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Hi I'm in this Community as the underrated space meme! I've loved Chris Pratt sense 5th grade, and now deciding to be The best space boy alive is amazing! I've been roleplaying for about 6+ years, and it's been an amazing experience for me!! But yes! Im here to be StarLord ( Peter Quill ) and I hope you like my portrayal of this thought cocky bean!
(BANNER 3/3) 🍒🍓💘🌤️💨 - banner inspo: multiple accounts - Filter credits: @rpeditinqhelp - Overlays and textures: @rpeditinqhelp
au which sorry I ship Peter q and Peter P don't at me fuck - Peter Q is just GUSHING over Peter P. And a while back, quill saved Peter from a horrid beat down by the Green Goblin, and took him in to heal. Gamoura took notice, and would try to tell Quill about it, but he'd tell her to either, suck, eat, or lick a foot ( In quill to English transition that means go away ). Peter P doesn't really take notice, and quill tries to do what he calls : " staying in the shadows with his feelings. " quill constantly asks to help Peter, and Peter tells him OVER AND OVER that he can do it himself. Quill continues to just keep in contact, and will forever get heart eyes around Spider-Man.
IM SORRY THIS MADE ME LAUGH - Wade Wilson and Peter Quill. Two fuckwads always teasing the shit out of eachother. Theyll be at bars together, and Peter will say something like wade looks like a burnt egg, and Wade comes back saying Peters side burns remind him of horse lips. They constantly make fun of eachother, but they also argue on what strategy they want to use in battle, and they NEVER agree on that. They do get mad at eachother a lot, but they are good friends. Yeah, sex jokes are made once in a good while, but eventually Peter swings back calling wade his big toe or something, and the cycle continues.
Ok I redid this BC I confused au with Headcannons, so like, { I'll probably add more when Im bored or something } - Peter Quill fought with Pennywise to Learn the fight was not easy, for his mind was the one to be beaten, not his body. Pennywise infiltrated his thoughts and overcame his actions, and Peter Quill was no more mentally, but was stuck in a bubble like trap, not being able to escape. Pennywise caused havoc, and what It knew was that Peter would be confronted for the things It did. It arrived and lived on knowing the heartache in Peter, knowing he wanted none of this. It lives inside of him. IT remains. Always.
Ships!! - Peter Q x Peter P - Peter Q x Thor - Peter x Black Cat - Peter x Gamoura
This is where I tag my hoes 💓💨 So I'll be putting the crap here soon, but yeah im just a bit stressed rn, and I feel like I can't edit right Huff, but otherwise, this is also a requests post, to request anything from -Headcannons -Roleplays -mood boards -anything else!!!¡ Talk to me to be tagged beforehand!!
Genetic Accords💨 DESIGNATIONS ོ┊Full Name : Peter Jason Quill. NickNames: Penis quill, Titan Killing g BootyCall, Hummie with a death wish, meme daddy, Star Prince, legendary Outlaw, The greatest pilot in the universe, orphan boy, star-munch, the boyfriend, mister lord, Flash Gordon, and more to come. Titles : Star-Lord, more to be added Preferred Pronouns : He/Him/His. PHYSICAL┊ Skin Pigmentation : slightly tan, white. Opticals : Hazel Weight : 176 lbs Hair : Dirty blonde, strawberry blonde. Build : muscular, athletic. ོ┊ RELATIONSHIPS Family : Parents : Diseased, mid age. Siblings : n/a??¿ Companions : ོ - Peter Parker | Friend, possibly non biologically family. - Wade Wilson | Close friendship - more to be added lmao I'm lazy ok ┊PERSONAL Occupation : Leader of ( group ) Guardians of the Galaxy. Birthplace : United states. Moral Alignment : lawful Good Clockwork : 26 ( changed ) : ོ┊ ROMANTICS. Sexual Orentation : bisexual¡ Romantic Orientation : bisexual Status : Open, not reserved. Significant other : none currently. ོ┊ MISC. Universe(s) : Marvel, crossovers welcome!! Writing style: (adv)Literate years of roleplay : 3+ ( I believe ) time zone : Central America . Chosen Faceclaim : Chris Pratt. Admin : Petey A. Pronouns: she/her
Tba for whatever the fuck this is
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Story behind the snaps- Cap receives a package with pictures from his past from a #howlingcommandos grandchild- got the idea when my usual photo editor added a huge picture aging section- I aged all of these. If you want unsnapped copies message me! I admit this is a bit sad 🙂#avengersnaps #avengerssnapchat #thor #loki #ironman #blackwidow #hawkeye #captainamerica #wintersoldier #warmachine #spiderman #vision #scarletwitch #hulk #tonystark #wandamaximoff #steverogers #samwilson #buckeybarnes #mcu #avengers #natasharomanoff #brucebanner #rhodey #peterparker #drstrange #blackpanther #sciencebros
hello loves!! sorry for being unable to post i have been super busy with school. i will start posting once i get back in the swing of things. please don't unfollow😂 • • • { @quacksonforever } #ironman #starlord #captainamerica #thanos #thor #blackwidow #doctorstrange #peterparker #gamora #wanda #nebula #clintbarton #hulk #groot #rocket #drax #vision #buckeybarnes #blackpanther #marvel #avengers #avengersinfinitywar #infinitywaredits 💫💫
Love or hate? ~Spidey #bucky #barnes #buckeybarnes #MarvelVideo #videos #marvelstagram Bu tarz gönderiler için beğenmeyi kaydetmeyi ve takip etmeyi unutmayın @hogwakandarts
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