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Thanks to @canyoningnewzealand for allowing Jared, Abbie and Audrey to enjoy their Black Spur full day trip last week! They had such a good time, highly recommend discovering what canyoning is all about! $329 per person if you choose to reach the canyon by boat, $450 if you want to get there by helicopter. Half day options also available. For bookings, come and see the team at The Station (corner of Shotover and Camp streets) or give us a call at 03-442 5252. #canyoningnewzealand #blackspur #canyoning #adventure
Around sunset, after setting up the tent and having dinner at Pleasant Flat campsite in Haast Pass, I decided to do a bit of a reccy trip, just a pair of shoes and a camera. I'd heard of a canyon nearby that I was keen to photograph, but it turned out I'd completely misread my info and was in the wrong spot. I don't mind, though, because I found Muir Creek which I followed until it became too vertical to be safe without canyoning gear. It starts out a nice flat, lazy stream, but soon becomes steep, fast, and foamy. Damn, the water around there is cold!!! #newzealand #nz #aotearoa #southisland #haast #haastpass #wanaka #lovewanaka #pleasantflat #westcoast #westcoastnz #muircreek #canyon #canyoning #canyoningnewzealand #wilderness #nature #outdoors #tramping #trampingnz #travel #newzealandtravel #Fujifilm #x70 #28mm
Queenstown = Action. Und deswegen ging es für uns heute in einen Canyon. Bei Canyoning New Zealand buchten wir eine Halbtages Tour, um 9 Uhr ging es los. Noch gut verständlicher Einweisung hielten wir uns fast 2 1/2 Stunden in der Schlucht auf, in der wir bauchtief durchs Wasser liefen oder uns Wasserfälle hinab seilten. Es hat uns allen großen Spaß gemacht und dieser Tag wird uns, wie viele andere, lange in Erinnerung bleiben. Am Nachmittag legten wir, nach wunderschönen Panoramen am Lake Wakatipu, noch einen Zwischenstopp in Kingston ein. Bis Ende 2013 fuhr hier noch der Kingston Flyer, eine Museumseisenbahn welche an die 1980 Jahre erinnern soll. Teilweise wurden hier mit dem Dampfschiff, Fahrten aus Queenstown angeboten welche danach über die 14km lange Eisenbahn Strecke fortgeführt wurden. Heute stehen die Waggons und Loks abgestellt am Bahnhofsbereich. Die Strecke soll allerdings wieder in Betrieb genommen werden. Im alten Bahnhof kann man sehr gut Essen, wie wir heute feststellen durften. Nun verbringen wir die Nacht im Mossburn Country Park, wo wir den Abend noch mit etwas Gummistiefel Weitwurf verbrachten. #newzealand #holiday #roadtrip #travel #sonyalpha6000 #summer #travelblogger #journey #nature #nofilter #motorhome #landscape #gordonandbear #siggithetui #safethenature #canyoning #canyoningnewzealand #lakewakatipu #kingstonflyer #railway #railwaymuseum #queenstown
Just our guide @adri_paris_photographer taking a small nap in the canyon!! 😂
Our most intense and rewarding day in New Zealand—canyoning down a gorge to the Kawarau River! We signed up for this even though the minimum participation age was technically 10, but the brochure said good swimming ability and sense of adventure were more important. OK, ✔️ and ✔️! We got picked up in downtown Queenstown and were bussed outside of town about 30 minutes, where we encountered our first daunting challenge: putting on the full body wetsuits. This required lots of tugging and pulling by Mom and Dad to get the boys geared up. Then we hiked over to the top of a draw and began our descent. The drops through the icy cold water required lots of rock scrambling, some free plunging through natural slides, top-rope ziplining, and, finally, abseiling (rappelling) down a rock face next to a waterfall. Graham insisted on leading our small group of six over each obstacle, that is, until I informed him I couldn’t take good photos of him from behind…“OK Daddy, why don’t you lead from now on…” After about an hour of some serious canyon negotiation thanks to our Austin, Texas native guide Nate, we all washed out at a pool right next to a big red “Caution: Danger!” sign right before where the gorge met up with the very swiftly moving river. Our hike up and out provided some amazing views and proof of how far down we’d gone and, once we eventually wriggled our way out of the wetsuits, we all agreed this was a 10/10-would-do-it-again, unforgettable experience and a top moment in our NZ vacation! #canyoningnewzealand #rockscrambling #waterfallrappelling #fourwandering
Right into the tick of it! #getamoungstit
#throwback to a staff mission to Griffin Creek Canyon. Bit of an epic day as water levels were high. @adri_paris_photographer took this photo and created this moving image.
