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Guten Tag alle zusammen und einen schönen 3.Advent🎄🕯 Eine der 1. Nächte nach denen ich mal müde bin🙊 Aber immerhin können wir uns schon auf lecker essen mit der Familie freuen😋😋😋😋 #love #taken #happy #inc #tattoo #blonde #curvy #newborn #baby #family #familygoals 👪  #awesome #love   #unbelievable #babygirl #itsagirl #mom   #loveher #momblog #momlife #momsofinstagram #winter #realtalk #afterbabybody #wheightloss #stretchmarks #csection
The cold days in #VA makes me long for #summer lol. We enjoyed every time we went to the pool and it was extra special because #babyboy experienced it for the first time 😍. #socute !!! . On another note. It was interesting how some people asumed I'm pregnant because of my belly pooch (and I guess because I weight more now). Honestly, it wasn't the first time people ask me if I'm expecting. I just reply that I'm fat because I love to eat. And when they look at my stomach implying things, I just say I gave birth a baby and my body changed. I shouldn't explain or give details but I guess I can't stop trying to be nice. I wish I had the temperament to tell them fuck off and mind your own business. Has that happened to you? People forget we brought a life into this world. They must think we are all like the celebrities who are walking the red carpet weeks after giving birth with a flat belly. Maybe they’re wearing layers of Spanx, but the reality is that there is no magic way to have a flat stomach right after giving birth. Most of us have something called #diastasisrecti after giving birth. And what is Diastasis Recti? It is a separation of the rectus abdominis or “6-pack” muscles that run along the midline or center of the stomach. The connective tissue gets thin and weak and stretches sideways, which causes the waistline to widen and the belly to bulge forward. Right after I gave birth to my son, my belly was still endearing to me just like when it started to grow while pregnant. And it still is. Just like the scar I have after the #csection . People should give women a break and if they don't want to change how their bodies look is because we are still pleased with it. I love my body and I am very proud of it 💪🏽. There is time for everything under the sky. So, love yourself for what you are now so that you can love your future self. Peace out ✌🏼💋. . . . . . . . . #women #mom #mommylife #mommy #sahm #mujer #life #inspirational #influencer #maternity #pregnancy #youcandoit #kawaii #filho #mai #preggo #maternidade #mulher #fofo #bella #beautiful #body #health #melanin
The epitome of a modern twin dad! I'm so lucky to have @chrisryangolf ! He's done every single night feed with me since the boys have been born, every single one! Despite having work, sometimes getting up at 5am to go to London, he won't have it that I do it on my own. This morning he fed the boys while I ate a hot bowl of porridge! Hot 🙌. I came in and just melted, the way they stare at him while he's doing it is everything. FYI we do give the boys loads of eye contact, the poor bloke just wants to watch a bit of football. He's never moaned once! Not once! @chrisanddeuxboys = super dad xxx #fopperholic #blogger #twins #twinboys #healthy #baby #mum #mumofmultiples #channelmum #ChannelMumVillage #slimmingworld #weightloss #mumsnetparents #vlogger #csection #love #family #newborn
53g of Protein, 15g of Fat, 6g of Carbs! . ⚡️ Easy high protein omelette, without the supplement it’s still a whopping 31g of Protein! 🤸🏼‍♀️ Great way to boost energy and promote muscle recovery 💪🏼 . 1 serving of protein mixed in to 10-20ml water Mix in 3 eggs Pour on a hot non-stick pan Add sliced tomato and chicken Fold in half Serve 🤷🏼‍♀️ simple! . #home #breakfast #protein #highprotein #highproteinlowcarb #progressnotperfection #bodypositivity #myprotein #bodypositive #lifestyle #personaltrainer #health #fitness #postnatal #postpartum #recovery #csection #csectionrecovery #meal #sunday #sundayfunday #cooking #supplement
This is from experience dependent on a 2 night stay. I had a backup bag with additional stuff incase I ended up staying for longer. * Cotton wool * Water wipes * Nappies (makes the most of all the pampers freebies as they go through so many nappies initially) * Lucas papaw / Vaseline (or a barrier cream of some sort) - a little of this after a nappy change prevents the meconium sticking so much to baby’s bum! * Aptamil newborn first milk - just Incase breastmilk takes a while to come in. Hosptial should provide you with sterilized bottles * 3 x baby vest - wrap vests for ease * 3 x babygrow (footless if hot weather) * 1 x baby’s first outfit / going home outfit * 3 x square muslin * 1 x large square muslin (to line bassinet) * 2 x bamboo swaddle * 1 x socks (just Incase baby needs cannula so it’s good to put over to protect it) Seasonal: * Hat: if it’s winter - obviously you need a hat for when outside. I was advised by 3 different midwives that babies don’t need a hat indoors provided the temperature at home isn’t less than 16C. Apparently it’s very common in the South Asian community for babies to be too hot due to bundling up in blankets and hats in hot weather * Cardigan: definitely not needed in hot summer months. I put Little H in a long sleeve wrap vest and footless bottoms when she was a week old and we finally got discharged. * Blanket: if it’s summer - a large muslin or lightweight swaddle is enough. In the winter, a lightweight swaddle and cellular blanket. Little H was born in the middle of a heatwave so was only wearing one layer. If it felt cooler, I would put on a babygrow but generally left her in a vest and wrapped in lightweight swaddle. What I wouldn’t bother with: * Hand mitts - most babygrows have them on the sleeves * Bibs: maybe just my experience but Little H didn’t need bibs in the first 3 months * Booties I clearly labeled things and put them into large ikea sandwich bags so ‘first outfit’ and ‘Muslins’ etc. Everything fit into the baby bag which comes with a baby changing mat. Go through the bag and essentials with your partners/mums or whoever will be with you.
