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Winter's in our blood PC @ari_kutzer
"I'm sorry, the old Jeannie can't come to the phone right now." "Why?" "Oh, 'cause she's dead!" #brunettebeauty #brunettebombshell #bonjourbrunette #brownhairdontcare #tswift #taytay #lookwhatyoumademedo #ghd #goodhairdaze #newdo #hairdo
“I simply adored Linda.” - Gigi Perreau (1941- ) remembering from childhood her “The Lady Pays Off” (1951) co-star Linda Darnell (1923-1965) 💖💖💖. This is one Linda film I have never had the opportunity to see...but I hope to someday 🤞🏻💖! #lindadarnell #happybirthday #heavenlybirthday #happyheavenlybirthday #oldhollywood #classichollywood #vintagehollywood #classicactress #vintageactress #oldhollywoodactress #classicbeauty #vintagebeauty #oldhollywoodbeauty #brunette #vintagebrunette #classicbrunette #brunettebeauty #brunettebombshell #oldhollywoodbrunette #theladypaysoff #1951 #gigiperreau #quotes #theydontmakeemlikethatanymore
Happy Fall Ya’ll 🍁
Had an absolute blast taking Nicolette darker for the winter! Looking fabulous girl! Can’t wait to see you again! #avedabrown #redbrown #brunettebombshell #robotscientist 😂💕
The right mindset can literally be a life changer. Progress is almost impossible without change & those that cannot change their minds have a really hard time changing anything. By learning to master a new way of thinking, we can master a new way to be. Sometimes we just gotta get out of our own way and remember that it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing.. it matters what you are doing. Everything you need, your courage, your strength, compassion & love.. everything you need is already within you love!
I can't eat, I can't sleep, I get anxiety When you're not here with me, I get anxiety I can't eat, I can't sleep, don't know why you can't see #anxiety #blackbear #lyrics #quote #attitude #sunglasses #makeup #lipstick #brunettebabe #brunettebombshell #selfie #instadaily #photooftheday Picked by @laurynwillz
Last day in Winnipeg! Tomorrow I'll be in Edmonton 🌟 #canadiangirl #brunettebombshell #browneyedgirl #classyaf
(Part 3 of 3...Continued from previous posts) In April of 1965, Linda headed to Chicago to spend a few days with her close friend and former secretary, Jeanne (I have never located birth or death date information for her). The two women, along with Jeanne’s teen daughter, spent the evening of April 8 watching Linda’s old semi-autobiographical film “Star Dust” (1940) on television. They stayed up late..into the early hours of April 9..enjoying the movie, smoking cigarettes, and laughing. Eventually the 3 headed upstairs to bed, where Linda, unable to fall immediately to sleep, was flipping through a book. Sometime in the pre-dawn hours, Jeanne’s daughter woke Linda and Jeanne up. She felt heat. The downstairs of their townhouse was on fire. Panicked, the 3 headed to the bedroom window trying to figure out what to do. The heat becoming too much to bear, the teen jumped out of the burning home, breaking her leg in the process. In the commotion of the jump, Jeanne looked behind her and realized Linda was gone. The reasons will never be known, but likely Linda, terrified at the prospect of jumping out of the window, thought she could dash down the staircase and escape out the front door. Whether the handle was too hot to open or she was overcome by smoke before even reaching it, Linda collapsed in the flame-engulfed living room. By the time the fire department reached her, she had sustained burns over 80% of her body 😞🙏🏼💖. Rushed to the hospital, she regained consciousness and held on to life long enough for her daughter, who was then 17, to fly from California to be with her. Shortly after her daughter arrived, Linda died. She had lived 33 hours with her terrible burns. Both Jeanne and her daughter survived the fire...in fact, Jeanne was rescued from the window and never had to jump. It is just a terrible ending for this dear woman. Linda was certainly flawed, as we all are, but she was also a kind, beautiful, hard-working woman. Happy Heavenly Birthday, Linda...you may be gone, but I am trying to do my best to make sure you aren’t forgotten 💖💖💖.
(Part 2 of 3..Continued from previous post..) As her career faded in the 1950s and she fell on hard times, Linda worked in television and in several touring theatrical productions...pretty much anything to make ends meet. In fact, she had just completed her first film in 8 years when she tragically passed away 😞🙏🏼💖. Linda was married and divorced 3 times. Her first marriage was to cinematographer Pev Marley (1899-1964). The couple adopted daughter, Charlotte Mildred (nicknamed “Lola”) (1948- ), before divorcing in 1951 after a tumultuous few years. In 1954, Linda remarried to Rheingold Beer heir Phillip Liebmann (circa 1915-1972), though this marriage has been referred to as more of a business arrangement. Liebmann enjoyed taking care of Linda and the status of being married to a beautiful movie star. He, in turn, helped her establish a charitable home in Italy for teen girls left orphaned and homeless during WWII. The charity still exists today (at the time the charity operated under the already-established Boys Town of Italy, though today it is a sister organization called Girls Town of Italy), but the marriage only lasted a year and the couple divorced in 1955. Lastly, she married handsome pilot Merle Roy Robertson (1918-1965). This marriage had the promise to be successful, but it was not to be. Linda suffered from alcoholism and likely depression and she often spent days at a time in bed. Robertson tried to help Linda achieve sobriety, getting her into a rehab facility. At some point he allegedly had an affair and impregnated his mistress (he denied this and, honestly, I’ve never been able to determine what became of the mistress or the alleged baby). Friends and family stated later that they thought the couple’s marriage might have been salvageable, but that was not the case, and they divorced in 1963, after 6 years of marriage. Robertson would die of a heart attack just a few months after Linda’s death 😞🙏🏼💖. (Continued in next post...)
