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Floating on Jean Bart.
1973. This is the new school where they are not going to get up-tight about exam results ... where there is no rigid discipline. Where the students wear what they like, and if they feel like a drag they don’t have a sly puff behind the school lavatories. The school has provided a courtyard for students who want to smoke. At the same time it has special programs to try to persuade students not to smoke. Geoghegan (pronounced Gaygen) College is just three weeks old. But already staff and students are confident about the future of this experimental Roman Catholic senior college. The school is named after Melbourne's first Catholic priest, the Rev. Father Patrick Geoghegan. Geoghegan College, built on seven acres of land in Broadmeadows, provides courses for 360 form 5 and 6 students. It is the first co-educational senior high school set up in Victoria by the Catholic Church. Four nuns from three orders and 26 lay teachers make up the staff. The school offers students a choice of 20 subjects including three languages and a course in commercial principles and legal studies. Fees at the school are $55 a term. Although there is no official uniform, the studenst have asked for a windcheater - American-style - with the college name printed on it. [The Herald] . #melbourne #melbournecity #1970s #broadmeadows #school #college #70s #students #highschool #bnw #monochrome #GeogheganCollege #blackandwhite #vintage #melbonpix #instamelbourne #archives #heraldsun #archive #bnwphoto #bnw_planet #bnw_life #melbournephotography #melbourne_insta #education #windcheater #schooldays #schoollife #melbourneschools
These were just some test shots to get a handle or an idea of what my new lenses range was. As you can see, I get great detail even up close. I'm still trying to see where it fits best and what situations I'll be using it in. So far, there's only been a few instances where I would switch back to my wider lens. Namely if I we're doing interior or close ups of food, that sort of thing. Just a coupe other things that I'd love to get into and try sometime. I'll try and put up a couple landscape shots tomorrow. Till then, have a good night. #testshots #nikon_photography #nikonartists #nikonphotographer #nikon1j5 #lightroommobile #texture #metal #playingwithlight #macrophotography #Marana #tucsonarizona #tucson #shadow #bnw_society #bnwlife #bnw_planet #dogsofinstagram #modelsearch #hireme #justforfun
Jour de la SaintJavel. Sans abri, ne signifie pas sans dignité. Cleaning Day. Homeless, doesn't mean without dignity. Série “ Coup de gueule” @marseille
So I was digging through a few old photos and stumbled upon my trip to Cambodia way back in 2013, where we volunteered for an OCIP to help build a kitchen for a village High School. Now looking back at it, was it really beneficial for the Cambodian Villagers to get a kitchen in their school when the previous batch from my school made a volleyball court which lay there cracked and unused? Are we really “helping” these villagers by giving them mismatched clothing, stationaries, bags and what not? Or do we do all of these to teach teenagers “hey, be appreciative of your life in Singapore, you’re more fortunate than them!” Who was it for? Was it to help them? Or was it to boost our self esteem to feel good that we helped some villagers? Shot on a Samsung point and shoot camera.
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