The final part to my blog series - this was the definitely the hardest for me to put into words 😢and I really have had to swallow that hard lump at the back of my throat to post it again 😌 Anyone that has encountered those words “failure to progress” might find this a tough read and be warned it may stir up some raw emotions ... but the key message here is; 🔹Never ever feel like you have failed when bringing life into this world 🔹Sometimes you just gotta let it be 🔹Look for that silver lining 🌈 Link in bio 😘 https://midulsterpilatesphysiotherapy.wordpress.com/2018/02/16/part-3-my-vbac-quest-bowing-out-with-my-head-held-high/ #vbacjourney #vbacprep #vbac #labour #marathonlabour #failuretoprogress #csection #failure #success #silverlining #raw #emotional #letitbe #newyearsdaybaby #midulsterpilatesbabe #midulsterpilates
🎄 TMBG 25 Gifts of Calm 🎄 - Day 1️⃣6️⃣🎄💝 The Importance of Rest ✨ Rest is restorative and so important for both you and your baby in pregnancy. Putting on one of your relaxation audios and zoning out on the sofa or in bed with your feet up for even 5 minutes will do wonders for your daily energy levels 🖤 - - - - - We like to keep things simple here at TMBG...expectant mamas have enough going on! So the audio home study course is: - 🎧 Audio based course for less screen time= better relaxation - ⬇️ Affordable (£30) so more parents can have access to learning about how to have a positive birth experience - 🌎 Accessible from anywhere in the world on any device - 🌟 Includes everything you need from relaxation audios to birth bag lists to birth partner info to birth preferences sheet... including a c-section preferences sheet and relaxation audio - 👩‍🏫 Option available to have a 1:1 session with a certified hypnobirthing teacher, so that you can ask any personal questions and talk through your own birth wishes. I’m also available via DM for any questions you have along the way - 🖤 Sign up to your mindful birth journey via the link in my bio today . . . . . . #themindfulbirthgroup #tmbg #hypnobirthing #calmbirth #mumtobe #dadtobe #parentstobe #naturalbirth #hospitalbirth #csection #positivebirth #positiveaffirmations #homebirth #waterbirth #newborn #mumsofig #onlinehypnobirthing #mindfulness #mamahoodandme #hypnobirthingmadeeasy #womensupportingwomen #supportingmamas #motherhood #parenthood #newborn #howtogrowababy #mamahood #parenting #pregnantandperfect
On Wednesday 12th December, after 5 years of #ttc I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called LOLA 💕 at times I never thought I’d ever have a baby in my arms. Every tear, ache, negative pregnancy test, IVF injection, hormonal argument... (the list goes on) was worth it for this moment. Lola had a tough few days in NICU to start off with and was then under lamps for bad jaundice but she is finally on my ward in hospital, next to me and we could be ready to go home later on today if her jaundice levels have gone down again. Thanks so much for all your #csection good luck messages - I think I am running on adrenaline still hence not finding things too painful! And thanks everyone for all of your words of wisdom and support throughout my #ivf and #ttc journey - I really couldn’t have got through some of my days without you. #ivfjourney #babyannouncement #babygirl #mummy #newmummy #decemberbaby #helloworld #ivfmiracle #rainbowbaby #miraclebaby #caesareanbirth #pregnancydiary #4daysnew #baby #newmum #nicu #nicubaby #jaundice #jaundicebaby
struggling to recover your belly after a cesarean section? NOT ANYMORE 🔧 In Le FitMom we are ready to help you. Wait until you’ve had your 6-8 week postnatal check with your GP before returning to your pre-pregnancy levels of exercise and visit us at @anatomyrehab #palmjumeirah #dubai #uae With our 8 weeks postpartum recovery program you will get again into shape, reducing your tummy in the safest way and getting strong all over the body💪🏻💥 contact us today and book your spot for the coming programs in January. Hurry up! There is limited space 📞045668356 #LeFitMom #moms #newmoms #baby #fitness #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #recovering #cesarean #rehab #csection
Today's workout motivation 😍 Thankful for a husband that encourages me towards my goals. We definitely have to be a little more planful with our time these days. Today we had to break after round two to feed Ms. Lariah, but they both made sure I stuck around for round three....although I found the view a little distracting. ❤️
I Hated Watching This Video, But Better Then Watching The Real Thing. Now Please Tell Me Agin How I Took “The Easy Way Out” #CSection
That flat tummy grew three babies. Three perfect babies. I always struggled with my post baby self even after being so happy I made three beautiful babies. But then I made myself a priority. And it changed everything.