We are so privileged to be able to work in such a beautiful part of the world!
NZ Day 4 - Canyoning, Black Spur #canyoningnewzealand #canyoning #queenstown
On your way to becoming Canyoning Guides guys! 😜👍🏽 Stopping to untie the figure 8 block while bagging the rope.
There’s something magical about swimming behind waterfalls, it feels like nature’s secret place where only few go.
Waterfall Creek. Getting amongst the flow! 💦💦
BLUE CREEK CANYON: This stunning dry Canyon in the Kahurangi National Park is deep and narrow. It was carved into a softer type of rock over many years. In some places you can touch both walls at the same time, with a only sliver of daylight piercing through from above. It really feels like you’re getting absorbed by the earth. . . Photo taken by @adri_paris_photographer
Wading through water so pure you can drink it! 💦
The most interesting part of our job is spending time with you guys, hearing your stories, where you’re from and where your heading. It’s you guys that make our job so interesting.
Look at that form. Giving it everything with that jump! Wow wee.
First rule of Canyoning guys is always ‘look cool’. 😎😂
Our Torrent River trip starts and ends on this beautiful beach! However, we leave behind the crowds and head into a part of the Abel Tasman that not many people get to see. #throwback to our favourite Scotsman Mitch. Captured by Mike Walton.
Into the flow with a guided rappel. Waterfall Creek.
Arriving back to Queenstown from the full day Black Spur canyon, absolutely magic day to end 2018! #canyoningnz #canyoningnewzealand #queenstown
Spent a great last day in Queenstown canyoning with @canyoningnewzealand and our new friend John who is a Jayhawk (08)! So much fun and a lot more intense than when we did it in Switzerland!
Peanut slide!! Hold that peanut!!! 🥜🥜🥜
What an awesome trip in Waterfall Creek! Thanks to these guys from Germany and the USA. #canyoningiswhatwedo #happyholidays
Abstract shot - Half dark half light captured on the CA123 ICOpro Canyoning Training Course. By @adri_paris_photographer
Merry Christmas everyone! From all the team here at Abel Tasman Canyons. Hope you are all enjoying it with great company. We’ll be back taking you through the beautiful Abel Tasman on Boxing Day :)
From all the team here at Abel Tasman Canyons we wish you all a Merry Christmas. Thank you for all the love and support and we'll see you back here on Boxing Day!
Taniwha Slide. This slide is our guardian of the canyon to the outside world. Some people make their way up from Cleopatra’s pools until they hit this wall of water. With no way around it this slide acts as a gate, locking away our treasured canyon.
Perfect place for a ‘couple photo’. Couples who canyon together, stay together 😉❤️
The life of a guide is incredibly rewarding. Taking people through one of the most beautiful places in world, watching them take on new experiences, overcoming fears and hearing their stories.
Blue Creek Canyon. This is a dry beautiful canyon that’s awesome for mastering abseiling skills. This shot was taken bt trainer @adri_paris_photographer on the CA123 ICOpro Training Course. The next course will be held here with Abel Tasman Canyons the 1st until the 8th of February 2019. @icopro_canyoning_organisation_
The mother of all slides!!! This will leave your heart racing . . . Do you dare to take on the challenge!? #waterfallcreek 💦 Abel Tasman National Park.
A few photos from the ICOpro Canyoning Training Course. @icopro_canyoning_organisation_ @abel_tasman_canyons
Everyday we are blown away by how incredibly gorgeous our office is!! We seriously believe that we work in the most beautiful place in the world! 📷👉🏼 Mike Walton from Epic Trails.
Smiles and laughter echoed beyond the walls of Torrent River with this bubbly group!
This is captured on our Waterfall Creek trip. Such an epic abseil through the flow.
