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• “No, no—there are depths, depths! The more I go over it, the more I see in it, and the more I see in it, the more I fear. I don’t know what I don’t see—what I don’t fear!” . i finished reading the turn of the screw by henry james (or mostly listening to it while i worked out), and i have to say i enjoyed it a lot. it’s the perfect gloomy classic - an eerie tale to read under thundering clouds with a cup of tea in your hands and some calm instrumental music in your ears.🦇 . Thank you so much for 5000 followers (if said number lasts), i’m so happy that you all enjoy what i post! Now for some pizza and telly ✨
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Golden hour on the plot 🌇
No time for Instagram this week, it's been a full on week of getting shit done and it's been so rewarding. I don't say that lightly. I spent most of summer feeling utterly suffocated. Plus, summer without an actual holiday or any proper rest should be made illegal. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But one the past few days I've had a wonderful feeling of becoming 'unstuck'. And it's felt magical. Good routine has been restored after the disruption of summer, the creative floodgates have opened, some lovely work opportunities have presented themselves which will take me to Italy before the year is out, and speaking at a workshop for entrepreneurs in a couple of weeks time in London. We've made some super smart developments on our website for @lovemydress , I've made progress with some big projects that will evolve my brand (scary/exciting/pushing myself out of my comfort zone stuff) and best of all, Autumn is now officially here 🍂🍁 I so adore this time of year, it always feels so special, I think, because I associate the arrival of both my daughters with Autumn. And the light this time of year is sublime 👌🏼✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What about you, how has your week been? Productive and rewarding on some level I hope :) #itsnotahat #lookalittlecloser
Current Sunday situ: cooking the chicken, bacon + leek casserole I told you about earlier on in our new kitchen and I can’t tell you the sheer delight of having more work surfaces so we can both do the bits we do best when cooking (namely Mr C making sure we don’t burn anything!) AND we have an EIGHT RING hob too. I mean, how many hobs could two people possibly need? So, we got the soup on the go too! 🌿 . . . Would love to know your winter warmer recipes! . . . #howautumnlooks #hazyshadesofautumn #autumncooking #igersyorkshire #happyselves #chattycaptioncommunity #thisishowihueit #reallifeandstyle #findingthejoyineveryday #autumncooking #sundayvibes #ofcosymoments #simplysunday #atonewithnature #moodygram #gothictonic #calmversation #theartofslowliving #slowdownmovement
Peace and calm. 😌 I’m so happy with my decision to buy a diffuser for my essential oils. Now no more buying for a while, says my wallet 😅
Hope everyone is ‘brunching’ today. Throwback to when my mom was over and cooked for me everyday! My Sunday is far too busy. Happy Sunday! #brunch #calmversation #artofslowliving #sunday #mom #microblogging #aspiringphotographer #aspiringfoodstylist #vacation #needavacation #momblogger #brunching #slowliving #greens #momscooking
favorite park with my favorite person. ♥️
Does anyone else like to do a bit of "spring cleaning" for every new season? Peppermint, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus is my favorite scent for all those fresh and cozy #hyggehome vibes. 🤗🌿
That same dope hip hop you expect from Nick V of @thebakaboyz and cool CALMversation for the ride home🚗 🚕🚙Please share n tune in to @healnhiphop on @dashradio Thursdays @ 5 & Sundays @ noon on the Native Rhymes channel. Download the Dash Radio free at the App Store #healnhiphop #calmversation #dope #90shiphop #oldschool #hiphoplives #hiphop #realhiphop #rap #thebakaboyz #internetradio #selfawareness #wisdom #lawofattraction #soul #peace #spiritualgrowth #truth #wellness #mindfullness #woke #goodvibes #energy #raiseyourvibration #positivity #dashradio #nativerhymes #thursdaysatfive #rushhour
L'anno scorso il raccolto fu ricco. Dalla pianta, nel giardino di mia nonna, riempimmo cinque cesti (👉 lo testimonia la seconda foto), perché nessuna di quelle cinque famiglie potesse dimenticare il sapore di quei frutti che mangio da che ho memoria. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Stamattina ho notato che, timidamente, arrossiscono, quelle melette dai semi speciali. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ È difficile riconoscere l'autunno per come l'abbiamo sempre conosciuto, ma piano piano ci abitueremo e diventerà la normalità. Intanto aspetto che i frutti siano maturi, perché il succo di melagrana è uno dei miei preferiti 🍹 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Per la serie: la domenica e i pensieri bucolici. Si può dire che siano una coppiata quasi fisiologica 🌿 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Buona serata!!! • ° ° #naturalmentevissuto
I’ve finally twigged to the fact that I can use the same format and setting of a photo repeatedly on Instagram 📷 @sheflourished_ pointed this out to me recently. You just vary it slightly each time. It gives your feed a consistency and a sense of familiarity that your audience start to enjoy. 👍 And omg! Does it make life easier when you’ve got a template you can repeat 🤣. So you’ll see a very similar photo to this one about 9 posts ago on my gallery👌 Do any of you have compositions you use again & again? 🤔 . . . . . #manchesterphotographer #let_there_be_delight #recklessimage #from_your_perspective #makingstockportsexy #postitfortheaesthetic #daysofsmallthings #the_gentle_manifesto #simpleandstill #manchesterphotographyclub #visualsoflife #calmversation #thehonestlens #memyselfandportrait #artisticmoods #thesimpleeveryday #stockport #doitfortheprocess #selfportraitphotography #thenativecreative #slowphoto #thevisualcollective #diariesofanoptimist #creativehappylife #insearchofjoy #aslowmoment #cornersofmyhome #calledtobecreative #itsprimupnorth #selfportraiture
The mighty Iceland 🙌 #iceland #mystopover
Prov 30 . . Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.
