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Forced them to do Indian runs after arms today 😂 #bgsuchaarg #chaargexec #smallgroup
Fit For Fall small group yesterday + foggy 4 mile run today! ⚡️🏃🏻‍♀️ This week is jam packed with meetings, classes, internship stuff, CHAARG stuff, ++ work, but there’s nothing like an early AM workout to get me ready for the grind 💪🏻 [ #chaarg #chaargexec #iowachaarg #riseandgrind #inchaarg #run #marathontraining #runkeeper #runchaarg ]
Don’t forget to use #pennstatechaarg when you post so girls from Penn State can find your photos + follow your inCHAARG insta! #pennstatechaarg #chaarg #chaargexec #inchaarg
sometimes you just throw some music on, do an extra workout before studio spotlights and take care of yourself when you’re feeling down #gymistherapy #chaargexec #sweatyselfie #syracusechaarg
my #iowachaargfitplan fitgoal!!! [#inchaarg #iowachaarg #chaargexec ] if you haven’t already, sign up at chaarg.com!!!
Thank you so much @ellewellstudio for an AMAZING time! I love that you guys promote positivity and empowerment through your workouts⚡️#uwmchaarg #chaarg #chaargexec
Reminiscing on this crazy last month with these amazing people! When this was taken we would have never thought #pittchaarg would have over 360 members + could never imagine how much love all our new members have for CHAARG already!! 💕💕 #chaargexec
Look how many girls we had moving + sweating last night! Thanks to @modoyogaclifton 🧘🏼‍♀️ + @tbcdowntowncincinnati 🥊😊 CHAARG has shown me that it doesn't matter if your in child's pose for 45 minutes or punching a bag with sweat burning your eyes as long as you whatever you're doing serves your body + makes YOU feel good!! Cannot say enough good things about Modo + Title! || #ucchaarg #chaargexec #chaargambassador #ucchaargrunstheworld
Today I was going to run 12 miles but got a bloody nose 2.5 miles into it. I went home, cleaned up, + got back out + ran 8 instead. I was struggling mentally knowing I had only gone 8 miles instead of the full 12 but I realized that getting a bloody nose while running was probably a sign a should stop + the fact that I even got back out there + continued to run was an accomplishment itself. Sometimes we have to put things into perspective + find the good in all situations. Getting all the feels leading up to my marathon in less than 2 weeks!! 🙈✨⚡️ #uwmchaarg #chaargexec #chaargambassador #chaargstrong
Had such a fun filled day yesterday with my #syracusechaarg babes 🍊⚡️💙 #chaargexec
Ah my last FitPlan for undergrad! I hope all of the wonderful new members + returning members in #michchaarg join me on this FitPlan. Just wanted to share my fitgoals which are more open ended than I usually make, but I’m trying to learn to be more flexible with my schedule + life, so I figured my goals should be. Be sure to use #michchaargfitplan when sharing your goals to win a gift card to the chaarg shop 😊#chaargexec
Here are my fitplan goals!! I’m hoping to improve // start running a bit + improve my lower body strength since those really are the only 2 things i can do! I also want to recreate my fitness routine + then stick with it after this fitplan. Another goal I have is to just do ALL of the workouts no matter how long it takes me because I’ve done a few fitplan’s + never finished every single workout. Who else is doing the fitplan with me ??? #OUCHAARG #CHAARGexec #OUCHAARGfitplan
our first ~very~ small small group workout ✨💪🏼we are small but mighty 😏 #ukchaarg #chaargexec
Retreat is this weekend + we are so excited for what we’ve got in store!🌟 prepare yourself for a magical + life changing weekend 🛶🏕 #kentstatechaarg #chaarg #inchaarg #chaargexec #kentchaargretreat
these girls❣️ >>>>> #umasschaarg #chaarg #chaargexec
throwback to the 10k I ran in the summer in honor of how I’m about to die running a half marathon that I haven’t trained for this weekend!!! if anyone has any tips for running a half without training pls let me know 😅😂 #akronchaarg #chaargexec #chaarg
