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As Camilla has made a wonderful duchess, it’s no surprise that she’ll make a brilliant consort to the future King, as per former Buckingham Palace spokesman Dickie Arbiter. While speaking with HELLO!, the insider let us in on how wonderful the 71-year-old has been as Charles’ second wife: “Camilla has supported her husband, Prince Charles, since their marriage in April 2005 and doing a good job of it ever since. She’s a no-nonsense lady and believes that there are things you can change and there are things you can’t and those you can’t, don’t waste time trying. She’s inquisitive so she’ll ask probing questions. She’s interested so she’ll listen and won’t look over shoulders to see if there’s someone more important and interesting, and she’ll talk because she likes meeting people which makes her a good communicator, at ease talking to people from all walks of life whether a head of state or just chatting on walkabouts. She also has a good sense of fun and humour. The duchess through her work has shown herself to be a good support to her husband and to the Queen, thus making her not only an asset to the country but to the institution of monarchy. So when the day does ultimately come, Camilla will take her place alongside her husband not as Princess Consort but as Queen Consort.” #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princeofwales
Clarence House, one of the last remaining aristocratic townhouses in London, is the official residence of TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. Built between 1825 and 1827 to the designs of John Nash, Clarence House takes its name from its first occupant, William Henry, Duke of Clarence, later William IV. The arrangement of the rooms and the groupings of their contents remain much as they were in Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s time, with important works from Her Majesty’s collection of art in their original positions. A tour of the House includes five rooms on the ground floor where official engagements are undertaken by Their Royal Highnesses. In the Duke of Clarence's time the Lancaster Room, the first room off the Hall, was the Equerry's Room and has served as a waiting room for visitors ever since. The Morning Room was originally designed as the breakfast room. The large window into the garden was added by the Duchess of Kent around 1841. The Library was used by The Queen Mother for intimate dinners when she lived in the house. The Dining Room is enhanced with gilding and ceiling decoration from the early 1900s. The Garden Room was created from two rooms which Princess Margaret lived in before her marriage. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall officially opened The Duchess of Cornwall Inn on the Royal visit to Poundbury. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
The beautiful Duchess 👸🏼❤️ #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
Camilla’s jewels : The Van Cleef & Arpels Ballerina Brooch. The Duchess of Cornwall has quite a few stunning pieces from Van Cleef & Arpels but my favourite among her collection is this lovely ballerina brooch. In the 1940s, Van Cleef & Arpels created widely-copied, beautiful ballerina brooches. The inspiration for this High Jewellery collection was the collaboration between Claude Arpels and the renowned choreographer George Balanchine, which gave rise to the ballet Jewels in 1967. An ode to femininity, the ballet series is dedicated to three exceptional gemstones and three different styles of ballet: emeralds with Fauré, rubies with Stravinsky, and diamonds with Tchaikovsky. In 2007, to commemorate the ballet’s 40th anniversary, the London Royal Ballet performed Jewels at the Royal Opera House in London. Van Cleef & Arpels took part in the celebration by creating the Ballet Précieux High Jewelry collection. Both the original and the tribute brooches are imitating dancers’ elegant poses: apart from ballerinas, there are also opera dancers, Spanish dancers, and fairies. This particular brooch is in form of a graceful ballerina wearing a tutu. There are rows of sapphires, rubies and diamonds at the hem, waist and sleeves of the dress. The head is adorned with smaller round rubies and a single large diamond. The entire “body” of the ballerina is coved with polished gold. Camilla has worn this brooch on only a couple of occasions which is a pity because, to me at least, this is one of the most beautiful jewels in her collection.” (Article from : artemisiasroyaljewels.blogspot.com) #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
The Duchess of Cornwall meets some of the patients of Helen & Douglas House for a Christmas lunch at Clarence House on December 11, 2014. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
Camilla will be an amazing consort and will support Prince Charles in every way no matter what title she’ll have, but of course I’m rooting for Queen Consort ❤️ (Taken from the blog Royal Confession, the confession isn’t mine) #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
The Duchess Of Cornwall and The Prince of Wales arrive at Buckingham Palace for the State Banquet For President Zuma Of South Africa, during the State Visit to the Uk on March 03, 2010. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
