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Humanistic Psychology conference highlights #couplestherapy #latinxspirituality #polyamory
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Girls say I love you face to face. Guys say I love you side by side. Yes, of course it can happen the other way, but in my practice I usually experience the guys being less aware of the discord in the relationship(Let me know if agree).There is an undocumented reason for that.😉 __ For the most part, guys feel connected when their significant others are close by. If you haven't noticed, we don't need much in the way of deep conversation, lol. Women on the other hand want the verbal interaction. __ How do we remedy this? Simple, just check in with each other. Ask this question, "Hey sweetie, how are we doing? " This will help uncover any surprises if things are not ok. __ Any comments? Let me know.
I'm highly unlikeable 🤦 Join Matt and I to talk about ✨ In-laws ✨ Paternity leave ✨ Barbra Streisand ✨ Elizabeth Holmes ✨ Amy Schumer Our recommendations this week are @amyschumer Growing Netflix spesh. @gwynethpaltrow and @daxshepard cross over podcast (listen via @goop podcast or @armchairexppod and @loveyourguts.co Sauerkraut. Listen, love and share xo
“Expect to be loved well.” - Dr. John Gottman . Don’t lower your expectations in a relationship. . When we have low expectations, our relationship lives up to that. When we have high expectations, our relationship lives up to that. . If we expect to be loved well, then we are more likely to be loved well. . @gottmaninstitute . #gottmaninstitute #gottman #johngottman #quotes #lovequotes #love #lovewell #relationships #relationshipgoals #couples #couplestherapy
Are the lines of communication in your relationship getting a little choppy? What are you saying that's not getting through? You might be surprised at how simple it is to actually be heard 👂... . . Check out our 🆕 BLOG POST for our therapist Nikki's communication advice -> 🔗 IN BIO. . Nikki specializes in relationship counselling, and is accepting new clients on Fridays and Sundays at our Islington and Bloor clinic. . See 📞 and ✉️ in bio to book an appointment or ask any questions about the process. . . . #psychology #psychologist #psychotherapy #psychotherapist #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #mentalwellness #relationshipissues #relationshipcounselling #relationshiptherapy #couplescounselling #couplestherapy #communication #communicationissues
Tag a conflict avoider 👇👇👇
Hablemos un poco de las app para citas, una industria multimillonaria💰 Por qué estarán teniendo tanto impacto? Acá tenemos una primera pista: las app de citas están programadas para que funcionen como un juego. Sonidos, luces, gráfica llamativa... si lo piensan, la sensación de hacer match con alguien es parecida a desbloquear un nivel de Candy Crush. A esto agrégale que eres un participante del juego visible para todos, estás presente en tu mejor versión, mostrando tus mejores fotos y más cautivadora descripción para que todos puedan interesarse en ti... parece al menos, una manera fácil de aumentar tu autoestima. Este juego -como todo juego online- tiene efectos a nivel neurológico: libera endorfinas (alivian el dolor, efecto similar a morfina/heroína), serotonina (aporta al bienestar y felicidad), y dopamina (entre otras cosas, la encargada de regular motivación y deseo). Este último neutrotransmisor es el que genera tus ganas de “jugar” cuando no la estás usando. Te dejo otros datos interesantes: *10% de los match se concretan en citas reales *81% de los perfiles mienten en datos como estatura, peso y edad *el match es una validación instantánea *mayoría de hombres busca sexo esporádico *mayoría de mujeres busca salidas gratis y conocer a alguien interesante Para qué las usamos? 🤔 expertos aseguran que para calmar nuestra curiosidad, para incrementar nuestro ego y para divertirnos en la inactividad • Pienso que el debate que debe importarnos, es en torno el buen uso (no abuso) de estas app, siempre tomando en cuenta que A MAYOR CONTACTO VIRTUAL, MENOR CONTACTO REAL. Las app de citas han llegado pasa quedarse y su uso debe ser responsable: que no agreguen ansiedad a tu vida. La posibilidad de crear falsas expectativas en base a una atracción inmediata (“flechazos”) es cotidiano para muchos usuarios, y el no cumplimiento de dichas expectativas puede generar un malestar importante. Te invito a reflexionar si crees que participar de estas app LE APORTA O LE RESTA a tu bienestar 🙌🏼🌟 • • • #love #couple #sex #sextherapist #couplestherapy #therapy #therapist #sexuality #psychology #amor #pareja #sexo #terapiasexual #terapiadepareja #terapia
