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If you check out my Instagram stories from last night, you will see all the new Halloween designs I’m hoping to release! Today I’m attempting to get down all the remaining UP collection orders, as well as stitch out all my new designs. Watch this space! 🎃
My very talented daughter Megan, who is only 13, turned her hand to some artwork over the last year or so. This Disneyland Paris inspired postcard is available in my store for only £1 and all profit goes to her 💖
You all know I'm a huge fan of @closetgeeksite anyway but seriously can this get any better? 😍 . . . Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is in my top 5 favourite films so I needed this reading cushion! Absolutely love it 💙 This was my final brand rep item and I can't recommend them enough for book worms 📚 Bel makes Disney inspired, Harry Potter and Roald Dahl ones. . . I had totally forgotten I'd ordered the t-shirts and just look at them!! Bel hand stitches them.. so so good. Any Disney fans, you need (at least) one 😅 . . #disneyobsesded #closetgeeksite #disney #disneyinspired #disneytshirts #disneyclothing #aladdin #disneyland #genielamp #handstitched #roalddahl #charlieandthechocolatefactory #readingcushion #smallbusiness #supportsmall
A lot of very lovely people have tagged me in posts over the weekend and I’m incredibly grateful. Sharing the love today with some pin flag displays (pin flags available in my store) and all small businesses are tagged for the pins. First up is my Harry Potter “Solemnly Swear” flag.
I’ve managed to get on really well with t-shirts today so I’m pleased to announce that the first of my Halloween collections will be released next weekend. This will for sure include this Hocus Pocus design, along with all the Nightmare before Christmas designs. Depending on what time I get, it may also include Hollywood Tower Hotel and Haunted Mansion designs too. As always, launch will take place on Friday night and will run throughout the weekend with various discount available for day one and day two. T-shirts will of course be available but fingers crossed there will be sweatshirts and hoodies also available to purchase.
As much as I hate to admit it, Summer seems to have well and truly gone! Time for Autumn knits, candles and scarves 😊 who's excited??! . . I know for a fact I will be living in my Minnie infinity scarf made by the fab Bel at @closetgeeksite ❤ . . #disney #disneyscarf #disneyaccessories #minniemouse #infinityscarf #disneyinspired #closetgeeksite
Silly old bear... 🎈
As always I enjoy seeing everyone’s colour choices on their orders! Love Russell on green #cgupcollection #closetgeeksite #disneyhappinessuk
Who loves a bit of Nightmare Before Christmas? I’m so pleased with how Oogie Boogie turned out and I can’t wait to share the rest of the collection
Keeping so busy with orders at the moment that I just don’t have much free time to play around with my own designs. However it’s always fun when someone asks me to make something custom as it gives me the excuse I need to work on new designs!
Everything in the house is coming along nicely, it’s a slow go, we should be done by Christmas, but it’s going to be worth it to have a cosy winter in a lovely home 🏡. A’s room is my favourite so far, I think it’s just a perfect little girls room. We love the reading corner, the giant bear was a gift from her uncle when she was born 💖. And of course all the Disney in there for her too, some she even stole from me ! #disney #homedecor #disneydecor #childrensbedroom #homesweethome #disneyprincess #believeinmagic #closetgeeksite #shopdisneyuk #thesewingcroft #hamleyslondon #primarkdisney #jellycats
Hey guys! So you know how people say “it’s okay to not be okay”, well this is me saying I’m not okay. I’ve had a lot of stress and anxiety creeping in for a while now and though that’s not usually something I struggle with, this has hit me like a ton of bricks. My stories last night were the first step in trying to relieve my stress but unfortunately I may have left it a little late as I’ve had a few physical symptoms. So this is just a little note to say I might not be around so much for a couple of days. I want to get on top of my workload instead of always playing catch up and sadly social media takes a huge chunk of my time. Please excuse my lack of posts and comments for a few days. I’ll still be around to answer queries but I just need to step back a bit. It’s not all CG related though, kids are back to school tomorrow and other life stuff but nothing serious 😊 Thanks to my lovely daughter @princess_meggy_moo for this digitalised version of me from the CG artwork she made a few weeks ago. Repost @m.artwork ・・・ I digitalised the Closet Geek birthday art! Now it can be used all year round though. I tried something different with the shading and depth and I think it turned out quite nicely. Instagram ruined the quality though 🤦🏼‍♀️ • • [#art #artist #doodle #digital #drawing #digitalart #digitaldrawing #closetgeeksite ]
My amazing pin flag from @closetgeeksite with all my fantasy pins on....coming along nicely! I love seeing everyone’s creations, if you know of any pin makers please feel free to leave their handle in the comments!
