopsis, it ended up being a lot longer than usual so I had shorten it a bit and it’s still pretty long 😅 and some parts may seem a bit rushed, but I think it’s pretty good 🙌
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] Most of the News we got this week! In your opinion, what’s the best news we got this week? I’d say it’s the fact that the Godzilla Vs Kong Movie is coming out sooner!
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] It’s been a while since I’ve posted a meme 😅 I’m sure someone’s made a meme similar to this. But anyway, who do you guys think is dying in Endgame? I say at least Cap :/
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] Who’s your favorite Batman and Joker actor? I have a bunch of ideas for Top 5 or Top 10 Posts. I’m not gonna spew them out, but expect to see more of them!
[Follow @fancast.spectrum ] I’m Back... Again 😅 I saw @dream_fancast do his fancasts for the Doom Patrol, so Here are my choices for the Doom Patrol! Who would your choices be? My Choices are... The Chief- Viggo Mortensen, Jeff Daniels, Ralph Fiennes Robotman- David Harbour, Ryan Hurst, Ben Affleck Negative Man- Matt Damon, Ryan Gosling, Jeremy Renner Elastigirl- Jennifer Carpenter, Evangeline Lilly, January Jones Crazy Jane- Zoe Kravitz, Emmy Rossum, Lily James
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] NON-SPOILER REVIEW: When I went to the theatre to watch this movie, I didn’t expect to be as pleasantly surprised as I was! It was a very good movie! You get to see two characters, who are very different from one another, go over different types of conflicts, such as Racism or Family Issues. I loved that there was a comedic aspect to the film, based on the premise of the film you’d think it’d just be a tear-jerker, but it actually had an amazing balance of Humor and Emotion. Both Viggo and Mahershala did such an amazing job as well, they both played very different characters compared to what they usually both portray. What was very impressive was that the screenwriters did an excellent job at starting off with two characters who were very different from one another, and making them very close friends, that was really nice to see, and what makes it even better is the fact that it’s based on a true story! One Lesson I got from this story was that you can always learn from someone, even if they aren’t as intelligent as you are. 9.3/10. What did you think of the movie?
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] The second movie of my DCEU! What do you think? I decided to stick with the “Green Lantern: Secret Origin” story arc, but I changed some stuff up. Let me know what you think in the comments!
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] Review: There’s so many different conflicts that The Master goes over such as Atheism Vs Religion, Paganism Vs Christianity, Past Vs Present, Optimism Vs Pessimism, but overall it shows Mentor Vs Teacher and how that conflict plays a part in all of the other little conflicts, and it displays it in a very subtle way. I love that all of the conflicts were apprehended with both Religious and Non-Belief perspectives, it gave the movie such a unique balance and made it much more analytical. The Script was also phenomenal and very well executed by all of the phenomenal cast members. The movie was also very unpredictable, it was at some points difficult to tell what was going to happen next, which made the film a bit more exciting. It’s almost difficult to put into words how impressed I was by this movie, it really is something special. 10/10
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] Made another post like this a while back, but decided to remake it considering now that’s its a bit more relevant. It’s rumored that Gunn is going to go for an all new Team Lineup. Who would you like to see? I just threw in some people who I think would be cool to see 😅
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] The first movie of MY own version of the DCEU! And there’s many more to come! What do you think? Didn’t make it an origin story, but I also wanted to make it so we would get a look into Bruce’s past.
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] What do you think of this Fancast? I don’t know if y’all know him, but he’s from the show Mindhunters on Netflix 🙌 He definitely has the whole Detective Thing down, and he’s pretty fit as well 🙌
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] What do you think about this news? I know some people didn’t think he was that good as Batman, but tbh he was my favorite Live-Action Batman 😅 I hope they find a good actor to replace him!
Some new “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” Stills! What do you guys think? I can’t wait!
An updated version of my Batman Rogues Fancast! Only some have changed since I last posted them 😅 still debating on changing Andrew As Joker to Michael though 😅 My Picks are... Michael Fassbender As Joker Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn Matt Lucas as Penguin Andrew Scott as Riddler Zachary Quinto as Scarecrow Matthew Willig as Bane David Morrissey as Deathstroke Lars Mikkelsen as Hugo Strange Benicio Del Toro as Black Mask David Chisum as Two-Face Ben Barnes as Hush Colin Farrell as Deadshot James Spader as Mr. Freeze Kevin Durand as Killer Croc Riz Ahmed as Clayface Jeffrey Donovan as Firefly Daniel Sharman as Anarky Glenn Fleshler as Calendar Man Mads Mikkelsen as Ra’s Al Ghul Morena Baccarin as Talia Al Ghul Alexandra Breckinridge as Poison Ivy James McAvoy as Victor Zsasz Cliff Curtis as Man-Bat Khary Payton as Mad Hatter Josh McDermitt as Pro. Pyg
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] My Ratings for all of the movies in the Unbreakable trilogy 🙌 What’s your favorite movie from the trilogy? Mine is definitely Unbreakable 🙌😎
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] EDIT: SORRY THE SPELLING MISTAKES! For those of you that have seen it, What did you think? I thought it was really good!