I strive to be a wild poppy among blades of everyday grass. (In a sober healthy matter)
client sent this to me this afternoon as they’re struggling with trauma, grief/loss, and moderate to severe depression. They’re literally finding the littlest things to be grateful for — like this tweet! (and yes, I have their consent to post this anonymously). . Write/list 3 things down that you’re grateful for daily for 21 days and you rewire your brain to think more positively. 👌🏽🙏🏽 #gratitude . 🧠💙💡🛋 #therapywithleya . . . . . #depressionmanagement #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthwarrior #psychotherapy #clinicalpsychology #longbeach #losangeles #depression #anxiety #trauma #relationshipgoals #mentalhealth #copingskills #mindfulness #stressmanagement #mentalhealthmatters #LMFT #privatepractice #psychotherapist #CBT #DBT #relationshipexpert #couplestherapy #emotionalwellness
Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, sad or depressed? Do you feel misunderstood or not appreciated? Do your relationships feel more like an uphill battle? Do you find yourself easily irritated or angered? Do you find yourself engaging in unhealthy or self-sabotaging behaviors? Does your life lack balance, focus, purpose or joy? Give me a call at 561-404-1482 for a FREE consultation from an experienced psychotherapist, or visit www.mytherapistdelraybeach.com
Even when you think they *know* you are, sometimes we all need that extra reassurance when we're hurting or having a bad day.
Take a second here and think about the last apology you received that made you feel good. It’s typically one that makes your body relax after it’s been braced for battle. You may have felt a sense of calm wash over you after you heard it. These are the apologies we often need in order to fully move on from an issue at hand. When we apologize to someone, we can do this in a way that shows we are sorry for a behavior that hurt them, upset them, or confused them. It doesn’t need to be a battle between right and wrong. When we offer an apology that shows empathy for their hurt, we completely drop the weapons and disarm our partner (in a good way!) In these moments, we prioritize our partner’s experience and feelings, over the part of our ego that is so grounded in “winning” the argument. What we don’t often realize is that when we are planting our feet in the ground of winning territory, nobody truly wins because our relationship suffers. Question that part of you that wants to be right. What does it feel like it is giving up? How would it feel to put your ego aside in this moment? . . . . . #relationships #relationshipquotes #couplestherapy #therapy #mentalhealth #love #lovequotes #inspirationalquotes #positivity
Yes! Registered private practice for everybody as of today: through municipalities and all health insurance! 👊🏼 . #privatepractice #therapyforall #AGBcode #vektis #vecozo #therapistlife #provocativepsychology #marriagecounseling #couplestherapy
Come join us at the @santamonica_college tabling event!!! We will be able to answer all your questions and give you more info on low cost mental health services such as individual and couple therapy, group counseling, and psychological assessments. We look forward to seeing you there!!! . . . #mental #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #therapy #grouptherapy #couplestherapy #smc #santamonica #tcspp mindfulness #mindful #clarity #awareness #existentialism #gestalt #self #selfie #selfmotivation #motivation #dailymotivation #selflove #selfcare #mind #yoga #daily #dailymotivation
Need help with your dating profile? Jonathan and Antoni from Queer Eye critiquing dating app advice is amazing 👏🏻🤣Enjoy! @jvn @antoni @queereye 👇🏻 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-rAJdgOZsZk
Book now before April 10 for stays during our peak summer season and receive $75 off your Premium Suite room rate. Book online at the link in the bio or call us! . . #getinnhere #therapy #therapyvineyards #couplestherapy #naramata #bcwine #therapywinery #stayinvineyard #beautifulbc #summervacation #earlybird #naramatabench
Checking your ex's social media pages is unlikely to bring you any happiness. Take time to unplug and take care of yourself. Focus on you, not on their updates.
