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馃Here鈥檚 a quick choreographed Animal Flow filmed at the end of our weekend certification course. I鈥檓 hooked. What hooked me? The fact that movement is universal and animal flow is just that鈥攖here is structure of course, but we move according to how we feel, what type of mood we鈥檙e in, and you sense that feeling and mood through movement, no talking necessary. 馃悊ARE YOU INTERESTED IN LEARNING & FLOWING WITH ME!? 馃We are not certified yet! To get certified we are required to instruct fundamental movements and design a flow for a client or friend to learn. We鈥檒l spend time going over the movements and record our final flow to submit for approval. 馃悐Anyone down!? If you are reach out ASAP and let鈥檚 start flowing!! 馃Big thanks to our coaches for spending the weekend with us. The animal flow community is dope and I can鈥檛 wait to practice and continue learning.
Here鈥檚 another fun little game! 馃挜BUILD EXPLOSIVE POWER with MEDICINE BALLS 馃挜The goal of explosive exercise training is to ultimately move heavy weights very quickly. But to get to that point safely, without risking injury, it's important to start with light weights and slow controlled movements. 馃挜Over a matter of training sessions (several weeks), the weight used and speed at which it's used will increase. 鉁达笍3-4 rounds; 10 reps per movement; with little rest in between. Let鈥檚 go.馃馃徏馃馃徏 鉁达笍 lunge to chest pass 鉁达笍 split stance rotational throw 鉁达笍 standing medicine ball scoop throw 鉁达笍 lateral hop rotational throw
With our powers combined (aka my back and her butt) we can do it all! 馃お馃槀馃敟 On a serious note, Amanda is so lovely and puts in WORK. I respect the grind, darling! Do you have friends who influence you to be better? Go do your good deed for the day and thank them. 馃馃徏馃馃徏
Awaken The Greatness Within馃敟 Commit to making your dreams a reality, commit to do what needs to be done, commit to be amongst the best, commit to mastery, commit to win, commit to be a champion, commit to excellence, commit to fight for what you want, commit to living life on your own terms, and make a commitment to yourself that you will persevere until you succeed. 馃敟What are you guys working on lately?? How can I help you be the best version of YOU. Time to level up!馃敐馃槣Let鈥檚 go. 馃馃徏馃馃徏 馃幍Loud Luxury - 鈥淏ody鈥 (Dzeko remix) #playwithpurpose #cpbk
Session # 鉁岎煆紀f the Holiday Conditioning Challenge complete! Woo! Time was better this week鈥攕et your intentions, jam out to some good tunes, and stay FOCUSED. It鈥檚 easy to take too much rest time in between circuits, or waste time by checking your phone. This is a TIMED CIRCUIT! HOW HARD CAN YOU GO? You can join the challenge at any moment...the sooner the better ladies and gents. 馃榿 馃攧5 rounds total 馃挜 little to no rest in between exercises. 1锔忊儯10 (per side) rotational wall ball slam 2锔忊儯 10 calories Assault bike 3锔忊儯 20 burpees 4锔忊儯 .10 mile Woodway (or treadmill) 馃敟馃幍 @anderson._paak 鈥淲ho R U?鈥
Women Are The Greatest Untapped Natural Resource On This Planet. 馃挓We are the breakout generations. We are each the woman leaders who were born here, born now, inside of a culture that desperately requires the leadership and viewpoints of the feminine. 馃挓Your voice matters. 馃挓This world needs your voice so that it can transform and begin to rebalance the masculine and feminine energies. 馃挓The world is hungry for new ideas, and the voice of the radiant feminine is the voice of transformation in our lifetime. 馃挓Women are the greatest untapped natural resource on this plant. || 馃摉#pussyareclamation @mamagena