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] A Lineup Of The Watchmen! Who is your favorite member of the Watchmen? Mine would have to be Rorschach 🙌😎
Quand tu crois recevoir un ballot de cocaïne mais qu'en faite c'est carrément mieux! Merci a mon amour de boudinou @sistakamimada pour ces petites merveilles et j'espère que mon ballot de cocaïne pour toi te plaira! Je t'aime ❤❤❤😍 #batfan #batman #gift #friendship #harleyquinn #suicidesquad #dccomicscommunity #dccomics #dccomicsfan #bag
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] Who do you guys think would win? I think the W goes to He-Man 🙌😎
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] This Was Definitely my Favorite part of the FFH Trailer 🙌😎 What was yours?
Sorry I’ve been so inactive all! I’ve been busy with my other account 😅 Anyway, here’s my top picks for the Penguin! Who would your pick be for the Penguin? My Picks are... Matt Lucas Mark Sheppard Jonah Hill Peter Stormare Crispin Glover Nick Frost Dan Fogler Conleth Hill
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] Considering Penguin is gonna be the main villain in the upcoming Batman Movie, I thought I’d do a fancast for him! It’s also rumored that Jonah Hill is going to play him! Who would your fancast be for Penguin?
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] Just a little sympathy for Thanos 😅 On A Scale of 1-10, how excited are you for Endgame? It’s a solid 8 for me!
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] NOT MY EDIT, But make sure to go subscribe to the guy who made it if you liked it!
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] What did you guys think of the Watchmen Teaser? I thought it was really good!
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] Who are some of your favorite comic book characters?
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] Just one more Batman Movie Concept to go till I finish my saga! What do you guys think of this one?
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] All Hail the Condiment King 🙌😂 Who was your favorite villain in BTAS?
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] YES IM AWARE THERE’S ONLY 6 😂 What are some movies you’re very excited to see in 2019? BTW “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” was almost 6 😅
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] What was your favorite Movie of 2018? Mine was FOR SURE Christopher Robin 🤗 My other top 5 would have to be Bohemian Rhapsody, Bad Times at the El Royale, Vice, Sicario: Day of the Soldado, and Infinity War 🙌
Who is this guy? Terrax? At the end of the new #superiorspiderman #122718 doesn’t he look like #darkseid #dccomicscommunity #dcvilians #terraxthetamer
"se a ideia de viver em um mundo onde tentar respeitar os direitos básicos daqueles​ que estão ao seu redor e valorizar cada um simplesmente porque existimos é tão assustadora, uma tarefa impossível, então que tipo de mundo nos é deixado? E em que tipo de mundo você quer viver?". -Mulher maravilha. @dccomics eu amo vc, e não importa o que os outros vão dizer!! 😍 - - #dcunited #dccomicscommunity #art #dceu #dccomicssuperheroes #dccomics #dc #dccomicsuniverse #dccomicsart #dccomicscosplay #dccomicsfan #dccomicsartwork #dccomicsunited #dccomicsheroes #comics #dccomicsnew52 #dcuniverse #justiceleague #dccomicsfanpage #dccomicsguy #wonderwoman #dccomicsrp #elageek #geeksim #dccomicsmemes #dccomicsfanart #dccomicscosplayer #dccomicsfans #geektime
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] The Edits are back! It’s David Morrissey as Deathstroke 🙌😎 Most of the Credit for this goes to my brother though haha, he’s amazing with Photoshop 👌😎 he’s showing me how to do this type of stuff 🙌 so slowly but surely, I’m learning 🙌😂
Good morning Superman ✌ Coffee ? Ok... "You will travel far, my little Kal-El, but we will never leave you. Even after our next death, all the richness of our two lives will belong to you. Everything I've learned, what I own, each of my thoughts ... All this and more becomes your inheritance, my son. You will carry me in you every day, as long as you are alive. All my strength will be your strength. All my life will pass in your eyes, and all your life will pass in mine. The son will become the father, and the father ... the son..." .... #justiceleague #supermanfan #supermanfans #supermanpunch #manofsteel #supermanpushups #supermanreturns #supermansuniverse #supermanreturn #supermancosplay #powerlifting #supermans #clarkkent #dccomics #superman #supermansalive #dccomicsuniverse #dccomicsfan #comics #dccomicscosplayer #dccomicsart #dccomicssuperheroes #dcuniverse #dccomicsfanpage #dccomicsheroes #dccomicsunited #dccomicscommunity
[Follow @_nerdz.united_ ] What did you guys think of the New Aquaman Movie? I’d also like to add to this review, that like the first 30% or so of the movie is kinda meh, but the ending is definitely what makes the movie 🙌
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