Babies first trip to Disneyland! It was hard and tiring but so many cute memories! I can’t wait until she is old enough to enjoy it!
"I had a really bad labor. I was in labor for 24 hours and they told me that I had to get a C-Section; it was a pretty traumatic experience. He [my husband] was there every step of the way and it was such a strength to have him there. Recently I suffered a miscarriage, I was pregnant with twins. The whole time he was aware of what needed to be done. He is just a very involved person, I feel very lucky." #thefatherhoodtapestry #motherhood #fatherhood #fathers #dad #supportivefathers #supportivehusbands #miscarriage #cesareansection #csection
Welcome to our world little Lachlan💙 Born December the 8th 2018 via C-section. Weighing 7’10ounces at 53cm. - A long 28hours of labour finally came to an end. I tried so hard for a natural birth, going for 24hrs without pain relief before finally opting to have both the nitric oxide and epidural at 26hrs. Only then did I find out he was in the wrong position and my contractions were becoming weak. Nothing ever goes to plan but I’m also one to exhaust all options ... 😂. However after that first cry, everything that lead up to that moment was forgotten. - Nothing can ever prepare you for what comes. Totally smitten and in love 🥰 - #dadssmile #myboys 💙 #mummysboy 💙 #mylittleproteinball #smitten #newbornboy #son #ourfamily #birth #csection #longlabour #finally #babyboy #newzealand #auckland #middlemorehospital
Sweet baby girl caught the cold that’s been going through the house. And as I sit here I can think of at least 5 other things I could be doing right now than this. I’ve snuggled with this sweet baby girl all day instead of doing those 5 other things, and the few times I tried to sneak away to do them ended in a tantrum. . . Tonight reminded me that they are only little once so, it’s okay that none of the things that needed to get done got done. One day she won’t want to snuggle in bed with me all day. One day she won’t let me rock her. So I’m soaking in every moment of this tonight. Tomorrow’s another day. . . . . . . #fitgirl #fitgirlsguide #28dayjumpstart #fitgirls #bornworthy #JumpstartProgress #fitgirlnewbie #fitgirljourney #fitgirllife #fitgirlfam #fitmominthemaking #weightlossjourney #singlemom #momlife #fatbabe #loveyourskin #igmotherhood #ig_motherhood #healthylifestyle #parenting #countryliving #accountability #progressinthemaking #postpartum #csection #nurselife #MIfitgirl #28dayjumpstartchallenge #fitgirlbigsister #fitgirlphotochallenge
Hello size 4 dress! 👋🏻💁🏼‍♀️. What is this life? I was an 8-10 last Christmas...thank you @beachbody you've changed my life! . . #hotmomsclub #beachbodyondemand #beachbodycoach #shiftshop #teambeachbody #fitmom #postpartumbody #csection #size4 #progresspic #holidayparty #happymama
16 Miles!! And an epiphany...⁣ ⁣ Around mile 11 I realized why this marathon training is so important to me. I believe a woman’s body is built for childbirth. That we are designed to bring these beautiful tiny humans into the world. It’s definitely a challenging event that I believe in training for — which is exactly what I did. And yet, I wasn’t able to complete that challenge. With either of my children. But this postpartum marathon is something that I can complete. I have the opportunity to prove to myself that my body is strong and able. I may not have been able to have the births I wanted, but I can display the discipline, the fortitude, and the physical strength to complete a marathon four months after having a baby. ⁣ ⁣ And maybe — hopefully — I can help another woman realize how amazing and powerful she is, even if she didn’t get to have the natural delivery she had hoped for. ⁣ ⁣ If you would like to get on the pre-sale list for the next session of my Postpartum Walk-a-Marathon Training Program (or Walk-a-Half) follow the link in my bio! ⁣ ⁣ #fitmom #fitfam #postpartum #thisispostpartum #postpartumfitness #postpartumexercise #postnatal #postnatalfitness #postnatalexercise #postpartumjourney #marathon #marathontraining #walkamarathon #walking #powerwalk #csection
Operasi caesar pertama hari ini. Tim nya agak sedikit berbeda nih.. ☺️😋 Buat bu Henrika cepat sembuh yaa.. 😇😇🙏🏻 . . . . . . . #jebus #parittiga #wesleyspog #bangkabarat #wesleynewbornphotography #instaframe #instamoment #instagood #instabangka #drwesleyspog #dokterkandunganbangka #spogbangka #dokterkandungan #spog #inginhamil #csection #caesareansection #caesar
Mid-way through 30, I realized that I needed to make a change. Not just any. A big change. In January 2018, the hard truth that I was a single mom of two and the only real inspiration to my daughters kicked in. I was lost, so how the hell was I going to be a good role model for them? . . I needed to make a change. After my second child was born, I bought that expensive crazy stroller that moms pay too much money for. I put the baby and the toddler in and started to go for walks at the park. Not running. Not cardio or weights. I just started with walking. . . Then I stopped drinking pop. And a month later, at my post-c-section check up, I had already lost more than the baby weight I had gained. And all I did was START with a small change that developed into a huge one. . . #fitmom #strollerwalk #singlemom #change #transformation #csection #babyweight #fatloss #musclegains #fitness #goals #lifegoals #postsurgery #lifechange #motivation #fitspo #nevertoolate #canadiangirl #ottawa #gatineau #dontquit #youcandoit #strongwomen #bestrong #yougotthis #loveyourself #behappy #workout #exercise #oneday