(Part 1 of 3) Happy Heavenly Birthday to one of my all time favorite actresses, Linda Darnell (1923-1965) 💖💖💖. Born in Dallas, just a few miles away from where I sit typing this, Linda (birth-name Monetta Eloyse) was born to a mother, Pearl (1892-1966), determined to have her daughter become a star. From modeling to acting to beauty contests, Pearl sought any opportunity to put Linda in the spotlight. In early 1938, at just 14 years old, Linda was spotted by a 20th Century Fox talent scout and brought to Hollywood for her first screen test. Though she did well in the test, her youthful age kept the studio from offering a contract. She reluctantly headed back to Dallas, but kept in touch with contacts at the studio, and when word that RKO was also interested in the youthful beauty, 20th Century Fox beat them to signing her. Making her screen debut in “Hotel for Women”, Linda was just 15 years old during filming. In a rare occurrence, the studio actually added 2 years to her age in publicity...in fact I occasionally still stumble upon write-ups that erroneously give 1921 as her birth year. Over the next 26 years, she would have over 50 film and television credits to her name. Linda didn’t always get the best material to act out on screen, but she was a hard worker who tried her best even in lackluster material. My personal favorite Linda Darnell film is “A Letter to Three Wives” (1949), in fact it is right up there as one of my favorite movies of all time. Other Linda titles that I personally adore include the aforementioned “Hotel for Women” (1939) (though it’s nearly impossible to find and, when you do find it, the film quality is likely very poor 😞), “Day-Time Wife” (1939), “Star Dust” (1940) (the inspiration for the name of this account 😘), “Chad Hanna” (1940), “Blood and Sand” (1941), “It Happened Tomorrow” (1944), “Fallen Angel” (1945), “Centennial Summer” (1946), “Forever Amber” (1947), “No Way Out” (1950), “Second Chance” (1953), and “Zero Hour!” (1957). (Continued in next post...)
Yeah, I'd rather be a lover than a fighter 'Cause all my life, I've been fighting Never felt a feeling of comfort All this time, I've been hiding And I never had someone to call my own, oh nah I'm so used to sharing Love only left me alone But I'm at one with the silence. #marshmellow #lyrics #silence #quote #brunettebabe #brunettebombshell #smile #selfie #makeup #instadaily #photooftheday
Loving the shine that comes along with this dimensional brunette color by Leah!
👱🏽‍♀️👱🏽‍♀️Eyeing a hole in one. CaliberEliteConsulting.com @calibere #poolplayer #caliberetalentagency #bbw #Ce10 #clientwork
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Isn’t the weather today perfect? Currently in our PJ’s with dreams of hot chocolate☕️❤️ Curls by @kaseyb_hair _______________________________________________ #VitaMutariSalon #RiceVillage #Houston #HoustonInsta #HoustonHairStylist #HoustonSalon #HoustonHair #BestSaloninHouston #HoustonHairdresser #HoustonStylist #HairInspo #VitaHair #HairCrush #Coiffure #Hairoftheday #HOTD ______________________________________________ #HairLove #Hair #ModernSalon #AmericanSalon #BehindtheChair _______________________________________________ #Kérastase ________________________________________________ #HoustonWeather #BalayageHighlights #HoustonBalayage #fallhair #HoustonHighlights #HoustonFall #brunettebalayage #brunettebombshell
Lowkey crying over here bc my client looks so incredibly stunning tonight! 😭😭😭 Swipe left to see the updo! ⬅️
🌟client selfie🌟 @kerriephillips89 asked for full coverage a natural contour, bold eyes, defined brows and a nude lip. #makeupartist #makeupselfie #clientselfie #browsonfleek #boldeyemakeup #nudelip #macfoundation #studiofixfluid #bhcosmetics #revolution #brunettebombshell
How gorgeous is my bride & dear friend @monika_isabella_90 from Saturday 🙌🏼 and her beautiful best friend @karensaad - both beautiful inside and out. 💕 #wedding #makeupbyme #brunettebombshell #kimmimakeup #laceontimber #happy #beautifulgirls #love
Feeling Monat shine 😊
I don't think white t-shirts are overrated! 💖 Favorite casual item. - 💋 Usual #winner red @maccosmetics
Been coloring her hair black for years. Wanted a change. ☺️ @brittangillis subtle can make a huge difference 👏🏼
Sisters for life💋 • • • Singing happy birthday to my sister @alexandriaalder can’t believe you’re 20! I hope it was as fabulous as you are! See you tomorrow for a celebratory girls day in Asheville 😘 #sistersquad #sisters #birthday #squadgoals #matching #fall #falloutfits #brunette #brunettebombshell #orangeoutfit #hairgoals
The Midas touch ✨
#brunettebombshell From years of black hair color #babysteps #haircolor
"The way you carry yourself is influenced by the way you feel inside. You must feel attractive to be attractive". -Marilyn Monroe #selfiesunday #instabeauty #browneyedgirl #brunettebombshell #marilynmonroequotes #whitneyladawn
Rich, glossy color brought to you by @redken Color Laquers! I have played in Redken color for 9 years now and have to say Laquers is my absolute favorite!! SHINE! SHINE! SHINE! . . . #REDKEN #colorlaquers #redkenchemistry #shadeseq #brunettebombshell #myHCLook #SocialSquad #chocolatehair #dimensionalbrownhair #hairbypaijeoc #healthyhair
Back to basics. My original color has been restored and thanks to #Monat my hair has been revitalized 😘#selfiesaturday #monathaircare . . Now let me help you. Let’s connect. 🤗#igchallenge #mondaymotivation
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