The Duchess of Cornwall and The Prince of Wales during their tour to Italy, April 2017. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
Camilla’s jewels : The Diamond Moth Brooch. “Among the jewels debuted in 2015 by The Duchess of Cornwall was this Diamond Moth Brooch, a design which has also been referred to as a butterfly. She first wore the brooch in public at a memorial service for the Duke of Wellington and at a Buckingham Palace garden party the same day in May 2015. The general design of The Duchess' brooch is not wholly unique; there are others of this general shape to be found. One that seems to be an exact match is the example below, a Late Art Deco Diamond Platinum Moth Brooch offered for sale on 1stDibs by Macklowe Gallery in New York (now marked as sold). The diamond brooch with emerald eyes is listed as being made circa the 1930s, with a width of 2.25 inches and a length of 1.13 inches. It is further described as follows: An Art Deco platinum brooch with diamonds. The brooch has 6 old European-cut diamonds with an approximate total weight of 1.20 carats, 1 old European-cut diamond with an approximate total weight of .50 carats, 236 single-cut diamonds with an approximate total weight of 7.10 carats, and is further set with 22 rose-cut diamonds with an approximate total weight of .10 carats. Approximate total carat weight of the moth is 8.9 carats. The mix and patterning of the various diamond cuts adds to the brilliance and dimension of this moth. We can't be sure of how The Duchess of Cornwall's brooch came to reside in her collection or of its origin. It is not surprising, however, to see her continue to add to her collection of insect brooches, regardless of the source. With butterflies and dragonflies and stick insects and more, her fondness for these creature brooches is clear.” (Article from : queensjewelvault.blogspot.com) #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
On 14 February 2017, The Duchess of Cornwall carried out engagements in Bristol. HRH began the day at a tea party and swing dance run by the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS), a charity that helps older people stay active and independent. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
“It can't have been easy. I think she clearly was brave. But most importantly, she knew that she had the love and support of The Prince of Wales. And I think that carried her through some pretty dark days.” -Ben Elliot, The Duchess of Cornwall nephew, talking about the difficult times his aunt went through. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
“To be honest, she’s always been very close to me and William. She’s not a wicked stepmother. She’s wonderful woman and she’s made our father very, very happy which is the most important thing. William and I love her to bits.” -Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex about his stepmother Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeharry #dukeofsussex
The Duchess of Cornwall leaves the UK Commemorative Service for Northern Ireland Operations at St Paul's Catherderal on September 10, 2008. I love this color on her 💙 #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
Camilla’s jewels : The Diamond Serpent Necklace. “One of the Duchess of Cornwall’s signature jewels is her diamond serpent necklace. The necklace consists of round and square-cut diamonds that adorn the serpent’s body, set in a platinum frame. The head of the snake is decked with smaller round diamonds, with two tiny rubies for the eyes. The Serpent Necklace is purported to be a gift from the Prince of Wales, presented before their wedding. Camilla has been wearing the necklace since at least 2001. Camilla has worn this necklace to most of her evening engagements, and quite a few daytime ones too. The most memorable event the snake necklace was worn to is perhaps the state banquet in honour of the Norwegian state visit to the UK in 2005 – the Duchess’s very first tiara event since her marriage. Back then, Camilla paired the necklace with the magnificent Delhi Durbar Tiara and family heirloom diamond earrings. Other notable occasions Her Royal Highness opted to wear the serpent necklace to include charity “Fashion Rocks” party in 2003, similar charity “Fashion Rocks” concert and dinner in 2005, while on official visit to the United States in 2005, during official visit to Egypt in 2006, a gala dinner at Waddesdon Manor in 2001, a charity Anna Valentine fashion show 2010, official visit to Tanzania in 2011, and 3-D screening of “Hugo” in 2011.” (Article from : artemisiasroyaljewels.blogspot.com) #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
She’s an inspiration to me ❤️ The confession isn’t mine taken from the blog Royal Confessions. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
The beautiful Duchess of Cornwall ❤️ #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
#Newengagement The Duchess of Cornwall and The Prince of Wales visited the Sandringham Flower Show today. TRH visited the Royal marquees, which houses competitions in vegetables, fruits, flowers and floral art. The entries are grown by local residents. The Duchess was sporting a plaster on her finger after cutting herself yesterday, she said to a well wisher: “ I’ve cut my finger so I’m left handed today”, she explained, “I cut my finger yesterday but it’s not as bad as it looks, I think the plaster hurts as much as anything, to be honest”. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
