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Te invito a conocer la historia de Marianne y Michael. Una novela juvenil donde descubrirás cómo el amor echa fuera todo el temor. Encuéntrala en Amazon Kindle o gratis en #KindleUnlimited También la puedes adquirir en papel por Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0748N3PFZ/ref=sr_1_2 https://www.amazon.com.mx/dp/B0748N3PFZ/ref=sr_1_2 https://www.amazon.es/dp/B0748N3PFZ/ref=sr_1_2 #Romanticas #tsunamiromántico #tsnamiromantico #NovelasconCorazon #countrylove #AmazonKindle #KindleUnlimited
Happy Spring! I have been pretty MIA the last few days. It seems like we jumped from cold winter, not much going on to full on spring need to get myself organized & catch my breath all in the same moment. #momlife trying to keep up! . . . . . #momofgirls #momlife #mumlife #thisisthirtysomething #farmhouseliving #countrycharm #countryliving #countrylove #needtocatchup #organizemylife #taxseason #taxwife
Working on some things
Let me show you, my little friends! . Making Nutrition simple with these little guys! 💜💚❤️💛💙🧡 And no you don’t just get to eat one serving of each of these a day.. heck no. Nutritionists have done the math and the studies for us to get the proper daily recommended nutrition and they even made you a step by step food guide book on “how to” use them and what foods to use with each one. . It’s litteraly the best thing ever invented for people who want to live a functional, more energetic, fulfilling day. . Need to count macros? We got you! . You get a hand held incredible nutrition recipe book, food journal and food guide book. . For someone who struggles with nutrition and making sure I’m getting ALL my Food Groups and not missing some at some meals this is amazing. 🧡 Tired? Proper nutrition will help 💙 Not going to the bathroom as often as you should? Guess what sorry to say this but you’re likely bunged up and need some proper nutrition to help move things along. 💛 Not sleeping right? Proper nutrition. ❤️ Not seeing results but crushing those workouts? Abs start in the kitchen! 💚 We are all doing this together so you don’t have to play those guessing games alone. Don’t do it alone. We got you! 💜
'...Cause I'm tired of the fake love. Boy, make me believe' : : #fakelove #timing #loveyourself #fate #lawofattraction #countrylove
촉촉한 아침입니다 😊 #country #countrymorning #countrylife #countrylove
Necessities for a quiet evening in: wine 🍷 , Festive candle 🍀 (I LOVE anything festive), Nail painting (perhaps 🤷🏼‍♀️). And an amazing personal development book ALL women should read 👌🏽. . Not even mad about it 😏. . Whatcha doing tonight?? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #girlwashyourface #redwines #sallyhansen #redwinelover #winewednesdays #bloggerlife #thisisreallife #countrylove #countrylovers
Truly inspired by this saying tonight ✨ I’ve just placed all of my crystals out, under the Full Moon to charge 🌕 I hope this can inspire you, like it has for me. Sending lots of positive energy, your way ✨ . . . 📽mndsight
One of the best nights of my life at the @floridageorgialine @thomasrhettakins concert . . . . . . . . . . . . #country #concert #floridageorgialine #thomasrhett #countrylove #countrymusic #rodlaverarena
#raw_country • . ✨Featured Artist: @k_dover7 . ✨ . ________________________________________________ ✨✨CONGRATULATIONS!✨✨ ________________________________________________ . . ✨✨✨You are on your way to become a member! 5 features by RAW makes you a member. Contact @raw_members if you already have 5 Raw features! ✨✨✨✨ . . Selected by: @miha.maria . . . Cc: RAW_Community_Owners . • @chefjane@kristina_nicolina • . Join us in our fresh, creative and supportive community. Please follow @raw_community. . Please check out @raw_kingdom for more of our RAW_community pages. • #raw_featured #raw_community . #countrylove #farmanimals #everything_home_front #trb_rural #rural_life #picturetokeep_rural #mcl_rural #countrylandscape . . #raw_country_k_dover7 #raw_featured_k_dover7
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#raw_country • . ✨Featured Artist: @racer787 . ✨ . ________________________________________________ ✨✨CONGRATULATIONS!✨✨ ________________________________________________ . . ✨✨✨You are on your way to become a member! 5 features by RAW makes you a member. Contact @raw_members if you already have 5 Raw features! ✨✨✨✨ . . Selected by: @miha.maria . . . Cc: RAW_Community_Owners . • @chefjane@kristina_nicolina • . Join us in our fresh, creative and supportive community. Please follow @raw_community. . Please check out @raw_kingdom for more of our RAW_community pages. • #raw_featured #raw_community . #countrylove #farmanimals #everything_home_front #trb_rural #rural_life #picturetokeep_rural #mcl_rural #countrylandscape . . #raw_country_racer787 #raw_featured_racer787