Introducing #EpicWeekendMD where worldwide celebrities will meet at @Mondrian_Doha. Level up your Thursday night with Grammy-nominated artist @fatjoe at @blackorchiddoha. Wake up and glam up on Friday for the first ever fashion weekend ft. @aishwaryaraibachchan_arb and @manishmalhotra05 then dance the night away at the official after party with @Djshadowdubai @blackorchiddoha. You haven’t seen the best of it, without brunch. Head to @morimotodoha and meet iron chef star @chef_morimoto as he launches the first Momosan Brunch on Saturday. Enticed yet? Call +974 4045 5999 ✨ #thisisbeyond #morimotdoha #mondriandoha
Throwback to when it was Friday, and I was in London having a drink with Audrey Hepburn 🍒
Introducing #EpicWeekendMD where worldwide celebrities will meet at @Mondrian_Doha. Level up your Thursday night with Grammy-nominated artist @fatjoe at @blackorchiddoha. Wake up and glam up on Friday for the first ever fashion weekend ft. @aishwaryaraibachchan_arb and @manishmalhotra05 then dance the night away at the official after party with @Djshadowdubai @blackorchiddoha. You haven’t seen the best of it, without brunch. Head to @morimotodoha and meet iron chef star @chef_morimoto as he launches the first Momosan Brunch on Saturday. . Enticed yet? Call us on 4045 5555 for more info ✨ #thisisbeyond #MondrianDoha #worldofsbe
I spent $13 on fair food. Can you guess what I got? 🥤🍦
📸 @unsplash
Už viac ako dve hodiny len tak sedím za počítačom s otvoreným wordom a snažím sa písať... Neúspešne. Popri uisťovaní sa, že dnešok bude trvať ešte osem hodín a skoro dvadsať minút, som si pustila Katarziu a prezrela Instagram. Jesenným postom o čajoch, knihách a smútku za letom úspešne konkurujú tie o tom, čo kto stihol cez víkend. Výlety, dovolenky, kaviarne, stovky prečítaných strán, nové videá, články, tipy na jesenné out... oblečenie 🤦 Ako je možné, že všetci stíhajú toto všetko a ešte aj žiť? Ale aj tak som spokojná. Aj keď nič z toho nerobím... Namiesto toho som bola včera na opere, z ktorej nemám ani jednu fotku a ani ten koláč s červeným vínom som si neodfotila... Stačí, že si to pamätám, hoci takto prestávam byť správna #instabitch 😉
what's your favourite thing about autumn? the autumn equinox is finally here and almost instantly there's a chill in the air. apart from the changing leaves, the late september sun is one of my favourite autumn feelings. there's just something about a blue sky against the firey orange spreading across the trees. swipe right to see what i mean. 🍁
This is 36 🖤🎈✨💋🔮💥
Tecnica, creatività e passione: sono questi gli ingredienti base di ogni piatto di @marialuisa.lamantia ! #marialuisapasticceria
When your love for something outweighs the fact it also scares you a little! This sums up my relationship with the sea I think. And probably travel too! The sea is just so vast and powerful and travel can be so unpredictable at times... Although a little bit of scary must be good for me I like to think and both the sea and travel bring me so much happiness 💭 Is there anything that makes you feel like this? 🖤
A rainy Sunday afternoon is made for curling up with the latest @foxedquarterly issue and a slice of homemade Dorset apple cake. I had some 'sops of wine' apples (isn't that the best name?!) to use and decided they'd be perfect in a cake. They're lovely - blushing pink, faintly tart and they hold their shape well when baked. What bliss! Hope you're all having an enjoyable Sunday too. * #daysofsmallthings #slightlyfoxed #calmversation #littlemomentsofmylife #distractionsandinspirations #onmytable
Enjoy your long weekend and happy Moon-Festival✨!! . #erdaliving
Our Sunday morning tradition ☕️🥛☕️. After the whole previous day spent in the country, this morning tastes even better ✨. Have a nice Sunday! #morningvibes #coffeeinbed #coffeeandseasons #kawa #coffeeshots #cupoftheday #adoremycupofcoffee #tv_living #tv_pointofview #lifeandthyme #littlefamiliesofig #cameramama #darlingmoment #shared_joy #inbeautyandchaos #calmversation #lovecoffeelifestyle #holdthemoment