sappy exec appreciation post ahead—but I ran into this on facebook today and immediately thought of my exec team!! our info session was last night and as it turns out some of us (including me) didn’t have the best day yesterday and the last thing I wanted to do at 8 at night was drag myself to the opposite side of campus for the info session. but I kid you not as soon as we all saw each other you couldn’t tell that any of us had had a bad day at all! chaarg has always been my escape from reality but now just being around those people is too. even though we’ve had a little but of a rough start to the semester with a lot not working out exactly as we’d hoped, at the end of the day I couldn’t think of a more inspiring, hilarious, amazing group of girls to stand next to💙⚡️ #umdchaarg #chaarg #chaargexec
Heading back to one of our fave places, PLX Fit Club for spotlight tonight 😍✨ #AkronCHAARG #chaargexec #gozips
Check your emails + grab your chapter apparel before it closes Sunday! Less than $15!!! 💙 . . . Grab your membership! Link in bio! : ) #bgsuchaarg #chaargexec #inchaarg #chaargon #jointhemovement #chaargstrong #fitfam #chaarg #inspire #happy #health #fitness #selflove #loveyourbody
My arms may be sore from last nights small group workout, but I’m still PUMPED for POUND tonight!! 💪🏼 // #kentstatechaarg #chaargexec
AHHHHH MIAMI IS 100 MEMBERS STRONG ++ STILL GROWING!!!! I’m so excited to get to sweat ++ learn with all you girls! Shoutout to the exec team for absolutely crushing recruitment ++ for all their hard work!! You girls seriously have some incredible passion! • • • #miamiohiochaarg #chaargexec
must've entered the twilight zone bc the VP Media forgot to take a small group picture😂 but my smalls killed it yesterday doing our Fit for Fall FitPlan preview workout! i'm a little sore today [in a good way] ++ it's got me so excited for the FitPlan + my small group : ) [#BGSUCHAARG #inCHAARG #CHAARGexec #CHAARGon #BGSU #JoinTheMovement @chaarg ]
Our arms might be noodles - but they killed 🔥 small group today! #kentstatechaarg #chaargexec #inchaarg #chaarg
this procession of emotions [see all pictures pls] is exactly how i feel about the CHAARG FALL RETREAT being this sunday!!! 😍❣️🌻🌈🧚🏻‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️ i have been planning this for quite some time now [with the help of my wonderful exec teammates] + it’s going to be FREAKING AWESOME! if you have yet to buy your tickets, please do because a] you’ll get to have fun with your friends b] you’ll get lunch provided there amongst the super fun activities c] you’ll have plenty of opportunities for the cheesy CHAARG photos we all crave + 4] YOLO. hope to see you all there! WOOT WOOT! 😜🤘🏻❣️ #chaarg #osuchaarg #chaargexec
Thankful for the time to relax + refresh this rainy Monday with the amazing @modoyogaclifton —Couldn’t think of a better way to start off my week!! ✨🧘🏼‍♀️ | #ucchaarg #ucchaargpinkladies #chaargexec
a few reasons to do the #chaargfitplan 🧡 #kentstatechaarg #chaargexec
Dreams really do come true, y’all! #vandychaarg #chaargexec #chaargsecretary
check out why #IChaarg and why you should too!! #bostonchaarg #chaargexec #chaarg
FlexCity always kicks my butt. I love the workout! Definitely one of my favorite studio spotlights. #gvsuchaarg #inchaarg #chaargexec
CHAARG girls are STRONG! Had a blast at karate last night. #wvuchaarg #chaargexec
CHAARG makes Monday’s the best day!!! THANK YOU @studiosfuse #lucchaarg #chaargexec #inchaarg
So yesterday I was feeling down in the dumps (possible 6th concussion or whiplash from a car accident 🙃🙃) and then we had our info session and my whole mood shifted. UMD exec team is the best team I’ve ever been apart of and I’m so happy I have them to walk through this semester with. I also didn’t have anything thawed out for dinner so I made 2 chocolate chip waffles with banana on top! #treatyosef ? #umdchaarg #chaargexec
I have a big day ahead, so this morning I woke up + said “how can I pamper myself today even tho I know I’m gonna have zero time?” So I kept my fluffy robe on a little longer, put on my favorite fuzzy socks, and lit my fall smoked caramel candle just for the 20 mins I had to get ready this morning....u can bet I’m leaving the house feeling like I can handle anything💪🏻☺️ #pittchaarg #chaargexec
Hey girls!! Here are some of the upcoming events for October!! #gvsuchaarg #inchaarg #gvsu #chaargexec
