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Safety first #davyjean
Puked 15 minutes after this picture. #davyjean
Someone asked me what grade Davy was gonna be in and I said, 1st grade. Nope....wrong. She’s in 3rd grade!!!! Whaaaaaa?! I was 2 years off 😂 I’m so excited that she’s in the same class again. She has the best teacher and some great friends. We are so happy with her progress and she just loves her School. #davyjean
I haven’t taken a bath alone in 8 years. #myview #davyjean
The perks of having a special needs child..... SUMMER SCHOOL!! It’s pretty sweet deal. It’s for a month and a half, for half the day and Friday’s off. It’s pretty much perfect. #davyjean
She may not read or write, but she is happy and loves everyone at school. She remembers everyone’s names, cars people drive and loves to repetitively bring up old stories from the past. We are so happy Davy gets to stay in the same class next year, with a teacher who loves her. #davyjean
I have award winning children. I’m Currently buying a bumper sticker for the mini van....I mean c’mon, AWARD winning children?! Everyone needs to know about this. Especially the strangers driving behind me. Miss Davy was Mustang of the month and Harper was High Honor roll. Perfect children. #Geniuschildren #harperrhodes #davyjean
Davy is super excited for teacher appreciation day and picked out these flowers all by herself. She also said that Her teacher would love these sunglasses.......and then kept them. Davy really does have the best teacher. She is so patient, kind and makes learning fun. She always goes the extra mile for Davy’s whole class. #davyjean #teacherappreciationweek
She’s so dope like, yeah #davyjean #pickedherownclothes
Adrenal insufficiency. Sometimes it’s hard to know, what is the root cause of Davy getting sick. Is it the flu? Or Is she stressed from traveling and her mom brought the wrong meds and had to call her doctor to send emergency medication to an incompetent Walmart pharmacy? One thing is for sure, things can turn south really quickly and I need to be more diligent about having back up medications stored everywhere. #davyjean #motherhood #lifewithaspecialneedschild
Was so sad we had to leave Grandpas Birthday party early, but poor Davy got really sick really quickly. Not sure if it was her cortisol causing her to crash or if she has the flu. But It was definitely one of those times where I just have to trust my mom intuition. We’re keeping her at home for now and will see what tomorrow brings. #davyjean
The happiest place on earth? That’s debatable today. #davyjean
This year has had some major changes for Davy. One of them being losing our longtime nurse(and Friend) Liz. I actually think it’s been more hard on me then Dave 😂. But tonight Davy was really missing her. I love it that Dave said, “just hang out with her” cuz that’s what they did. She was Davy’s best friend for sure. BTW.....We are currently looking for a new LVN, but we’re not having any luck. So if you know anyone LMK....😢 #davyjean #praywegetanursesoon
Living her best life....#davyjean #8goingon18
Louis....he’s one of her favorites. #davyjean #patientlovingandkind
The difference between Davy and Harper.......#davyjean #harperrhodes
Just when I think she’s done and had enough..... she steps away from the pack, to go it alone. #davyjean
The Heat is not her friend #davyjean #adrenalinsufficiency
I got to spend the day with Davy on her field trip to the Heritage Museum. There were so many old things to look at, but not touch..... so it was a very fun day! #davyjean
The oh crap I forgot it was picture day photo. Spring photos sneak up on me every year. I seriously can’t wait to see Harper’s.....#davyjean #itsallaboutthebackground
Let the games begin!! We kept the games pretty tradish. We started off with musical chairs, then the ever so classic, pin the tail on the donkey. I bought some confetti eggs, so we played duck duck goose with them. This was a hit for sure. Obvi we had a piñata, c’mon were not animals! We capped the night with a little cake and ice cream. It’s amazing what you can do in 24 hours. I think I work best when it’s last minute! #davyis8 #davyjean #cocoparty
Some of the party Deets. We had floral crowns, dresses and face paint. I can’t throw a party and not have multiple baked goods. I made a Funfetti cake, chocolate chip cooks and rice crispy maracas. Don’t worry, We had some real food too. I’m just more of a baker🤷🏼‍♀️ #davyis8 #davyjean #cocoparty
I regret not taking a group picture!! But here are just a few of our cousins that were here to party, coco style today. #poppy #june #lilly #harlowe #lulu #dylan #alta #harvey #eliza #davyis8 #davyjean #cocoparty