The difference time and hard work makes ❤ a few weeks vs 1 year post partum. I haven't always been consistent or as dedicated as what I would have liked to be. But I've always kept going. Picked up where I left off and never given up. This wasn't in a couple months or with any fad products. Just work and most importantly.. TIME. You have to give yourself time to heal, recover, rest after birth. It won't happen over night or in a few weeks. But it will happen if you don't give up on it! 💞 #postpartumtransformation
After 42 hours of labor, Gideon Michael Watkins joined our little family at 6:17pm via C-Section, weighing in at 7 lbs 5 oz and measuring 20 1/4 inches long. @luke.watkins93 and I are so in love with this little man! ◇ ◇ ◇ #newborn #ufhealth #laboranddelivery #csection #baby #newparents #inlove #love #ourlittlefamily
Sometimes people.....even US✌️🙈.... Think that because we’re •MOTHERS• We have to start DRESSING and BEHAVING🙄 Like we’re a stinkin’ yellow 💛starburst 👎 (Don’t even get me started on how many years post pregancIES.... I spent still wearing maternity clothes🙈) When TRULY.....we can be a MOTHER✨ And still take on all the characteristics of a fabulous .... PINK STARBURST💓✨💕 Yeah...that’s right...sometimes we just need a reminder..to know...WE TOTALLY CAN 🤸🏼‍♀️ Keep doing our THANG💋
A couple months postpartum-10ish months later. As I embark on this baby-making journey again and watch my body RAPIDLY change/lose fitness, I needed a reminder that with hard work, consistency, and PATIENCE... I can watch my body SLOWLY change into a better and stronger version than it was!!! #womenarestrong #pregnancy #postpartum #csection #fitness #fitmom #crossfit #macros #patienceiskey
A little throwback to my both pregnancies . Picture #1 my first pregnancy with Sammy . I was 40 weeks in that picture.Yes I took herbalife way before getting pregnant and during my entire pregnancy and worked out , gained 32lbs . Sammy was born at 41 weeks and 6 days , was planned to be natural birth but ended up being an emergency C section, he was born in less than 10 minutes. Pregnancy #2 with Santi I was there 38 weeks and gained 25lbs during that pregnancy and I also took the products . Santi was born at 39 weeks and was a planned C section that took almost 3 hours and I chose to be put to sleep with general anesthesia,my personal decision ☺️. .AND BTW ALL BABY WEIGHT FROM BOTH PREGNANCIES ARE GONE ✌🏼 . . . Most two beautiful experiences of my life when I had my two little princes 👸🏻👶🏻👦🏻💙💙😍. . . . . #herbalife #weightloss #inspiration #motivation #goals #healthy #lifestyle #nodiet #muscle #momof2 #bodybuilding #momlife #motherhood #pierdapeso #squats #postpartum #csectionrecovery #fitspo #fitmom #fitmommytobe #fitfam #fitness #crossfit #workout #protein #momlife #onlinecoaching #herbalife24 #csection
Welcome to the world, Jaxon Lee! After all that mommy and daddy went through, we are blessed to have a big, healthy bundle of joy. This will be our best adventure yet, little guy 😘 #firstborn #decemberbaby #6lb14oz #csection #babyboy
Feelin' good! Had my daughter 5 months ago via C-section and I'm getting my body back! Yeehaw!! 😁 #postpartum #5monthspp #picoftheday #body #darkhair #greeneyes #eyeliner #curls #mom #momlife #TeamPetite #tiny #short #tinymom #csection #csectionmom
Having a photo shoot to try and convince myself my stomach looks the same as it did before I had 2 c sections. #getyourshittogether #wherestheabs #momminainteasy #scoliosis #mom #momlife #motherhoodunplugged #twoundertwo #csection #6weekspostpartum #pnw #selflove
Okay gf......sooooo what are YOU doing after Christmas????? . . Wanna get in on this with me?? 🙋‍♀️ . . Willing to commit to 20 minutes, 6 days of solid effort, NEW workouts every day, a balanced meal plan that takes all the guess work out, and honestly, just a complete life change from the inside out?💃🏼 . . I'm going ALL IN AGAIN to get the best results of my life!!!!! - READY TO GET AWESOME RESULTS TOO???? 🙌🏼 ———>> comment “❤️” below 👇🏻👇🏻 and I’ll message you more info girl!!!! . . . . . . . . . #csection #postcsection #postcsectionfitness #postbabyworkout #postbabyweightloss #bodyafterbabies #autismmoms #autismmomma #fitautismmom #strongisthenewbeautiful #momof2kids #specialneedsmom #weightlosshelp #weightlosstip #workingonme #mindoverbody
Beautiful Baby Girl & Beautiful Human Body.... My body has been able to grow 2 beautiful little girls and give birth to them via csection under general anesthesia. This picture will forever hold the moments of my tiny second baby , my soft tummy that was jiggling like crazy while my husband was making me laugh ( ouch laughing after surgery ) & will forever be a reminder of the beauty of the human body. Don’t get me wrong though. This is a new body that I’m having to accept currently as I haven’t bounced back to a flat tummy this time around.