Who is you favourite character from UP! It’s lovely seeing which designs you all pick! I think Dug or Russell might be my faves.
A nice sunny morning means I can take a much better picture of the UP collection designs which I left laying in the exact same position last night 🙈 remember you can still grab 10% off your order all day today using code GRAPESODA
Thank you so much to everyone who purchased something from my UP! inspired Adventure Collection. The 20% off discount code has now finished but you can claim 10% off using code GRAPESODA for the whole of Sunday (ends midnight BST)
I’ve ordered mine 🤗🤗. I can’t wait 😍😍. #Repost @closetgeeksite with @get_repost ・・・ The Adventure Collection is now live at www.ClosetGeek.club (link also in my profile). Grab any of the 11 t-shirt designs as well as 20% off for this evening only, using code ADVENTURE #cgupcollection #closetgeeksite
The Adventure Collection is now live at www.ClosetGeek.club (link also in my profile). Grab any of the 11 t-shirt designs as well as 20% off for this evening only, using code ADVENTURE #cgupcollection #closetgeeksite
Last but by no means least, Dug! Grab the whole collection at 9pm BST and save 20% on any orders placed this evening with a discount code I will be posting when the collection goes live! #CGUPcollection #closetgeeksite
And then there’s Carl... and Carl with Ellie #cgupcollection #closetgeeksite
Next up is Kevin! #closetgeeksite #cgupcollection
Onto the character designs and first up is Russell! #CGUPcollection #closetgeeksite
I have to admit this is probably one of my favourite designs of the whole collection #CGUPcollection #closetgeeksite
Another new design, to match the Adventure Awaits - Adventure Is Out There. I loved having matching tees with my family when we went away and these styles are great for that #CGUPcollection #closetgeeksite
The first of the new designs! Can’t have an UP! collection without a Wilderness Explorer badge **I can’t seem to get an accurate colour shot of the tee in this but hopefully later as a group pic**
This is the last of the UP designs that you may have already spotted or even own already! But there are 8 more to come!
Just in case you missed it, my new UP! Collection is launching this evening. There are a few familiar designs heading to the store, including this Up House and the Grape Soda badge but there are quite a few new ones as well! Keep looking out through this afternoon and into this evening for more updates!
For those of you who had a guess - the correct answer is UP! I will be previewing some of the designs this afternoon but the whole collection launches at 9pm BST and there will be a discount for any bought this evening and tomorrow. Stay tuned!
Anyone wishing they were heading off to Hogwarts today? 🙋🏻‍♀️ What an adventure that would be!
Another Tangled inspired pin flag that I will be adding to the shop. I love how Pascal turned out. Who’d like to see him on a tee?
Absolutely in love with my most recent addition to the pin flag family! I’ve even made myself one. Feel like I’m in Corona.
I’be had quite a few orders for the Walking Dead pencil case this week - perhaps in anticipation of its return soon? Sadly I don’t think it’s as good as it used to be and I’m not even sure I’ll be watching the new season
Marauders Map pencil case is one of my best selling products. Would you believe I’ve sold over 700 since adding them to my store?
You don’t get much Supernatural merch so this pencil case is always really popular. Pencil cases were one of the first items I sold in the store and I’m glad they are still always popular.
