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Day 22/66 of #gymshark66 ▫️ Looking forward for tonight back sesh! I’m curious to check if there any progress on my pull ups, I’ll keep you updated ▫️ What are you up to today? Are you training or resting? ✨
We all have that 1 friend that comes in clutch with the 🔥 photos @fashionnovacurve
Everything is peaches. 🍑 #f21xme #Sponsored 📸: @juju.jpg
Oh the power of undie position and hip placement ... 🤣🙌🏽 same phots but 5 seconds apart. I have a naturally wider waist which is why I like to keep lean as curvy hips and a tiny waist ( hourglass ) isn’t my shape. I love training because you can kinda create a new shape with muscles and illusions.. BUT for those wanting a quicker solution here’s some of my posing tips 🎥🤭❤️
🥂So, I'ma buy a bottle of the best champagne I'ma raise a glass or two myself in your name And I'ma cry if I want to, it's my party without you Here's to all the pain Champagne🥂 . . #gay #gayguy #calvinklein #photography #bnw #underwear #bodyconfidence
greens my thang
// The journey to ‘happy, healthy, fit, strong, lean, confident’.. whatever you’re striving for, it looks different for all of us, and it means something different to each of us. I feel as though while I have touched on this in the past, I’ve never truly opened up completely about what those things have looked like in MY journey, and for me, it has definitely taken a long time and a lot of internal/mental battles to realize that my ‘results’ were actually being hindered, somewhat by deeper more internal issues with my GUT, as opposed to just being ‘heavy’ or ‘not lean enough yet’.. it’s very easy to consume yourself by your thoughts and your perception of yourself, and it’s also hard to try and teach a positive mindset to others when you can be tearing yourself apart at wits end internally. What I have learnt now, and continue to learn, is truly how much the inside impacts the outside and sometimes the shift comes not so much from what you’re doing with your training and diet, but where your mindset is and the internal health and efficiency of your body. For so long I have felt, at times debilitated, in pain, broken, defeated, frustrated and embarrassed to share symptoms or things that I have been experiencing with my body, because ultimately, they made me feel very insecure, when my body would work against me, when I felt like my body didn’t reflect the hard work I put in, those things have been mentally hard to overcome, and I’m still in that journey, but now, I know I can use mine to help others experiencing similar things, because you really can feel so frustrated when you feel like you have no idea what your body is doing.. as vulnerable as it makes me feel, I want my (social) space to now share with you, my journey, to healing my gut, and finding my own empowerment, my own body confidence and my own results, and if that can help any one of you out there, then all the vulnerability will be worth it.. ✨✌🏽// . . . #fitness #health #happiness #bodyconfidence #guthealing #fitnessjourney #happygut #happylife #bali #bikini #fitnessmodel #summer #vibes #empowered #personaltrainer #realgal #authentic #strong #fit
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I’ve seen a lot of posts like this where girls are almost accused of lying to their followers because they were high waisted leggings 🙄 Let’s get real, far too many of us struggle with loving, or even liking, our bodies, so if doing one small thing like wearing clothes you find more flattering on your shape makes you feel better about yourself then don’t let anyone stop you 🙅🏼‍♀️ I’m not lying by taking pictures with high waisted leggings on, I’m just wearing clothes that I think suit my body shape 🤷🏼‍♀️ You gotta do what you gotta do to feel good about yourself 🙌 #selfacceptance #bodyconfidence
If you want something to happen the only way is to put in the work. Still plenty of work to do and trying not to get to bed to late but sometimes you just have to keep rolling. Time for an 11:45pm work out! 😬 At least I can collapse into bed after! . . . #quote #inspiration #inspired #inspirational #inspirationalquotes #glambassador #beyouownit #bodyconfidenceambassador #bodyconfidence @bellamanagement #bodypositive #bodydiversity #beauty #diversity #instagramchallenge #instagram #quotesdaily #quoteable #quotepic #bodyconfidenceinstagramchallenge #bodyconfidencechallenge #confidence #carlaconlin #curves #curvy #bodytype #bodyacceptence #tcfstyle #quotesgram #love #beauty
My boyfriend snapped this pic without me knowing. When I found it on my phone about 18274628 hateful things went through my head directed at my body. I don’t want to paint the Instagram picture that everything is perfect now and I never struggle with food/body image because that’s not true. I do. # This trip to a place I’ve been visiting since I was 9 was beautiful because it showed me how far I’ve come since my full on eating disorder days, but also showed me how much further I still have to go. There were lots of mirrors, lots of beautiful people to compare myself to, lots of tacos, lots of not exercising and lots of bathing suit time...basically tons of my triggers all in one place. Gotta love the irony of vacation. # On one hand I walked with my head held high past places where I used to purge and was grateful for the time that wasn’t spending crying, angry, and frustrated because my body didn’t look the way I wanted it to like I did when I was younger. # But on the other hand there were definitely moments where I felt just like that 15 year old girl brutally scrutinizing every inch of her body. Thankfully I have much healthier tools in my tool box to quiet the voices in my head and was still able to enjoy my time, connect with family, and relax in my body. # I really don’t know if the voices will ever completely stop, but I’m grateful that I can walk away confidently knowing deep down that I am enough and that shrinking myself won’t make me happier. # I guess what I’m trying to say is that this whole body confidence thing is messy and imperfect and I’m learning as I go, but I promise it gets easier and that it’s worth it. . . . #bodyconfidence #bodylove #haes #intuitiveeating #selflove #selfcare #womenshealth #bodypositive #bodyconfident #losehatenotweight #edrecovery #bopowarrior #recovery
