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Congratulations, @skydreamer_jun , @brian_santamaria , @lestraaange ! You three won our #WorldPhotoDay2018 contest! You’ll be taking with you (2) Sony Cybershot W800 cameras, one for you and one to donate to a public school or education advocacy of choice. 💜 • We can’t wait to see the photos you take with it! #CaringCup @sonyphinc
Thank you @cbtlph ☺️ Joined this contest so I can donate the camera to a chosen Benedictine community — blessings are meant to be shared with other people ☺️ #AlwaysGrateful #OraEtLabora#Repost @caringcup • • • • • Congratulations, @skydreamer_jun , @brian_santmaria , @lestraaange ! You three won our #WorldPhotoDay2018 contest! You’ll be taking with you (2) Sony Cybershot W800 cameras, one for you and one to donate to a public school or education advocacy of choice. 💜 • We can’t wait to see the photos you take with it! #CaringCup @sonyphyinc
good things come in pairs ☕️
Week 37 of our #2018GivingJournal : • “And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” 2 Corinthians 9:8 • When God chooses us to do something for Him and we choose to take part in His plan, He is more than willing and able to fill us with His grace. Rise to your calling to be a blessing knowing God has enabled us to be who He wants us to be, and do what He wants us to do. #CaringCup #Brew2018
I'm now used to starting my day at work by drinking coffee to keep me alert and focused for the day ahead. Whenever I feel like it's an extra ordinary day or whenever I have extra money, I grab my favorite Vanilla Latte from @cbtlph. But whenever we talk about coffee, what matters most to me are the conversations that happened over cups of coffee. Coffee definitely brings us together! I am taking this opportunity to thank these wonderful people I have met through the different Caring Cup events - @maanohmaan @geebei @littlemsprinter @carinacastle @arkibabes @eboymdonato @princemaki143 @nellal @clarieaguilar @speakincolors. We may not know each other personally but each hi and hello whenever we see each other means a lot to me. Thanks for inspiring me in ways that you may not know. Happy Coffee Bean Month! Looking forward to more events together soon! ☕ #HappyCoffeeBeanMonth
“Just this year, I switched to drinking bamboo straws and asking cafes to place it on mugs or paper cups or my own tumbler while I take my time drinking it in the store, so I won’t place it in takeaway containers which are mostly made of plastic. A bit inconvenient, but it’s fulfilling and life changing!” • Thank you for the photo and the initiative to #SupportSustainable , @whimsyastrid ! • Our @cbtlph bamboo straws are available in our stores for P299, comes with a case and a straw with a cleaner! #CaringCup
Our own home is the first place where we learn things. The way our parents teaches and differentiate what's right or wrong, by our own observation of the people around us as we grow up. Their presence and how they exemplify things helps mold our character as well as our behaviour up until we were able to have our own thinking and decision making. Thus, our home most especially the people around us is a very important part of growing up because they will have a big effect on our attitude, character and behaviour development. The way how we can have the dignity to stand against any of the challenges we will face starts in the comfort of our home. P.S. Lego is one of the famous toys because it encourage kids to build, be creative, explore and imagine all possibilities that they can think of. Some might see it as just a toy, but for some it is a key to learning and brain development as well. rraarr chirp chirp hoi hoi nomnom +M #CaringCup #Brew2018 #BrewYourBestYearByCaringCup #BrewYourBestYear #Handful #Lego #LegoToys #September #Love #Art #PhonePhotography #Photograph #Shot #Philippines #Pilipinas #LimerenceInSolitude #Amazing #Hope #Life #LifeLessons #Philippines #Pilipinas #PaperCutOuts #Pop
#CaringCup Community Feature: @carlodelantar , Country Director for @wavesforwater in the Philippines • “What we want to impart to the volunteers is our mission and what we're trying to bring in. The more we are, the better our social impact is. For communities, why do we go to these places? Because they’re the unheard people - the forgotten places. We look out for these people to hear them out and let them be heard.” • Read more about his story on brewyourbestyear.com/community
Simply by topping up your in-store purchases with a minimum of PHP 5, you can help @solarenergieph (in partnership with @cbtlph @caringcup ) light up homes and bring solar energy to 50 families in Laginan, Saragani Province. We are thanful for these people who make us believe that there is still kindness on earth. And for making helping easier for everyone. 😊 This is one of my "shelved projects" for this year, and I am glad I found the perfect timing to post this. #SolarEnergie #EmpoweringLives #CaringCup #CBTLph
