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Raise your hand if every Saturday you HAVE to stock up on bread from @honeymoonhomestead 😍🍞😋
📚 A book we keep on reaching for: @PriyaParker ’s inspiring look at cultivating community 💓 The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters
Dope DC Creates LLC is an #ArtCollective started in the DMV. Our mission is to #CultivateCommunity through the arts, education, community service and events. . . We believe its time to start the dialogue and have those difficult conversation. Being open and honest with ourselves and others will allow us to become the vessels of change our communities desperately need. #Art is our way to #inspire others to do the same. #Educate #Advocate #Inspire & #Create @dopedc.creates . . . #dccannabis #420 #dcdabbers #highsociety #artist #dcart #dmv #creatives #poets #comedians #activists #educationispower #notill #blackowned #artcommunity #dosomething #growyourown
Dope DC Creates LLC . . . . Dope DC Creates LLC is an #ArtCollective started in the DMV. Our mission is to #CultivateCommunity through the arts, education, community service and events. . . We believe its time to start the dialogue and have those difficult conversation. Being open and honest with ourselves and others will allow us to become the vessels of change our communities desperately need. #Art is our way to #inspire others to do the same. #Educate #Advocate #Inspire & #Create @dopedc.creates . . . . . #elevate #meditate #concentrate #win #breakin #EscapeRoom #brainteaser #riddle #420 #ganjagirls #blackexcellence #dccannabis #dc420delivery #dmv #dcornothing #issavibe #cultivate #cbd #thc #sapiosexual #DateNight #freesmoke
The bouquet process @maldonado_growers 💐🌻 Come visit them at the Little Italy Wednesday Market and they can make you the bouquet of your dreams! 🌟
For all you adventurous fruit fiends, @heritage_family_farms has the most delicious dragonfruit! 🐲💕
If I’m being totally honest, my biggest struggles are dealing with constant guilt and giving myself grace. I mean, talking about those concepts is totally different than practicing them, amirite? 😩😩⠀ •⠀ I deal with guilt over not being able to be everything to everyone. (Lie I tell myself: if I were a better woman, I could do it all!!) I struggle with giving myself grace because trust me, I’m much harder on myself than anyone else could ever be. (Can you relate?) ⠀ •⠀ We all have those areas that are highest on our list of things we wish we were better at. However, when those shortcomings seem to yell loudest, it is important to take a step back, acknowledge the good we’ve done thus far and focus on that. ⠀ •⠀ A wise friend reminded me that having a healthy pride in our talents & gifts is appropriate. We were created that way on purpose, after all! She also reminded me that focusing on the things I wish I could change severely limits what I can do when I focus on my capabilities. Therein lies my strength.⠀ •⠀ What is the strength that YOU can focus on today? What progress are you proud of? Share what’s on your heart below! ⠀ ⠀ Photography: @smithhousephoto ⠀ HAMU: @heylovelymakeup ⠀ Model: @heritagemacarons
Happy Thursday aka #TheWeeklyStyleEdit link up day! I’m clearly not wearing a robe in my post today (or am I? 😉), but this is the perfect photo to share to help kickstart a convo about our link up. When Megan from @fashionistamomma and I decided to create a link up, we had two main goals in mind: to come together to support each other/others, and create a community of women from all walks of life that share our love of fashion. If it weren’t for blogging, I would have never met the ladies that I can truly call some of my closest friends. The blog world can be crazy, and it’s essential to build a community of friends in it, no matter how big or small that group may be 👯‍♀️With that being said, I’d love for you to click the #linkinbio and come join our little link up community! ❤️ P.S. I wish you all could have seen the #bts of us trying to get this shot! 😂 #dontbelieveeverythingyouseeoninstagram
It’s another Triple Treat Thursday with FREE YOGA from 6:30-7:30pm ; Farmers Market by @thefarmatdovervineyards from 5-9pm ; and food from @streamlinekitchen ! Doors open at 5pm. Come on out! #letyourtastebudsroam #frbhappenings #cultivatecommunity @dharbin