Let’s talk about it🤷🏽‍♀️ In 2007, I had an emergency c-section due to undiagnosed pre-eclampsia. _ My uterus detached from my cervical wall(#placentalabruption ) causing myself and my son to lose oxygen & resulting in myself needing 2 blood transfusions/platelets. In that very moment in order to save my son and myself, the doctors had to cut me vertically. This meant that instead of being cut horizontally between my stomach muscles, I had to be cut straight down cutting my stomach muscles entirely. _ Being young & accustomed to having a smaller mid section, I’ll admit that I was a little bummed when the doctors told me that my stomach would basically never be be completely flat again. No matter how hard I worked out due to the damage done to my stomach muscles. _ Over the years my stomach & I have battled against each other a lot. With my stomach winning majority of our fights. Hanging over my pants, creating this little “butt flab looking” pudge. I even developed a substantial amount of scar tissue buildup under my incision. Yeah it’s been a pain in my you know what 😃 However in prior years I’d found ways to work around it. Basically wearing high waist pants ALL THE TIME. Or oversized tops. Anything that would suck me in or hide that stubborn lil pudge of mine... _ By mid 2015 I’d lost a lot of weight from stress/depression. My stomach was much flatter. I gained it back by mid 2016 due to stress/depression.(man that crap is no good for you I’m telling yuh) Started my fitness journey that same year by loving myself, healing, exercising, eating healthier smaller portions, drinking lots of water, as well as natural detox OCCASIONALLY (please consult w/ your physician before starting any detox). & here I am now losing and toning the right way. I can actually see a little definition trying to come through for the first time ever🙌🏽 oh & guess what? I’ve grown to love my scar unconditionally because it’s a constant reminder for me that I wasn’t supposed to be here but I am! & my little miracle baby is now an otherwise healthy(taller than his momma) young man🙏🏽 you’ll gon’ get this testimony! Who’s going to join me on this journey, or can I join you🙋🏽‍♀️
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Finally got a picture 📸! I just completed #bbg full body workout #week1 and man it was tough!! BUT the sit-ups were surprisingly easier! My abs have been SO SORE I’m talking I need help to get out of bed sore!! But I was able to complete it with only modifying the last 10 pushups!! Woohoo!! What workout do you have this Saturday???
According to the BMI chart I’m overweight , according to my husband I’m beautiful & strong, according to the world I have scars, according to my son this was the only way he could safely make it into this world. • • • • • • • #simplyjoa #simplyliving #momblogger #minimalism #minimalist #livingmybestlife #csection #csectionrecovery #csectionscar #csectionbirth #boymom #mammabear
📣 Where all my C-section mommies at? . Planned or unplanned, a cesarean section birth is a big deal for the body. I once asked an Obstetrician to describe that surgery to me and was fascinated by his response. . There are so many distinct layers of tissue that are either cut or stretched apart to access the uterus. . When those layers are closed back up, they often end up sticking together rather than being able to glide on each other like they did before surgery. . No matter how far post C-section you are: . 🔶 no pain or pulling at your scar 🔶 no pain in your low back, hips, or pelvic floor 🔶 your pelvic floor is not automatically safe after c-section. Women can still experience leakage, prolapse, pain, etc after abdominal surgery. 🔶 scar massage techniques are appropriate to do 🔶 just because you’ve had one c-section doesn’t mean you have to birth that way subsequently (although you may choose to!). All I care about is that you’re informed about it. . Any interest in more info on C-section scar massage? Happy to provide if it’ll be helpful! ♥️
Saturday with my boys! We took all of them to see ”Elf” and I was surprised how much they liked it! Even though Christmas is only 10 days away and I swear the ‘to-do list’ isn’t getting any shorter😆, I’m gonna make memories instead! (And who wouldn’t want to experience this movie with their kiddos?!). Definitely an all time favorite👌🏼. Have u introduced this movie to your kiddos yet?! My 5 yr old couldn’t stop laughing! . . #elf #holidayseason #makingmemoriesinstead #presentscanwait #boymom #christmasiscoming #momofboys