Well, you know how I like a splash of colour ..... 😉 Just had a great time up cycling these dining chairs. The seat pads were really old and a bit embarrassing really... But this was so easy to do (with handy hubby and staple gun! 😂) And I'm sooo pleased with the results!! It's a first for me... But I think, the first of many!!!! 😍🤩🌟 . . Love your thoughts... Should I make these fabrics available on the website too? These are a much thinner than normal cotton, v lightweight and versatile and easy to stretch and staple...👍 . . #upcycle #upholstery #britishdesigner #britishfabric #countrydesign #countryliving #countrylove #diningroomdecor #upholstered #pheasant #horse #fox #foxdesign
. Foto de: @estanciadaordem #br_estanciadaordem_ct . ֹ 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰. ֹ 📅 Data: #br200319 . 📌Local: Plano Alto - RS. 🔍 Seleção: @eloana. 🔱 Admins: @chbrasil & @sallesan. Para ganhar destaques no @BR.Countryside_ , use #brcountryside Para mais informações sobre a nossa galeria e grupo @Brazil , visite @BR.Brasil. For more information about our gallery and @Brazil Group, visit @BR.Brazil. ֹ 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰. ֹ #paisagemrural #countryside #amoroça #roça #rural #caipira #country #countrylife #countrylove #sitio #vidanafazenda #vidanaroça #arpuro #naturezaperfeita #vidasimples #brasilrural   #brasilbruto #brasilcaipira #paisagemlinda #madeinroça
🇧🇷 Ah, que sorte ! Que sorte conhecer pessoas assim. Quando pensei admirar esse homem, nem se comparava ao tanto que passei pensar dele depois desse dia. Amor, carinho, respeito pelos animais, mas não só isso. Quanta humildade com as pessoas, que essência linda e única que ele tem. @domadordecaballos Martin, te desejo o melhor que o mundo pode te dar, sou grata pelo o que aprendi em pouco tempo contigo, e espero te ver mais vezes. Por mais pessoas assim ! . 🇦🇷 ¡Ah, qué suerte! Qué suerte conocer a gente así. Cuando pensé admirar a ese hombre, ni se comparaba al tanto que pasé a pensar de él después de ese día. Amor y respeto por los animales, pero no sólo eso. Cuanta humildad con las personas, que esencia maravillosa y única que tienes. Martin, te deseo lo mejor que el mundo te puede dar, estoy agradecida por lo que aprendí en poco tiempo contigo, y espero verte más veces. ¡Por más gente así!
Happyasf😁 #happykid #countrylove
Can’t wait to do it all again to kick off the long weekend #APRIL18th ! ⚡️💃🏼🎶🕺🏽⚡️
Aaaee turma... fim de férias e a convite do @mauriciolerro e @millena.arantes vamos começar arrepiando com um show novinho em folha no Maior Evento do Agronegócio da região de São José do Rio Preto!!! É muita responsa 😉😉😉. E em um lugar lindíssimo!!! @buffetvillaconte Estou muitíssimo feliz vambora!!!!! 2019 @magrao_pa @roratoferdinando @felipedsantos_bass @riopretocountrybullsoficial @takaminebrasil @sonotecbrasil #mateusrott #countrylove #countrystyle #countrysong #countrylife #riopreto #villaconte @saojosedoriopreto_sp @zootecniadeprecisao #zootecniadeprecisao #zootecnia #congressozootecnia
Stealing kisses from the neighbor~😘💋❤️ #countrylove #neighbors #countrylife #kissme #californiakisses
I hope you all have, such a lovely day today. Remember to appreciate everything and everyone around you. Never take anything, for granted. I’m surely but slowly, clearing people and things that no longer serve me ✨
Starting my day off, working on my Macramé wallhanging. How beautiful is this, Macramé rope 👌🏻 This got me thinking more about, sustainable fashion. I’d love to start designing and creating things with rope. I’ve studied- Art & Design, Fashion & Clothing Design, Graphic Design & Photography. Being so creative, sets my soul on fire. I hope you all have, a lovely day
It’s so beautiful to watch the waves, crashing towards you. Captured this when I was out, venturing along the beach 📽
I want to be looking out at the sea, with sand on my feet. It’s pouring down here, so thought I’d share some sunshine with you all