So one of the best things about Rodan and Fields is the ability to meet and connect with people I would have never crossed paths with! I absolutely love hearing the journey that fellow R+F sisters take and I love that everyone constantly is cheering each other on! This is Christi Berg! 🤩 Check out her story: “Hi, my name is Christi Berg. I am a single mom of 2 awesome kiddos, ages 15 and 12. I have been doing R+F almost 5 years and LOVE IT! When I first started, all I wanted was to get my products paid for, but I quickly found this business could do so much more for my family’s bottom line! A growing, steady paycheck has been super important for me as a single mom. I believe everyone should give the R+F business opportunity a try...You don’t fully know what it will be like until you’re looking from the inside! R+F has the potential to give you options you may not realize you will need in the future. My story is a perfect example of this.” #randflife #sisterhood #womenwhohustle #bossbabe #womenwhoonspire #vehicleforchange #rodanandfields #lifechangingskincare #lifewithoutlimits #nothingchangesifnothingchanges #momboss #cultivatecommunity #womenempoweringwomen #singlemom
It’s Collaboration Time! #Repost @freerangejason with @get_repost ・・・ Today is a good day. Brewing a brand-spanking new beer with our most favorite brewery in all the worlds, @fontaflorabrew . . . . . #letyourtastebudsroam #cultivatecommunity #cltbeer #ncbeer #ncagriculture
💕 I come from a family of ALL girls. I have three sisters, I’m one of the middle kids. 🙃 Our sisterhood starts with Generation X and ends at Millennials. - Growing up we blasted everything from Spice Girls to Taylor Swift in our rooms. 📻 . - I remember when my mom introduced my sisters and I to Aretha Franklin. 🎵 We would run around singing and dancing to Respect💃🏻 . - I grew up with a very strong sense of girl power. And a strong belief that beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, ages, and colors. There is no ideal or perfect beauty, just your own. - As I’ve grown personally and professionally, I’ve remembered so many memories and experiences that have shaped my life and have brought me right where I’m meant to be. . - So in honor of so many amazing women who have helped shape my life and have given me confidence to embrace all the things that I am and all the things I am not, I leave you with my favorite verse of Respect... - Aretha Franklin - Respect {1967} 🎶 Ooo, your kisses Sweeter than honey And guess what? So is my money 🎶 . - 😘 ... Now go out and be someone’s inspiration today! xo • • • • 📸: @thesocialstyleco • • • • • • • • • #laurensnowbeauty #lovelywithlauren #lsb #laurensnowcosmetics #downtownchandler #skin #beauty #healthy #makeup #skingoals #inspiration #thatsdarling #hustlewithease #thatsdarling #darling #lovely #happinessproject #girlpower #ohwowyes #communityovercompetition #cultivatecommunity #risingtidesociety #bosslady #femaleentreprenuer #womeninbusiness #fueledwithheart #riparethafranklin #businesschicks #stringwomen #bosslife
Today is a good day. Brewing a brand-spanking new beer with our most favorite brewery in all the worlds, @fontaflorabrew . . . . . #letyourtastebudsroam #cultivatecommunity #cltbeer #ncbeer #ncagriculture
Check out the latest Northwest Baptist Witness Magazine to see the story behind Cultivate and some of the people in print. #cultivatecommunity
Before and After (Left to Right) . . Holyyyy Oh My Gaawwsh!!! 😱🙌🏻 This is craziness!! I always cringe (and then get super excited) when I look back and see where I came from to where I am now! . . Progress almost never happens quickly and is a complete tug and pull process!!! 🐛🦋 . . This is over 20 pounds down, you guys!!!! 💪🏼 And I have kept it off!!!! Still on my way to my ultimate goals, but neverrrrrr would this have ever been possible without these crazy, awesome programs, meal plans, and teams of phenomenal people keeping me accountable and helping me throughout the journey!! 🧗🏼‍♀️ . . I’m forever thankful and grateful for this LIFE CHANGING opportunity!🌠 . . Now, get in here with me!!!! 👯‍♀️ seriously!!!! It’s time!!! ⏰
And more...#cultivatecommunity
Reminiscing on all the fun at the camp out. #cultivatecommunity
*~Majestic~* Sprouted Hummus in Sun Dried Tomato is very addicting and tastes like a yummier version of chili beans! Come by the Pacific Beach Market on Tuesday between 2pm-7pm to pick some up 😋
✨ We are passionate about building community. ✨ We believe good care starts with relationships and communication. ✨ That’s why all of our digital tools are designed to strengthen the connection between women, families and their care providers. ✨ We want to set YOU up for success in your business. ✨ What is your biggest concern in your client experience? We want to hear from you. ✨ Join our FREE webinar, “Calling All Doulas: Do you have your data?” on Tuesday, August 21st at 2:00 p.m. EST. ✨ RSVP today, 👉Link in profile. https://bit.ly/2M3Xl8L ✨ We’ll be talking about the value of keeping statistics on your clients and their outcomes.