The experience of becoming a mother feels impossible to put into words. We’ve been adjusting for the last 5 weeks and starting to feel more like myself. ... I’ve had to release attachment (the lifelong lesson). This time, to my birth story. My c section sucked and was traumatic. I’m a hippie without a natural birth story, sad. That being said, the body is amazing and healing happens so fast. Thank god for my doula and dear friend @umamother for all the guidance and tenderness navigating this process. You are the embodiment of mother 💋 to more than just your babies. To all those out there who have had c sections, I tip my hat. ... Babies are strong. Woah. Allegra is not some fragile little vessel. She came with little biceps and a set of lungs. .... As an independent person, accepting help has not been easy. Thank you to all the friends who have cooked nourishing food for us, for your phone calls and texts sending love. We are beyond grateful... seriously. And for my postpartum doula @loveofalittleone for basically teaching me everything so I don’t have to google. I’m hands free and wearing her thanks to you 🙌🏽
This time last week our beautiful baby girl Ember came earth side 🌍 @primal_origins . My waters broke at 9pm on Thursday evening, 6th of December but we're coming very slowly due to them breaking high. . Long story (semi) short. . I started with contractions the same evening but they didn't get close enough together to allow me to go to the birth center as originally planned due to risk of infection so I had to go to hospital. . Due to my upset my contractions pretty much stopped. When arriving at the hospital we were allowed in their birth center over night, my contractions built up again 5 minutes apart but after having yet another doctor come speak to me about risk of infection due to my waters breaking over 24 hours ago once again my contractions slowed right down due to the stress. Usually I'm quite composed but my hormones wernt responding well & my labour was going on & on increasing risk of infection to my little ember. . By 12pm Saturday the 8th I had taken it as far as I could without intervention so I finally agreed to an oxytocin drip. I was in an intense labour for over 8 hours with 2 minute long contractions with a very small (if any) gap inbetween. Getting no where fast but I was prepared to continue to power through & have the vaginal birth I had dreamed of. . Unfortunatley that didn't happen as at approx 1am sunday 9th of December I was rushed through for an emergency c-section. Embers resting heart rate had gone from 130 to 165 and getting up to 185 with no movement from her & I had gone as far as I was prepared to & could not risk my baby. . She was born via c-section at exactly 1:15am and in no way did the situation take away any of the magic of her being born into this world and hearing her beautiful cry for the very first time. . No my birth didn't go as planned, not even close. Except something bad happening to our baby, everything I was scared of happened (A c-section being my worst fear of all) and it was still the most wonderful experience. . I fought really hard for my baby to have the entrance I dreamt of but I am so happy what happened happened as I now know how fearless I am! . *more in comments.
Are you guys done with your shopping 🛍?!
Finishing up packing my bag for the birth center💙 Couldn’t forget the snacks!!🤪😉 - When I was in labor with Hunter, I suddenly didn’t realize why women complained about hospitals not feeding them during labor, it was TRULY the last thing I wanted🙈 So that’s what the hard candy and energy chews are for haha! - But AFTER.... holy. cow. I would have tackled someone for their food😂😂 I’ve never eaten so many bagels in my life! Between what my body had just been through and the hunger that comes with nursing, I was a bottomless pit😂 - Picked out Tucker’s little outfit to bring him home in too😭 Everything is making me cry😂 I wasn’t this emotional the other times🤷🏻‍♀️💙
Our first family photo! Yesterday we finally got to meet our precious baby girl ❤️ Isla Mae Maclellan was born December 14th at 8:15 am, 7 pounds 7 ounces and 19 inches long. She is the sweetest little thing and we are so in love.