Week 35 of our #2018GivingJournal : There is a grace in giving that goes beyond generosity. We give not only because we can, but because of God and His grace working in and through us. It is in God’s character to give and only when we learn who God is and rely on His grace will we truly be able to see and experience the grace of giving. • Have thoughts or stories to share on giving back? Submit them via brewyourbestyear.com, and get a P500 gift certificate from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® when your article is featured! #CaringCup #Brew2018
Clean water for Filipinos, one filter at a time! Together with our customers from @cbtlph , we hiked up to a community in Tanay, Rizal to provide clean water for families through the filter technology of @wavesforwater. • During the event, volunteers were taught how to assemble and maintain the water filters. In turn, they passed on their learnings to the beneficiaries of the water filters, ensuring sustainability of the turnover. • To our partner, Waves For Water, and our volunteers who generously lent their time, resources, and effort to make this event an unforgettable one- THANK YOU! 💜 #CaringCup #Brew2018
Now, every once in a while, I still drop by to get my favorite drinks, do a little light reading, or when I want some quiet time to do a quick life assessment. • Coffee Bean Katip will always have a place in my heart. • 3 of 3 • • • • • • • • • • @cbtlph @sonyphinc #WorldPhotoDay2018 #2018GivingJournal #BrewYourBestYear #Brew2018 #CaringCup
I would hitch a ride going to school with my little brothers early in the morning. As an architecture student, I couldn't guarantee I was done with all my plates by the night prior so there would be days that I brought my drafting board and rendering materials to the coffee shop and try to finish my work there. • A lot of my early mornings in college were spent in the little booth (nearest the socket) finishing a plate, writing a paper, or doing extra-curricular activities with a stranger or two silently keeping me company. • 2 of 3 • • • • • • • • • • @cbtlph @sonyphinc #WorldPhotoDay2018 #2018GivingJournal #BrewYourBestYear #Brew2018 #CaringCup
Back in college (circa 2010-2015), this was always my morning view— Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Regis Center, Katipunan at 6:30am, empty but full of promise of a busy day ahead. • I would always be one of the first few customers waiting outside for the shop to open and get a cup of my favorite Genmaicha Green Tea or White Chocolate Dream. I'd get a White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie (which they sadly phased out) once in a while. If I had a little more money, I'd go for a Tomato and Herb pasta or an Eggs Benedict if my mom was treating me to breakfast. • 1 of 3 • • • • • • • • • • @cbtlph @sonyphinc #WorldPhotoDay2018 #2018GivingJournal #BrewYourBestYear #Brew2018 #CaringCup
With your help, the Color Your Life Team made life more colorful for the children of Bontoc in the Mountain Province! • Color Your Life is a project that promotes the importance of the arts to children from indigenous and remote communities all over the Philippines. Just last week, the team visited the children of Brgy. Mainit, Bontoc, Mountain Province for their annual outreach. Here are some photos from their visit! • Thank you to our customers for supporting the project- @rowjie , @minaayes , @aphroditedess , @ave.astrea , @marjstagrammer ! You made the children truly happy! 💜 #CaringCup
"The strength of the nation derives from the integrity of the home." - Confucius #September #Brew2018 #BrewYourBestYear #CaringCup
I've never enjoyed rains, muddy trails, and trekking. I've had my fair share of "(mis)adventures" and thought that I've had enough. My friends know that if an activity would involve hiking, trekking, mountains, I'd pass. Until last week...Saturday, we went on a mission to bring water filters to a community in Rizal who doesn't have access to clean water. First news that I only found out after signing up: trekking involved. More news which came on the day itself: downpour, clothing mishap, and my monthly period. Honestly, I got stressed just by thinking about it. "It may be raining hard but this is when the community needs the water filters the most. They hiked 2 hours to get there. They're waiting for us." With these words, I found my resolve. We spent the whole day with the community. We ate with them, got to know their stories, taught them how to assemble, use, and clean the filters, and got to know more stories-of culture, livelihood, family life, education, and clean water or the lack thereof. The community was full of gratitude that this project has reached them. "Huwag ho sana kayong manawa sa pagtulong sa amin." My heart swelled with joy, my eyes with tears for known reasons and beyond. Grateful that I joined, for the (com)passionate people that I met who simply want to make their life count, for Jesus who exemplified servanthood and love for the poor. I knew it all along that something's on the other side of fear and comfort, and if it were a puzzle, I have found some pieces during this trip. --- End note and realizations: - On our trek back to our van, I paused, took a deep breath, and watched the beauty of God's creation. It was breathtaking! - Arriving home or as people say, "back to reality," I had a greater appreciation for what I have and a desire to be a channel of blessing. - I had second thoughts about sharing this but just as how this experience and the people I was with made a tremendous impact on me, I hope this post would touch your hearts as well. #CaringCup @caringcup @cbtlph