Baby plumerias from Rancho México Lindo 😍🌺 These gorgeous plants have the sweeeetest scent 💕
Come have some weekday fun at your new favorite farmers’ market 🍇👩🏽‍🌾☀️
We came. We saw. We bought all the flowers at yesterday’s Pacific Beach Farmers’ Market! 💐
Delicious samples at @lathhousegardensmicrogreens using everything #littleitalywednesdaymarket Come try some and take home some micro greens! 🌱
You MEAD to stop by our Little Italy Wednesday Market today to try this amazing drink! 😋 We’re also giving away complimentary bags while supplies last! 🛍😊
Our Wednesday Market is OPEN! 🍇 Come by and shop our market today and you will receive a complimentary tote bag (while supplies last, of course)! 🛍
We are open! Come by and grab a FREE @littleitalymercato bag at our info booth 😊🛍
What’re you going to fill your *FREE* market tote with this morning at the @littleitalywednesdaymarket ? 🍑Early birds 🐦 get this worm🐛, a gift for the first 50 shoppers who visit our Welcome Booth at W Date and India Street. 🍑 Of course the real gift is farm fresh produce and artisan food, direct from our local producers. 🍑 Open at 9 am! #twiceasfresh #twiceaweek #littleitalymarkets
Though trying to “live locally” is ideal, sometimes our lives take us away from home. This week I’m visiting family in Colorado and I’m excited to share about low waste travel. Obviously flying is a big environmental strain, we usually drive when possible. To avoid waste onboard I brought my reusable bottle, and my own snack (in a reusable jar), utensils, and handkerchief. I like flying budget airlines because the snacks are not complimentary and so there is potential for less waste. The heavier planes are, the more fuel-inefficient they become so I stick with bringing only a backpack carry on. And lastly, whenever I fly I calculate the impact of my travel and donate money to an organization that plants trees and cares for existing green spaces in order to try to make a small dent in offsetting the footprint of my trip. This time I’ll be donating to @treesclt (thanks for the recommendation, @livefreewastefree ). I love travel and value the experiences and learning that come from it far more than accumulating things—but as always, we must do everything with consciousness and awareness of the impact it has on the world and people around us. What is your favorite low-waste travel tip? #bezerocharlotte #lowwastetravel
Everyday is another chance to get stronger, eat better, to live healthier, and to be the best version of you! 👑 . . . It will hurt. It will take time. It will require dedication. It will require will power. We will need to make healthy decisions. It requires sacrifice. We will need to push our bodies to their max! There will be temptation. But, I promise you, when we reach those goals, IT WILL HAVE ALL BEEN WORTH IT!!!!! 🙌🏻💪🏼💕
I AM WORTHY BECAUSE I'M A WOMAN ✨ For years, I defined my worth by the size of my clothes, my discipline with food and exercise, being a straight A student, and never making mistakes. This measure of worth was fragile. In a single second it all could come tumbling down. A single pound gained or a mistake on a test wrecked me. ✨ I didn't know who I was without this fragile identity. I didn't trust myself to be Katherine, because I didn't want to make a mistake. But the true me is stronger than any fabricated identity. Breaking down the walls and going through recovery, I've found that true worth lies not in what I do, but WHO I AM ✨ I am worthy because I am the daughter of God and He calls me beloved. ✨ I am worthy because I have a passion to impact women's lives and help them find food freedom and trust who they are. ✨ I am worthy because I have ideas and dreams. ✨ I am worthy because I can make an impact! ✨ I am worthy because I have deep emotions, compassion, and a heart for others. ✨ Every day, I struggle to see these as truth, but that doesn't change the facts. Our emotions will ebb and flow, we will feel like failures sometimes and completely unworthy. But that's why our worth lies in something deeper than circumstances...it's innate in who we are. ✨ Today, I am standing with hundreds of other women on Instagram for #theauthenticwoman campaign. It's scary as women to own and boldly share our worthiness, but by sharing our own we inspire others! I’m inviting you to do the same. ❤️ To join us head over to @theauthenticwomanseries ! ✨ Tell me👇🏻 WHY ARE YOU WORTHY? 📷 @lassbehindthelens . . . . . . . . #bodypositivity #phillyblogger #healthcoach #iinhealthcoach #wellnessblogger #selfesteem #selfworth #cultivatecommunity #communitybuilder #communityovercompetition #mindbodygram #wholeheartedwoman #pursuepretty #thesimplethings #theartofslowliving #goaldiggerpodcast #inspiredliving #choosingbalance