Never Grow Up! (it’s a trap...) Today has been a super stressful day and I definitely hit a meltdown point. Being a grown up can be so hard sometimes, especially when you’re running around after everyone and no one’s looking out for you. Tonight I’m taking some time away from my phone, orders/enquiries and actually going to find time for a bath rather than a snatched shower!
So I think I’ve made up for not having any ears on our last trip...😅🙈 Thank you to all the amazing creators I’ve purchased ears from - I can’t wait to wear them in the parks in just 10 days time!! 🤩 🐭🎢🏰💖 . . . . . . . . #smallshop #supportsmallbusiness #smallshopsupporter #mickeyears #minnieears #handmade #maleficears #closetgeeksite #floofyarts #disney #disneyworld #disneyig #disnerd #wdw #waltdisneyworld #waltdisney #disneycountdown #tendaystogo #disneylife #disneyparks #disneystyle #orlando
I have to admit I’m not usually one for bright colours but I think this bowtruckle design looks amazing on orange!
The Tremaines are some of my favourite baddies. I’ve barely sold any of these dresses but I refuse to take them out of the shop as I just love the picture of all three girls 😍
Aaah Punzie we're so glad you left your tower 💜 @disneylandparis . . Little Miss loved wearing her vintage Disney jacket that was passed down from an American relative 🤩 . . Her Belle inspired bow is from @closetgeeksite & it's gorgeous 💛🌹 ****************************************** #disneylandparis #rapunzel #disneyprincess #closetgeeksite #bellehairbow #disneyeverything #ilovedisney
The Cinderella rags dress is probably one of my favourite in the shop and I’ve sold a few this month already. I love stocking the more unusual dresses like rags and village versions of the princess dresses
Minnie and Daisy baking ears featuring a pink Minnie bow. Makes me want cake 🎂
Another scarf to finish off the day and that’s Harry Potter inspired. This particular one is Ravenclaw inspired and can be Navy or Royal but there is one for each house or you can have all Marauders Map fabric.
This Minnie Mouse infinity scarf is also one of my favourites. I’m thinking I might actually make myself one this year.
Now that the weather has turned a bit colder in the UK, it’s time to start wrapping up warmer! This Sorcerer Mickey inspired infinity scarf is one of favourite in the shop 💙✨❤️
My partner Chris booked himself in for a Cheshire Cat tattoo this Monday. Who else loves Alice in Wonderland?
Matilda reading cushion was the first I made and it’s still my favourite to date. I absolutely love Roald Dahl books as a child and I have enjoyed them all over again by reading them to my girls. This copy of Matilda is mine from when I was a kid.
These reading cushions have proved very popular since I added them to the shop, especially as presents for kids (though I know a few adults who love them too). What other character or fandoms would you like to see on them?
We finally got to see Christopher Robin today and it was amazing! I hadn’t expected to like it as much as I did and I found myself unexpectedly crying so often. Lily came home and ordered herself a Pooh and an Eeyore!
Here is a little speed art of what I drew yesterday! Sorry that some of it is coloured weirdly or oddly played with, I was just doing a lot of testing ✍🏼 It’s a little short of the whole video as the full video was about 1:13 minutes. @closetgeeksite • • [#speedart #digital #digitalart #sketch #doodle #art #artwork #artist #disney #closetgeeksite #birthday #birthdayart #spedup ]
Halloween is almost on the way, so Villain bows are becoming more popular. I’m not a huge fan of the Evil Queen in Snow White (although I love Regina in OUAT) but I really love this bow. 💜
I digitalised the Closet Geek birthday art! Now it can be used all year round though. I tried something different with the shading and depth and I think it turned out quite nicely. Instagram ruined the quality though 🤦🏼‍♀️ • • [#art #artist #doodle #digital #drawing #digitalart #digitaldrawing #closetgeeksite ]
Thank you to everyone who joined in the CG birthday celebrations yesterday! There is still the main monthly giveaway taking place on Instagram and “buy 2, get a 3rd free” in my t-shirt store with code 3RDBIRTHDAY. You can grab this t-shirt and lots of other designs too.