In true Schultz fashion, I decided to throw Davy a party..... yesterday! Davy was in HEAVEN! All of her cousins came to celebrate her. It really was such a special day. Thanks to my family for making it happen!! Right before Davy went to bed, she ran down stairs and said, “ Mom, I need to give you a hug, this was the best party EVAH!” And just like that.... it was all worth it. #davyturns8 #davyjean #overgrammingthisparty #dealwithit #cocoparty
Its the night before Davy’s birthday.....and per usual, I can’t sleep. I’m looking through my journal and reliving the last 8 years, both good and bad times. A lot of reflection and mainly thoughts of gratitude. I see this picture of Davy and I see A strong, happy child so full of love. There were definitely times that life felt hopeless and just really hard. Times that she almost didn’t make it. Times that I felt like I wasn’t going to make it. But we did. We survived some tough battles and I’m sure we will survive some more. Can I just tell you how much I love seeing Davy’s geneticist.... I just love the look on her face when she sees Davy sitting in her office. Her expectations for Dave were soooo low, so bleak. But she’s also the first to say Davy has beat any odds stacked against her and how truly amazing Davy is. She talks, walks and eats by mouth. She smiles, she laughs and she dances. She is so very sweet but has just enough sass to drive a mom crazy. Happy Birthday Davy girl, I love you so very much. Please, For Davy’s Birthday, I’d love to read her your comments or DM me a picture to show her. Honestly if she could just FaceTime every one of you all day tomorrow, it would be her perfect birthday😂 Thank you family and friends for being her village.... I get emotional just thinking about it. #davyturns8 #davyis8 #davyjean #warriorprincess #tubie #1 .p31 #rarechromosomedisorder #heartkid #cleftstrong #dysphagia #hypothyroidism #hypotonia #adrenalinsufficiency #hypoglycemic #growthhormonedeficiency #thefutureisfemale Alll 📷 by the talented @vanessajanelamb
Davy Date at Disneyland. She loved the roller coasters but hated the freaky deaky fantasy land rides.#pinnochio #snowwhite #davyjean
❤️Happy Valentines Day!! ❤️Davy is supes excited to celebrate the day of Love. She even let me do her hair, with only minimal screaming. She also insisted on making a heart with her hands, Cuz she knows what’s good for the gram. #davyjean
Just some Lovely photos by @vanessajanephoto !! The Ruthy and Davy edition. #mommyanddaughter #davyjean #familyphotos
Davygirl was up with a high fever last night. No other symptoms, just very hot and Very sad. I hope this is short lived. Anyone else sick with high fevers? What’s the word on the street? #davyjean
If Our schools have zero tolerance for bullies, shouldn’t our WhiteHouse? #womensmarchla #womensmarch #donttakeawayrightsforthedisabled #leadbyexample #davyjean
Safe to say we both are happy to see each other💙. So happy to be home for a week to see family. ☺️ Photo credit @chelseajoneswest #davyjean #chasingdavy #niece
This is who she is now #davyjean
Today Davy got the principals award at school. She has been working so hard and we’re so proud of her. We’re very thankful for her teachers, aides and therapists and all they do for her. It really takes a village......#davyjean
Super Hero Jog a Thon day at Davys school. She ran/ walked 12 laps! #davyjean
Her school picture game is on point. #davyjean @shopjellabee
She can’t put on her pants but she can do the towel wrap on her head, no problem. #priorities #davyjean #jeanisqueen
Born to be wild! #DavyJean
Technically Davy is in second grade. But she will be staying in the same class room with the same amazing teacher she had last year. We love everything about her school....except that the bus comes at 6:50am to pick her up! Waaaah waaaaaa. #davyjean
Date night at CVS. Davy picked out her fabulous ensemble.....a beautiful dress from Mexico(on backwards), @yogabbagabba beanie and rain boots. I love that she loves clothes. She IS my daughter fo sho. #davyjean #cvslife #cvs
One of the benefits of living in Southern California.....#disneyland #davyjean
My first time paddle boarding...... Davy loved it. I loved it too but was pretty sure there were 5 baby great whites surrounding us. #davyjean
Been hustings to get ready for Convention tomorrow. But had to take a tome out, so I could spend time with this cutie! #davyjean #momfirst
Playing Doctors at the Doctors. She's come a long way folks. She used to have a melt down as soon as we parked the car, now she does so good. So proud of my Davygirl. #choc #davyjean
I love over hearing Davy play with her dolls. It usually involves the doctors and getting hurt. #davyslife #davyjean #dotdotsmile
Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Davy, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. #davyjean #wittenreunion2017 #laketahoenevadashawaii #therealwonderwoman
Schultz Girls hike to Balance Rock. You could have also called it a stroll to Balance Rock. Either way it was fun❤ #wittenreunion2017 #davyjean