We ran away to Catalina... and were not coming back the same #restandrelaxation #couplestherapy
I have learned to find #inspiration in #unusual places 😅😅😅😅 This is one of the 1st #poems I wrote. I wanted to include it in my 2nd miniature book, but decided to wait. I am proud of this poem. I felt like a true storyteller writing this and I reaffirmed my #humor when sharing it with others. It's still #womanhistorymonth #womanshistorymonth this poem demonstrates the power of a woman in a different way 😄 It can also be a lesson in #communication for couples. #couplestherapy Quote me using #corysong
All Stan Tatkin digital recordings are HALF OFF! Browse talks by Dr. Tatkin by clicking on the link in our bio: @ericksonfoundation #psychology #psychotherapy #couplescounseling #couplestherapy #LMFT #LPC
I thought I lost you but you were never really there. Parterapi, sexologi og utroskab. På dansk / engelsk i København. Krise, udvikling og forandring. Alkohol, sundhed og vægtkontrol. Få en gratis bodyscanning! Fedt liv og fede forhold? Tag din partner med og få to! Parterapi på dansk/engelsk i Kbh. Få hjælp til krise, udvikling og forandring. Sund psyke, sund krop og sunde relationer. Relationships with ease, joy and glory! Psychotherapy and couples therapy in English or Danish. Parterapi-parterapeut.dk Sund psyke i en sund krop med sunde relationer © Psykoterapi og parterapi: • 6 konsultationer på 6 uger • Intensivt, kort og effektivt • Ingen ventetid / kom akut • Start med en konsultation • Køb klippekort med rabat • Nemt, hurtigt og billigt • Gratis parforholdstest og værktøjer • Gratis Access Bars ved terapi • Gratis bodyscanning og feedback • Mulighed for crossfit 3 gange om ugen Gratis bodyscanning i København: Parterapi-parterapeut.dk/bodyscanning-kropsanalyse.html MBA Kasper T. Larsen Psykoterapeut, parterapeut & sexolog Herbalife senior consultant & life coach Access bars facilitator & facelift practitioner Ring 61661900 for booking Akut, intensiv og effektiv terapi: Familieterapi, parterapi, imagoterapi, sexologi, psykoterapi, sorgterapi, alkoholbehandling, voksen-barn af alkoholikere, access bars og bodyscanning. #Kærlighed #Parforhold #Parterapi #Parterapeut #Imagoterapi #Imagoterapeut #Psykoterapi #Psykoterapeut #Love #Relationship #Couplestherapy #Couplestherapist #Psychotherapy #Psychotherapist #Utroskab #Sexolog #Stress #Angst #Depression #Sorg #AccessBars #AccessBarsTerapi #AccessConsciousness #Herbalife #FedeForhold #Bodyscanning #Kropsanalyse #Sundhed #ParterapiParterapeut #ParterapiParterapeutDk Credits to unknown artist.
4 D A Y S ! . . . Come get your self-care on at #BridalWellnessDay . This Saturday in Greenpoint. 🌸🧘🏻‍♀️👰🏼🧘🏽‍♀️👰🏾
YOUR "INNER CHILD" HIJACKS YOUR ADULT RELATIONSHIPS Here are four examples of destructive "Inner Child" dynamics and how they can wreak havoc on your adult life. "INNER CHILD," a term therapists use to refer to that part of your identity that is free, spontaneous, and creative and also completely impulsive in getting needs met. If you DIDN'T GET BASIC NEEDS MET as a child, the possibility is high that you're running an "OLD PROGRAM". Even without childhood trauma however, everyone has an inner child that needs to be kept in check. 1️⃣ THE TANTRUM KING/QUEEN: You have serious difficulty accepting "no" from your partner or your partner may feel he/she has to walk on eggshells in your presence. 2️⃣ THE MANIPULATOR: Constantly demanding and contorting things to get one's needs met feels burdensome to others and can result in rage on the part of your partners. 3️⃣ THE GOOD SOLDIER: This dynamic describes when a person is so intolerant of conflict or upset that they continually put on a brave/happy face even when their internal feelings may be more complicated. Good soldiers are afraid of conflict and work so hard to make others happy they neglect their own feelings. 4️⃣ THE REBEL WITHOUT A CASE: This inner child dynamic describes an adult who is behaviorally acting out in his/her adult relationships. A person caught up in this dynamic may be involved in affairs or have a tendency to have a secret life that their partner knows nothing about. The Rebel Without A Cause is similar to the teenager in that they never actually grow up and tell themselves "no" to adolescent proclivities. @releasing_the_past
Conflict is an inevitable part of being in an intimate relationship. ________ But we need some ground rules to ensure conflict is not a perpetually negative experience: -No name calling or foul language. If we resort to name calling/ foul language chances are we are too escalated to have a reasonable discussion, or we are not entering this discussion from a place of love. Either way, this is not a recipe for a successful conflict. _ -No interrupting. Too often we only look like we are listening and instead we are formulating our response in our head. Try and postpone your agenda and simply listen. _ -Stay on topic. When we feel attacked, we get defensive, and when we get defensive, we often resort to changing the topic to something our partner has done to offend us- rather than addressing the topic at hand. Take a moment to see if there is a portion (even if it’s only a small portion) of