BUCKET LIST 🍶 "Bakit hindi ka nagigib ng tubig na inumin?" As the youngest member of our family, filling our drinking water has always been in my top to do list. Now that I am already working, buying our weekly supply of filtered water has been added to it -aside from bottles of soda, mugs of coffee and cups of tea. Unfortunately, clean drinking water is not even an option in some communities. With my exposure as a student nurse before, I know that lack of access to clean drinking water is also a serious public health concern leading to diarrhea, let alone dehydration. It did not require my professional license to, first, acknowledge that this problem exists and second, realize that there is an available solution to this. And I want to contribute using my resources. Last weekend, I spent payday in such a valueable way as I joined @cbtlph in partnership with @wavesforwater in delivering quality water filters in a remote area in Tanay, Rizal. Together with other volunteers, I had an opportunity to share a simple yet sustainable system that can provide about 1 million gallons of filtered water to 100 people in a span of 5 years in the form of these buckets. It only took a little time to learn how to assemble, use and maintain the materials plus little effort to teach it all to the locals. Here, I handed over to Bryan the bucket I donated and designed (on the side) for his family before he took another 3 hour walk back to where they live. I may not be a member of the families receiving these blessings, but I always include "giving back to communities" in my social responsibility bucket list as a member of this country. I always believe that no amount of help will ever be TUBIG to those who are constantly in need. So WATER you waiting for? If you want to learn more , you may visit www.waves4water.org #thankfulthursday #thrivingthursday #YesFilter #caringcup @caringcup
4/10 Art Session with @inadoodlesteachart @cbtlph @caringcup . Learning to draw in different ways. Ang subject nila for this session is Tiger ♥️ Nagkaron pa kami ng little chitchat with our teacher, I hope matuloy yung plan nya na Art Therapy. Our teacher is South based, if gusto nyo ng session with her, you can pm/dm her anytime. She’s so passionate. Sabi ko nga sa kanya, bagay nya, para syang “Whisperer” kasi napapasunod nya mga Kids. Haha! . Our next session, mag acrylic paint na sila. Woot! Excited Mama here. Galing na ng progress ni Janel sa Art. Wala na sya ginawa kundi mag watercolor at drawing tapos Pati sa YouTube, art channel na pinapanood nya na dati Ryan’s Toy review at kung anong Kids vlog. Iba naging transition nya talaga. . BTW, just to add, we got the pair of shirt and tutu dress for only P150 last @mommymundo clearance sale. Yaaasss! Kyot no?! . #MamaFarrah #KidsArt #InaDoodlesTeachArt #ArtAttack #Brew2018 #Doodle #KidsDoodle #CBTL #CaringCup #LatePost #KidsOOTD #GirlOOTD #OOTD
Holistic education is providing that kind of education rooted from the core values of humanity such while keeping a globally competitive mindset. It should be geared towards social awareness and responsibility that deeply nourishes both mental faculty (IQ) and sensitivity (EQ). #brew2018 #caringcup #2018givingjournal 🎨#byjovel #colorful #colorsplash #artwork #artistsofig #artsy #art #aquarellepainting #aquarelles #instaartwork #instadraw #artistsofinstagram #artislife #artislove #artph #painting #artwork #watercolor #watercolorart #watercolortpainting #painting #paintyourheart #igart #artlover #artsyfartsy #education #randomthoughts #instaartist
One day, you can wake up with the most beautiful idea ever. And the next day, you wake up with zero ideas. We can train our brains to create, but it takes a bigger power to sustain creativity. #DesignedToDesign #Brew2018 #CaringCup #Lettering #happybirthdaysg #AllOrNothing #Rohei #Creativity
Be a hero to a remote community without access to electricity through our partnership with @solarenergieph ! Simply top-up your in-store purchases with a minimum donation of Php 1, and you can help us in our mission of lighting up homes & bringing solar energy to 50 families in Laginan, Sarangani Province. • May today, National Heroes Day, be a reminder for each of us that we can be a hero to another person, another family, and even another community in need if we choose to be. • To learn more about the advocacy, visit the link in our profile. #CaringCup