鈥淭he master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.鈥濔煠葛煆烩嶁檧锔 馃専How much should I practice to get a handstand? (Or any move for that matter) Let鈥檚 make this superrr simple. The more often you practice, the better your handstand will become, even if it means dedicating just 10 minutes per day. 馃専(I spend about 10-20 minutes.) Take your time! And don't rush to meet arbitrary standards. 馃専At first it may seem a little daunting, especially when your main focus is to not fall over! 馃専Release any fear and don鈥檛 worry, In time you won鈥檛 have to think of all the techniques and they鈥檒l just happen naturally. 馃専Let鈥檚 be real, balancing on my hands DOES NOT come naturally, but a daily practice of 10-15 minutes has helped build the necessary foundation, and everything is beginning to feel like second nature. DON鈥橳 QUIT! And when you feel like quitting, remember the quote above.馃憜馃徎#goalgetter #persistance 馃馃徏馃馃徏 馃幎 鈥淭onic Water鈥 - Moglii & Novaa
She鈥檚 made out of affirmations and self love. You can鈥檛 break a woman like that. |馃尭 @soulbabetribe #takecareofyou #nipslipwaitingtohappen #ohwell
鈥淚 always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that鈥檚 how you grow. When there鈥檚 that moment of 鈥榃ow, I鈥檓 not really sure I can do this,鈥 and you push through those moments, that鈥檚 when you have a breakthrough.鈥 鈥 Marissa Mayer 鉂わ笍I live for those 鈥淎ha!鈥 moments. And so many of you had made significant progress this week! My heart is full, I love you all. Here鈥檚 to setting and achieving goals you never imagined to be possible. #youcandothis #teamtenacity #cpbk
Nothing is more exciting than skill exchanging with other fitness professionals. 馃枻@wellness_rebellion is a kickass workout partner and my inversion guru. #gratefulforyou 鉁ㄢ淲e workout while chatting about life, love, work, goals, and dreams. Then we push one another to get out of our comfort zones we call 鈥渉ome鈥 in order to face the goals that鈥檚 seem too big or a little too scary. 鉁↖ surround myself with strong and inspiring people who continue to push and believe in me. I can only hope I鈥檓 doing the same for them too. 鉁╕ou鈥檙e the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Are they beneficial to your growth? And do you supply the love back to them?鈥 #handstanddrills 馃幎鈥漣t鈥檚 not design鈥 by @lupefiasco @gymsharkwomen
Part 鉁岎煆 The second half of our Agility/Strength & Conditioning workout. 鈽狅笍 鉂わ笍Tag a training partner who would be down to roll out and flip some heavy ass tires. (Even gassed out I gotchu, boo) we鈥檙e in this together. 馃憡馃徏 馃幎鈥橧鈥 by Kendrick Lamar @wellness_rebellion #workoutbuddy
There are a lot of obstacles to getting a good workout in. Some people have a hard time getting out of bed! Other hurdles include finding motivation, switching up monotonous workouts, and remain consistent. 鉁═here is one simple solution to all of these issues: recruit a workout partner! Having that all important friend will very likely help you stay on track and motivated. 馃馃徏馃馃徏 Kirra said it perfectly, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 need a cheerleader, I need someone who can keep it 100%, keep me in check when I鈥檓 doing something out of line; someone to push my limits and challenge me.鈥 I鈥檓 here for you, babe, Inside the gym and outside the gym. 馃枻馃馃徏 鉁ˋcknowledge your influencers today, let them know how much you appreciate them, show them love and continue to make each other better one day at a time. 馃榿馃幎鈥橲icko Mode鈥 by @travisscott #motivationalmonday #playwithpurpose #cpbk @wellness_rebellion