#Newengagement Today The Duchess of Cornwall visited the Isle of Wight to visit Osborne House with Patron of the House, Dame Judi Dench. Her Royal Highness also visited Cowes to name a new ferry and attend a reception at the Royal Yacht Squadron. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #damejudidench
#Newengagement Today The Duchess of Cornwall visited the Isle of Wight to visit Osborne House with Patron of the House, Dame Judi Dench. Her Royal Highness also visited Cowes to name a new ferry and attend a reception at the Royal Yacht Squadron. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #damejudidench
“My darling wife has been absolutely wonderful with all these charities and takes a huge interest, which they were all telling me about what a difference she makes. I know how, how seriously she takes it all. But she does have a wonderful way with people, you see, that’s the special thing. I mean, she’s remarkable, really. She is the best listener in the world, you see, so she can get anything out of anybody and find out their life history in a very quick, short time.” -Prince Charles talking about his wife. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
Camilla’s jewels : The Maple Leaf Brooch. “The brooch's first owner was the Queen Mother. In the spring of 1939, just before the outbreak of World War II, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth made a state visit to Canada. He gave her the brooch, which was made by Asprey, to mark this state visit. The brooch is made of diamonds set in platinum; Hugh Roberts describes it as being "in the form of a leaf of the Canadian Sugar Maple ... the national emblem of Canada, transparent-set with brilliants and baguettes." Elizabeth wore it in public for the first time as they crossed the Atlantic in May 1939 on their way to Canada. It quickly became a staple in her brooch wardrobe. In the photo above, she wears the brooch during a tour of an ammunition factory in April 1940. The Queen inherited the brooch from her mother in March 2002. Today, she frequently wears the brooch both on trips to Canada and for events in Britain related to Canada. In the photo above, she wears the brooch at Canada House in London to pay tribute to Canadian service members who died in the First World War. The event was held in November 2008 (hence the poppy accompanying the brooch). Although the Queen only inherited the brooch fourteen years ago, she had worn it decades before. She borrowed the jewel from her mother for her first trip to Canada in 1951, when she was still Princess Elizabeth. After inheriting the brooch, the Queen followed in her mother's footsteps by loaning it to her daughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cornwall, for her first official Canadian visit. Camilla wears the brooch above in November 2009 for a welcome ceremony in St. John's. And Camilla isn't the only family member who has borrowed the brooch in recent years: the Queen also loaned the brooch to her granddaughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, for her first tour of Canada in 2011.” (Article from : thecourtjeweller.com) #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #duchessofcambridge #queenelizabethii #queenmother
#News The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall toured the #PrinceAndPatron exhibition at Buckingham Palace earlier this week. The artworks at the exhibition have been personally chosen by The Prince and will form part of the Buckingham Palace Summer Opening. The #PrinceAndPatron exhibition showcases a selection of The Prince’s favourite pieces in the Royal Collection alongside works created by young artists supported by three of HRH’s charities. A previously unknown portrait of The Duchess of Cornwall and a picture of Prince Charles with one of his grandchildren (probably Prince George) are part of the exhibition. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
In 2012, The Duchess of Cornwall read Hairy Maclary by New Zealand author Lynley Dodd to school children at Clarence House.The book is one that The Duchess likes to read to her own grandchildren. 📌Swipe to watch. #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchesscamilla #duchessofcornwall
#New | The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall during day one of their visit to Devon and Cornwall on July 16, 2018 in Fowey, United Kingdom. . First, The Duke and Duchess named Fowey Gig Club’s new gig and met members of the crew gathered in the town centre. Then they visit the Celebration of Fowey Festival, touring local businesses and meeting residents, representatives from the Fowey Gig Club and members of the RNLI and Royal British Legion. Later, The Duchess of Cornwall joined chefs in Canteen to help prepare fresh dishes for lunch. . . #ClarenceHouse #camillaparkerbowles #theduchessofcornwall #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #camilladuchessofcornwall #thebritishroyalfamily #britishroyals #britishroyalfamily #britishroyalty #royals #royalfamily #royalfamilies #buckinghampalace #clarencehouse #thequeen #queenelizabeth #queenelizabethii #britishroyals #britishroyalty #britishroyal #britishroyalfamily
