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Saturday and Sunday is Weekend Cavalcade days when I post work from artists already introduced by Coracus during the past weeks. Have an awesome tattoo weekend everyone! /Johan ⏺ ⏺ ⏺ #coracustattoonetwork #coracustattoo #coracus #tattoooftheday #thebesttattooartists #supportgoodtattooing #tattoosociety #tattoolover #besttattoos #tttism #tattoosofinstagram #tattooartist #weekend
One of the benefits of starting everything from scratch is that It’s much easier to follow the development of a social media channel and see who are following you and interacting with you. Most people seem to get stuck in the chase for as many followers as possible, but is it really what’s important? Wouldn’t you rather have 1000 dedicated and focused followers than 10.000 random people who just click like in a hurry of scrolling the feed? I couldn't care less if I get a huge following, it’s just a blind chasing of rainbows, and it really doesn't matter to my endgame. When I now have around 400-500 followers, I can easily see when people follow, and also just as quickly unfollow. This makes the numbers go up and down all the time. This is not something that you can see when you get up to those high numbers, unless you perhaps use some super complex third party statistic software. Which most people don't. But what’s even more interesting is when I can click on the followers menu and quite easily determine what sort of people who’s actually following me. And when I look at those who follow Coracus I can make a rough estimate and find out that 90% are tattoo artists, and the rest 10% is a mix of “clients”, or tattoo brands, tattoo collectors or other IG networkers and influencers. To me, this 90/10 percentage makes all the difference. This is the goal indicator, and this is where I’m heading with Coracus and the IG channel. So all of you people who chase the rainbows, or in other terms “vanity metrics”, just stop for a sec and think about what’s actually important to you? Is it the number of followers, or is it who’s following and interacting with you? #coracustattoonetwork #coracustattoo #coracus #supportgoodtattooing #tattoosociety #tattoolover #tattooartist #garyvee #stopchasingrainbows #vanitymetrics #contextisking
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