@bobthedragqueen told me the gram is the way to advertise. That said, 4 sets of 10 of these crushed me. #cpbk #kettlebellworkout
This is what letting go of inhibition looks like. Feeling all the feels, not giving a f*ck, and expressing yourself in the most authentic and vulnerable way. This is why I love my contact staff; it鈥檚 movement therapy at its best. 鉂わ笍 What forms of movement make you feel most alive? If you don鈥檛 know the answer to this question, I encourage you to make that a priority. MF. Life. Changing. 馃檹馃徎 #imheretohelp #letmehelpyou #findyourmovement
More and more women are lifting, and more and more women are giving #zerofucks and more and more women are feeling empowered. 馃檶馃徎 And I鈥檓 lovin鈥 every minute of it! 鈥淟et鈥檚 flex on all our haters because we鈥檙e the beauties and the beasts! Be fucking intense, GET UNCOMFORTABLE!鈥 | motivating words from 馃挘馃挜@fitgurlmel #itsamovement #girlpower
Welcome August. I鈥檝e been waiting for you for what seems like a lifetime. Please stay a while.馃槂鈽锔忦煣his month, I鈥檓 focusing on spending quality time in the prettiest New England coastal towns, honoring my intuition, (because this wild force hasn鈥檛 steered me wrong yet), investing in mahself, letting go of what I think 鈥渟hould be鈥, and making one human being smile 馃榿 Every. Single. Day. 1锔忊儯Sieze Summertime. I always feel a sense of wholeness when I come back from a beach trip. Rhode Island and Montauk are two very special places that allow me to go back to my roots and recharge. Prioritize happiness NOW! 2锔忊儯Honor your intuition. Trust your gut and show yourself love by honoring the messages that it鈥檚 sending. 3锔忊儯Invest in yourself. The value that I possess is important enough to me that I鈥檓 going to give it the energy, space, and time to grow and create results. 4锔忊儯Detach from the outcome & live in the wisdom of uncertainty. I鈥檓 馃挴 % guilty of creating a plan, and then feeling some sort of way when it doesn鈥檛 follow through the way I intended. Trust that everything happens for a reason. 5锔忊儯Make someone smile every day. Seeing other people happy makes me happy. As an empath I pick up on other people鈥檚 frequencies and vibrations, and if I can make your day better (even at my own expense) I鈥檒l do it. Looking like a goon and all. #lfaintentions
Medicine Ball Strength & Conditioning 馃挋Exercise is always praised as the ultimate stress-reducer; after all, studies have shown that it can be a game changer for mental health, linked to major improvements in both depression and anxiety. But for many of us鈥揳s we drag our butts to the gym on a Thursday evening and spend 45 miserable minutes on a stationary bike we can鈥檛 help but wonder if our workout brought more stress than good into our day. 馃挋What is clear is that there鈥檚 no reason to force yourself to do something you hate. Give yourself permission to break free from what you think you SHOULD be doing and embrace something entirely new. 馃挋That鈥檚 why I am here, to help you de-stress and find movements that you LOVE. 馃彁Come play with purpose @ @chelseapiersfitness 馃挋 #ballislife #stressrelief #throwsomeshitaround