Dreaming of coming here one day, to the breathtaking Salt at Shoal Bay. Everything about this beautiful place, really connects with me. First though, I’ll have to see if I’ll be able to travel on a plane. I’m currently undergoing tests, MRI scan on my brain and I’ve just had a potential test, to see if I have an autoimmune condition possibly MS. But this won’t stop me, I’m determined more than ever to explore and capture every precious moment. Sending lots of love, to you all . . . 📽 saltatshoalbay
Morning, to all of you beautiful souls 🌙 I’ve just come across, the talented raychponygold So I thought I’d share, her inspirational work. I hope you all have, such a lovely weekend
One of my favourite crystals to use, Rose Quartz | If you wear or hold a Rose Quartz, it can help to heal all aspects of the heart. Giving off strong vibrations of love, can be used to attract a new relationship, love yourself more, help to heal from the past. Tapping into the divine feminine, Rose Quartz will restore faith, compassion, harmony, and balance in all matters of the heart. I’ve been using mine, to learn to love myself more 📽
Take me to, Two Bunch Palms 🌵in California. I’d love to relax, in the natural hot springs. Such a breathtaking place, definitely on my bucket list 🌙 Set on 77 lush acres, with mountain views. Heaven for my soul . . . 📽 twobunchpalms
Reconnecting myself with Mother Nature 🌙 Hydrangeas always manage, to capture my soul. Such a beautiful flower, remember try and spend some time in nature today. It will help to rebalance yourself, lift your spirits. Even if it’s just stepping outside, to breathe in some crisp fresh air ✨ Sending lots of love and positive energy, to all of you wonderful souls
Billabong Australia 🌵 Obsessing over this look, casual and comfy 👌🏻 I’m dreaming of, the desert 🏜 I hope you all have such, an amazing day✨✨✨ . . . 📽 billabong_womens_australia
Today’s mood, I hope this can inspire you like it has with me . . 📽 Danielle Doby
It’s such a rainy day, today. So here’s a beautiful blossoming, cherry tree. I captured this beauty, when the weather was 👌🏻 I hope you have, such a wonderful day 📽
Dreaming of Crystals and Lavender Flowers 📽 It’s time to Manifest your dreams. Simply start by creating a mood-board, with positive energy. Put all of your energy in to believing, dreams do come true. I’m going to start every single day, manifesting my dreams in to reality. Sending lots of love, to you all
Capturing beautiful flowers blossoming, at the bottom of the garden. Anyone else just love seeing the flowers blossom, at this time of the year. The soft hues of pink, just capture my soul ✨
Ralph and Russo you have captured my heart, such a breathtaking design. The colour, the intricate detailing and the gemstones . . . 📽 Ralph and Russo
This saying really captured my soul, I hope you all can be inspired by this saying✨ . . . 📽 Danielle Doby
🗝 I captured this beautiful seagull, down by the seaside. Today I wish I was down by the sea, capturing nature. I hope you all have, such a lovely day 🗝📽
🐚Capturing Blackpool Tower, surrounded by beautiful blue sky. It’s such a lovely day today, in the countryside. I hope you all get out and enjoy the fresh air. Blackpool brings back, many childhood memories. I remember, riding donkeys on the beach and collecting seashells🐚
🗝 Encrusted with stones and crystals, this look from Ralph and Russo is everything 🗝✨✨✨ . . . 📽 ralphandrusso
🗝 Feeling very inspired right now, I hope this saying can inspire you as well. Sending lots of positive energy, your way 🗝📽
🗝Here’s a beautiful bouquet of Blush Roses, I can’t wait for all the flowers to start blossoming. I hope you all have, such a lovely day🗝
🗝Sunday’s are for snoozing and cuddling. Captured this shot at | The Great Eccleston, Agricultural Show. I’m a farmers daughter, so I love being around animals and going to the shows. I hope you’ve all had, a lovely relaxing Sunday
🗝Captured the waves, hitting the sand. Nothing more peaceful, venturing along the beach. Spending time by the sea, making memories to last a lifetime 🗝
🗝Such a beautiful saying from rising woman, I can really resonate with this at the moment🗝✨✨✨ . . . Rising woman 📸
I’m head over heels, for this beautiful Peach sapphire ring, with diamonds from Capucinne Jewelry. I love rings, that are so intricately designed. I would simple love, creating and designing my own ✨✨✨ . . . 📽Capucinne Jewelry
🗝Morning, to all of you beautiful souls. I’m obsessing, over these breathtaking roses. They captured my heart, I hope these bring a smile to your face. Sending lots of positive energy, to you all🗝📽
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