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I love everyone’s relationship with early Damian because they all hate hate him and have legitimate reasons to do so. Stephanie Brown Batgirl 7 by Brian Q Miller and Lee Garbett
This weeks penguin and the polar bear comic fresh out of the oven. Nice and warm for your consumption. Get it while it's nice and toasty. I'm tired.
Bro I am really dry for captions lately, I kinda have nothing to say. Nightwing 8 by Tim Seeley and Javier Fernandez
The core of Spider-Man is power and responsibility. Peter has a great responsibility and will always let that responsibility to do good over take his personal life, this is that makes him a hero, this is why he’s an icon. Amazing Spider-Man 500 by J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr
Damn this was brutal and out of character (sort of, for now) we know Hal gets pissed easily but resorting to killing is rare. Last time he went to this path zero hour happened. But we have seen kill before without going evil. Let's see what happens next, this is interesting! . The Green Lantern #3 by Grant Morrison.
WIP of @teraterra Butcher’s Butcher commission. Soon to be available only through our issue #2 KickStarter going live next week!
I don’t really care for Gambit, but this is a great moment. All New Wolverine 18
Joker just got bruh’d on by Luth Lexor-Outsiders by Judd Winnick
Ayy I know that as a kid Roy was a real dick but I think he and Donna deserve to be together, he’s in love with her, and Roy Harper deserves the world. Comic-Teen Titans Year One
Yoooo why tf didn’t anyone tell me Laura’s run as Wolverine was this good? All New Wolverine 15 by Tom Taylor and Djibril Morrissette-Pham
I can’t be the only one that thinks Laura looks better in the Yellow and Blue than Logan does, right?- All New Wolverine by Tom Taylor and Ig Guara
I love Laura as Wolverine, it’s one of those legacies at marvel that feels completely earned. All New Wolverine by Tom Taylor and David Lopez
Pre-New 52 superman letting go of his attachment to previous reality and encompassing the new reality as his own. Making himself stronger than ever. Superman (2016) Annual #1 by Patrick Gleason & Peter J. Tomasi
The end of Spider-Man as written by J Michael Straczynski. In this future Peter is hunted by the police after killing a villain (possibly Kraven) and dies fighting them, it’s awesome. Amazing Spider-Man 500 by J Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr
This was handled well I guess? Bringing back Jon to be 17 is a horrible idea, we were robbed of growing with this character, and so were Lois and Clark. Later in the issue you can see how upset they are that they missed out on their boy growing up and I hate that we feel the need to torture Superman like this. Superman 7 by Brian Michael Bendis and Ivan Reis
One of the most important moment for not only the character but the entire DC Omniverse. The birth of of one of the best comic book villian ever, Future Flash. Barry becoming the very thing he tries not, does exactly what is always against......time travel & killing. . The Flash annual #2 by Robert Venditti.
Today was the last day of 10 year old Jon. Never forget our little Superboy
Ay so that Far From Home trailer is looking pretty good huh? Amazing Spider-Man 499 by J.Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr
Let me know what you guys think of this format. I spent some time on this so I’d appreciate a lot of feedback. Anyway the goal of this type of post is to take a hero and their villains in order to pull out themes and see how they challenge each other, so here’s Batman and his main three villains.
New WIP of The Melanated Melody 🎶 Art by @teraterra
Yo am I the only one that thinks that the MCU has stepped up cinematography, some of the shots shown are really well composed, better than usual. Also I love the BFP on the luggage, to shut up all the people that didnt think that Ben existed in this universe
Remember that one time when Deathstroke tried to assassinate Bruce Wayne but somehow ended up messing with the wrong person? Haha good times. . . (That's clark by the way) . Superman: American Alien #3 by Max Landis
I took more liberties on this one as the marvel generations are less defined but this should give you a basic overlook at the marvel universe in continuity. From WWII to now, which is your favorite?.
Wonder woman is such a beautiful character as a whole she quite alot like Clark Kent but at no moment she feels the same. A perfect blend of human & god, compassionate & fierce.
I love Dick talking about his relationship with Bruce, with how Bruce has trained him I think that when his generation takes over the superhero duties fully, he will lead the entire community. Batman 637 by Judd Winnick and Doug Mahnke
I’m very proud to introduce The Melanated Melody in all her chibi glory! Who wanna cosplayer her first?? Her genetically enhanced melanin protects her from her own devastating sonic attacks. With her echolocation and mastery of vibration and sound, she is a formidable avenger for the helpless and weak. Prints, vinyl stickers and pins of this exclusive @teraterra art available only through our KickStarter campaign for issue #2 . Coming soon!