馃嵈AGING: 100 at 50 or 50 at 100? 馃崙Nutrition is clearly the most important factor you can take to control how long you live, whether you will be diagnosed with major diseases, and whether you will be active and strong or sedentary and frail in old age. 馃How many people believe that it鈥檚 natural for our bodies to just break down and become immobile once we reach our grandmothers and fathers age? 馃崐A recent study examined nearly a thousand men and women who were 38 years old. It found that, in terms of their biological conditions, some seemed no older than 30, while others appeared closer to 65! Furthermore, all those who were biologically older than their true age would continue to age quickly in later years. 馃崓If this isn鈥檛 eye opening, then I give up, folks! Obviously that鈥檚 neverrr an option, so I鈥檒l just keep convincing you to improve your diet with cold hard facts. 馃憡馃徏 馃尪Maybe one day we will determine how old someone is not based on the year he or she was born, but on his or her own biological age, which we are starting to be able to accurately measure. #nerdingout #soexciting #foreveryoung 馃If you could GUESS what YOUR BIOLOGICAL AGE is, what would it be? 馃摍#TheLongevityDiet #valterlongo
鉂わ笍Destination: Pleasure 馃枻What happens when we ignore our pleasure, our sensual brilliance? We start to shrink. Everything in our world is disadvantaged because we are not present. Our truth is not present because our desires are not present. And our desires are not present because the only way for a woman to connect with her desire is to connect with her pleasure. Pleasure is the jet fuel that makes desire a reality. 馃枻A woman can鈥檛 do her job of being a woman without her sensual brilliance engaged. She is working with a 25-watt bulb instead of the 100-watts that are her birthright. 馃枻So ladies, ask yourself this...where will your sensual brilliance lead you, once you toss her the keys and allow her to drive? #pussyareclamation #schoolofwomanlyarts
@catasana and I getting a little silly teaching @wellness_rebellion how to 鈥減re-twerk. 馃ぃ馃崙 #twerkout #workout #laughalittleitlooksgoodonyou @catasana
Snack plan one time, eat throughout the week.馃嵈(If you remember to divvy your snacks and don鈥檛 just eat two potions in one sitting because it鈥檚 so goddamn delicious and you鈥檙e just trying to live your best life.) 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 It will save you time, money, and energy on decision making throughout the day. #mealprepqueen #setupforsuccess
Spread Love & Inspire Passion鉂わ笍馃敟 @slipdance creates pure magic traveling the world sharing his love of dancehall culture. 馃嚡馃嚥 Not only did I take away some pretty sweet dance moves馃槒, but I also gained an entirely new perspective about how I can inspire and motivate for myself and others. Thank you, Slip, for all that you are. And congratulations on all of your success thus far, you鈥檝e only begun to scratch the surface. Can鈥檛 wait to see where you鈥檒l go next. 馃檹馃徎 #danca #dancehall
馃嚡馃嚨鏃ユ湰Cl茅 de Peau Beaut茅 REHAUSSEUR D'脡CLAT馃棟鑲岃啔涔嬮懓鍏夊奖绮 17铏 馃棟Cpb 鎺$敤鐗瑰垾灏庡厜鎶琛擄紝鍙渶鍦ㄥ畬鎴愮钵瀹瑰緦杓曡紩涓鎺冿紝鐐鸿倢鑶氬付渚嗚嚜鐒惰簫鍕曞厜鎰燄煒変护杓粨鏇存鑷答煒 浠婂勾鎺ㄥ嚭鍏夊奖绮17铏熻壊馃挀浠f浛鍘熶締缍茬磪11鍙17铏熸坊鍔犲乏娣℃贰钖拌。鑽夎壊鍜岃杽鑽风稜馃憤馃徎鍙互鏇磋绡闈㈤儴绔嬮珨椤忚壊锛岃屼笖鏀瑰杽浜11鍙蜂笂鑷変笉鑷劧銆侀粍鐨啔涓嶅お鑳絟old鐨勭己鐐光潡锔1鈨o笍7鈨o笍铏熺啊鐩村畬缇庰煈嶄笂闈㈠緦绨$洿鍋氬埌閼界煶閫忓厜鑲岎煉庣禃灏嶅煎緱鏀惰棌馃槝馃槝 馃挮馃挮鉁煉湪馃挮馃挮鉁煉煉$588 馃檵馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忔杩庢煡瑭㈣惤鍠 馃槑鏈簵涓嶆帴鎬ヤ欢馃檹 鉁栵笍涓嶈ō閫娆惧強鎻涜波 馃摝鍙伕鎿囬爢璞愬埌浠 馃挵HKD$588 馃摬WhatsApp 馃憠6226 2641 鈽庯笍Wechat 馃憠EGHK45 #cpb楂樺厜 #cbp楂樺厜绮 #cpb #cpbk #cpb浠h臣 #棣欐按 #闊撳湅钘ュ #闊撳湅钘ュ浠h臣 #闊撳湅 #闊撳湅浠h臣 #鏃ユ湰 #鏃ユ湰浠h臣 #鏃ユ湰钘ュ #浠h臣 #鍖栧鍝 #鐝捐波 #skin #skincare #beauty #elegantgoodshk #鍖栧鍝佷唬璩 #cosmetic #hkshop #姝愮編鍖栧鍝佷唬璩
