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XDD I love be more chill #bmcmemes
holy moly my phone managed to function somewhat today kinda not really
i agree with this so much. if a show is closing and never going to be performed again by cast members on broadway, they should be recorded for fans to watch...
TWO PLAYER GAME WAS AMAZING! i may post more pictures later :)
I'm totally bi 😊😊 this is not my art so enjoy 😊😊 I love you Michael 💕💞❤ I'm gay for u get it cause your gayy 👅💕😂👌 #bmc #bemorechill #bemorechillmusical #bemorechillfanart #boyf #riends #bisexual #gayy #gayrelationshipgoals #pride #musicals #bmcfanart #bmcmemes
lol what am I doing
currently in san fran❤️
I don’t know if this account is still active enough, but I never post so heere 👌 Jeremy 🐬 . . . . . #bemorechillmusical #bemorechill #musical #musicalmemes #musicalmeme #bmc #bmcmemes #jeremyheere #michaelmell #christinecanigula
"You're the fucking freak" "yOU'RE tHe fUcKinG fReAk" //I accidentally gave evan a huge ass head lmao whoops
I’m seeing Hamilton soon on November 17th😃 - - - - Comment down below lovelies 🥑🌵🦖 - - 〰️ 💗🏳️‍🌈💫 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🍋 {TAGS} #heathers #hamilton #dearevanhansen #bemorechill #heathersmusical #hamiltonmusical #dehmusical #bmcmusical #heathersmemes #hamiltonmemes #dehmemes #bmcmemes #heather #heather #heather #and #VERONICA #jasondean #micheal #jeremy #christiiiiiine #memes 😂 #aaronburrsir #eliza #peggy #angelica #evanhanson #connermurphy #norequiem #tonight #sevenelleven - - Your still reading this 😅🥑🍋💙🍑
Heart touching ❤️ - - - - Comment down below lovelies 🥑🌵🦖 - - 〰️ Credit to @?💗🏳️‍🌈💫 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🍋 {TAGS} #heathers #hamilton #dearevanhansen #bemorechill #heathersmusical #hamiltonmusical #dehmusical #bmcmusical #heathersmemes #hamiltonmemes #dehmemes #bmcmemes #heather #heather #heather #and #VERONICA #jasondean #micheal #jeremy #christiiiiiine #memes 😂 #aaronburrsir #eliza #peggy #angelica #evanhanson #connermurphy #norequiem #tonight #sevenelleven - - Your still reading this 😅🥑🍋💙🍑
legendary photos
I might not be a fan of the pants song but I love saying “if you love somebody, you put your pants on them” ~Jeremy 👾 . . . . . . . . . . . #bemorechill #bemorechillmusical #bmc #bmcmemes
goodmorning everyone
!!! Prolly strong language ahead (in video) !!! yo this looks a lot better on a computer screen than instagrams lil square + the videos too long for instagram but I did a thing wowie its also on my channel in case you want better quality or smth //this took a LOT OF FRAMES like a lil more than my whatd i miss animatic which was 4:18, this is 1:25 :00 Either im progressing or im getting patient either works lmao
hellohello I finished a thing even though school is garbage and I have three inktober days piled up for tomorrow + homework + I have to finish a bike painting for art class and I was planning on watching sweeney todd later but I guess not bECAUSE I DIDNT DO ANYTHING TODAY EXCEPT FINISH THIS SO :^( also instagram slaughters image quality by 100%
I drew this grover lineart awhile ago and decided to color it also george salazar is the purest person ever
ya girl is making a boyf dump heck yea bab
hey I did a thing even though school is gross and im not drawing nearly as much as I could HAVE THIS
hell ye I did a thing even though school is back
Everytime I go on this app I stg im on here for like another unintended hour lol
1st is transparent // I drew me hugging george salazar bc he deserves everything good thats happened to him // I forgot the pride and filipino flag bc I was looking at an unfinished hoodie reference, but I just added it so ye
I made an animatic for Laurens' interlude its v sad anyway heres this //I havent poated much bc im working on a lot of things at the same time and then i drop something to pick up another thing which is really stupid like I made a list for this specific reason and haven't been following that lol wHOOPS
I finished the heathers meme
I drew eliza in scribs (galactibun/speebles, w00rm, teevee, you get it) style as a tribute to their return bc they're my favorite artist ever and I just love how they draw aNYTHING //this is a one time thing, I dont want the rest of my art to look too similar to scribs but I like how it turned out
Old bmc dump// I added the thin lined george just now to the 1st one bc it was still an mdp file lol
ya girl is making a heathers thingo thats literally like three seconds but has like 60 frames
the second one was too big for instagram lol // I dREW JAZZY BC SHES A BEAUTIFUL HUMAN and i just gave her timberlands bc she would look swell in them and idk what shoes she wears c:
pointless doodles nonsense doodles you'll see doodles start to doodle, noone else is doodling with your doodles meaning maybe doodling them could be the beginning of you meaning fren //yay my computer is functioning today
another gem from yesterday? Prolly three days ago tbh I also finished a stupid ghostbutters thing ft my friends it took forever hEH
I always draw jefferson :v
2 different frames from 2 different things
I posted this on my main but not here so uh here
giggles in french uwu I managed to snatch both acts of ham huehue took like ten mins to download but iTS WORTH IT
some today things !! beefpatty and her apprentice leafheart, who's offing a dude, aND PHILLIP its really dark bc i was being stupid and didnt realize it was transparent
im posting this on its own bc none of the others will fit if I do, thanks instagram cropping
various memes prolly from 2018
I drew tommy boi + the rest are from like a week ago, the paperjam herc lineart was in sai which is why hes a paperjam boy
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