#Newngagement The Duke and Duchess met volunteers at St. Tudy Community Shop, TRH officially opened it’s new extension which is to provide a meeting space for local residents. For their last visit during their time in the South West, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall visit Honiton in Devon to look round 'Gate-to-Plate' – a market in which more than 60 local producers are taking part. were presented with a cake and a hamper of #HonitonGatetoPlate samples before departing. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
Happy birthday 😏
Happy birthday 😎
Happy birthday 😍
#Newengagement The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall arrived on St. Mary’s, one of the Isles of Scilly. TRH tour a produce marked on St. Mary’s quay and formally opened the island’s newly improved quayside. Afterwards, The Duke and Duchess tour the new harbor side restaurant “On The Quay”, where The Duchess was presented with a birthday cake. TRH next visit St. Martin’s where they visited a shoe shop, a bakery, the beachside fish and chip shop, and the island’s church. The Duchess also visited Scilly Flowers. Before departing St. Martin’s, The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall met members of the emergency service located on the island. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
Happy 71st birthday to The Duchess of Cornwall 👸🏼👏🏻🎉💕🎂 📌Reason why I love Camilla : 1. She really cares about people. 2. She doesn’t want the spotlight, she just wan to make a difference in people’s lives and be by her husband’s side. 3. She works very hard to bring awareness to issues that no one else would. 4. She went through horrible situations without complaining or giving up. 5. She fought against the whole world for her love. 6. She’s very down to earth. 7. She answers her letters personally. 8. She looks fantastic with big jewels. 9. She has a unique style. 10. She always stayed true to herself. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
#Newengagement The Duchess of Cornwall, patron of Cornwall Community Foundation, attended a reception at the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery to mark the foundation’s 15th anniversary. #duchesscamilla #duchessofcornwall #camillatheduchessofcornwall
#Newengagement The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall began their annual visit to the South West at the Cornish town of Fowey. #duchessofcornwall #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
Camilla’s jewels : The Pearl Pendant Earrings. “Currently The Duchess of Cornwall's favorite pick for day-to-day wear, these earrings feature a pierced round pearl pendant hanging from a detailed silver-toned disk. It appears there may be some type of stone in the top portion, but it's difficult to tell. It's doubly difficult to see the details because in regular use, you can't see the top portion of the earrings anyway. They remain covered by The Duchess' signature hairstyle, and are primarily identifiable by the round pearls which just peek out from below her hair. These are currently her everyday earrings, worn to most engagements, but they're worn to some evening events too. They were also her pick for her civil wedding to The Prince of Wales on April 9, 2005.” (Article from: queensjewelvault.blogspot.com) #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
“He knows exactly what love means. He knows that everything she does for him, from letting him be himself to listening to what he thinks, from consoling him to making him laugh, is because she loves him. He worships her for it.” - A friend on Charles and Camilla. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
#Newengagement The Duchess of Cornwall, Royal Colonel 4th Battalion The Riffles, visited New Normandy Barracks Aldershot to meet military families and present medals to riflemen. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
#Newengagement The Duchess of Cornwall, accompanied by her sister Annabel, is attending Wimbledon today to watch the men’s quarter finals. The Duchess of Cornwall met RAF personnel before attending the championship. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
#Newengagement The Duchess of Cornwall, The Prince of Wales and other members of the royal family attended a service to mark the Centenary of the Royal Air Force at Westminster Abbey. After, the royal family watched the RAF flypast on the balcony and attended a reception at Buckingham Palace. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles #queenelizabethii
#Newengagement The Duchess of Cornwall, The Prince of Wales and other members of the royal family attended a service to mark the Centenary of the Royal Air Force at Westminster Abbey. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles #dukeofcambridge #dukeofcambridge #duchessofsussex #dukeofsussex #queenelizabethii
#Newengagement The Duchess of Cornwall, The Prince of Wales and other members of the royal family attended the Christening of Prince Louis of Cambridge at St. James Palace today. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles #dukeofcambridge #duchessofcambridge #dukeofsussex #duchessofsussex