Hi guys ✨ Tomorrow will mark a new beginning of daily challenges & amazing community creation ✨ Stay tuned 🔜
Kagok edan, Juara sakalian!🐯 @persib_official - Foto 2 minggu kemarin, match vs Arema. - #explorebandung
• good morning! here’s a little reminder to myself (that turned out much longer than i planned) and to all of you who sometimes struggle as i do: when my anxieties become more apparent in my mind or i am generally too tired to rise above them, i tend to want to hide away. i notice a feeling of wanting to sit in a corner and close my eyes until there’s nothing, wanting to hide under the duvet or inside a history book until my mind explodes with knowledge and is left exhausted, wanting to not show myself as i used to on social media, to keep my posts unpersonal and cold (these are probably things only i notice, but they are there), being even more scared when entering or passing crowds of people and feeling like everything i do and say is done and said either wrong or not well enough, and the feeling of being in other people’s way. this happens mostly during autumn and winter. i wish it weren’t so because i love autumn so dearly. it is, in my opinion, the coziest time of the year. but it is also the time where my mind is messier, more anxious and tired. i’m not sure where i’m going with this, but i want all of you who have it the same way that the dark days will past, and while you wait make sure to treat yourself and your body well. drink lots of tea and water (water helps your brain so much), go for walks, eat vegetables and fruit, read books and if you’re too tired to read you can listen to them, go to museums if you can, take pictures of the things you love even though you might not share them with anyone. do things for yourself and on your terms as long as that doesn’t hurt anyone. as my motto usually goes (very much inspired by kardemommeloven): be good to people and yourself and besides that you can do mostly anything you want. treat your mentality not as your enemy, but as a scared child trying to take care of you (but not really knowing how to). show this child that it’s nothing to be scared of. this will take time. meditate, do yoga, go running, go hiking. drink more tea, write everything you feel like down in a journal because one day you will want to look back on your past and remember even the smallest moments. (cont. in comments)
Every time a new @creativecountryside magazine arrives on my doorstep I'm delighted all over again by how beautiful it is, and how nice it feels to be able to read a whole magazine of writing by people with such similar values to me, people striving for a simpler, more authentic way of being. As Autumn is my favourite season I've been looking forward to this issue, and it doesn't disappoint! I picked poems by Barbara Hickson and Emma van Woerkom for it and both are a joy to read again - though I had so many wonderful submissions for Autumn. A very nice start to a sunday. And don't forget, if you'd like to submit work for the winter issue, you have until Tuesday. You can send them to the email address in my bio. 🍂 #whimsicalwonderfulwild #littlewoodlandwhimsies #aseasonalautumn #quietinthewild #momentsofmine #thewildnesstonic #myeverydaymagic #thewildlife #gowildlyandslow #aseasonalshift #aseasonalyear #creativeinthecountryside #poetsofinstagram #writingcommunity #ofquietmoments #beautyaroundus #natureonthepage #bookishhygge #livewild #liveauthentic #quietthechaos #moodygrams #kindlecuriosity #thatautumnmagic #livethelittlethings #calmversation #everydaybeauty #embracingtheseasons #heiterautumn #slowandsimpleautumn
We specialise in slow Sundays (it’s a skill, right?) ☕️📖 What are you up to on this rainy Sunday morning?