My goal for this Fitplan is going to be to find balance. I’ve noticed that when I’m trying to do // accomplish something, it’s all I think about + that gets in the way of me being able to put time ++ effort into the other things going on also. Which definitely doesn’t work! I’m super excited for this Fitplan because I feel like I got so much out of my first one! Who’s gonna do it with me? 🙋‍♀️ [**Want the Fitgoal graphic? Check out my #michCHAARG story highlights! + don’t forget to use #MichCHAARG ++ #MichCHAARGFitplan to be entered to win $25 to the CHAARG Shop!**] #michCHAARG #CHAARGexec #CHAARGambassador •Link in Bio to buy your Fitplan!!• . . . . . . #inCHAARG #CHAARGon #CHAARGstrong #CHAARGendlesssummer #jointhemovement #tiugirl #tiuteam #tiu #toneitup #tiumichigan #bbg #bbg2 #motivation #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #workouts #intention #inspire #motivate #HealthyandHappy #fitspo
I’m not munch of a yogi, but last night @modoyogagreatercincinnati helped me enjoy it more than I would think! Loved having this mellow night ++ especially with midterms this week🧘‍♀️#ucchaarg #ucchaargwakeandwerk #chaargexec
ITS FITPLAN SZN Y’ALL!! I am so determined to make this the BEST FITPLAN YET. I have absolutely loved all my past FitPlan’s but there’s just something about this fitplan that makes me think it’s gonna be the greatest. I’m determined to only focus on myself + work on strengthening myself physically ++ mentally. • • • I’m sticking HARD to my goals this fitplan!! My first goal is to be able to run a 7 min mile but February 20th. I made this goal because my high school lacrosse team is currently completely rebuilding their program + part of that is you have to be able to run a 7 min mile to make varsity. I want to prove to myself that I could still make varsity even with these changes + February 20th is typically the first day of tryouts. My next goal is to build muscle! I really want to be stronger + tone my body more ++ I know this fitplan will help me with it. I’m gonna work on upping my weight each week 💪🏼💪🏼 My last goal is to make this fitplan the best one yet!! IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS FITPLAN TO START!! I bought the bundle on Sunday, who’s joining me??? 🙋🏼‍♀️ #OUCHAARG #OUCHAARGFitPlan #inCHAARG #CHAARGexec @chaarg
I think I’m crying... so proud of exec for these last few weeks and I CANNOT wait for all the FUN we’re going to have this semester :’) 🍦 🍦 #miamiohiochaarg #chaargexec
finally got to check out @heartfeltyogastudio last night! went to the slow jam class with some friendaroos and fell absolutely in love with the beautiful space that @alice.gantman has created at her studio!! i feel like my mind has been buzzing with crazy, nagging thoughts lately + it felt so good to finally have a moment with myself where i felt peaceful ++ still. i definitely recommend you go check out heartfelt yoga if you haven’t yet!! _____ #osuchaarg #CHAARG #chaargexec
Thanks so much to @ellewellstudio for have #uwmchaarg last night! It was an amazing workout and a beautiful studio! 😍⚡️#chaargexec
my #fitgoals for this #ouchaargfitplan are centered around focusing on myself this semester + making myself a priority. i’ve found that i LOVE the way lifting makes me feel, so i want to finish every strength training workout so that i can gain more experience, i want to build muscle rather than worrying about the number on the scale + and i want to put myself first ++ what’s best for me when pursuing jobs, my relationships, schoolwork, etc. // what are YOUR fitgoals?? #ouchaarg #chaargexec
This is going to be my 4th(??? Maybe 5th) FitPlan + like a lot of others, I always struggle to complete them because I make excuses for myself. This time around, I really want to challenge myself to complete the cardio workouts. I always avoid them because quite honestly, I always get afraid to run. I want to make this FitPlan an amazing experience for myself + my #OUCHAARG girlies. I can’t wait to see what this FitPlan has to offer and I can’t wait to see how much I can push myself 💪🏻✨⚡️ #OUCHAARGFitPlan #inCHAARG #CHAARGExec
Our FitPlan preview workout was a success ++ I am feeling it today 😅 [ #inchaarg ⚡️ #iowachaarg #chaargambassador #CHAARGexec #chaargon #sweatyselfie ]
Great workout this morning! So excited for the fall FitPlan! #wvuchaarg #chaargexec
I had SO much fun with all of my #IUCHAARG friends at Wild Orchid last night!! Already excited for the indoor trampoline park on Thursday! 💙⚡️💪🏻 #CHAARGExec #CHAARGAmbassador