My all time favourite @closetgeeksite was Livvy’s custom Jane Potter. She had so many amazing memories in it while it fitted! 💛💜 There is still a discount code and giveaways going on so head over to the @closetgeeksite insta to take part! - - - #livvybirdadventures #livvybird #livvybirdintheuk #magicalmail #disneylife #disneykid #disneygirl #disneyfamily #disney #disneymom #disneymum #instadisney #disneygramers #welovedisney #disneyhome #closetgeek #closetgeeksite #disneybound #disneyfashion #disneyuk #disneyinspired #tarzan #tarzanandjane #janeporter #closetgeekturns3
Closet Geek 3rd Birthday Giveaway As you may know, every month I have a mystery box giveaway. It’s usually themed such as; Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan etc. However this month’s box is literally a mystery. There will be no choice in theme but I can promise you the box will be filled with geeky goodness. I picked up a few bits on my recent holiday to the US and of course that includes some things from Disneyland California. The box will also include ears, bows, a t-shirt etc. So if you would like to enter, you need to: ✨ Follow @closetgeeksite on Instagram. ✨ Like this post. ✨ Tag a friend in the comments and also tell me what your favourite product in my store is! The giveaway is open internationally and will run till August 31st. Anyone who does not follow all the steps will not have a valid entry and therefore will not qualify to win.
I love the originality of this dress. Liv loved Big Hero 6 and there was so little merch at the time! ⚫️➖⚫️ If you ever have a character that you’d love to see as a dress for your kid drop @closetgeeksite a message, she honestly amazes me with what she comes up with! - - - #livvybirdadventures #livvybird #livvybirdintheuk #magicalmail #disneylife #disneykid #disneygirl #disneyfamily #disney #disneymom #disneymum #instadisney #disneygramers #welovedisney #disneyhome #closetgeek #closetgeeksite #disneybound #disneyfashion #disneyuk #disneyinspired #bighero6 #bh6 #baymax #closetgeekturns3
Happy 3rd birthday @closetgeeksite ☺️ I’ve only been following you for a short time but all your posts are amazing 💖 I thought I’d follow in your daughters footsteps and draw s little something ☺️ if you don’t already follow you should she posts awesome stuff! #disney #disneyuk #disneyblogger #disneyblog #disneylove #disneyobessed #disneylife #disneyfan #disneygeek #disneygram #disneystyle #disneyaddict #disneyears #disneycraft #closetgeeksite
Happy 3rd birthday to @closetgeeksite 🎂 . . Thank you for letting me be part of your journey so far and for making such amazing stuff for us. These surprise birthday ears for little Miss went down a treat and she loved wearing them at DLP 🏰💖 . . Bel has some offers today to celebrate her birthday so keep an eye on her page 😊 .. . You can use my code BRALISON10 for 10% off her etsy but she has other discounts running today including on her t-shirt site xx #closetgeeksite #happybirthdayclosetgeek #shopsmall #supportsmallbusiness #disney #disneyears #disneyaccessories #disneyobsessed
Livvy loves to play Wendy, she’s onto her second @closetgeeksite dress now with matching bow, I love the colours of this one! 💙✨ The second Closet Geek offer is now live, you can use “3RDBIRTHDAY” at https://www.closetgeek.club to buy 2 tees and get a 3rd free! What an offer as the embroidered tees are one of my fav products! - - - #wendywednesday #wendydarlingwednesday #livvybirdadventures #livvybird #livvybirdintheuk #magicalmail #disneylife #disneykid #disneygirl #disneyfamily #disney #disneymom #disneymum #instadisney #disneygramers #welovedisney #disneyhome #closetgeek #closetgeeksite #disneybound #disneyfashion #disneyuk #disneyinspired #peterpan #wendydarling #closetgeekturns3
Happy 3rd Birthday, @closetgeeksite ! It doesn’t seem that long ago since I was drawing and posting about your last birthday, but it has been a full year! This is the drawing I made to celebrate three years of Closet Geek. ❤️🎉 • • [#art #artwork #doodle #disney #birthday #happybirthday #celebration #three #threetoday #closetgeek #closetgeeksite #doodle #sketch ]