what your partner is saying that you can accept responsibility for, rather than immediately drudging up something that they did to offend you. _ -Take time-outs. When you feel that either you or your partner are becoming too escalated (heart rate racing, possibly loud voices etc.), that is when you both need to agree to take a time-out. The key here is to make sure that during that time out you focus on calming yourselves AND that you have determined a time when you can talk about the issue again- rather than sweeping it under the rug. _ -Speak from your perspective. Use the word “I” as much as possible! This is a good reminder to speak about your experience- how you feel, what you think and what happened for you. We often switch into the opposite mode: “you….you….you!” _ -No ‘icing’ each other out. This is a tough one, because so many of us would rather avoid conflict when it becomes too much, and/or we have been taught that giving the cold shoulder is an acceptable way to communicate dissatisfaction. ________ These can be hard to do on your own, but with the help of a trained couples therapist, or a conscious effort from each partner, it is possible!
Contempt is the #1 predictor that a relationship will end. Over time, contempt erodes a relationship’s fondness and admiration system and creates a negative environment that is difficult to overcome. . Examples of relationship contempt include: . • Eye rolling • Sarcasm • Arrogance • Disrespect • A snippy tone of voice • Dismissal or disregard • Mockery • Name-calling . According to Drs. John and Julie Gottman, the antidote to contempt is to talk about your own feelings in the moment, and to build a culture of appreciation and respect in the relationship as a whole. . Don’t wait for contempt to build over time. Start addressing it as soon as it appears, as it’s a sign that something needs attention in the relationship. . #gottmaninstitute #gottmanmethod #contempt #fourhorseman #relationships #couples #couplestherapy #cultureofappreciation #appreciation #respect
#DidYYouKnow ? Anxiety disorders develop from a complex set of risk factors, including genetics, brain chemistry, personality, and life events.
Since I’ve officially had this account for a few weeks now, I thought I’d introduce myself! ✨ I’m Kate and I’m one of the therapists practicing at the West Chester Therapy Group! . . I specialize in working with college students and 20-something’s struggling with self-esteem and break-ups, but I also truly enjoy helping people of all ages overcome emotional hardships in their lives, such as anxiety, depression, anger, relationship difficulties, and life transitions! . . If you’ve ever thought about therapy but were concerned that it’s not for you, head over to my story and ask me any question! And if you’re in the Chester County area and you think you’d like to try it out, shoot me an email and we can set something up! ✨
The antidote to defensiveness is to take responsibility for your part in the conflict, even if you don't feel you are entirely to blame. Doing this diffuses the perceived attack and allows your partner to feel heard and understood. . #marriagecounseling #couplestherapy #palmbeachtherapist #marriageandfamilytherapy #gottmanmethod #jupiterflmarriagecounselor
Imagine.... 🧘 Imagine all of the amazing things that happen when you take the first step, or the next step! Where ever you are in your journey just know that you are strong and capable of anything! 💁 Happy Tuesday. 😘
NEW EPISODE: A Gentle Read. @AndyBeckerman and @blacktresscomedy share a live set with @LarryOwensLive & @JustSydBY as well as @JoselynHughes & @BrookeVP. They also discuss Naomi's health conundrum. And tickets for the live show on April 6th are available now on the website! Don't miss out on this packed episode! . . . . #comedy #comedyshow #justcomedy #standupcomedy #comedypodcast #podcast #comedygold #livecomedy #couplestherapy #couplestherapypod #couplestherapypodcast
I know currently my two biggest focuses are losing weight for my wedding and getting my debt paid off, but it’s still important to realize this. One reason I’m trying to get out of debt is so I have a better quality of life in the future. So I can teach my children that it’s not about what you have, but what you give. I’m losing weight for the same reason. A better quality of life. So I can run and play with my future children without having a heart attack. I’m sacrificing things now for a better future. 💌 • • That’s important to me, but it’s also important to remember that’s not the only reason we’re on this planet. I tend to become hyper focused on things and ignore everything else, but this year is a big year. I’m getting married. I need to be in the moment and enjoy this process, (while still working towards my goals.) 💕 • • #OpenDiscussion #CouplesTherapy #BlackLoveExists #BlackLoveDoc #GoodHusband #CouplesTherapy #NoMoreBoyfriends #WifeyMaterial #HealthyLove #LoveLetters #PowerCouples #RelationshipGoals