Was completely caught off guard that this was a HOT yoga session, but it was one of the best spotlights we’ve ever had! Glad we were all able to sweat buckets together in a 93 degree room🔥⚡️😅 #fgcuchaarg #chaargexec
Cutest Studio🌷Awesome Barre Workout🙌First Studio Spotlight [of the semester!] ~ SUCCESS!!✨ Thank you @ellewellstudio for having #uwmchaarg !! I can’t wait to go back!🤗⚡️#chaargexec
never thought i’d try aerial yoga and pole but they were so much fun @wildorchid_studio !! #iuchaarg #chaargexec
I LOVE MY SMALL GROUP SO MUCH 😭❤️⚡️ these girls make my Monday and week so much better! They have truly put the icing on the cake when it comes to CHAARG I don’t think it gets much better than this #ballstatechaarg #chaargexec
it’s midnight so I can do #transformationtuesday so crazy to see my body, strength, stamina and determination change over the past year. sorry if these get old, I just need a visual reminder as to how much I’ve changed when I’m feeling like I’m not making any progress #chaargexec #syracusechaarg
hi just a lil emo tonight after our straight curve social so i wanted to come on here and shout out these 6 amazing human beings for being the sweetest, most inspiring, hardworking + dedicated humans alive while simultaneously going through some rough stuff + not once griping about it. I’m forever thankful for all of you + words can’t describe how lucky i am to know + be friends with each of you. Love all of you beyond compare. #ouchaarg #chaargexec
A Monday night must + also some door dec decorating for these Chaarg girls #syracusechaarg #chaargexec
Where else would I be at 8:30 at night on a Monday??? @traderjoes #pittchaarg #chaargexec #chaarg
Thank you for all the inspiration + perspiration @yogalabs !! 🧘🏼‍♀️😅🙏🏻⚡️ #fgcu #chaarg #fgcuchaarg #chaargexec #chaargambassador #floridagulfcoastuniversity #yogalab #yoga #namaste #mondaymotivation
Tonight WVU CHAARG did karate and it was so much fun and so informative! Enjoy these funny photos of me 🤣 #wvuchaarg #chaargexec
It’s at this point in the semester when everything comes crashing down so everyone just needs a group hug . . . #fitness #workout #health #nutrition #girlswholift #CHAARG #umnchaarg #weights #lifting #fit #beachbody #chaargexec #sore #lift #hiit #weightlifting #wow #recovery #legday #booty #thick #love #tired #fitbit #run
Truly amazing to see all these ladies come out on a monday and kill the sample fitplan workout💪 Can’t wait for the semester ahead and to each of them grow🤗 #syracusechaarg #chaargexec #chaargstrong #pcelurvchaarg 🍊💙⚡️
did a sample fitplan today with the small group ladies + it was definitely challenging BUT WE DID IT YO. we were a sweaty [beautiful] mess at the end but everyone worked super hard ++ did their best. so thankful i get to sweat with these amazing ladies by my side 😌💞 _____ #osuchaarg #chaargexec #chaarg #inchaarg
Hanna and I are obviously bad at pretending to fight 😂 had so much fun at Karate! #wvuchaarg #chaargexec
Had so much fun tonight trying out aerial fitness + hangin around at Wild Orchid!! 🧚🏻‍♀️⚡️ • • • #iuchaarg #chaargexec
Thank you SO much to Elle Studio + Wellness for having us for our first spotlight this semester! Such a refreshing yoga class, we will definitely be back. If you’re in the Milwaukee area I highly recommend this place 😊⚡️✨ #uwmchaarg #chaargexec #chaargambassador
LOVE my small group ladies!! Thanks for coming out and killing the Eastview stairs🔥#pennstatechaarg #chaargexec #inchaarg #theflamingals 💕
I am enough. @ahbekelsie ’s challenge of reminding yourself that you are enough has come at a perfect time in my life. Recently, I have been struggling with feelings of not being good enough and feelings that someone can’t love me more than I love them. I have felt helpless, confused, ++ truly lost. I have dwelled on the negatives that surround my personality + have hated every one I’ve found. On my lowest days, I have pushed myself to stay busy, stay positive, ++ stay motivated. Although sometimes it seems almost impossible, CHAARG has been my saving grace. From meeting new + wonderful girls to planning retreat, I have been able to truly reflect on what makes me ME. Through this process, I have discovered my love for event planning, for the mission behind CHAARG, ++ for my friends + family. At the end of the day, I am unique, goofy, obnoxious, creative, hard-working. I am more than the number on the scale + the fat in my legs. I am more than my chipped nails or greasy hair. Most importantly I am ENOUGH. Thank you all for helping me over the past couple of weeks, whether you knew it or not- I am truly blessed to be apart of this movement that will never make me feel unlovable or short of enough. I now challenge @kenz_inchaarg_ @jc_inchaarg_ + @marj_inchaarg to share why THEY ARE ENOUGH. #iamenough #kentstatechaarg #chaargexec