KETTLEBELL ONLY SHOULDER AND CORE WORKOUT (balance & stability too 馃榿) Chances are, if you鈥檝e used kettlebells before, you know how to swing 鈥榚m, which uh, gets a little boring after awhile. Switch things up and get more out of your favorite training tool with this kettlebell workout. You do not need much space or equipment. METHOD: 1锔忊儯Side plank with corkscrew press 2锔忊儯Windmill with overhead hold 3锔忊儯Clean & press 4锔忊儯Reverse lunge 20 reps total (10 per side) Finish all movements in a circuit fashion. Rest 1-2 minutes & repeat for 3-4 rounds. Make sure to double tap 鉂わ笍 to show some loving! 馃帶 #missjackson #playwithpurpose #chelseapiers
What Does Feminine Energy Look Like in 2018? 馃尲It鈥檚 no longer about man vs. woman. Commander vs. conqueror. This is a time for all of us to look for harmony and unity鈥攖o remove what has defined and divided us and activate our inner Goddess. 馃尲鉃★笍The evolved Goddess is someone who is mindful and acts as a role model for driving forward conscious change. A Goddess unites people, nourishes other people's energy, feeds them wisdom, and helps them feel safe and secure. 馃尲Now more than ever, it's all about the energy and intention behind your actions. As a society, the past year has seen unethical, immoral, and unauthentic behavior called out. From the #MeToo movement to the wave of new voices entering politics, 2018 is shaping up to be a year of unity and compassion. We are all being made accountable to step up, support, and be the best versions of ourselves. 馃尲That includes the males too. Dialing up your Goddess isn鈥檛 going to emasculate you. On the contrary, owning your intuition, emotional, and empathic side can make you a more in-tune lover, more emotionally intelligent in business, and give you a more well-rounded perspective on the world around you. 馃摳 @stockezy Passage by @mindbodygreen 馃尶#thefutureisequal
馃毚馃徑鈥嶁檪锔廇s biking continues to grow in popularity in cities around the country, and fitness studios like FlyWheel and SoulCycle are expanding like crazy 鈥 it's clear that this cycling habit will probably stick around. And that's a great thing! There are so many benefits to bike riding. 馃毚馃徎鈥嶁檧锔廋ycling has long been a great alternative for those looking to get fit without the joint pain that can come from higher-impact forms of cardio such as running and jumping. Simply hop on a bike and watch the calories tick away, while your energy levels rise and your fatigue levels plummet. Oh, and forgive me for preaching my hippy dippy ways, but outdoor activities are extremely healing. There鈥檚 no denying the psychological benefits from spending time in nature, especially while being active. Movement + Nature = inner (and real) happiness. Nothing beats that natural euphoria of the wind blowing past your face and that gratifying dose of accomplishment as you tread up and down hills. Ok I鈥檓 ready to cycle now. 馃榿 馃毚馃徎鈥嶁檪锔廇nd...if you鈥檙e an avid cyclist or wishing to become one, there are ways to increase your performance on the bike! Adding in strength movements such as planks, burpees, kettlebell swings, lunges, deadlifts and front squats can help get you in cycling shape before or during the season. #playwithpurpose #cpbk
@keishavillarson and I are participating in @leefromamerica #LFAintentions 馃 In the short time we鈥檝e known each other (and after realizing we are scary alike) we decided to be accountability friends. Yay! 馃懐鈥嶁檧锔忦煉 Here鈥檚 to a happy happy July, babe! I鈥檝e done a lot of inner work and growth last month, feels like I鈥檝e shedded an old version of me that I was finally ready to release. Summer is here! 馃槑 I鈥檓 looking forward to longer days, time in nature, and all the sunsets. 