"Goverment sanctioned Heroes by day, Supervillain by night." . The Venomites Duo were one of the very first Spidermen that was made known to the public. After many generation of interbreeding, the government had managed to create a super symbiote, one that holds the genetic memories and abilities of its predecessors. However, with such power, the symbiote had undergone a defect. It was prone to violent outburst and had devoured countless of test subjects. . Seeing the casualty it caused, the scientists sought out data from an out of commissioned SHIELD laboratory in which they procured what seemed to be a control method, a similar one used on the late Flash Thompson during his role as Agent Venom. . The Super Symbiote was then extracted and spliced into two individuals, heavily modified lesser symbiotes, dubbed as Sting and Brawl respectively. Seeing the two as an asset, two candidates were chosen; Anna Kusnetsov, a soldier from Russia and Hector von Krueger, a knight from Latveria. Both were dishonorably discharge from their respective posts. . After a grueling amount of testing, both of the candidates were successful in synchronizing with their respective symbiotes. With their new personas, the candidates are dubbed with the codename 'Agent' and now works for the government in rounding up Supervillains. . Unfortunately, from time to time, the super symbiote regained its sentience slowly.. . . . . . "REJOICE MAGGOTS! YOUR ATTEMPT AT PACIFYING ME WAS FOR NOUGHT! IN THE DARKEST OF THE NIGHT, MY EYES GREW CLEAR AND MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN SHALL ALL RETURN TO WHENCE IT CAME. DEVASTATOR. SHALL. BE. REBORN!! . . . . . . . (Okay, I had fun role playing for the story, NOW i may go to sleep. 😂) . . #art_empire #artcollective #artworks_artist #myartworks #coolart #comicbookartist #spidersona #comicbookorigin #villains #supervillains #intothespiderverse #spidergwen #peniparker #peterporker #spidergeddon #spiderverse #spiderverseedit #feerocomics #marvelcomics #symbiote #venomverse #artvisual #vso #vsoart8
Batman and Green people don’t get along very well. Batman 639 Judd Winnick and Doug Mahnke
Hey guys, big who 11 is out so go and check out our thoughts on the comics of the week. 00:30- Gambit 5:00- What we’re reading (Spider-Man) (Stephanie Brown) 10:35- Young Justice 20:20- Naming the 7 Crisis’ 25:50- Bart Allen discussion 33:47- Batman 62 50:23- Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 57:45- Time/ Age in comics
Dick Grayson is so unbelievably savage at most unexpected moments, he just makes Batman feel more different while being the same when he is under the cape & cowl. . Batman: Black Mirror by Scott Synder
Penguin and the Polar Bear
I was just thinking about DC and how much the universe and characters have evolved and I wanted to make a guide to the separate generations of DC. These are all in universe generations, so starting from WWII to now in that world. Tell me what generation is your favorite, for me, it’s either the second or fourth.
Head over to collabcreations.bigcartel.com now if you want your own Murder postcard with art by writer... me! As a thank you to our readers and fans we’re only charging the cost of postage and to print the postcard. They aren’t paying me anything, the Murder team has me hostage 😂😂 Hurry and get yours today before I start demanding minimum wage and screw the whole deal up! Let me know your favorite Murder character when you place your order and we’ll send you some beautiful full color ballpoint pen art of whoever you want ♥️♥️♥️
Weird to think that this happened barely two years ago, yet DC already wants to throw moments of Legacy like this under the bus. Titans Annual 1 by Dan Abnett and Minkyu Jung
An interesting touch on Superman's character after rebirth was the arc taking place in annual #1 by Patrick Gleason & Peter j. Tomasi, the Arc with swamp thing made Superman embrace this new world. More of this later.
One of the greatest moment of all in Hal's mythos. Coast city becomes the city of will. such an astonishing moment. . Green Lantern #25 by Geoff Johns
There’s a whole lot of art here but it was fun to make and just comb through Tony Daniel’s phenomenal work. He’s one of my favorite artists ever, and probably my favorite artist to ever draw Batman, I love everything about his work
Aquaman vs Green Lantern, Who you got your money on winning? Justice League 4 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee
This is where Lagoon Boy’s trauma came from and the reason he was in sanctuary. It’s completely understandable too, this is an absolutely horrific and terrifying moment and I can see why it would cause lasting trauma. Titans East Special by Judd Winnick and Ian Churchill
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern corps was genuinely one of the best Green Lantern comic book ever! I just loved it so much. This moment made me cry, knowing that this book, which was all about Hal is coming to an end and that he may not be written like this ever again but thankfully that wasn't true and Grant Morrison saved the pain. . Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #50 by Robert Venditti
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