SUCH A FUN SMALL GROUP! played badminton + ran a lap with the best girls!! #pennstatechaarg #chaargexec #chaarg #kenzscrew
Look at these cuties!! We just CRUSHED the Fit for Fall workout tonight 😱 I know I was sweating my booty off by the end. Glad I got to hang with you all again this week to start the week off right 🤗 #utchaarg #chaargexec
Last week to try to win the giveaway!!! 🧡 . . . Grab your membership! Link in bio! : ) #bgsuchaarg #chaargexec #inchaarg #chaargon #jointhemovement #chaargstrong #fitfam #chaarg #inspire #happy #health #fitness #selflove #loveyourbody
Positivity. Light. Genuine. Brilliant. Driven. Passionate. . . . These are the words that I use to describe my exec team. I’m so thankful to have them by my side. Nothing is accomplished without a group who loves + respects one another. These girls work their asses off to lead this chapter + make sure everyone has a great experience ++ they deserve all the praise in the world. I love you all so very much. Not just a team, but a family. #utchaarg #chaargexec #chaargambassador #inchaarg
The fall fit plan is now available!!!! You won’t want to miss it, grab your spot today!!! #bostonchaarg #chaargexec link in bio!!!💙 ⚡️⚡️⚡️
the fall fitplan is available now!!! Buy yours to be apart of this AMAZING program 🤩⚡️ #bostonchaarg #chaarg #chaargexec
Hi here’s my perfect small group after we *killed* today’s workout!! So proud of you girls 💪🏼 #iowachaarg #chaarg #chaargexec
VULNERABILITY ALERT — one of my biggest insecurities has always been my skin. I’ve struggled with acne since 5th grade + I’m currently on my second round of the strongest prescription acne medication on the market [Accutane]. Some of you might look at this picture of my skin + see NO issues, but for me I’ve been so hyper focused on my skin for my entire life that I’m able to see every zit, blackhead, scar, discoloration, texture issue — EVERY slight imperfection. I used to deal with TERRIBLE cystic acne. In high school + slightly into college, I relied heavily on makeup + would wear foundation + concealer everyday to try to cover up my “imperfections.” But this year, + specifically within the past couple of weeks, I’ve been inspired to start loving my skin for what it is — a BEAUTIFUL piece of who I am. I can choose to criticize every zit that pops up on my face OR I can choose to accept it ++ live my life, zit on my face or not! I remember days that I would let my acne rule my life. I wouldn’t want to leave my house or let anyone look at me + how I thought my skin looked was a big indicator of my self confidence. But what I’m learning is that you CAN control your response to that — are you going to respond with self criticism on how you perceive others view you or are you going to shower yourself with immense self love? I wish I had those years back that I let my confidence be ruled by some stupid red bumps on my face that are totally normal to get. I’m proud of how far I’ve come in loving myself + accepting my skin. Over the past week, I haven’t worn face makeup at all [usually I wear concealer to mask the imperfections]. That might not seem like a huge deal to most, but to me it’s HUGE. I’ve felt confident. I’ve felt empowered. I guess I share all of this to let you know that if you struggle with your skin, know you’re not alone + recognize that this isn’t just an external issue — it’s a psychological problem that affects so many + that so many aren’t willing to talk about. I hope you too can grow to accept your skin for what it is + love yourself immensely. [++ thank you @etavierne for being so open with your skin journey + inspiring this post!]
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