Happy birthday @closetgeeksite 🎈🎉 If you saw my post last night you know today marks 3 years since my bestie opened Closet Geek! You have no idea the immense pleasure I get from hearing/reading/seeing people support @closetgeeksite as it’s 100% her 3rd child. Bee is the hardest worked I’ve ever met, she once owned a restaurant! In honour of today, all photos I’m sharing are dresses made by @diaryjourneys for Closet Geek ❤️ I know she has fun things planned today so make sure you’re all following along! - - - #wonderlandwednesday #livvybirdadventures #livvybird #livvybirdintheuk #magicalmail #disneylife #disneykid #disneygirl #disneyfamily #disney #disneymom #disneymum #instadisney #disneygramers #welovedisney #disneyhome #closetgeek #closetgeeksite #disneybound #disneyfashion #disneyuk #disneyinspired #aliceinwonderland #closetgeekturns3
Tomorrow it’ll be 3 years since my best friend @diaryjourneys officially opened @closetgeeksite 🎉🎈 It’s been one heck of a ride that I’m so glad I’ve been able to enjoy from the start. 3 years ago tonight we were working on getting the store ready in my lounge while drinking wine. I had no doubt it would be a success and I already had 10 years of watching Bee put her heart into everything she did ❤️ I’m going to share some of the amazing outfits she’s made for Liv over the last few years, she’s been a true fairy godmother (which is cool because had Liv been christened she’d have been her actual god mother) and here’s hoping we have a couple more years left of dress making 😉 - - - #livvybirdadventures #livvybird #livvybirdintheuk #magicalmail #disneylife #disneykid #disneygirl #disneyfamily #disney #disneymom #disneymum #instadisney #disneygramers #welovedisney #disneyhome #closetgeek #closetgeeksite #disneybound #disneyfashion #disneyuk #disneyinspired #peterpan #closetgeekturns3
A little bit of Toy Story love to brighten up your day! Who’s your favourite Toy Story character? #ToyStoryTuesday
Who else is obsessed with leaf/flower print everything? 🌺☘🌷🌿🌹 . . Also a bit obsessed with my Cast Member inspired T-shirt from @closetgeeksite 😍 . . Thank you for all your lovely comments and messages yesterday, today is a new day and hopefully I won't feel as rubbish soon! xxx . . #leafprint #flowerprint #phonecase #disneyobsessed #disneyinspired #castmembertshirt #closetgeeksite
Feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep and ready to go again! Going to try and wade through the last of the t-shirt orders during today and tomorrow and will hopefully get everything sent out this week! Then I can get working on some more pin flags like this one. #closetgeeksite
After working on t-shirt embroidery all weekend, right through last night and during today, I have ground to a stop! I’ve run out of threads - white, black, blue - to name but a few! This rules out almost all my orders so I’m taking the evening off, getting an early night and I’ll start again tomorrow once the post arrives!
Pin flags are one of my favourite thing to make and this week I hope to be adding some new ones to both my wall and the shop. What would you like to see on a pin flag?
Last t-shirt for today and then maybe I’ll post something different 😜 still trying to function as a human being and not a dribbling mess and definitely getting down these t-shirt orders!
Good morning and Happy Monday! I’ve been up all night on the embroidery machine but I’ve halved my orders so that’s a good thing! Gonna keep slogging on today so I can hopefully get down all the outstanding ones from before my holiday and then move on to the current ones.
Sewing up a storm this evening - or is it this morning? Either way it’s 3am and I’m still working. SO MANY orders to finish and I hate being behind. Could be an all-nighter at this rate!
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