Be a hero to a remote community without access to electricity through our partnership with @solarenergieph ! Simply top-up your in-store purchases with a minimum donation of Php 5, and you can help us in our mission of lighting up homes & bringing solar energy to 50 families in Laginan, Sarangani Province. • May today, National Heroes Day, be a reminder for each of us that we can be a hero to another person, another family, another community in need if we choose to be. • To learn more about the advocacy, visit bit.ly/EmpowerLives and follow @caringcup for regular updates. #CaringCup #CBTLph
Thank you @caringcup , @cbtlph , and @wavesforwater for organizing CLEAN WATER FOR FILIPINOS, ONE FILTER AT A TIME. It was really a great experience to hike to Brgy. Mamuyao and give water filters so that the people in the community could drink CLEAN water. Thank you Brgy. Mamuyao for the warm welcome! Ibang klase yung feeling na nakatulong ka sa isang community na di ganun narereach out ng mga tao. It was really an eye-opener, di lang sakin kundi sa lahat ng volunteer. Take note: You'll also be suprised to feel na tumulong ka pero dama mo na malaki rin yung naibigay at naitulong nila sayo as a human being. ❤ I encourage you to reach out to @wavesforwater to either donate, fundraise or join the courier program. Special thanks kay Lolo Obing at sa anak niyang si Mae! Thank you for sharing your story! I'll continue praying for you and your family! 😊🤗 Special thanks din kay @captain.americka sa pag invite!!! 👍 #CaringCup Blogpost Link in Bio. 😊
We need to allow young minds to dream and allow ourselves to believe in those dreams too. We need to let them learn things both in the old and new ways, by teaching, showing them and being good examples as well. This will allow them to grow further by experiencing it and acknowledging that there will be challenges along the way. The goal is your destination, that is your gold and the journey will be your rainbow bridge which makes it colorful with a lot of hope. - Prince Maki Dreams are sometimes being shattered at a young age because people would always tell them what to be and what to take in the future. We may not always realize that young minds do know how to dream and can develop a passion at a young age. But the society, the culture that we have grown used to, the economy always redirect things to which dreams aren't allowed to grow. But the moment we acknowledge those small dreams, nurturing them as they age while allowing them to discover new things and re-invents their true passion is such an empowering move we can make, to change how the future works. We need to be their guide while teaching them, by explaining things and by being good examples. Young minds always adapts to things they can see from an adult which can corrupt their learning and growth as well. Teach them well while they're young. Teach them to hope, teach them to pray. Teach them to be faithful and honest. Love them and listen. Allow them to learn and grow. And they'll do the same thing in the future. P.S. The journey is colorful and that includes some black and white moments. rraarr chirp chirp hoi hoi nomnom +M #TheGivingJournal2018 #TheGivingJournal #BrewArtThatMatters #BrewChangeThatMatter #August #CaringCup #BrewPh #BrewYourBestYearByCaringCup #Brew2018 #Art #Handful #Brew365 #Dream #Colors #Shot #PhonePhotography #Photograph #Philippines #Pilipinas
What I love most about CBTL is that there's something for everyone, whatever the weather or mood you're in. I've been coming to CBTL to work, catch up with friends, and even during times when I need my personal space, and I can honestly say that it's my go-to place for coffee, work, and play. I'm especially drawn to the fact that, aside from great coffee, food and ambiance, their baristas not only know their coffee (and tea!), they're super pleasant and go out of their way to make you feel at home, too! It's been 7 years of me and my coffee-addiction and, I must say, CBTL has been a big part of it! Cheers to more years, in the PH, CBTL! :) #cbtlph #caringcup #brewyourbestyear #15yearsofyouandme #worldphotoday2018 #coffee #stopbadcoffee #interiors #introverting #caffeine