I spent the week doing the 8 day ICOpro CA123 Canyoning training course. So worth it! I would totally recommend this to anyone wanting to get into Canyoning. 😁😁@icopro_canyoning_organisation_ @abel_tasman_canyons
Woohoo! After checking the pools, jumping is such a fun part of Canyoning. Does anyone know the 4 steps to mastering the perfect jump?? 😁😁
The countdown to Christmas is On! The team from Campbell Electric & Refrigeration celebrated the silly season with a epic trip from Canyoning New Zealand. #canyoningnewzealand #bestteam #electrician #refrigerationtech
First time canyoning - definitely not my last 🧗🏻‍♂️ #canyoningnewzealand
We love capturing a good team photo! 📷📷📷 Canyoning is not just about Canyoning it’s so much more! Meeting new people, working as a team, conquering fears, exploring new places and learning new skills are just some of the different elements that make up Canyoning.
“A good friend listens to your adventures, a best goes on them with you”. Unknown.
Nothing like celebrating all the victories throughout the day with a ‘high five’!! #waterfallcreek 📷👉🏼 @adri_paris_photographer
Meet the Team: Celine (Kiwi). First season at Abel Tasman Canyons and it is her first year guiding. In terms of tourism and specifically the Abel Tasman she’s a bit of a veteran with quite a few years working under her belt. Celine joined the ICOpro CA123 course with us last year and has been honing her canyoning skills in Europe during our winter. Celine is another versatile superstar as she will join both the guiding and the office team. Woohoo get it girl!!!
It’s getting to that time of year with Christmas only a few weeks away. Skip the long queues, jump online and take your loved one on an adventure this summer with our Torrent River voucher. The link to our website is in our bio.
20 years from now we’ll be more disappointed by the things we didn’t do than by the things we did. 👍🏽 If it scares you it might be a good thing to try! ;)
What do we do on our day off, go canyoning of course!! We managed to squeeze in a staff trip to Griffin Creek. 🤟🏽📷👉🏼 @adri_paris_photographer #wonderlustofnz
Abseiling in Griffin Creek Canyon. I look like a rainbow against the rock! 😂🙈 📷👉🏼 @adri_paris_photographer
One week into summer here in New Zealand already. We cannot wait to show more of you from all over the world our little piece of paradise.
Jumping for joy because it’s Tuesday and we get to go Canyoning #canyoningeveryday #everydayisaweekend
Wohooo!! CANNONBALL!!! Boomfa. 🤟🏽🤟🏽
Take a break, take a Kit Kat (or in our case a muesli bar 😁). 📷👉🏼 @adri_paris_photographer
Our guides take people through one of the most beautiful places in NZ (or even the world). We watch them achieve what they never thought possible, with wide eyes and big smiles. All in a days work!! 💦🤟🏽
Experience the feeling of abseiling through water surrounded by lush native bush. Waterfall Creek. 💦 #notforthefaintofheart 📷👉🏼 @adri_paris_photographer
Packing away the rope👌🏽 📷👉🏼 @adri_paris_photographer
Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.
Doom Creek. This canyon is not as daunting as it sounds. The canyon is horizontal with steep vertical walls and full of jumps. 📷👉🏼 @adri_paris_photographer
Staff trip into Griffin Creek Canyon, such high water flow!! Captured and edited by @adri_paris_photographer
A lot of the guides say this is their favourite part of the canyon!! An awesome ride over a waterfall where you land into a deep pool. 🤟🏽💦
Some of the crew from @abeltasmankayaks came to check out The Torrent River with us. They decided to invent their own slide! #bestslideoftheday #slidefail 🤔🤔 Maaaybe just stick with kayaking guys 😜
Peek-a-boo. 😂😂 LIKE IF YOU SPOT IT!!! #photobomb #peekaboo
This is sure to get your heart racing. 18 meter slide in Waterfall Creek. Boom!! 📷👉🏼 @adri_paris_photographer
That feeling just before you take a Heli to an epic canyoning adventure! #canyoningnewzealand #welovecanyoning #queenstownlive #travelnz #wonderlust
Exciting times at the “Double Trouble” drop. 😁
Yesss guiding season off to an awesome start, taking some of the crew from @abeltasmankayaks through the Torrent. @abel_tasman_canyons
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