Camilla’s jewels : The Coronet Brooch. “The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visited Yorkshire and Camilla wore a regal new brooch for the occasion. The new jewel, which was pinned to the collar of her pink coat, is shaped like a coronet or crown. The gold brooch features small golden pearl toppers, and the "base" of the coronet is studded with diamonds, as well as red and green gemstones.” (Article from : thecourtjeweller.com) #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
#Newengagement Tonight The Duchess of Cornwall has hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace to celebrate 50 year since the founding of Man Booker Prize.#duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
#Newengagement Yesterday The Duchess of Cornwall and The Prince of Wales attended an evening of music & drama at their Welsh home in Llandovery. Today, Their Royal Highnesses visited Llandovery Railway Station to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Heart of Wales railway line. After, they traveled from Llandovery to Builth Road on board of Wales line (Arriva Trains Wales), then In the market town of Builth Wells, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall officially reopen the newly-renovated Strand Hall. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
The Duchess of Cornwall and The Prince of Wales made an appearance on MasterChef Australia today. Earlier in the episode, The Duchess made a number of candid confessions about her and Prince Charles’ food preferences, confirming they avoided garlic and always keep ketchup in their fridge. To help them plan a menu, Camilla told MasterChef’s contestants what the royal couple liked to eat. Admitting she was “very good at a roast and vegetables” and loved olive oil, Camilla said Charles was a big fan of local cheeses and liked eating home grown food. When asked by judge Gary Mehigan what foods she couldn’t live without in her fridge, the Duchess of Cornwall had a surprising confession. “I have to have, if I haven’t got fresh tomatoes, I’ll always have tomato puree,” Camilla said. “And I’m afraid to say, even ketchup. My grandchildren are rather addicted to ketchup.” 📌Swipe to watch two short videos #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
#Newengagement The Duchess of Cornwall and The Prince of Wales visited the village of Llangwm today. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
#Newengagement The Duchess of Cornwall and The Prince of Wales began a week long visit to Wales. This morning Their Royal Highnesses met staff at the Second Severn Crossing, which is being renamed to mark Prince Charles 70th birthday. After, TRH attended an event to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Gwent Association of Voluntary Organizations. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales #princecharles
Camilla’s jewels : The Orange Stone and Diamond Brooch. 📌”On the second day of Royal Ascot 2007, The Duchess of Cornwall arrived to the races wearing a lovely embellished cream coat and dress. Her hat was as big as ever, but the real showstopping accessory of the day was the massive brooch pinned on her shoulder. This elegant brooch is centered around a large oval stone of a deep orange color, surrounded by diamond scrolls and dotted with single diamonds. known appearance, and details are nonexistent. The type of orange stone is unconfirmed; popular guesses include citrine or maybe a vibrant cairngorm. Provenance is also unconfirmed, but given that a large percentage of Camilla's loaned jewels originated with the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother - combined with the impressive size and antique look of the piece - it may be another previously unknown piece from the late queen consort's stash.” (Article from : queensjewelvault.blogspot.com) #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
The beautiful Duchess of Cornwall 👑💙 #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
#Newengagement The Duchess of Cornwall attended a reception hosted by The Royal Society of Literature where ‘40 under 40’ new fellows were inducted. #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall
A short interview of The Duchess of Cornwall talking about domestic violence. #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchesscamilla #duchessofcornwall
Camilla’s jewels : The Queen Mother Diamond Collet Necklace. “The most notable collet necklace in The Queen Mother’s collection was one made of old cut diamonds given to her by her husband, King George VI, in 1937 to celebrate their coronation. As used by The Queen Mother, it included 40 diamonds and was long enough to be worn beneath the Coronation Necklace. The Queen has has loaned it to The Duchess of Cornwall, who shortened it to 31 diamonds.” (Article from : queensjewelvault.blogspot.com) #duchesscamilla #camillatheduchessofcornwall #duchessofcornwall #queenmother
C&C Salisbury (1)
#Newengagement The Duchess of Cornwall, joint president of Elephant Family, officially launched the Concours d’éléphant, a cavalcade of traditional Indian vehicles which will tour London to raise awareness of the charity’s work to protect the Asian elephant. #duchesscamilla #duchessofcornwall #camillatheduchessofcornwall
#Newengagement The Duchess of Cornwall, patron of Floral Angels, attended a reception to celebrate British Flower Growers at The Garden Museum. #duchesscamilla #duchessofcornwall #camillatheduchessofcornwall
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