"It isn't what you did in the past that will affect the present. It's what you do in the present that will redeem the past and thereby change the future.". - J #Aleph #PauloCoelho We can get overwhelmed with our daily routines which sometimes makes our daily lives boring and exhausting. We look for purpose, we try to find the meaning of our life. But what we don't realize is how we are reacting to this cage of selfishness. What we never realize is the potential for us to do more not only for ourselves but also for others. We never see or hear it everyday but there are people whose going out of their way, going to foreign places, even to those remote ones knowing the danger and putting their lives on the line in order to let people know, for the world to know how to be saved and to know who GOD is. Our convenience most of the time becomes our hindrance in sharing the Word of Life to others. "You are the salt of the earth and light of the world." We need to have the drive, the passion in order to help others know GOD and be saved. We should have the burning desire to make other peoples burden lighter. It's a tough challenge, but it is not impossible to be achieved. You just need to GO Beyond your usual routine and try to think of ways no matter how small it could be to help one another grow in their Walk of Faith. P.S. If you're wanting to help the mission of spreading the Love of GOD, you can start by Praying, Caring and Sharing them. Pray for the missionaries, Care about the people around you, Share them to others. You can also do this through Skypleship as well as GIVE, your donations and dedications to help fund these missionaries are also a great start. To do so you can rwach out to @ccfmain or @ccfbeyond Have a great Monday everyone. Keep safe and dry. rraarr chirp chirp hoi hoi nomnom +M #MondaysMadeBetter #CaringCup #GoBeyond #CCFSundayService #CCFBeyond #CCFMain #Love #BeTheSaltAndLight #Shot #PhonePhotography #ArtWork #Philippines #Pilipinas #PrayCareShare #MissionsMonth #CBTLPh #CoffeeBeanAndTeaLeaf #BrewYourBestYearByCaringCup #BrewYourBestYear #Brew2018 #Brew365 #Handful #TheGivingJournal #TheGivingJournal2018
You can now shine light for a better future to the people of Laginan, Sarangani just by donating 5php or more on top of your in-store purchase at any near #cbtlph store. Please support #caringcup by @cbtlph in partnership with Stiftung SolarEnergie Philippines 😊 Believe that you can make a difference today. To know more about the campaign just visit the link below. https://www.coffeebean.com.ph/caring-cup/solarenergie/
Monday brunch with @cbtlph #CBTLPH #CaringCup
Swipe Right to see the Happy Faces of our volunteers, during yesterday's @churchofthesaviorumc Medical Mission. Thank you @cbtlph and in partnership with @caringcup for the snacks. @rethinkchurch @unitedmethodistchurch @caringcup #umc #rethinkchurch #cbtlph #caringcup #drinkmanila #foodgrammerph #goodcause
As we close the week, I am reminded of the wonderful quote on my 2018 Giving Journal "Empowered People, Empower Others". Thank you @cbtlph for empowering your @caringcup members to pass on the goodness to our communities. @sonyphinc #worldphotoday2018 . . . @rethinkchurch @unitedmethodistchurch @churchofthesaviorumc #umc #rethinkchurch #cbtlph #caringcup #drinkmanila
@cbtlph #coffee #coffeeshop #HelloHelpManila In partnership with Stiftung Solarenergie Philippines, help us provide 50 homes in Laginan with solar-powered lights. To help, just add Php 5 or more on top of your in-store purchases at any The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store nationwide—an easy way to donate & empower lives. Learn more about the campaign: coffeebean.com.ph/caring-cup/solarenergie #CaringCup #CBTLph
Thank you for your amazing Ice tea @cbtlph for our medical mission. #cos @48 #coffeebean #medicalmission2018 #cbtlphandcaringcup #CBTLP #caringcup
In the remote community of Laginan, Sarangani province, opportunities and productivity are put on hold as soon as the world turns dark. People find it harder to study and learn, livelihood slows down, and simple chores become harder to do at the setting of the sun. • Our aim is to shine a light on a brighter future for all of them, and you can join our mission. In partnership with @solarenergieph , help us provide 50 homes in Laginan with solar-powered lights. • To help, just add Php 1 or more on top of your in-store purchases at any The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store nationwide—an easy way to donate & empower lives. • Learn more about the campaign by visiting the link in our profile. #CaringCup #CBTLph
#2018GivingJournalArt /Writing Challenge winning entry by @cait.png • “Here’s a tribute to everyone striving towards providing & attaining better education.” • How do you interpret the #2018GivingJournal theme for August? Tell us through an artwork or an article sharing your thoughts and stories. Tag #Brew2018 #CaringCup when you post your artwork or submit your articles on brewyourbestyear.com. Featured entries get The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Gift Certificates worth P500!
Making sure I do my March right. Tons of reporting plus a major project to plan for our charity patients - the perfect use for my @cbtlph #2018givingjournal . #brewyourbestyear ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #mommybloggersph #whitecoatchronicles #mommydoctor #stabilovers #coffeebeanandtealeaf #caringcup #stabilo #stabiloph
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