馃寘 Here are this months intentions: 1锔忊儯 Put down the馃摫 No more A.M. scrolling. My cell phone is a time sucker. It sucks precious time from our days, and at such a crucial time of day, you need all the clarity to start off on the right foot. 2锔忊儯 Enjoy your free time; play more! Play is so crucial to our wellbeing and overall productivity. Work and everyday chores can seem monotonous and when there鈥檚 no play involved we can get a little stir crazy and unmotivated. 3锔忊儯 Create meaningful relationships. Technology has made it easy to stay connected with others, but what I鈥檓 really craving is more 鈥渋n the flesh鈥 communication, openness, and genuine connection. Love is in the air鈥攁nd I intend to breath it in. Every. Single. Day. 4锔忊儯 Fiercely chase after what you want. Take that leap and do what your heart urges you to do. Be confident in your direction and persist. 5锔忊儯 Give yourself the love you need, so you can go out in the world with more love. No explanation needed. The world needs more kindness and love, especially now in a time full of hate, lies, and uncertainty. #lovetrumpshate
BALANCE & STABILITY TRAINING馃敟馃挭馃徎 This type of training demands a lot of core activation and attention (it鈥檚 impossible to be on your phone or have a conversation while doing this type of training 鈥 you can take a selfie after).馃構 鈥 THINK LIKE A KID 馃檪 鈥 As a kid, most of us were running, jumping, climbing, landing on one foot, balancing on a balance beam or edge of sand box鈥re you getting the mental picture here? We were doing balance and stability training without even realizing it. As adults, we鈥檙e not climbing all over the place (although I say we should be!), balancing and activating our core as we should. Many have a weak core, distressed lower back and, as a result, have adopted many movement compensations (favoring one side while walking, standing, sitting and even while training). Have you adopted any of these bad habits? Not sure? Don鈥檛 worry 鈥 there are ways to fix it. 鈥斺> #watchandlearn Sara demonstrating a beginner/intermediate stability & balance workout. 馃専#chelseapiersfitness 馃帶鈥滸angster Walk鈥- @snbrnmusic
鈥淲hat you do is what matters, not what you think or say or plan.鈥 #chelseapiersbrooklyn #chelseapierstraining #kettlebellworkout #trainersworkout #cpbk #pushittothelimit
Determined to do a core circuit after a solid conditioning workout yesterday...I walked into the bathroom and took this photo instead鈥攏ever did the core workout. 馃槵 #CPBK #issopretty #hadtoselfie #trainedabstoday #iactuallydid
Hello Brooklyn!! Work Shenanigans with my fave #cpbk #weworkhere #cantbringusanywhere
@darkcitybrewing 鈥淪ocial Mosaic鈥 makin鈥 Mondays a little less Monday-y. #beeroclock #craftbeer #fishtownbeer #CPBK #dcbcbeer
馃憦employees of the month馃憦 Meet Jessica. 馃檵鈥嶁檧锔 Position: server/reverse cowgirl. 馃 How long at cedar: 2 years 3 months 105 days. 馃挭 Bday: June 3rd 1993. 馃憢 Fav food at cedar: vegan lasagna馃憤 Fav drink: citywide. 馃馃嵑 When not here, where are you: spooning my fur child, or laying in the grass somewhere with my fur child.....spooning. Social media: @suuckerbet 馃崷 Meet Corona. 馃憢 position: runner. 馃弮馃徎鈥嶁檪锔 Bday: October 26, 1996. 馃ご Fav food at CPBK: carrot cake parfait. 馃巶 Fav drink: coconut daiquiri. 馃嵐When you鈥檙e not here, where are you: watching survivor or thinking about survivor. 馃挭Social media: too cool for that 馃拋鈥嶁檪锔 #eom #proudparent #cpbk #employeeappreciation #employeeofthemonth
Truck bed pool life! We鈥檒l be going strong til 8pm! #5yearanniversary #cpbk #fishtown
Netas do grande (CIGANO) 脭 SANGUE BOM DESSE MENINO #BrotherhoodoftheBull (Canil Irmandade do Touro MCZ-AL) Parab茅ns aos propriet谩rios!!! #CPBK #Monster