guess who is meeting Santa for the first time this weekend?!! Im taking bets: do we think bella will love or hate Santa Claus?! 🎅🏻👶🏼 . . the 'first time mom' in me keeps thinking about all these germ infested children sitting on this one dudes lap.. can my christmas gift be him using some hand sanitizer before he holds my perfect little healthy babe? 🤣😅 ha. ha. Im crazy you say? 😁 ..Maybe ill just hold her + well both sit on Santa's lap lmao . . . NOTE* remember this moment bc im certain by my last child i will feel very different about this whole germ, people holding my baby, thing 😝 #funnycuzitstrue #firsttimemom #missbellapipher . . . . . . . . . . #christmasiscoming #babysfirstchristmas #christmas #fourthtrimester #csection #babygirl #postpartum #postpartumbody #csectionrecovery #csectionmom #maternity #momlife #baby #mommyandme #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #parenthood #stylishbump #babybump #breastfeeding #girlmom #babiesdontkeep #mynameismama
As a new mom I didn't realize that it would take time, that i wouldn't get that instant gratification i was looking for from my postnatal body🥵 BUTTT hey i gotta thank Joel for some boobies & some thickness hahaha🤣😂 I haven't workout as of yet; Thanks to Herbalife im keeping it low on carbs & high on protein! Im not trying to go back to my "before pregnancy body"'im going wayyyy further than that😎 #absarecoming It's challenging? of course!! But hey, its f** worth it😌 #selflove #csection #8weekspostpartum #lifestyle #results #noexcuses #teamuc24
Most people find out the gender of their babies while they’re still cookin’. But for this first time mom and dad, they were #TeamGreen 🙌🏻 . . They totally expected their baby to be a girl and were caught by surprise when the doctors told them it was a boy💙 . . How many of you were #TeamGreen 💚
I struggle a little with sharing body image related posts. The truth is, the most self conscious I ever felt of my body was probably when I was the smallest (on the scale), and that was because I wasn’t focussed on my health, but on the number on the scale. I didn’t eat healthy, I just deprived myself all week so I could eat and drink what I wanted all weekend. It was not healthy. As I have entered different phases of my life, I have had a different relationship with my body. I struggled with fertility and was pregnant a total of 6 times and gave birth to 2 beautiful boys via c-section. I nurtured their little bodies with my breast milk and lost countless hours of sleep and made the meals I knew they would enjoy (not always the healthiest) and finished their untouched plates of food after I finished my own. I have never hated my body through these phases. Not how it looked, anyway. I loved that my body grew my babies and I still felt beautiful. But... I didn’t take care of it the way I did before. I didn’t exercise, I didn’t take the time to make healthy meals and between the births of my boys I sustained a terrible back injury and had to work for many months to rehabilitate my body. Then, when I got pregnant with Hudson I lived in a constant state of anxiety. Fear that I would lose another baby. Terror that he would be born too early. I spent 9 months on the same cushion of my couch waiting for our sweet boy to join us and beating myself up that I wasn’t giving my 2 year old all of the attention and mommy time that he deserved. I can’t tell you the weight that was lifted when Hudson joined us, chubby and beautiful. I felt such peace, also, that our family was complete, that the heartbreak of trying to conceive was over, that I was done with having babies. That phase of my life was so beautiful but so terrifying. I was on the other side. And I decided to make a change. I wanted my body to feel like my own again. So I signed up for an online fitness service I could do at home and I committed to program after program. I ate so much food! All the food! Continued in comments...
🌼😘 Kimler Ne Yapıyor 🌼😘 📌 📌 📌 📌 📌 📌 📌 📌 📌 📌 #sections #csection #section #sectionals #solosection #kesfet #kesfetteyiz #kesfettreni #keşfet #keşfetteyiz #kesfet #taki ̇p #keşfetteyim
Welcome to the world sweet boy 🖤 Cohen Axl Stone 💫 Born at 10.19am on 10th December 2018 💫 8lbs 8oz of sheer perfection 💫 Our hearts are so full 🖤 #babyboy #son #family #welcometotheworld #mother #father #pregnancy #decemberbaby #winterbaby #10dayslate #labour #delivery #induction #emergencycsection #csection
4 weeks postpartum to the day and I fit into my prepregnancy size! And no, I am not wearing a waist trainer, just leggings and a T-shirt. I talked with one of my Pilates instructors yesterday and I still swear it has made the biggest difference in my recovery. Lord knows I certainly am starting to feel more like myself again and I am incredibly grateful to be bouncing back this quick💪🙌 #postpartumbody #postpartumrecovery #4weekspostpartum #postpartum #pilates #activepregnancy #activemoms #pilatesbody #csection #csectionrecovery
I’m sooooo ready for this new program!! We officially got sneaks of it to today and holy crap!. . 20 minutes - 6 days a week 😲 yup that’s it!. . We use time as a BIG Excuse for not doing things. Especially this time of year. I’m guilty too but, this program is my saving grace!. . Think of ALL the things you just did in 20 minutes?! I just wasted 20 minutes scrolling fb & Instagram 😂. . I am starting this new 20 minute program with 55 other ladies so far! But I’m looking for more that are ready to commit and take action!. . Is that you! Drop an emoji below of your favorite food and I’ll send you the details of the group && packages!