You don’t always have to be brave and do it all alone. We are stronger together! ⠀ ⠀ Who in your community helps you to feel lifted up and moving forward? ⠀ ⠀ Photography: @smithhousephoto ⠀ Floral Design: @tamaramenges ⠀ Friends of Root & Restore: @livesimplyplush @lynseycreative @calligraphycult @whiskbakery @christinegosch @degreesnorthimages @annethedoula ⠀ ⠀ Taken for Root & Restore Launch Party 🎉⠀ ⠀
Sometimes you need coffee. Sometimes you just need space. If you need a place to enjoy some you time, or some friend time, or some business time, or some us time... We got you. Come be part of the Dash family today! We can't wait to see you! · · · #spaceforyou #coffeeshop #coffeevibes #cultivatecommunity #wearefamily #sitdownandstayawhile #cafe #community #cedarrapids #guestservice #yourethebestpart #workspace #dashcoffee
Happy to see rooftops and garden groups in the new urban area 'Groenttorvet' thriving and taking shape! This is where I facilitate the establishment of garden groups and to get new residents gathered around the cultivation areas on the roofs and in the back yards. Here are some impressions from one of the roof gardens. Urban farmers have, like farmers and vegetable growers in the country, challenges and are dependent on the weather, sun and water. The new urban farmers on the rooftops of Groenttorvet are doing a great job! The benefits are many when cultivating our own garden in the city. One of them is that we come closer to our producers - closer to an understanding of what it means to cultivate a crop - what effort is needed. In addition we get the pleasure it is to eat the great flavor of homemade vegetables! 🥒🌱🍑🍅🌶🍆🥕🍓 #vegetables #rooftopgarden #grønttorvet #tomatoes #urbanfarming #rooftopfarming #cultivatecommunity
Beating the heat any way we can this month. Thanks @supervisorronroberts for this wonderful asset to our community #waterfrontpark ! 💦 💧 #keepswimming #littleitalysd #bigbay
We love serving our customers! Come say hi 👋🏼
Bring some plant positivity into your home with some houseplants from @j_foliageplants 🌿🌱🌵
It’s PLUOT season! 😋 The season on these delicious treats is very short, so be sure to come buy a few pounds before they’re gone in early September!
You’re a work of art! You don’t need some crappy art dealer to tell you your worth because you know your value. YOU’RE PRICELESS, BABY!!! And I just want you to see that for yourself!! 💗👑
Have you saved your seat for our upcoming FREE webinar, “Calling All Doulas: Do you have your data?” Mark your calendar for Tuesday, August 21st at 2:00 p.m. EST. We would love to have you join the conversation. RSVP today, 👉Link in profile. https://bit.ly/2M3Xl8L One of the major factors we see that can elevate doulas and the continuously growing needs within maternity care is to demonstrate to insurance companies the value that doulas can provide. We need continuous and conclusive data from programs and individuals who are serving women in their communities. And we need to collect data without compromising the integrity of the personal relationship you have with your clients. We are passionate about YOU and your business and want to hear from you. Join the conversation today as we cover this and more thoughts on the topic, Tuesday, August 21st!
Don’t miss out on receiving a FREE Little Italy Mercato Tote Bag TOMORROW at the NEW Little Italy Wednesday Market! Be one of the first 50 shoppers to come by our info booth at our market tomorrow at you will receive a complimentary tote.
We can’t wait to see you later today at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Market from 2pm-7pm! 🌴☀️
Another delicious way to cool off with Iced Matcha Lemonade 🍵 4 Ice Cubes 1 tsp Matcha 2 tsp Lemon Juice 🍋 5 drops Stevia Blend and Done! Direct link to shop Matcha in our Profile #sugarfree #healthydrink #healthessentialsfam #cultivatecommunity #matchagreentea #ltheanine #summerdrinks 📸 and Recipe from our very own @sweetlesswheatless
It's not too late to schedule a Coffee & Conversations meeting with a friend this month! We encourage SOWBO members to connect on a one-on-one level to learn more about each other and see how they can support each other in business 💙 If you're in the Nashville area, one of our most FAVORITE spots to meet is @coffeeandcoconutsberryfarms – check it out! 📷: @madeinnashville
Some lucky people are going home with fabulous raffle prizes this weekend! Curated (and constructed) by awesome volunteer, Chris Tyrell Loranger.