Paris love ❤ We love this moment. 📷 by: @njwhite •••••••••••••••••••• Comment your thoughts!💬 •••••••••••••••••••• Travel with us🌏 Follow @big.vacation.deals Follow @big.vacation.deals Follow @big.vacation.deals •••••••••••••••••••• 💲save your money. Order your Hotel with us! LINK ON BIO!.💃🏽 •••••••••••••••••••• #paris #france #bigvacationdeals #vacation #travel #vacationmood #vacationtime #hotels #goodvibes #holiday #relax #enjoy #deals #couplelove #couplegoals #honeymoon #couples #couplestherapy #eiffeltower #hotelsuite
Don’t be wishy-washy with how you love. Be fierce. Be love everywhere you go with everybody you interact with regardless. Regardless if you’re on the mood, regardless if they deserve it. www.kimberlybrenner.com #marriagecommunication #marriagegoals #luvmorebracelet #communication #loveislove #marriage #marriageworks #marriagecounseling #couplestherapy #couplescounseling #weddingrings #weddingdress #divorce
So happy to introduce Shayna Davis as our in house graphic designer! She is currently a Drexel graphic design major and she will be creating social media design and graphics for us! . . #graphicdesign #drexel #socialmedia #designs #graphics #togethercouplescounseling #therapyiscool #therapy #couplestherapy
When we experience negative emotions about our partner, it’s important to stay away from negative comparisons. What’s a negative comparison? It’s when we think that someone else would be better than the partner we are with. When we start to compare our partner to an imagined other who is “better,” we feel less committed to the relationship and it can undermine the relationship’s stability. . When we experience conflict in our relationship, it’s important not to use that as an opportunity to focus on criticizing our partner’s character. Instead, we focus on trying to understand our partner’s perspective so that conflict can be worked through and managed. . #conflict #comparison #gottmaninstitute #gottmanmethod #couplestherapy #couples #relationships #marriage #commitment
Check out the newly refreshed website and blog! togetherbetterstronger.com I'd love to hear your thoughts ❤
How do you feel when you face this? I am pouring my heart ❤️ for you @johndhawkinsjr and I caught you 😴😴😴 @pdesmondadams must be laughing right now and saying don’t worry I can edit that hahaha 😂😂😂 Gotta laugh while you’re living and planing for a better life for yourself and others! I thought this is funny and wanted to share 😊 by the way John never sleeps while I am talking at the show, he sleeps while I am talking at bed time though 😂🤣😂🤣 Love you hubby 😘 Bissan Amin ⚜️ . . . . . . . #couplestherapy #couples #couplesgoals #show #goals #johnandbissan #johndhawkinsjr #bissanamin #love #positivevibes #laughs #comedy #dubai #lifestyle #followforfollow #likeforlike
Pay attention to the variety of behaviors that show someone escaping, withdrawing, and shutting down in a conversation which can indicate a person is feeling overwhelmed, flooded, or emotionally deregulated. #cartoon #couples #couplestherapy #funny #partner #parent #comics #psychology #eft #gottman #mft #counseling #relationship #mentalhealth #divorce #turtles #lifehacks #lifecoach #comedy #emotional
Are you needing help communicating with your partner? Do you end up in a fight only to not talk even more? Would you like to learn My Conversations that have helped hundreds of couples find their way back to love and respect? Join me for an all day live on line intensive retreat You won’t have to leave your home. All you need is an internet connection and ZOOM (which is free) April 5th 219 Thats a Sunday. www.kimberlybrenner.com #marriagecommunication #marriagegoals #luvmorebracelet #communication #loveislove #marriage #marriageworks #marriagecounseling #couplestherapy #couplescounseling #weddingrings #weddingdress #divorce
When you get into an argument or conflict with a partner, there are often past hurts and events that are being triggered in the moment. Many times, it can be difficult to identify or talk about these triggers during the conflict, so taking a break to regulate emotions can be very helpful. . After a break, when emotions feel more manageable and the fight-or-flight mode has been turned back off, it’s important to do some repair work with your partner. . During the repair conversation, it’s helpful to talk about your triggers and what else contributed to your feelings and perspective during the conflict. This helps your partner to better understand you and also provides an opportunity to emotionally attune and connect. . It’s also helpful to ask your partner to discuss their triggers as well. This will help improve understanding and making plans for moving forward. . These tools are part of the Gottman Method for couples therapy. For more about this method, check out @gottmaninstitute. . #triggers #triggering #gottmanmethod #gottmaninstitute #repair #connect #attune #conflict #fightorflight #flooding #takeabreak #couples #couplestherapy #argument
You can’t just ignore things and make them disappear. I know, it sucks. I wish you could. There are plenty of things I’d love to make disappear just by looking the other direction. BUT! Denial and ignoring just do not work. Your biggest challenges in life have to be faced head on. Addressing things as actually how we make them go away. Sometimes we have to go THROUGH things to get OVER them. 💞So what do you need to address!