Nogle gange ser søndagsmorgener nogenlunde sådan her ud hjemme hos mig. Fordi jeg sommetider aldrig rigtig kommer videre, idet min hjerne har karakter af et egerns, og så var der lige noget, der var spændende. Sådan gik det også, da jeg skrev speciale. Det fik min vejleder heldigvis rettet op på... Det er nu ret hyggeligt at sidde halvt færdig og ikke at være kommet videre, for jeg har hårkur i håret og lermaske i hovedet og skal ikke noget verdensomvæltende, bortset fra at drikke flere kopper kaffe - og så er det jo ligemeget med tempoet. Desuden har jeg dyrket yoga og morgenmediteret og føler mig som et godt menneske. God søndag 🌻 . . . . . #søndag #søndagmorgen #weekendmorgen #stillemorgen #morgenkaffe #morningbliss #morningcoffee #dklit #interiordecor #books #sundayscenario #sundaymorning #hjemmekontoret #blondegirl #postshower #gettingready #peaceful #inspirational #iamme #mindful #mindfulness #mindfulmeditation #meditation #yoga #calmversation #aquietstyle #awareness #homedecoration #pacedown #slowlived
Keheningan.... Mendengarkan suara alam yang mendamaikan jiwa. • • • • #vsco #vscocam #calmversation #matalensa #canonindonesia #bandung #explorebandung #instasunda #instanusantara #natgeoindonesia #bandunginframe
Good day? Coffee! Bad day? Coffee! Rain? Coffee! Inspired? Coffee! Coffee? Coffee! . . . #jj_forum_2378
{the inner landscape of beauty} ~ These words on a rainy weekend ~ ‘No conversation we've ever done has been more beloved than this one. The Irish poet, theologian, and philosopher insisted on beauty as a human calling. He had a very Celtic, lifelong fascination with the inner landscape of our lives and with what he called "the invisible world" that is constantly intertwining what we can know and see.’ ~ This was one of the last interviews he gave before his unexpected death in 2008. But John O'Donohue's voice and writings continue to bring ancient mystical wisdom to modern confusions and longings ~ So very worth a listen. Link in the bio ~ John reads his poem "Beannacht," which is the Gaelic word for "blessing.” ~ “May the nourishment of the earth be yours, May the clarity of light be yours, May the fluency of the ocean be yours, May the protection of the ancestors be yours. And so may a slow wind work these words of love around you, an invisible cloak to mind your life.” ✨ ~ Beautiful artwork titled INNER JOURNEY by @melissa.parke.rousseau . . . . #sunday #howisyourheart #innerlandscape #listening #calmversation #blessing #autumnequinox
Who’s the painter of this amazing sky? #inasoftlight
Easy like Sunday morning. This isn’t actually our bedroom but the guest room, which we’ve temporarily had to decamp to as the divan base beneath our mattress has collapsed. Time for an emergency trip to IKEA...
Morning all! ☕️It's been a wet weekend here in Essex so I've decided to make the most of it by catching up on some admin bits including filling in this gorge @katespadeny address and birthday book! I *think* I'm pretty good at remembering dates, but I like the idea of having them all in one place for ease - plus it's pastel coloured so obv I HAD TO HAVE IT 💛
. S U N D A Y After a few days tending to home. When I lifted my head from making, I saw a list as long as my arm - all the little things I've not thought about since the last seasonal scrub. The things between the spindles, within the grilles and behind radiators. Sundays are for resting, though. There's a distinctive perfume of coffee, laundry, butter. It's pouring rain and the gutters are running. The radiators are creaking, after so many months of uselessness. It's autumn. It's exhilarating. It's comfort. . . . 🍂the linen dresser, a labour of love I made over from a bookcase and chest of drawers at the start of the summer. #savourtheseasonalshift #folkandstory #daysofsmallthings #theartofgathering #thehonestlens #themindfulapproach #changingseasons #calmversation #seasonspoetry #livecreatively #herestothecreatives #livetocreate #slowliving_create #chooselovely #slowlived #fosterthoughtfulness #gatherandcreate #autumnmood #aseasonalshift #simpleandstill #daysofsmallthings #awakethesoul #simplethingsmadebeautiful #whimsicalwonderfulwild #bookart #linen #bookstagram #gloomandglow #lauralereveur
Let’s face it
Where would you rather be? #yarrainspirit #mindandbodyatwork
Behind the scene. Behind the screen.
☝🏻Look above and beyond. Let your past make you better, not bitter.
Loving days off where you can watch more sunsets than netflix #nurseoffduty
the #warhol way
• wave orgy N8 •
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