Of the three friends in my life that occupy the most space in my heart, it is no surprise that one is my precious Sarah - founder of @neighborstable. I’ve had the absolute joy over the years of watching her take a dream, work hard to make it a reality — and in the process — become one of the most extraordinary cultivators of community and lovers of people that I’ve ever known. It’s always been Sarah’s gifting, and now it’s also her “love mission”. Follow along, and stay tuned... @neighborstable will be featured in the September issue of @real_simple ~ and you may just see future glimpses of community gatherings around my own Neighbor’s Table! Gorgeous family & 📷 photo credit belong to @lovesarahschneider ❤️ #neighborstable #alovemission #lovesarahschneider #community #communitylove #peoplegathering #lovemission #cultivatecommunity #neighborsandfriends #realsimple #realsimplemagazine
🌸Give a girl a pretty flower crown and she can CONQUER the world! 🌸📸 @xxiiiphoto #tbscon #cultivatecommunity #bloggerbabes #theblogsocieties #savannahblogger #gablogger #girlboss
After several weeks of prayerful waiting, we’re finally getting to dive into our search for community here in Tennessee! So thankful for God’s answers to prayer (we’re excited if you couldn’t tell 🤣). I thrive on relationships, and this week we get to meet with F O U R different groups of women/moms in our town. Although He held off a while on this answer, it was such a sweet period of waiting, full of family and acclimation into our new home 🏡 #hesinthewaiting #hifriends #imlikeakidonthefirstdayofschool #soready #cultivatecommunity #mamatribe #ittakesavillage
Last day of PV Boys and Girls Club #childreninthegarden summer program. We have had a blast helping these kids have fun in the garden! Today a small group said, "look at the bees! Hey! There are bees in the garden!" #beethechange #bethechange #getyourhandsdirty #childreninthegarden #cultivatecommunity #cultivatingcommunity #urbanfarmers #futurefarmers #ibelievechildrenarethefuture #growcasper #plantsome
Does your job/profession make you smile this big??😄 I hope so! What do you do?? I’d love to hear in the comments below! 💄I am extremely thankful everyday that I’ve been able to grow my talent and love for makeup artistry in a way that has provided me the opportunity to do a job that is SO enjoyable to me! 🤗 Can’t wait to share a roundup blog post featuring my time at the #TBScon and behind the scenes of my makeup work on the co-founders of @theblogsocieties using @marykayus products.💻 🛍 You might be tired of seeing this black & white striped @target dress in my feed, buuutt can’t stop WON’T stop!😆 It’s just too comfortable - snag yourself this $24 wrap dress here with the @liketoknow.it App #liketkit http://liketk.it/2wX9e #ltkunder50 #ltkstyketip #dowhatyoulove //📷: @xxiiiphoto
Come on out! Doors are open. @villaheights is having their neighborhood meeting - so come join in! #letyourtastebudsroam #cultivatecommunity #frbhappenings
This colorful savory dish was made by Sahar, inspired by her mom back home in Iran. Of the strengths her mother has given her, Sahar says, “As a young woman it was the most difficult moment in my life to leave home for other countries to pursue my dreams... My mom encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. I remember this remarkable quote from her: ‘A baby bird that cannot fly will not survive: Thrive to survive.’” 🕊🤘 . . . #mappinghome #cultivatecommunity #comidacaseraproject #thrivetosurvive #comidacasera
Good morning my friends and Happy Monday. Today I am filled with an energy that makes me want to connect with people. So let’s connect! Visit my website. Sign up to my newsletter. Follow me and let’s CultivateYoga together. 😊🙏🏻💗 What kind of energy is glowing inside you today?? . . www.cultivateyogawithligia.com . . www.cultivateyogawithligia.com/book-online . . #cultivateyogawithligia #cultivatewhatmatters #yogaeverywhere #yogalife #cultivatecommunity #yogaeveryday #namaste 🙏 @vesta_page