What’s been your story about receiving support in your life? Where and why are you not reaching out for support? What would it mean for you to be supported in this area(s)? However, the more support you receive, the more powerful you become. * * * * * * * #beyourself #beyou #embrace #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthawarness #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalhealthsupport #coupleslife #anxiety #anxietyrelief #stress #stressrelief #depression #emotions #selflove #selfcare #mentalawarness #couplesconnection #motivation #love #therapy #counseling #copingskills #lifecoach #lifequotes #selflove #womenpower #mujeresvalientes #couplestherapy
Ask open-ended questions. . One of the best communication techniques is the practice of asking open-ended questions. This helps to explore and really open up the dialogue. . Closed-ended questions can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” Open-ended questions, by design, ask for more depth. . Asking open-ended questions is an excellent way to connect with someone, to show true interest, and to better understand their perspective when there is conflict. . Examples: Closed-ended: Are you mad about what I said earlier? Open-ended: Can you share with me your feelings about what I said earlier? . @gottmaninstitute has a free app that you can download called Gottman Card Decks. The app contains several examples of open-ended questions to practice. . #couples #couplestherapy #gottmaninstitute #gottmanmethod #gottman #therapy #communication #communicationskills #relationships #openended #questions #skills #techniques
Try not to let social media control your life. Enjoy moments. Put down your phone. Schedule “island time” with your partner where you meet up for a set amount of time no TV, no computers, and ESPECIALLY no phones. Don’t let images of others control your happiness, your choices, and your strength. Comparison is the thief of joy. I am aware I say this all as I’m posting to the gram (LOL)....so keep in mind that we can use social media for good, as long as we approach these things with a set, healthy intention.
#TipTuesday ✍🏾 Remember to put things in perspective. Just because...doesn’t mean...• You‘re doing the best you can 🧡
COUPLES: Because God loves you and wants to conform you into the image of Jesus, you will most likely marry your OPPOSITE. . Why? To annoy you? To frustrate you? To tempt you to quit? As the Word would say: certainly not! . Our marriages will highlight our differences SO THAT we can CHOOSE to SEE how we can help shape and mold our spouses. . With this perspective and revelation, we now need the help of The Holy Spirit to do the work. . 🗣How do you sharpen your spouse with your differences? #makeyourmoneyone
💔 Heartbreak is an opportunity for growth and self-development, it does not have to be a time of overwhelming pain and feeling inadequate. . We understand breakups are hard and we're here to help you get through them. . Text us. (Details in bio)
Repost from @gottmaninstitute ✨ Relationships are tricky and creating healthy relationships require hard work. Gottman Institute has many strategies to help strengthen your relationship #gottmaninstitute #relationships #attunement #sandiego #couplestherapy
So many of us shy away from conflict, thinking it will make the situation worse. What we know, though, is that facing conflict and working through it respectfully with a partner helps to actually strengthen the relationship. . The goal is not to avoid, nor solve conflict. Rather, the goal is to get better at navigating conflict. . What helps you to manage conflict? What resources do you use? . #conflict #communication #couples #relationships #healthyrelationships #couplestherapy #gottmanmethod #resources #tools #skills #therapy
The less you take things personally, the greater your life will be! 🙌 #happytuesday
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