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I’ve watch the scene at least a 200 million times. It’s so amazing and 😍😍 #buckybarnes #wintersoldier #captinamericawintersoldier #😍
Steve- “Please don’t make me do this.” I think this is the bravest thing Steve has ever done. He knows what the Winter Soldier is capable of. He [Steve] knows he’s a dangerous killer and his mission is to destroy Steve. But he still tries to reach out. Because he knows somewhere in this new man, his best friend is still THERE. And he’s not going to fail Bucky, not this time. He’s going to save him or die trying. And he doesn’t stop. Even when Bucky is beating him to death he doesn’t stop trying to reach his friend. So if you don’t think Steve Rodgers is one of the bravest men ever you should go sit in a corner. Alone. Forever. Because he is. #captainamerica #steverodgers #wintersoldier #buckybarnes #captinamericawintersoldier
Captain America- “Attention all SHIELD agents. This is Steve Rodgers. You’ve heard a lot about me over the last few days. Some of you were even ordered to kill me. And I think it’s time you truth. SHIELD is not what we thought it was. It’s been taken over by HYDRA. Alexander Pierce is their leader. The strike and insight crew are HYDRA as well. I don’t know how many more. I know they’re in the building. They could be standing right next to you. They almost have what they want. Absolute control. They shot Nick Fury. And it won’t end there. If you launch those Hellicarriers today, HYDRA will be able to kill anyone that stands in their way, unless we stop them. And I know I’m asking a lot, but the price of freedom is high, always has been, and it’s a price I’m willing to pay. And if I’m the only one so be it, but I’m willing to bet I’m not.” This is moving. I love this part. #captainamerica #captinamericawintersoldier
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