One more step on 10th day postop: today my weight returned to the #healthy #BMI range 🙏. Although it is still far away from where I started but I enjoy my #recovery #journey with all its #steps and #milestones . 💫💞👣 Right now my #fitnessplan is #breastfeeding , my #dietplan is to try to avoid anything that disturbes Lana's digestion and my #dietarysupplement is #mothersmilk tee... P.S.: still not leaving my #comfortzone also known as #yogapants 🤨😜😂 . . . #csection #postdelivery #fitmama
Triggerwarnung!! Linnchens Geburt Teil 6 Mette sprühte Wasser auf meinen Bauch und fragte, ob sich das kalt anfühlt. „Ja” sagte ich. Jemand kniff mit etwas in meinen Bauch. Es zwickte. Ich sagte, dass ich das fühlen könne. Und ich spürte wie mein Bauch mit Desinfektionsmittel abgewaschen wurde, nochmal Mette mit ihrem kalten Wasser und wieder das Zwicken. Mittlerweile war ein Tuch vor meine Brust gespannt, so dass ich nicht sehen konnte was sie taten. Fühlen konnte ich dagegen ziemlich viel. Mette betonte immerwieder, dass es normal war ETWAS zu spüren. Nur halt keinen Schmerz. Weiß ich. War ja nicht mein erster Kaiserschnitt. Wieder kaltes Wasser. Diesmal etwas weniger kalt. Und das Zwicken war etwas dumpfer geworden. Ich sagte ihnen, dass ich es noch immer fühle. Sie beschlossen anzufangen. Ok, die werden schon wissen was sie tun. Mette sah über das Tuch. „Sie schneiden jetzt die alte Narbe aus“. Ich fühlte das. Es tat nicht weh aber ich konnte spüren WAS sie taten. Die alte Narbe die niemals verheilt ist. Weil ich mich nicht genug erholt hatte, weil ich allein war mit allem als Lars operiert wurde, weil ich zu früh anfing schwer zu tragen... die kam jetzt weg. Nun sollte ich ein Ruckeln und etwas Druck spüren denn das Baby wurde geholt. Doch ich fühlte etwas in mich hinein gleiten. Hände? Dann ganz starken Druck. Ein Ziehen. Schmerz. Ich hielt die Luft an. Jemand sagte, ich solle weiter atmen aber ich wollte nicht. „Die haben dir zu wenig Betäubung gegeben“, schoss es mir durch den Kopf. Es war als würde man das Baby aus mir heraus reißen. Und es dauerte eine gefühlte Ewigkeit, denn sie bekamen es nicht raus. Wie bei Aron damals. Nur, dass es diesmal einfach furchtbar war. Aber was blieb mir übrig als das zu ertragen? Man würde mich in Vollnarkose versetzen und das war keine Option. Dann hörte ich es schreien. Mein Baby. Wir sahen sie an. Niemand sagte etwas. Minutenlang. Bis Lars seine Sprache wieder fand. „Ein Mädchen“. Sie lag auf meiner Brust. Und schlief ein. Ich spürte wie die Plazenta aus mir herausgeholt wurde und immernoch ziemlichen Druck in mir. Aber nun war Linn da und ich ertrug das Ausgeliefert sein... ⬇️ weiter in den Kommentaren ⬇️
🚨CHALLENGE ALERT! 🚨 • • Starts Jan 7, Deadline to enter is Dec 31st! You’re going to want to join in on this challenger, this is the biggest challenge to EVER hit. It’s going to be an amazing experience and WONDERFUL opportunity to start the new year off right! DM ME NOW TO GET STARTED! #weightlossjourney #motivationalquotes #igers #usa #us #start #newyear #newme #newyou #whothis #getfit #instafit #fitsporation #challenge #join #joinnow #unstoppable #cashprize #2018 #2019 #loseweightfast #csection #postpartum #mom #mommyfitness #fitness
Alle ar har en historie. Mit har givet mig Noah og er et symbol på kærlighed ❤️ hvad er din? Jeg elsker mit ar og jeg viser det stolt frem 😍✨ #barselslivet #barselsliv #godevenner #kærlighed #breastfeeding #baby #strik #love #min #familie #family #økologi #kejserinderne #kejserinde #minhistorie #arforlivet #kejsersnit #kærlighed #family #mamawisedk #scar #csection
I never imagined that I would be sharing my final bump-date photo before 40 weeks (tomorrow!). But at 38 weeks and 5 days, #JuniperLanker made her grand entrance into the world. And the past eight days with our girl have exceeded even our greatest expectations. --------------------------------------- Since so much has happened since my last bump-date, let me catch you up to speed. --------------------------------------- Week 37: since Baby Girl was still breech, we were scheduled for a Cesarean birth on Thursday, June 9th.  And though this was not our plan A, we found such peace in knowing nothing is out of the scope of God's plan. (Our little girl was teaching us so much, even from inside the womb.) And so many dear ones came out of the woodwork to share with me a word of encouragement or their own C-section story. Thank you, friends. --------------------------------------- Week 38 symptoms: I finally hit that “feeling huge and uncomfortable” phase, but the crazy thing is that my body waited until the day after the musical I directed had its final performance.  The next morning I woke up with swollen legs and ankles, a backache that wouldn’t quit, and pelvis pressure like Baby Girl had gained 5 pounds overnight.  The body-mind connection is clearly VERY real for me.  And now I’m so very thankful to have had that big project to focus on during my pregnancy. --------------------------------------- Week 39: Juniper had arrived!  And we came home from the hospital after a stay of 2 nights and 3 days. (I’ll be sharing Juniper's full birth story on the blog soon.) The past week has been a bit of a blur of catching an hour or two of shut eye in between nursing and Junie-cuddles. But what I keep telling people is that the good far outweighs the hard. Mark and I have fallen head-over-flip-flops for this child. --------------------------------------- Junie-bear, my "baby bump," carrying you for 38 weeks and 5 days was one of the greatest honors of my life. And now, let a new chapter of adventures together begin! — #babylankerbumpdate 🤰
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