👋🏻 Hello Crescendo (Rising Wave) . For our music buffs, you’ll already know that the name comes from the gradual increase in loudness — the build up to the point of great intensity! 🎼 . The creator of this stunning sculpture @artokratia used stainless steel gradually increasing in length & height to create this twisting motion… think of it as “a rising & culminating wave” & an embrace of movement. 🌊 . Perfect representation of Aldershot — the people, the amenities & the flow of the community. . 📍Plains Rd W & Waterdown Rd #AldershotVillage #BurlingtonOntario #LoveWhereYouLive
Have you ever had the feeling that one day, people will realize you’re not actually an expert? ⠀ •⠀ Do you wait in fear that you will be found out as a fraud posing as an authority figure and all that you’ve worked for will fall apart? ⠀ •⠀ There’s a name for that: Imposter Syndrome. You might be surprised to learn that it’s something VERY real and VERY common. Doctors, lawyers and engineers battle against the feeling every day, just to name a few. ⠀ •⠀ You are not alone. You won’t be seen for a fraud, because you are as LEGIT as they come. You ARE capable of pursuing this dream. ⠀ • ⠀ That, my friend is the truth. Be empowered to stand tall in your expertise. Tell Monday to go bother somebody else because you, friend, have dreams to pursue and goals to demolish. 💪🏾🙌🏾⠀ ⠀ Photography: @smithhousephoto
Monday is here and we are REALLY wishing we had a mojito from @bumpcoffee right now 😣☕️
Ok Monday, let’s do this! One thing I loved about this weekend was meeting up with people I admire and follow in person! How crazy cool is this community that it can bring us closer together!? I met Amanda @strawberrychicxo through @theblogsocieties a few years ago and I finally met Tif @brightonabudget ! You girls both are the sweetest! I can’t forget about my #igbestie Megan @beingmrsfowler ! I can’t believe Instagram brought us together! I’m so thankful! #tbscon #cultivatecommunity #whenigfriendsbecomerealfriends #bossbabes #savannahblogger #theblogsocieties #gablogger
What a night ✨ Loved adventuring & laughing with you, Tay! You’re full of so much life. It’s contagious. Next up>>> Karaoke 🎤 *Nova friends, you’re invited* (Note to self: Say yes to nights like this even if it means less sleep... so worth it) #thisis23 #cultivatecommunity #mypeople
So... we may need a larger mtg space 😂 we'll find out after night one! But we are overwhelmed and loving the response to this family small group! I literally cannot wait for this semester to start! Games, food, kids, what's better?! #cultivatecommunity #circlesarebetterthanrows #smallgroups
Our favorite Sunday snack!?? C H O C O L A T E 🍫😋 @nibblechocolate has rich, flavorful chocolate sure to satisfy every chocolate lover. Catch them at our Little Italy Wednesday Market every week!
This weekend was exactly what I needed. Time away to work on myself, get out of my comfort zone and invest in what makes me happy! I met so many amazing women and learned a ton! I’m back home now and feeling so re-energized and inspired! I can’t wait to share more about #TBScon and the rest of the weekend with you! // a huge thanks to @theblogsocieties , @mystylevita , @poorlittleitgirl and everyone that helped put this dream weekend together! ✨#cultivatecommunity #hotelatavalon #blogconference #theblogsocieties #savannahblogger #bestconferenceever #avaloninsider
How do we like to relax on #SelfcareSunday ? With essential oils & candles from our vendor @bellaviecandles 🔥❤️ Pretty soon you can get ready for fall with their Pumpkin Brûlée candle too! 🎃
We have a new delicious cracker to add to the line up! A low carb, Omega-3 enriched crisp bread that makes an excellent pizza. Swipe to see the evolution of Brady's creation with Grass Fed and Finished Water Buffalo Kolbassa ,tomato, zucchini, asparagus, cheddar and green onion #lowcarb #sugarfree #vegan #cleaneats #victoriabc #healthyrecipes #cultivatecommunity #grassfedandfinished
Come on out and join us on this beautiful day! Jack Lawrence and Patrick Crouch will be playing their tunes from 4-6pm. @ladygogosclt will be out with food! #letyourtastebudsroam #frbhappenings #cultivatecommunity
DIY all the things, all the time!! Getting excited for next weekends workshop @Artifact !! Signup Link in Bio . Join us! We’ll be making a perfume roller bottle, a whipped body butter, & a Floral Bath Salt! $12 - snacks served, and everyone gets 15% off at Artifact that day, too!!!
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