We started this hike off right. #wittencousins #wittenreunion2017 #davyjean
Davy would kill it in Yoga. #laketahoenevadashawaii #davyjean
Happy Fourth of July from the only Two that would pose for a picture. #2of6dchultzes #davyjean #harperrhodes #4thofjuly
Dems Sharks in da waters. I truly do have a legit fear of sharks. Like A reeeeaaally irrational one. So much so that these pictures are giving me anxiety. #harperrhodes #davyjean #sharkbaithoohaha #sharknado
When you stay the night with us, you get woken up by Davy and ukulele serenade. #davyjean @joeldepartment #lularoe #lularoescarlett #lularoeamericana
Davy loves Sunday naps. #nope #noonenaps #davyjean
Summer babe #davyjean
The first and last day of First grade! She is so excited to be fine with school. I didn't have the heart to tell her summer school starts in A week 😬 #davyjean
I'm so happy I got to be in Davys class today for her last day of school. Parents typically are not allowed to volunteer, except for special occasions. Davy was soooo excited I was there. She made sure to point me out to everyone in her class and then she made sure they saw my Lularoe, my hat and shoe, haha. Love this girl ❤ #lularoe #lularoecarly #davyjean
Someone was very excited to dress up for Disney day at school. I couldn't choose just one picture, she was working the camera. #davyjean #shekillsmewithhercuteness
Today is favorite sports day at school. Yeah so, we just went for the Bad News Bears look. #summeriscoming #davyjean #muno
Dirty face equals a fun day! #lularoegracie #davyjean #summeriscoming
This is exactly why I cry during Disney parades.....she's was killing me with her reactions. It was SO real to her. She would squeal and then say, oh my gosh!!! #davyjean #disneyiskillinme
This is the first time Davy has been to Disneyland and actually "gets it". She knows her princesses and Disney movies. She is SO excited over every little thing. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna cry today, watching her enjoy the magic or cuz it's cray crowded and I'm thirsty. Either way, their will be tears. #davyjean #disneyland
Memorial Day with cousins!! Its so nice that my nieces and nephews keep having baby's for Davy to play with. Davy keeps getting older but her friends stay the same age....3. #davyjean
Scott caught this half dead fish today at the beach. Davy was super obsessed with holding it and would not put it back in the bucket of water, which was stressing Harper out big time. He kept saying, it's gonna die Davy, do you want it to die?!! He then asked Davy, very politely I might add, "can I hold the fish now?" As soon as he got it,he ran to the ocean and threw it back in, yelling "LIIIIVE"! Hahahah he's so sweet and sensitive. I love him. #harperrhodes #davyjean #beachdaysarethebest
No joke, Davy's Endocrinologist told us to get frosting for when Davy is sick and won't eat anything, we can just swipe the inside of her cheek with frosting to bring her blood sugar up. That way we can hopefully avoid seizures in the future because of Betty Crocker😂😂 Anyways, Davys is not feeling to well right now, I'm really hoping I don't have to break this bad boy open. #davyjean #incaseofemergency #hypoglycemiaprobs
You want to talk about fun? Try taking a special needs child who has oral aversion to the dentist, It's a real hoot. But on the bright side, look how cute she looks in her Gracie tee. #davyjean #gracietee #lularoe
Messy pigtails and vintage clothes. Perfect combo. #davyjean
May 6-14th is Cleft lip and palate awareness week. Clefts will affect 1 in 700 babies annually. Davys Cleft has affected her eating, speech, ears and teeth. So basically a lot of time and money has been spent in therapies and surgeries. We've also have dealt with stares ,rude comments and well meaning but hurtful questions and advise.....oh man how I love unsolicited advice. I look st this first picture of Davy and it hurts my heart because I miss this Davy. I miss her big clefty smile. To me she looked beautiful. #cleftawareness #operationsmile #changethefaceofbeauty #davyjean
May 6-14th is Cleft lip and palate awareness week. Clefts will affect 1 in 700 babies annually. Davys Cleft has affected her eating, speech, ears and teeth. So basically a lot of time and money has been spent in therapies and surgeries. We've also have dealt with stares ,rude comments and well meaning but hurtful questions and advise.....oh man how I love unsolicited advice. I look st this first picture of Davy and it hurts my heart because I miss this Davy. I miss her big clefty smile. To me she looked beautiful. #cleftawareness #operationsmile #changethefaceofbeauty #davyjean
It was doughnuts with moms today at Davys school. She was so excited, she didn't even eat her doughnut! She took me to her class and showed me all of her beautiful art. It really is about these little things we do.....#davyjean
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