From the spring menu #vegan carrot cake parfait with Kiki your late cocktail @cedarpointphl #fishtown #cpbk
Happy Saturday!!! I鈥檓 Off to Yoga and Giving these new Chocolate 馃崼 Pressed by @kindsnacks the green light for 5 reasons. 1) they have DARK chocolate 馃い 2) they are a good source of fiber 3) only 1 gram of sugar is ADDED (the rest comes from strawberries) 4) they provide one serving of fruit in each bar 5) they make for a great smoothie topper, or a snack on the go. DELISH. SIMPLE. as all food (even packaged) should be. #GiveKINDaTry #CPbK
i may usually flood your feeds with indulgent 馃巶 & 馃崻 - but that doesn't mean it's the only way you can get your sweet fix! save yourself the dirty dishes, the sugar rush & a potential frosting frenzy & try the new Chocolate Pressed by KIND bars from @KINDsnacks ! #GiveKINDaTry #CPbK are you team 馃崒 or 馃崜? comment 馃憞馃徏
post-workout snack break alert: acai bowl + coffee + the new tasty Strawberry Chocolate Pressed by KIND bar by @kindsnacks lately i鈥檝e been making sure these are in my purse in case i get hangry. v good idea! which flavor sounds better? Are you team 馃崜 or banana 馃崒?!? comment below! #GiveKINDaTry #CPbK #ad
MOOD: 馃崜 or 馃崒? Chocolate Pressed by Kind, my new favorite travel snack 馃構 @kindsnacks #GiveKINDaTry #CPbk
I never leave the house without a snack. Now I can have my fruit and chocolate all in one 馃槒馃崼馃崜馃崒 try these new Chocolate Pressed by KIND bars! They鈥檙e vegan! 馃檶馃徑馃尡 Thanks @kindsnacks ! #GiveKINDaTry #CPbK
馃崜FRUIT ROLL UP FOR ADULTS馃崒 @KindSnacks has NEW Chocolate Pressed by KIND strawberry or banana fruit covered in chocolate! I added mine in french vanilla ice cream, more strawberries & bananas & whipped cream! #GiveKINDaTry #CPbK #ad 馃憞馃徏Tell me down below if you鈥檙e team馃崜 or team馃崒!馃憞馃徏
As you can imagine, running a food account consists of eating lots of junk food, but I can always count on @KINDsnacks to be there for me for a delicious guilt-free treat! These new Chocolate Pressed Bars are inspired by chocolate covered fruit and are the PERFECT snack to satisfy my sweet tooth/feed my chocolate addiction 馃槒馃崼 If you had to try one of these flavors right now, would you go for strawberry or banana? Comment below! 馃崒馃崜 #GiveKindATry #CPbK #ad
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My favorite beach snack this Spring Break!馃槏馃崜馃崒 NEW @kindsnacks Chocolate Pressed dessert snacks!鉁 #GiveKINDaTry #CPbK #ad
Well what do you know, one minute you leave a pristine box of @kindsnacks new Dark Chocolate Banana Pressed聽out to try and the next, you鈥檙e left with a sea of wrappers and your assistant missing. From the looks of it, they鈥檙e irresistible. Hope next time I can actually #GiveKindaTry#CPbK 聽|聽5:52pm
Anyone else get that 3pm snack attack?! 馃檵馃徏鈥嶁檧锔 recently I鈥檝e been craving dark chocolate and these new @kindsnacks Chocolate Pressed by KIND fruit bars totally satisfy my craving, especially when I鈥檓 on the go. The chocolate banana flavor is my personal fav 馃崼馃崒 basically heaven in a 130 calorie bar 鉁 Comment 鈥滒煃撯 if you鈥檇 pick the strawberry flavor or 鈥滒煃屸 if you鈥檇 pick the banana flavor like me! #GiveKINDaTry #CPbK
@kindsnacks just recently released their new Chocolate Pressed by KIND bars, and you need to get your hands on them. 鈥 #blondeswhoeat absolutely love dark chocolate, strawberries and bananas, so it's a win win! 鈥 Comment "馃崜" if you'd pick the strawberry flavor, or "馃崒" if you'd pick the banana flavor! #GiveKINDaTry #CPbK #ad