That flared nostril on point
Sweetheart, be my valentine. #f21xme
Get ready for cruise spam guys! I leave on Saturday and get to have a whole week of relaxation! - Shirt and shorts from @supre_instagram Hair looked after by @stefanhair
Hopping on that #bodypositive train! A year is quickly approaching since I’ve had Natalia. I get around 5-6 messages daily from people asking me to join their bootcamps, try their exercise programs, or the new fad of “losing 30 lbs in 90 days” miracle pill when any true fitness or nutrition expert knows that rapid weight lost like that is NEVER kept off. Recently, I received a message from someone that asked me if I was ready to “lose the rest of my baby weight”... one of those “coaches” that are trying to make money off of insecure women. I told her how rude it is to ask someone that, and she blocked me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ To be honest, I thought I was going to be back to my 120 lb tight and toned @mermicorn28 self by now, but I’m not and that’s okay. I love the woman I’ve become, extra flab and all, so much more than the vain, image-obsessed person I used to be. And I respect the hustle of the ladies that are genuinely trying to help women meet their goals, I am, but my baby weight is none of your damn business. I go on daily walks, and I eat healthy for the most part but I’m not ready to give up my wine and chocolate at the end of a stressful day just yet and that’s OK. I have a needy child that doesn’t like to sleep and a husband that works a lot and I’m exhausted from juggling work and motherhood, so no, working out, even for 20 minutes isn’t on my agenda every day, either. It’s okay to not be the same person you were before motherhood. I may never have the body I used to, but I have a love for my family and myself that I didn’t have previously and that is of way more value and importance to me. #nofilter #momlife #momblogger #postpartum #postpartumbody #baby #mentalhealth #wifey #proud #confidence #bodyconfidence #food #foodie
The Mondayest Tuesday ever🖤
#ootd high waisted jeans and jacket @fashionnovacurve
No-one can ever prepare you for how you will emotionally deal with the post competition blues. - You dedicate months of training, dieting, and weighing your food for 1 day. 1 DAY! - 1 single day where you spend thousands of dollars and get all dolled up to stand on stage for 20 minutes and be judged by a panel of bias judges who are all too happy to rig the outcome in their favour. - These photos were taken almost 2 years apart. And 12 months ago I never, ever would have posted a photo of my booty in it’s post competition state. - It’s taken me over 12 months to rebuild my self confidence and to finally be comfortable with my body, at almost 15kg heavier. - But I can honestly say that I love my body more now, than ever before. I love everything I see in the mirror now and no longer feel any pressure to look any different. - It’s never easy to see your body change after competing, but it’s also not easy to stay lean forever. - I know that when I’m 50, I don’t want to be weighing my food and training at the gym 6 days a week. I want to be travelling the world experiencing culinary delights from every exotic region imaginable. 🌎
This is not a before and after. This is just my body underneath my clothes. I have a stomach. It hangs over my bikini line and I have what I call a pouch. Have I had kids? Nope. I just have a beautiful belly. I remember watching Pulp Fiction (one of my favourite films) and one of the characters mentions how she’d love to have a pot belly as they’re cute and cuddly. Damn right they are! My stomach has often been the victim of my mind; the abuse I would give it was horrendous, when in fact it does an amazing job. It digests my food, it helps me 💩 it’s the home of most of my organs and as far as I’m aware, they’re all doing okay! I am a size 16 so I don’t class myself as plus size, I like to say I’m in the middle, like a wee piggy 🐷 I’m hey fortunate to be in this body, this body I abused for so many years. Learning to love myself is the best lesson I’ve learnt all my life. You got this belly, you’re doing a great job ✨❤️ Tee by @wearefornever #bodyconfident #bodyconfidence #bellylove #selflove
R I H A N N A ‘ T I N G S 🌹 You just want something else that someone else has, but that doesn’t mean what you have isn’t beautiful, because people always want what you have, and you always want what they have – no one is ever 100 per cent like, ‘Yes, I’m the bomb dot com – from head to toe - - Quote @badgalriri Robe @sheinofficial 📸 by babes ♥️ - - - #lingeriesexy #melaninpoppin #bodyconfidence #romance #rihanna #curvywomen #curvymodel #bloggerstyle #youtuber #sexy
Doing the classic shoulder touch pose as I never know what to do with my hands in selfies 🙃 Did myself a home workout today; my outfit was clashing, my lunges were shaky (does anyone have tips on how to improve balance?!) and I was a sweaty. Also does anyone have any good workout recommendations for back/side fat?? Help would be appreciated!