Be #KIND to your body! Whether you prefer 馃崒 or 馃崜, I think we all can agree that we鈥檙e team 馃崼 so why not find a healthier way to indulge!? @KINDsnacks new Chocolate Pressed bars allow me to treat myself to a sweet bite and leave the guilt behind! TAG A CHOCOLATE LOVING FRIEND that should #GiveKINDaTry and see if they are team 馃崒 or 馃崜! #CPbk #ad
Ah, the Instagram Party Platter 馃帀20 minutes of Grocery Shopping, 30+ minutes of Food Styling, and 25 minutes of Photographing + Editing鈥.only to be devoured in minutes and scrolled past in seconds 馃槤Luckily, the new VEGAN Pressed by @kindsnacks bars make YOUR healthy indulgence a whole lot easier and convenient 馃崜馃崒馃檶Their Dark Chocolate Strawberry and Banana Bars are made with whole fruits, chia seeds, and dairy-free chocolate -- making them a tasty treat for all those times when you're craving chocolate-covered fruit, but can鈥檛 be bothered to make it 馃し Both flavors are 馃挴, but I鈥檇 have to say the Strawberry has my heart 馃槏 Comment below and tell me which one you want to try first! 馃憞馃徏#GiveKINDaTry #CPbK
taking a bite out of monday with some coffee & @kindsnacks chocolate pressed by KIND. they come in dark chocolate strawberry & dark chocolate banana.聽 which would you choose? comment below 馃憞馃徑馃憞馃徑馃憞馃徑 #GiveKINDaTry #CPbK #ad #馃崜 #馃崒
Looking for a treat?? @KINDsnacks makes a healthy treat for the chocolate lover. These new @KINDsnacks Chocolate Pressed by KIND have 1 serving of real fruit and are dipped in dark chocolate! Which one is your favorite馃崜 or 馃崒? #giveKINDaTry #cpbk
When I'm not eating massive quantities of pasta and ice cream, I try to keep it healthy bc #balance . These Chocolate Pressed @kindsnacks are a perfect (healthy) dessert for when you don't want to make a gigantic mess of melty chocolate covering your kitchen and clothes (like I may or may not have just done) 馃崼. Which flavor bar would you choose, 馃崜 or 馃崒? #GiveKINDaTry #CPbK #ad
Chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate covered bananas? These new chocolate covered @KINDsnacks Bars made from real fruit make tasty toppings for ice cream 馃憣馃徏 Thanks to @drilldicecream for letting us have some fun making these bars into ice cream. Comment 鈥滒煃撯 if you鈥檇 pick the strawberry flavor or 鈥滒煃屸 if you鈥檇 pick the banana flavor! #GiveKINDatry #CPbK 馃憞馃徏Tag your friends馃憞馃徏
Team 馃崒or 馃崜?? Hard to choose between these @KINDSnacks chocolate pressed desserts snacks. Love indulging in these and feeling good about the fact that I don鈥檛 have to feel guilty afterwards 馃檶馃徑馃檶馃徑 #GiveKINDaTry #CPbK #ad
as you all know, my go-to breakfast of choice is ALWAYS oats, PB, fruit, & some sort of goodie馃い馃槑 loaded this bad boy with creamy peanut butter, banana & strawberries, and the new @KINDSnacks Dark Chocolate Banana Pressed Bar 馃馃拑馃徎 made with minimal ingredients, these bad boys have 1 serving of fruit in them and taste like straight up dessert馃檶馃徎 they also have a strawberry flavor which i鈥檓 ALL about 馃い comment 鈥滒煃撯 if you鈥檇 pick the strawberry or 鈥滒煃屸 if you鈥檇 pick the banana! #GiveKINDaTry #CPbK #ad
Chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate covered bananas? These new chocolate covered @KINDsnacks Bars made from real fruit make tasty toppings for ice cream 馃憣馃徏 Thanks to @drilldicecream for letting us have some fun making these bars into ice cream. Comment 鈥滒煃撯 if you鈥檇 pick the strawberry flavor or 鈥滒煃屸 if you鈥檇 pick the banana flavor! #GiveKINDatry #CPbK 馃憞馃徏Tag your friends馃憞馃徏
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